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  1. Well, I should have prefaced that with it only working for smaller, lighter vessels But it's a good way to think about it anyway. That you need to construct the keel, chains, and other key structural points in a manner allowing them to support what they are meant to do. If you chainplates are too loosely anchored into the construction, setting up a taught rigging that actively supports the masts will be almost impossible.
  2. I don't often use the long axles, as I don't have many, yet still it typically ends up strong enough
  3. In terms of rigging, I always try to set it up very sturdy, and while it isn't near historical, I use a single technic bushing with a 2 long axle through it, which I then secure to one end of the shrouds, tighten them up, and then lock the other end in place with the axle. It looks ok and works very well - I can typically lift my ships by the (lower...) masts without problems. Does require firm fixing points in the hull for chains, stays and masts, of course! And I implore anyone not to take Kurigan's comments too near - there is a lot of great info in there, and I absolutely applaud and recommend the additions @kurigan give here, but it doesn't always come across perfectly elegant. Remember, we are here to have fun, and embrace all styles of building.
  4. Wait a minute.... I agree!
  5. It's never been pinned, the number of pinned topics considered. But it is part of the master index.
  6. Very good looking warehouse, sir! I will be looking forward to seeing Captain Scarver make his fortunes in the Brick Seas. Welcome to Corrington!
  7. And rightly so! She is a beauty and a very well made cutter moc! Looking forward to seeing her in the Brick!
  8. Bregir

    [SR -FB] - Hilto, Harbormaster home

    Great colourful little house. I particularly like the use of the old small windows and the outward facing toothed bricks. And I too am intrigued by the last picture!
  9. Well, I'd say that one is sufficiently generic to be used in a wide selection of roles. (where a "true" blue- or redcoat torso may seem strange outside its faction). I use it as a blue working uniform for my sea officers in Corrington, for instance, but I am sure it has been used for sea Rats and others too.
  10. As per the rules and official standing, digital builds are one to one with physical builds. You have advantages, but you also have disadvantages, and to be fair, anyone can pick up digital building. We will step in, if quality suffers or we feel like someone is misusing the system, but that goes for digital and physical builds. Those are the official and blunt words. Here comes the more encouraging ones: Please join up if you feel intrigued - we are very happy to welcome new players, and the community here is very helpful. We will be looking forward to following your stories - those are really the important part of BoBs
  11. Corrington, CAT D, Collab with KotZ and Thomas Waagenaar
  12. As part of the peace treaty for Terraversa, Silitholina has been split between the newly founded Commonwealth of Terraversa and the Oleonese territories, along the river Sil. With this, families risk being split, businesses risk being separated from their suppliers, and trade between the two parst in danger of petering out. To avoid this, both sides have agreed to keep trade open and at the old bridge, originally built by the Mardierians, an islet in the middle of the river has been designated a free trade zone. Although this show of benevolence on the rulers of the recently warring territories has given rise to considerable hope for a peaceful future, there is still a significant mistrust against the new neighbors and defenses has been erected by either side. "Normally, I should never have recommended carronades for fortifications" Cooke observed to Allcock and L'Olius. "However, in this particular case, they will serve well." His listeners each raised an eyebrow to see this peculiar, and distinctly inelegant, naval weapon mounted upon the recently completed gatehouse. "Some may lament the low accuracy and range of these brutes, and I should be hard-pressed to challenge such claims." the sea captain acknowledged "...however, for clearing a narrow bridge, nothing can compete. You see, the weight of metal and the rate of fire is unmatched by long guns!" "And to that, the inability to effectively target the opposing defenses makes them less of a provocation for our blue-coated counterparts." Allcock added "...and it would take but a short while to set up proper siege artillery, should the need arise." L'Olius nodded, visibly impressed. Corlander pioneers, with a workforce of Terraversan militia and craftsmen, had erected a new gatehouse in record time, and overseen the mounting of the carronades, posing a potent defense for the Commonwealth's northern border. Trade and traffic was passing through largely unhindered, but should conflict arise the heavy gates, artillery emplacements, and crenelations would pose a formidable barrier for anyone trying to attack his new fiefdom. _________________ Collab with @KotZ and @Thomas Waagenaar. It has been a fun collab! Other parts of this collab can be found here: Checkpoint North by Thomas The center-river trading zone by Kotz
  13. Excellent work, NOD. It's full of fun little details to make the moc come alive, and the scale is awesome. I like how it is set at an angle on the base, and how you have made sure there is something going on all around the build. Very well done all around!
  14. This seems perfectly reasonable to me. I too have a heavy frigate in the works (for a long time) and she is about the same size and was projected as a class 8 too. Shee looks very promising all around, by the way, and I am really liking your masts and tops!
  15. We seem to have some excellent shipbuilders joining these days! @Justsomebrix I think the first iteration was pretty good, but I agree she was a little high in the water. For the new one, it looks very promising. I would reinforce the chains so that you do not need to worry about structural integrity when setting up your rigging. I personally use the rigging to actively hold up the masts. I think the shape is overall very nice, although it seems to me that you will need a wider transom - currently it seems to be very narrow at the stern. But the hull is overall very good!