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  1. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    You mean just to exchange this part by this part ? Edit: Ok, I just checked the Akiyuky video regarding that part. You are right. Thanks for the hint, I will try that.
  2. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Again, I have friction related problems with my Invisible lift. After running the module for approx 20min, it was recognizable that the motor began to struggle under the load. In the following minutes the running speed of the whole module decreased continuosly until it nearly stopped. I found out, that it requires some force to move the LBG actuator frames in the front: After disconnecting the two black linkages from the crank, the remaining mechanics rans flawlessly. Anyone expierienced similar problems? It is quiet frustrating, because I dont know how to solve the problem. Except adding some kind of lubricaton. BTW, the back and forth movement of the single spring loaded sleds works properly. So it seems, that the actuator frames are not able to handle the cumulated load of the six springs per side properly. But this is original akiyuky design and should actually work. Guys, please help!
  3. [GBC] Carousel

    Thats the point! You should name the module "[GBC] Friends Logo Remover". Nice work BTW!
  4. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I am following your investigations with great interest. Keep it up! :)

    Yep, nice little module!
  6. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Ah, thank you! Finally that makes sense :D Yes, except the trouble with friction, I really enjoyed the build. Definititly the most challenging model for me in 33 years of Lego Technic. But I think, that was just a warm up lesson for the ball factory :D
  7. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Is it possible to use type 3 turntables for "tilted rotors"? From my understanding, the slightly different gear ratio should not affect the functionality. Or is the diameter of type 2 and type 3 also unequal?
  8. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    In the meantime, I think I figured out what the mentioned beam thing was supposed to be. From my point of view it was foreseen to connect a strut from the output ramp tower to it, in order to increase the stability. But obviously, it was not finally engineered. @Ankoku: Yes, I am aware of those pins. I am 36 years old, and I remember it from the early days :) Could be a feasible alternative, but as far as I know, I own just a few of them.
  9. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Regarding friction of sleds, I found out that in some areas a lot of friction occurs, when the axle penetrates the complete frame. Most likely due to fabrication tolerances and slightly bent parts. (I wonder if not anybody else had trouble with it). Therefore I split the sliding axles (red marked) in all affected areas into two parts: That works perfectly. I also stabilized the output ramp by adding a 13L liftarm (11L would be sufficient, but I couldn't find one). See red marking: On the other side it is hold in place by one of these fixed at the output ramp tower (green marking). The middle support was moved one stud in direction to output, because ribbed hoses were a bit to long. Now its quiet reliable.
  10. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I just finished my Invisible lift this weekend. This module is a true marvel. Even my wife is impressed. Hats of Akiyuky and of course @Blakbird and @the rebricker for your hard work! During assembling I had a lot of trouble with friction of the springloaded slids. I was able to solve this issue by splitting the sliding axles ( I can provide details if anyone is interessted). Furthermore I modified the output ramp a bit. Now, everything works very smooth with nearly no ball drops :) I love it! But one question remains: What is the purpose of that beam thingy? : Cant figure out where to connect it.
  11. Lego GBC Fork Conveyor Module

    Ok, after extensively thinking about it, i came to the conclusion, that there is no magic happen and also no calculation is required to achieve this motion :D The size of the here used black 20 tooth gear does only affect the length of the stop and go motion travel. The motion itself would be achieved by using any kind of gear in this configuration, am I right?
  12. Lego GBC Fork Conveyor Module

    The stop&go mechanism visible from 01:15 in the video, is really awesome! What was your calculation basis for that? Or is it just a result of trial and error?
  13. Lego GBC Fork Conveyor Module

    Man, this is a really nice one! I really like the mechanics. What I dont like so much is the general look and from my personal taste, the conveyor belt could be a bit longer. When I build one of this one time, I will try to give it a more akiyuki-like look. But again: really cool module!
  14. Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    As a native german speaker, I can confirm your summary.
  15. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Thanks a lot for the great effort guys! I would really apreciate if someone could update the instructions, because when I have finished my Invisible lift module, ball factory will be my next project.