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  1. Auction!

    It does not seem to accept my bids and I am on my phone, so I am just going to state it here. The ETTC bids 500 for each of the class 3 merchant ships.
  2. A) I seem to remember that a small plantation requires a larger footprint than other small properties. So the subject matter is fine, but the stud footprint may be too low. B) Check out this thread:
  3. [WTC-AMCRA] Pirate Hunt

    I have a feeling Tony's stories will lead to a few raised eyebrows in the next tavern he visits (I know he is not one to keep silent with his exploits ;))! Also, I thought baguettes were an Oleander choice of weapon - has Tony been frequenting an Oleander fencing master? :P Looking forward to where this goes!
  4. Looks great! Depending on the sail plan you are going for, you should reconsider mast placement. I would suggest finding a picture of a real ship to benchmark against. Right now, your foremast seems far too far aft. :)
  5. Auction!

    Sorry, can't remember when we introduced the new rules, but I assume it was before November :P OK.
  6. Auction!

    So it is not a sistership by the new rules? (I.e. the moc has only been licensed once under the new rules?) Links should be in the form responses, no?
  7. Auction!

    I will put this in the rules as a clarification. :) Super!
  8. Auction!

    This will have to be confirmed, but I do not think it is a sistership under the new rules, as it was sistershipped before the big relicensing. Perhaps you can see this in the ship registry? This is probably something we should clarify in court. I am fairly certain we have discussed it, but I am not sure what we agreed.
  9. Auction!

    Yes. :)
  10. [COR-FB5] Sample site 1

    Interesting surveys and results, Agent Kallus! I like the sampling of the soil, and particularly the grating to map the bedrock. It would be nice to see the full palm - I like how you made the trunk, but I wonder what you did for the top!
  11. @Spud The Viking You could go for a small armed cutter like this one. Searching for "armed cutter" on google gives some good results. @Legostone may even have some plans for something that size, or perhaps for an armed schooner, which could also be good for such a size. (Probably a class 3 or 4)
  12. That is generally what it means, yes, but you will also see upkeep deducted from your account. :)
  13. Auction!

    The ETTC and myself have placed a few bids. Two comments: - Misfortune's Wrath seems to be misspelled. My bid is hence not showing up - 750 for the Lady Jacqueline?!? :O
  14. @Bodi She was looking fine! Reminds me of my own SOTL (first ship in this thread, still WIP :P ). Difference is that I am using bent sides, which can actually be quite sturdy. Looking forward to following your new construction. @Roadmonkeytj I agree with Drunknok (Say WHAAAAT?!? ) - with 6 "effective" mid sections and one deck, she would be a class 7. Looking right fine, btw! :) @gedren_y Please remember that the archetypes are ALWAYS the benchmark, not other licensed ships. With that length and such a narrow hull (8 studs?) I agree that she is a class 3. If you put her next to the Otter, I even think she will look a tad small. She looks very sleek and fast, though, with that narrow hull. I would lower the booms of the gaff (fore-and-aft) sails, though, and make the masts taller. For a (topsail) schooner, the masts would be in two parts, divided over the gaff. (the upper boom of the fore-and-aft sails.) Unless you want to make her a ketch, your second mast seems a bit far aft. For a schooner, the second mast is the main-mast, while on a ketch, it is the mizzenmast (making the forward mast the mainmast).
  15. Auction!

    Nice build and story, LS! You might want to mention which of the ships are actually MOC'ed. (The HMS Proserpine, for instance, was not, being one of the 3 free faction class 5 ships)