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  1. 9394 also had working elevators
  2. Honestly, what is that? : Cant they put a minimum effort into building their own sets correctly for official (!) promo pictures?
  3. Frequenzberater

    Theme Park

    That is such an crazy (in a positive way), impressive and well executed project. I also played the original game a lot back in the days and I loved it. Any plans or ideas for the iconic rollercoaster?
  4. Built that yesterday and I experiencend that connecting also as much too tight. My solution was to grind down the red pin a bit by using sandpaper. Works like a charm now.
  5. Thats a pretty sweet mechanism
  6. Thats pretty cool so far!
  7. Thats an ambitious project! The original Ball factory is some kind of the holy grail and I am curious what you are going to make out of this Inspiration.
  8. Looks great so far. Hope to see it in action soon :)
  9. Yeah, finally a GBC contest! I am excited to see what our talented members will come up with. Actually Iam busy building my music studio within my mancave and Iam planing to spend more time in the GBC thing later that year. So this will be a good source of Inspiration.
  10. Sure? My Interpretation of the picture below is, that the whole rotor is swiveling (like in the old 8856 set) while there is an additional pitch function. Or is there something I dont understand?
  11. Do I understand right, that there will be no realistic cyclic+collective control compared to real helicopters? Because swiveling the whole rotor is not what the real machines do, if I understand right.
  12. Looks like they lined up the panels on flex axles. I suppose its the first time in an official model?
  13. New boxart has leaked where the front of the car is visible
  14. He made a digitally build from what he has seen:
  15. I loved the game and this is a great project. Very well executed. Makes me wish to build my own version.