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  1. Calling for a volunteer! Oleon has announced an attack on Kings Port. As per the combat rules, a volunteer can build Terraversa's defense build, describing the defensive tactics the terraversans will employ, and thus aid Terraversa in it's defense. You will have until November 1st to complete the build and description. Remember, it is not the size or quality of the build that matters (as long as it shows sufficient effort), but the tactics described (as per the rules). Also, for an NPC a build is always better than no build.
  2. Bregir

    [BTV1-OL] Kingsport Peekaboo

    Excellent build! Am I correct in assuming that you are committing all troops in Kings Port to attack Oldis' forces there? (the rules state you must clearly specify the location of the attack and the troops engaged. "All" will surfice for the latter ;) )
  3. Rolled a 3, meaning you get 100 % of value for a moc'ed capture. For a class two, that is 120 dbs, which will be added to your account shortly.
  4. Bregir

    [BTV1-TER] Gun Placement

    Very nicely built gun emplacement, Spud! Landscaping is excellent - I like you you have gotten the wooded sides incorporated into the build too. Cool little field piece too!
  5. Bregir

    [COR Troop] The Thin Red Line

    Excellent build and good to see Allcock return to the more civilised colonies! I think a two handed hold on the muskets for the rear rank might look better, although the muskets will come out rather short. You could also simulate ramrods by giving the front rank a lego bar or similar in their off-hand. Nonetheless, an excellent troop build!
  6. Excellent introduction post, Captain Brickleton - and definitely an interesting time to join the undisputedly best faction in the Brick Seas. I am most certain Allcock will be most pleased with these reinforcements in these trying times! I am very impressed how well the orange works in this landscape, and the overall landscaping and vegetation is used very efficiently to convey the autumnly mood. Excellent figs as well, and I absolutely have to highlight the troops packing down the tents - excellent work!
  7. Excellent build in its own right, and absolutely excellent story to go along with it. I too would like to know how you gave the impression of that slung rifle. The full lego shots are my favourites - the overview shot is a bit too shiny for my taste - it looks almost like a render. Your roof, particularly the overhand out front, may be a bit too thin to properly reflect a thatched roof. I like the tudor style, and the door and window frames really shine. You also do a great job of making the scene come alive with all sorts of little implements throughout. Well done, and good to see some love for Terraversa!
  8. Bregir

    Troop rules and land combat

    Nope - this is just restating the current rules for raising troops. I think it might in fact be an old phrasing of the rules, as we typically allow much more leeway in what mocs can be used for raising troops. I will look at an update.
  9. Bregir

    Troop rules and land combat

    So far, no. Raids are conducted as usual. We may sometime in the future align them more with land combat rules, but babysteps. First question - what is the WTC planning?
  10. We now present the first edition of troop rules and land combat! Note that these rules are subject to balancing and may be changed by the discretion of the court. We will also show some leniency in deadlines for this first mrca turn.
  11. Land Combat and troop rules NB: This is a first version of the rules, and they are subject to changes and balances. Recruiting troops To license troops, you must post a moc. This moc could be showing the troops in a relevant scene, and include some background or details of the unit (their history, tactics, weaponry, tasks, or similar); it could be a recruitment drive, an officer making plans; or similar. Number of troops recruited and location of recruitment is required. (As with all other builds, BoBS leadership reserves the right to ask for improvements on builds not showing sufficient effort) There is a limit to how many soldiers can be "recruited" (i.e., purchased and MOC'd) from a settlement during any MRCA period, based on the settlement's level: Hamlet: Can't recruit troops Town: 10 men per MRCA Large Town: 30 men per MRCA City: 60 men per MRCA Large City: 90 men per MRCA Grand City: 180 men per MRCA Capital City: 270 men per MRCA Note that all troop purchases, as well as movement of troops from one location to another, are done through use of the troop form. Below you can find the price of raising troops. Note that there is a slight discount to raising more at a time, but the upkeep is always 6DBs per MRCA per 10 men (always rounded up) Platoon: 30DB | 10 Men | Upkeep 6DB / MRCA Company: 80DB | 30 Men | Upkeep 18DB / MRCA Battalion: 220DB | 90 Men | Upkeep 54DB / MRCA Regiment 600DB | 270 Men | Upkeep 162DB / MRCA Division: 1700DB | 810 Men | Upkeep 486DB / MRCA Army 4500DB | 2430 Men | Upkeep 1458DB / MRCA Moving troops Troops can move once each turn. Either by sea or by land, but not both in the same turn. - By sea When moving troops between islands, you will need the proper transports. Hence, troops will be embarked on ships that can then move during the tMRCA turns. A ship can carry troops equal to 5 * ([class] + [cargo rating]). (Please do not fill in the troop form for the next turn before the conclusion of the previous tMRCA, as some ships (with their troops) may be diverted. Troops on sunk/captured ships will be lost/captured with the ship.) - By land Troops can march overland between settlements and locations connected by land and can visit one settlement per turn. (No interrim stops) Combat Troops can attack once per turn. If this is in connection with sea transport, this is handled as a raid. Land combat can be entered in any location where two (or more) opposing armies are in proximity (i.e. can reach each other over land), and can be initiated by any of the opposing armies. - Attacking An attack is started by the attacker posting a build (vignette or larger) including a (short) description of the tactics employed, no later than 2 weeks before the tMRCA deadline. The post must include information on which army (and how many troops) is attacking who, and should be linked in this thread with at least two active players of the opposing faction tagged. NB: Only when all these conditions are met has an attack been initiated! NB: If the court decides that an NPC will make an attack, it will be announced by the deadline. A build is not required for NPCs, but any player can volunteer to build for the NPC, the build to be submitted before the tMRCA deadline. Players of allied nations (if available) of the NPC will have preference if more than one player volunteers. - Defending The defender has until the tMRCA deadline (two weeks) to post a counter-build defining the defense strategy. Defenders have two options: Defense or retreat. - Retreating If there is somewhere to move (which means a friendly settlement to move to or enough ships to transport the troops out), the defender can decide to refuse battle. This will yield the ground to the attacker, but save the troops for another battle. This requires no build. - Defending If the defender decides to offer battle, a build (vignette or larger) must be posted with a description of the defenders tactics. NB: If no defense build is posted, the defenders will be considered overrun, and get a tactical score of 1. NB: If the defender is an NPC, a player can volunteer to build the defense build. Again, players of allied nations will have preference if more than one volunteers. NB: Fortresses in a settlement under attack will add their garrisons and artillery to the defense. ((Crew + Guns) * 5) will be added to troop numbers. - Tactical score The attacker and the defender will get each a tactical score based on their build, which will have a significant impact on combat outcome. This score is determined by court. Tactical score is judged based on two factors: Cleverness of tactic Integration of established IC elements Terrain Could be forests or cliffs that are used to ambush the attackers, or particular terrain features of a settlement, island, or area. Could also be island rumours Buildings or fortifications Troops Troop numbers are set by the EGS, but for instance, a build may have established that some of the invested troops are hussars, and you recreate the charge of the light brigade (probably not a good idea...) Etc. These two factors can be brought together by clever tactical use of established IC elements. Please link to the elements used by the tactic. More is not better - we go for quality over quantity, so clever use of one or two elements is better than mediocre use of a multitude. Q: What are established IC elements? A: Anything that has been established by builds and stories before the attack. This means players can use existing elements, or build up elements. Examples could be building field fortifications in preparation for a potential defense, or digging siege trenches in preparation for an attack. Attackers get a score between 1 and 5. NPC's will default to a score of 1 unless a player volunteers to build for the NPC, in which case the score will be between 2 and 5. Defenders will default to a tactical score of 1. If a build is submitted, the score will be between 2 and 5. NPCs will default to a score of 2, with a build raising it to 3 to 5. Hence, it is *never* a disadvantage to submit a build. NB: There is no size requirements or limits, although all builds have to show sufficient effort. The court reserves the right to reject any build that is deemed subpar. - Commander skill Commander skill ranges between 1 and 5. A commander starts at skill 1 and will gain +1 skill for each successful battle (tactical retreat or better). Accordingly, it will be decreased by -1 for the most grievous defeats. If no commander is present, a new commander will be appointed (by the relevant faction). Named commanders can be player characters or faction controlled characters. Commander skill is applied to all troops under his command, but only one commander can be in charge of each battle (you cannot add the skill of several commanders present). Commanders can be moved similar to troops, although he takes up no troop capacity and can hence move by even the smallest of ships. - Combat resolution Combat outcome is a function of the following: Troop numbers Tactical scores Commander skill Random factor (1 to 5) A battle will rarely conclude with the total destruction of an army, but rather with some losses and a retreat. However, in some cases, unconditional surrender may be the result. The results, including losses, will be published as part of the KPA. Note that an experienced commander scoring a high tactical score may defeat a considerably larger enemy, but that evenly matched, troop numbers will have significant impact on the outcome of a battle.
  12. About the only true thing you have added to this conversation. Please do indeed leave it to a) Corrington and b) mods going forward. This is not the sort of community BoBs is. Please adjust. Same goes for you, @NOD Your apology is accepted, but I do not want to see a repeat case from you nor Vroski, and particularly not in Corrington's thread. Thank you.
  13. October 2nd, 620 AE Admiralty House King's Harbour To Commander Joshua, It is with pleasure and joy that I can hereby confirm the rank of commander upon you for your actions to deny the enemy the use of the captured first rate HMS Resilience. The crown expects that you shall do your duty in your new rank as well as in your own. Corrington Rule the Waves Rear-admiral Fletcher Commander-in-Chief, Royal Terra Novan Navy @Spud The Viking
  14. "It is known..." Well, if you are so certain, take Bodi's advice and bet on your winning horse instead. BoBS is a dynamic world, and if events unfold so that Terraversa becomes an Olean colony, so be it. It is up to you to make your choices, but believing anything is given will probably prove wrong. In the past, we have seen things change over night - you never know how SR, COR, or ESL may react to the prospect of a lost Terraversa, and so far, the Terraversan are still sitting on about half of their own island. How many mercenaries, volunteers or LoMs will join either side? We do not know, but it is certainly an interesting time. Additionally, we do not know OL's end-game. Perhaps their objective is exclusive trading or docking rights, or total dominion. We don't know - so guessing at the outcome may be fun, but your predictions have only two possible outcomes: You can be wrong, or you can be lucky!