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Found 10 results

  1. My last (propably) entry is a remake of another small, yet living in infamy, set: 6245, Harbour Sentry: There are so many things wrong here, which I decided to fix. First of all, the laws of Physics defying giant cannon on such a small boat. Second of all, why Lieutenant De Martinet, a high ranking officer of Imperial Army, and right hand man of Governor Broadside is rowing the boat by himself? Surely he would designate such menial task to a low ranking lackey. And he doesn't even have a place to store his personal weaponry, he had to clip his pistol on the cannon, and carry his cutlass on his lap. This is unacceptable! So, let us turn this dinky ol' dinghy, into a true, bona-fide gunboat! ARRRR, Now, that's more like it! A sturdy, yet smooth and curvy rowboat, with a small, yet still functional howitzer as a main weapon. There's plenty of space for De Martinet, one of his Marines, an amunition barrel, and any accessories and weapons our brave Lieutenant would need when patroling the docks of El Dorado Fortress! Hope you like it me mateys!
  2. HMS Growler Quinnsville has been very successful with it's gunboat campaign in the Sea of Thieves. The brave sailors out of the large settlement have captured the Feared Pirate Bluebeard, captured several pirate ships and sunk or damaged as many more. That is why Mayor Brickford has commissioned another powerful vessel to be launched out of the Quinnsville Shipyards. Gunboat 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The HMS Growler will take it's place alongside the other gunboats in Quinnsville's arsenal to make sure the settlement continues to stay well defended against any attack. Gunboat 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ---------------------------------------------------------- A gunboat to replace one that was sunk in a fog many MRCA's ago. I can't say I'm fully happy with how the sail turned out, but I like the overall look of it fully manned. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking! To be licensed as a class 1 ship for the City of Quinnsville.
  3. Gunboats for the Colonies Citizens of Corrington, shipwrights of the Brick Seas, and boatyards of Terra Nova. The Royal Navy hereby initiates a building program for gunboats to protect the harbours of Corrington. This building program includes two classes of vessels, both using oars as main propulsion for maximal maneuverability, often utilising sails as secondary propulsion: Gunboats (Class 1) Small vessels with a large cannon mounted in the bow or stern. Typically 4 to 8 oars and makeshift rigging. Gun sloops or light galleys (Class 2) Larger vessels with heavier armament carried in the bow or stern. Typically more permanent rig and better open sea performance. May carry mortars or howitzers for secondary armament. Once a design has been submitted, the Navy Board will review it, and send any requests for change back to the constructor. (OOC: You may be asked to improve on your design to have it accepted.) Accepted designs will be bought into the Royal Terra Novan Navy at 25 dbs for class 1 vessels and 40 dbs for class 2 vessels. They will be named by type (eg. "Gunboat") and number (eg. "No. 2") and constructors are invited to propose a gifted boatswain for command. The crown will then review the qualifications and make appointments accordingly. For the first 9 vessels, the best design of every three vessels commissioned will be awarded with a prize from the stock of dry-docked captures. (Class 1 or 2 vessel) The Crown will assign these vessels to harbours as they are finalised, based on tactical needs. Signed Rear-Admiral Fletcher Commander, Royal Terra Novan Fleet PS. The Crown thanks the Montoya estate for its offer to finance this building programme.
  4. Two new types of gunboat are being deployed in Wullham Bay to help protect the coastal waters. The boats, which can be rapidly put to sea from Fort Stockton, are oar- and sail-powered, and pack a punch with a large onboard gun. An oar-powered gunboat: A sail-powered gunboat: Original Post photo: Submitted to Glory of Corrington - Oaken Shield - Gunboats for the Colonies. To be licensed as two gunboats
  5. Count Vroskri

    [MOC] Lateen Rigged Gunboat St Mercia

    Hallo! I challenged myself to build three different vessels with a he creator pirate ship, and here's my first: Gunboat St Mercia. Thanks for viewing, feel free to comment!
  6. The gunboat strategy of the Royal Navy has so far been successful enough to mollify even the staunchest of critics. Hence, boatyards across the colonies are churning out new designs on a regular basis. In King's Harbour, where the gunboats have fought(and won) some of their fiercest battles, the local dockyards have designed an improved version of the first colonial gunboats. It is currently under trials near King's Harbour under an experienced master's mate, and is proving more maneuverable and sea worthy than the original design. ___________________________________________ My next contribution to the Gunboats for the Colonies and the GoC.
  7. As part of the initiative to build gunboats for colonial protection, the boatyards in King's Harbour have been busy designing and building two types of gunboats to augment the effective, but rather small, Colonial Gunboat Mark I, the similar WTC designs, the converted whale boats of the Paradise Islands, and another heavy gun sloop out of King's Harbour. This has resulted in the following two designs: The Artillery Sloop No. 1, and Gun Sloop No. 2. Artillery Sloop No. 1: A heavily armed gunboat favouring firepower over agility. The main propulsion consists of the sails, while the oars serve mainly for short range manoeuvring, training of the guns, and calms weather attacks. At the bow, a 32 pounder carronade is mounted for close quarter combat, together with two heavy mortars for long range. At the stern, two 18 pounders are placed. Overall, this small mortar sloop has the firepower of a far larger ship, and can punch holes in any enemies it may encounter. Gun Sloop No. 2: A swift and agile gun sloop for coastal and port defence, as well as local patrolling. In a calm, such sloops may attack becalmed vessels, which are helpless to return fire. The 18 pounder at its bow can punch holes in all but the largest vessels, and the small mortar at the stern gives some extra firepower for long range engagements. Apart from the 10 oars, the gun sloop is a swift sailor. The lug sail and mast can be stowed when not in use. Both will be licensed as class 2 warships.
  8. A fast and maneuvrable cutter, initially built to transport and extract agents from hostile or occupied territories. She's been transferred recently to the colonial squad based to Eltina and rebaptised Jacinthe. She has a large gun (18pounder or 24 pounder) on the bow and two smaller guns amidship. Very well armed for a boat of her tonnage, this disposition means her crew should stick to the tactic of hit and run, to maximize her advantage and try to avoid to board ennemy ships. Here are the stats: Class 2 Cost 120 Range 3 Maneuver 4 Firepower 2 Crew 1 Cargo 0 Hull 2 C&C are welcome. Vive le Roi!
  9. What Cooke had requested in his latest despatch was not as unexpected as one might think. As should be expected of any enlightened, civilised, scientific society (and which religious zealots or money-hungering mercantilists will find hard to grasp) there is a procedure or design already in place for any significant situation. So too is the case when it comes to claiming and holding newly claimed land under the Corlander Crown. As soon as the New Terra expeditions were announced, military engineers and tacticians of the Royal Society of Military Sciences set about designing defensive measures for new possessions in remote areas. The design requirements were a balance between high firepower, defensibility, and ease of construction on site. The result of these efforts is the "Colonial Half-battery, Mark I" depicted in the sketches below. Armed with two 24-pounders, it can swiftly puncture anything short of frigate-size, and pose a significant threat, even to larger vessels. Manned by two gun crews of each 6 gunners and a sergeant, and commanded by a Lieutenant (with an aide-de-camp) a half-battery is made up of 16 men of the Royal Navy Artillery Corps. Thus expertly handled, it can continuously deliver swift, accurate fire. The bulwarks and carriages are designed to be constructed on site, from locally sourced materials, and with specialised tools. In fact, only the guns, ammunition, and turntables have to be sourced externally. Depending on the availability of materials and the topography of the site, the crew itself can erect a "Colonial Half-Battery, Mark I" in less than a week, a process that can be sped up by the help of additional manpower and/or careful preparations of the site. However, a fixed battery has tactical limitations, and can only command a fixed arc of fire. Therefore, an option has been devised for these situations where tactical considerations warrant it. This option is the "Colonial Gunboat, Mark I", as depicted below. Essentially a reinforced ship's launch, the gunboat has been strengthened to withstand the massive recoil of the 24-pounder mounted in its bow, as well as moderate amounts of enemy fire. With such a large gun on a mobile platform, commanders are given considerably more tactical freedom than that afforded by a fort alone. Manned exactly like the half-battery, it brings the total complement of fort and gunboat up to a full battery, which triggers the addition of a Captain and his aide-de-camp, a signal corporal, and a surgeon and his mate, totalling 37 men. As each gun-crew can man either one gun, or the gunboat, a full battery has one redundant group at all times. This allows for rest during prolonged battle, small arms support, or various support tasks; and affords the commander a great degree of flexibility, even under heavy losses. The complete organisation can be seen below. _________________________________________________________________________ Originally, I had intended to put the boat and battery on a landscape, but I was not able to finish it before leaving my bricks behind, so I had to be creative with presentation! Not all the pictures are perfect, but they were taking in a rush, so please indulge me. I kinda like the idea of standardisation of these things, and I think it fits in perfectly in Corrington. Further, it allowed me to build these things before actually placing them on the new islalnd found by Montoya and Cooke, thus avoiding timeline issues. I think the gunboat turned out well, and hope to revisit that technique at a later point. I also like the guns and their carriages. I am planning to license the gunboat as a class 1 A at some point, and the fortress as a small fort, if I ever need it. C&C more than welcome - I hope you like it.
  10. James Wellington

    [MOC] British Royal Navy Gunboat

    171D Hello all! I said in my last small MOC, I'd probably do another MOC, so I decided to make a ship this time, a Gunboat. It took me almost 4 hours (mostly finding and digging out parts), i'd say remove all the finding time, it took me about 20 minutes to construct, maybe 25 minutes (I did a few designs, and picked the one I liked most). Now, the gunboat itself has 1 small mast, 1 small rotating cannon at the beginning, and 2 swivel guns. The ship can fit about 4-6 minifigures, however I didn't want to take up the whole ship with minifigures, so I manned it with 3 minifigures in the 3 main posts. I myself am pretty proud of my build, I mean, I just built it with limited parts, and the way I thought a gunship should look like. I originally constructed a small grey cannon to go at the front, but it was a little bit too big, so I added a smaller rotating cannon that looks a lot like a swivel gun Alright, let's get started. Gun1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Side view of the ship. Quite small, but it is a Gunboat Gun2 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr The bow of the ship. A redcoat manning the frontal cannon, and a Royal Navy gunner manning one of the two swivels. As you can see, I've given those new ugly blasters a use! They make great swivels, firing ones, too. Gun3 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Gun4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Overview of the ship. You can see a bit of the crows nest. Gun5 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Other side of the ship. It does appear that there is a bit of dirt of that piece. Cleaning time Gun6 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr A simple, small stern to the gunboat. Gun7 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr You can really see everything that's going on in the ship in this pic. Gun8 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr At the wheel of the ship, a British Midshipman pilots the small ship. Gun9 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Lastly a view of the whole ship and the crows nest. Let it sail to bring glory to the Redcoats, and justice to the seas. Hope you've enjoyed! Please tell me what you think of my Gunboat! Have a nice day.