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  1. I am sure all the factions will be happy to welcome you, sir. For faction choice and your first few steps in BoBs, this guide may be helpful :
  2. [MMM] A merry Mokolei Merrynight

    Great looking entry, LB! I like how you have combined the middle Eastern Mokolei with Chinese festival activities - and your success in doing so showcases why we should not let real world influences be a limiting factor, but instead let it serve as inspiration. The dragon and the rest of the parade is well done and the hanging lanterns a great touch. The surrounding buildings are great too, and I like the staircase and market stall. That you then tie it into the Mokolei expedition is just perfect! I'd suggest you link this build in the adventure topic too, as it is part of that story. I shall be looking forward to seeing what happens in the meeting with the satrap! Will the diplomat and ETTC representatives be joining too? :)
  3. [MMM] Midwinter Mass

    Lovely church, Flavius, and the stained glass windows are simple yet effective. I am also loving the introduction of a new faith (particularly that one... Might be predisposed... ;)) and hope you will develop it further in the future.IIf I can find the time and opportunity, I might want to join those efforts. As to slow commenting, I personally find it hard to keep up these days, but I will try to take the time! :)
  4. Not I, but now I have very high expectations for some life-like brick built arachnids! Two weeks sounds like a reasonable timeframe to me. I think it has been similar in the past, if perhaps a little shorter?
  5. Class 7 Espada de Luna

    I'd say that if it is 5 mids (plus bow and stern pieces) its a class 7, while in 4 mids, it would be a class 6.:)
  6. Class 7 Espada de Luna

    Beautiful galleon, Capt Wolf. You have a very distinctive style that to me fits right into my archetype of Eslandian naval architecture. Seems to be the very essence of Eslandolan naval power. Large and powerful, while perhaps not the most nimble and speedy. And the elaborate stern and quarter galleries signals power and riches (perfectly fitting for you money hungry greenies ;) ). As to the licensing question, please all remember that the archetypes should be the benchmark, not previously licensed vessels. So it should be licensed in the class it fits most. For this particular ship, how many midsections does it consist off? (The custom stern seems more or less similar in size to a prefab one) I can't quite make it out from the pictures.
  7. @Maxim I: Will more story be added, or should we go with what is currently there? Thanks /B
  8. Ill see if I can link the ships in question and add this as a "general guideline" to the rules. I do not think we should start redefining the classes now. By definition, the Margot is not just "a" class 7. It is "the" class 7, that every other ship has to be measured against, so it can only be short-changed if other ships are mis-licensed. The archetypes are the fixed beacons to which all other mocs are to be measured. Only that way do we avoid class creep in the long run. This is what we decided when making the rules, and changing this up will mean a whole new round of licensing and relicensing, identifying the proper class, etc. It took long enough the first time around. It is the same number of midsections as the margot, it is the same type, it has the same number of decks. It is literally right there with the archetype for class 7. Unless I am missing something? This isn't a random galleon, really - I will need you to go forward appr. 200 years to find what I am aiming for . That is a picture of a very early, and possible stylised galleon. Imagine my *late* galleon as the end of an era. It still has a relatively prominent beakhead, although not the monster of earlier vessels, and the tall stern and to some degree fore castle, but it is the "missing link" between the galleons and the tall ships of the napoleonic era. Personally, I quite like the shape I have achieved, both the hull itself, the bow and the stern. Probably isn't perfect, but the transitionings are, for my skills at least, fairly successful and took a lot of time to get "right". I do agree that the tilted windows look a little off, but it was the best way I could do it, and I think it adds character. Maybe it is the angle of the photo - sorry. Oh, do tell! For me, the shape of the hull just reminded me of a flush-decked brig-of-war. It could look like a corvette too. Thanks - I think that works pretty well too!
  9. Are you referring to the Ironsides? :) In that case, I agree. Got it ;)
  10. @SpaceJoey86: Looks interesting - I would be interested in seeing an overview picture. And the working capstan is cool! As to class, I never make up my mind before I see the final result, but off the top of my head I would say somewhere in the 3-5 range. It isn't too far off, but it also depends on the overall size of the vessel - a very sleek 4 prefab ship would probably be a class 5 (like my own Blazer, for instance), and in class 8, I think we are starting to outgrow the prefabs. I would probably say a slightly more accurate order would be: Class 5: 3 to 4 prefabs Class 6: 4 to 5 Class 7: 5 to 6 But again, it is a rule of thumb and depends on the rest of the moc. I think we can all agree that on any given number of prefabs, you can make widely different types and sizes of ships. @Legostone: You have dabbled in prefab sizes before - can you take a look at the above rule-of-thumb? Would it be helpful if we make the above rule of thumb an "official" part of the rules? Same as above(might need similar adjustment) - a fairly good rule of thumb, but depending on many different variables such as width, height, and length above water. Also, let me just share my own progress. First on my corvette/shipsloop, which is only missing sails by now. And with the challenge deadline being extended, I procrastinated a bit more with a late galleon/early terraman sort of vessel:
  11. Ok, all, I realise I am a bit late with some of these comments, but I thought I'd weigh in on all anyway - feel free to disregard the comments if they are outdated! @merc: I don't think I've seen many examples of vessels of this era being built on these hulls, so I am sure it will be interesting. I like how you are trying to expand her in the middle. I'd suggest you try to make it a little less blocky - perhaps using jumper plates will make the hull less blocky? (By making the steps smaller) Anyways, looking forward to how she turns out. @Ragni Norgrimson: That technique gives a great shape for the tumblehome, although it does seem quite parts intensive! I am hoping you will keep sharing your progress - it looks very promising. @Ayrlego: Really nice hull-shape. For my own hinge-based I do something like below. It is very similar to what Flavius suggested, I think. @Drunknok: Adding that curve really did a lot to the overall looks! I will be looking forward to seeing her progress, particularly around the bow and stern where I tend to struggle myself. I would suggest you try turning the dark blue slopes upside down, to make the tumblehome start from the lower deck guns. The guns are looking good too, btw. @Flavius Gratian: Lovely little sloop - I like what you've done with rigging. I would do away with the backstays. The shrouds should be sufficient to hold up the mast, and the current backstays limit the movement of boom and gaff. If you are to mount backstays, I think they should be anchored further forward and go to the topmast. (Which is currently unsupported) I would also mount boom, gaff, and yards differently so they can move just like they should in reality. Basically, I mount them with string, and for boom and gaff, check this out: (Which is largely based on what you did for the boom on the Wentham, actually ) The hull is pretty good, and I love how you made the hatch. @Kwatchi: Ambitious project, sir! For a moment I thought that lamp was some strange, scorpion-ish implement on the bowsprit! I like what you have done with her decks, although you could consider adding a capstan? @Legostone: Lots of great vessels there! And the Galleon build came out great - well done! @Bodi: What are you aiming for? It looks like it could be a great little schooner or brig-of-war. I like the sharply cut bow, but the way the curve of the hull sort of flattens out near the stern looks a bit odd to me.
  12. Dear all, I am looking for a few good men to help with the adventure MRCA write-up for this month. Last month, Professor Thaum and Mesabi lent a hand (thank you!), but I would like to cycle through more people to a) get new inspiration, b) spread the workload, and c) ensure more people knows how to run the AMRCA. You will be working with one or more people from the brethren court (probably me, LS and KB), who will lead the process and make sure everything follows the spirit and rules of the aMRCA. Please send me a pm if you are interested this month or following months. It is actually quite fun! ;) Cheers Bregir
  13. Quite on the contrary - it quite specifically can't be anywhere - it has to be somewhere! And ask the pope, the French, and the English if it was easy to agree on... Thanks, man. For a moment I thought the lizard people had highjacked my body and was using me to spread their personal opinions on the BoBS forums... Of course it is. I have arguments, though. As I said, I think too much knowledge at this stage will take a lot of the excitement out of BoBS, and I personally don't see what advantage other than instant gratification an answer would give. And I would rather not play a game, where all the other players have meta-knowledge about the world. I might be spared the knowledge, but if I know person X knows, and he sails south for exploration, why the heck would I sail north? So I claim that the less we know collectively, the more exciting the world will be. And meta-knowledge can be RP poison. As I said, I prefer IC exploration with real surprise and excitement. And yes, that is my considered opinion. Like.... my opinion, man. Technically, wasn't the guy in the classic ages who figured it out Greek? (Even if he did it in Egypt?) But you may well be right that the "new Europeans" of the pre-enlightenment/discovery didn't know. I am fairly certain scientists knew the earth was round, though, but I can't really corroborate it. Columbus definitely thought he was heading for India. Which, btw, brings me back to the above point - if we don't know the size of the globe, we will be surprised the day we hit the "back-end" of Halos. We might even land there and start colonising before we figure out, that it is in our backyard. Who wouldn't want that surprise? As it was for the age of discovery Exactement!
  14. IC you can know all these things. OOC, I see absolutely no need for that information. What is the need for the projection? Have Ska even considered it when going from globe to flat map? And does it matter? I can't see how it's important. Latitude and longitude requires a 0 point. Do you want to start discussing where that should be? Again, what is the purpose? I perfectly understand the interest in speculating and discussing the nature and size of the world, but I don't get the wish for certainty. Why not be ready to be surprised? To maintain the thrill of discovery, rather than muddling it with meta-knowledge? I'd prefer not to know. If I ever get that knowledge, I'd prefer to get it by IC discovery, not some OOC meta discovery.
  15. Yeah, keep speculating and discussing, but stop asking for answers. ;) The BoBs world is for us to discover and create, and the globe it sits on may be smaller or larger. Ska can't tell you what is to the south of Mokolei, or what is inside Mokolei. That is for us to discover. There are some basic thought about a far east parallel somewhere to the south, and leadership will give some clues or basic information as necessary, but don't expect the whole world defined and populated in advance. Things exist when we create them. That is the beauty of BoBs. :)