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Found 15 results

  1. Christmas is coming!!! Santa Klaus needs a much more powerful sleigh to satisfy the requests of all the children, and the governor of Brickuga has gladly lent him his flagship... Red, white and gold, you can't get more Christmassy than this! Soon the elves got to work, and cut here, cut there, add some decorations and a pair of sledges, and a brand new sleigh-ship is ready! Watch out for the elf-gift launcher slingshot, it never misses a shot! Merry Christmas to everyone! P.S. This is a "mod-moc" of my "Tiamat - Governor Flagship" which you can find among my previous posts.
  2. Mestari

    [MOC] Santa's Motor Sleigh

    Hello, I would like to present to you my MOC of Santa's Sleigh. Initially it was supposed to by more typical endeavor but my local LUG (WAWLUG) held a small contest to build whatever using Stuntz motors. It only had to go half a meter, which gave birth to idea of a Diesel Sleigh :) The sleigh is pulled by three Stuntz motors and one regular and on very even surface can go up to about 1,5 meters. The biggest problem is the fact the sleigh have only one wheel that is used to "ring" two bells it has. Those will swing back and forth as the sleigh go. I hope you'll enjoy this little piece of X-mas, even though it is a bit late :)
  3. Aliencat

    [MOC] The Joyful Brinkman

    It's that time of the year again! This time Santa has a brand new sleigh, The Joyful Brinkman:
  4. LegoMyMamma

    [MOC] Winter Village Ice Rink

    Quaint skating spot with a snack shack for a warm cuppa coffee and pretzel. Stephanie and Kristoff arrive in a Holiday Sleigh all decked out with seasonal garland. It's pulled by the Reindeer Sven -- wearing festive bows too! ~~~ Built with parts from only 41322 Snow Resort Ice Rink and 41066 Anna & Kristoff's Sleigh Adventure. Sven is headed straight for that winter Lavender! Inside the shack we can see the offerings of pretzels, cupcakes, mint sparkling water, ice cream cone and, of course: coffee, cappuccino and hot chocolate! The microphone by the register broadcasts over the speaker by the rink -- so you can be told when your snack is ready. If you decide to ski cross-country, you can rent those and poles near the frozen fountain. Warmed by the rink's firepit, Stephanie enjoys her Salted-Caramel Ice Cream cone on the bench -- while Sven munches on a carrot. Kristoff is busy making hot chocolate for two. Grabbing her hot cocoa off the window counter, Stephanie is excited for renting skates and hockey gear! Game on! Steph will try for the corner pocket ;-) As dusk arrives -- it's time to head back to warmer Village shops. This sleigh has a unique license plate -- so you'll always know it's Sven guiding travellers through the snowy scenery!
  5. Norton74

    [MOC] Santa's Hot Rod Sleigh

    Santa is a Rodder... Hard to believe but Santa is probably a Hot Rodder and this year he has changed his classic sleigh with this snow-rod in bright red and gold. I think he's having a lot of fun with his new machine I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  6. Donald may not believe in the climate change, but I thought Santa should be prepared for it :)
  7. Have a furry, I mean Merry Christmas guys! Hope there are the sets you wished for under your Tree :)
  8. Hold on a minute; doesn't this seem familiar... However, great minds think alike! (But not always about steering). Anyway, here is my contribution to the festive season! There is a sleigh which houses a M Motor and a 3:1 geartrain reduction. Out front there is a sort of reindeer creature beast (after all: Santa ==> Satan....) with the walking mechanism rather rudely stolen from this video - cheers ISOGAWAYoshito! The video: Merry Christmas everyone and a (hopefully) Lego filled 2017! Now for some pictures: The whole bundle. Thinking about it, I should have put a universal joint or two in there! The stuff of nightmares (looks never were my strong point)! That juicy undershot. Its OK, it is in the right forum! P.S A LDD file will be available after Christmas. See you then!
  9. Merry Christmas everybody! I want to show you my version of santa's sleigh with reindeer. I made it about a week ago and it's a bit different than seen last days. It has the perfect size to fit my brother's 40206 Santa Claus
  10. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Santa Claus is bringing gift for our little friend .. With him.. his faithful friend Rudolph that pulls the sled of .. to bring joy to all the children of the world .. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 1 by Giorgos E, on Flickr Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 4 by Giorgos E, on Flickr Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Giorgos E, on Flickr Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 2 by Giorgos E, on Flickr Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 5 by Giorgos E, on Flickr More pictures you can find here to my flickr album
  11. Those pesky rockmonsters were at it again this time raiding Santa's Sleigh Sleigh Thread:
  12. Trainmaster247

    Santas Sleigh

    This is a SNOT built model of Santas Sleigh, the only non snot pieces are the seat, presents and runners. I built this to go in conjunction with my Rockmonster Who Stole Christmas Scene ( I hope you like it and comments are welcome as always.
  13. Heksu

    MOC: Christmas Church

    Hi everybody! I would like to show you my latest MOC, a Christmas Church. Untitled by Heksu, on Flickr Untitled by Heksu, on Flickr I´m proud of those snowy bushes! Untitled by Heksu, on Flickr Untitled by Heksu, on Flickr Untitled by Heksu, on Flickr I hope you all peaceful ja happy Christmas waiting! You can see more photos here:
  14. Skalldyr

    Moc - Winter Wonderland

    Hi everybody! I want to present you a little scene I build for the Brickset Festive Building Competition. ~ Rudolf stood still on the wide wintry fields. ~ The frozen grass sparkled blue in the dim morning light. ~ Today was the day. Santa's sleigh was already outside ~ and soon the gifts would be loaded. ~ Then finally! He would be able to fly! ~ For the first time - out in the cold windy sky. I hope you all like it! -Skalldyr
  15. Here is something I built for the MCP Program, using exclusively parts from set 31313: This is Santa Claus' sleigh, pulled by his faithful reindeer Rudolph! Rudolph pulls the sleigh by using the same leg mechanism I came up with for : a simplified version of the Klann linkage. Besides the large motor for walking, there's another one for (very roughly) adjust the angle between Rudolph and the sleigh to allow for curves, and a medium one for making Santa wave his arm.Of course, Rudolph has to have a red nose! The colour sensor, set for reflection mode, gives the nice redness. Like with , I made a point of using the infrared sensor "upside down" for Santa's eyes, to avoid the "aggressive" look given by the lines printed on the sensor. I tried to have the EV3 prominently displayed, with its side ports for USB and SD unobstructed, and reserved space for the rechargeable battery.I really like how the robot turned out to look: it was fun trying to make the most of the 31313's relatively limited assortment of parts (for example, some dampers for Rudolph's hooves would be most welcome). On the other hand, I really wasn't able to make it work well: with an EV3 loaded with batteries, a large motor, a medium motor, and assorted parts, the sleigh got really heavy for Rudolph to pull, even with wheels underneath. Also, the steering is just too abrupt for direct remote control, and I couldn't find a way to gear it down while using the available parts and still look cool. Here is the video of it in motion. And here are some more pictures. If you want to see any detail or other angles, just ask. I hope you like it!