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  1. Chapter IChapter IIChapter IIIChapter IVChapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X Chapter XI Chapter XII Chapter XIII Chapter XIV Chapter XVChapter XVIChapter XVIIChapter XVIII Chapter XIX Chapter XX Chapter XXI Chapter XXII (you are here) Meanwhile (in case you’ve forgotten, I mean, while Eslandola in general and certain individual people in particular were in despair at the loss of Captain Argentum) Captain Edward Argentum was not particularly enjoying himself either. To be continued... I've always liked these tread pieces, this was a fun use to find for them. It's a bit flimsy for sure. But not more flimsy than everything else in this vig. Also fun to use the turquoise underwater stuff. New appreciation for those, they're actually really cool. Thanks to those of you who are sticking with the Captain in his adventures. Will the sharks get him at last or with Edward Argentum cheat death again??
  2. Since the Eslandolans had first met the Ténotclaxcan society on the island of Berelli in 616 AE, they had fostered a great trading relationship with the native people. In the year following their meeting, residents of the town of Elysabethtown had constructed a Ténotclaxcan Goodwill Trade Garden near the town center to, as the name suggested, project their goodwill for their native neighbors. However, in recent years the condition of the garden had deteriorated. Two Eslandolan town guards mused between themselves, "Do you think we should be weeding this thing?" ----------------------------- OOC: Submitted as an Eslandola entry in the Faction Flavours Mini Challenge. Another fun one to build. I really love the angle / slope that sacks have, and they have a 3mm bar on the top for minifigs to grab! I figured that could make for some fun connections. Two flower variants featured here. Licensed as a small commerce property in Elysabethville
  3. Settlement Name: Elysabethtown Ownership: MAESTRO Trade Company Location: Berelli Mayor: Elysabeth of Drondil (TitusV), in name of MAESTRO Settlement Level: Large Town Who can own property in Elysabethtown: Anyone, from any faction Who can freebuild in Elysabethtown: Anyone, from any faction Fortifications: Two small forts. Troops: One platoon of local troops, and 2 platoons of MAESTRO troops. Please note that your propreties can be confiscated if you commit treachery to MAESTRO or Elysabethtown (for example: stealing or declaring war). People staying neutral in times of conflicts between Eslandola/MAESTRO/Elysabethtown and their home faction will find a safe spot in Elysabethtown. Royal Taxes for Eslandolans: no extra taxes Foreigner Taxes: no extra taxes MAESTRO Taxes: no extra taxes If you freebuild in Elysabethtown, please post a link here. If you build a property in Elysabethtown, please post a link here AND don't forget to fill in the webform.
  4. Settlement Name: Port Wilks Ownership: ETWC Location: Isla Phillipe Mayor: Governor J. Guyiere Wilkinson de Chauncourtois (@Garmadon) Who can own property in Port Wilks: Anyone, from any faction (subject to any Eslandolan laws or ETWC decisions which may apply). Who can freebuild in Port Wilks: Anyone, from any faction. Fortifications: Currently, none. Troops: There are currently no troops stationed in Port Wilks. Please post any free-builds that take place in Port Wilks in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Port Wilks, post in this thread and fill out the web form. Island description: Name: Isla Phillipe Nickname: The PigGeographical Features: Named after the King of Oleon (for obvious reasons), this island is about thirty-five miles across, with good soft shore beaches. The elevation is high enough for farming. It has no natural cove or bay, and waters are shallow surrounding the island for a few miles.Rumors: As its nickname suggests, Isla Phillipe is practically haunted by wild boars. It is unknown if there are natives on the island. The soil is a bit rocky, but likely can produce common foodstuffs like wheat. Silver flakes were found in one of the streams. Map of Isla Phillipe: Builds in Port Wilks Please help us out by posting your a link to your Port Wilks builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the size of licence. Properties: 7/11 Size for EGS purposes - Level 1 'Hamlet' Commerce: 4 Customs sentry post, small, ETWC via Ayrlego Temporary Pier and ETWC Warehouse, large, ETWC via Ayrlego Artisan: 3 Dark Green Inn, large, Garmadon
  5. Captain Braunsfeld

    Something for a Lady

    Ahem. We have seen Commodore Spoon sailing lately And now we find him in Pontelli indeed at the start of our story - talking to a merchant. Commodore Spoon: So, my dear friend Habakus, I have come to you on an important quest. Senior Merchant Habakus (member of the East Wind Trading Company): Yes, Commodore, how can I be of service? C. Spoon: Well. S.M. Habakus (m.o.t.EWTC): Well, well. C.S.: Let's sit down, won't we. S.M.H. (EWTC): How forgetful of me, please have a seat. C.S.: Yes, this is better. H.: Sugar muffin? S.: Oh, sure. Thanks. H.: That is half a dubloon then. S. (blushes): Right, forgot you were on business. Then I should stick to my diet. H.: So you come into my house on the day of my daughter's birthday and want some help? S.: Yepp. Let's be frank. H.: But you are Commodore Spoon, not Frank. S.: Right. Where was I? I have made the acquaintance of a lovely lady and I would like to bring her an exquisite gift. H.: Now we are talking. What about a pearl-gold dragon sword hilt? S.: For a lady??? H.: Right. A broomstick? S.: For a lady??? Look, Habakus. H. (confused): Where? S.: I want to give her a present that is unprecedented (but well presented). H. (smiling brightly): Then, my old friend, I have something for you, which is really special. This tulip. S.: The red and green thingy here on the table? H.: Precisely. It is actually a quite rare flower. And beautiful too. I am sure she will like it. S.: Ok, I'm in. How much is the tulip? H.: The "Ad Rem" is just a tenth of a dubloon. By the way, did you see that guy from Corrington who is trying to introduce a now system of coinage? S.: No, not yet. Sounds funny though. Ok, I will take the "Ad Rem" And this is how the whole thing started. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just realized that this build would actually work for the mini-challenge... Didn't know this when I built it.
  6. Chapter IChapter IIChapter IIIChapter IVChapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X Chapter XI Chapter XII Chapter XIII Chapter XIV Chapter XVChapter XVIChapter XVIIChapter XVIII Chapter XIX Chapter XX Chapter XXI (you are here) Chapter XXII As the daughter of a Terraversan General, Lady Cora had learned many things--such as climbing trees--which few of her acquaintances would have suspected her of. Though famous mostly for her ability to faint on the slightest provocation, she was quite competent as a navigator--at least, she knew all that the books said. Of course she hadn’t much practical experience. Did that deter her? Not her! Disguised as a pirate, she prepared to do a little scouring of the seas on her own account. To be continued... This is a wave technique I've wanted to try for a while now, it's pretty fun! The boat design is new too, though of course it borrows from the sideways designs of some of my microscale ships. C&C welcome!
  7. Chapter IChapter IIChapter IIIChapter IVChapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X Chapter XI Chapter XII Chapter XIII Chapter XIV Chapter XVChapter XVIChapter XVIIChapter XVIII Chapter XIX Chapter XX (you are here) Chapter XXI Lady Cora read “Lost at Sea” by Captain Argentum’s name in the paper and fainted. When she came to she went and climbed a tree, since that was a place where no one would look for her and she could decide on a course of action without fear of interruption. To be continued... All right, needless to say I didn't build this whole scene just so Lady Cora could meditate in a tree... It was part of a Summer Joust collaboration. But, there were lots of trees and this was my plan for the next "vignette" anyway. I regret how little of the roof you can see in the main pictures. There's a lot of intricate stuff going on to get those As! This kind of waterwheel scene has been on my to-build list for quite a while, and it turned out very close to how I was envisioning it. There are a whole ton of leaves in this scene and the layout is a little funny in order to get that bend in the river--there are some behind the scenes shots on my blog. I also tried out a new (I think?) technique for the tree trunks. I wanted to get the effect of knots with those round upside down donut tiles. I think it did a fairly good job of breaking up the square trunk, but I'd be glad to hear second opinions on that! The next chapter will go back to the vignettes to show what it is that Lady Cora decided to do... C&C welcome!
  8. Captain Braunsfeld

    Commodore T Spoon is sailing

    You remember Commodore T Spoon? Introduced here: Guess what, he also has a ship! ... and is sailing away ... ... probably to Pontelli. ,,, and he is singing a song: "I am sailing, I am sailing..." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I always wanted to build a ship on the basis of one of those larger standard boat hulls - and here it is! And don't ask about monkeys. They may be somewhere, but not yet. Stay healthy and safe!
  9. Calling all Eslandian citizens! The crown has decided to charter an inclusive settlement. > What does that mean? That means that YOU have a chance at part ownership! > How can I participate? Simply apply in this thread. Make up a résumé; if you own any ships, hold any special posts, etc; pull out all the stops! The Eslandian High Council will be evaluating applicants on a case-by-case basis. > What good does part ownership do me? Mayors and other civil servants will be elected out of the inclusive ownership group. These are all salaried positions. Plus, you’ll have the prestige of being part owner of a settlement. You’ll also have a say in the settlement naming process. > How big of a part of the ownership will I have? That depends on the number of successful applicants. If there are three, you’ll have one-third ownership, if there are five, you’ll have one-fifth, etc. Requirements: You must be an Eslandian citizen. Leadership may require you to have already built several quality builds demonstrating your commitment. To solidify your claim, you will be required to build and buy at least one license in this settlement this month (or whatever month you apply). If you are not able to do this, your claim will be lost. Settlement Name: Puerto Alijo Ownership: TBD Location: Torrach Bonn Mayor: None, yet. Who can own property in Puerto Alijo: Anyone, from any faction. Who can freebuild in Puerto Alijo: Anyone, from any faction. Fortifications: None. Check out the Puerto Alijo index. Please post any free-builds that take place in Puerto Alijo in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Puerto Alijo, post in this thread and fill out the web form.
  10. Garmadon

    Deer Cove Falls

    Deep in the forests of Torrach Bonn, on the Grand Teraxladl river lies a magnificent waterfall often haunted by deer to bask in the moonlight and enjoy the refreshing water. Those few explorers from Puerto Alijo who have ventured this far into the interior and have had the good fortune to stumble across this hidden cascade have often been heard to dream of building a cabin on its edge... Hey y'all! It's been a while since I've last built something for BoBS but I hope to have more coming your way soon! And to tide us over for now here's a nature scene I built for the Summer Joust and LEGO Ideas puzzle contest which I thought I'd share with you all as well! And I've made it to the voting phase on Ideas now as well and there are a couple of days of voting left, so I'd love all the votes y'all would like to throw my way! (Shameless self-plugging here ) Hope you all enjoy it, and C&C are welcome as always! ~Garm
  11. Captain Braunsfeld

    Introducing Commodore Spoon

    Lo and behold! I am proud to present a new character that is going to be part of a story to come: Commodore T. Spoon Here is his island home off Pontelli: And here is the man himself: One comment from a good ol' sea rat has already reached us: Captain Cookie was heard saying "I hate him! He is my arch-enemy!" We will see how this is going to turn out in the end. Until then - stay healthy and safe!
  12. Chapter IChapter IIChapter IIIChapter IVChapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X Chapter XI Chapter XII Chapter XIII Chapter XIV Chapter XV Chapter XVI Chapter XVII (you are here) Chapter XVIII After 10 months of paperwork and 10 days of rowing in the bay, the regretful conclusion was officially arrived at: Commodore Edward Argentum, Lost at Sea. In his honor, royalist Eslandians (all four of them) gathered in the capital to burn the Corry flag and wave nightcaps (the official symbol of King Fernando). So this was mostly a fun excuse to use that wild red plume and to show off my nightcaps. I couldn't find a happy medium between building a whole town square and this, so after letting it gather a few weeks of dust I took pictures of it. The next vignette will make up for it. Thanks for looking, hope you're enjoying the Captain's continued adventures...
  13. Chapter IChapter IIChapter IIIChapter IVChapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X Chapter XI Chapter XII Chapter XIII Chapter XIV Chapter XVChapter XVIChapter XVIIChapter XVIII Chapter XIX (you are here) Chapter XX When news of Edward Argentum’s untimely demise reached Corrington it immediately worked its way into a nursery rhyme: Rock a-bye baby, Safe in your crib, Captain Argentum can’t get you; He’s dead! Okay, so I obviously was having way too much fun with these "reaction" builds. I enjoyed trying a new floor pattern out. My limited quantity of gold grill tiles made the footprint of this vignette fairly small, but I still was ambitious enough to get an all LEGO shot out of it. I'm making up for burning the Corry flag a couple builds ago by having a micro version on the wall here. I hope you're still enjoying the Captain's story, it is drawing gradually to a close, I promise. C&C welcome!
  14. First of all: do NOT use this topic to bump old threads and do NOT ask any question here. All comments should be asked in the BoBS discussion thread. To all the mayors and responsibles of a settlement: please make one and only one post for each settlement, using the following format: I will then link all settlements in this first post. Index: Settlements of BoBS The world of BoBS is large, and contains many large and small settlements, ranging from hamlets to capitals. This thread is the place where they are all indexed! Corrington Arlinsport, Tiberia Black Beach, Gunpowder Island Brickford Landing, Annettaskrona Elizabethville, Lacryma Camp Isaac, Cascadia Hussar's Isle, Cocovia Jameston, Celestia King's Harbour, Cocovia Mesabi Landing, Argentia Mooreton Bay, Alicentia Myzectlan, Cascadia New Haven, Alicentia Port Raleigh, Annetta (aka Berelli or Blueton) Port Woodhouse, Garma's Key Quinnsville, Cocovia Spudkirk, Avestia Stormhaven, Serentia Wullham, Panarium Eslandola Bardo, An Toli Ceniza Bajo, Eileanne neh Luithhr (aka Luther Islands) (New Haven Sea island #9) Chiquita, Chiquara (New Haven Sea island #1) Elysabethtown, Berelli (aka Annetta or Blueton) Fortaleza Victoria, Isla de Victoria Fuerte Unido, Isla de Victoria Hojaroja, Otoño Interlagos, Maldria Lakor, Isla de Victoria La Puebloto, Isla de Victoria Mehit, Isla de Victoria Montario, Nelissa Nova Malto, Isla de Victoria Nova Terreli, Nellisa Pontelli, Nellisa Port Wilks, Isla Phillipe Puerto Alijo, Torrach Bonn Puerto Desafio, Isla de Victoria Punto Sur, Maldria Salida Este, Ferro Azure Trador, La Sombra Weelond, An Holli Oleon Acropolis, Pharos Astrapi, Île de Zeus Breshaun, Le Bellan Cecropia, Île de Tyche Dragonstone (now Aurelia), Blueton (aka Annetta or Berelli) Eltina, Le Bellan Fatu Hiva, Île d'Or Fort Arltrees, El Oleonda Jiangkai, El Oleonda Lavalette, Stéphanique Nola Mar, Terraversa Nouveau Oleandia, île Dionysus Windfall Island, Stéphanique Sea Rats Bastion, The Nest of Thieves Charlatan Bay, Infero Pordejon Haven, Isla del Diablo Hellion, Raider's Haven Moray's Den, Isla del Diablo Poppy Port, Sabre Island Rassilon, The Nest of Thieves Takashii, The Nest of Thieves Tortuga, Sea Turtle Island The Sereen Cay, The Rock New Nassau, Blond Beach/Mud Beach Island (island 21) NPC Settlements Alexport, Ilse de Romantica, The Grand Duchy of Prio
  15. A surprising port extension Since the Terraversa troubles, the Shipyards in Elysabethtown had to fullfill a huge amount of commands. One of them being the confection of the Frigate The Applecid for Felipe de la Manzana in a record time ! It was necessary to extend the port but the shores are mainly unexplored and some sort of huge palm trees are growing in the area. Felipe decided to take advantage of suche trees... He ordered to convert an old smuggler cache situated in one of those trees into a thriving warehouse. A great place to protect fragile goods in the tree shanties. And a good spot to thread ropes and to prepare rigging and sails for the incoming vessels. Some artisans quickly regrouped around this surprising port extension to make it live. Now ropes and sails are ready to be sent to their ships. The development of Elysabethtown Felipe wanted is well engaged now ! Here is a fun build I have prepared for some time now. I will license it as a Large Artisan for Elysabethtown. I really enjoyed to transform the original tree into a huge palm tree full of life !
  16. Just before the fleets would sail out, a new admirality yacht sailed around the harbor. Loud cheers erupted everywhere they passed as it was in this small yacht that Lord Damaximus and Princes Margot showed the world their little Princes Féline. --- A small admirality vessel for MAESTRO, which will be used to increase ship levels and can be licenced in the future as a class 2 trader I would also like to thank @Sebeus I for his feedback during the process and for his wonderfull inspirational ships
  17. Chapter IChapter IIChapter IIIChapter IVChapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X Chapter XI Chapter XII Chapter XIII Chapter XIV Chapter XVChapter XVI Chapter XVII Chapter XVIII (you are here) Chapter XIV King Fernando’s expression of sorrow at the news of Commodore Argentum’s tragic passing was particularly touching. “Never more!” he sobbed, “never more shall I find so true a friend, so sincere a sympathizer in my sorrows, or one who so consistently replenished my supply of nightcaps!” So, this is kind of what I was trying to do with that terribly lame Chapter XVI, in terms of using the black flower pieces. A bed turned out much nicer than a rug, and I was able to use a couple of spares for the king's pillow and night table cloth. The pillars were also fun to work out, I really like the design but unfortunately, even with the help of my two brothers, four of those dark grey sloping things was all I was able to pull together. So I probably won't get to use the design in a larger scene anytime soon! Another thing that was fun was the micro version of Captain Argentum. C&C welcome!
  18. The Empire of Eslandola Nicknames: Cash Empire, Eslandrama Colors: Green, Gold Flag: Although this is the official flag, you are welcome to create your own variations or stick with purist flags. Eslandola Summarized: Compared to the other nations, Eslandola boasts the best merchants, the most heavily laden treasure ships, and - they will contend - the largest and richest colonial possessions. Eslandolans hold hard to their individualism and profit making, and those have not let them down! They are adventurers and explorers, business folk, merchant sailors, agriculturalists, and artists. Membership: Fancy yourself as a tradesperson and want to join a trading company to extend our wealth? Or aspire to make a name for yourself in New Terra and explore the islands and start a colony to expand our empire? Want to pick up arms and join the army or navy to expand our control? We welcome anybody who will be loyal to the cause. For gold and country! Good Eslandolans strive to show their pride by including one or more of the nation’s colors in each build, but if they slip up, certainly no one will track them down. If you choose to be a member, there is a lot in store for you! Your first task will be to create your signature figure (sig-fig) and sign up in this thread with an intro post. Your intro post should include a picture of your sigfig and a bit of a description and background as well. Your sigfig will represent your character throughout your MOCs within Brethren of the Brick Seas. (That does not mean that your sigfig has to be in every MOC you make.) There are some simple instructions here that sum up the sign-up process. Eslandola currently has three main trading companies. If you'd like, you are quite welcome to affiliate yourself with one of them. This affiliation may be changed at any time, but you are responsible to make sure leaders are notified of any changes. You are not required to join one of the trade groups and may even start your own; however, there are a few economic benefits which come with joining a Trade Company. More information about the trade groups can be found under point 5 below. Eslandola has a republican system of government, with a figurehead monarchy. More information about the government can be found under points 1 and 2 below. Did you get that far? If so, you’ve read all that you really need to know. The rest is just icing on the cake, so take it at your leisure, and enjoy the MOCs! A Detailed Look at the Empire of Eslandola (government, geography, military, history): (below) Trade Companies: (second post) Colonies: (third post) Members: (fourth post) A Detailed Look at the Empire of Eslandola 1 – Leadership King Fernando - Augusto VII (NPC) Thanks to the independent minded merchants of Eslandola, the realm is fairly decentralized. The real power lies in the hands of the Continental Council and its daughter council, the Colonial Council. King Fernando used to command the empire through a High Council, but a bad political move led to his power being curtailed with the signing of the Magna Charta. Since then, he's been variously reported as begging in the backstreets, throwing nightcaps, gormandizing, or plotting a dramatic revenge... Continental Council The Continental Council consists of the leaders of Eslandola. The Continental Council grants charters, signs treaties, and supervises elections. Honorary members are members that have previously served in the Continental Council, but now take no part in its usual deliberations. Governor Willem Guilder (@Capt Wolf) and the Merchant's Colonial Trading Company (MCTC) Willem Guilder is a career member of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company, rising from dock agent to regional manager to mayor of the MCTC’s Weelond settlement to governor of the island of An Holli. With the retirement of Guy Wyndzon, Guilder now takes over as director of the MCTC. Guilder has continually sought ways to expand the MCTC’s trading base and influence, forging new trade relationships and aggressively defending Eslandolan (and the MCTC’s) interests across the seas. Quick to join the push to get the king to sign the Magna Charta, Guilder hopes to help lead the MCTC (and thus Eslandola) to new heights in this blossoming era of colonial power! Captain Jerome Monezterrell (@Legostone) and the Mpya-Stedor All-Encompassing Science, Trade & Resources Organisation (MAESTRO) Captain Jerome Monezterrell grew up in a community of merchants, and, since joining the at the time newly-formed MAESTRO trade company, has risen to the rank of accountant and second-in-lead of the trade company, as well as Governor of Eslandola's recently conquered Isla de la Victoria. Influential in the founding of the settlement of Fuerte Unido and famous as the owner of the splendid Monezterrell shipyards, Captain Jerome's focus on a strong national and private navy has also resulted in his promotion to Secretary of the Navy in Eslandola. On entering Era II, his goals are to further propel his nation and trade company on to victory! Viceroy Renato Filamento (@kabel) and the Royal Colonies After his fortunate discovery of the island of Nelissa, Renato Filamento was knighted by King Fernando and proceeded to construct Nova Terreli as a royal colony. Sir Renato was kept home in Eslandola for some time, and earned the King’s trust. Now, he has been made Viceroy of all the royal colonies and is supposed to do his best to bring down the East Trade-Wind Company. Unfortunately for him, the ETWC capitalized on his discoveries and now controls the rest of the east coast of Nelissa. Sir Renato, even after all the recent occurrences, still deeply respects King Fernando and wants to carry out his job well, but he is forced to comply with many of ETWC’s demands. His exasperation with the state of affairs leads him to take frequent therapeutic jungle expeditions, and he spends a good deal of his time lost in the woods. Since the king's fall in public favor, little has been heard of his viceroy... Honorary Members: Sir Edward Thomas Wilkinson de Chauncourtois (@Garmadon) and the East Trade-Wind Company (ETWC) Sir E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois has headed the East Trade-Wind Company for, well, just about forever! Under his leadership, the elite trade company has greatly consolidated power, and ever since the colonizing move to the New World, it has had a virtual monopoly in Eslandola proper. Although it made an early start on the island of Nelissa, after it got a good hold there, the ETWC began to lay back and became somewhat complacent about New World expansion. In Era I it has fallen somewhat behind the other two large companies in Nova Terra, but now, while Wilkinson still enjoys more-or-less ignoring his competitors, it is said that plans are afoot that will propel the ETWC back into its place as the number one trading company. Guy K. Wyndzon (@Kai NRG) of the MCTC After the death of his wealthy father, young Guy took over leadership of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company’s Board. Energetic and sometimes a little too reckless, he often has trouble getting the other merchants to agree with his expansionistic schemes and would have been deposed long ago but for the influence of his Uncle. Under Guy’s leadership, the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company stopped playing its losing game on the mainland with the ETWC and started planting dozens of new colonies in the New World. However, when Guy's Uncle took a voyage to who knows where, Guy decided that being leader of the MCTC was too much for him and stepped down. Well, that was his given reason, but rumor has it that he found a secret treasure map. 2 – Colonial Council Background: After the King's erratic temperament got him into trouble with Eslandola's powerful trade companies, the powerhouse of Eslandola was moved from the monarchy - now pretty much nothing but a figurehead - to the Continental Council and its newly formed Colonial counterpart. Council Hall, Weelond: A republican body elected by the members of Eslandola, this latter consists of eight members - three appointed by the Trade Companies, three elected regionally, one elected by members not affiliated with a Trade Company, and one, the Admius Legistrad, elected by Eslandola at large. The Colonial Council handles just about all the day-to-day decisions of Eslandola, and makes sure that everything runs smoothly and to the liking of the people. More information on all the particulars of how the Colonial Council and Eslandolan government works can be found here (first post only). Eslandola Colonial Council - First Cycle, 617, In Session Eslandola Colonial Council - Second Cycle, 618, In Session Eslandola Colonial Council - 620, In Session Eslandola Colonial Council - 621, In Session 3 – Geography The Southeastern Coast: Major Ports and Capital This is where Eslandola's capital, Terreli, is located. This is the wealthiest region of the world, thus giving it the nickname Diamond Coast. It boasts the world's largest ports, with Terreli being the biggest. Most people live in the ports and towns, but some reside in the beautiful isolated countryside. The southeastern coast of Eslandola is the most populated region of with most citizens being traders, merchants, sailors, or nobles. Terreli is also the headquarters of the East Trade-Wind Company. Generally, buildings resemble Mediterranean and Western European styles. Eslandians generally prefer mud, brick, or rock structures over wood. The Northwestern Coast: Smaller Ports and Coastal Towns The northwestern coast is a quite different place. With the royal government and both trade companies focusing their effort on the eastern coast and the colonies, the western coast has been historically neglected – making it a hot spot for smugglers and the occasional pirate. Every man on the northwestern coast fends for himself, as the army's presence is virtually nil. The Colonies Since the signing of the Magna Charta, the colonies have been mostly left to govern themselves with the Colonial Council. The largest city in the New World, Nova Terreli, was established as a crown colony but took a leading part in dethroning the King. In size, it rivals most of the ports of the Old World. Its mayor sides with the MCTC and in good MCTC tradition is always ready to expand influence on the island, but the ETWC controls its own settlement here too. A couple other islands are in the hands of MAESTRO, but the majority are settled by the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company. Adventurers head for the colonies to find income through trade and commerce or resource factories such as plantations, mining, or tanneries. Given the diverse backgrounds of settlers, just about every architectural style has been allowed to flourish in the colonies, with preference being given to those that are the simplest and quickest to build. 4 – Military Continental Army These men are directly loyal to the Councils and have no affiliation with the trade companies. Some regiments and commanding officers still wear armor, which they believe is a symbol of might, and it is not a rarity to see officers on horseback. The standard uniform color is green. Militias The majority of the troops of Eslandola are militia, financed and trained by the trade companies or local leaders. Their uniforms are usually quite diverse and depend mainly on the region they are in and their leader - though green is generally used as it is one of the official colors. East Trade-Wind Company These elite, elusive troops are fielded by the ETWC whenever the need arises - which it doesn't happen very often. By the law of the land, they are not a standing army, but they've still helped the nation out various times in a pinch. Among other things, they were sent out in the battles against Mardier on Isla de Victoria, and were instrumental in taking down the enemy forts on the island. Their colors are green and dark green. Nova Terreli The Golden Nellisei are elite troops and Román Fontonajo's personal guard unit in Nova Terreli MAESTRO MAESTRO maintains several militia units. Here are Royal MAESTRO Engineers under the command of General Whitedragon. Merchant's Colonial Trading Company (MCTC) White Glove Order The White Glove Order, headquartered in the MCTC settlement of Bardo, maintains its own troops. Here they are seen marching into Nova Malto. The Governor's Musketeers Willem Guilder, director of the MCTC and governor of An Holli, maintains an elite unit of musketeers, capable with musket and sword, on horse and on foot. Here they are seen on parade in front of Weelond's local militia unit. Others There are many other militia units in Eslandola. As you can see, some of these units can be very individualistic. Navy (Grande y Felicísima Armada Eslandola) While the trade companies maintain a few heavily armed ships for escort duty, the majority of Eslandola's warships are owned and operated by the Councils. These ships have been used most often in the past for escort duty with large merchant convoys. Eslandola's navy currently consists of the following ships (ownership, if by someone other than the faction, in parentheses): Active un-MOC'd ships: Argenta - Class 5 El Dorado - Class 5 Verde Oro - Class 5 Active MOC'd ships: Espada de Luna - Class 7 (Weelond) La Comete III - Class 7 White Rabbit - Class 7 Oscuridad III - Class 6 La Raya Venenosa III - Class 6 Thunderer - Class 6 Golden Grasshopper - Class 6 Sleeping Siren II - Class 5 (Weelond) Firefly - Class 5 Asesino II - Class 4 (Nova Terreli) The Gallant - Class 4 (Bardo) Midas Touch II - Class 4 (Nova Terreli) Blood Diamond - Class 4 (Salida Este) Long Beard IV - Class 4 (Puerto Desafio) Victoria II - Class 4 (Fuerte Unido) Peregrine II - Class 4 (Fuerte Unido) Clearance - Class 4 (Salida Este) Swift - Class 4 (Weelond) La Salamandra - Class 3 Auxiliary MOC'd ships: Princesse Margot - Class 8 (Maxim I) Margot - Class 7 (Trador) The Big Apple - Class 6 (Faladrin) Beluga - Class 5 (Maxim I) The Brickwall II - Class 5 (Faladrin) Colonial Storm - Class 5 (Capt Wolf) El Genio - Class 5 (Capt Wolf) L.M. Diaz - Class 4 (Elysabethtown) The Lady Hawk - Class 3 (Faladrin) Inactive / licenses only: Logan's Nightmare - Class 5 Thor's Anvil - Class 5 Plump Patty - Class 4 Hades' Hangman - Class 4 5 – History and Foreign Relations Eslandola before Era I Almost all Eslandians like having a monarch, but they don’t like him bothering them. They are individualistic, and, especially in the colonies, they have always tended to ignore royal orders. However, when the nation needs to defend itself, its large sprawling noble class is eager to respond, along with the powerful trade lords and privateers, who are always looking for somewhere to use their expertise. Honor is found in both war and business – but business is preferred. Fifty years ago the East Trade Wind Company foreclosed on much of the royal possessions due to excessive debt levels. To get them off his back, the King established Renato Filamento, a newly knighted explorer, as Viceroy of all the royal ports. Renato arrived and had to try to curb the ETWC’s power, no easy task! The ETWC dominated the High Council, and the aims of the empire were divided between the monarch’s ambitions and desires of those who control the purse strings. Recently, however, the fairly conservative and slow-to-expand ETWC has been challenged by the rapidly exploding Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company, which has also managed to grab several seats in the council. For this reason, much of the foreign policy of Eslandola has been to acquire as many new territories in the resource rich New World as possible. Despite the large trading companies, smuggling is rampant and small competition abounds. The Eslandians are a romantic and freedom loving people, cherishing long and winding stories. Nobility still loves to dress in armor, even though the days of its practicality are over. The horse is also a useful tool, especially when dealing with natives, and most Eslandians know how to ride a horse and shoot at the same time. Eslandola has no state religion, but leaves such matters entirely to the desires of its people. Eslandola in Era I Right with the onset of Era I, Eslandola burst out in rapid expansion and development in the New World, using its valuable island of Nelissa as a launching pad for operations in the newly discovered islands to the east. Soon after the discovery of the island of Berelli by the famed Eslandolan explorer, Ivo Fortesque, MAESTRO's settlement of Elysabethtown was founded there, where the new trade company was not only instrumental in keeping the island from falling completely into the hands of the redcoats, but almost managed to keep up a good relationship with Corrington and the natives of the island as well. Although the ETWC mostly concentrated on consolidating its power on Nelissa's east coast and building up its settlement of Pontelli, the poor viceroy, Renato Filamento, was nevertheless not particularly successful in his mission on behalf of the king - just how not-particularly-successful future events would show - and he often solaced himself with long expeditions into the jungle, where he would disappear for weeks or months at a time. Rumors that the good viceroy had gone mad were sometimes to be heard whispered in the large city of Nova Terelli... At any rate, things seemed to be progressing fairly normal - the MCTC building settlements and expanding like nobody's business, MAESTRO, and especially Mr. Jerome Monezterell's shipyard, providing both the crown and the trade company with an abundance of ships, and Nova Terelli bustling with the trade of the nations under its new mayor, Román Esteban Fontonajo - when it suddenly occurred to the good old king that a convoy of treasure ships bringing the newfound gold of the colonies to Eslandola's Old World capital would be the very thing to set him up for life. This turned out to be not the greatest idea, though, for while some ships' escorts managed to defend their charges from assault, a considerable number were lost to pirates and other villains of the high seas, despite the ingenuity of the Eslandolans in defense of their gold. Some time ago King Stéphan II of Oleon had died and been succeeded by his younger brother, the new King Philip I, but Eslandola's King Fernando Augusto VII had always pondered how it was that that brother should become the new king instead of himself, the old king's cousin. At any rate, he figured he had a fine claim to the throne of Oleon, and for some time previously, curious affairs had been going on under the surface... Meanwhile, however, other things were also going on in Eslandola! An outrageous and unwarranted attack on Eslandola's shipping by the nation of Mardier brought on a court case, and after the infamous travesty which resulted in the supposed vindication of the privateer, l'Ollius, Eslandola's declaration of war. This did not result in much action, however, until Operation KMA and the Eslandolan attack on Isla de Victoria, a strategic piece of land which Mardier had claimed under the name of "Isla del Medio," located right between two of Eslandola's newest acquisitions. This daring action put all doubts about Eslandola's intention to see to the safety and protection of its citizens from foreign attacks at rest forever. It was just now, however, that the king also saw fit to put into action the plan which he had been concocting ever since the death of his unfortunate cousin in Granoleon. The king's battle plan, codenamed, En Contra Oleon put the relation between that nation and Eslandola very much on edge - but worse, for him, it practically signaled the knell for his active rule as monarch of Eslandola. Popular outrage was everywhere. The leaders in the colonies decided that something must be done. The result? Well, poor King Fernando was forced to very peacefully decided to sign away all his powers in the Eslandolan Magna Charta, and by the resulting Constitution, a Colonial Council - the counterpart of the also newly formed Continental one - was formed, and became, de facto, the ruling force in Eslandola's colonies. What was going on with the war against Mardier all this time, you ask? Well, Eslandola issued a Letter of Marque against all Mardierian warships to counter a similar offer from their enemy, and the war proceeded both on the Isla and on the seas! After a gruelingly long war, during which Eslandola formed a league with the nation of Garvey, helped in the succession and independence of Terraversa from its mother country, wrested fort after fort and position after position from Mardier on Isla de Victoria, though unfortunately at the price of many courageous members of the heroic Brickwall family, devastated its enemy's shipping, and chased them to the fabled kingdom of gold, Eslandola ended up in sole possession of the contested island, and forced Mardier to come to fair terms. Although it has looked askance on the Sea Rats ever since their devious attack on Eslandolan ships in the Battle of the Five Fleets, it embarks upon this next era at peace with all the other nations, and looking to trade and exploration for the future glory of the nation! The jungle calls! - for gold and country, for Eslandola! Foreign Relations Eslandola has cordial relationships with other nations both because it provides big trading partners and because it is not militaristic. After Operation Pax Corlandia and the subsequent Malto Peace Talks, it kept a wary eye on Corrington. More recently, Oleon's secretive nature and semi-closed port policies has caused Eslandola to be wary of them as well. (Note: Relationships are judged on a 1 to 5 scale; Very Friendly, Friendly, Indifferent, Unfriendly, Very Unfriendly) Eslandola's relationship with... Sea Rats: Indifferent Corrington: Indifferent Oleon: Unfriendly Mardier (NPC): Very Unfriendly Garvey (NPC): Very Friendly Other nation’s relationship with Eslandola... Sea Rats: Indifferent Corrington: Indifferent Oleon: Unfriendly Mardier (NPC): Very Unfriendly Garvey (NPC): Very Friendly Ready to expand Eslandola’s land and extend Eslandola’s wealth? Go ahead, let’s get bricking!
  19. Welcome to the East Trade Wind Company's Discussion Topic! Here’s where members sign up, organize transactions, vote on expenditures, and more. There will be certain strategic discussions that are kept private, but if you have any questions about the ETWC or the relative parts of the EGS, feel free to ask below! What is the ETWC? Almost since the beginning of its charter, the ETWC has been the most powerful trading company of Eslandola. It controls almost all the major Eslandolan Old World ports and Sir E.T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois, the head of the company, saw to it that most of the High Council seats were filled with board members. Only recently has the company begun to make a more vigorous move toward strengthening colonization and trading in the New World, but once it has started there isn't much that would want to stand in its way! Why should I join the ETWC? You should join the East Trade Wind Company because it is the richest, biggest, and best company around! Plus, E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois who leads it is just the right person to lead a company, and not some hot-headed young Guy. We also already ply the seas of the world's oceans and own most of Eslandola's old world. Lastly, we're simply the best! Furthermore, the ETWC has monopolies of wheat and oat plantations and on copper mines These monopolies translate into in-game economic benefits. The ETWC can provide protection to your property and open the way if you want to land a position as mayor or civil servant, or even a member of Eslandola’s High Council, if you show that kind of commitment! Plus, the ETWC provides a great setting for you to engage in the Monthly Commerce and Raiding Action along with like-minded Eslandian traders. ETWC Role Call: Leader: Garmadon - Myles Bowditch Captain Braunsfeld - Colonel William Oswald Brickinson ETWC Settlements: Name: Pontelli Ownership: ETWC Location: Nellisa Mayor: Alberto de Pontelli (@Captain Braunsfeld) Who can own property in Pontelli: Anyone Who can freebuild in Pontelli: Anyone Pontelli Thread Name: Port Wilks Ownership: ETWC Location: Isla Phillipe Mayor: TBD (@Garmadon) Who can own property in Port Wilks: Anyone Who can freebuild in Port Wilks: Anyone Port Wilks Thread ETWC Monopolies: Wheat Plantations – If an ETWC member licenses a wheat plantation, he/she will receive a 150% return. Oat Plantations – If an ETWC member licenses an oat plantation, he/she will receive a 150% return. Copper Mines – If an ETWC member discovers and licenses a copper mine, he/she will receive a 175% return. ETWC Assets: –0– ETWC Finances: Monthly Income Qty $$ Settlements 1 10 Licenses 2 51 Properties 2 51 Ships 0 0 Expenses Frequency $$ Forts As Necessary 50 Builder Pay As Necessary 10+ Mayor Salaries Monthly 15 Charter Fee Monthly 0 Bank Account Balance = 366DBs (as of Sept. 617) Current ETWC Activities: Right now, the ETWC is not running any open forum special activities or discounts.
  20. MAESTRO - Or the (Mpya) Stedor All-Encompassing Science, Trade & Resources Organisation - For the Sistercompany MAESTRO COR, view here For the military overview + fleet overview, click here - Quick Summary Eslandolan Members: Maxim I + TitusV + Faladrin + Captain Green Hair + Legostone + Neighborhood Merchant Sister Company: MAESTRO COR Number of New World Settlements: 3 ESL Status as Eslandolan TC: Licenced (Charter) Status regarding new members: open for everyone! Also members of other faction are welcome for foreign branches - - Flag - - Old World Headquarter The city of Stedor in Eslandola, also known as Mpya Stedor - - Sea of Storms Headquarter The settlement of Elysabethtown (Berelli) - - Prio Seas Headquarter The city of Trador (La Sombra) - - Colonies/settlements Elysabethtown (ESL - MAESTRO): Mayor Matteus Tomvaximus (Maxim I) & Elysabeth Drondil (TitusV) Quinnsville (COR - Tomsche): Mayor Thomas Smaugton Trador (ESL - MAESTRO): Mayor Yohannes Ethiximus (Maxim I) Lakor (ESL - Natives) - - Services Ship Broker - - Monopolies Apples & Apple Cider - - Warehouses Old World Stedor Terelli Madin (Tellvok) Sea of Storms Breshaun (OL) Elysabethtown Nova Terelli Quinsville (COR) Prio Seas Fuerto Unido Jameston (COR) Lakor Puerto Desafio Trador Drolitic Oceon Drolic (Tendorn) Forbidden Kingdoms Fuji (Kingdom of the Lotus) - - (Licenced) Production WIP Licenced Apple Orchard around Elysabethtown by Faladrin Apple Orchard around Trador by Maxim I Banana Plantation around Port Raleigh by Faladrin Swords in Elysabethtown by Maxim I Swords & Rifles in Quinnsville by Tomsche Vineyard in Trador by Maxim I - - Important Characters Leader: Lord Maximilian Damaximus (Maxim I), duke of Stedor, Governor of La Sombra, Prince of Garvey - CEO High Council Member: Lady Elysabeth Drondil (TitusV), mayor of Elysabethtown High Council Member: Sir Filipe De La Manzana (Faladrin), Head of production & Native Relations High Council Member Captain Green Hair (CGH), Head of Research High Council Member: Sir Jerome Monezterell (Legostone), Head of Navy - COO - - Secondary Characters Nobility Princess Margot of Eslandola, married to Maximilian Damaximus Sir Yohannes Ethiximus, mayor of Trador Sir Mattheus Tomvaximus, husband of Elysabeth of Dondril Military General Reinaert Whisximus, general of the Sea of Thieves troops General Samu Whitedragon, general of the Prio Seas troops Captains Admiral Adrian Bostoximus, captain of the Margot Commodore Matt Lenoir, captain of the Purple Reign Merchants Seif Calli, Madin Trade Post in Tellvok Dieter Timmers, Drolic Trade Post in Tendorn Thomas Defauw, Fuji Trade Post in the Lotus Empire Explorers Jan Zwartbaard: Isla De Victoria, Southern Halos (currently in Dranomonto) Emanuel Alejandro Izquierdo (currently somewhere south of the Prio Seas)
  21. Settlement Name: Salida Este Ownership: MCTC Location: Ferro Azure Mayor: @Umbra-Manis Who can own property in Salida Este: Anyone, from any faction. Who can freebuild in Salida Este: Anyone, from any faction. Settlement size: City Fortifications: One large, one medium fort, and two small forts. Troops: As of Oct 10, 617, there are 60 troops stationed here (one locally financed company, one company financed by the mayor). Check out the Salida Este Index. Salida Este has one company of troops (30 men). Please post any free-builds that take place in Salida Este in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Salida Este, post in this thread and fill out the web form.
  22. The Ténotlaxcan hat maker It is well known the Ténotlaxcans are fans of bright tribal headdress. This is making some of their Artisans the best hat makers of the Colonial territory of Eslandola. Strong of this, Felipe de la Manzana invested in a Ténotlaxcan Hat Maker in Elysabethtown and formed him to the modern Eslandolan Millinery industry techniques. Thanks to that formation, now our Ténotlaxcan friend is also serving classic Eslandolan customers in addition to his native usual ones. Here is a little build I wanted to do a long time ago but didn't have the opportunity to do. Will be licensed as a small artisan for Elysabethtown.
  23. Eslandola’s Colonial Council is where business of state is conducted in public, unless national security merits private deliberations. Eslandola’s Admius Legistrad, the leader of the Colonial Council, is Willem Guilder, Eslandola Secretary of Trade, Governor of An Holli, and Director of the MCTC; The delegations representing the colonial regions and the trade companies are made up of three representatives each. The East Trade-Wind Company is represented by @Garmadon : Agent Gilles Guelds Lieutenant Horatio Hillsboroughbergmachier, retired of the ETWC Elites Willoughby The Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company is represented by @Kai NRG : Captain Edward Argentum Esterhazy de Troir Chef Jalape The MAESTRO Trade Company is represented by @Legostone: Jerome Monezterrell, Eslandola Secretary of the Navy, Governor of Isla de Victoria, and Mayor of Fuerto Unido; Captain Lamar Evercrees of the Santiago; and Farrucio Paraja, naval architect extraordinaire The Independent traders of Eslandola are represented by @gedren_y: Commodore Hammish Grei Lady Valentia Cantoni Viscount Alexander Doblin The Sea of Storms Region (An Toli, An Holli) is represented by @Capt Wolf: Willem Guilder, Eslandola Secretary of Trade, Governor of An Holli, and Director of the MCTC; Aaron van der Meede, attorney and chairman of the Weelond town council; and Pieter Reyngout, tavern owner and Weelong town council member. The Sea of Thieves Region (Nelissa, Berreli, Ferro Azure, Torrach Bonn, Isla Philippe) is represented by @Umbra-Manis: Revon de Crocodil, mayor of Salida Este Captain Reginald Haddock, retired pirate hunter Councilor Hadelson, jewel merchant The Prio Seas Region (Isla de la Victoria, Otoño, La Sombra) is represented by @Faladrin: Lady Condora, officer of the MAESTRO Green Messenger Agency Chief Apulo, of the Mehuãtajir people, and mayor of Mehit Doctor Ayuda of Fuerte Unido The Colonial Council of Eslandola is in session. ---------------------------------------------------------------- It was in July of 620 that the council last met. Among the order of business was the offer of assistance to Archduke Oldis of Terraversa, in light of the rumors that a foreign power was fomenting an uprising on the island. Subsequently, Oleon's invasion became public knowledge, and, with the outbreak of war in September of 620, Eslandola sent mercenaries to aid in Terraversa's defense. Now word has reached all of the Brick Seas that Kings Port has fallen to the bluecoats, and the Colonial Council reconvenes to discuss what Eslandola should do now.
  24. The 22 guns Frigate : The Applecid Felipe de la Manzana commands were top priority for the Elysabethtown shipyards. They achive in a time record a heavy Frigate for the Apple lord and baptised it the Applecid (an easy pun ) as it is a war ship made to kill (Cid...) and it's belonging to the Apple trade empire of Felipe... This ship will be licensed as a Class 6 Frigate. It is the fastest ship I ever made. That's why it's mainly built upon the new BSB style and plan just in order to spare me some headache in development and win me some time in building... And it's the best way to show my new green sails taken from the BSB red ones !
  25. The Terraversa Crab Basket Part 2 : Diner at Edwina's In case you've missed the first part of this story : Here it is. Felipe de la Manzana had to be involved in the Terraversa matters since he was back from his quest. The chase for the Golden Apple would wait ! Coordination and orders had to be given and there were only one man to do it in here in Elysabethtown : Felipe himself ! He was joined by Basil at Edwina's, the new tavern in town Edwina is a brave girl from the MAESTRO tradition ! She can cook an apple pie fastest than her shadow and is able to serve dozens of cider bocks without spilling a drop ! Felipe welcome Basil and invited him to sit : - Have you had a proper diner my friend ? No ? Come... Come... have a seat. - I am bringing you bad news Felipe said sadly Basil. Our friend the Archduke Oldis flew from Kings Port and is now retreating towards the north in Pamu. Lady Condora is over there helping the wounded but I am not sure they could hold a siege ! You have to intervene ! - Arrrh ! Yes ! You're right ! It is a difficult situation... Felipe paused and after a thought continued : - I will have to need all the support I can engage ! Basil ! Tell me ! Are our Ténotlaxcan friends ready to use firearms ? - Yes Felipe ! We taught them well ! They are ready ! But they don't want to wear our uniforms; they are arguing the best outfit for battle is their primitive one ! I don't understand why they are so stubborn on that ! - Don't argue with them ! We have no time for that ! Hire them with any outfit they want I don't care as they can raise fire weapons ! - Alright ! I'll hire them... And what about their special forces ? - Special forces ? asked Felipe intrigued. - Yes the special weapon Zumo de Kapaya showed you in Zum'heria... - Aaaaah ! Those special forces ! Yes ! Yes ! Bring them too ! And Basil left Felipe finishing his diner at Edwina's following the mysterious order of the mysterious apple leader... How the Ténotlaxcans could help ? And who are those special forces ? Let's hope the war in Terraversa will find an issue before it gets worse ! The tavern will be licensed in Elysabethtown as a large Commerce. Thank you for reading !