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    Except parts from bricklink, no entire set for years, but the 10151 Hot Rod is the last official set, that remains built, standing in the shelf under a thick layer of dust.

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  1. It will carry a sail:) Though I guess in this case it is more about helping with the steering/balancing the course than an actual speed increase. But it won't carry a sail as long as I have to finish the shipyard as the half-rigged state fits more. This is a good point. I thought about it, but usually don't do it, as it makes placing stuff on deck a bit more complicated. Should work with this one though.
  2. I am happy with my new nearly finished ship. The foredeck is not an optimal solution, creating some gaps or tension because of brackets not used ideally, but should work. The rigging is inspired by the Thames sailing barges.
  3. @Edmund Babbington Yes, it is a good start. Looking at your hull, I can't really say much but that you will naturally improve with each ship. With more bricks and more experience I'm sure you will build decent ships. I like that you limited our build to three colours. The name is very fitting. I would probably change the yellow brick in the rudder and the ones astern above the white stripe to black. If your brick collection allows it, I would also add another mast, maybe half or two thirds the height of the main mast, very astern.
  4. Wellesley

    [SR-Class 4] Ketch Treasure of Poseiden

    Looks great! A cool capstan design.
  5. These are some great building techniques and a nice representation. I found 8 different usages and then read @NOD's comment where he spotted the last one missing for me. A really cool idea and surprisingly clean.
  6. Wellesley

    Old West Saloon, Bank, and Trading Post

    The stove and the water pump are absolutely fabulous! But overall great builds and lively scenes!
  7. Thank you all! I enjoy Myzec building a lot and will probably do some more scenes. Actually I wanted to use 6117 for the Myzec guards, but unfortunately couldn't find any of them. @Ayrlego Great to hear. Then I will split it into a small Arts & Culture build and a medium Commerce build. And you are welcome to integrate the snake into future projects.
  8. Not sure yet which category to license it in.
  9. Glory of Corrington task 10: Daily life of the Myzec First entry In the outskirts of Myzectlan there is a market where the farmers around Myzectlan can offer their goods. A few Myzec and Corrish guards and priests always are prepared to step in and prevent a ruckus. But most market days are quiet and the Myzec people have a fair exchange of wool, maize, pumpkins, seeds, spices, vegetables, farming equipment and all sort of handcrafted stuff. Among the visitors are some Corrish settlers. As it is typical for a agricultural market in the Myzec civilisation to have a snake related temple next to it, there is a house in honour of snakes. Though they are not part of the dualistic Myzec Pantheon, snakes are considered holy in the farming societies of Myzectlan. There are old stories of the snake's love for the soil to such an extend, it relinquished its legs to be closer to the earth and always feel its breath. By observing the snake's behaviour the Myzec people have a chance to avoid or prepare for natural catastrophies. Also the snakes help the farmers to keep their fields free of rodents by hunting them. I would like to ask if I could license this building two times, first as a small cultural build and then as a small or medium commerce.
  10. The last two days I finally had some time to build again. I started two MOCs, one of which is a ship. The hull was inspired by @Bregir's photo on flickr: I'm always amazed how much you still can build with the bricks you already have, when you just start instead of sitting around and planning towards a specific result. My Galeas Buteo also came to existence this way. Only later did I buy a few parts to finish her. For this one I don't now which type of rig I should use. But I saw pictures of Thames sailing barges the other day and am intrigued. Wish you all a nice day!
  11. Wellesley

    Pirate flag x376px4

    I just checked and I got the first one with the copyright symbol. I got the re-release (6290). So maybe that or there is a difference between regions like with the cannons.
  12. Wellesley

    [WIP] Building a new hull frigate

    Indeed. Great job @Sebeus I
  13. Wellesley

    Recommended Hull Widening Technique?

    Here you go. @nimitstexan I used an inverted slope technique on my frigate. Though the hull at its broadest part is only 19 studs wide, I am content with both the shape (breadth-length-ratio) and the stability. Only the playability is missing, but I wasn't aiming for it and there would have been ways to integrate some features. Wish you good luck with your project!
  14. Wellesley

    Pirate flag x376px4

    I will check my flag as soon as I am at my parent's house. My first impression was that the upper flag might be the original, but it seems people already figured out it probably not being the case.
  15. Wellesley

    [COR-Troop] Arlinsport Quay

    Great buildings!