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  1. Bregir

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    I typically have netflix going, or Youtube. some sort of series or documentary. But when the building bug really bites (or I am struggling with some tiny piece of rigging...) I tend to miss out on significant part of whatever I am watching... :P
  2. Bregir

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    I am fairly certain Kai is 'Murican? So "down here" might only mean slightly more southern...
  3. Bregir

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Great series of builds and story, @Ross Fisher. I strongly advice that you create a separate thread for this storyline, including the builds and stories you have already posted. It will make it easier to follow, and easier to refer to later, as source material for the Great alliance states! :)
  4. Bregir

    [GoC - FB - COR] All Hail the Queen!

    As a regular King Solomon I will set a compromise. This build is approved, but LM's next GoC LDD build has to be presented rendered by minimum two different rendering programs for comparison (more encouraged). Examples have been presented above.
  5. Yes, you can add to this post.
  6. Very nice return, Mesabi! I really like this build, with the funny angles, the offset door and the walkway. You still have a few bricks in need of pressing down (cheese slopes on the gables), but overall, I really like the attention to detail and the fact that it isn't just sitting squarely on the plate. There is also a nice interior, and I like the little architectural details on the house. However, the GoC requires a 20x20 build, so while it is a nice build and property, unfortunately, it doesn't qualify for the GoC.
  7. Bregir

    [COR - FB] Charming the Locals

    Excellent little battlescene, Spud! While it may not have qualified for the GoC due to size, it certainly shows the redcoats in their glory, and I think you have conveyed action wonderfully!
  8. Bregir

    [GOC] WTC Rising Sun

    @Mesabi Somehow I thought I had already commented on this! Here, you are demonstrating a novel technique, one that I have never seen before, and you have achieved tumblehome and the nicely raised bow and stern. While it may not be the most realistic rendition of a junk, it is nonetheless an interesting technique and an overall nice looking ship. For future ships, I would like you to consider the following. Your rudder seems very loosely attached. In reality, it would typically be mounted very close to the hull, being such an important piece. I'd like to see you experiment with custom rigging and/or sails. Lego sails have their limitations, and with string and paper, you can get far. It will also force you to consider stability, which is a good push to improve building overall. And some research/picture search of how (different types of) rigging actually looks can also help you perfect your work. (regardless of how realistic you want it to be) I'd like a few more details and life on deck. You actually have quite a few, and it doesn't look empty, but it is always a good place to put in some time, as it gives a great feeling of finish. Additionally, I would also like to see you try your hand at recreating an "actual ship". What I mean is, it would be interesting to see you take a picture or painting of a ship and try to recreate it to some degree. Currently, it seems you are working largely from imagination (which is also cool), but I'd like you to try the other approach too. Not to recreate it perfectly, but to try to get overall lines and proportions right (even if a bit in caricature). Last, when you are in doubt of the class, it seems to typically be because you are stretching it a bit. In this case, I would say she is a class 4, not a 5. Overall, nice build, and you have a from me. Further, I am taking a leadership decision and interpreting Silentwolf's comment as one too, so this is hereby approved. (as a class 4, mind you) Good work and sorry for the (looooong) delay!
  9. Bregir

    [GoC] Fortification on Serentia

    Great looking fort, Wellesley, and I quite enjoy this presentation. I think it works for this build because it is meant as a true frontier fort in the middle of nowhere. A From me for GoC. I particularly like the mix of whitewashed stonewall, green half-timbered and brown wooden tower. While this construction will not do well against artillery, it is perfect for frontier defence. One suggestion could be to add some details in the courtyard, for instance a well, a cooking fire/stove, some training dummies, etc. but overall, this is a very nice build and will help defend Serentia!
  10. Great looking workshop, inside and out! As others have said, the tools are great (details, please ) as is the detailing all around. Two suggestions. The gables should be higher than the roof. I think raising them just two plates would do the trick. Right now, it looks slightly odd. Second, for photosetup, I can recommend a large roller blind. It doesn't crease easily, and gives a good uniform background. And then it is cheap! Adding an extra light source (any lamp will help) will probably help your phone take better pictures. That said, your pictures are fine, but there seems to be some flash reflections that more light may help with. Overall, good work.
  11. Great looking troops, LM. I seem to be spotting a few wings amongst the cavalrymen? I also quite like the riflemen. These irregular troops (as opposed to the line) always fascinated me, and I quite like your design. I think I would suggest distinguishing the officer more from his men than ange of hat colour, though. That said, this is just a showcase of troops, not a moc, and we need to see a proper build of some sort to allow licensing of troops. In this build, you do not need to show all the troops, as you have here, and these displays can be used to show the whole contingent. And it doesn't have to be a large or advanced moc, but it has to qualify as a "build". If you have already licensed the troops, no worry - just make sure to follow up with the build. If this is not clear in the rules, please point it out to me, so I can adjust it. Anyways, very nice troops and I hope and trust they will serve the Crown well! (Once licensed correctly)
  12. Bregir

    Account Summary

    @Captain Genaro and/or @Phred : Wellesley is missing in the account sheet, and can you take a loot at Darnoks request above? Thank you in advance :)
  13. Excellent lugger, Wellesley! A from me from the start. As I said on flickr, I am also working on a lugger, although that will have a less peaceful purpose... First a "little" well deserved praise: I am very impressed with the technic technique you have used for the bow and stern bulllwarks - never seen that before, and it works surprisingly well. Some sort of closing up on the top could be the final touch, but I feel like a tile or similar would probably seem to blocky. But the shape you have achieved is excellent. The rigging plan is excellent, and you have captured all the interesting peculiarities of the lugger rig such as the raked masts and the sternsprit-thingy that I do not know the name of. The sails and sailplan are excellently made too. Can you share what material you are using? Additionally, you have given the ship life. Both by an excellent backstory and by presenting at your Dock, which brings it well into the world of BoBs. There is also good details and activity on deck and I think your presentation is very good, with all the interesting angles for the story. (But I am also happy that you added the spoiler photos for details and full shots) I also have a few suggestions and questions: I have never seen the three lug-yards on the same mast before. In the (few) depictions I have seen, there would be one or two. Can you perhaps share your source material, as I would love to learn more of the lug rig. I'd suggest using a different type of string for your rigging. The rough twine (?) you are using makes the rigging look worn and old, with many "Irish pennants" (all the little pieces of string jutting out and about). I also feel like it may be a bit too thick for the purpose, but it's hard to say as the rough surface makes it look thicker. Model building shops typically have specialised, vaxed string for the purpose, but cheaper alternatives, such as thickish seewing thread, or household cotton thread/string can also do the trick, and can be found in different colours. My last question is if your masts are actually held up by the rigging? Is it tightly rigged, and is it strong enough that you can (more or less) lift the whole vessel by the masts? All in all excellent vessel, Wellesley, and I am sure she will serve Corrington well. Keep up the good work!
  14. Excellent series of builds, Ayrlego. I can only echo Silentwolf's praise and add that as always, your presentation is excellent. A from me. To some degree, you have created a style guide for these Corlander settlements, and in such relatively small builds. While it's a tough choice, my favourite is probably camp Isaac, for the pioneering feel, and if I am to offer some feedback, the Jameston one is my least favourite. The very small enclosed windows looks a little odd. Overall, excellent series of builds.