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  1. Perfect - consider the lighthouse an improvement requirement, and the crane an optional idea. Your description makes perfect sense - the lighthouse look like it was built by someone else - that someone else was you from the past!
  2. An overall excellent collab from you and Bodi, which I hope to be able to comment on more fully in the future. While most of your work here is really very good, and since we hold royal properties to a higher standard, I feel like the lighthouse is the weakest point. Would you be in a position to rework that? It seems a bit flimsy, unpolished, and unfinished compared to the rest of your build. (It's also a bit dusty, which a soft brush can typically fix ) Since a considerable part of your footprint is not too heavily built up (naturally, since it is a pier), I'd like to see a little more work on the lighthouse. You could also consider a crane or two for the largely empty pier if possible. Would that be doable in some form?
  3. Just popping back in to say a heartfelt thank you to @Faladrin and @CapOnBOBS for taking it so constructively. Keep it up!
  4. Also, it was with the introduction of significant upkeep
  5. @Faladrin: And I refer to my comment on the other build.
  6. Going forward, please bring up such concerns with your faction leader, who can then take it to court. In my immediate evaluation, this fort is perfectly justifiable. The original small fort was destroyed in the attack, and as a hamlet or larger, a settlement can have at least one fort. Tarlor has been established as a town earlier in the TER adventure. The build shows, to me, sufficient effort, exceeds stud count with a margin, and OL will have to pay for both licensing and upkeep. Should we determine that subpar mocs are being pumped out to boost any faction in any way, we will of course, intervene. Should you disagree, ask your leaders to take it up in court, and we will discuss it, but the above is my position on the matter for now. Same rules apply to all, and if mocs are made, forts can be constructed in TER settlements too.
  7. Correct - or as you say in OL: "Oui, monsieur" (Assuming you raise the max amount that one time)
  8. "Everything is turnbased (/awesome)"
  9. Bregir

    Organizing pirate minifigs

    Interesting - I'll follow this too. Currently, have some set up on some baseplates with weapons and all, but the rest in a few bins, one for specific characters and one for general applicable minifigs/minifig parts. Accessories are sorted by type (guns, shields, long weapons, short weapons, epaulettes, armour, etc.) Non-pirate/era-appropriate are sorted out for themselves. The acrylic cases are a good idea to avoid dust, the constant enemy of lego! Heresy! EDIT: Very useful blog from @Kai NRG!
  10. I don't think I have ever seen the count's first name before, but you seem to have missspelled "irregular"
  11. Hear ye, hear ye! Kings Port has fallen! Oldis is beat! Read the latest news, only in the Kings Port Advertiser!
  12. October 620 – February 621. Vol 6, Issue 1, Special report B - now reporting from the Pamu office. Kings Port falls to Oleon - Oldis declares national day of grief! It is our sad duty to report that our glorious capital has fallen. The infamous Oleonese invaders have expelled our brave defenders and raised their foul flags over the palace and throughout the city, Terraversans are steeling themselves against the likely plunder of the Bluecoat horde, where those who cannot escape are locking up their daughters, burying their treasures, and stocking up on provisions and firewood in expectation of chaos. Scores of Terraversans are making their way to other settlements still under their rightful rule. Oldis has made it to Pamu with the remainder of his forces, and has declared February 20th national day of mourning. You can find first-hand accounts of the battle in this same issue. The Battle for Kings Port In preparations for the assault, Oleonese sappers set up multiple artillery positions to bombard our defenders barricaded in the inner city around the governmental seat. At the dawn of February 20th, 621AE, all guns opened fire, blasting down buildings and walls to pave the way for the assault. Rather than a single breach, several buildings took the toll, which allowed the combined Bluecoat arms to advance both inside the ruined buildings and through the rubble-strewn streets. Terraversan troops, taken by surprise and their traps thus circumvented, found their positions attacked from multiple, unexpected directions with grenadoes, musket fire, and cold steel. As the fight turned into a general melee our defences saw all advantage slip from between Oldis' fingers, and the much greater numbers of the Bluecoats told. After a few hours, the house by house retreat turned to a rout, as Oldis was no longer able to maintain discipline amongst the men. It is said that Oldis has lost faith in his ability to lead troops in battle after this defeat. (-1 to commander xp for Oldis for a total of 1) Loyal Terraversans can take a modicum of hope from the fact that our soldiers managed to inflict some significant losses to the attackers, bringing the Oleonese force down to 1150 men. After their infamous victory, the Oleonese general is said to be celebrating in Oldis' former halls - even his enemies must acknowledge that his military prowess is not to be underestimated. (+1 to commander xp for Brigadier des Armées Charles Louis Gabriel for a total of 3). From the disorderly rout, our officers managed to rally only half the initial force, the rest being lost to enemy shot or steel, or in the panic of the defeat. Leading 360 men in a rushed march towards Pamu, our exhausted forces were met by the Bluecoat diversionary force under captain Jean-Batiste de Moncey (+1 commander XP to Jean Batiste de Moncey for a total of 2), whose skirmishers picked off many of our men, further reducing our forces to a mere 290 all told now recuperating in safety in Pamu under the guard of the garrison and the Eslandian mercenaries. Out total force in Pamu now consist of 380 men, plus 400 greencoats, only just enough to offer resistance to the Bluecoat opposition. Île Sous de Vent invaded by the mad count In a frail reversal of fortunes, news is brought to us from Île Sous de Vent, where, by the orders of mad WTC Count Mesabi, a small vessel has landed a few sailors and planted the flag of the WTC after "bravely" toppling over the single flagpost sporting the Oleonese standard. While hardly an action of any consequence, it is certain to rile up the Bluecoats, and perhaps force them into rash decisions that may lead them to remove troops otherwise destined for our fine island. With most of the editorial staff removed to Pamu, the Kings Port Exiled Advertiser will continue to bring you the latest, independent news of developments on the Brick Seas!
  13. Thank you - removing evidence is what I do! ;) Thank you for the help in finding the inconsistency.
  14. I think they had a generation of bricks in particular in reddish brown and dark red that had this problem, but as far as I know, they have mostly corrected it. Excellent little fort, Bodi, and with an excellent story that doesn't at all seem like a Bluecoat propaganda poster! I like the tudor house in the background, and the gatetower with those 2x2 round bricks look really cool. Landscaping is well done too, and I like the minifig posing too.
  15. @CapOnBOBS: Moving the discussion here, as Jose's inn is really for light-hearted, slightly off-topic banter. I understand where you are coming from. There are a lot of rules to keep track of. As you say, it is important to bring any inconsistencies to light. BoBS has evolved over many years, and there may in places be inconsistencies or things in old rulesets that has not been properly corrected as new rules have taken over. However, I also think that it is important not to overreact, so let's keep calm and get this sorted. I refer to the land combat rules, where it states: The only reference I can find to fort protection radius is in the "by land - maps..." topic in a single table. As far as I know, it is not elaborated further elsewhere - please correct me if I am wrong. That also means you would have had to make assumptions about what "protection radius" actually meant. So I do feel you are overdramatizing in your statement: If I am wrong and there is a "published description" somewhere else, please point it out to us. This protection radius was part of the old, never finished and never published war rules. I will look at replacing that table shortly. No rules are changing mid-fight, but having to develop them retroactively based on player actions does make it somewhat complex to ensure full consistency - we have to learn as we go, so to speak. I can also assure you that in none of the OL attacks on Terraversa have you had to fight forts or garrisons outside the settlements you were attacking. That would likely have changed the whole war up quite considerably. (Apart from making it horribly complex to gamemaster... ) Of course - we are happy you are getting involved and having fun. If in doubt, ask - that can help us clarify any inconsistencies, and help other players get a handle on the rules - BoBS is a complex system, and even the veterans get confused or get things wrong from time to time. There is also an extensive complex of rules, many of which have been revised several times, meaning there is a risk of "old rules" still listed somewhere. Any help in identifying these is much appreciated. Also, I will just ask that we all take a deep breath before going all dramatic. We are all working on this project in our spare time (at least, that's what I tell my employer... ) and none of us claims to be perfect. But the court is devoted to making the game fair and fun for all, and none of us enjoys much seeing minor disagreements, misunderstandings, or miscommunications turning into OOC drama. IC drama, on the other hand! All that said, thanks for your enthusiasm and your attention to detail. I am happy we are getting this misunderstanding and inconsistency sorted, and I hope you will find on second thoughts that it doesn't really make that much of a difference - at least not for the worse. If you wish to recall or correct some of your fort licenses based on this, we can certainly arrange that.