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Found 30 results

  1. Hi there! Phew, the Caribbean Brig closely made it in time into port to enter the contest! (for category New LEGO Pirate set from the 90s era) Although the hourglas on the webpage seems broken, my Kalender still states 25th august so the deadline should not be closed! I present you the Carribbean Brig: (the ship I saw in the official caribbean clipper, though it was way to small to be the flagship of Gov. Broadside!) UPDATE (for full Infos see my latest comment) Old Topic Entry: It is a fully square rigged brig, proudly sailing the seven seas in search for Captain Redbeard. It is equipped with 3 Cannons on the main deck. Two of them are the feared royal cannons (in blue). The lower deck is fully equipped with 6 cannons, 3 for each side. The stern has 2 cannons as well, which can be swiveled. When you remove the last bit of the handrail, these cannons can rotato fully to the sides, but I would let this modification to the kids themeselfes, as I did when I was young. I am a bit late to the contest, so there is not much time for criticism and changing something, but I created some slighly different sterns with 1 or two flextubes. (Please give some feedback, even when the contest deadline has passed, it is always interesting!) The maindeck is removable and the sides of the cabin can be opened: This gives a better look in the cabin, as well: The figurehead is a small dragon: The anchor and the crane have working winches for play. Check the Flickr-Album for more pics! I hope you like it and to fully upgrade the blucoat set wave, I build the Eldorado Bastion as well. Both can be combined well, check it out here: Eldorado Bastion All the best and good luck to all contestants, there are already so many marvellous builds. The new Eldorado Fortress and the contest really brought back old pirates in the forum and some new sailors as well! Awesome!
  2. Hello! This is a redesigned version of the 6259 set, with a more modern look. In addition to the two soldiers, the set also features a captured pirate. A small desk, treasure chest and escape route from the prison have also been replaced. The roof of the building is removable and modular. Instagram Flickr
  3. Sloops for the Royal Navy Citizens of Corrington, shipwrights of the Brick Seas, and boatyards of Terra Nova. The Royal Navy hereby initiates a building program for mid-sized warships to safeguard the shipping lanes of the colonies. This building program includes three types of vessels with each a different purpose, mainly within the classes 3 and 4. Class 3 vessels will be bought into the service for 50 dbs and class 4 vessels for 60 dbs. Island defenses The success of the Corlander gunboats have led the admiralty to propose larger vessels of similar types akin to the galleys of old. Oar and wind powered warships with heavy guns, typically carried fore and aft. Low range, high manoeuvrability and heavy firepower makes them perfect to complement the gunboats for inshore defences. Royal Customs and Pilot Corps With trade on the rise, the Royal Navy Customs and Pilots Corps is in need of swift vessels for conveyance of pilots and customs officers, and to hunt down smugglers and privateers. Highly manoeuvrable cutters, luggers and schooners with light armament and reasonable range. Sloops-of-War The Royal Terra Novan Navy is in need of mid-sized warships to cover escort duties, general patrolling and similar. Typically well-balanced vessels, often brig- or snow-rigged, and able to sail the high seas. Once a design has been submitted, the Navy Board will review it, and send any requests for change back to the constructor. (OOC: You may be asked to improve on your design to have it accepted, so it may be prudent to present the WIP before rigging.) For the first 9 vessels, the best design of every three vessels commissioned will be awarded with a prize from the stock of dry-docked captures. (Class 3 or 4 vessel) The Crown will assign these vessels to colonial enclaves as they are finalised, based on tactical needs. Signed Rear-Admiral Fletcher Commander, Royal Terra Novan Fleet PS. The Allcock estate has most graciously offered to finance this incentive, for which the crown is most grateful.
  4. Captained by a Welsh fellow named Henry Smithfield, this ship, the "Yago", originally operated out of what became one of the Southern-most English Colonies. The mission was as a privateer to harass any Spanish ships coming from the Caribbean to the old world with gold and silver, (plus harass and steal from the French), for around five years, starting in 1705. But eventually, Cpt. Henry grew tired of paying his due of treasure to the English crown, and set off to make his own way in the world "free" of any government. He moved his base of operations to a small abandoned island in the Caribbean with his crew, used by Islanders from years prior. He got his crew to complete a fort, and used it as his base of operations. He plundered many a French, Spanish, and other nations' ships, along with his former comrades in the English navy. In early summer 1717 the Yago was last seen by some trappers on land (near what later became the port of Savannah, Georgia) sailing low in the water, going north, unknowingly into the path of a massive hurricane. The resulting wreck has never been found, and it was rumored to have been loaded to the gun-ports with gold and silver taken from a Spanish treasure ship by Florida's southern coast. (which had been found, incidentally, empty of most of it's treasure in the 1960's.) This could explain the heavily laden shape of the Yago that day in June 1717. As to what happened to the ship after it left the later-day Savannah area is anyone's guess, as it seems to have vanished without a trace off the face of the Earth. In reality, this ship's shape is inspired by set 21332, (Ideas' "Pirates of Barracuda Bay") but with the brick-built sails of set 31109. (Creator "Pirate Ship") The ship features the Ninjago pirate's flag as I don't have a way to make my own. (I don't want to change it anyway, as it reminds me of being inspired to build my original pirate ship by the Skybound sub-theme of Ninjago.) The stern of the ship, features the ship's wheel and flagpole for the ship's flag along with the ship's name, "Yago". The green feathers of my parent's talkative pet bird, Yago, (actually a Nanday Conure we rescued 11 years ago) inspired me to name the ship after him. I also tried to think of a bird shaped figure-head for the bowsprit, but failed to think of a good way of doing him justice. The ship is devoid of any major below-deck features, except for the eight firing cannons. The only place there is any real furniture is the captain's cabin and that consists of a table and rotating chair. The table features a nautical chart, wine glass, and a set of scales for divvying out loot to the crew / ship's purse. (for repairs and "edibles" stocks) Captain Henry Smithfield (in green) and his crew. (he has his old sword here. Need to update this picture!) Here is the Nanday conure my pirate ship is named after. You guys can also build you're own version of "The Yago" and the dock now that the LDD file is available here at my Bricksafe page. NOTE: six parts are missing from the file: Two of this 1 x 2 rounded-edge plate in black, for the rudder. Four of this black part 1x1 bracket, near the bow. There are some pieces placed next to the ship, which are for the rudder, above the amidships ladder on the sides, and for the bowsprit area. UPDATE: The ship is finished, with new pictures and text detailing the ship's history... what do you think of it? Any and all comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints are welcome!
  5. iammac

    [MOC] Pirate Ship 'Medusa'

    Hello friends! After so many years of reading and fawning over everyone else's ships, I finally got up the courage to post one of my own. I wanted to make a pirate ship that was playable while still being sort of accurate. So while you won't see any hand-strung shrouds and ratlines, I can assure you that it's a hit with the kids. I call it the Medusa, mostly because of the green color scheme I adopted for this project. Pirate ships look so good in red and black, sometimes I forget that any vessel could have been a pirate ship. I opted to portray this pirate captain before his debilitating injuries. His name is Horatio North, in case you're wondering. Okay, so I'm aware that rudder is garbage. I actually forgot to build a rudder at all until I went to take pictures. It will get revised out when I go to clean up that quarter; it looks o.k. in real life, but the picture definitely doesn't catch its good side. Fun fact: half the cannon doors on this ship are fake! Even though I'm too young to have played with classic pirate sets, I respect the nostalgia with this fancy chap. Besides, he matches the ship! The more attractive, rugged version of that last bloke I think that thing is called a 'cathead.' The figurehead was a pain in the butt, but the end result is worth it IMHO Most of the sails are easy to take down and replace after a fierce battle The very meh stern Yup. This is the innovative, super-useful thing I put in the cabin. Kinda looks like the chair from Blue's Clues. A bookcase, since I failed at making a brick-built map of the world on that wall. I did, however, find room for my favorite detail from The Brick Bounty Okay, so I basically make storage space when I can't think of anything cool to go there. u_u Under the bell and the [fake] scuttle, I included some bunks. Can someone help me out? I know I took this cannon design from somebody on this forum, but I can't remember who it was. Let me know if these look familiar so I can properly thank them. Finally, a shot of the jolly bunch all together. This was my fourth focused attempt to make a brig that was both fun to play with and more accurate than not. Not sure if I succeeded, but I had a blast doing it. I have another ship I built for the Bluecoats that I haven't photographed yet. With your comments and constructive criticisms, perhaps I can coax up the courage to post that piece as well. MAC
  6. TomSkippy

    [MOC] Europa

    There are several issues that come with building a Lego ship, but the primary one: smooth hull shape (with curves on three different planes) presents the greatest challenge. Ultimately, every solution to the hull shape problem involves a compromise: some by stressing tiles, others by eliminating one (or more) curve plane, others by creating jagged lines. My design uses mixel joints to create the shape. The sacrifice comes in several gaps. I've used rigid hose and standard rigging to disguise the majority of them. This design has involved several experiments (notably the Spirit of Sir Edward). Modeled after the brig USS Lady Washington: I present the Europa. The rigging: big thanks to @Wellesley. I had no clue where to start, so I just ended up copying what I could from his fantastic Ymir. The front gaps on the hull aren't bad, but still noticeable. Figureheads are one of my favorite aspects of shipbuilding. In mythology, Europa, the mother of King Minos of Crete, was abducted by Zeus who took the form of a white bull. While I tried to avoid modifying bricks in this build, I did paint several. The figurehead has most of the modifications: I painted the hairpiece white. I also removed the head from the horse costume 35704pb01, painted it white, and glued a brickwarriors bull head on top. The rudder can be moved by the tiller. Flags are based on this technique here. Originally, the Europa was going to have 16 guns. To go with her armament, her deck was going to be dark red (to help conceal blood). I scrapped the armament, but kept the dark red. I didn't grab a good picture, but there is a capstan under the lifeboat which does work (raising and lowering the anchors). The bell is a bucket painted pearl gold. No ratlines, I'm not that crazy... even though I catch myself dreaming about trying this technique with a two-decker. Let me know what you think!
  7. Captain Red

    POTC HMS interceptor

    Lego HMS Interceptor nearly finished. One of the most beautiful boats <I mean ships> as shown in the POTC franchise "Curse of the Black Pearl". A fast merchant brig, adapted by the british navy, to hunt down faster pirate vessels. As shown here in what i think nearly original Minifig scale
  8. kurigan

    HMS Scorpion… again, a MOC

    UPDATE November 2nd 2019 I told myself I wouldn’t start another hull until I was done with my current queue of MOCs, but I just couldn’t resist. After all the fun I had trying to finish Nuisance, I’ve been just a bit tired of sewing and rigging. Instead as I sat there watching Scorpion (the 4th edition) continue to collect dust, with her crew stoically awaiting completion or reconstruction of their ship, I just kind of snapped. I liked the old hull, but it just needed to be redone. The style, with which it was built, was good and rather conventional but ultimately inferior to the newer one I’ve adopted and adapted. I grabbed a few shots for posterity and reference and began tearing hull. A few hours later I was ready to pass out and had little to show, I went to bed feeling defeated and a little guilty. A couple of days later I came back to the table determined to right the wrong and reduced the old hull down to individual bricks. With the components sorted and accounted for I was in a better place and much more up for the challenge. I’d like to say I did the responsible thing and quit at a reasonable hour, but honestly I became a bit obsessed and in the wee hours, finally stopped work. Rather impressed with myself, I used my cell phone camera to grab a few shots and this is what I had. She’ll be a 16 gun brig ( 2more ports were added in the bows after the images were taken), a sloop in the Royal Navy under command of my own Charles Finley. Finley is my own fictional character who briefly commanded two previous Scorpions, the original brig and the later post ship. When construction was started on the new hull, I wasn’t sure if I’d be settling for another schooner or if a brig was going to be a possibility. At this stage I’m convinced rigging a schooner on this hull is right-out and have decided she must be a brig. The old battery, made up of something like 12s, is being recycled from the 4th hull. I’m considering adding a quarter (really poop) deck and stern cabin, but I’m not sure. Some of the Cruizer Class had cabins added aft, but it wasn’t part of the original design. Then again, this isn’t an exact model any way. For the sake of my fiction it’d be nice if Finley could have a cabin, since he’s essentially taking a demotion just to have a ship to command, but not at all necessary. If it would ruin the lines of the ship I’d rather not, but I like the idea of having one otherwise. What say you all? Now just for fun The History of Scorpion: The first 12 gun brig was a rather rudimentary model. It was a first attempt to recapture my lost skill with a very limited supply of bricks. In universe she was sailed to her station but was shortly thereafter deemed unseaworthy, having been much abused and sadly, sent to the knackers’ yard. Much of her timbers were reused on later iterations. The second Scorpion was intended to be a replacement for the aged brig but never sailed under that name. She was cutter rigged and had half as many guns as her predecessor, but a slightly more refined technique was used. After being abandoned for a time, in favor of a more suitable replacement, the hull was recycled into what would become Narthex. Though slated for a re-dux, Narthex is still with in service. http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=59351 The third rendition was a grand experiment in a new technique, intended to stretch my brick supply as far as possible. The ambitious project, had it worked out, would have resulted in a 20 gun post ship, but it was far too fragile. The entire concept relied on gravity and quite a bit of SNOT to stay together. After the second time it was dashed on the floor the design was abandoned. In the grander story, she too never sailed. While fitting out for sea, she was blown up as an act of revenge by pirates. In both reality and fiction she took the cutter Hawk, which had been serving as a test bed for the same techniques, with her. http://www.eurobrick...c=66085&hl=hawk http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=59877 The fourth iteration was yet again a complete experiment in technique. Intended more to “stick it to” my detractors, the exercise served to open my eyes to significant new possibilities. As has become my wont, much of the initial concept was inspired by other works here, but to serve my needs required refinement and ingenuity. The result was intriguing and I took it rather far, but still put it aside unfinished. Even though this hull was never complete and a yet another replacement is in the works, she was written in to the tale and the role she played stands. The details will simply be adjusted to accommodate the few differences between the two vessels. The fifth, and perhaps final, version uses my latest technique and has created a rather impressive effect even at this early stage. Though I had hoped this one could have been more of a direct model of the Cruizer Class, it would require a significantly greater investment in bricks (money) and I just can’t afford that at this juncture. Instead I’ll pour my heart in to yet another historically reverent interpretation, based mostly on the Cruizer Class, of which there was a famous Scorpion in the same historic timeframe.
  9. The recent upgrowth of black flag fleet, composed of all sort of dinghies and drift woods cramped with adventurers and opportunists, is menacing the safety of honest merchantmen. Facing this new menace, no, not really a menace, nothing can defy the superiority of Oleander navy, we prefer to qualify it as a small inconvenient, which needs to be treated consequently, with minor force if possible. Therefore, fast sailing ships are needed, of smaller tonnage and lighter construction, vessels like sloops and brigs are more adapted to anti-piracy task, and we could spare our precious Sotl from routine convoy duty. Side view of la Sentinelle, as you can see, it's a 16-gun brig. She was built a couple of months ago, I wasn't able to post it in time because I didn't have time to take pictures. Thank you for viewing. Vive le Roi!
  10. Class 5 Brig, "RSND Dolphin" With the construction of the new Quinnsville shipyards, the shipwrights have been rather busy! One of the shipyards most recent additions that they have produced is a lightly armed brig. Imperial brig 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Even though it carries only 8 guns, they are 8 rather large 32 pounders. Imperial brig 6 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr It has a small but well lit stern, thanks to its 6 lanterns. Imperial brig 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Imperial brig 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr To make up for it's small number of guns, it is stocked with plenty of weapons in case a conflict involves a boarding. Imperial brig 7 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The Captain's quarters, is small but includes everything one might need on a short voyage. Imperial brig 8 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Thanks for checking out my ship! I built this back in January, before I even joined BotBS, but I figured it would be a nice addition to my other ships. C&C are welcome and appreciated!
  11. Class 4 Brig, "Puffin" Brig 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The most recent ship out of the Quinnsville shipyards is a lightly armed brig! It is small and highly maneuverable. It is pierced for up to 14 8-pound cannons though it currently has none below deck. When not loaded with guns, it has a surprisingly high amount of cargo space. Brig 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Brig 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr So I've been messing around with some different techniques for ships and this is what I came up with for a brick built style hull. Thanks goes to @Legostone for helping me with some proper dimensions on the hull! C&C are welcome and appreciated and more ships and builds to come! Thanks for looking!
  12. Captain's log, February 7th, 618 AE HMS Ironsides, moored in King's Harbour Today, I took the new brig-of-war, recently commissioned as the HMS Beagle, on her maiden voyage. She proved to be a sturdy, stable, and well-handling little brig, although a bit slow in stays, but I should think restowing her ballast will fix that. While King's Harbour has plenty of able seamen to man her, we are remiss of junior officers, which meant I had to take her out myself. In a way, it was a pleasure getting back to commanding a small vessel, feeling the water rushing by the hull. However, the situation is untenable, and I shall need someone to take command. Perhaps young Lavendwood would be an option? ( @Flavius Gratian) He has done good work with the gun boats and will benefit from experience in commanding a larger vessel if he is to earn his promotion to commander. I shall consider this. Something must be done about our lack of junior officers if the Royal Terra Novan Navy is to remain relevant in the Brick Seas. For now, I shall be working up the crew myself. They have already proven their skill in gunnery and seamanship, but it will take time getting them to work effectively together as a machine of war, and I can only hope a new commanding officer will not put them out of order. Signed Captain Jonathan Cooke The HMS Beagle is a 10 gun brig-of-war built for the Royal Nova Terran Navy. She carries eight 4 pounders, four on each side, and two 6 pounder chase guns at the bow. As a general purpose warship she isn't the fastest, or nimblest thing in the Brick Seas, but served by a brisk crew, she will be a valuable resource for any colonial governor. She will be licensed as a class 3 warship. C&C is, as always, welcome.
  13. ER0L

    Brig "Aurora"

    Hi all, guess this is my first post in this forum. I'm a car builder mainly, however I build all kinds of stuff supposed to go well together on a layout. My only contact with nautical Lego so far was by building a commuter yacht: I didn't actually plan to build a tall ship, however, I recently came across those great old hull parts and I couldn't stop tinkering with them until there was this smallish 6-gun brig. Just an early WIP and still a long way to go, but the main aspects may already be spotted. The idea is to get a hull shaping which is rather determined by flextubes than by bricks to get as fluent lines as possible. The brig is meant to be a pretty low waterline model which can be used on the layout and is easily accessible from the wharf (see above). Another aspect are the slightly angled masts which I think are quite important on this type of ship. Shrouds are made of strings with studs (without cutting anything). The rigging will be 100 percent Lego which also means that there won’t be any sails, but well, a ship under sails needs some water around it which isn’t possible on the layout anyway. But she might serve well as a museum ship on the wharf. Another angle: I'd love to hear what you ship experts think of it. What can be improved or should be changed? Note: Being a complete newbie in this field, I obviously looked at quite a few of your great ship models, I can't name them all. However, if I used a special technique that should be credited, I'll do that for sure. Thanks for looking! C & C welcome as usual.
  14. I found this most Flickr MOC searching for data on HMS Speedy of Lord Thomas Cochran, who famously took the far superior 32 gun Xebec frigate El Gamo with this tiny 14 gun brig. For those inclined to nautical fiction, Speedy and Cochran were Patrick O'Brien's primary inspiration for Jack Aubry and his HMS Sophie. HMS Speedy_Fighting Tops by TLPershing, on Flickr What we see here is TLPershing's LDD model of that famous ship, and a particularly fine one at that. HMS Speedy_Aft Quarter by TLPershing, on Flickr if you scroll through TLPershing's album there are several more views available as well as some interesting gun designs. as usual i will reach out to the creator and invite then to come and comment, so leave your comments and show your support.
  15. This text is mostly credit, previous ideas and rambling, you may just look through the links and at the pictures. Recently I've been thinking about how one could build a ship with smoother lines than usual - CGHs building technique might be great, but there are always some steps in between the different modules. Then there is Sebeus I's prefab technique, which requires one to basically build one broadside of a ship and clip it onto it. This might be smoother, but still - it misses some of the curves most of the ships in the Age of Sail had. Part I: In a Lego store I stumbled over a bunch of Harry Potter Wands in black; I picked up a few hundred of them, hoping to do something with them. So, there we have the very first part of my journey - a mini-scale first rate, that I still consider a WIP, even though it is currently disassembled: Now, this technique may work for that specific situation, but I just couldn't see how to apply the technique I used for that one for a minifigure-scale (or illusion scale as it is often called) ship. So put it aside. A few weeks later, Kurigan reminded me of the organic ship from Sebeus (I'm totally stealing that name for this, sorry;)), which brought my interest in this back, but I didn't really want to use that technique - while it might be a great technique, I just can't see it being stable enough, nor cheap. Part II: A few weeks ago a small conversation about a different interior than exterior colour on ships happened - this somehow ended with me going through the ship index (the one for BOBS) and finding the Matterhorn by Mr Townsend - coincidentally build with tiles on the outside and the option to have differently coloured plates on the inside. It still has the steps on the outside - I want to go without that. Part III: Sunday, last week. I had an idea which involved bending a snotted broadside (the idea about bending a broadside I also heard from Kabel), which I quickly turned into a mockup build - and I think this is the idea I'll continue with. So, here is the mockup: Excuse the mess. Part IV: Heard from kurigan about another ship built using a very similar technique, the Revenge by MayDayArtist; the technique behind it seems to be way more advanced, and "more of a one time thing" (not so accurate quote from kurigan). ________________ So, that's basically the story behind this concept. To show it versatility a bit more, I've quickly done a mockup for the tumblehome of a first Rate, and, for comparision, a small, 14 gun, brig: The first rate I'm not going to do more with - it was just to show that you can build basically any ships center hull using this technique. The brig - I'm not sure, I think I'll first build the project I'm starting now, and then maybe look at that brig again. So, let's get started on the WIP, which will be a 42 gun fifth rate frigate - 2x14 guns on the gundeck + 14 guns on the upper deck. The upper decks armament may still change. The stern will be on the right of these pictures, just for perspective. I started by building the length of the central hull; I did this in 3 parts, as I want to keep a ship this size somewhat modular and the broadside can't be easily split using this technique. You can see the tan tiles showing the future positions of the gunports. How it looks connected - there are only 5 technic pins connecting these parts, to allow disassembly later on. Next, I'm using a bunch of 1x4 tiles and 1x6 plates to build another simulated broadside - this is just a part to help me "draw" the lines of the ship. Using some more plates of different length I mount these - note that the last and first gunport still line up; this means that the long line gets streched a little bit, which may not be great, but so far I haven't seen any damage done to the bricks. I think here it makes some sense to show the parts I'm using - some technic pins, technic bricks, old style (!) hinges and some inverted 2x2 brackets. I use these to follow the technic bricks to remake the curve (very roughly) I laid out earlier. I place the brackets with the hinges in positions where the hinges won't obstruct a gunport (I leave 1 stud on either side of the hinges up the gunports). Next, I place these broadside mounts instead of the temporary plates and tiles; I made sure to place them in a way that allows the entire thing to stay modular. Now, I reinforce the lower parts using a bunch of plates (you won't see these later, I just had a bunch of dkb gray around) Here I prepare a bunch of black tiles for simulating the lower part of the hull. Sadly I own very few 1x6 tiles in black, so I had to use 1x8 and 1x4 tiles - 1x6 tiles would be just perfect. These stripes are the full length of the broadside - 6 studs longer than the outer hinges are apart. I'm placing them a little offset from eachother to simulate planking. if one would want to make this even more realistic he could try to angle this part a bit downward too - that was a bit to much for my first model using this technique. Quick view from ontop to show the current state - I think I may have to make this ship a little bit thinner, maybe 2 or 4 bricks? I would be glad about some feedback about that. In the last part for today I'm preparing the lowest part of the angled tumblehome - a long line of 1x6 tiles supported by 1x4 plates. I'll need a lot of these! For now these are just mounted on the further outwards hinges using some plates behind some tiles. All my black 1x6 tiles are currently in the 1st rate broadside that I need to tear down. _________________ So, that is what I have so far. Now I need some feedback and some help - should I make the entire thing a little bit thinner (note that bow and stern are still missing), or maybe change the curve a little bit? So, now to the part where I need help. I'm not quite sure how I'll build the bow, I have a few ideas using hinges and / or flex tubes, but thats all I have. I would be very glad if some of you would try to give me some ideas for that part or just follow along the build. I would also be honored to see someone building along with me - this would also help develop this technique. Thanks for reading! ;) Edit: List of ships/building techniques mentioned in this topic: CGH's technique Sebeus I technique (example) Organic ship by Sebeus I Matterhorn by Mr Townsend Broadside bending by Kabel (visible towards the stern) Revenge by MayDayArtist Bumblebee by Kurigan El Gran Grin's by CGH Dunkleosteus technique
  16. A large shipyard like mine needs its resources split to be ready for all eventualities! So I decided to have part of my shipyard in Elysabethtown (coming at some point) and in Quinnsville (more coming at some point too). For today we are showing you around in the outfittery in Quinsville - we are installing the masts, installing the rigging, and, in the case of a Warship, installing many guns. Let's take a look at my new Heavy War Brig being outfitted! Hey you guys! We need to wait with the last 4 guns for the forecastle and Quarterdeck! We need to get the gundeck filled first! (guy in the grey suit) Why do we have to scrub the sidewalls again? You were the one being stupid, you ...! (guy with the beard and no hair) ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT, ROWADY ROWADY YOUR BOAT (guy rowing the green boat) YOU CAN'T SING, SHUT UP! (guy steering the boat) PULL! PULL! (guy holding the rope to pull up the upper foremast) You are almost there, just a few meters more! (guy with the green pants on top of the mast) Holding it! (guy holding onto the mast not helping) Stop this! (guy with the beard) Are you allowed to build a ship here? (one of the Corrington Soldiers) Yes, here, check the papers. (Jerome Monezterell) Total area. I'm not sure if I should license this as a medium artisan and finish the brig or use the hull for another ship (tear this one down) and license this as a large artisan, as this build covers 64x48 studs, more than enough for it. I'll add some pictures of the Heavy War Brig (that doesn't fit into any definition, as it has 10 24 pounder carronades (the classical cannons you can see), 6 9 pounders on the upper part as well as 4 9 pounder chase guns. I feel like it is to small for a 5HA, and 5LA wouldn't fit as this isn't exactly a fast ship, and a 4HA doesn't exist. Oh well...) once my upload works again. A total of 56 minifigures are participating in this build:D
  17. Elephant Knight

    HMS Renown

    I present to you my latest ship, the brig Renown. HMS Renown by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr I wanted to make a ship in the colours of the original Imperial Flagship, as it had been awhile since I had done so. HMS Renown by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr She carries 28 guns, 16 on the gundeck, and another 8 up top, plus 2 bow chasers, and two stern chasers HMS Renown by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr I actually did a bit of editing on the photos. I normally just take em and post em. HMS Renown by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr I am very pleased with how the stern turned out. HMS Renown by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr I used the Captain Green Hair frigate tutorial for a lot of help, especially at the bow. HMS Renown by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr HMS Renown by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr And last, a shot of the Renown with the Imperial Flagship. HMS Renown by Elephant-Knight, on Flickr Comments and criticism are welcome! EKnight
  18. Update: Now the HMS Kite of the Corrington Royal Navy Try at least once finishing a single ship in a single day, it is fun (besides the rigging:P). The War Dwarf is a rather old war brig, brought here by the family of Monezterell brought it over from the old world as she was one of their best ships back then. Since then she had a general overhaul, as she was a bit outdated in comparision to many of the new ships that are and were being built. She may not be the fastest ship on the ocean, but she can keep pace with the majority of modern ships again. It is commanded by Captain Damian Chetham. Instead of writing more I would rather let pictures speak for me. War Dwarf, starboard side, also a general overview. starboard again, but this time a bit more close up, here you can see her broadside - 3 18 pound guns, 2 9 pound guns, as well as a swivel gun. This is mirrored on the other side. As well as that she has 2 permanent chase guns. Thats a total of 6 18 pound guns, 6 9 pound guns (the chase guns are 9 pounders too) and 2 swivel guns, a total of 14 guns. You should be able to see that there is a lot going on on board. Next we have a picture of her stern, as well as her portside. And lastly we have a picture straight at her bow, including the chase guns. Well, not exactly the last picture - there is also one together with the Wringe I and the unfished Green Winds. I'm unsure if I want to license her, I might put her up for sale - I could definetly use some more DBs:P Special thanks to Captain Green Hair for the hull building technique, it really helped. The rigging was painful (and is still far from perfect) though. Total of 12 hours spent building her. 4 of those on rigging and sails.
  19. mrsniady1

    Bluecoats ship l'Hermes

    [pid][/pid] 156C Hi Here, I present to you Bluecoats Ship l’Hermes, the fastest ship on the seven seas. She’s a Sebeus’ Zephyr-class brig. Here’s a story. Sebeus I, the Pirate once worked for the Bluecoats, but eventually his pirate nature won. Bluecoats couldn’t stand the fact, that they lost Zephyr, the fastest ship that ever was. So they decided to build something even faster. They took Zephyr’s plans and they improved it (at least they thought so). They changed bow, stern, masts etc, leaving only broadsides untouched, as they found it perfect. So here it is: Hermes, owner of winged sandals and winged cap, messenger of the gods, god of commerce, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, guide to the Underworld. Hermes is a brig built on a small prefab hull with two midsections. Small hull is pretty narrow, but that makes ship very fast with these big machine-sewn pvc-fabric sails. I built the sides using Sebeus’ “simplified tumblehome” technique. Not-so-simple, you know Lifeboat can be lowered down. I’ve never seen this kind of solution before, so I guess I’m the first one to build it (or not?). Notice the stern, I’m pretty proud of it. I’ve made all of lines by myself, using flax (linen) thread, as I couldn’t get hemp-made one (you know why), like those used on real tallships in the sail-age. But it looks similar I think, besides you can’t get high with flax other way than just climbing. Hermes has an interior and a captain’s cabin as well. It’s rather tight, but its fully accessible and it’s probably first one built on a SMALL hull (is it?). Only issue is that plume must be taken off the hat before closing roof. On the left: bluecoat infantry. They are to help musketeers - famous Cocteau Twins (in front of a picture) in their secret mission ordered by Roi-Soleil himself. On the right you can see marines commanded by Admiral Jean Marie Baptiste Louis Francois Brickeur Comte de Stud. There are no sailors on the picture because they actually took this photo. Admiral Jean Marie Baptiste Louis Francois Brickeur Comte de Stud followed by his personal cook inspects his marines (I believe the name of the one with a moustache is Rene Artois). Hermes set sails to set off on the secret mission. So, Noble Seawolfs, give some of your C&C’s to obedient servant of yours. At your service! mrsniady1
  20. Captain Genaro

    WIP Brig of War

    163C UPDATE #1 http://www.eurobrick...5 UPDATE #2 http://www.eurobrick...5 This past year at the University, I ended up running across the Master and Commander series. After reading through them, it rekindled my love for the golden age of sail which in turn rekindled my desire to build a proper sailing ship out of Lego. My overall goal is to create as realistic a brig as possible (although I might take some creative liberties if I really want to). This is just my first draft of the project so some things are probably going to change before I am finished with her. Some bricks (lime green and orange) are simply place holders until I can get the right brick in the right color. Please ignore the poor photography. I didn't want to spend a whole lot of time worrying about the lighting. It is a WIP, after all. In case it's not clear, the quarterdeck only extends to the rearmost guns. Although it does seem a little wide, it's proportions are fairly consistent with some brigs, mainly USS Niagara. Here are the guns I plan on using. 18-pounder (left) and 12-pounder (right). More pictures available here. Could someone tell me or (better yet) show me a picture of how the bowsprit connects to the ship? Does it go through the deck like on a post ship or does it simply connect to the main deck? Comments and criticism welcome.
  21. Ltfalcon

    The Bluecoat Brig "Avenger"

    169D This is the Brig Avenger that was tweaked for my son. We needed a ship to help protect the our blue coat port as we ready for the 2015 blue coat port sets. From the crows nest, "Admiral!! a pritate ship on the horizon". (Updated battle pictures at end of thread) Vengeance approaches and she readies for battle.
  22. Dunkleosteus

    [LDD MOC] Coroner - 22 gun brig

    LDD/MLCad 14B Thus the day has come, mates. The sea is calling, gulls have already lost their voices trying to cry out our names. The sea is calling, and once you hear this call, you lose a part of your own soul - perhaps the best part of it. Sea relishes your soul in its bottomless throat like a breath of a fragrant captain grog. Sea is always hungry and often it's not against the idea of devouring your flesh too. Let it be another day! With the greatest of pleasure I proudly present to you this brig, the pearl of my shipyards. Its high speed and maneuverability allow to conduct battle with larger vessels and successfully overtake smaller ships. The lightness of the hull allows this beauty to rush through the waves like see cheetah. 22 cannons can guarantee - no enemy will leave unpunished! You can find the ship here: Thanks for watching!
  23. Sebeus I

    HMS Intersector

    [pid][/pid] 137B (yes, it sais intersector, not interceptor, this was entirely on purpose) This is actually not my latest ship, I must have spend over two years to finish it, It served as an experimental ship. It started out as the Interceptor but It was too difficult to make an accurate stern (the windows are extremely problematic to replicate in the brick) so I figured it wouldn't be a relevant replica anyway. So I drifted off from the original design This is the kind of view that should make you realize how much more elegant the old prefab hulls are compared to the new ones It's funny that this is one of my most simple and easy-to-build ships but also one of my favourites, I prefer it over my frigate eventhough it has less features and details. It just fits so well on that hull. It has interior in the cabin : More at MOCpages and in my Brickshelf gallery (once public).
  24. Captain Golden Hook

    brig question

    as far as i thought, a brig is a 2 masted ship with a taller mast in back and a big gaff sail. and a brigintine was a mini frigate with a interupted gun deck for the rigging attachment. however i read somthing recently that sail brig was short for brigantine. can some ship expert clear this up please?
  25. Mr. Townsend

    14 Gun Brig: Pinnacle

    [pid][/pid] 160D After one and a half years of effort I would like to present the 14 gun brig-of-war, Pinnacle. Pinnacle is made up of about 3200 LEGO bits. I've used yards and yards of five different types of string to simulate the vast array of rigging you would find on a sailing man-of-war. To make the sails I've used painting canvas dyed with tea, and with a sewing machine I've added the reefing lines. She was originally built on prefab hulls utilizing Imperial Shipyard's next-gen design, but evolved into a waterline model after seeing DPW's Ship-of-the-Line. She now has a technic brick frame to keep her from hogging, or falling to bits. Many pictures of the build can be found in the WIP thread. Credit goes out to many builders who's techniques have been included in this model, and to the community for the feedback given to bring this ship to its fullest potential. I'm quite happy with the stern in the end. I carved up and pieced together the lattices from the larger window latices. They really make the stern pop! I've used wheels to create the various blocks and tackle found throughout the standing and running rigging. The "chains' are made of a wire that holds each block to the hull passed through a technic flex tube. Building them in this way has made the masts extremely stable. Here you can see a few of the 14 brick built cannon purchased direct from the D.P. Wesley Foundry in Bricksburg. I've tried to include as much detail on the deck as I could. The capstan is shown though at the moment it doesn't function. The captain's cozy cabin. Captain Townsend inspecting the newest addition to his expanding fleet.