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Found 37 results

  1. "I have not the foggiest, my friend, but I am sure we shall find out..." Cooke answered Montoya's somewhat panic-stricken question. "Unfortunately, I didn't bring my charts and sextant on our little boating...." he added under his breath. vs. how it ended... by Christian West, on Flickr Earlier that day: "HOLD ON! We shall soon pull you out!" Cooke shouted over the whirlpool's roaring in his best quarterdeck voice. Baker, quite out of breath, muttered: "You absolutely had to study these strange things first hand. Everything for science, I guess..." "Splurgh... I am collecting *cough* invaluable data *sputtering* first hand!" Montoya managed to blurt out between gasps for air. How it started... by Christian West, on Flickr In the meantime, the HMS Camilla was being blown far off station, leaving the three friends and their tiny boat quite lost at sea, as a storm was brewing...
  2. Out of the morning mist around Westface shoots the spectre of an unknown schooner. In forts around the city, guns are loaded and levelled, preparing for the order to fire. The recent pirate attacks on Mooreton Bay have left many a harbour defence on the edge. Approaching close to the wind, the signal hoist on the foremast is obscured, but as one artillery officer is just about to give the order to fire, a signals post repeats the private signal from the schooner, identifying it as a friend rather than a foe. Following directly, a new signal breaks out, calling for the captain of the HMS Greyhound to repair aboard at once. At shore, the signal confounds the commandant, as the Greyhound has long since departed the station. However, Captain Cooke, spotting the signal from his portside inn, realises that it can only refer to him and rushes to the pier. The schooner HMS Nimble is newly built off a Balondian yard and just arrived in Terra Nova. The 10 gun schooner is armed with 6 pounder guns, and built specifically for the rough seas of the colonies. She is a weatherly craft, able in high seas and able to lie very close to the wind. Now she is the first in a squadron of ships sent to reinforce the colonies, under the command of Captain Cooke. Another small hull piece test for a class 3 schooner.
  3. Despite being the swiftest of the three, the HMS Camilla was the last to arrive in Westface, hours after the HMS Nimble and the HMS Corsair. As the squadron was spread out to sweep the seas on their way to Westface, the HMS Camilla, being commanded by only a lieutenant, was relegated to the most leeward position of the line. As they neared port, the square rigged, and thus least weatherly, Camilla had to make up the most distance, beating up from leeward. The HMS Camilla is an 18-gun post ship of the Royal Navy, newly built in Northern Corrington. Her long 12 pounders offer her a good weight of metal, but what is most notable about her is her tall rig, being built for speed. She is well-suited for traditional anti-piracy duty, although the size of the most notorious Brick Seas pirate flotilla might make the Camilla's career short. She arrives commanded only by her first lieutenant, with orders for Captain Cooke to join and take command. The orders did allude to the fact that an 18 gun post ship is somewhat below the station of a senior post-captain, that it was only temporary, and that Captain Cooke would certainly jump at any opportunity to serve his country. And while Cooke had expected a more substantial command, the command of a squadron did somewhat make up for it, as did the beautiful, well-handled post-ship. If the crew of the Camilla had expected a long-awaited shore-leave in Westface, they must certainly take some resentment towards their new captain, as only hours after arrival, Captain Cooke had them afloat again on gunnery exercise with the rest of his new squadron. Another ship from my yards. Years in the making. If @Garmadon remembers, he challenged me (probably not directly ) to build a ship with gun-ports of 1,5 stud width. This is the fruits of that labour. And I think she turned out pretty nice. The biggest challenge was really making her sturdy, as the off stud widths make for less stable connections. I have learned much since I built her, and there are obviously things I would redo, but I am overall quite happy with her. She will be licensed as a class 5.
  4. While Oleon has invested heavily in their newly conquered territories in Northern Terraversa, Corrington's resources has been stretched in countering the Lotus threat to the far East. This has put Corlander investments in a rather unfavourable light, something L'Olius has not been late to remark, privately or publicly. "Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on your new position, my dear friend!" Cooke beamed a bright smile. "Her Royal Majesty's ambassador to all of Terraversa - I would say that is quite the honour, and well-earned for your many years of service" Montoya, giving a polite bow to his friend, replied: "Indeed, indeed. An honour and a burden, but one I am very willing to take. However..." he sighed. "However, our resources are spread thin across the Brick Seas, and our support for the Commonwealth of Terraversa after the war has been a bloody disgrace!" Cooke spat out bluntly. "We have even removed most of the fleet East, leaving little to protect our interests in these seas!" "Might you not be slightly biased by the lack of a command for yourself, my dear friend?" "That is ENTIRELY besides the point!" Despite these words, Cooke did visibly calm down. "And have you not spent your time productively with the artillery and defences of the new Commonwealth, as well as training it's navy?" "I have, I have... But let me tell you this, Isaac, if I do not soon get a deck under my feet, I will go stark raving mad - not to mention that I will lose all chance of promotion!" "You are the most senior post-captain in the list...." "In Terra Nova, yes! Back home, the spit and polish crowd are caressing their interests with the Admirality and Royal Court, and I'll tell you this - at some point some upstart from a moneyed family will show up here, bossing me around. Some puppy, with little actual experience! Bossing me around!" The colour was rising in Cooke's face as he ranted on. "I am sure the rear-admiral will not let that happen, my friend." Montoya ensured his friend. "He holds you in high regard." "Yet I am left without a ship! Without even a barge to call my own!" "One will come, in due time, I have no doubt." Montoya turned. "Now, allow me to give you a tour of this newly constructed embassy. It is quite the showpiece, I will tell you...." The newly built Corlander embassy to Terraversa was placed in Westface, to solidify Corlander policy that the Commonwealth was to be the main hub for Terraversa. It was a stately building of three floors, the bottom holding conference rooms, kitchen, and a large dining hall. On the middle floor, stately offices, studies, a large library, and private chambers were located, while the top floor held bedrooms for staff and dignitaries. ________________________________________________ To be licensed by Corrington as a medium art and culture in Westface.
  5. "I told you to watch your health, my friend." Montoya sighed. "Not even Hercules himself would have been able to do what you attempted after such an ordeal." "I could have sworn I was almost as good as new..." Cooke insisted, stretching his arms. "But perhaps one should listen to his doctor..." "Now, I am up, back in strength both physically and mentally - only to find my beloved country at war, and myself without a ship! Languishing at shore..." "Bah, you know perfectly well you will soon feel the deck under your feet again. The Royal Navy is ever in need of competent officers, and you have proven yourself many a time. A command will come your way." Montoya said in an attempt to cheer up his friend. "To be perfectly honest, I would take any plank that could float, even that old tub!" Cooke pointed to the ancient-looking, but elegant caravel docked at the quayside. "Oh, is she a warship? I took her for a merchant..." "What a fellow you are, Isaac. As you see, she carries nary a gun. She is the old 'Chester Castle', a trader out of Balondia. Altough I have to say, her master keeps her in an excellent condition!" _______________________________ A build for Westface, which will be licensed as a medium commerce for myself. The ship will be posted and licensed separately. Here you see the full build:
  6. During the recent conflict on Terraversa, Cooke had been through quite an ordeal. Having landed in the dark of night at the center of an Oleonese insurrection, he gave himself in to the local authorities after failing to escape the settlement. Being subjected to a long and taxing interrogation, he was transferred to Kings Port in disgrace under accusations of being a spy, where he languished in jail, until the storm on Kings Port posed for him an opportunity to escape. Having travelled across wartorn Terraversa, and been on the brink of capture, he was finally found by his countrymen. After a short recovery, he returned to duty, assisting in the fortification of South Silitholina. Shortly thereafter, though, he had fallen ill with a malady most likely contracted in the dungeons of Kings Port, striking him down with a dangerous fever. Montoya had called upon his full medical facilities, but had feared for his friend. To avoid the spread of the disease, he had been isolated in the Pine Island Monastery, the very same place diplomatic talks was being held. "My dear friend, you are up and about! What joy!" Montoya exclaimed. "Truth be told, I had feared for your existence." And after a pause... "Young Baker and I have taken turns to sit at your bedside... In your feverish rantings, you said some rather... indiscreet things that we could not let others hear." "I thank you much for your attentions, Isaac. I am certain I owe my survival to your care and competence." Cooke stretched and sat up. "How long have I been indisposed? My body feels weak and spent." "Longer than I care for, longer than I care for. The squadron has sailed. The Greyhound has been passed on. You are still on Terraversa, and apart from the Lotus Empire, we are at peace." A look of dismay came over Cooke. "I am without a ship? I must have a ship! Glory will slip through our fingers if I cannot regain a quarterdeck!" "Calm yourself, my friend. You are not yet your old powerful self... Give it a few days..." Montoya tried to calm his friend. "I know for certain a ship has recently arrived in Westface without a captain, so no need to rush yerself." Picking up his uniform, hat, and sword, Cooke headed for the door, dressing hastily and motioning Montoya to follow. "A ship, you say! In such case, there is not a moment to lose! Time and tide waits for no man!" _______________________________________________________ After a prolonged absence I am returned! And for that, a suitable story an trying to recreate Ayrlego's awesome Pine Island Monastery seemed just perfect!
  7. As part of the peace treaty for Terraversa, Silitholina has been split between the newly founded Commonwealth of Terraversa and the Oleonese territories, along the river Sil. With this, families risk being split, businesses risk being separated from their suppliers, and trade between the two parst in danger of petering out. To avoid this, both sides have agreed to keep trade open and at the old bridge, originally built by the Mardierians, an islet in the middle of the river has been designated a free trade zone. Although this show of benevolence on the rulers of the recently warring territories has given rise to considerable hope for a peaceful future, there is still a significant mistrust against the new neighbors and defenses has been erected by either side. "Normally, I should never have recommended carronades for fortifications" Cooke observed to Allcock and L'Olius. "However, in this particular case, they will serve well." His listeners each raised an eyebrow to see this peculiar, and distinctly inelegant, naval weapon mounted upon the recently completed gatehouse. "Some may lament the low accuracy and range of these brutes, and I should be hard-pressed to challenge such claims." the sea captain acknowledged "...however, for clearing a narrow bridge, nothing can compete. You see, the weight of metal and the rate of fire is unmatched by long guns!" "And to that, the inability to effectively target the opposing defenses makes them less of a provocation for our blue-coated counterparts." Allcock added "...and it would take but a short while to set up proper siege artillery, should the need arise." L'Olius nodded, visibly impressed. Corlander pioneers, with a workforce of Terraversan militia and craftsmen, had erected a new gatehouse in record time, and overseen the mounting of the carronades, posing a potent defense for the Commonwealth's northern border. Trade and traffic was passing through largely unhindered, but should conflict arise the heavy gates, artillery emplacements, and crenelations would pose a formidable barrier for anyone trying to attack his new fiefdom. _________________ Collab with @KotZ and @Thomas Waagenaar. It has been a fun collab! Other parts of this collab can be found here: Checkpoint North by Thomas The center-river trading zone by Kotz
  8. Cooke was tired. Having escaped Kings Port and later been part of an Atwi ambush near the city, he had been looking for a friendly settlement. Avoiding patrols, checkpoints, and the nosier locals was exhausting, and his sea-legs were not suited for the hard, unforgiving land. Everywhere he went seemed to be occupied and swarming with bluecoats. Finally, he had found a track leading to a farm where he could rest his weary body under a tree, shaded from the burning sun. Quickly dozing off into restorative sleep, he left his worries behind - being taken up now would most certainly see him executed as a spy, regardless of his explanations. He *was* out of uniform. Suddenly, he felt the prodding of a musket butt and the insistent orders in an accented Terraversan. "Papers, now! What are you doing 'ere? This is Oleonese territory, and I shall see your papers - Are you a spy, per'aps?" The young soldier's arrogance was false confidence, but Cooke had no time to think. He had no choice... ____________________ Nothing major - just a small build to progress Cooke's story - I somehow need to get him back on the deck of his ship Also, no bluecoats were harmed in the making of this build...
  9. Having escaped from his captivity under allegations of spying, Cooke has started making his way back to Westface and his squadron. Dodging fights between the Olean invaders and Terraversan defenders, he has managed to get into the hinterland, where he made contact with (or rather, was surprised by...) a group of Atwi guerillas. The Atwi guerillas agreed to help him onwards towards Westface, although insisting that he first assist them with a small task involving an Olean Patrol. Luckily, there is going to be no witnesses to tell the tale of a Corlander naval officer attacking forces of Oleon...
  10. The streets of Kings Port is alive with soldiers and civilians running more or less aimlessly around as the church-bells and shouts of alarm alert the Terraversans of Oleon's invasion. Watching his guard running off Cooke ponders what little difference it matters, the door being as unyielding as ever. Cooke had largely been ignored since being brought here from Nola Mar, most likely because a Corlander post-captain under accusation of spying is about as horrible a potential diplomatic case as can be. Suddenly, a rending crash tears through the cell window, as a cannonball hits home. Pushing himself against the wall, debris flies through the cell. As the dust settles, an interesting scene appears. The walls have crumbled, and the iron door shot off its hinges - and outside the cell, Cooke's hat, cape, sword, and documents have conveniently been left for the picking. That's one opportunity Cooke will not be missing out on... ____________________ Nice to finally have my character back again, although he may have moved from the frying pan into the fire, with the way things are going on Terraversa!
  11. Chapter 1: New appointments "I believe now is the time - the diplomatic landscape is moving rapidly" Fletcher remarked with a firm nod. "But are we certain Montoya is up for the task?" "I can hardly say, sir. All I got was this hastily scribbled note, and though I am flush with joy of my friends resurfacing in good heath, I know nothing of Montoya's state of mind." Cooke answered. "I see. Perhaps it would be wise not to burden him too much, although his experience would come in handy..." Fletcher pondered for a moment. "There is the young mr. Barlow..." Cooke interjected. "Ah, indeed! I shall appoint him Junior Attaché and put him in charge of getting the expedition formed. I believe I will soon have some ships made available too!" "The Amiable is launched and outfitted, and ready for service." Fletcher nodded. "Ah, and here we have mr. Farley" who was waving at them. "I trust we are not running late?" "Not at all, sirs" the seemingly always confused young gentleman said and bit them into his mansion.
  12. Diplomatic work can be both taxing and time consuming, with long periods of waiting for reactions. To pass time and cater to his scientific leanings, Montoya has coaxed Cooke into another mission of submarine exploration. As so often before, this has left Cooke working hard at the pump for the diving suit. Underwater, Baker is in his element at the forefront of practical science, rustling through wrecks, sea weeds, sea shells, and other fascinating submarine treasures. ______________________________________________ Overall view of the build: It was originally built for one of the challenges, but never was finished. I didn't want to have it go to waste, and I quite liked how it turned out, so why not send Montoya and Baker on a little scientific exploration? :) C&C welcome.
  13. Things were returning to normal after the great ball that had turned King's Harbour upside down in preparation and anticipation of the event. The local commerce had benefited from the guests, although it had not brought the activity and investments in the settlement hoped by the Colonial Governor. However, with sir Michael Farley appointed colonial administrator to King's Harbour, Cooke now had more time on his hands to handle governor's business and his Royal Navy commitments. He had even found the time to retreat to his country residence just outside King's Harbour from time to time, enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside on beautiful Cocovia. Today, though, rear-admiral Fletcher had come to visit to discuss the newest developments in the colonies, the establishment of the Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery, and its grand expedition. "Mr. Epper II. showed his abilities in constructing the wagon way here on Cocovia, and he seems a competent fellow..." Cooke pondered "...but this new Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery and their 'grand expedition' is quite the undertaking. He will have every chance to prove his meddle... or to fail miserably..." "I know only little of the man, but I am assured he is competent. And he has some good seconds in that Clutchington fellow and Captain Blackwood." "Formerly of the Royal Marines, I believe?.." Cooke interjected. "Indeed - although there was some talk of... amourous missteps... I have never heard any reproof against his tactical skills." the rear-admiral said with something that was almost a chuckle. "But there are some rumours of extravagance and overspending. I am told that an initial Royal grant of 1000 dbs was deemed insufficient, and it was to be doubled...." "Doubled!" Cooke said raising a brow. "2000 dbs to outfit an expedition?" "Indeed - and it seems mr. Epper II. are lobbying for even more funds." Fletcher said. Cooke seemed somewhat shocked. "Imagine what the Royal Navy could do with an extra grant of 2000 dbs... That would be three brand new frigates with money to spare!" "And a possible end to many a pirate, yes." "I have a feeling the activities of the Society will be watched carefully by her Majesty and the ministry..." Cooke said. "And by every political opponent to the Society vying for funding..." Fletcher brooded. A house I build some while back but which was missing a story. Happily, the RSND came along for a little commentary by Cooke and Fletcher. :) C&C on my efforts towards a tuscan style country home for the Governor.
  14. Captain's log, 12th of June, 618 AE, Cocovia Today, I have been inspecting another part of the growing naval base. While the actual installations of today's tour, Quay no. 3, was relatively unimpressive, the vessels docked there were highly interesting. The quay is nothing but a place for vessels under refit to dock, awaiting masts, rigging, supplies, armament, or similar, but one cannot underestimate the importance of space. Ships that would otherwise occupy a critical element like a dry dock can now be placed out of the way, while minor tasks are being carried out. It was a busy day at the quay, where the Montoya Estate had just finished outfitting a new schooner, the Amethyst, to compensate for capacity lost by two of the Estate's vessels being held ransom by Oleon. I had the pleasure of inspecting the ETTC Minotaur, which had just gotten her masts in at the masting sheer, and was now undergoing preparations for her final outfit, dockyard workers over her. She is the largest vessel yet to be constructed at the King's Harbour shipyards, and will bring a whole new level of capacity to the ETTC. I had the pleasure of inspecting her together with industrial magnate Sir Dee ( @Captain Dee), who has a particular interest in ship building. This Terraman has a deep hold, five gunports a side for 18 pounders, and spacious cabins for guests and officers alike, and will certainly be a great asset to the ETTC. Fletcher later told me al'Sayeed was voicing some very troubling complaints about Corlander ships being detained under a threat of violence. This could risk leading to diplomatic incident, but at least the Montoya crews has been instructed to remain passive and make no attempts at escaping. Hopefully, this issue can be recolved peacefully - I have had high hopes for relations to Oleon. In many ways, they are more similar to us than the greenies and all their trade and profits... /Cooke _______________________ Another part of the KH port. C&C welcome. Both ships will be shown separately later. :)
  15. NB: Many pictures and long post Invitations had been sent out liberally, but Cooke had far from anticipated the amount of interest a ball, the first of its kind in Terra Nova, would garner. People from Eslandola, Oleon, and Corrington, as well as a number of Sea Rats, had flocked to King's Harbour the last few weeks to participate in the festivities and now the night had finally come. Everyone was gathered in the great hall of the new government palace (in the only wing anything close to finished) and the clock struck the hour, marking the beginning of the event. Cooke called the crowds to attention from the library balcony with a young smiling man at his side. "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the first great ball of Terra Nova. It pleases me to see so many faces, new and familiar, and trust we shall have a... well... ball!" The crowd laughed merrily. Cooke wasn't exactly known for his humour and wit, but he had his moments. "Allow me to present to you all sir Michael Farley, the new Colonial Administrator for the Southern Isles. He will henceforth take over civilian administration of King's Harbour and acts as my second in all civilian matters. I trust you will welcome him - tonight is as much his party as it is mine." Cooke stepped back, and Farley held a short, somewhat nervous, but good-hearted speech, before retreating with a sweaty brow and a sigh of relief, calling out: "Let the festivities commence!" The orchestra started playing and the crowd dispersed, many the quadrilles of the lanciers. The dancing took up most of the floor, although some found room for conversation and a glass of sparkling wine. Rear-admiral Fletcher and Constable de Tourment found common ground, figuring they might have fought against each other on more than one occasion, sharing war memories and some recent events. @blackdeathgr Nearby, Mordo of the WTC, Richard Brickford, and Uncle was discussing trade companies, mr. Brickford listening attentively to his more experienced fellows... @Kai NRG, @Drunknok, @LM71Blackbird ...while Micah of Wolfhaven is discussing Montoya's disappearance with Ibn al'Sayeed, as well as strategies for the ETTC. @SilentWolf Sir Aidan Coyle and Cooke himself, both colonial governors to Her Majesty, took the chance to catch up on the military and political situation of the pirate-ridden Brick Seas. @Mike S On the balcony, Willem Guilder, Admius Legistrad to Eslandola, discussed cooperation and trade with the mayor of Mooreton Bay, James Hume. @Capt Wolf, @Ayrlego For those with a taste for more quiet surroundings, the upstairs library and downstairs smoking room were popular. Captain Anthony Genaro was seen talking to Lieutenant Thierry LaGaufre of the Royal Musketeers, perhaps lobbying for access to his Majesty's ear for a command? Rumour had it Genaro had long been on half pay. Downstairs, Hadvice Goshawk and Sir Mowgli were deep in conversation, as Sir Mowgli told an engaging, touching, and almost unbelieveable story of his missing cat, a large black panther last seen on a raft in the middle of the ocean. @Professor Thaum, @Roadmonkeytj Amongst the books, Wilbur Epper II, Royal Conductor of Corrington, was discussing new and innovative means of transportation with Alberto de Pontelli of the Royal Society. Epper maintained the effectiveness and punctuality of the wagonways, while Alberto told of his recent invention of flight and its principles. @Drunknok, @Captain Braunsfeld It was a lovely afternoon, and many retired to the gardens for fresh air or a refreshment in the guest house placed there. The bar was serving the finest wines and rum, and fresh fruits ensured the well-being of the guests. Outside, in the gardens, many found peace for conversation. Sergeant Major DeLeau and Captain Cookie debated swordsman's techniques... @gedren_y, @Captain Braunsfeld ...while Frederick Spud and Colonel Brickinson had an enthusiastic discussion about the merits of apples versus potatoes. @Spud The Viking, @Captain Braunsfeld Young Lieutenant Lavendwood was taken quite aback as a heavy hand landed upon his shoulder, and no less so as he realised it was the hand of a rear-admiral, as near as a god as any man can be to a young naval officer. "Relax, young man." the god-like creature said in a deep, booming voice "I merely wish to express my satisfaction with your recent dispatches. Cooke has praised you no insignificant amount, and should you keep up your initiative, I have no doubt you will one day raise your flag. Corrington needs men like you and your colleagues." @Flavius Gratian Many passed by the gardens that evening, discussing matters of personal interest, including Jerome Monezterrel and Captain Tristan Rimbaud... @Legostone, @Keymonus ...Rodsh Derr and Major Romain.... @blackdeathgr, @Bart ...Brickinson and Thierry LaGaufre... @Captain Braunsfeld, @blackdeathgr ...and Elise and Kathy, who discussed the fine Olean wine and rum delivered by Elise herself. @KotZ, @Bart The new colonial administrator also took his chance to meet some of the important people of the Brick Seas, amongst these Lord Frederick Spud, head of clan Spud from the north-most corners of Corrington. @Spud The Viking "I am sorry my invitation should have taken you such by surprise, Captain Genaro." Cooke interjected upon hearing the story. "I had thought my name would have been familiar to you?" "You will forgive me, will you not? I fear I..." "Most certainly" Cooke said with a rare smile. "You helped me once in a time of need. A matter of secrecy - I sent you a few letters...? Genaro's face lit up in recollection, before looking over his should carefully. "Indeed - I remember now. Some matter of political delicacy... Are your situation still... troubled?" "Less so, less so, although you never know when politics are involved! You did me a great service, and I hope I shall one day be allowed to repay you. If not in kind, then in friendship." Genaro patted Cooke's shoulder jovially. "I have no doubt, my friend, I have no doubt." and they walked down the path, sharing stories of the sea in good humour. @Captain Genaro Back in the ballroom, people mingled happily, making new acquaintances or revelling in old. Captains Tristan Rimbaud, Miles Bowditch, and Rodsh Derr found a common interest in the myths of the Brick Seas.... While young Keenan Reid was in exquisite female company with Lady Villeneuve, and mademoiselle de Tourment. @TheCubbScout, @Capt Wolf, @blackdeathgr Nearby, Aidan Coyle and Jerome Monezterrell shared their concerns with the piratical activity stifling trade and communications, not to mention the safety of sailors in general. @Mike S, @Legostone Captain Whiffo was in high spirits, conversing with Lady Norrington. @Capt Wolf, @Garmadon Ibn al'Sayeed inquired industrial magnate Sir Dee, and Mordo of the WTC, for insights into the foundry business, in which both were heavily involved... ...while Captain Nathaniel Brickford was sharing romantic and military exploits with his naval colleagues, Lieutenants Lavendwood and Ferguson. @LM71Blackbird, @Flavius Gratian, @Asgon Agnes Mesabi and Uncle were in complete agreement that "back in the good old times", balls were larger, the spirits stronger, and the young people less noisy. @Mesabi, @Kai NRG "No news whatsoever, I fear." Cooke said with a furrowed brow. The Fontonajos looked concerned, Roman being an old friend of Montoya. "I certainly hope he will reappear. He always has." "Indeed." Cooke changed the subject. "While I wish not to reflect badly upon Guilder, for whom I have the utmost respect, there are many in Corrington, present company included, who were sad to see you retire as Admius Legistrad..." Pausing for a moment, he continued. "You are regarded a friend of Corrington, and you shall ever be welcome in my halls. Montoya have said only positive things of you and what you have achieved in terms of governance and city planning..." @Elostirion And so the party went on into the night, people discussing subjects large and small, in general enjoyment. Hopefully new friendships were made, and perhaps a trade deal or two struck? Only time will reveal what came of the great ball of King's Harbour! ___________________________________________________________________ This was a lot of fun building, writing and photographing, and I hope I have managed to include (almost) all, and that no characters have been grossly misrepresented. It was great fun collecting all these sig figs, and I hope to have a chance to use them all again some day. C&C welcome!
  16. To all noteworthy citizens of the Brick Seas, King's Harbour has recently received Royal Recognition as a city of the Empire, and to celebrate this, Colonial Governor Jtno. Cooke, Captain, RN, wishes to invite dignitaries of all nations to a ball in the soon to be opened Governor's House (See spolier). One of the first events of its kind in Terra Nova, the Governor hopes that socialites from all over the Brick Seas will make their way to King's Harbour to join in the festivities, the banquet, and the following ball. (Dancing optional) Should you be interested in attending, please send your card to King's Harbour so the event can be planned accordingly. Your host, Captain Jno. Cooke, RN Colonial Governor, The Southern Isles OOC: Why not celebrate? I am building a ballroom and thought I might as well populate it. I hope to see many sig figs or their representatives making their way to King's Harbour, and will try to recreate everyone who attends to the best of my abilities. Fleshies might be "yellowfied" and I might need a little help in identifying proper parts, but I will do my best. I will of course highly encourage a few story builds leading up to the ball getting your characters to King's Harbour, and you are welcome to build here while you are at it, but it is not a requirement. Only the most obvious plotholes will be denied. (eg. if your character is known to be far way to the south. But then you can always send someone else). If anyone wants to interact specifically with some of the other guests, I will do my best to show that in the build. Just let me know - it may be a good opportunity to talk to a friend, prospective business partner, or strike secret political deals. I can't make any promises as to timing, but my best guess is in about a month. I think this will be fun :) Edit: All credit for the coat of arms goes to @Kolonialbeamter
  17. Location: King's Harbour Type: Small Cultural (Government office) Governor Cooke sat in his office reading his mail. There was a knock on his door, and a soldier entered. The request by North White, on Flickr "There's a Lady Mesabi here to see you sir." the soldier said. "Curious, send her in." He replied. Countess Mesabi entered holding an envelope. The request by North White, on Flickr "Good afternoon, Governor Cooke. As acting Chair of the Wayfarer Trading Corporation, I'd like to formally present to you our request." She said cautiously, and handed him the envelope. "Very well, Madam." he said, equally cautious. The request by North White, on Flickr He opened the Envelope, and began to read. The request by North White, on Flickr "So, Governor Cooke, What say you?" She asked. FIN Just a small build requesting the licensing status for the WTC. Sorry @Bregir, I had like none of the parts you showed me for Cooke. King's Harbour is free to license this, I'll be concentrating my efforts in Mesabi Landing this month. C&C appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from you @Bregir as to the WTC's Status!
  18. Captain's log, February 7th, 618 AE HMS Ironsides, moored in King's Harbour Today, I took the new brig-of-war, recently commissioned as the HMS Beagle, on her maiden voyage. She proved to be a sturdy, stable, and well-handling little brig, although a bit slow in stays, but I should think restowing her ballast will fix that. While King's Harbour has plenty of able seamen to man her, we are remiss of junior officers, which meant I had to take her out myself. In a way, it was a pleasure getting back to commanding a small vessel, feeling the water rushing by the hull. However, the situation is untenable, and I shall need someone to take command. Perhaps young Lavendwood would be an option? ( @Flavius Gratian) He has done good work with the gun boats and will benefit from experience in commanding a larger vessel if he is to earn his promotion to commander. I shall consider this. Something must be done about our lack of junior officers if the Royal Terra Novan Navy is to remain relevant in the Brick Seas. For now, I shall be working up the crew myself. They have already proven their skill in gunnery and seamanship, but it will take time getting them to work effectively together as a machine of war, and I can only hope a new commanding officer will not put them out of order. Signed Captain Jonathan Cooke The HMS Beagle is a 10 gun brig-of-war built for the Royal Nova Terran Navy. She carries eight 4 pounders, four on each side, and two 6 pounder chase guns at the bow. As a general purpose warship she isn't the fastest, or nimblest thing in the Brick Seas, but served by a brisk crew, she will be a valuable resource for any colonial governor. She will be licensed as a class 3 warship. C&C is, as always, welcome.
  19. Captain's log, December 16th, 617 AE HMS Ironsides, moored in King's Harbour Admiral Fletcher has recently sent me a young officer, formerly first of the HMS Redoubtable. Seemed a decent enough chap. Some of these young officers have a tendency to feeling entitled, thinking that a plum is their birthright, and will scoff at anything less. Back in my day, anything copper-bottomed was a regular god send. Independent command was all one of her Majesty's officers would ever dare dream of, even if it was the lowliest transport afloat. Hopefully young Lieutenant Lavendwood ( @Flavius Gratian ) is nothing of that sort. His service record appears commendable, but he is very young to have reached 1st Lieutenant, and, being the son of an Earl, one could fear some influence of favouritism. However, with the service lacking in ships, and more so officers, I shall soon find out! He carried out the outfitting of Gun Sloop No. 1 expertly, but now is the time to see if he can lead. I have put him in command of the two gunboats, which should be ample chance to prove himself. Today, I shall be drilling the gun boats in gunnery. Although I expect no miracles, after such a short while, we will see whether the young man has been able to make the men follow him. Time will show if they will respect him too. Captain Cooke is, in the HMS Ironsides' jolly boat, dropping empty casks as targets for the gunboats. Golden watch in hand and spyglass at the ready, he will carefully gauge the accuracy of the gunners, and the time between shots. Aiming a gunboat's guns is more complicated that those of a regular man of war, as the whole boat must be turned to train the guns. ___________________ A quick little story build including raising the shiplimits (to 75) for Corrington. As always, C&C is welcome. I am quite happy with how the blurred out background works, and all lego shots have always fascinated me.
  20. In the outskirts of King's Harbour, construction work had been going on for some time. So far, its exact nature had been unknown, but a few days ago the ETTC announced the imminent opening of a cocoa grinding and pressing plant. With this announcement came an invitation to the Colonial Governor to visit the plant on its opening day. Thus, Captain Jonathan Cooke had now made his way to the site in the company of Ibn al'Sayeed, manager of the Montoya estate and local representative for the ETTC. "The plant applies the newest Corlander innovations all around to achieve high output levels without overworking the employees." "First, follow me around the side here, where you will find something quite interesting..." "Allow me to introduce Mr. Thomas Brickcomen, a young engineer recently arrived from the Royal Polytechnic University of Belson. He is the man behind the contraption you see behind him. Mr. Brickcomen, this is Captain Jonathan Cooke, colonial governor of these isles." "Honoured to make your acquaintance, sir... " said the young man shyly. "Likewise, young man." Cooke said absentmindedly, his attention entirely taken up with the strange and noise contraption before him. "Please, tell me of this machine!" he added with an enthusiasm quite remarkable for him. Stunned for a moment that any official would show anything but contempt for his machine, he stuttered a few words before himself bring caught up with enthusiasm. "Certainly, sir. It is what I call an atmospheric steam pump. You see, the factory needed a steady watersupply in the height of 12 bricks, and as rainfall is unpredictable in these lands (as you can see, the tank also collects rainfall from the roof) a different, more reliable source was needed. As it happened, I was looking for investors and bumped in to al'Sayeed while I was wandering the docks looking for work.. Erhm... Investors, I mean... " "Yes?" "Well, not to put too fine a point on it, the ETTC hired me, and I built this. Shall I tell you how it operates or will that be too technical?" "I studied the invention of the flying balloon, and attended Alberto de Pontelli's presentation on the subject. I shall venture to follow your description." "Oh sir, would it be imprudent to discuss that matter with you? I have some thoughts on the matter... But another time... You see, in the boiler, we create steam, which is let into the main power cylinder of the pump as it is raised by the rocker arm's return to its initial position. You see, there are weights on the other side, in the pump cylinder, there. As the power cylinder reaches its maximum elevation, a valve opens, and lets in a small jet of cold water from the ancillary tank, resulting in... " "Resulting in the steam condensing, lowering the pressure behind the piston, and the atmospheric pressure pushing down the piston, operating the pump!" Cooke interrupted, his eyebrows rising as it dawned upon him. "Most ingenious, young man. I shall ask you to join me to further discuss the principles of operation at a later time. For now, I must continue my tour, I believe." Cooke followed al'Sayeed inside through the large gates. "Through a set of gears, the waterwheel outside drives these millstones, into which the fermented, dried and roasted beans are poured to be grinded. During milling, the temperature rises and the beans are ground into a thick cocoa mass, which flows out through slots in the bottom of the grinder. Here it cools and solidifies to be retrieved through the grates you see in the floor." "Please follow me... This cocoa mass contains neigh on 60 % cocoa butter, which is extracted through pressure in this press. We load the cocoa mass into the main pressure chamber here..." "...and pivot the pressure plate around in its mounting. As you will know, typical presses are screw-operated, but we have went with a more innovative and efficient process. At this stage, the pressure plate is perfectly balanced with these iron weights and can be turned by a single man, while a typical press would require many more people for handling. " "If you will look up there... To apply pressure, we lower the contraption and open the valve, which pours water into the four big barrels on the press. This water is supplied by the steam pump outside. As the water level rises, the pressure follows..." "...and the finest cocoa butter can be tapped by our two expert chocalatiers by this tap and three others like it. The butter is then barrelled and shipped off to market, just like the residual product, the cocoa solids, which we extract from the press and ship off separately. We expect a great interest for this in both the old and the new world, as the taste is quite extraordinary!" ______________________ The first part of the ETTC Royal Cocoa factory is hereby opened. (And the last part of the process, unfortunately.) The production process is largely correct. It has been standing on my shelf for a long time, and now I finally managed to finish it. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the process from my ETTC collaborators, and as always, C&C is more than welcome.
  21. King's Harbour was growing, and had recently become the seat of the Colonial Governor of the Southern Isles. The former governor's office was quickly turning out too small and was now only the seat of the planning office. The rest of the colonial administration had moved to grander surroundings in the newly completed Government House. Spanning one of the freshwater canals that keep King's Harbour clean from the filth of concentated population, it has been built between the two planned boulevards planned to lead into the city to ensure a central location. This does put it somewhat at a distance from the busy harbour, but Cooke is expecting the settlement grow to such an extent that it will soon be a more central location. For now, at least, the distance ensures that only the most serious of petitioners make their way to the office. Almost palatial in appearance, Government House provides ample space for a bustling city administration, and throughout the day, civil servants, merchants, army and navy officers, and civilians pay a visit to get permits, orders, licenses, and some even to have an audience with the governor himself. Today is particularly busy, and Cooke, a man of action, is getting somewhat short-tempered after dealing with a paranoid Olean count (convinced clerics of Hades are haunting him), a tiresome group of Eslandian merchants (as ever requiring compensation for one slight inconvenience or other), and a multitude of other complaints and requests. However, the positive weekly constable's report just delivered by one of the delightfully efficient Winged Cuirassiers (the unit has been charged with keeping order in the city) has ligthened his mood somewhat in advance of the arrival of one of his protegees, young lieutenant Collingbrooke. "Goodday, Captain Cooke. I hope I find you well, sir" "Quite so mr. Collingbrooke, if it wasn't for all these goddamned landlubbers and their endless complaining. Not to mention the paperwork..." Shaking his head, Cooke continues: "I mustn't speak so, of course, forgive me. What brings you here?" "Despatches, sir." Handing over a sealed folder, and hesitating for a moment, he adds: "I mean not to be impertinent, but.... erhm... have you had the time to examine the bottled message? It is the talk all over town, if you don't mind me saying." "Ten thousand blistering barnacles! I knew I had forgotten something..." Rustling through the locked, ironbound drawers of his desk, he brings up a bottle. Lost in his own mind, he uncorks it and motions to pour himself a tot of rum. In doing so, a weathered document falls out into the glass with a thud. "Sir..." "I am quite besides myself, it would seem! Now, let us see what the fuzz is all about..." he says, unfolding the document under the inquisitive eye of mr. Collingbrooke. "To the crown of Corrington, or its representatives.... Blabla... titles... introductions... Here we go.... ...And so, stranded on Cascadia I wandered for days until I found nothing less than a golden city! Natives long isolated from their mother-civilisation by some obscure series of events that I have not yet unravelled. It appears there are extensive taboos surrounding this... goes on at length about taboos and legends... I have now taken up residence here and will study the indegenous civilisation... directions for the location of the city... I suggest assigning a full anthropological and diplomatic mission to establish relations with the inhabitants. Your humble servant Dr. Albert Brickingstone Anthropologist, Royal Society of Natural Philosophy 598 AE, Cascadia" Once more at home in a situation requiring decisive action, the old piratical gleam reaches his eyes. "Write out three copies at once" he calls out to one clerk, "I need an able commander with a fast vessel, and I need him now!" to another. Turning to Collingbrooke, he says: "You will man and provision the Ferret at once. You may have your pick at crewmen amongst the squadron. Destination: Cascadia. You must reach Montoya. I shall write up a cover letter, and you will leave this very afternoon. Any questions?" "No sir, you have been perfectly clear. I shall report aboard the Ferret at once."
  22. Outstanding contracts: Class 1F vessel w/station: 40 db Lumbermill: 25 db Coming soon: Quarry Outstanding offers: The King's Harbour Foundation ________________________________________________ The military governor's office in King's Harbouris where the settlement is managed, and where you will find all outstanding contracts, offers and incentives, as well as all other issues related to the management of King's Harbour, both military and civilian. The small but stately building was one of the first to be erected on the new stone quays. It is rather small, but for the early beginnings of the settlement, it is more than sufficient. However, in time, the administration is apt to outgrow this small building. Outside the building this very day, Cooke and Montoya are conducting each their business. Due to a shortage of manpower, Cooke has commandeered young mr. Baker, nominally Montoya's research assistant, and is currently dictating a contract for a new despatch vessel for local communications, especially to improve contact to the fortress at Chase Point, to far away for overland contact. At the same time, Montoya is welcoming Ibn al'Sayeed, manager of the Montoya Estate, who has arrived with the Sphinx, while his crew is dragging a heavy chest of gold into the new office. ____________________________________ Hereby a small office for the management of King's Harbour. Of course, C&C for the build and story is welcome, but in the long run, this post will be used for different announcements and the like, relating to King's Harbour. Any advice on what license type I should choose?
  23. Cooke has finally arrived in Quinnsville, and after apologizing for his extensive delay, he is now discussing the state of the settlement in particular, and Cocovia in general with the mayor. As might have been guessed, Smaugton was not happy with such shabby treatment, but assurances that the delay was due to official duties soon turned Smaugton back to his old cheery self. Cooke is somewhat concerned with the morals of Quinnsville, seeing the number of bars, pubs, and houses of pleasure, and the very public display of various vices, but Sir Smaugton is assuring him that everything is under control. They are touring the settlement, and has currently reached the outskirts, where a baker has set up a considerable house and bakery just by the palisade surrounding the settlement. "Sir Smaugton, I very much respect what you have achieved here, and I mean no disrespect but... I am certain I saw a courtesan conducting... business just around the corner." Cooke exclaimed. "Could not such... services be offered more discreetly?" Laughing merrily, Smaugton replied: "My dear Governor Cooke, I assure you everything here is perfectly under control. We have to let the populace have their entertainment. Otherwise, life in the colonies can grow insufferably dull!" "I suppose so...." Eyeing Smaugton for a moment, Cooke sighed before continuing. "Might I ask you to inform me of the defences of the settlement? Fortifications, troops, militia, gunboats, the sorts." "Of course. As you have undoubtedly noticed, just behind you, we have the city wall, or palisade. As to troops available, there is...." Smaugton explained, going over the defences of Quinnsville. ___________________ Finally got Cooke to Quinnsville as promised a looong time ago. Being commander for all forces on Cocovia, it was about time. It will be licensed as a medium artisan. C&C welcome.
  24. Prior builds: In the Captains Cabin (Bregir) Pieces Of A Puzzle (Ayrlego) Balls of Steel (Elostirion) Traitor at the Livery (Silentwolf) Arriving at Mooreton Bay (Bregir) Undercover for the Final Piece (Bregir) Plundering the Treasure Fleet (Ayrlego) The glass was falling, and fast, and large specks of grey cloud were forming an impenetrable heavenly roof, while the waves were growing taller by the minute. The Ironsides were on a chase, running under reefed courses alone through the swell. Only hours ago, the look-out had reported the flash of guns reflected in the heavy clouds, and short thereafter the thunder of the great guns had reached the deck, and since then. A hushed silence and tension had fallen over the crew. This would not be an easy battle, not in this storm, and not against this enemy. Only a few days since, Cooke had looked on in horror as the Black Oak had departed with Allcock and his consorts on board. Their plan had been simple: Allcock should have left the Oak under the cover of night after acquiring the "smoking gun" - the evidence to legitimise pre-emptive action against the privateer. Returning to the Ironsides, they would then have taken up station to intercept the Oak before she were to catch her prey. But as ever, the plan had only worked until the first encounter with the enemy, and he had had to improvise. Rushing back to the Ironsides in Mooreton Bay, he had taken on as many volunteers from Major Allcock's Light Company as could be accommodated aboard, and set sail to intercept the Oak. And they had been rushing on just this side of recklessness ever since, the timbers moaning and the rigging singing from the stress. "Deck ahoy" the look-out shouted through the cacophony of sounds, "Sails spotted, just off the starboard bow. Two ships, apparently damaged." Cooke, with a firm hold on a stay, trained his spyglass towards the enemy, and as they reached the top of a swell, his mark, clear and true. "An extra ration of grog to that man - AFTER the battle." he replied, before barking out a number of orders, putting the Ironsides about, setting her on a course towards firmly gaining the weather gauge of the enemy. "…and shake out another reef in the fore and main course. They shall not escape us now!" he added with a confidence he did not feel. In fact, he had little doubt of catching up, as the Ironsides had proven a very stiff ship, well-suited for harsh weather, and the crew would have their fight. However, he knew as well as the crew that the odds were now very different. It was clear that the privateer had taken its prize, and this meant he now had two enemies to deal with. But would this prove to be two undermanned, heavily damaged cripples, or two battle-readied warships? Cooke had seen the Oak close by, no doubt more than a match for the Ironsides, and he knew enough of the Eslandian Treasure Ships not to disregard the formidable power of the prize galleon. A plan was forming in Cooke's mind, which always seemed to take on a life on its own in these situations. He expected the Eslandians to have put up a ferocious fight, and therefore assumed at least some damage on both ships and crew, but more importantly, he expected the pirate crew to be in a state of disorganisation. With a prize just taken, some would be drunk, and all would be exhausted from repairs, as well as spread out across the two vessels. He reckoned he had three things at his advantage: The element of surprise, the sharpshooters of Allcock's light brigade, and the heavy, short range carronades. Armed with 24 pounder carronades and with a crew trained to near perfection by their former commander, the Ironsides could release a hellfire of heavy steel, if only she could get close enough. Cooke's mind lingered for a second thankfully on Ferguson, who, during the voyage to New Terra, had drilled the crew to near perfection at the great guns. He would rush down between them, fighting both broadsides, forcing them to a swift surrender. Two things worried him, though. First, if the privateers were ready for him, his command on the Ironsides might be ended prematurely, as would many lives under his command. Second, there was the risk of maiming or killing prisoners on board the two vessels, or Allcock and his men. But this was a risk he had to take. If only the privateers would give some sign as to the level of damage and fighting ability. If only…. "They flee, Captain!" hailed the lookout. Cooke smiled. "Beat to quarters! And let's show those ruffians a measure of Corrish justice!" Considering their current positions, battle would be inevitable… __________________________________ A few words on the Ironsides: She is a small razee galleon of considerable age, cut down in '04 to improve her characteristics. She is armed with four long 12 pounder chasers, two fore and two aft, and a broadside of eight 24 pounder carronades on the gundeck. Further, she carries a number of 18 pounder carronades on the upper deck, currently two per broadside. Alongside the scantlings of a much heavier vessel, she is a very effective brawler, able to take on heavier opponents if she can get to close quarters. However, her rather outdated rig makes her somewhat sluggish in light airs. While Cooke had the pleasure of a spacious cabin in the Athena, he must now content himself with a bulkhead aft, enclosing the aft part of the gundeck, allowing him to sling his hammock between the chasers and broadside carronades. Before being cut down, the Ironsides would have had a spacious cabin above deck, but in the name of true Corlander utilitarianism, this had to be sacrificed. ______________ Thanks for looking! We hope you have enjoyed our little story (even if you are Eslandian). For now, this is the final entry, but perhaps time will show the outcome of the battle? ;) C&C welcome as always.
  25. The north-western most of the Rider Islands near Cocovia are often the first sight sailors behold, and an important strategic location for both civillian and military navigation. Therefore, a small outpost has been erected on the one called "Hussar's Isle" in preparation for the construction of a large lighthouse. Upon returning from the old world, and most recently a succesful naval engagement against a Garvian privateer and a captured Eslandian treasure galleon, Cooke, now a post-captain, has decided to stop by the new outpost for an inspection on his way to Quinnsville for a long delayed meeting with the Mayor, Sir Thomas Smaugton. Lieutenant Sharpe, commander of the garrison, is now facing his first inspection on an independent command, and the prospect of a godlike creature such as the Military Governor of the Southern Isles is bringing a sweat to his brow, although the last 14 hours since the Ironsides began beating its way against the wind towards the outpost had been rigorously spent in polishing every piece of brass available. The single cannon starting its salute, and the troops lined up for parade, the inspection was becoming very real... Captain's Log, 22nd day of October, 616 AE Raised Hussar's Isle at four bells in the forenoon watch. Winds unsuitable for mooring. Took jolly-boat in for inspection. Lieutenant Sharpe capable commander and troops in good order. Clearing ground for grand lighthouse proceeding as planned. Four bells into the afternoon watch returned to HMS Ironsides. Course lain for Quinnsville. Sails spotted on northern horizon. Private signal answered correctly. Continued on prior course.