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    Except parts from bricklink, no entire set for years, but the 10151 Hot Rod is the last official set, that remains built, standing in the shelf under a thick layer of dust.

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  1. Wellesley

    [GoC] Fisherman's Hut

    Saw this on Instagram and immediately knew it was in Stormhaven. Great little hut.
  2. Wellesley

    [MOC] Pirate Ship (Pirate Squid)

    Great build! Cool concept and good execution. There are some interesting hull techniques.
  3. Thanks:) Well, I intend to sell it in the future, but right now it hangs a bit in the gallery for people to see. And I don't get why you want to have Corrish ships in your living room. Not that you begin to throw darts at them or something:D
  4. I was painting a frigate on a canvas and she reminded me of the HMS Argonaut. And because I wanted to add two other ships in the background, I thought I could as well just put my Lego ships in it. So here it is, the HMS Argonaut, the Sjælland and the HMS Ymir.
  5. I have yet to make it to an exhibition in or around Germany with my ships. It would be nice to see some EB members.
  6. Wellesley

    [GoC] The Covenanter - 28-gun New Terraman

    A really awesome build! I like the red gunports and railing. Also the usage of mainly classical parts and colour. Personally I don't like it that much that, if the lower deck only have a few gunports, they are in a different colour than the stripe. But that is just my personal opinion.
  7. Wellesley

    [MOC] HMS Diana, 38-gun Artois class frigate

    This is a request to frontpage this ship in particular and more ships in general. Edit: Ah, I see, @Professor Thaum is already on it.
  8. Wellesley

    [MOC] HMS Diana, 38-gun Artois class frigate

    This is just insane! Great work, I love it!
  9. Wellesley

    [COR - Sloops for the Navy] HMS Peregrine

    Yes, the foresails are looking really great. As well as the ship itself. Great work!
  10. Wellesley

    [OL - FB] L'Aurelié, the start of a new voyage.

    Seems like a class 8 for me. Even if she was just beneath the transition of being a class 8 ship, I would always give some leeway for dedicated rigging. Though this is not an official rule and I understand that we shouldn't focus that much on it in a Lego forum.
  11. @Bodi Depends on the size I guess. My trimaran also was a class 2 ship and I think I remeber some other class 2 catamarans. @Professor Thaum Beautiful collection of vessels. i like that you experimentd with different rigs.
  12. Wellesley

    [OL - FB] L'Aurelié, the start of a new voyage.

    Beautiful ship! I really like that we got some more close up shots of deck details along the story!