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    Except parts from bricklink, no entire set for years, but the 10151 Hot Rod is the last official set, that remains built, standing in the shelf under a thick layer of dust.

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  1. It is this Star Wars torso. But no problem, if you change it. I'll think about the violin. Any other instruments?
  2. Jorin and Luise Farresman will join the event, as his name by now is well known amongst seafarers. Also a Navy Officer, William Weathergauge, who I hereby introduce.
  3. Wellesley

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    This piece could be quite useful.
  4. This MOC was inspired by @Mr. Townsend's Miss Elizabeth and @Bregir's use of 4185. Also of course the USS Hannah, on which the Miss Elizabeth is based. - Intro story will follow - A new ship was launched at the Farrensman shipyards. This time an order from the WTC. The Topsail Schooner Sjælland is a fast, light armed merchant vessel. Her rig doesn't require a big crew and her four carronades as well as her four swivel guns are enough to defend against little ambushes and make her one of the more independent merchant vessels. Nathaniel Stienhouwer's first signed position as a steersman. Her recommended stats: R M G C $ H4 6 1 2 4 1 78 of those little brown wheels are in this MOC. I'm happy with the result, only the sheets for the foresails bother me a bit. I might think of another solution but for now I want to give her some rest.
  5. Wellesley

    Flickr finds

    I wanted to share flickr-member Jim Beute's great USS Constitution:
  6. Oh yeah, you are right. Didn't even know that flag. That could really be too close. Hehe. Awesome creatures. Inspired by your comment I just saw a documentary about them.
  7. Unfortunately the picture doesn't look too great as a flag with the big stripe of water at the bottom. But I worked a bit on it and created a new marine flag and added a brighter version of the lotus flag.
  8. I just drew this little sketch, which I will use as the Lotii marine flag.
  9. @Ayrlego Great, that you went for the Samurai parts. I was thinking about them but couldn't find enough. This is what I came up with: A captain (on the left) and three sailors. Two arbalists and a lieutenant. Two infantrymen.
  10. Of course you may do, that would be great. I can also upload one with brighter colours (at least the yellow). I was printing the flag today and it came out more like golden, which on the other hand didn't bother me at all.
  11. For now I just have paper sails, because I haven't decided on a colour yet. I will probably go with a tan or light brown cloth version. Red also was an obvious choice but I think the hull already contains enough. Unfortunately I only have blue, green, yellow and white cloth here. Will see, if I can find some within the next days. Some papyrus or paper like the following could also have a nice effect, but I prefer working with cloth. Unfortunately I made a mistake on the main sail. I wanted to have the battens on the other side. Now both sails are mounted at the same. It's not that dramatic as I will make new sails anyways. Also in this version I didn't include any sheets. I think my sails are somewhere between the "typical" sail shape and the nearly square ones I only now came to know because of Bodi's pictures. Maybe the sails should be wider. And maybe I should try one of the three mast placements below.
  12. Was there at any point a flag for the Lotus Kingdom created? I had a yellow background with a purple flower outline in my head, but now can't find it anywhere. Maybe I got confused by some other flags or something. Like this one:
  13. I have three minifigs that would love to attend. Will post pictures tomorrow.
  14. Thanks again for all the pictures. Especially this one helped me in changing the rig on my ship. I also elongated he hull and changed the red stripe a bit. I just realised that I can shorten the flagpole. Also the main mast could be higher. First versus second Version: