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  1. We are indeed clever. Your insinuations are still in the wrong, though. I do not know why you harbour the misunderstanding that it was an underhand attempts at increasing Corlander territory, but we invited other nations to join us in ensuring the neutrality of Malto, including Eslandola. Montoya said as much in some of the last communication before the peace talks began. And certainly it would be indefinitely. We don't make promises only to break them months later.
  2. Lovely moc, Ayrlego - I have a feeling Major Bradley shares his sentiments with many Corlander citizens... Great looking troops - you have achieved consistency while still having individual soldiers, commanders, standard bearers, and musicians. I wouldn't know - are you? I think Bradley answered your comment already. One might be reminded that Corrington (as opposed to Eslandola...) never claimed, nor planned to claim, any territory. If your comment reflects the general Eslandian perception of the events, I must say I am impressed how you have succeeded in redefining history! Eslandola must have an effective "information" ministry...
  3. [WTC] Minichallenge- Saboteur

    I really hope I can find the time to participate, especially since there is a reasonable chance to incriminate someone! I have a feeling there will be evidence for Eslandian involvement! :P
  4. I absolutely love the whole concept of the first build, with the testing of the rocket and the sounding of the idea to place it on ships. I sort of want to build a rocket vessel now! :D I'll agree with Ayrlego, both in that you have done well in following the established style of Port Woodhouse, and in that the house seems a bit short. It's rather nicely textured and you have really captured the dramatic, dynamic moment of firing the rocket. And I really like the simple ramp. Only comment would be to perhaps add some sort of smoke at the bottom of the exhaust trail. The little inertior is nice too, although those artillery men seem to work under rather cramped conditions! ;) And for the next time, you are more than welcome to post a build like the third one in its own thread. It is an important part of your story, and I quite like the build. You've got some interesting and well designed troops, innovative tents, and a reasonable landscape. I shall be looking forward to seeing to where Captain Fernsby will depart! ;)
  5. Next MCRA - Infos, Dates and Maps

    For the record: While we would have loved to keep the "old MRCA" running while we developed the new one, it was simply not manageable, as it required very heavy manual work, and relied heavily on a very few people (mainly Ska). Keeping it running would simply delay both itself and the development of mrca II and everything else. Back in January, we had a possible automated MRCA mechanism up and running, but some members of the court were not happy with the solution, so we kept running the old style mrca, with the regularity we could manage. We are aware that it has been delayed too many times and that you are all looking forward to seeing this a more stable part of BoBs. Hence, we are working to bring you something that does NOT rely on a few specific people, and that can be run without extensive manual input. It takes time, and as Elos said, we are only volunteers. (Although I can set up a Patreon. If you can match my current salary, I will happily devote my time to BoBs ;) :P) But we are close, and I truly believe we can publish something fabulous before the end of the month, as Capt Wolf said. Patience, padawans! ;)
  6. And now for something entirely different! Did you ever speculate what the true story behind the sabotage and the saboteur's escape was? Did these mysterious events have anything to do with the diplomatic incident of Nova Malto, or was it the work of a madman? Corrington's very own renegade count, Mesabi, is determined to uncover the truth! Are you the minifig he needs? Head over to the minichallenge to check it out:
  7. The unattached and unsupported green plate on the lower right is killing me!
  8. Next MCRA - Infos, Dates and Maps

    You are correct, sir. You are in fact being quite a Jerk! ;) Incidentally, however, your misgivings are quite reasonable and we are very close to launch, so have a little patience. ;)
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOO! But it looks great - what is the intended direction?
  10. Small artisan in the form of a Clockmaker.
  11. While the Department of Time generally ensures close watch of time for all citizens, some prefer having personal access to the hour of the day. Such access can be ensured by the use of a clock, but as a clock is a piece of fine machinery, it needs an expert hand to keep it running accurately. Recently, such an expert hand has arrived in King's Harbour and has set up a respectable establishment in the centre of the commercial district. On the ground floor, his wife handles the customers, both those who are looking to buy, and those who needs a mechanism serviced. And on the top floor, he services the clocks in peace and quiet in the well-lit room with his special tools and worktable. A small artisan for King's Harbour. It was fun building those clocks. C&C welcome:)
  12. Good to have you back, Silentwolf! :) And good to see Eslandola making good on its promises. :) The royal shipyards (under construction) have been working overtime lately - Corrington shall rule the waves! Anyone else has some interesting projects underway? :)
  13. General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    I generally use twine, about 0,5 to 1 mm in diameter, but I have also used some more elastic guy-line in the same dimensions, which was nice to work with as it gives some wonderful tension to the rig. It's a lot harder to make proper knots in, though. I have seen several people using thinner sewing thread with great success too, though, but I prefer a bulkier look. Examples with twine: And with guy-line:
  14. I like where all this is going - great figs, both on paper and in the brick!