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Found 5 results

  1. Review: 42064 Ocean Explorer Name: Ocean Explorer Number: 42064 Theme: Technic Year: 2017 Pieces: 1327 Price: Euro 89.99€, AUD $169.99 Brickset: Extra Info Technic Early 2017 Review Series Welcome to the ninth in my batch of 2017 Technic reviews! I was offered all the small early 2017 sets for review late last year... but I ended up getting the bigger ones too! Thus I have a lot to review. I've been doing them in parallel and changing my process as I go so hopefully the latter ones will end up being the best. On that angle I'll probably retcon some of the earlier reviews if I improve my process. Due to this remember that I'm happy to take extra photos or provide extra info on request, and anything especially good will be added to the main body of the review. Do note though that sometimes the model may no longer exist if I have have made an alternate. On the subject of alternates, I will be making the alt model, if I have the instructions, think the model is worth making, and I have the time. Also I'll show mid stage construction only if I think it's relevant. Thus don't ask for construction photos or alt models if they aren't part of the review.... I am prepared to extract parts for detail photos though. Photos will all be hosted on Flickr so larger versions are available, and relevant videos will be on YouTube and linked to from here. I don't edit photos much; very rarely I'll crop one and almost never will "correct" them so the photos should be as natural as possible. I will try to not be repetitive; thus it's worth reading my other reviews. For example I'm not going to complain too much about the digital instructions; I'll try to complain about new things, or maybe not complain at all! Here's all the other reviews of H1 2017 Technic... 42057 Ultralight Helicopter 42058 Stunt Bike 42059 Stunt Truck (and 45058/42059 Combiner) 42060 Roadwork Crew 42061 Telehandler 42062 Container Yard 42063 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure 42064 Ocean Explorer 42065 Tracked Racer Mucho multi thanks to the EB LUG Ambassador CopMike and the LEGO CEE Team and Designers for allowing me to review these sets for Eurobricks. So onto the review! Packaging Front.... ...back. I don't plan to do the alternate. Mostly due to time, but also as I wasn't too inspired by this model. Here's the top. The scale pic is an interesting choice as it's the first time I know of in a Technic set where the picture has no visible Technic. (There's an axle inside.) Unboxing Standard punch box. Instructions were bagged, and the set is segmented. There's only the main instruction, with the cover being better stock than the main. We're into the big boys now! Parts list page 1.... ...and page 2. Semi random instruction page. Build One bags open! From these you make the accessory vehicles. First up is the little chopper. This has functioning main and tail rotors spun by a gear at the bottom and uses the new double cross-connector piece for the rotor shaft which helps make this remarkable small creation. <RETCON> No! not that piece, this piece! </RETCON> Also is the submersible. It has geared rotating props (not counter rotating though) and worm gear driven claws. These are the spares for the One bags. The rope surprised me. This is all of the Two bags... ...actually it not. I was part though assembling when I realised I was missing parts. Rechecked and found another bag.... ...and by the end we had this! There's a few features that become hard to see later so I'll highlight them now. First off there's the odd part here, the "5" print. It's actually stupidly common part so it's not special in itself, but it's a ship building tradition to do this. Keep this in mind for later! Here you can see the where the crane control shafts are geared up. The red gear is there simply because it's easier alignment than a 3 axle. Two Bag spare parts. I think this is the first time there's been a metallic one of these 1 high pin parts, but I suspect you'll be seeing them a lot more. Cosmetically the 2 long version was ruined (IMHO) by the slits and this solves the problem... Three bags! (Yes, I'm sure this time.) That finishes the model.... but the superstructure.... it's so... white... ...but before I rant about that here's the complete spare parts. (I forgot to take this photo; I'll take a better one in a few days.) While it's not featureless, the lack of colour make it look pretty close to it. Fear not! We have a vast sticker sheet! This adds loads of detail to the bridge mostly. Plus the chopper. (Nothing for the sub.) The ship gets a load line, which while arguably silly is educational (more on that later) and it tells the builder the intended waterline. The life boats are not improved much by the stickers though. But that's enough on stickers. For the sticker fans there's more photos in my Flickr page. The gear near the life boats controls the rudder. Here's the rudders and at full deflection. The mechanism is very similar to the steering in the 42062 Container Stacker set. It's more snappy than smooth. The steering circle is large, but that's arguably accurate. To the front is a set of three wheels to take the weight. The anniversary part is used to lock in the sub. Here's a video showing the functions. I've started mumbling in the videos which is useful if you can decipher it. Sorry if you can't. Most of my points I should re-iterate on in a bit. Size wise here's it on the largest LEGO hull; it's about the same size! (Stickers are old and self-disintegrating.) Didn't test if it'll float like this yet.... Ratings: Function: For a model of this size the functions are minimal. None are particularly impressive either. Showing the props would have helped, but arguably you can't see them in this quasi-waterline model. 3/10 Parts: Excellent really. Mostly structural, but there's still enough mechanical parts too. Oddly there's also some rare-ish System parts too. 10/10 Price: Considering parts only, it's probably the best value set of this wave. 10/10 Accuracy: The small models are very accurate considering the sizes. The chopper is probably too big for that kind of canopy though, but that's just being picky. 8/10 Fudge: This set does raise the question of what makes a Technic set Technic, and I think this one is a bridge too far. It's a shame too as some might recall that I have a thing for water based Technic, partially as there has been so little. But this is not what I had in mind. The focus is weird, even with the choice of using System as the scale display on the box. It's clearly form over function; the coin that is not easily seen in the final model, the fact that the helo-deck has cosmetic structure, the use of system to achieve what does not need to be achieved, such as hand rails and a mast, even the sticker load line. But the vision is inconsistent; the life rafts are an area where some system was needed, yet stickers were all that were offered, the bridge uses stickers to achieve windows when System would have done it better. When I first saw this set I was really looking forward to it, but now it just looks like spare parts. 0/10 Overall: My negativity aside, this is an excellent set for builders. Displayers... well it depends on if you like your Technic to be Technic. It does look pretty good, arguably better than the last ship. But to me it's in the group of "is the really Technic"? 6/10
  2. So I saw 42064 going out of stock on Walmart and Target. I kicked myself for not picking it up when it was for $95 for sale at Walmart a couple of weeks back. It's still available on Lego site for $119. So I decided I wanted it and drove to the Lego store to pick it up. Guess what! It's $95.99 on sale at Lego store (not online). I am not sure if this offer is valid at all locations, but you can check it out. Also got a Lego 40320 set free with it! All in all a good deal!
  3. 42064 Ocean Explorer is subject to a lot of complaints about the lack of functions. While I agree that the set is sorely lacking in functionality, I also find complaining too easy. The hard part is suggesting an alternative. So that's what I want to do: convert 42064 to a Technic set. Edit: for the finished model, see here: (end of edit) First, the plan. Let's ditch the heli and mini sub - these could have been €10 sets, and only eat up parts budget here. The helipad can go too. The superstructure can be reused as a module later. Let's remove the crane, the gray platform in the back, and generally everything else, keeping nothing but an empty hull. Now, part of the challenge of designing a set is staying in budget. As there's plenty of room, let's make it shorter. Ok, the functions. First, there are no propellors. Let's connect the front wheels to some propellors. This requires redesigning the steering module with the rudders. (As you see, I use color coding for functions in MLCAD.) The structure inside the bow that holds the curved panels is very voluminous and can be reworked provide a nice open space, that perfectly fits a V8 cylinder engine, also connected to the front wheels. So that's the basics. Now, what functions to add? Elsewhere I read about the lack of an A-frame gantry. So let's add that. It has two functions. Move crane with LAs, and a winch (not drawn). How will this be driven? Manual is nice, but why not try and fit in PF? The space above the engine is perfect to fit a battery box. The bridge will be right behind that. The gearbox to select the functions can go below the bridge. With this in place, there's only one thing from the set missing: lifeboats. The orange 1x3 beams from the set received some flak as well - these can't be serious attempts at lifeboats. So I built slightly bigger lifeboats, with the orange panels from the mini-vehicles. First, I wanted to put them on the superstructure, but after looking at some pictures of ships on the internet, I figured they could be at the sides of the hull too. There's room behind the superstructure. With a mini "crane" (just a 4x4 bent beam), the lifeboats could be deployed. This is the third motorized function. This means the space below the bridge is the only palce left to put the function-switcher gearbox. The only place for the PF motor I could find was between the white angular panels. A perfect spot, if you ask me :) The gearbox has four outputs, so one of them (drawn purple) is unused right now. Maybe it can operate a small ramp at the back, between the blue 3x6x3 panels. Of course, all this is merely some digital designing and virtual doodling. The next step is building this in real bricks, which will certainly pose problems with things not fitting or not working. So I will try to build it and make everything actually work. I'll keep you informed when I have notable progress :)
  4. NOTE to the MOD: First off, I am sorry if this is in the wrong place. I wasn't sure where to place it, as it is a model using both System and Technic parts / techniques. Please move this as you see fit, if you need to move it at all. I just finished turning an elongated and enlarged version of set 42064 (Ocean Explorer) into a Adventurers style tramp steamship I call the Great West. The lift-away roof and bridge sections come off easily for access to the inside, and all the cargo is removable / interchangeable. Here is the original model, set number 42064, Ocean Explorer. I stripped the deck clean of all play features and attached models to give me a good foundation for my modifications. I also got rid of the helicopter and submarine. This ship is missing a few parts such as one of this for the bow in red, and two of each of these parts for the ships name, the Great West. The ship's name plates are located on the front of the bridge and the rear of the ship. I made the ship a whole section taller and longer to make it more proportional at mini-figure scale. The ship also feature wheels on the bottom for rolling along the floor / table / whatever. The two inside sections are mostly empty, but the captain's quarters goes on the lower deck, and the command bridge on the higher level. I'm not sure what to put in the lower section, but the upper section is mostly done except for the missing chart table. Any thoughts? Technic-heads, Ship-builders and Adventuresome fellows please chime in, as I am seeking feedback on this model. The LDD file is available here. Comments, Questions & Complaints are always welcome!
  5. NOTE: THE FINAL VIDEO WILL BE POSTED IN THIS THREAD SO C&C PLEASE! Here's a WIP which is meant to be a 2-3 day build. As of now it's getting done, so here are the pictures of the building process. It has 6 RC functions controlled by 3 motors and a gearbox. The crane can slide 6 studs along the deck, it can slew, and it can go up and down (of course). Sorry for the bad picture quality. Finished model should have much better pictures. Here is the first instance of the wheelhouse. It has a helipad and sort of looks like a box, but it is not even close to done. Video of the crane: Thanks! C&C PLEASE! BrickbyBrick