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  1. Bregir

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Welcome back, kb! And excellent build and story hook - I really like the dungeon you have created. It is has the right feel of ancient decay, while still looking inescapable!
  2. Bregir

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    @Bodi @KotZ @Captain Genaro @Dukesc The mood in Kings Port was turning foul. Hollande and his expedition had been subject to namecalling and minor acts of vandalism against RNTC property, and contact to Terraversan authorities had been reduced to an absolute minimum. Rumours were circulating amongst the populace that Oleon was involved in some covert mission to sabotage Terraversan independence, and Oldis' government was obviously seizing on the opportunity to gain popularity by alienating the RNTC. Through increasing harbour fees, withholding of supplies, and various administrative obstacles, it was becoming clear that they were outstaying their welcome. On board Hollande's flagship, an ominous note arrived from a reliable abbé from the Temple of Artemis. The messenger was bruised and covered in rotten fruits and mud, and had clearly been in a scowl. Hours later, a seemingly innocent trading vessel crossed the point and entered the harbour. From it, a boat discreetly set out towards Hollande's fleet, carrying a report from Nola Mar.
  3. @Flavius Gratian The Amiable and Concord had made almost as much of an impression as the arguably much more important recognition of independence. Particularly L'Olius was thrilled with the gift and had welcomed the Corlander delegation into his court. Oldis in Kings Port, on the other hand, had yet to agree to a formal meeting, and had kept communication at an absolute minimum to satisfy diplomatic etiquette. Then, one morning, two sealed letters arrived. 1st letter, from L'Olius 2nd letter, a hastily encoded document:
  4. Second on my todo list for bobs, but thanks for the reminder. Roadmonkeytj is waiting for something too, I see!
  5. Very interesting, @Bodi. I find the first pictures the most enlightening in terms of hull shapes, and I am most intrigued by the flat bows of these junks. I have a feeling the leeway on these would have been absolutely horrendous!
  6. Anyone here got some good source material for Chinese (war) junks? I am looking to build Lotii ships, and find source material hard to come by. With the lotus stirring in the east, I figure we could all benefit from sharing some ideas :) I did find this interesting photo, although of limited quality.
  7. I think I have 6 different almost finished vessels sitting around my work space... Looks great - and as Thaum says, those tops are real nice. How did you fix the lower end of the topmast to the top? I have been struggling with that specific connection myself. As to rigging in general, I think you have it pretty well covered, and adding more will probably only clutter it up. Your foretopgallant-stay is hanging limp, though! As to companionway, it is not something I have ever given much thought. On larger vessels, I have a door or opening under the quarterdeck that would cover it. On smaller vessels, I typically just show a hatch cover or similar. I won't claim any of it to be historical, but I don't think age of sail ships would have proper "phone booth"-like little houses for the companionway.
  8. I can probably find a few more characters if you'd like, but I think this should do From left to right: Don Isaac Montoya, Sir Michael Farley, Rear-admiral Samuel Fletcher, Captain Sir Jonathan Cooke, Charles Baker.
  9. Then she can certainly be licensed as a class 6. See here for details. Well, initially the background. But I think a bit more variety in colours overall would help too. (Although tan or brown decks would probably look strange ) I'd suggest taking a look at all the various way people make chainplates. There are bulky and elegant solutions, realistic and imaginative, etc. Probably one that suits you too.
  10. Can you remind us what the companionway is? Is it the same as the gangway (running down the sides of the ship connecting forecastle and quarterdeck)
  11. Yes! A tradition worth upholding, and I am sure you will do so in style! I have several characters who would be delighted to join and I shall try to get you a picture of them and a proper reply ASAP. Great initiative!
  12. "Are you quite sure this is a good idea, sir?" the mate asked the bowler-wearing gentleman. "We haven't exactly seen much success up until now... Which, by the way... How do you secure the funding?! "Never you mind the funding, my friend" he found himself being cut off. "One little cutter did not do the trick. A larger lugger did neither. But together! I have had them drawn up by the same line as the Rover and the Defiant, you see..." The Gentleman Privateer never gives up, despite a few... minor... setbacks. So hereby sistershipping the Rover and the Defiant as the Maverick (cutter) and Audacious (lugger).
  13. Montoya has been diving near Westface on Terraversa.
  14. Diplomatic work can be both taxing and time consuming, with long periods of waiting for reactions. To pass time and cater to his scientific leanings, Montoya has coaxed Cooke into another mission of submarine exploration. As so often before, this has left Cooke working hard at the pump for the diving suit. Underwater, Baker is in his element at the forefront of practical science, rustling through wrecks, sea weeds, sea shells, and other fascinating submarine treasures. ______________________________________________ Overall view of the build: It was originally built for one of the challenges, but never was finished. I didn't want to have it go to waste, and I quite liked how it turned out, so why not send Montoya and Baker on a little scientific exploration? :) C&C welcome.