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  1. I expect the driveshafts to be there for turning the whole engines
  2. I must admit, that I really like the 1H24 Wave so far. Finally some Innovation is noticable. The space sets are great and the orrey will be a nice father&son project.
  3. Great work with nice technical solutions!
  4. There is no specific part. It is more the overall quality which is noticably decreasing in the last years. Gaps between the parts are uneven and partitially pretty large, the colour consistency is a joke nowadays and molding marks are more visible than ever. Big flat parts usually come with scratches and there is a big chance for transparent parts are beeing milky. Generally my impression is, that the parts where less carefully molden than it used to be. A lot of surfaces are uneven and bumpy. Have you checked the flat sides of the long technic beams of a recent set? And what the heck is this? : (Coming from an actual Ninjago set) That is not the Lego Quality I am used to...
  5. My (realistic) dream flagship would also be a mighty combine harvester. Maybe a Claas Lexion 8000 or similar. RC, packed with a lot of functions, gears, moving parts and interesting mechanical solutions. And the cherry on the cake would be the reintroducing of LEDs. Would look awesome on the roof. I think Lego need to shift their focus back to the mechanical aspects and, even more important: Bring back the Part quality to the old level. Competitors are getting better and better...
  6. So well executed... I love it!
  7. That Auto run module seems to be a mechanical gem and from my point of view it would be a pity to hide it under a box. Maybe a transparent and iluminated case made from lego would be an Option?
  8. Ah, nice to see you back, working on that impressive project!
  9. So many awesome entries and projects so far. I am really impressed. Rating will be very hard.
  10. That is pretty cool. Awesome work so far. Iam impressed by the density of mechanisms
  11. What a beauty! And considering the fact, that this is a B-Model makes it even more impressive. Very well done
  12. Frequenzberater

    [TC25] 8865 Test Car

    I love it! You could change the round headlight tiles from transparent to white. That would be even closer to the original.
  13. As always, you choosed a very ambitious project. I like where this is going so far,considering hat I am a fanboy of gears
  14. Frequenzberater

    42159 Yamaha MT-10 SP

    The amount of coloured parts makes it look like an confetti bomb. Easy pass for me...
  15. Frequenzberater

    [TC25] 8865 Test Car

    Great work so far! You nailed the look almost perfectly. Headlight mechanism and maybe a working steering wheel would be a cool addition.