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Found 8 results

  1. Anders T


    Not really a pirate ship, but a ship nonetheless. From Wiki A dromon (from Greek δρόμων, dromōn, "runner") was a type of galley and the most important warship of the Byzantine navy from the 5th to 12th centuries AD, when they were succeeded by Italian-style galleys. It was developed from the ancient liburnian, which was the mainstay of the Roman navy during the Empire.
  2. Sloops for the Royal Navy Citizens of Corrington, shipwrights of the Brick Seas, and boatyards of Terra Nova. The Royal Navy hereby initiates a building program for mid-sized warships to safeguard the shipping lanes of the colonies. This building program includes three types of vessels with each a different purpose, mainly within the classes 3 and 4. Class 3 vessels will be bought into the service for 50 dbs and class 4 vessels for 60 dbs. Island defenses The success of the Corlander gunboats have led the admiralty to propose larger vessels of similar types akin to the galleys of old. Oar and wind powered warships with heavy guns, typically carried fore and aft. Low range, high manoeuvrability and heavy firepower makes them perfect to complement the gunboats for inshore defences. Royal Customs and Pilot Corps With trade on the rise, the Royal Navy Customs and Pilots Corps is in need of swift vessels for conveyance of pilots and customs officers, and to hunt down smugglers and privateers. Highly manoeuvrable cutters, luggers and schooners with light armament and reasonable range. Sloops-of-War The Royal Terra Novan Navy is in need of mid-sized warships to cover escort duties, general patrolling and similar. Typically well-balanced vessels, often brig- or snow-rigged, and able to sail the high seas. Once a design has been submitted, the Navy Board will review it, and send any requests for change back to the constructor. (OOC: You may be asked to improve on your design to have it accepted, so it may be prudent to present the WIP before rigging.) For the first 9 vessels, the best design of every three vessels commissioned will be awarded with a prize from the stock of dry-docked captures. (Class 3 or 4 vessel) The Crown will assign these vessels to colonial enclaves as they are finalised, based on tactical needs. Signed Rear-Admiral Fletcher Commander, Royal Terra Novan Fleet PS. The Allcock estate has most graciously offered to finance this incentive, for which the crown is most grateful.
  3. Some time ago, Corlander escorts took prize a mid-sized war galley during a heated action with privateers. The galley was heavily damaged during the encounter, which, paired with its unconventional construction, meant considerable delay in outfitting and manning her for service with the Royal Navy. Armed with a single 32 pounder cannon mounted in the bow, she can pierce any warship of the Brick Seas. The nine oars per side ensures unequalled tactical mobility, especially when other ships are becalmed, and enables her to bring that single massive cannon to good use. The large crew at the oars doubles as marines in a boarding action, making her a very effective close-encounter machine-of-war. Her lateen rig ensures good performance under sail, allowing her to keep up with the slower convoys as escort. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Mainly an experiment with building a hull for a galley. A few hinge plates later, and I was pretty happy with the result. I am reasonably happy with the oars and upper hull too, but might one day give a larger galley a try, with a more elaborate superstructure and rig. It represents the 3A Carnage taken by Corlander escorts some time back. C&C is welcome.
  4. Anders T

    Galley Penteconter

    Now moving way back in time. This ship was in use in the period from 800 BC-300 BC. The archaic and the classic periods in Greece. This was the time of Homer (not Simpson), Pythagoras (a2+b2=c2) , Thales (Waterworld), Sappho (Woman into women), The battle of Marathon (yes this is where the name is from), The battle of Thermopylae (“THIS IS SPARTA”), The Peloponnesian war, The rise of Macedon (That great Alexander fella)… Penteconter front by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr This vessel was rowed by fifty oarsmen. These were free citizens and the use of oared ships is said to have a strong link to the Greek (Athenian) Democracy. The Penteconter would later evolve in to the more well-known Bireme and Trireme. Penteconter side by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr This was a very fast design Yep both the ship itself and the designing of the LDD file. Penteconter back by Anders Thuesen, on Flickr
  5. Here is an animation I made for my Lego Ideas project, Air Galleys, using POV-ray: See more renderings and the full project at: The most difficult part to animate was the flapping motion of the wings. At first I considered using a simple sine curve for the angle of the wings but the results were unsatisfactory. I ended up modeling the physical constraints of the model; as the wing shafts rest on the bottom of the ports they protrude from, their bases rotate with the gear they are connected to. As their contact point on the gear drops beneath the ledge of the port, the wings rise slowly and then quickly fall again as the opposite occurs. Here is a diagram:
  6. LDD/MLCad 14C Ahoy, Gentlemen of fortune and talented shipbuilders! This mysterious and foggy night a terrible pirate ship raises it's bloody-red sails! Frigate Crimson Widow specifically designed for pursuit. Hull is lightened to increase seaworthiness. Four cannons at the prow - and let no one go away unpunished! Also there is a "wanna-be-a-galley" version for gourmets You can find the ship here: Thank you for your attention
  7. Hey there we have decided to make some CUUSOO projects. Just startet a few days ago. One and the biggest is the meridian galley. Merida is a fantasy (fictionary) southern continent, located in the world of Norcan. It is like an ancient realm in history but with some fantasy aspects. Here it is the meridian galley. Over 80 Studs long and with a 20 men strong crew. There is a high priest of meridian realm as the commander of this galley. The crew mostly consist of sailors and guards men. Have a look and if you want the meridian galley as a ship in your fleet - Support on CUUSOO! Thanks to all who already supported us. Here we go: Side view Front view Side view Rear view Have fun with watching Regards from germany BoB
  8. Mark of Falworth

    Venetian War Galley

    [pid][/pid] 158B Venetian War Galley by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Fast, powerful, maneuverable, and versatile, War Galleys dominated naval warfare in the Mediterranean from the 8th century BC until the development of advanced sailing warships in the 17th century. This particular galley is commanded by the daring captain, Marco di Venezia. He relentlessly seeks out the enemies of the republic! Viva Venezia! This was made for the Brickarms Forum Contest that ends on the 30th. I know this isn't quite pirates or redcoats but I think it fits better here then the LOTR... Historic Forum. Venetian War Galley by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Venetian War Galley by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Venetian War Galley by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Enjoy!