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Found 25 results

  1. Diplomatic work can be both taxing and time consuming, with long periods of waiting for reactions. To pass time and cater to his scientific leanings, Montoya has coaxed Cooke into another mission of submarine exploration. As so often before, this has left Cooke working hard at the pump for the diving suit. Underwater, Baker is in his element at the forefront of practical science, rustling through wrecks, sea weeds, sea shells, and other fascinating submarine treasures. ______________________________________________ Overall view of the build: It was originally built for one of the challenges, but never was finished. I didn't want to have it go to waste, and I quite liked how it turned out, so why not send Montoya and Baker on a little scientific exploration? :) C&C welcome.
  2. After seeking out the Olean consul, Montoya now had to find conveyance back to King's Harbour and had made his way to the Jameston docks, where he had found a midshipman of a Royal Navy vessel. "Aye sir, we're off a brig lying in the roads, which will be going west as soon as we've watered and resupplied" the midshipman reported. "And unless new orders have arrived, we are indeed heading for King's Harbour" Turning to a sailor, he barked: "Take care with those barrels, Johnson - we don't want them spilling good rum now, do we?" and back to Montoya: "Beggin' yer pardon, sir. Requirements of the service and all that... We can find room for you, your assistant and limited dunnage in the boat. I am sure the capt'n 'll accommodate you shipboard, sir." "Just be back here this at 2 this afternoon, and I'll take you out" __________________________________________________________ Overall shot of the build. I think this warehouse/dock will be licensed as a commerce in Jameston, while I might license the boat as a class 1. C&C is, as always, welcome.
  3. Returning to civilisation had at first been pleasant. The good food, enjoyable company, and comforts of modern life was a nice change from living it rough in the jungles of Celestia. However, just as he had arrived in Jameston, he had been informed of a diplomatic crisis brewing. It had been sparked by piratical attacks by some crews connected to the Wayfarer Trading Company, apparently founded by the insufferable count Mesabi, who had so angered Montoya during the Malto peace talks. So informed, Montoya had made his way to the Olean consulate in Jameston with the utmost haste, but found the consul unavailable - or at least so he was told by the clerk. Hence, he was now making his way towards the residence of the consul, a small but stately house nearby. At the door, again he was dismissed, told by the guards that the consul was not available. He was starting to wonder if this was really true, or if he was being avoided. Not to be deterred, he had the guard swear upon his honour that he would deliver a letter to the consul at the utmost despatch. The letter: My last build (almost) in Jameston before Montoya heads back west. I wish to offer this little art and culture or residence for Oleon to license, with the stipulation that it counts towards my December build count. @Bodi @Captain Genaro - anyone of you are welcome to license it. :) The secret juniper treaty mentioned above was to have been the main focus of Montoya contacting Oleon upon his return, but something *cough cough* WTC ;) came in the way. C&C welcome, as always.
  4. Day 3, Landfall After two days at sea with no sight of land, this morning a formation of clouds betrayed a large landmass to the south. Baker immediately set what little sail we had and with oars in hand beached us before noon. I have not been able to identify the island, and with no expertise and no navigational implements, neither the stars, the sun, nor the moon offers any consolation. Curiously enough, both young Baker and myself have failed to recall any clues as to how we ended up on the raft, but we are well supplied with a chest of basic tools and provisions enough to last us some while, even if we should be unable to find a suitable source of nutrition. None of us has any recollection of what happened after we landed on Tortuga to meet with Captain Benjamin Morgan. And while the island appears ripe in possible food sources, flora and fauna, neither offers me any clues as to our location. The avifauna suggests that we might be in the Prio Seas, but thus far it is all conjecture. Baker, as ever the very image of activity and good spirits, has vigorously set about figuring out how to make our existence on this desolate piece of land bearable, and I have every confidence that he shall succeed. I believe I may be in his way, and will spend our time until we are rescued productively, describing the species off this island. This may well prove an invaluable scientific opportunity and a well-earned break from my diplomatic duties. Montoya...
  5. The Montoya estate has seen no less than two of its vessels detained by Oleander authorities on pretence of an outrageous tax regime meant to control the workings of free trade. Ibn al'Sayeed has furiously protested to rear-admiral Fletcher, but the crown have so far done nothing - and perhaps there is nothing to be done, bar starting a trade tax war, something Her Majesty was unlikely to approve. That offers little comfort to the ambitious manager of the estate, though, so he has ordered an expansion of the fleet to compensate. When Montoya returns, there are to be no doubts as to al'Sayeed's diligence! The first vessel in this expansion is the unarmed coastal class 3 schooner "Amethyst". Relying on speed and upwind performance rather than defences to stay safe, she has a capacious hold, further added to by only carrying stores for shorter voyages. Her large deck hatches allow easy access to the holds, and by rigging a block in the gaff of main and fore sail cargo can be easily loaded and unloaded, even in small settlements with little infrastructure in the way of cargo handling. Newest vessel in the Montoya fleet. She is nothing fancy hull-wise, just a standard hinge based build, but I like the clean look of her decks, the overall shape, and the hatches I stole from @Bart. The rigging is also something I am starting to feel rather confident about - I am still on the look-out for a good material for sails that is easy to work with, but these turned out fairly well too. C&C welcome as always.
  6. Montoya's personal diary, Day 24, Temple Ruins Exploring the island upon which we were lost, young Baker and myself ventured inland, only to stumble upon something most marvellous. Following what appeared to be a track trodden by both men (of which we saw none) and beasts (of which we saw an abundance) we reached a clearing where several tracks converged between the cliffs. Apart from a colourful bird, which was clearly some non-descript pheasant, surprisingly, we found ruins of an ancient civilisation, almost entirely hidden amongst the jungle flora. These ruins seemed to have some resemblance to the architecture of the Mysec on Cascadia, leading me to believe that we may be stranded in the same region, perhaps even on Cascadia itself, although both flora and fauna differs somewhat. Perhaps the Mysec civilisation once spanned a large part of the Brick Seas? Young Baker rushed to the ruins... ...where he made a most fascinating find! In the center of what must have been a temple or large residence, on what looked like an alter, a most beautiful orchid was growing, apparently drawing nourishment and water from canals dug into the very cliff. Upon closer inspection, it was clear that this arrangement must have carried great meaning. While the alter had been damaged by the course of time, it seemed indisputable that it was made to honour the orchid. One can only speculate what importance it may have held for the ancient civilisation that once built these walls. If only I could discuss this with Dr. Brickingstone... After carefully drawing maps of the location, Baker and I both decided to continue exploring the island. After all, it would seem we were to share with the many birds and orchids this island as our home for quite some time. I only hope my notes shall not be destroyed by damp or mildew before we are rescued. And that the rescue will not come too soon. So many things to describe and discover... Montoya ______________________________________________________ Expedition notes, day 11, Ruins in the jungle The climate has been unexpectedly kind to us, and the birds are ever curious, following the expedition's every move so close I believe I could reach out to touch them from time to time. Earlier today, we reached a clearing in between the cliffs, where a number of natural tracks converged. Obviously, we were not the first to find the clearing, as long since, some mysterious people, possibly related to the Mysec of Cascadia (as Dr. Brickingstone suggested), had erected a temple of some sorts. I ordered the expedition to halt here and make temporary camp, so the scientific gentlemen could investigate the ruins, and the soldiers could fill our water reserves from the local creek. After a short council, each went about his own tasks. While the soldiers discussed whatever it is soldiers discuss (although I must say, the Royal Pioneers are a handy bunch on an expedition like this, able and willing to conduct themselves in these jungles!), Nathaniel and I checked out the possible routes to take from here. Most curiously, we found recent tracks of two set of boots, apparently of Halosian design, but otherwise, the site appeared undisturbed. The tracks seemed fresh, however, but probably, they were just those of another expedition. The island seems to be crowded with them these days... The two scientists rushed towards the ruins, and I heard them mutter excitedly. Something about an orchid of great cultural importance. To whom this flower may hold importance I did not catch, but I am certain they will share their findings at the campfire tonight. In any case, it seems we have found the orchid we were searching for. Thomas Mallory ______________________________________ Overview shot: I am quite happy with how this worked out, with the story shots and all. Personally, I particularly like the way the ruins are embedded in the jungle. And in case it wasn't clear, Montoya's footprints are those the Fontonajo expedition found on their search of the same ruins. It seems almost inevitable that the two expeditions should soon meet, and I hope we will be able to show it in the brick, if @Elostirion and I can both find the time :) Montoya, however, seems to have eluded discovery this time, though, but now at least we know that he is on Celestia! ;) C&C welcome, as always, and good luck to everyone with the challenge.
  7. The newly formed Royal Pioneers were established specifically for colonial expansion and their first mission was accompanying Don Isaac Montoya of the Royal Society to Cascadia, where they helped set up Camp Isaac and joined the expedition to discover Myzectlan. Shortly after this discovery, Montoya was rushed to Isla de Medio to address a diplomatic issue in relation with Operation Pax Corlandia (much against his own will, being so engulfed in the scientific possibilities of Cascadia). The Royal Pioneers stayed behind to develop Camp Isaac and survey the island, as well as establishing roads and paths to Myzectlan. However, Montoya had not returned as expected... Pioneer 1: "Fascinating island, this is." Pioneer 2: "Indeed - it's been hard work carving out all these paths and setting up the rope-walks, but one's got to enjoy the beauty of this place." Pioneer 1: "Don Montoya seemed to enjoy it too - particularly all these wild beasts... Just look at that big black cat sneaking up on that deer..." Pioneer 2: "One wonders what's become of him. He wasn't supposed to be away so long..." Pioneer 1: "Last I heard, he was underway to meet that character... Captain Benjamin Morgan..." Pioneer 2: "Captain Morgan?!?" Pioneer 1: "Indeed... against the warnings of many - and even without a guard..." Pioneer 2: "Oh dearie me... And I had taken quite a liking to the gentleman..."
  8. After Captain Benjamin Morgan barged in on the Malto peace talks in a rather bold move, introducing himself as representative of the socalled Sea Rats, Montoya had agreed to meet. Having seen to the evacuation of the citizens of Malto, he had taken ship to Tortuga, and was now disembarking at a small pier. As promised, and as usual, he travelled with no guards, only accompanied by his assistant, young mr. Baker. Some had expressed some concern that he should go unescorted to meet a character as... renowned as Captain Benjamin Morgan. The pier belonged to a small guesthouse. Montoya figured he could get a room for the night, and ask around for the Captain himself. And then there was nothing left to do but wait and see if Captain Benjamin Morgan would show up... A small build for Tortuga. I will not license it, but if they settlement wants to, I think it is a fine small artisan.
  9. The evacuation has begun and the people of Malto has gathered at the docks to be shipped out. Most of the populace is anxious to leave and is eagerly pushing and showing to board the boats that are to take bring them aboard the awaiting vessels. Corlander troops are struggling to maintain order, unaccustomed to such temperamental people. Despite Eslandian promises, many Maltoans are still worried that staying will mean risking prosecution and plunder, which has raised their Mardierian tempers somewhat. However, all in all, they are grateful to the Corlanders and willing to listen, so sofar, no serious incidents have arisen. One of the waiting vessels is the Red Friar, an ancient cog of Balondian origin, and the first of the transit boats is just reaching her now, with the captain and don Isaac Montoya ready to welcome the refugees aboard. The Red Friars are an order of sea-borne monks from Balondia, formerly of great importance to the Balondian navy. However, their warlike nature has long since been forgotten (or so it is said) and now they sail the seas as merchants, raising money for charitable purposes. Their ship, aptly named "The Red Friar", was one of the last Balondian warships built before cannons made their debut as the primary offensive weapon of naval combat. This becomes evident in the fore and aft platforms well suited for archers or crossbowmen, with shields mounted for cover. The monks has kept her as good as new by continual care, and she is one of the last of her kind to still sail the seas. While old fashioned and slow, she is a very stable sailor, even in rough seas, and will ensure a safe and comfortable journey to Alicentia for the refugees. As always, C&C is welcome. It was fun to build a ship of a different era.
  10. Montoya's last location: Nova Terreli, Nellisa During his visit to Terreli, a disconcerting letter arrived from Lady Elysabeth on Isla de Victoria. My dear Lord Montoya, Ever since that duel, I have regarded you as a friend of my house. Though the relations between our two nations have coolled down, which has made our contacts less fequent, I still regard you as an ally of mine. Undoubtly, you have heard of the recent military actions taken by my nation. I myself am fighting in the frontlines, and I can say you: the fighting is heavy. We still encounter more Mardierans every day, and recently our scouts have heard rumours of not one, but three Mardieran settlements. These are heavily protected, and the casualties at both sides are high. Tough I know that your nation view us as the agressors, and have taken steps in the blue direction, this is about human lives. Since I know from first hand experience the wonders your medical knowledge can achieve, I hereby ask you, no beg you, to come help me. Yours sincerely, Elysabeth Therefore, Montoya has lead a group of medical and surgical gentlemen of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy on a mercy mission to bring Corlander medical knowledge to the battlefield. Principally against getting involved in politics, the mercy mission is treating all casualties, regardless of nationality, without prejudice. Only the nature of your injury will decide your treatment. Montoya is leading the mission, and has been joined by several surgeons and physicians, as well as his research assistant, young Mr. Baker. While mainly a mission of compassion and mercy, the chance to further the medical sciences through hands-on experimentation and the ability to test the newest treatments might also have helped motivation. After all, why not take this chance to improve the world for generations to come? C&C is, as always, welcome! :)
  11. Outstanding contracts: Class 1F vessel w/station: 40 db Lumbermill: 25 db Coming soon: Quarry Outstanding offers: The King's Harbour Foundation ________________________________________________ The military governor's office in King's Harbouris where the settlement is managed, and where you will find all outstanding contracts, offers and incentives, as well as all other issues related to the management of King's Harbour, both military and civilian. The small but stately building was one of the first to be erected on the new stone quays. It is rather small, but for the early beginnings of the settlement, it is more than sufficient. However, in time, the administration is apt to outgrow this small building. Outside the building this very day, Cooke and Montoya are conducting each their business. Due to a shortage of manpower, Cooke has commandeered young mr. Baker, nominally Montoya's research assistant, and is currently dictating a contract for a new despatch vessel for local communications, especially to improve contact to the fortress at Chase Point, to far away for overland contact. At the same time, Montoya is welcoming Ibn al'Sayeed, manager of the Montoya Estate, who has arrived with the Sphinx, while his crew is dragging a heavy chest of gold into the new office. ____________________________________ Hereby a small office for the management of King's Harbour. Of course, C&C for the build and story is welcome, but in the long run, this post will be used for different announcements and the like, relating to King's Harbour. Any advice on what license type I should choose?
  12. Last we saw Montoya, he was setting out from Isla de Medio to escape the unpleasant realities of war and politics and once more turn his attention to the sciences. Now he had arrived at Cascadia, where he met the vanguard of the newly formed Royal Pioneers in the form of the recon section, who are specialised in exploration and reconnaisance. They are now venturing through the jungle looking for a place to establish a base of operations for future expeditions into the heartland of Cascadia. A base that would in time be known as Camp Isaac, named after Montoya. With the pioneers clearing the way, Montoya has ample time to stop and smell the flowers. Or more accurately put, to stop to catalogue and decribe them in the name of science.
  13. "Mr. Gardener!" Montoya exclaimed, delighted to see his old shipmate. "Doctor! How pleasant to see you well!" the young man replied, his voice carrying over the crack of sails and rigging. "In fact, it is lieutenant now. And, should you wish to oblige me immmensely, you could call me captain, being in command of this here fine vessel!" "Captain Gardener it is, then - And what a prodigiously fine little ship she is!" "Indeed she is, although some may call her a yacht, rather than a ship, not being ship-rigged... But a wonderful sailer, nonetheless." Gardener said with a smile. "Bah, you sailors and your jargon!" he said, shaking his head. "How is the wind for Celestia?" "As sure as your hand during surgery, Doctor! Hop on board just this moment and we will be right off. Been lying to here for long enough now!" Montoya had long since had enough of the fighting on Isla de Medio, or Isla de Victoria, as the Eslandians seemed to call it, and as the field hospital was established and would function without his participation, he had written to Cooke to have transport arranged. And while it had taken some time, Cooke had arranged for the Pioneer, under the command of his former midshipman, now Lieutenant, Gardener, to pick up Montoya on its way to Celestia. As it happened, the Pioneer was despatched to bring supplies and mail to Major Allcocks expedition on Celestia, whereafter it be at Allcocks command to support the expedition in any way he may wish. Montoya was happy to leave. Eslandian and Marderian wounded alike all seemed confident on victory, and the battle would be bloody. He was tired of war, and rumours of both Marderian and Garveyan (on the side of Eslandola) reinforcements suggested an escalation of the conflict. Soon, it would be full blown war. The diplomatic grapevine was buzzing with tension. The Pioneer is a yacht, a swift and manoeuvrable fore-and-aft rigged vessel type recently developed in Altonia. Adept at sailing close to the wind, low draught, and easy to handle even by a small crew makes it perfectly suited for running communications both inshore and on the open seas. Several of the type has been commissioned by the Crown for the National Surveyor, the service in charge of charting the territorial waters of Corrington. Apart from small-arms, it is unarmed, not intended for warfare. On board, in the cabin, young Gardener asked Montoya a curious question. "Who was that fellow?" "Who?!" "Did you not notice the man behind the bushes? A native, it seemed..." Montoya was leaving from a small pier just outside the Fuerte Unido city wall. He wouldn't be sad to see the island disappear below the horizon, once more devoting himself to the natural sciences. ___________________________________________________________________________ A fun build, and one of my favourite landscape builds ever. Rigging the yacht did obscure most of the build, though, which is why you get a "ship-free" picture. The yacht is a class 2 F, under the current nomenclature, and may or may not be licensed. If the greenies want the property licensed, let me know. C&C is, as always, welcome.
  14. Each morning, Don Isaac Montoya wanders to the shore of Isla de Medio to look out for ships carrying the Corlander standard, before returning to the field hospital to care for the wounded of the Eslandola-Mardier conflict. He is longing to leave the conflict behind, and with the hospital now up and running, he is ready to move on towards new horizons. Having received word from his friend and fellow of the Royal Society, Dirk Allcock, of a planned expedition to explore Cascadia and Celestia in the Prio Seas rumoured to be a treasure trove of scientific discovery, Montoya is looking to leave the tragedy and tedium behind and again engulf in the pursuit of science.
  15. Previous Builds: Concerns in the Ministries In the Dark of Night Lighting up the Diplomatic Furnace Blue Rooster Inn March of the Grenadiers After having arrived at Nellisa, Montoya had had his plate full. New Terra had experienced large scale privateering, naval invasions, hostile claims on the Olean throne, and heavy build-ups of naval forces by competing powers, and of course, Corrington could not stand idle and had landed troops on Victoria Island. Further, a secret, yet well-established Mardierian Colony on the same island had been unveiled, leading the major powers to reconsider their positions. Much of this had fallen on his plate, and therefore, he had retreated to a study in Nova Terreli owned by the Royal Society. As a member, this was a privilege he often took advantage off, as not even the most hospitable of hosts (amongst which Fontonajo was certainly to be counted) could offer the complete discretion and tranquillity needed for scientific or diplomatic work. Having just finished a report on the recent declaration of independence of Nellisa, he returned with a frown to the recent directives from the Ministry of Finance. Being narrowly concerned with finances and profits almost to the degree of an Eslandian, the temporary minister of Finance, Lord Pennington, had continuously thwarted Montoya's efforts to serve Corlander interests in New Terra. Pennington was a man of the old world, and Montoya had come to suspect that he was more concerned with his own career than the good of the country. During the recent events on Victoria Island, Pennington had almost succeeded in rendering all Montoya's efforts useless, damaging foreign relations and eventually throwing Montoya into disrepute with the Crown. Whether this was part of a Brickiavellian plot to throw Montoya out of favour, side-effects of Pennington's ambitions, or blatant incompetence, Montoya was not sure, but would do his best to find out. Leaning back, he smiled as he heard the newspaper boy exclaim the latest headline. At least Pennington hadn't been able to thwart this... Meanwhile, outside the study: "Special Report! Corrington announces armed neutrality! Buy the Pontelli Gazette to get the full story!" The newspaper boy shouted to the assembled crowds. "Following King Fernando Augusto's renewed claims on the Olean throne, the Crown of Corrington has issued a statement that Corlander neutrality will be enforced with force. Forces of King Fernando Augusto found to be trespassing on Corlander soil or territorial waters, whether for offensive or defensive manoeuvres, will be met with the full extent of her Majesty's armed forces." While a few soldiers were worried by these news, most of the populace seemed happy to find Fernando Augusto's plans frustrated. ____________________________ Just a little build to propel our story, set of a few rumours of (IC) disconcert in Corlander circles of power, and most of all, to proclaim our armed neutrality.
  16. Personal Diary, Montoya, 35th day of Montoya-Cooke Expedition Upon entering the cove, I immediately noticed the indigenous structures erected on poles in the water, and asked Cooke to approach it. The natives seemed to expect us, as they were standing on parade with what appeared to be full ceremonial gear, including large shiny brass-shields, gold ornaments and metal-headed spears. Obviously, these people have at least basic practical knowledge of metallurgy, which appears to me a rarity outside the socalled "civilised" world. (One might question how civilised we truly are, considering the amount of ressources we spend improving our ability to smash eachother on the head….) The natives welcomed us most kindly, and as their language seemed to be related to that spoken by the natives of Nelissa, we were able to communicate rather well. The granted us presents of fresh fruits and large brass plates, and the chief told me that many foreign ships had been spotted recently. As we were the first to make landfall, and if we behaved with reason, he was willing to strike an alliance, and help us with supplies and repairs for now and in perpetuity. (He seemd rather well-versed in the challenges of sea-travel. I suspect they are a nautical tribe, who came here by some sort of ship.) In return, we are required to protect and respect his people and customs, and help them to advance. We sat for long hours in the Chief's hut, discussing the situation, and I found that his tribe was rather sizeable and scattered throughout the island, as well as culturally advanced. After the meeting, he allowed me one of his best men as a guide to the Island, to show me the natural wonders here, and we agreed that I might return later to learn more of his people. I shall be leaving with young Baker and a few hands in a few moments. Oh, what discoveries these lands might hold! My mind is fairly overflowing with delight! In the meanwhile, Cooke has embarked upon his habitual frantic naval activity, preparing the cove for God knows what and measuring every little nook and cranny of the anchorage. One wonders the crew abides, with all the wonders here to behold. Custom and loyalty seems to have more leverage on people than I would have believed, and Cooke almost seems to swell in physical size, when exercising command. The men do seem to love him. As he sent off the HMS Otter, I managed to ship a few letters of business, as well as a scientific paper that will certainly make a noise in the Royal Academy! Captains personal log, 35th day, New Terra Expd., Second Entry 48o 43'' 15' E, 68o 23'' 36'; In sheltered cove Entered the cove shortly after noon. Landed at native village. Montoya established contact with natives, who seemed to be friendly and willing to trade. Carried out initial sounding and mapping of cove, which proved to be a fine natural harbour. Dispatched HMS Otter to seek Corlander Royal Navy Expeditionary Force: Suggested setting up base of operations, with proper defenses. (See "Hydrographical Remarks" and "Tactical Remarks" below") Moored HMS Athena in the sheltered cove, broadside to entrance, and established look-outs on shore. Resupplied greenstuff, water and meats through trade with the natives. Montoya and Baker, with a few hands, landed to explore island and establish further contact with natives. Hydrographical remarks: The cove is a fine natural harbour, protected by the elements by two rocky peninsulae of 10-20 m in height. The entrance measures approximately 20 m across, with a fine channel suitable for all vessels. The cove is appr. circular: measures 250 m at the widest point. Depth of the harbour is consistent at about 20 m (See soundings on attached chart) as little as 30 m from shore. The bottom is soft sand, perfect for anchorage. Northern beach is well suited for careening. Tactical remarks: A single battery could entirely command the harbour from the seaside, while the nature of the landscape and the heavy jungle will effectively make a landbased assault impossible. Further, the jungle offers plenty of wood for spars, masts, planking, firewood, etc. and the natives supply a fine, strong, white rope, which, by the look of their own designs, require no tarring to last. It will prove to be a fine base of operations, refitting, and resupplying, and I have thus suggested sending in a platoon of Royal Navy Engineers to fortify the cove. Montoya ensures me that, treated fairly, the natives will support our presence. They have agreed to an alliance. ________________________________________________________________________________ Hereby my entry to challenge 1b. It isn't exactly my best build to date, but I am farily happy with it. The pictures didn't turn out perfect either, but being away from my bricks, I can't redo them. It was fun writing the story from two different perspectives (and different narrative styles), and I hope it makes sense! C&C is welcome, as always.
  17. The next part of our collab for CH IV. (Although this is not an entry, but just a freebuild.) Prior builds: In The Captain's Cabin Pieces Of A Puzzle Following builds: Undercover for the Final Piece Montoya was not at ease. This tiny little vessel was dancing up and down the waves, rushing close-hauled towards Mooreton bay in a most haphazard fashion, and his stomach was not agreeing with him. "Tell me again why I find myself on this fragile little death-trap. The Athena seemed a perfectly fine transport…" he gasped. "The Athena would have taken day and night to tack in here against the wind. And as I am certain you are aware, Ferguson signalled for me to report on board the Ironsides without a moments delay!" Cooke shouted against the wind. As they had approached Mooreton Bay, the lookout had spotted the horrible old Ironsides in the port and, moments later, the signal flags requiring Cooke to report on board for orders from the Admiralty. And for a naval officer, nothing was more important than orders from the Admiralty. "But surely, my friend, this haphazard pace is both dangerous and unwarranted?" Cooke laughed, thrilled with their speed and the prospect of new orders: "Tide and wind waits for no man, my friend!" The Dolfijn The socalled "death-trap" was a small Altonian privateering sloop named the Dolfijn, captured off Tiberia, as it was attacking some local fishermen. It had proven a flyer close-hauled, and Cooke had decided to keep it as a tender to the Athena, a decision he could never have been happier about right now. "But have no fear, doctor - in a moment we will be moored and you will have firm ground under your feet once more!" Cooke knew the doctor as something of a landlubber. "And while you go meet Major Allcock and discuss your beetles, I will meet with Ferguson and find out what orders the admiralty has seen fit to give me! And you may let the good Major know that I will seek him out at first possible convenience." he said, letting the sloop come up against the wind, steering her for the wharf at the customs office. Wharf and customs office Artillery tower protecting the harbour
  18. Following builds: Pieces of a Puzzle (Ayrlego) Arriving at Mooreton Bay (Bregir) Undercover for the Final Piece (Bregir) In the cabin of the HMHV Athena, Montoya and Cooke are discussing the recent batch of mail. C: "Say, Doctor, do you remember Thomas Ferguson?" M: "An old shipmate of yours, if I am not mistaken? Some story with a fortress…" C: "Quite so - he has finally gotten a command, albeit a temporary one. With New Terra opening up, the Admiralty is recommissioning a number of old vessels, and Tom writes me that he has received orders to assume command of the horrible old Ironsides. Apparently she is being despatched for the colonies." M: "Horrible old Ironsides?" C: "Well, that's what she's known as in the service. You see, she is possibly the smallest, and most definitely the oldest, postship in the service." M: "Postship? Will she be delivering mail, you think?" C: "Now Doctor… A postship is a ship above twenty guns, but not quite frigate size, commanded by a POST-captain." M: "Hmm, I doubt anyone ever explained me that before…" C: "Not above a dozen times…" M: "Perhaps I should attend better…" C: "Perhaps… She is built like a brick wall, scantlings like a 74. Finest oak. Unfortunately, she handles like one too." M: "Scantlings?" C: "Her sides, Isaac. She started her career as a galleon, back before they razeed her in '04. She is clad in thick oaken timber, and when she was up against a Carnian 18-pounder privateer in '99, not a single shot pierced her! That's how she got her name." M: "18 pounds seems like very little for a privateer…" C shakes his head to himself. M: "Pray, what do you mean "razeed", my friend?" C: "Cutting down her upper works - the fore- and aft-castle. Brings down her centre of gravity, making her stiffer and more stable. Her rigging is rather old-fashioned, though." M: "Old-fashioned?" C: "No topgallants, lateen on the mizzen. Rather under-rigged, really. Slow in anything but a strong gale and useless on a bowline…" M: "Fascinating, I am sure. Will we have the pleasure of meeting him, you think?" C: "Only time will show…" __________________________________________________________________________________________ Just a small freebuild to propel the story and drop a few hints as to things to come. C&C welcome.
  19. Part I: "Protecting her Majesty's Honour" Part II: *Link to be added later* Part III: "In her Majesty's Diplomatic Service" Montoya had gotten the dubious honour of delivering her Royal Majesty's response (not exactly soothed by the letters from the privateering captain) to the Carnite actions. As he arrived in the capital of Carno he was lead not the Royal Palace, but to the foreign office, where he was presented before an investigative jury. "Gentlemen, surely this must be a misunderstanding." Montoya said, after presenting himself. "There is nothing to investigate." "We assert no such conclusions, sir. You will present your case before this investigative jury, and we will decide where to take this issue" a man in fine crimson garments interjected, obviously the president of the jury. A juror dressed as a sailor chimed in. "And who is to say you did not fire the first shot?" "Why, your very own Captain Whoknowswho, my good sir, in his very public letters to my Queen." Montoya looked round at the shocked jury. "However, that skirmish was but a symptom of the wicked character of your foreign policy!" Pausing dramatically for a second continuing: "Your government has been issuing letters of Marque against Corlander shipping, a very harsh breach of the peace." A third juror threw his hands in the air, "There is no proof of this - and who is to say our ships were not threatened by your warships?" "Or pulled into an attack by a clever ruse" the last member of the jury shouted, spewing spittle, their contempt growing very obvious. Montoya took half a step back, wiped a speck of spit off his coat with an arched brow. "But sirs, you entirely misunderstand the situation. Corrington is not looking to negotiate but present you with our demands. Return the HMS Bullshark and its crew, cease all aggression against our shipping, and commit to pensions for those who lost their fathers and husbands in the battle, and we will consider this case closed." Montoya said in a firm voice, before furrowing his brow, "… should you fail to do so…" he looked to Cooke, who was obviously straining to keep his temper under control, before continuing "we are forced to consider the attack an act of war." The jury was taken aback, and Cooke observed with pleasure their surprise. It seemed the Carnites had hoped to push Corrington to strike a bargain, but now realised their mistake. ____________________ A sligthly higher angle to better show the interior. While a bit low on tiles and similar detailing bricks, I liked how this turned out. I had not expected those bows to work on both sides as well as they did, and I am certain to revisit the use of those. Good luck to all contestants - We shall see who made the best case.
  20. ", my dear friend, you really cannot hold me here any longer!" Cooke said. "But..." Cooke interupted Montoya immediately: "If I hear one more word of a curious beetle or a non-descript turtle, I swear by the gods, I am going to have you keelhauled under your own vessel! It has been weeks since we set out from King's Harbour towards Quinnsville and sir Smaugton has been expecting us for at least a month!" Montoya blushed, hesitated, and discreetly let go of a bunch of feathers, before speaking up. "I have no idea why you would expect such of me..." Clearing his throat he continued "Of course... As you have so often told me, the tide waits for no man..." Cooke nodded with satisfaction "Indeed!" "As soon as we have dispatched the orders I asked you to write up..." As Cooke held up a document, Montoya nodded "Thank you, good sir. I hope you support my dispositions..." "I do, entirely. McLeod will be happy with a new command, and will make a fine captain. And more so, the Justicia is going to be a fine addition to the pirate hunting task force." "Let is be so, and then we are off to Quinnsville..." The "Justicia" is a sistership to the "HMS Kite" (Formerly "War Dwarf") by Legostone. I simply manipulated the colours a bit. Thanks for looking - C&C is welcome, as always. The Justicia will be my contribution to the pirate hunting task force.
  21. As some remarked, Baker was preparing for a dive while underway to Quinnsville - luckily, in a period of calm, they had a chance to survey one of the reefs. While a sovereign monarch on his own quarterdeck, Cooke's authority means little to Montoya once engulfed in scientific endeavour To the Editor of the Proceedings, Journal of the RS of Nat. Phil. Dear Fellows, Luckily, (which I say at the peril of rebuke from my good friend, who is ever in a tearing hurry) we were becalmed in one of the bays on our way to Quinnsville, and we had a opportunity to exploit the diving suit I had procured in Arlinsport long since. While our initial respite was taking up by furious surveying from the seamen, and we could not even procure a boat, when the bay had been measured and sounded meticulously, Cooke graced me with his company and the jolly-boat. On an aside, he has shown a very acute understanding of the physics behind the suit, something I have never managed myself. I knew he was a prodigious mathematicians and astronomer, but that physics came so natural to him surprises me. If ever possible, I shall invite him to join Señor da Pontelli's lecture on flight! Young mr. Baker is a natural too, and he fairly glows at the prospects of going down again. And from what I can see, and the specimens he brings up and his descriptions make it clear why. The wealth of the coral reefs around Cocovia is unfathomable, and while our world above the surface still offers many discoveries, it is not to be compared with the novelty and diversity below the waves. Such wealth! I have enclosed a preliminary paper on some of our discoveries and hope you will bring it in the proceedings. Sincerly Don Isaac Montoya Fellow RS of Nat. Phil. Enclosed: "Preliminary findings on the reefs of Cocovia - A study in diversity" - Montoya, Don Isaac & Baker, Charles The wealth of the underwater world is fantastic, as is the colours. And an overview picture Thanks for looking - C&C on story and build more than welcome. Hope you enjoyed it!
  22. The Society of Natural Philosophy was well-established in the old world, and everywhere its scientists went, they could find quiet refuges where they could dedicate themselves to their studies. Places where noone would question a bit of smell from a cadaver, or the odd looks some people give a man with blood all over his clothes after a fine dissection. Not to talk of the endless explanations to the constable about corpses being procured well within the law. Oh yee of little knowledge! As a whole new world was now opening up, the Society followed suit, and sought to establish similar facilities in the settlements springing up on newly discovered islands. On Berelli, in Elysabethtown, the mayor had respondent to their request and granted them a room in the newly established library. Thus they had granted her the title of "Mecenas" meaning "benefactor", indicating her support for the Society, and she had promised that Elysabethtown would always allow the Society and their guests free passage regardless what wars and political intrigue might arise. Further, she had promised to use her influence with Maestro to allow scientists and specimens to travel on the company's vessels. A local clerk had also been assigned to receive the scientists whenever they should arrive. Robert McEvan normally worked in the library, but was very excited to be appointed for the position to service the Society. While it for some might just look like unpaid extra work, Robert knew with all his heart that it might be his way into natural philosophy. He had a dream to become an assistant to one of these scientists, and joining an expedition to see things never beheld before. And while he dared barely form the thought himself, somewhere in his mind he hoped one day himself to lead an expedition… --------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading all this, for the kind comments on my previous MOC, and thanks to Bregir forthe story and the great idea of a Fraternity of Science! Elysabeth is very honoured to be allowed to call herself Mecenas. This build was, as you probably can see, based on Jacob Nion's build, wich I really like! Additional images
  23. **Warning: Wall of text** At sea, communications from home where rare. Even more so on Cocovia, far from established shipping lanes, and the crew had not seen a letter for months. In fact, some had jested that they feared losing the ability to read… However, recently an old tub of a packet carrying despatches and mail had skirted by, only lying to long enough for a boat to exchange mail. It was a meagre chest, and between them, Montoya and Cooke only received two letters and a message addressed to them both. Montoya had excellent news from his man of business, and Cooke had a pleasant letter from his family. However, these good news were quickly overshadowed by the third message in which a very public affront to them both was detailed by a close friend of theirs. As gentlemen, they could only make one reply, and they quickly put together a note demanding satisfaction, unless a full public apology would be offered. Both expert duellers, in their rage they both went directly to putting an edge on their skills, practising with sword and pistol. Their cynical practice was at its highest point of intensity as young mr. Baker came running up the hill with a bundle of letters. He had heard about the insult, and the new bundle was topped by a newspaper in which he had circled a notice on the front page. "Sirs... sirs!" he yelped, short of breath from the run. "A despatch cutter arrived just after that horrible old tub! Judging by the date of the newspapers, it left Bellson almost a month after the packet , but has already almost caught up with it! There is a full bag of mail as well as some official despatches! And in the paper something that will definitely interest you! A full apology!" Mr. Baker smiled broadly, relieved not to risk losing one of his benefactors to a mindless duel, and Montoya and Cooke both lowered their weapons. "Sir Dee offers his full apology - it was only a misunderstanding! I believe there is also a letter from him in the mail!" Montoya looks up from the paper with a relieved sigh. "And it would seem the other party to the insult was a religious figure. Surely, we cannot duel a priest?" "I am much at ease, my friend…" Cooke said. "I had not much liked to return home only to expect a duel." "Although it seems you are still perfectly able to hit your mark, Sir!" Baker added enthusiastically with an impressed look at the target, bullseye shot out. Montoya cut him short, somewhat jealous, not being praised for his, although somewhat less obvious, still excellent double parry and stab on the practise dummy: "That does not make him invincible to bullets, Mr. Baker. A duel is always a cruel thing - Never feel too confident." "First, hand me the despatches, mr. Baker. Official business first!" Cooke said, ever dutiful. "Afterwards, we better write a reply to Sir Dee…" Baker handed one heavy, sealed envelope to Cooke, and another to Montoya, who looked somewhat perplexed. Why would he receive official correspondence? As he recognised the seal of the Society of Natural Philosophy, he smiled and opened it with great interest. For a few minutes, they read in silence. The admiralty had long held Captain Cooke's skills in hydrography and naval tactics in high esteem. Further, it had recognised the need for a naval base in the new world, as the Royal Navy and the Merchant Marine must be maintained, provisioned, repaired, and a have a safe port in the event of tropical storms. Without such a port, Corrington's interests and further expansion into the east is in danger, as the Royal Navy and the Merchant Marine are the most important tools at the Crown's disposal. Thus, Cooke's sealed despatchcame at an opportune moment. The elaborate sounding charts of the natural harbour, the detailed description of the tactical situation, and the maps of the surrounding landscape made the situation so clear that not even the bureaucrats could delay the decision of the First Lord of the Admiralty: A naval base was to be established at this very spot, and this at the highest possible dispatch. The first order was to assign a battery of the Royal Navy Artillery Corps to the location to set up initial defences. They were to travel at all possible urgency, bringing with them the Royal Charter for the new settlement, named King's Harbour after Queen Anetta's farther and predecessor. Bellson, March 616, the Admiralty To Captain Jno. Cooke, The Admiralty hereby appoints Captain J. Cooke, Master and Commander of the sloop the HMS Athena, temporary military governor of King's Harbour to set up a naval base of operations in the location specified in the attached maps. He is to assume this responsibility with all possible dispatch, and is required to use his discretion to act such that he finds most fitting in furthering the interests of the Crown. Further, he Admiralty considers cordial relations with the locals of highest priority. Failure to do his duty is subject to punishment as determined by a court martial. Signed The First Lord of the Admiralty The Society of Natural Philosophy had too recognised the need for a secure base of operations, in order to explore the new world and all its scientific opportunities, and had thus set up a designated foundation to support all entrepreneurs wishing to set up relevant businesses in the new settlement. To Don Isaac Montoya, Fellow Your most generous donation to the Society has been duly noted, and the Society is most grateful. The Society believes that such an extraordinary sum should be immediately employed to improve the basis for future scientific exploration. Therefore, the Central Executive Committee has decided to establish a foundation for King's Harbour, and decided to appoint you manager of this Foundation. (See attached charter). In much the same perspective, it has been determined that the new horizons of the New World warrants the establishment of a New World Branch of the Society, and we hope that you will accept a position on the Executive Committee of this branch. The New World Branch will take over the Society's properties in Arlinsport for headquarter, including the staff there employed. Best regards Central Executive Committee The Society of Natural Philosophy Finishing their reading, they both looked up with an enthusiastic smile, eager to tell each other of the news, and spoke in unison. They both broke off, and went: "You go first, my friend." After a few gentlemen-like objections, they spoke in turn, each taking great pleasure from the good news. "What prodigious good news, my friend. We shall have this base up in no time!" Cooke concluded. "But now, let us finish this ugly affair with Sir Dee. It troubles my mind so." "Certainly, my friend. Give me a few moments to collect my mind, and I shall read it out to you." Montoya said, and turned to pen and paper. Dear Sir Dee Your gracious apology has reached us on this fair island recently named Cocovia and added to the Crown. It has found both Cooke and I much relieved, as none of us have any wish to risk to prematurely end the life of a respected gentleman such as yourself, nor risk the same upon ourselves. Both the nature and publication of your response entirely satisfied our request for an apology, and we are pleased the affront was but a misunderstanding. You may consider our challenge withdrawn. As a way of repairing relations, it is our hope that you will accept an invitation to dine together, next we are in the old world. Sincerely Don Isaac Montoya "A very handsome letter, upon my word, Isaac. I do hope it will be received in the same spirit in which it was intended. I should much deplore to have made an enemy of such a respected gentleman, based on a mere misunderstanding…" __________ I hope you will excuse me the mass of text and the small size and scope of the accompanying builds. I have only three medium sized set to work with, and a lot of story to tell. I am slowly fleshing out the Society of Natural Philosophy, of which you will hopefully see a lot more in the future, as well as King's Harbour, for which I will very soon post its own thread. Comments and critique is more than welcome.
  24. May 615, Arlinsport, Tiberia (Flashback: This takes place approximately a year ago, at the very beginnings of the rush to the new world.) Montoya was preparing himself, and, uncharacteristically, he was nervous. He was about to appear before the Society of Natural Philosophy. He had been personally encouraged by esteemed members he highly respected, and had now received the official invitation to become a full member. By any logic, he should feel confident. However, his acceptance meant he had to give an introductory speech on a scientific subject of his choice. The audience would be the members, some of the most prominent natural philosophers in the world, and Montoya was somewhat awed. His subject was one with which he was intimately familiar, and for which he had already achieved widespread acclaim, the Great Tiberian Sea Otter. His field studies were the first to fully describe the species and its behaviours. Yet, he was nervous. The society is a college of some of the finest zoologists, botanists, biologists, medicoes, and entomologists, as well as a multitude of other natural philosophers, many of them from the finer families of Corrington, and most of them affluent. As such, sizeable donations are frequently made by members and non-members alike, giving the society control over significant funds. These funds are mainly used to fund expeditions or experiments, or for other such measures the Society finds relevant for furthering the cause of Natural Philosophy. Having recently decided himself to purchase a ship… Vessel, he should say - His friend Cooke, a Captain of the Royal Navy, had often reproached him with the ridiculous notion that some ships were not ships at all! Sailors and their jargon! He was funding an expedition into the new world rumoured to hold such wealth, both to the natural philosopher, and to those of more worldly concerns. As such, he had every reason to stand tall before the Society. Yet still, he was nervous. He had taken refuge on the balcony of his residence in Arlinsport, and was now waiting for Cooke to arrive to follow him to the conference. Perhaps his friend's unwavering confidence on his worth as a scientist (if not a sailor) would keep his nerves in check… _________________________ The house was built by a wealthy merchant in Arlinsport's early beginnings, and was now situated in the midst of the city's finest quarters, conveniently only a few minutes from the Society's Tiberian Chambers. Incidently, this rich merchant was Montoya's Godfather, so apart from spending much of this childhood and youth here, amongst the interesting flora and fauna of Tiberia, he had recently inherited the house, as well as considerable wealth. Thus, this charming townhouse was now his home, and the home to many of his collections. The top floor had been converted to a study, and the warehouse at the ground floor now housed a multitude of specimens, most of them waiting to be described, catalogued, and dissected. ________________________ C&C is, as always welcome. In this and my next few builds, the story will be more elaborate than usual, so I hope it makes sense. Here, my purpose was mainly to introduce the Society of Natural Philosophy, which I hope in time will be one of the scientific fraternities recognised by the Crown of Corrington. (And then adding Royal as a prefix to the name! ) I intent to build for this Society in the Future, and hope to see it grow with more members (And donors... ) The building has been sitting around for a long time, in several iterations. First as a modular building for my city layout, then as a townhouse for GoH. However, it seemed to modern there and was thus discarded. Luckily, it fits perfectly here, I think, and will be registered as a small residence. Thanks for reading!
  25. I, Don Isaac Montoya, hereby pledge my allegiance to the great nation of Corrington in the name of science and exploration! Onwards to a coral reef of unique scientific import, their longboat passes a wreck near the sandy shores of yet another paradisiacal island. At the bow, Isaac Montoya is handling the sextant in an illusion of navigating the boat, while Jonathan Cooke is smirking, as he rows the boat disregarding the jibberish directions given by his friend. At the back, Charles Baker is looking forward to his first dive in the new diving suit procured by his mentor Montoya. Don Isaac Montoya (left) The bastard son of a Eslandian count and a Corlander merchant's daughter, Isaac's upbringing wasn't easy. Although the count had secured him a considerable trust fund and access to the best schools, Isaac had to content with his equals regarding him with disdain, and most of his teachers with disrespect, or, in the best cases, pity. Proud of nature and with the hot temperament of the southerners, he ended in many a duel as a young adult. To his own surprise, and at times even regret, he survived them all relatively unscarred, and emerged skilled with both blade and pistol. Ordinarily not of great physical prowess (some would say he is outright clumsy), most are surprised when he picks up his arms, and fights with great ferocity and skill. However, his expensive schooling was not lost on him, and he is known to always be studying the world around him. Having attended, and later lectured, at most of the Queen's colleges and universities, he is an established name in the field of the natural sciences, medicine and anthropology . However, mathematics, and thus navigation, is completely lost on him, a matter much mused on by his close friend, Jonathan Cooke. Having recently inherited a large estate from his father, he has outfitted a vessel for an extended scientific expedition of the new worlds beyond the sea! Cpt. Jonathan "The Bear" Cooke (right) Jonathan Cooke took to sea at five as a ships boy in order to escape school and an overprotective mother. Due to his natural talent for all things nautical (and his father's connections at Admiralty), he was appointed midshipman at 11, a very young age for the amount of responsibility this entailed. However, he grew quickly with the challenge, and swiftly rose through the ranks. Blessed with plenty of naval conflict, he had plenty of chances to prove his mettle, chances he did not pass on, making him somewhat of a legend amongst his men. As a young lieutenant commanding a customs cutter, he took on Montoya as ship's physician, and they have been friends ever since. A bear of a man, with a big mane of reddish brown hair, he quickly earned his nickname, and inspired respect on his own quarterdeck, and fear on the enemy's. A believer in superior gunnery, navigation, and tactics, he is not the first to go yardarm to yardarm with the enemy. However, when the time is right, he does not shy away from getting close and dirty. As brilliant as he is in all matters nautical, as naïve he is in matters at land. Having several times almost lost his prize money to "scheming landlubbers", as he calls them, he is most at ease at sea, where his great interest and innate skill in mathematics and navigation makes him feel at home. Charles "Charlie" Baker (middle) Having attended a series of Montoya's lectures on the scientific possibilities of the new world, Charles Baker immediately took the opportunity when a position opened for scientific assistant to his newly established idol. As Montoya's assistant, he is now neck deep in an adventure of epic proportions, far outmatching the imagination of a simple baker's son. Optimistic, scientifically acute, and somewhat foolhardy, he is always cheery and ready for new scientific exploration. Athletic in build, he has the physique for the more hands on parts of Montoya's expeditions, making up for his mentor's clumsiness. He is, in a mix between respect and friendly mockery, reffered to as "young mr. Baker" by most of the crew. __________________________________________________________ Ok ok, I couldn't help it - this simply seems too cool not to participate, although I forswore ever to commit to any other Lego world than the Guilds of Historica. My participation will be limited, but only because circumstances does not allow otherwise! Plus, all the cool kids are playing here! (Props to anyone who guesses the inspiration...)