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    Except parts from bricklink, no entire set for years, but the 10151 Hot Rod is the last official set, that remains built, standing in the shelf under a thick layer of dust.

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  1. I have to agree, as I'm currently struggling on a Xebec as well. Problem was I thought, I could just "speedbuild" a ship for the Corrish Navy without too much focus on the hull (thus not getting attached to it and being able to deconstruct it). You can clearly see that I started with the hull shape, I'm used to have as a mental reference for most of my other builds. Thought it would be easy enough to turn it into a presentable Xebec after adding features like the extended poop deck, that triangular deck extension at the bow and of course the rig. But the center part isnt curved enough and the extensions both sit too high. It all seems very blocky. I mean all my decks are horizontal. At least I achieved the goal to being able to deconstruct "it":) On the other hand I learned a few new techniques while trying and might use the base construction for another ship type. Maybe someone has an idea? @LM71Blackbird Here are some other Xebecs that I will study a bit more before giving it another attempt. While I'm intrigued with the prefab one, the full hull construction could work best for me as it highly relies on plates. I just have to mutilate the deck then:D Full hull construction Prefab hull 1 Prefab hull 2 Waterline model
  2. Thanks all:) @SilentWolf Well, it is very close-hauled:) But as it is one of the benefits of such rig, I wanted to have the wind from that direction.
  3. @LM71Blackbird Nice Xebec:) I agree with Bodi. You might want to try adding a curve to the white stripe as well, with some more black at bow and stern. The square masts are no problem at all, I just hope for their stability though.
  4. Wellesley

    [GoC] Fortification on Serentia

    Thanks for the comments and the approval! You are right about the courtyard, a well would have been an excellent addition. This one is for the first task "Redcoats Rule!". I wrote it in the last sentence, maybe it would be better to always put it up first.
  5. Wellesley

    [COR - FB] Smugglers innovative power

    @Mesabi Thanks for the advice and the clarification on the rules. First I wanted to just build a Sea Rat build, simply because they fitted the idea best. Then it was mentioned they would look like WTC marines and I felt this could fit the storyline even better. In both cases I didn't want to involve the official WTC and its reputation, more like either some renegades or as suggested, stolen uniforms. Every story would have involved internal handling of the matters and led to retribution (thus no worries).
  6. Wellesley

    [GoC] Fortification on Serentia

    Oh wow, now that you say it I remember that at my grandparent's house there was a wooden toy fort with towers just like this:D Good old days:)
  7. Wellesley

    [COR - FB] Smugglers innovative power

    Thanks! Oh, no worries;)
  8. First thing I did was to create a map with all the flags I could find as a background layer. You can use this for your own designs, if you want. Just PM me for the transparent version, flickr adds the white background automatically.
  9. Well, I'm going for a Cat B then.
  10. I just licensed the Juniper's Inn as a medium artisan.
  11. That is a very nice and clean build with a lot of texture on nearly every part of the walls, but still not overcharged. I especially like the treadle lathe and the grinder.
  12. Wellesley

    Account Summary

    Also thanks in advance!
  13. Wellesley

    [COR - FB] Smugglers innovative power

    Spot on:) Yes, I already have a rough outline of my own continuation, but feel free to use this as a starting point if you want. For now I didn't want to put it in a specific settlement, but we will definitely learn more about the place one way or another.
  14. Wellesley

    [COR - FB] Smugglers innovative power

    Thanks! @Professor ThaumHere you go. It is a heron. While I used a broken Lego piece, it is possible to easily replace it with intact parts.