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  1. [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    @Captain Genaro, @Bodi, @KotZ, @Dukesc Kings Port Miro Oldis and the council had accepted the letter and requested a few days to consider the outcome. These days had turned to weeks and Hollande had been growing impatient. However, after the first 10 days, a number of small vessels had approached the fleet bringing fresh fruits and foodstuff, as well as Terraversan wine and beer, to the fleet, compliments of Miro Oldis and the council. Hollande had frowned to himself at the thought of more of that dreadful liquid, but the sailors were happy at the change of menu. And to Hollande's surprise, a small crate was brought in with a personal note from Oldis. "I could not but help to notice your distaste for Terraversan wine. It is an acquired taste, and our vintners are still inexperienced, unfortunately. However, I have arranged for a little something special for you". Upon opening the crate, he found 6 bottles of fine Olean wine, aged well. It was obvious that Oldis was a man of great parts, and that the Terraversans wishes to make a positive impression upon the RNTC delegation. One morning, with fresh supplies, came a sealed letter addressed to Hollande (will be PM'ed to Captain Genaro). It included full trading rights for the expedition for the duration of its stay, as well as some stipulations to be negotiated by mail over the coming weeks and months. Hollande was delighted, although it also posed some issues. If he handled this correctly, perhaps he would earn a peerage, he mused to himself, before remembering that to the best of his knowledge, he had lost half his ships. If only he had word of them... But how would he proceed? Our task here is done, and we have achieved what we set out to do. Now stock up with Terraversan goods and set sail for the next port! (Show the expedition trading for wares - this will end this part of the expedition and free the ships and troops for the regular MRCA, starting in King's Port) NB: Some parts of the expedition may select this option, while others stay. The faith still has demands on our time and there is still the matter of "the Huntress", as well as our contacts with Mardierian Loyalists. Stay, on the pretext of trading and continuing negotiations, and establish contacts to the relevant agents and organisations. Where will our search for the mysterious "huntress" or the elusive loyalists take us? Are they one and the same, or entirely unrelated? Do you seek both, or only one, and for what purpose? Do you seek intelligence on Terraversan military capacities, information on the loyalist movement, some artifact, or something entirely unrelated? The RNTC must have a base of operations in Terraversa. Or troops and sailors can build and set up a trading post for the RNTC. (Build a medium property or larger to represent RNTC activities in Terraversa. Up to 100 dbs in licensing costs will be free of charge.) (Negotiations can proceed outside the AMRCA between "Hollande" and leadership's NPC committee and does not require continuation of the AMRCA.) Westface The commotion after the shot had been harsh, and Oleanders and Terraversans alike still suffered from bruises, strains and a few broken bones. But at least it had been short - The Terraversan Hussars had quickly ridden into the frey, calling orders for all to "Stand down or be cut down!", Terraversans and Oleanders both. From the oaths and curses called by the hussar lieutenant, it was clear that the unit fighting the Oleanders were one of the multiple militias still standing from the war of independence. And the cries of "damned irregulars" and "uncontrollable peasant rabble" from the hussars made it clear that the regular troops had little respect for these self-instituted forces, who in turn made rude gestures to the regulars. Clearly, there was some enmity and discord within the Terraversan ranks, as officials and regular troops tried to wrest control from the many groups of irregular units formed during the war. From a very loudly, and publicly given reprimand, the Olean expedition gathered that the militia had been tasked simply with holding a side road from the harbour, not approach them, but that their commander had taken it upon himself to do so. Had he not done so, the trap might have been perfectly executed. It was no less successful, though, as the full Olean crew were now detained in a large, remote manor under a full guard, and the expedition had to consider its next move. Thus, L'Olius' Terraversan forces had, despite the unruly militias, achieved complete control and disarmament of the Olean forces with an impressive joint naval and army operation. All they had heard from the Terraversans since then was that Oliver was being cared for in the naval hospital, and that his condition was stable, but critical. It also seemed from their guards that official Terraversa placed most of the blame for the incident at the docks on the militia, rather than the Oleanders. Apparently, L'Olius was strict but fair... Hollande must have reached Kings Port by now - we must find a way to get a message across to him! He will make an official complaint and have us released. Show how the expedition gets a message across to Kings Port and what the message contains. (Official Terraversan channels? Royalist rebels? Smugglers? Sneaking out a messenger and stealing a horse?) Surely, Hollande needs not be disturbed. We can handle this ourselves! Request an audience with the local government to explain your position, apologize for the commotion, and require leave to sail the squadron to Kings Port, or perhaps home? Show the expedition negotiating, demanding, or requesting an audience, and let us know what they hope to achieve. Our situation is untenable and our imprisonment can only lead to further diplomatic issues. Let us escape our captivity, discreetly recapture the ships and take our departure. Show the attempts of escaping, and tell us where the expedition will seek to flee to. ("The great escape" like schemes are encouraged! ;) ) At least one build is required to progress any one part of the expedition, but to progress both, a minimum of three builds is required. (And more encouraged) Let us know if the above leads any questions or comments. Genaro will receive a letter from Terraversa as soon as it is cleared with the NPC committee.
  2. [AMRCA - Maxim I] Origins

    @Maxim I The trip to the Alleenridder Crypts at Deliah had looked like a certain success. As the expedition was leaving the crypt, Lord Damaximus was excited. He had tucked the old maps and documents into his chest and was dragging a chest of gold out of the crypt with one of the soldiers, while the others were carrying their own loads. Loading their pack animals and heading back to Madin, the band was in high spirits - what a success! However, they must have been followed, as just before reaching the border to Tellvok, the expedition was set upon by a large band of Mokolei grave robbers. Not wishing to risk a diplomatic crisis, and to the good luck of the expedition, the grave robbers only stole the gold and artifacts retrieved from the crypt and left the expedition to continue. The appearance of a Tellvokian border patrol meant Damaximus made it out of there with his maps intact. (0 dbs added to adventure treasury) News were better in Madin, where the Sultan offered Damaximus a reward for the services of his troops. (150 dbs added to adventure treasury) Further, he offered his finest scholars to help Damaximus decipher the maps and documents found in the crypt. While the maps were outdated, and the scriptures ancient, a reference to "Tarashala" by the straits of the Helspont Sea was recurring. It was not clear if this was the origin of the Alleenridders, but it was certainly the home of important events in their history. But Tarashala was a long ways away. What route should the expedition take? Head for Tanstontilo - The corsairs make the overland route the safest. Show the expedition arriving in Tanstontilo and making preparations for the long overland trip. The local Mokolei Porte seems to have taken a... disliking to us. Head for Kembali at the mouth Mokolei Bay where you must ship to local crafts to take you to the bottom of the shallow and reef-ridden bay. Show the local flat-bottomed vessels transporting the expedition over the bay. I shall touch not another camel! Tarashala is a coastal city and we have the finest Eslandian vessels at our disposal. Set course around the Forbidden Kingdoms. Show the expedition resupplying in Drolic on Tendorn. Two builds are required to continue (one for Trador and one for Maxim) but more are encouraged. Please let us know if this leads to any questions.
  3. Roadmonkey: Let's not make this a discussion about how to police it. First we need to figure out what the rules should be, and that should not be governed by what is easier to police, but instead by what is right. I am of the firm belief that people will follow the rules. Take away from your post is that you think players must have been logged in within a month, right? Gedren: Am I right in understanding correctly that you suggest only trading missions should be allowed? (No offensive manoeuvres or escort duty?)
  4. Nothing is being laughed away. I am sorry if that is the impression. In fact, what I am trying to say here is that discussing what such guidelines should be is the proper way to go. No guidelines have been set, because there have been no consensus (just as there was no consensus in the past). One person suggesting something does not legitimise it as general BoBS policy. A proper discussion is necessary, as this is a sensitive issue. I am in no position to set these guidelines on my own, and have no wish to do so. Further, I am ever so slightly insulted if the absence of such guidelines should be construed as my personal short-coming. You cannot expect leadership to pick up on everything discussed in the forums, and you cannot pin it on any one member. In this thread, some valid points for both sides have been presented, and I personally hope that this time, a set of guidelines can be agreed upon to be reviewed and confirmed by leadership. And please keep it general and refrain from any more individual names. If anything, we need general rules and examples, not a witchhunt. What should be the rules for use of vessels? Who can assign orders to vessels? Do we set a minimal requirement for activity? How about trade company and faction vessels? Are they affected? Is it enough to sign in or do you need to actively ask someone to fill in your forms every month it is relevant? Or do you have to sign up yourself? How restrictive does it have to be? What is the real "issue" we are trying to solve? AoB? Personally, I do not like the idea of factions actively orchestrating the running of ships of inactive players (and have said as much in Corrington's trade pm), but I see no reason in someone with limited time asking a faction buddy to run his ships for a few months. In between those two cases are a lot of grey zones, and I do not think we should be too restrictive. Further, more moc'ed ships at sea means more options for exciting MRCA's. There is also the question of balance between the factions. While an inactive Eslandian may have little impact on faction performance due to the size of the faction, a single inactive player in a smaller faction may prove decisive. I do not know the exact answers. What I do know is that we should identify a common set of ethical guidelines so to speak, so that people knows what is the correct behaviour. Please refrain from these sort of threats. It in no way encourages constructive debate.
  5. Do you understand that there are currently no guidelines in this regard? Hence, there is nothing to explain. And as Bart says, don't make this personal against anyone. Make it a discussion as to what the guidelines should be. Seems to happen more often than not with you. Perhaps you should strive to change this? I maintain that I do not think that people will go against a set of guidelines for this set down by BoBs leadership as a result of this discussion. Since there are currently no guidelines, no one can have trespassed against them. Hence, it is guidelines we need, not policing. If players in BoBs knowingly goes against the spirit and/or rules of the game, it is leadership's duty to step in. And if a warning is not enough, I suppose exclusion will be the ultimate consequence. I expect people to play by the spirit and letter of the rules of BoBs, and not doing so should disqualify participation.
  6. We most definitely do not need more paperwork. And we do not need policing - if we can agree on a set of guidelines, we can also expect people to follow them. It is the guidelines that should be questioned and debated, not how to police them, as that really will not be a problem. I do not believe anyone will knowingly go against the rules and guidelines.
  7. Or maybe he asked someone to handle his vessels in his absence?
  8. So do I! Happy they are recognisable! - I have had to take some limited liberties with some minifigs, but I will try to make the story identify each of the participants. I am a bit short on peg legs and the very large hats, but I have their faces and torsoes. Would Lagaufre (and Romain) be inclined to wear a wig indoors? (or suitable brown hair pieces?) And Lady Lagaufre may not turn out entirely accurate, but I will try to include her as best I can. No kids allowed at the ball, though. :)
  9. Thanks guys - the last Bricklink orders have arrived, so now I need to figure out what everyone is to talk about, and to whom, finish the last tweaks of the builds, and take the photos... :) Mordo and the Fontonajos. I originally meant to "yellowfy" them all, but couldn't represent them properly. Some of them might change into more... formal (well, different...) clothes, but I will try to include them as best I can! :) Brickinson will seek other military men, Alberto scientists, and captain cookie... pirates? :P
  10. Forgotten to post this here, it seems: Temple of Poseidon
  11. I am still waiting for the last BrickLink orders but the first guests are starting to show up. I expect to get it up this week, and will try to give all characters a relevant cameo of some sort. Thanks for the interest so far. I hope not to disappoint! :)
  12. Dee Wheelworks of King's Harbour

    Fantastic factory building, Captain Dee, and even more fantastic wheels! I am impressed how round you have managed to make them combined with them looking utilitarian. I will be studying your technique. Your buildings have a very recognisable style, while still showing a new take on it each time. Very nice! And I wonder if not the wheelworks will be the talk of the town during the coming ball?
  13. @Mesabi I cannot find Lady Zumbro's Torso. Where is it from? @KotZ I cannot find Elise's torso/dress. Where is it from? @LM71Blackbird I cannot find the torso for Rickard Brickford in black. Do you know where it is from?
  14. [SR-Ship-LDD] DMDR 6

    Lovely little cutter, Bart. I can only echo what others have said about posing, shape, and rig. As to your question, you can only license it for an entity you control, as the cost will come out of the pockets of the owner, and we don't want Corlanders licensing Eslandian ships and setting them to attack Oleon to push them into war! :P But maybe you don't need to license her? You only need to do that if you are using her in the mrca. If she is just a story element so far, you need not license her. You can then license her once the story makes her yours. Hope that helps. PS. Read it again and you are using her for the AMRCA. For an AMRCA you will need some sort of ressource committed. It can be a vessel or troops.
  15. Very nice and lively market scene, Drunknok. The different stalls are great, and I like the variation in wares offered and the ties to existing builds. The pictures are loading very slow, though. Are they very large and where do you host them? I believe the rules for EB is 800X600 max. Might just be the hosting site and the WiFi here.