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  1. What we are looking at is raiding. Raiding is what it sounds like - raiding a settlement to steal valuables, viking style. Actually conquering and occupying a settlement is a very different task, and will not be part of these mechanics. That is part of the war mechanics.
  2. Ownership is not specified. So yes.
  3. Bregir

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    @Captain Genaro, @KotZ, @Bodi, @Dukesc Military intelligence In their extra spare time, the troops at Westface made an additional screening of the fortifications they had so far only seen from the sea. For fear of being taken as spies, they could not nose around too much, but prepared a preliminary report and sent it to Hollande in Kings Port, where the surveys had also been successful. All this had been compiled into a report by Hollande's clerk (forwarded to Captain Genaro). "Political contacts"... In Kings Port, the question still remained - what political horse should the RNTC bet on? He still had the names Tarlo had brought him - and now had to decide who to approach... Our best chance is to stick to Oldis. He is clearly in charge, and if we try to appease his closest friends and political allies, surely we can bring ourselves closer to an agreement? Oldis is a haughty fool, and clearly, the time has come for a change! We should contact Oldis' political opponents amongst the plebeians and seek to levy pressure through them - Surely he cannot rule comfortably without the support of the commoners? This noble republic may be... short-lived. There are many who still wishes for return to the Mardierian crown. It will be risky, but Tarlo has given us a contact to a secret society of loyalist politicians, nobles, and merchants. Perhaps this is where we should start... One build is required to progress this storyline. There is a risk of discovery regardless of what choice you make. The mysterious huntress... "Your efforts are much appreciated, and I will help you find the first clue to the temple." she said. "But know that finding the quiver will be no trivial task. The Atwi has hidden it well behind traps and riddles to safeguard it from the Mardierians and other prying eyes." "There are clues in several locations, and you may not need to collect them all..." So where will the expedition start? (The options of giving up the huntress and/or the information to the Order, the Terraversans, the Atwi, or the Mardierians still remain) But only ONE option can be selected. Each of the following options will reveal a clue towards the temple location. The Sillitholina Monastery Some of the Atwi converted to their own interpretation of the Faith, and erected monasteries, in which Atwi scholars and philosophers would seek peace and contact with the Gods. They were chosen to guard the first of the clues. To gain access to the clue, you must go investigate the monastery. Build a micro of the Sillitholina Monastery and a vignette or build showing the expedition finding the clue inside the monastery. (Is it hidden in the floor, a statue, or?) Tanari caverns In Tanari, Atwi fishermen discovered caves which entrances were only above water during low spring tides. In these caves, the Atwi buried their dead, along with another clue. Show the expedition getting into the cave at low tide (one build) and how they search for and find a hidden chest (another build). Reassembling the expedition Our men in Westface are being released. We must provision the ships and set sail. Show the crews somehow preparing to leave Westface. One build required. Once fulfilled, the ships in Westface (Esprit Fortune and Eastern Trader) will be free to sail in the tMRCA again, or join the expedition. (Indicate which of these choices you make) Further, 100 dbs is subtracted from adventure treasury to cover the expenses of their stay, Two builds required to continue, but if you want to proceed in two storylines, four builds are required. Max two storylines can proceed this turn. Remaining options will (most likely) still be available next round, but be aware that Eslandola is going to Terraversa too.
  4. Eslandola's mission to Terraversa @Capt Wolf, @gedren_y, @Elostirion The Valiant Phoenix arrived in King's Port without incident. Slightly surprised (and worried) to see the Olean vessels docked there, captain MacMathain headed for a quay on the opposite side of the port, after exchanging signals with the port authorities. As they docked, a man hailed them. "I seek a signore Bucci - he was to embark on the first vessel to leave King's Harbour for Terraversa..." "He is not onboard? You refused to offer him passage?!..." the man said with a deeply furrowed brow and angered intonation. "May Prometheus spare you despite your insolence..." he almost spat out between his teeth before disappearing into the crowds. Most foreboding... More troubling for the truly Eslandolan aboard, though, was a harbour fee of 20 dbs. (Deducted from adventure treasury) A few days later, a response for the letter arrived. Terraversa would allow the establishment of a permanent embassy if Eslandola would build it. A permanent mission Eslandola must establish a permanent mission to Terraversa at once to give mutual good relations the best possible starting point. Build (and license) the embassy, and show preparations for the arrival of the first ambassador. It must be a medium or large property. Did we say "ambassador"? We actually meant... envoy. It is too early, and too risky, to settle permanently. Let us rather rent a suitable room. Build a vignette showing a rented room or office. In King's Harbour, both the big cats had been loaded upon the La Comete (300 dbs deducted from adventure treasury), and the ambassador had embarked. Signore Bucci had opted to find passage on his own, and the expedition had too many things to consider to worry more about him. The ship set sail for Terraversa, and despite some troubles with the felines (the panther almost escaped its cage at one point) the island was sighted on the expected day. As the ship docked in Kings Port, someone in a dark hooded cloak covering his face made inquiries about a "Signore Bucci", but disappeared as the harbour master arrived to charge docking fees of 30 dbs. (To be deducted from adventure treasury) Let us gauge the political situation first... This is a complicated situation, and we cannot risk a misstep from the beginning, rushing into anything! Send your agents into Kings Port to gain some insights into the political situation and show how information is obtained in the city. There is no time to lose! With Oleon already in contact with the Terraversan's, now is not the time for caution! Show the Eslandian mission before the noble council (including Oldis) of Terraversa. What does ESL offer, and what do you ask for in return? Two builds required to continue.
  5. Bregir

    [WTC-AMCRA] Pirate Hunt

    Mesabi Landing As above WTC it is, then. "When" will be whenever we get the paperwork sorted out. It might. You will simply have to keep an eye out for any sightings of him. All NPC pirates run proper routes, so he may leave the zone next turn, if he were using the red rascal hideout too. Whenever you want, since this is now concluded. No conclusion build needed. It has been fun GMing this one. :)
  6. Bregir

    [WTC-AMCRA] Pirate Hunt

    @Mesabi @Drunknok The Red Rascals where not known for cowardise, and had refused to surrender. The plan had been a complete success bar one thing. As the fight roared on, and the cornered pirates were being cut down, their hideout levelled by the gunfire, an unexpected explosion resounded through the jungle. Or rather, a series of smaller explosions, one quickly after the other. Apparently, there were only two miraculous things to say about Mackies Machinery. 1) That it killed none of the crew in blowing up, and 2) that Mackie had been able to fool the WTC into buying it! Nonetheless, the mission had been a success, and the Red Rascal hideout had been levelled to the ground, with most of the Red Rascals killed or taken capture. A few of them had escaped into the jungle, but it would be long before they could pose a threat to anyone again. The Red Rascals are defeated. Zone 35 will see significantly decreased (NPC) piratical activity over the next two to three turns, where it MAY start picking up again. ( @Capt Wolf, please effectuate this, thank you ) Tony's raft proved very helpful. Free license for the class 2 vessel with the stats: R2, M2, F0, C1, H1, $3 We have retrieved their treasure! 500 dbs added to final payout of adventure treasury.
  7. I remember one of our glorious leaders earlier ranting on and on and on about inflation... But no-no, that is not a problem in BoBS...
  8. In that case, everything works as intended :)
  9. It does seem a little gamey. In reality, all properties over parity should get the next modifier, so that it cannot be gamed. Right now, apparently, there is an advantage to hold back one type of property to avoid the next level. But that might not be an easy fix, but should probably be on our list of wishes.
  10. Bregir

    [COR FB] A new arrival in Port Raleigh

    Cool story and nice vignette! Good to see a more permanent presence in Port Raleigh. But be careful... If you don't watch, you may end with a mayorship on your hands one day! ;)
  11. I honestly think this is a misconception. You may have this impression, but I really do not think it is as bad as you think. Could we do more for pirates in terms of options? Sure, but the same can be said for any aspect of the game. I am looking forward to hearing more of Capt Wolf's ideas for secret coves and smuggling, but I am not sure what is currently missing for piracy to work. Hence, it is also very hard to do anything. The black flag mechanic is something built specifically to allow piratical activity without reflecting on your faction, and bar a few misunderstandings, it seems to me to be working. One issue is that black flag pirates seem to continue to go into ports where piracy is not welcome. And face similar fates as when non-pirate ships have "visited" Bastion. Can we have some suggestions for what pirates should be able to do outside the current options? What rules are inhibiting for pirates? (Keep in mind that raiding is being reviewed by the court as we speak.)
  12. Our fleet list is, very secretly, in one of the first posts in our general faction topic. ;)
  13. I think it should be flagged everywhere possible, including in the KPA. Not whether the order was given, but when it is actually activated. A private note would be a good thing, but perhaps showing it in the KPA (with a tagged name) would be sufficient?
  14. Bregir

    Settlement: Lavalette, Stéphanique, Oleon

    Lavalette is getting some strange visitors under the cover of darkness...