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    Except parts from bricklink, no entire set for years, but the 10151 Hot Rod is the last official set, that remains built, standing in the shelf under a thick layer of dust.

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  1. Wellesley

    [COR-Troop] Arlinsport Quay

    Great buildings!
  2. Wellesley

    [COR - FB] Ships never come singly

    Thanks:) @Brickwolf This time I really was worried about the photos because I usually wait for a more clouded day, as the shadows will look more natural. But still it worked.
  3. Wellesley

    [COR - FB] Ships never come singly

    Thank you guys! @Pdaitabird, @Mesabi and @Puvel
  4. Wellesley

    [COR - FB] Ships never come singly

    Thanks @Bodi, @Count Vroskri and @Fraunces! Yes, the bearded dude is a little bit weird:D
  5. Wellesley

    [COR FB] Moon Tower, Myzectlan

    Great as always! Reminds me of the Aztec and Mayan towers in Age of Empires:)
  6. In this thread I introduce three new ships for the Nation of Corrington: [Class IV] Galeas 'Buteo' [Class IV] Junk 'Marauder's Fate' (Name given by the Corries) [Class I] Gunboat 'Hildisvíni' The fourth ship I used for the story is an earlier build and I already posted in the Pirate MOCs subforum. To Rear-Admiral Fletcher Commander of the Royal Terra Novan Fleet A strange yet promising opportunity arises from the event that took place near our harbour's waters. On the 2nd of this month the Galeas 'Buteo', recently built in the Farrensman Shipyards, was about to enter port. Before she reached sighting distance, she was intercepted by a little Lotii vessel. Once slowed down another bigger Lotii ship approached with the intent to plunder, not knowing there were Corrish troops aboard, heading to Fort Nithsdale. The soldiers were able to hold the Lotii Forces back and attracted from gun shots and shouting the Gunboat 'Hildisvíni' entered the battle, preventing an escape of the larger vessel. Together with the 'Buteo's' crew, whose commitment I want to praise at this point, the soldiers entered the Lotii ship and overpowered the enemy forces. The small interception vessel took it's chance to flee. The Lotiis are held Prisoners of War in Fort Nithsdale. The 'Buteo', the 'Hildisvíni' and the Lotii Junk all safely entered port. A detailed report about the minor damages will be sent by the harbour administration. Here stationed naval officers already inspected the foreign vessel and came to the conclusion that the hull is to weak for an armament with cannons. Still the vessel holds some value. For such a low draught it is very spacious and the sailors are content with it's sailing capabilities. Therefore I recommend the Crown to put it in service as a troop carrier, able to partake in river or landing operations where shallow water often restricts our potential. Sincerely, Lord Frederick Spud Mayor of Spudkirk
  7. Wellesley

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Now that is the real deal! I always love the cleanliness of your builds. Don't know if that is said well, but except from sometimes maybe one or two, the parts you are using are all as old as myself and they invoke a lot of nostalgia. While there are tons of new elements with sometimes great effects, I think I could find them irritating in your builds. You achieve so much with what I call basic parts.
  8. Wellesley

    [WIP] Building a new hull frigate

    Seeing the length-height ratio, I would have sweared it would turn out too bulky. But the full broadside looks good. I think the Ymir looked similar to the firt picture too at some point. Overall I'm confident in your building style and think you will achieve something you like.
  9. Wellesley

    [MOC] Mini Brig

    Thank you, @Faladrin, @Mister Phes, @Fraunces and @Techam!
  10. Wellesley

    [MOC] Mini Brig

    The last two days I hade quite the fun to try out another scale in ship building. I never really used to build in micro or nano scale. As a child I sometimes would create some landscapes or cities and later I still would come up with ideas how certain parts could be used, but it never was enough to finish a project. I was waiting on a bricklink order for my current ship, when I just started to like the problem of hiding the rowlock and creating a rather smooth and gapless top for the prefab rowboats. Germans might get that the whole ship reminds me of Käpt'n Blaubär. Still need to come up with a fitting name.
  11. Wellesley

    [SR - Ch III - cat. D(1)] Privateering

    I have to agree, the Lotii sails are sticking out. Fantastic job! Also great story with depicting scenes.
  12. Wellesley

    [MOC] Europa

    Wow, the hull shape and colouration are awesome. Also great work on the rigging! On my phone I can't really make it out on the pictures right now, but I think with the threat you used for the shrouds I wouldn't go through the pain of doing ratlines either.
  13. Great build! Love all aspects of it as well as the story. All these old 1x1 windows
  14. Thanks all! I will make photos of the sailmaking process the next ship I build.
  15. Wellesley

    [Hideout] Penn Ar Bed

    Cool hideout. Fantastic rockwork and outlay. I like the bridge and the little hut in the middle.