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  1. Bregir

    Trade MRCA Deadline April 13

    For the MRCA, I will look into it shortly - currently on holiday and still a bit behind on challenge builds, but it is next on my list. Next, I want to try my hand at programming it, but that will take a little longer. I will most likely be working in Python with some browser interface, but it's fairly new for me.
  2. Are you in lego masters? Or do you have some connections for your propaganda efforts?
  3. Welcome aboard, Killian! A pleasure to have you here. We will add you to our pm at next convenience. if you have any questions to the lore, faction, rules, or anything else, feel free to ask them here, and we will do our best to assist you. In the meantime, you just have time to look into the current challenge, if it suits you. Otherwise, you can go ahead and build for your own story, or whatever you are up for. If you want to get started on the EGS (economic game system), remember you have a free small property and class two vessel as well. Fair winds!
  4. I think the question was as much to eligibility. And to be honest, I am not too sure myself, so I will defer to you
  5. An extension of the deadline could work for me too. Seems like the court is setting some excellent examples.
  6. The rules for digital builds have been discussed extensively in court, and there is broad agreement about the current rules. You guys are welcome to discuss it (constructively), but the court is unlikely to take it up again at this stage.
  7. Bregir

    [OL - ChIVE] RNTC Way Station

    I am not quite sure that is what I said. I think the crossroads, or perhaps the interior on a wider scale, is to be considered Atwi settlements. However, this waystation just inside your borders could be considered to be in the hinterland to Nola Mar, and could in my view count towards Nola Mar. I wouldn't call this fuzz - this was just a good constructive discussion, and a potential minuscule retcon. No hard feelings here
  8. Big brother is watching us!
  9. I don't know of any instagram efforts, although it probably wouldn't hurt! :)
  10. Bregir

    [OL - ChIVE] RNTC Way Station

    Sorry, I will comment on the build later, but this caught my eye, and I figure I better clarify. As per the challenge: However, as per the treaty (as far as I remember, although I am obviously unable to find it when I need it...), outsiders are prohibited from building anywhere in the interior outside the designated area at the central crossroads area. So, the way this would work would be that this post is just your side of the border, but as it trades with an Atwi trading post/village in the interior, you meet the criteria of the challenge. I think it is overall important for immersion that we remember the conditions of the peace, and while I have not said anything, it being of no in-game consequence, I have been surprised to still see Bluecoats in many postwar Kings Port builds. In reality, a former conqueror, required to leave occupied territories, would not still be allowed troops in the city. This case with an armed trading post is a bit similar. I am almost positive it is entirely against both letter and spirit of the treaty, and hence I can only see it be placed just outside the interior.
  11. We do have many colours covered by the player factions and the NPC nations... Or just blue, red, green and black for the player nations?
  12. COR | Cat B | Tensions in Nola Mar | Clerics COR | Cat C | Any army marches on its stomach | Agrarians
  13. L'Olius has won freedom for his small fiefdom, and now he must maintain it. Many of the Commonwealth are aware that to rival Kings Port, Westface must become a trading hub between the old world and the new. However, many Westfacians have no wish to emulate the merchant elite of Kings Port, seeing them as an artifact of the Mardierian rule, and a profiteering artifact at that. Instead, they content that the Commonwealth is based upon the riches of fertile lands in the Great Plantation and the soil and rocks of Eastern Terraversa. Without goods and raw materials, there can be no true riches. Without hard work and production, there can be no trade. Hence, across the Commonwealth, production facilities are built or being built to support the young nation. On a hill at the outskirts of the Great Plantation, one such facility has been set up: A windmill. Earlier, a degree of monopoly existed and a significant amount of grains was ferried back to the large Kings Port mills, to fill Oldis' granaries and the Kings Port markets. Now, however, the Commonwealth must fill its own granaries and markets. If nothing else to keep its sons and daughters marching to defend and rebuild their new independence.
  14. As is the nature of things, in Oleon the balance of power is brokered between the clerics of the Order and the nobility-dominated military. In most settlements, this balance has long been established, but in the newly added jewel in Oleon's crown, Nola Mar, tensions are high. The large scale military operation to claim the island for Oleon led many officers to hope for fairly free roam from the Order. However, the more observant of the sort saw this vision fade swiftly as the mysterious Quiver of Artemis was uncovered. It brought flocks of pilgrims and, more importantly, clerics to the island, and ever since unsubstantiated rumours placed the Quiver's real location in any number of places, Nola Mar became a hotspot for the Order. Here, a few officers bemoan the rise of the order, as a procession of monks and clerics parade an Artemis-shrine through the city, conveniently passing through a large complex commandeered for officers' quarters. Amongst some of the common soldiers, they are seeing a troubling fervour to fight less for the crown, and more for the Order, and this blasted quiver has given rise to some highly questionable discussions among the men. _____________________________________________ For the Clerics in Nola Mar. This build turned out ok, but I would have liked to spend more time finishing it. It was repurposed several times (for various categories in the challenge). The blank windows and the empty ground does bother me a bit, but it was build for the time available. C&C as always welcome.
  15. Bregir

    How Eslandola Took the News

    Currently rather confined, so no. Might change soon-ish though. But I do get good at finding spots to stack them. And move them around a lot to make space for buidling.