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    Except parts from bricklink, no entire set for years, but the 10151 Hot Rod is the last official set, that remains built, standing in the shelf under a thick layer of dust.

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  1. Wellesley

    [MOC] Mini Brig

    Thank you, @Faladrin, @Mister Phes, @Fraunces and @Techam!
  2. Wellesley

    [MOC] Mini Brig

    The last two days I hade quite the fun to try out another scale in ship building. I never really used to build in micro or nano scale. As a child I sometimes would create some landscapes or cities and later I still would come up with ideas how certain parts could be used, but it never was enough to finish a project. I was waiting on a bricklink order for my current ship, when I just started to like the problem of hiding the rowlock and creating a rather smooth and gapless top for the prefab rowboats. Germans might get that the whole ship reminds me of Käpt'n Blaubär. Still need to come up with a fitting name.
  3. Wellesley

    [SR - Ch III - cat. D(1)] Privateering

    I have to agree, the Lotii sails are sticking out. Fantastic job! Also great story with depicting scenes.
  4. Wellesley

    [MOC] Europa

    Wow, the hull shape and colouration are awesome. Also great work on the rigging! On my phone I can't really make it out on the pictures right now, but I think with the threat you used for the shrouds I wouldn't go through the pain of doing ratlines either.
  5. Great build! Love all aspects of it as well as the story. All these old 1x1 windows
  6. Thanks all! I will make photos of the sailmaking process the next ship I build.
  7. Wellesley

    [Hideout] Penn Ar Bed

    Cool hideout. Fantastic rockwork and outlay. I like the bridge and the little hut in the middle.
  8. I gave it a try but a violin at this scale is very difficult. My best attempt still is oversized and way to thick: Also a cello, which is more a fun idea than serious: And a lute or mandolin like instrument: Other useful elements I thought about using: I also like the above mentioned idea of using chicken legs and want to add the frying pan to the list.
  9. Wellesley

    Holland fleute kinda ship

    Welcome to the forum! Looks good, I like the shape and especially the rig! Did you sew together single stripes to make the sails? That's dedication!
  10. Thanks @Captain Dee and @Roadmonkeytj!
  11. Thanks! I might think about doing it as a side job:D Oh yes, it's absolutely flat:D At least there is no tumblehome. All I got is the hull shape from above. I will try, but currently for decent lighting I'm dependent on the sun. Is the following pic okay?
  12. Great additions. You are right about the style themes.
  13. It is this Star Wars torso. But no problem, if you change it. I'll think about the violin. Any other instruments?
  14. Jorin and Luise Farresman will join the event, as his name by now is well known amongst seafarers. Also a Navy Officer, William Weathergauge, who I hereby introduce.