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  1. Wellesley

    Third rate 74 gun ship of the line

    Hello dear shipbuilders, now I finally have uploaded all the photos again. https://www.flickr.com/photos/150321535@N08/albums Take care! (Seems as if brickshelf is up anyways)
  2. Wellesley

    The Librarian

    I really loved the picture but was freaking out as soon as I read the title! Awesome
  3. Wellesley

    Ship's boats

    Hey there, now about my long boats:) First I tried to build the long boat for my ship like Legonardo. On this pic you can see a newer attempt, which was oriented by the one from Captain Green Hair and Errorist. I didn't have a lot of those round bowed bricks. But then I decided to just buy them online and improve the boat. Didn't find the right coloured bricks for the rudder but you can easily attach one. You also can add a bowsprit and a mast, if you want to use it as a little cutter or change the era of time, the boat is floating in. Greetings, Wellesley! P.S.: I still think that the long boat from Captain Green Hair and Errorist looks best.
  4. Wellesley

    WIP Townsend Small Vessel

    Hey, I really like your white flag head, the tack and the throat. Very smooth shape, excellent rigging! Maybe you could try to change the blocks for the halyards. For my gaff I first just used these bricks: 62462 First I didn't like that Lego redesigned them with a slot. But you can twist a rope, you are using as halyard, into a loop and put it through the slot. Then just fix the loop inside the tube with some axle. The rope won't have any problems to move, the tubes offer enough space, Lego put a groove onto the inside where the slot sits. You can see the two ropes vanishing into the gaff near the peak. I also used this technique for the yards, as can be seen here. Anyways, awesome work! Glad that you restricted the colours to those four. Greetings, Wellesley!
  5. Wellesley

    Third rate 74 gun ship of the line

    Thanks! And the fleet is growing:) Will have time to work on my frigate the next days. Will update some photos, if it's worth it. Got huge problems with the old prefab bow, which has these ports at each side. First I used them for the anchor chains, but they actually are too astern for them. Anyone got some ideas how to work with them? Otherwise I will build a bow on my own. Greetings, Wellesley!
  6. Wellesley

    Third rate 74 gun ship of the line

    Hey, I will buy some lighter green papers soon, to take more greenscreen pictures. Does anyone know huge scaled pictures of marine paintings or ocean photography? Would be smarter this time to collect the backgrounds first, before only having shots, in which the angles don't match with the horizons of the backgrounds. Examples of such misfortune can be seen in my comment above. Is anyone interested in specific angles or shots? I will cut the ship out anyways and can send you the lego ship element, if you want to use it for own photo editing. Greetings, Wellesley!
  7. Wellesley

    MOC: Common Rat

    As a rat owner's brother I have to say, that it's just awesome. Looks very natural. I love all of your animals!
  8. Wellesley

    Battle of Waterloo: "Steady lads!"

    Nice MOC! I usually don't like changes in the style of games or toys etc. I'm really nostalgic, when it comes to my childhood and I don't want to see other people changing the things I've known into another shape. Like I stick to the first version of red- and bluecoats and my figure's skin definitely is yellow. But the Lego horses really are an improvement. They are a perfect example of how progress should be made. Greetings, Wellesley!
  9. Wellesley

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    I created some scenes on my old (you can tell by the dust:D) frigate and aswell on board of the "Bulwark": Here are some greenscreen pictures, still training my skills: Wellesley!
  10. Wellesley

    Third rate 74 gun ship of the line

    I just finished the first greenscreen pics. It's not always the same perspective or scale but at least im getting better. Greetings, Wellesley!
  11. Wellesley

    Third rate 74 gun ship of the line

    Finally Brickshelf has made my new folder public. I did these photos here to try some pictures with paintings or photos as background via green screen. As I first have seen the taken pictures I was afraid that my green background wasn't lightened enough, but now I already created some pictures and its working. I will first gather some green screen edited pictures before uploading them, as well the cut out ships for free usage. These were some of the better pictures, still have to go through all two hundred I've taken. Greetings, Wellesley!
  12. Wellesley

    Custom Hull Tutorial

    Nice use of prefab hulls for bigger ships. Could become one of those heavy frigates they used in the early 19th century around after the states joined napoleon in the war against the kingdom. But the stern looks more like an earlier frigate. Anyways, keep it up. Now im nearly finished with my ship of the line and the technique i used for my hull works well for the astern part of the ship, but actually with more hinges and use of newer bricks for the bow, my ship wouldn't look so edgy out of some angles. Maybe I will rework the shape step by step, but with the rig standing, it could be a hard task. If anyone has some ideas, which techniques or bricks for changing the bow would fit in the overall design of my ship, I would like, if you would comment in my thread. There are so many vessels, like this here, which have a better shape of the hull than mine. Thought it would be cool to use a design with almost classical bricks to stay in the lego look. But actually it seems to be better to stick with all you can get. Greetings, Wellesley
  13. Wellesley

    The Carmen

    Astonishing work, keep it up!
  14. Wellesley

    Third rate 74 gun ship of the line

    Hi mates, it's been a while since my last post, because I didn't work on my ship for a long time. But I could manage to spend the last days in april at my parents house and get some things done. I think with help of the photos of her current shape you can imagine the finished vessel. But I still have to rig the bowlines at the main and fore topgalants. I added clewlines but renounced the buntlines. I bought some green 2x1 m papers to build a ground and background for greenscreen pictures. Does anyone can recommend a programm for doing that? Here some photos, as always in my brickshelf are more photos. The crew contains 36 sea soldiers, about 100 sailors and a bunch of officers. I will place them later. If my frigate gets finished, I will probably just split the crew to man both vessels. And of course, I still need longboats, the prefab row boats are a little bit too small, but I can use 1-3 of those anyways. http://www.brickshel...gi?f=555974&n=0 Greetings, Wellesley!
  15. Wellesley

    Third rate 74 gun ship of the line

    I will do the masts and the rigging like on my ship of the line (previous page). I will upload some new pictures, when I've finished adding the bowlines. The square rig is nearly complete, the only thing I wont rig are the buntlines.