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Found 4 results

  1. A new BoBS feature for the start of Era II! Ever wanted to go on your own personal quest in a world full of mysteries, that are just waiting to be revealed? Ever wanted to discover and explore uncharted lands, or shape the fate of empires? Now is your chance! Head over to the Brick Seas, read all about the first round of our fearless adventurers' travels in the latest edition of the Eltina Courrier, get inspired - and join the Brethren today!
  2. Dannylonglegs

    PTV 2015 small: Trolling Atlantis

    Thar she blows! My entry to this glorious contest! Here to we may observe Dannylonglegs' infamous "Vertical" approach to vignette making! Trolling Atlantis by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr The Oleon warn that these waters be cursed. They say that once upon a time, there were an Island here, inhabited by wicked people... They say that King Neptune sunk the Island to the sea and made its inhabitants into creatures of the depths as punishment for their heathen ways... But the merchants of Eslandola care little for that superstition... at least not the fishermen aboard this particular ship! Instead, they've grown to love the local waters, as the fish here are abundant! Including the delicious Manatees, as the ship's physician calls them. Trolling Atlantis by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Yes! Manatees are delicious! Once you split the light meat from the dark meat, that is. The only downside is the screams. They sound... human. In fact, their cries for help have driven the captian to insomnia... but you know what they say: "A good captain can't fall asleep." And who might this knowledgeable scientist be? Why, that'd be physician Long! Born into a family of wealth, Physician Long attended University in Corrington, where she learned her trade, and now she works as a physician and Naturalist for the benefit of the Eslandola trade empire! Particularly the West Octania Trading Company. Trolling Atlantis by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Physician Long: "You should have alerted me earlier of your condition. Judging by the smell alone, I'd say your leg has gone Gangrenous. There's nothing to do other than amputate. I'm going to need you to bite this bullet. This is going to hurt. A lot." Patient: "Can't I get a drop o' rum to anesthetize meself?" Physician Long: "No. You've drunk your quota for this pay period. Hold still." Trolling Atlantis by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr The Inhabitants of the local waters are none too happy about the increase in fishing. But perhaps that's part of their punishment by Neptune. Perhaps they should have been better humans. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  3. 174C Well my 79008 Pirate ship was sailing alongside the IFS, BSB & QAR. Needless to say she was the silliest of them all without cannons. So it was time for a mod! Hereby I present you the 17 gun Corsair "Flying Arrow" Details: 12 side cannons 2 front cannons (chasers) 1 back cannon (defender) & 2 upper deck mini cannons It will be one of the ships I will use in the upcomming Brethren of the Brickseas! The Cpt. Matt Lenoir has the right to Privateer under the Eslandolian flag, permission granted by my upcomming main character, the governor of Stedor. So here is Cpt. Matt Lenoir: And the flag: C&C ofcourse welcome! note: to keep the atmosphere of the original ship, I did not touched the front and back :)
  4. Captain Braunsfeld

    [MOC] Greencoats on the March

    The new pirate sets give us great new possibilities. Here comes the army of Eslandola (is it?): Things you might be asking: - Bicorne: Was initially black and then painted by my wife (thanks!). - Tricornes: PoTC - Good pistols, rapier and musket: 3rd party pirate provider (3ppp).