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  1. You would need to go through historical Kings Port Advertisers. I am not sure it is too interesting - just long-term attrition with next to no replacement. There was one interesting pirate encounter, if I recall correctly, with some ramifications, but other than that, it is mainly due to neglect in building and licensing new ships.
  2. I like the scene - you've got some nice posing going for an excellent action shot. The landscape is simple but effective. And who doesn't like a company of redoats! One thing I would like to see in future builds is how this fits into the larger picture of bobs. Is it a painting in the house of a former officer? Part of a training exercise? Or perhaps part of an ongoing or former campaign? I was advised to take the photos from further away and then zooming in, as that gives less distortion of the perspective and better depth of field. That may be worth experimenting with. Or just google "product photography". There you may find some tips and tricks that are easy to implement.
  3. Bregir

    ETTC Offices, Queenston

    I can only echo what others have said and add that I am really impressed with how all the buildings are at some angle. It would be fun to see a picture from the back.... Also, a clear For GoC
  4. Bregir

    [ESL-FB] Eslandolan Cavalry

    Excellent minifigs! Where are the reins from?
  5. Hello there, Sultan! Kurigan has some good points - finding an inspiration is a good place to start! I would suggest taking a look around this forum. There are many interesting examples of smaller vessels. I would suggest simply getting started. And if you have the funds, buying an official pirate-ship set, such as the creator set or Barracuda bay. Bricklink is a great place to find pieces, in my experience, and complements an existing collection and sets well, allowing you to pick and chose. Two simple techniques to try out could be (pardon me for using my own mocs as examples): Small pre-fab hull Example: The HMS Beagle A simple ship built on the old small hull pieces. You may still want to figure out how to built tumblehome, but that may not be necessary for your first ship. Hinge plate hull Example: The Rover Privateer A simple cutter built using hinge plates. It is hard to achieve tumblehome and some other advanced shapes, but for a smaller vessel, that is less important. In other news, I have finally taken apart the HMS Ironsides, after her sinking some tMRCAs back, and realised I never showed the details of her construction, built with a technique I have not see elsewhere (nor repeated myself, yet). So I figured I would remedy that. Here she is in all her glory: And here is a few breakdown pictures. I built up her sheer, widening her hull a bit midships with jumper plates, and added cheese slopes sloping inwards. I then build up sides completely snot, and placed them snugly in place. Actually surprisingly stable in construction. (Only issue being the chains not beeing quite strong enough, remedied in later designs) Hope this was somewhat interesting to see. Happy to address any questions.
  6. Bregir

    HETCS Sussex

    Excellent work, sir - I would certainly suggest the approach Ayrlego suggested with pictures, as they are currently quite small, which is a shame with such a fine moc! I really like the work on both the hull and the rigging, and there really isn't a lot of feedback to give, as you have already got so many things just right. I only have three small comments: Topmasts and particularly topgallants look somewhat stubby - which may actually make sense for a merchant or semi-merchant with a reduced crew. The colour scheme is cool - I like the use of two similar colours. However, I also feel like some of the details drown in the earthy tones. Some contrast colours may be useful to make details and shapes stand out more. Life! I'd really like to see some minifigs moving about on deck and a story to go along - how does it fit in bobs, and where did it come from? Has something happened on the trip, etc. Overall, though, so many nice details - loads of details on deck and outside. Would love to see how you have built the cannon! I think the amount of detail may make her look slightly bigger than she is, and my gut-feeling is class 7. (Looking at the masts, bow piece, and other size benchmarks.)
  7. Welcome to the board of directors, captain Scarver. In other news, the ettc fleet is decimated. The Montoya estate has commissioned a class 7 galleon that will soon be joining the ranks, but we are in absolute need of launching more vessels to protect our position as a relevant Trading company in the brick seas.
  8. Bregir

    [OL-FB] Where a goat can go…

    Excellent story, really putting it smack in the middle of current events, and I enjoy the reference to the Aurelia attack too. The build itself is fabulous too - really liking the minifig posing and the landscape. I suppose it is a brass gun? My only minor nitpick is that an 8-pounder would be a relatively heavy field piece, so for a mountain gun, it may be a bit large. More likely to be a 6 or even 4-pounder, I would guess.
  9. For the Colonial Council! (Category A)
  10. As rumours of the King's return to Nova Terelli reached Isla de Victoria, talk quickly rose in the docks and bawdyhouses about reviving lost glory with a firm (Royal) hand on the wheel. Others claimed the King was old hat, and that Count Lewisham would lead the empire to glory. Naturally, such disagreements in the lower establishments quickly turned into a row, with rumours claiming some discrete gold may have incited and encouraged this. Young Arnau Hernandez de la Unido knew he had to move fast. Hence, he roused up the watch, and led them to the main public buildings of Fuerte Unido to dissuade opportunistic behaviour amongst certain elements. Many in politics are driven by personal or economic interest, and may see something to gain in removing the Colonial Council and instilling a more pliable or dependent leader. Or in protecting their place with the council. However, Arnau Hernandez de la Unido, a young administrator in the Fuerte Unido municipality is driven by principle. He believes firmly in representation and abhores any form of despotism, regardless of in what fine robes it comes. With all the enthusiasm and energy of the young, he found this to be his hour, and moved to protect the Colonial Council!
  11. Entry for the "Merchant Marine": A class two fore-and-aft rigged vessel for the Royal Mail, to be gifted to the Crown on acceptance.
  12. A fast, weatherly craft, the Swift was designed for service with the Royal Mail, to carry letters and packages between settlements. With the expanding Corlander Empire, ensuring defense, coordination, trade, and enlightenment has put pressure on the traditional system of using merchant and naval shipping as conveyors of communications. Hence, the board of the Royal Mail has decided to purchase a number of small fast vessels for regular routes amongst the Corlander settlements, particularly to service routes not reliably serviced by other shipping. The Swift is a sloop rigged vessel of the second class. The fore-and-aft rig makes her eminently weatherly, able to lie much closer to the wind than her larger square-rigged fellows. With a sleek and narrow hull, she is fast, even in light winds, and carries only limited cargo, less of a concern when designed for letters, despatched, and high value packets. ________________________________ My second entry to the GoC task: The Merchant Marine She should tick the box for a class 2, fore-and-aft rigged vessel, and will be given to the crown. The final entry for the Merchant Marine will be a large ETTC Galleon that is close to done. C&C welcome. No bent bricks this time around!
  13. Bregir

    [COR-FB] Reunited With The Fleet

    A very atmospheric build - looks like a proper painting! And happy to see Brickleton back with our own forces! hopefully the fleet will arrive without much issue.
  14. Welcome on board, Mr. Parker! Shipbuilding is always appreciated. I suggest you take a look at the GoC tasks for shipbuilding. You can also check this topic for a nice introduction to BoBS. In any case, any ship to be used in bobs needs to first be posted on this subforum, preferably with some story. I am certain there will be people willing to purchase your ships or help you finance getting them active. Looking forward to following your story and seeing your ships! Lovely introduction build! (EDIT: Clever photoshopping with the ship models! Looks really cool, particularly the open model on the left)
  15. The only finicky bit is getting the "ears" of the golden piece to hold the barrel, but it works quite well.