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  1. Welcome, Bricksfeild! Silentwolf more or less addressed your question. Ranks in Corrington are generally earned, and include actual in-game responsibility and tasks. I have an alternative suggestion for a solution, though. How about making your sig fig the son of the Admiral you have described? It would open up for some interesting motivation to live up to the achievements of his father, both in terms of rank and honours. That way, you can still include the admiral (his father) in your builds and stories, but center it around his son (your sig fig), a young sea officer in the early beginning of his career? It will probably make the game both more fun and more manageable to you, and it avoids the Mary Sue complex that Mesabi mentioned, which can be somewhat of a hindrance for roleplaying. Let us know what you think and how you plan on proceeding. We are a really helpful bunch and will all help you to get at good start here!
  2. [COR-FB] The Sweetest Fruit

    That's not how this works ;) You build something, and then license it, and then possibly you get a bonus at some point. ;)
  3. The BoC will certainly discuss terms for a loan @Drunknok ;)
  4. @Lazer We would love to have you! It is Balondia as on the map. I blame local dialects for the mix up with "Belondia" It has never really been defined, so I am going to do so now, based on what little information we have. Myrph is a duchy on the border between Oleon and Corrington. Probably on the east coast. We have some plans for Myrph going forward, but that shouldn't stop your sig fig being from there. (Hint: Just don't play the duke... ) Peppin, to the north-east north of Mardier Isle of Tam, to the north west, north of the Corrington mainland Sure. Would love to see them developed a bit in the lore. After challenge 5, I believe it was, Ayrlego won a Battalion of foreign troops. That is why. See it as a force of volunteers, something like the foreign legion. Let us know if there are any other questions. Hang on a moment. The above may be redacted for locations of the different names shortly. The above is hereby deemed official lore!
  5. MRCA II Adventure

    Indeed. That will mean your expedition splits into two, not that a new one is started. In practical terms, that means that Mesabi should set up a new adventure topic (linking back to the existing one to keep the story coherent), and fill in his own AMRCA form. (If you expect your expeditions to rejoin later, you can also keep it in the same adventure topic)
  6. MRCA II Adventure

    When the TMRCA has been published, we will set a date for the next turn. And yes, the paperwork is the AMRCA form. Whether you and Maxim split up your missions is your choice.
  7. MRCA II Adventure

    No no, your adventure is now in motion, and since you have made your build all you need to do is to ensure that the proper paperwork is submitted next turn and it will continue. The three months would be if you wanted to start a new adventure, not continue the existing one. The important thing is that the gamemasters can see from your builds, stories and the adventure MRCA form what you want to do next turn.
  8. Yes. I think the credit rating of the Mayor will prevent this currently.
  9. No one said one thing excluded the other. But other than that, if you don't want the signature task, don't use it. You are free to do that, and there is no need to be snide about it. Some people (KB) actually put quite a lot of work into that (and a lot of other things for this game), based on a poll where people could give their opinions. There is no way we can satisfy all, but even if it doesn't always seem like it, we are actually trying...!
  10. No, don't "feel free" to shoehorn anything. That's not how we play the game. Pick the one that fits the best. Typically, governmental buildings are cultural, so that could be an option for the firefighters. If some sort of education of the fire brigade is going on (yes, you guessed it - educational) and if the the doctor does research it can be educational. But other than that I would say it's skilled labour, thus artisan.
  11. [OL-FB] An old two-decker

    So, your topmasts are prefab masts? (The lower masts are attached to the hull, the topmasts to those, and the topgallant masts on top of the topmast.) Pff, don't you even know that the topmasts are not the topmost ones? As if it wasn't perfectly logical! Must take a lot of hinge bricks! How sturdy is the construction? I see you have your shrouds attached to the sides, so they must be made to withstand quite some force! On my 4th rate WIP uses clips too, and it is surprisingly sturdy (although it has grown heavy like I don't know what...). I have a small class 3 brig underway, and I can't find a good place for attaching the shrouds... Agreed! And you are definitely at a skill level where you must share your tips!
  12. [AMRCA - Maxim I] Origins

    Almost missed that you had replied with a build already, Mesabi! For the future, editing it into an old comment is a great way to make no one see it! And (apart from the question below) you seem to have done it entirely correct, although Maxim might prefer you coordinating with him before spending his cash! (Although actually, what the count has done is perfectly in character, so scratch that... ) Great story, and I like how you have included a suitable backstory for the vessel and a little dock. As before, I would like to see a little more attention to detailing and finish. Afterall, you have until the next MRCA deadline (TBD), so no need to rush. Generally, I like your minifig posing - just one suggestion - a lot of them appear to be in 90 degree increments. Twisting and turning some of them to break up the angular look would make it even more lively. I agree the sails turned out pretty well, but would have liked to see some rigging (strings) too. (A quick google search for "xebec" will give you many pictures to work with, and inspiration for both hull and rigging.) That said, I quite like her. She is a little chubby, which is suitable for a transport ship, and she could use a little more finish, but generally, she is pretty nice. @Mesabi A quick question: Did you license the ship? (We need to make the money add up correctly. I am not asking you nor Maxim to make any changes, but we need to know what you have done to adjust properly) Also, the 40 % premium is only in case Maxim decides NOT to take it out of the adventure treasury. If he instead wishes to draw on his banks (his own account), it will be with a 40 % premium. And the same would apply for you, if you license the ship yourself. But that is up to the two of you to decide! We just need to know. If you do not tell us, we will assume you are spending the adventure treasury.
  13. [OL-FB] An old two-decker

    Strikingly beautiful curves, Bodi - a wonderful example of an early ship of the line, drawing direct lines to the galleons of yesteryear. I never seriously thought those towers could be implemented on a realistic ship, but you have very much proven me wrong. She is a stunner, while still looking historically realistic. The stern and quarter galleries are very well made, and her proportions are all around spot on. I think some minifigs would ligthen up the whole scene, though, and agree that a bit more back story would be a big plus, but she is absolutely great. The only true criticism is that your pictures appear to be too dark. I can't really make out the details in the rig. (What parts have you used for the topmasts? The poles themselves appear to be 2x2 round bricks, and the topgallants technic connectors, but I can't make out the topmasts. Also, the tumblehome: Is it achieved and supported by 1x2 hinges alone?) I am certain Bodi did not start at that skill level And while the bricks is a true limit, don't worry about your skills! I feel like I build pretty reasonable ships now (can still improve), but I had to work my way up from very humble beginnings! My point is, if you want it, you can do it! It's all about practice and experimentation. So just start building smaller ships, and aim for continously higher goals in terms of quality, realism, etc. You will swiftly see your skills improve, I am certain! (And of course, Corrington can always use more ships... )
  14. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    "Nobody expects the Corlander Research Grant Committee"
  15. [COR] A fine day in Tellvok

    I think this is a lovely little scene, actually. The low facade in the background and the life on the street is well depicted. I like the little handcart too. I will never be a fan of mixing fleshies with yellows, though, but that is entirely a personal reference! And actually, as long as your builds are part of the overall storyline of your adventure, why not keep posting them there? (I get the point about builds you want to license, but you can actually link to specific posts in a topic). It will help keep the story coherent, and help ensure that the gamemasters get the whole story included. Its been really tough keeping up with all the great stuff on bobs, these days, let alone commenting on it all. Particularly with all the things happening lately, and a wish to get some builds done too!