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  1. Indeed - this is something we are painfully aware of. We will see what we can do without Genaro - hopefully this weekend, but I can't make any promises.
  2. Bregir

    Starting faction/EGS Question

    Welcome, Tom! I know all the factions will be very happy to welcome you and you should join the one you prefer. What you should consider is where you think you will fit in the best and have the most fun. Where will your stories and characters thrive the best? Currently I think OL is the least active, followed by the SR. We have a (unfinished) quick start guide here: (that I really should get to finishing up) In there, you will find a bit about how to get started. You may also wish to read the first page of each of the faction sign up threads, where you get more in depth knowledge about each faction. And always feel free to ask any questions, either in the general intro thread, the faction threads (if pertaining to faction), or in the quick start thread. In any case, welcome to Bobs. PS. If I remember correctly, properties start earning income the month after being licensed. :)
  3. Interesting developments, Kwatchi! Neat micro! I have eyed a few others on Flickr... Looking forward for more!
  4. Bregir

    Rule Updates and Clarifications

    A small update to the black flag rules for Sea Rats. Henceforth, Sea Rat vessels flying the black flag will be free of upkeep. The crews of pirate and smuggler vessels join at their own risk for a share of profits, rather than wages. (And OOC we wanted to boost sea rat piracy a bit)
  5. That would be this thread: And the updated master index is here: There is also a quick guide here:
  6. Bregir

    On a deserted island

    Montoya's Diary, Day 45 We have spent the last few weeks seeking a passage to whatever is behind that door. Hiking first left, then right, around the gateway, we have found nothing but cliff sides, impenetrable jungle, or impassable rivers and swamps. In short, we are no closer to identifying what is behind this door, obviously built by some highly advanced civilisation decades, or maybe even centuries ago. Were they trying to keep someone out, or perhaps something in? The questions heavily outnumbers the answers, but one is certainly intrigued. However, the door is, despite its obvious age, very solid and entirely sealed. Additionally, it would be a crime to destroy such a relic of the past. /Montoya Baker's Diary, Day 45 A most fascinating expedition, but it seems we have reached a standstill - there is no way through and no way around. One thing begs a question, though. This door is clearly sealed, but there is not signs of this on the outside. Hence, it must have been locked from the inside... Who might have locked it, and why? We must now start back down the path. There is nothing more for us to do here. I only wonder if we can truly backtrack our path - and we are still trapped on this island... /Baker
  7. You can maintain a blockade by sailing ships to the zone in front of the harbour each month. Just like in reality, it will not be perfect, and it will carry risks, but it can be done. No need to invent a new mechanic for this to complicate the game further.
  8. There is nothing in the rules stating you can't build in stone in a settlement without a quarry. But you are always welcome to build in continuity of your own.
  9. I quite enjoy the rigging part, but sails are... not my favourite part of the process. :P I am missing some string for rigging, though.
  10. Maybe I should start finishing some of them... :P busy shipyards by Christian West, on Flickr
  11. @Mesabi It was only a short trip back to Kemblarsi, and to everyone's surprise, all three vessels made it there without being intercepted by Kemblar warships. Perhaps the rumours were true, and Kemblar had next to no fleet? At any rate, none had been spotted, despite the ruckus stirred up in by the rescue mission. Reaching the capital, the count and the princess were greeted as national heroes. Her for her safe return to her people, and the expedition for its heroic rescue. The Kemblar who had assisted the count did express a certain dissatisfaction with the placement of gratitude, but the way the count had told the story, he had himself done most of the heroics! There were celebrations for days, were they were treated like gods, eating, drinking and partying like there was no tomorrow. The Kemblar were keen to reward their rescuers and offered the adventurers 500 dbs (added to adventure treasury) worth of golden coins and trinkets, as well as the captured junk (Class 3, R3 M3 F0 C1 $5 H3). But what was next for the count? This is a unique opportunity for further ventures! Stay and establish a permanent presence in Kemblar for the WTC or for Corrington? Show what the expedition does to solidify relations or capitalise on the current positive attitude towards them as heroes. Now is the time to head for new hunting grounds! Continue our search for new adventures! Show where the expedition goes next - and what they will try to do when they arrive. We must bring word back to Corrington! Show the expedition making its way back home. This will leave all three ships in a zone of you choice in any of the zones 1 to 8, and end the adventure. One build required to continue. Only one option can be taken.
  12. Suggestion? Keep it? Remove it? Make it a one time multiplier (any given number of player builds are multiplied by some factor. Then there is no growth, unless player driven, but there is a representation of "all the other things" happening?
  13. @Drunknok, @LM71Blackbird, @Ayrlego, @Spud The Viking The Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery To the South West of the Island known as Maldria, the squadron look-outs called: "Sail ho, sharp on the starboard bow!" and after a moment: "5 vessels, ships of war, standing south, flying... Lotii colours?" Epper II. was adamant this was not to delay the expedition and gave orders to avoid the Lotii. To progress, make a microbuild of the Lotii fleet as seen in the distance. The expedition pressed on, and after days of rough sailing, the tall jungle-topped cliff sides of a rocky island fitting the position of island 7 was reported by the look-outs. Chart the reefs Off the north point of the island, breakers can be seen, which indicates reefs dangerous for navigation. Show the expedition boats charting the reefs. Explore the caves On the western side of the island a series of large caves open up to the sea, some of them navigable by small vessels. Show the expedition exploring the caves. Go for the plateau up top In the small bay on the southern end of the Eastern coast there seems to be a path to the top. We need to investigate if the island is habitable. Show the expedition making its way to the top and starting to explore the plateau. One build (the micro) is required to make it to island 7, where one of the options can be selected.
  14. Yes - I figured they would look like heavy planking and give a nice texture to a hull :) Thanks - and actually, it is 14 plus a chaser (if I remember correctly) ;) She is planned as a 28/30 gun (on maindeck) frigate, but the scale will mean she is actually bigger (although not taller) than the two decker I have in the works. I just received a large Bricklink order, and she should start progressing again. (I did not have near enough black plates, dark red masonry bricks, etc.) In prefabs, she is more than 9 long, so I think we might need to revise the pre fab guidelines for the larger classes. (Although probably not as long as you lovely SOTL!) I am thinking she will be a class 8, similar to my two decker. She is longer and wider, but will not be as heavy. And I am super excited to progress. I do, however, expect to take my time with her, to get her to look right. And be sturdy. Securing the chainplates properly for the shrouds will be a difficult task, I fear. With the rigging as tall as it will be on her, they will have to be able to take quite a strain. How did you manage that on your SOTL, particularly considering the decks can be removed?