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  1. I also have some ideas for CAT D and would like to join up for a collab. Specifically, my idea is to build a bridge and show how each side defends/controls traffic on their end (binding it together by a common bridge design). Perhaps some bluecoat(s) would be interested? (And others as well - we can show markets near the bridge, defences, toll posts, boarding houses, etc. I figure the bridge will be a hub of activity and communication between the two sides of the settlement) If that doesn't strike anyone else's fancy, I am also happy to join a different collab. I also certainly expect the ETTC to join in on CAT E!
  2. Pacing around a temporary office set up in Westface, Montoya pondered the letter. He had been otherwise occupied for a long time, and to be honest, his business acumen was very limited. In addition, his man of business, Ibn al'Sayeed, had been gone on personal business for months on end, and he had normally been handling all Montoya's finances. With a determined look, he turned to his writing desk. To the Shareholders of the venerable East Terran Trading Company, As chairman of this fine company, I am honoured to call the general assembly to discuss and debate the future of the company, the excellent propositions posed by Colonel Allcock, and to welcome the new shareholders. All shareholders have equal vote in this assembly. Further, I wish to offer my resignation and suggest that the Assembly uses this opportunity to reconsider the governance structures of the company, and appoint a new body of governance. The general assembly is to be held in Westface, Terraversa in two weeks. All shareholders are invited to join us here to determine the future of the ETTC. Proposals may be presented on the day, although prior notification may be advised, should you wish other shareholders to have considered them in advance. Well met Don Isaac Montoya Chairman ETTC Attachment 1: Current shareholders: The Crown of Corrington Sir Thomas Smaugton ( @Tomsche) Micah of Wolfhaven ( @SilentWolf) Major Dirk Allcock ( @Ayrlego) Governor Aiden Coyle ( @Mike S) Viscount Chauncy Pennington ( @Scarst) Admiral Woodbrose ( @SkaForHire) Lenny Merryweather ( @CelesAurivern) Puvel ( @Puvel) John Hawksbrough ( @Fuzzy MacFuzz) Sir James Chase ( @BrickOn) Leftenant Bertram Rickard Wolf ( @Brickwolf) Don Isaac Montoya ( @Bregir) Attachment 2: New shareholders: Lord Frederic Spud @Spud The Viking Major Sir Nathanial Brickford @LM71Blackbird Captain Jonathan Brickleton @evancelt
  3. Excellent build, sir. The base combined with the variation between trodden dirt and green lushness work really well. The difference in colour and texture near the house is next level. And while I wouldn't paint my own house lime green, I like the look of it here. Definitely a From me!
  4. A little update: Now there is some live prey for the whalers (still need the spout of water from the blowhole)
  5. Interesting - I did just start with a few tablescraps yesterday with snotted plates for sides. Thanks!
  6. I found the same examples, and maybe I will regret this, but I was thinking of a slightly larger scale, so it could more or less fit with a vessel of class 4 or so.
  7. Anybody has some ideas/examples for building whales in a large-ish scale? I am working on a whaler and would like to have a large whale to go along, specifically a sperm whale, although I can draw inspiration from other species mocs too
  8. For some reason, I read fruit-vines. If it is a wine monopoly bonus, and you are building something that produces a different wine, that could work. If it's apple cider, I think you'll be infringing on a MAESTRO monopoly, but a cherry wine or similar concept could probably work.
  9. I am not entirely aware what fruit-wines is, but the real question is whether you will be stretching a monopoly on wine (which I think is what you are referring to) to also cover some form of fruits. My immediate reaction is that that would be a stretch.
  10. Bregir

    [OL - FB] Leaving Kingsport

    Nice build, and very in-character actions for the canon! I like the look of the troops, and the story is nice as always. The craters and busted down wall is well done, although I do agree removing the top tiles, at least some of them from the craters and giving them a more jagged edge might improve them a bit. One thing I note that this breach already has a very well-trodden path. Presumably, there was no part prior to the breach, but perhaps it has been used for getting supplies in and out of the city during the siege? There has been some OOC controversy about the extraction of the quiver. It is a bit of an RP grey zone that we can all learn from. On one hand, we want to allow freedom of personal storytelling, and on the other, at the base of RP is interaction. By extracting the quiver undetected, you are preventing anyone from reacting or interacting. Optimally, you would have done one of two things: Either you give your "opponent" a hook to react to, or you ask for game master input as to whether your attempts to kidnap the quiver succeeds. Hence, to avoid retconning, the court has decided that @Ross Fisher has come a little too easily around extracting the quiver. To correct this, Ross is to build a small licensable property for TER related to the secret removal of the quiver. A suggestion could be the workshop in which the copy was made, or a chapel with a secret priest hole through which the real was smuggled.
  11. Bregir

    [COR-FB Class 2] Iron Rose

    I think you are off to a good start here, mr. Babbington. I like how you have worked in some details along the sides of the vessel - the railings work well, and that you have gone for custom sails. It is nice to see these hull pieces used to good effect. In terms of presentation, it would be nice to see a proper full size shot from the side. If you don't have a good background, a fairly neutral wall or similar should allow you to show off your work better. I'd also suggest you put in some details on deck and some minifigs on all/most pictures like in your action shot. And if you have the tiles, tiling some critical areas like the studded parts of the railing can also make the whole thing look more polished. Good luck with the MRCA! May you prosper in trade!
  12. Bregir

    [OL - FB] Leaving Kingsport

    This matter is being discussed in the proper places, and a solution is underway.
  13. Bregir

    Terraversa Peace Talk

    I was thinking it would be connected to Nola Mar with a coastal road, but I will leave it up to OL. As per the treaty, they have the right to build that road. As per the game OOC it doesn't really matter - Troops in Northern Silitholina would be able to move around the island as any other. (The roads are largely just for IC flavour - doesn't really have any influence on game mechanics ;))
  14. If you want the freebuild payments, yes.
  15. Can't say I am a big fan of these special series. I simply don't find them useful for purposes. That said, if they made a pirate or castle series, my viewpoint might well change!