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  1. Thanks, guys - after finishing the first version of deck details on the SOTL, she is really begging for some rigging! :) I have actually done the same on a similar rig built entirely by lego/technic :P It gave some rather thick ropes, that I will be using for anchor cables etc. I simply used sewing thread, spinning 6 strings (I think) into one cable. Looks great, although the black is hard to show in pictures :) And so I did, buying string in different thickness and both black and tan. Aaaand a sheet of sailcloth that I will be looking forward to trying (although actually sewing it is not my favourite prospect... :P ) Look great, Bodi - although I didn't know you knew how to build trading vessels! :D She is really lovely - great details all around. Looks like you might have forgotten chainplates, though? Being a twodecker, if she has 5 mid sections, I would say she is comparable to the Margot and can be a class 7. If she has 4, she would be a class 6. As she should be! She looks like a massive improvement on your past ships, and I really like her. Her shape may be a bit exaggerated, like a comic book ship, but I quite like it, and it reminds me of something I have seen in RTS games. Colourscheme is spot on too. I would suggest moving the boats to davits either on the quarter galleries or stern, as currently, they look a bit out of place. Further, I suggest removing the brown round 2x2s as part of the masts. Instead, use the prefab pieces for lower masts, and then make topmasts in technic connectors. (Similar to how Bodi did his topgallant masts) In a carrack, the masts would probably only be in two pieces, not three as in later vessels. And like bodi did, the topmasts should overlap the lower masts somewhat. Imagine they have to be tied together. You can't do that end to end, but need the overlap. That is also where you would create the tops, from whence marines can fire muskets or swivels, and where look-outs can reside. :) Overall, great vessel. I really like where she is going. How many midsections does she use? And welcome to you too! Might have to get my hands on that piece! :) And I have reworked the stern cabins many times already, so I may consider your suggestion of a white stripe. I am not too fond of introducing another colour so close to the light blue (and I do not have any blue gunports... :P ) She is very close to being done, though, basically "just" needing rigging, and rear-admiral Fletcher has been without a flagship for so long, I think it is time to do something about it. (And then there are all the other WIPs I really should get to finishing... :P
  2. Bregir

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    Looks really good, Wellesley! Building a ship this size on prefabs is a bold move, but to my surprise, her proportions are looking really good. How many mid sections are you using? I am working on a similar scale frigate for BoBS, but have use hinges for the lower hull. That can look great, as long as they are positioned well, but they quickly turn out of place... :/ I will need to rework the beakhead entirely, so don't put too much stock in that. (And I seem to have forgotten catheads...) HMS Sirius - WIP by Christian West, on Flickr I really like the long sleek hull, and your cabin is looking good - I like the use of those windows. Can't wait to follow your progress!
  3. If you had seen my bricklink order history over the last 2 years, you would understand...
  4. I have sadly been delayed by work and spare time shortages, but expect to be able to finish both aMRCA and tMRCA this week.
  5. @Bart It is sometimes hard to read people's minds, so if the aMRCA group sidesteps your adventure, let us know. You are welcome to send me a pm with some more details on what you are hoping for. You are of course also welcome to end the aMRCA and continue from here "un-gm'ed". Just let us know - our objective is not to lock you away somewhere, but to give you some fun challenges - and we are not immune to feedback! ;)
  6. Bregir

    LEGO MOC Gunboat

    Neat little gunboat - often they would be propelled by oars, sails only being secondary propulsion, so that could be a suggestion. However, I quite like the lateen rig and the custom cannon and rudder, and the hull is a nice use of the more modern pieces. In Brethren of the Brick Seas, we have seen several examples of gunboats, some of them mine, and I always liked the idea of gunboats. Cool little moc - and nice minifig too! (And I am totally not trying to manipulate you to join BoBS ;) )
  7. Bregir

    [AMRCA Drunknok]

    @Drunknok The crew is still trying to piece the Carnian documents and maps together, but expect them to be ready soon. (PM, underway - we are just hammering out the details) However, there had been no sign of the WTC receiving the carrier pigeon, and the best guess is that it has been taken by birds of prey. It would seem the expedition will have to make do, or prepare a ship to send home for communications... OOC: We have decided that you will have to work with what you have - it is an expedition far from home and with many miles on the clock - so we want to maintain the challenges connected with this. Should you repair the ships (or just one of them), you can split up the expedition and attempt to send one or both home for reinforcements.
  8. We are working on ways to make piracy more fun and feasible, particularly for the SR, but there will be a bite of good old classic pirate myth in it for everyone... And I expect it to be out before the next mrca.
  9. Bregir

    [AMRCA Drunknok]

    Yes yes, no worries. You can have all the IC discussions with the RSND leadership you desire ;) :P (Just make sure you clear the OOC side with Mike - it is his money, after all) BTW, according to the story, do we actually know if that island was "north of serentia"? When we did the first aMRCA response, the idea was that it was just a tiny speck somewhere on the way to Serentia. (If I remember correctly) And by reading it (quickly) again, I am still not convinced of anything else :) Am I missing anything?
  10. Bregir

    [AMRCA Drunknok]

    I am fairly certain Mike here refers to land that can be settled, but I will let him make that call. Again, the island was a story element. We can cut those out entirely, if it proves to lead to conflict and/or misunderstandings, and then the game will be the poorer for it.
  11. While i can't exactly say I enjoy the slandering of my characters, I think it would be fun with some historical recipes. :)
  12. Bregir

    [AMRCA Drunknok]

    Indeed. The island is just a small rock. Not suitable for wooding, watering or provisioning, and much less for a settlement. (OOC: It was a story element, probably just an out cropping on a reef connected to serentia. So no land found in EGS terms, sadly, despite Drunknok's more than tireless efforts ;))
  13. To be clear. Sea Rat leadership grants you a charter (And why shouldn't they?) and informs the court. Once posted, the court checks if it lives up to the standards, and possibly asks you for some additions or adjustments.
  14. This charter is an OOC thing, so you have to inform your leadership, which then informs the court. Once it is posted, the court will, as with any other royal property, let you know if you need to make any additions or improvements to license it.