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  1. Is two turns of anti-piracy enough to declare yourself heroes? Corrington should get the Nobel peace prize, then! The Lotus will regret having angered the Royal Navy! While the loss of the Resilience was a terrible hit, it was only a temporary set back! Corrington truly rules the waves!
  2. An exciting read as always, Capt Wolf! Excellent work and some veyy intriguing stories amongst them...
  3. I can't see those pictures, @kurigan Site doesn't seem to be working.
  4. Makes sense, Professor. Have you seen the new Hermoine? I have been aching to visit!
  5. I was actually thinking chicken coop, but that makes no sense just above the captain's cabin... Smell, noise, and all...
  6. **PBA** Challenge D deadline extended until July 15th:
  7. ***Public service announcement*** Due to delays in running the latest tMRCA, category D will be postponed until Wednesday, July 15th. This is done to allow you all more chances of building for tMRCA results for the challenge. If you have already submitted an entry, remember you are always welcome to improve and adjust your entry until the deadline. Regards The Brethren Court
  8. That is a very good question. Normally, I would expect skylights for the captains cabin there. That thing looks like some storage or similar. I am tempted to suggest that it is the result of someone creating the model not really understanding something he sees on a painting and then trying to "interpret" it and came up with this, but I may also entirely be missing what it might be. Doesn't your source specify what "D" is?
  9. Say WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!?! I would never have imagined
  10. Is Oleon spying on private letters now? :O
  11. Bregir

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Montoya resents any suggestion that he should have been less than cordial in his correspondence with Hollande - he is simply confirming what Hollande himself has said about his own skills and the nature of the RNTC mission. ;) The accusations implicitly placed in Hollande's letters, though, have not gone unnoticed. :P
  12. Spiderwebs have started to come dangerously close to my lego now (my lego room is in the basement...), so it would appear I need to start building more! Also, I am seeing so many wonderful builds but hardly have the time to comment - keep up the outstanding work, guys!
  13. Bregir

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    @Captain Genaro Monsieur Hollande, Should I ever be in a position where I should find your particular branch of skills, insights, and experience in any way helpful, you shall be the first to know. Until then, I shall not disturb you and your doubtlessly purely commercial ventures any further. In Her Majesty's Service Don Isaac Montoya Consul, Corrington