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  1. Thank you for all the welcomings and suggestions. I'll keep it short for now and keep on building. As long as I have that much time for it I better use it.
  2. Wellesley

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    First, thanks for the suggestions. Here are some new pictures: I removed one of the prefab hull elements and widened the thus created area: I simultaneously used the opportunity to thicken the black stripe. Following the line that separates brown and black towards the bow, it might be worth a try to recolour the beakhead completely in brown. The catheads are placed one brick higher. Looking at the triangle it creates the impression that the keel sticks out too much, but given the angle of the bowsprit I can't get it closer while keeping the height. Overall I'm happy enough to let it be as it is: I'm still trying to get the accurate term for the foremost part of the keel, where the figurehead sits. As I understand forepeak, beak and beakhead all refer to other things. Anyone being able to provide some clarification? Thanks
  3. Hey fellow Corries! I'm going to join your glorious faction, hopefully soon. My main character will stem from the northern coast of Corrington. If anyone has already scenes or stories from that area or specific places, I would like to see them, to not contradict the existing lore. Behaviour- and mentality-wise etc. Also, I might not just jump into the EGS, rather just contribute to the world at the beginning. I started some buildings, maybe you can give me a suggestion which settlement would benefit most from them. I'll make the lighthouse a bit higher. The rest of the buildings is waiting for bricklink orders. Greetings, Wellesley!
  4. Wellesley

    Mini junk

    Hey folks, I post this here mainly because the pirate subforum is the only one I'm really following and as a ship it still fits into the topic. And actually there also were pirates in Asia. I found the two "sails" from the Ewok glider and just had to build a junk with them. So I sat down and tried to build something more stereotypical than accurate, which resulted in following: Hope, you enjoy!
  5. Wellesley

    Redcoat caribbean port/town

    Just copied the house at the left for my own harbour:)
  6. Wellesley

    Redcoat caribbean port/town

    This is very cool. Instantly brings back some childhood memories. As written above, it absolutely captures the classic Pirates feeling. I especially like that most of it is done with rather old bricks. Some other creations here tend to give the impression of having to buy tons of new bricks to achieve some kind of realism. You prove that with the right arrangement, colours and techniques you can summon child-like imagination into place, which adds all the little details to see the "real thing". Like looking at well drawn sketches. which give the brain just the right impulses to result in an enhanced mental image.
  7. Wellesley

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    Thank you @Legostone, the links and pictures were helpful indeed. Will try it next time, I have time. Usually I look at plans and models before beginning to build and then again when I run into problems or just cross checking from time to time. To have them around while building of course is way more utile. Clever use of the yellow antennas! And nice attachment of your figurehead. I think I have this piece only in light grey, so no use for me:/ I might purchase it after all, if I decide to use another figurehead. Man, you got me:D I already was content with the stern part. But you are right about the roughness, using only four studs to get to the width of the prefab parts. I will lenghten it to twelve studs, removing on prefab part. That should work without having to rebuild the hull above the brown.
  8. I second that. You already have the perfect design for that. Just as said, removing the windows from the first battery deck and instead lowering the astern gun ports (at least one brick I'd say from the guts). I hereby want to mention, that I really consider to join the BoBS. With the HMS Argonaut as a future vessel. In the BoBS called Sjælland. Also I want to present a little currently unarmed cutter. I even used the horse head, I mentioned the page before: The rudder still looks a little bit heavy. Greetings and brick on, Wellesley!
  9. Wellesley

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    Oh. Well, I expect my subordinates to be creative=) Made some progress on the Argonaut. Will definately use beige for the stripe: Also the railings on the bow are finished: I just think it looks a bit too high and clumsy: Maybe because the catheads are so low in comparison to the railings and the keel could extend more out from the hull. Looks too short for me:/ What dou you think? Greetings, Wellesley!
  10. Hey fellow shipbuilders, it's a shame, I only get here now. Wonderful ships overall. Was just reading the first and a few f the last pages. @Mesabi Maybe one more midsection solves the problem of looking a bit too high? But for a carrack that is acceptable. You might also want to look at some pictures of cogs. They would be placed a bit earlier in time, but one could treat her as a relic that made it through history. @Bregir The HMS Endeavour is nicely shaped. Given the coulour scheme you could try something I always wanted to do on a white ship. Using this horse head as a figurehead: Apart from that I am a bit concerned about the black stern. Maybe you could lighten it up a bit with a more or less continous white stripe of one plate thickness, seperating both decks. Also I want to pick up @Legostone's recommendation of using some regular blue stones for colour variations. My tip would be to use regular blue gun ports instead of black. In my mind that would just give a more fitting picture.
  11. The admiralty always tried to minimise costs at all levels. With provisions, material, officer's pay. This was not only because of the war, more so because of corruption within the admiralty and fraud. But back to your ship: I really like the tumblehome. Just looks better the way you did it. Not becoming narrow that instantly beneath the first battery deck. I built this out of imagination and didn't cross-check it. But hey, were there not that many points to enhance, I would not have the motivation to build another ship of the line:)
  12. Wellesley

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    Yeah, so far those bring the best results, I think. Unfortunately I have almost none of them. When getting back to Lego in 2012 I didn't even know, they exist in such a variety. I was very excited to see all the new developed bricks. Would it not be that expensive, I'd have tons of them. For my longboat I bought some in green. I'm very happy with the result. For future projects I will also consider them on bigger ships.
  13. Wellesley

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    Don't worry, it's not that fragile:) Either because it is an outdated version or one just can't see it properly. But the slopes are supported and held in position on the layers above. It surely isn't made for direct impact. But I think it serves it purpose enough to withstand some moving around. As long as you grab it more astern. A bigger concern for me are the slits that originate from hinging the slopes. Yet, this is something I only criticise on my own builds, never on other's, so it might be not that fatal. And yes, I considered joining the BoBS. I was super excited, when it started, but didn't feel to have enough time to participate. Maybe I will rethink that. All the Lego is at my parents house, so I'm not able to build all the time. I'll PM you later for some more specific questions.
  14. Thanks for the additional photos. The design of the first two just scream for a sloop, a decent little brig. Or maybe even a sixth-rate also known as post-ship in the british and corvette in the french navy. Speaking of the napoleonic era, which both our vessels wonderfully fit in. Both before 1801 I would say. At least I've chosen the flag without the Irish cross. And for you it is the latin-rig. That's why I struggle with the white stripe on my frigate, because it wasn't that common that early. Maybe beige will be the solution. Speaking of which, isn't it beige on the first version? And with the second photo you nearly answered another question of mine I've forgotten to write above. I wanted to see your ship from a bird's-eye view:) As far as I know, one reason for the black and yellow scheme, besides Nelson's recommendation, was just the prices for colours, black and yellow being the cheapest during that time. Also it seems, that Nelson actually recommended continuous yellow stripes, the gunports painted black only on the inside. That way you could distinguish a "friendly" vessel (striped) from one being "ready for battle" (chequered). Greetings, Wellesley!
  15. Wow, such a nice ship. I really like, that more and more non-prefab hull ship of the lines are launched. Also I have to admit there are some really nice solutions here in the forum for smaller ships of the line not looking to narrow and high on prefab hulls. The colours are a classic. I like, that you added a second layer of red plates for the interior hull colour. And I envy these beige masts a bit:D When I was purchsing bricks, I could only get my hand on yellow ones in a sufficient amount. Don't worry about the mizzen mast. I think it looks quite well in place. A good choice therefore is the lateen sail. I think a gaff would have revealed the actual distance towards the stern. I had a similar problem, building my 74 gun ship. I started without plans to do it as historically accurate as possible, more so, to do it mostly with classical Lego parts from my childhood, including the Lego masts. Before changing that idea, my battery decks were nearly finished, not becoming more narrow towards the stern. With the technique I used it would have been difficult to do it in a smooth way. If I had known what the ship once would become, I would have used an entirely different hull. Using hinges as the main shape giving tool, which I first wanted to reject as much as possible. Wasn't expecting to buy that much bricks for it anyways. But reworking it all after so much progress? No way. On the other hand I'm quite thankful to have such great space on the poop deck. I hope, same goes for you. Every little "mistake" on our projects gives us motivation to once build a following version, including what we've learned. I could imagine, building a second ship of the line without getting bored:) And maybe one day you find a solution to set the mast back a few studs, without too much effort. I had the chance to change the entire bow after years. Even though, you decided to go with the bluecoats, I would love to see all ships like this one (black/yellow scheme) in a battle line:) Is there a place, where I can find more pictures of that beauty? Greetings!