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  1. After the Eslandolan and Garvian invasion of the Isle de Medio thousands of Mardierian settlers left homeless and facing starvation. Corlander efforts to assist were met with fierce resistance from Eslandola and the resulting Nova Malto crisis was resolved by shipping large numbers of Marderian refugees to the Corlander island of Alicentia for resettlement. Marderian refugees settling down to life as Corlander citizens in New Haven. The influence of the Marderians was clearly visible in the architectural style of the buildings. Sir Peter Nash OC, Baron of Swanley, was commissioned by a Mardierian friend to design a luxury bathhouse. Peter took this assignment with both hands and designed a bathhouse in Marderian style. The bathhouse is a luxurious place to relax and do business. Peter relaxed by the water and enjoyed the various drinks and food provided to him by the servants. A number of other gentlemen enjoyed the hot water while discussing business matters. --- Build will be licensed in New Haven by @Bricksbypidy. Property type: Large Art and Culture Dimensions: 91 x 56 studs Total parts: ~7,700 Credits: - None Source of Inpsiration: Forge of Empires - Ornate Baths --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 5 licensed builds in New Haven (New Haven has 15 licensed builds) - a total of 9 Art & Culture builds (21% of all my builds) - a total of 22 Large builds (51% of all my builds) - New Haven (Town) needs 1x Artisan and 1x Factory to become a Large Town
  2. Part of the Armed Forces of Corrington is the Highland Regiment of Foot. Every summer these Highlanders come to Wullham for the traditional games: The Highland Games. This event is held every year. Certain aspects of the games are so well known as to have become emblematic for the Highlanders, such as the bagpipes, the kilt, and the heavy events, especially the 'Caber Toss' and 'Weight over Bar'. While centered on competitions in piping and drumming, dancing, and heavy athletics, the games also include entertainment and exhibits related to other aspects of the Corrington Highlander cultures. During the Highland games, various groups of Highlanders compete against each other in various 'heavy events'. Some examples of 'events' are: 'Stone Put', 'Keg-tossing (Weight over Bar)', 'Caber Toss' and 'Tug of War'. This event, the so-called Black Watch, MacDonald and Wemyss will compete against each other. Every year there is a guest jury of 7 people. This consists of people who have been of great importance to Corrington in the previous year. This year this honor has been awarded to (from left to right): Jim Corbett, Padre Azúcar, Willem van Baarle, Baron Peter Nash, Alexandre Bras-de-Fer, Edmund Cooke and Bernard Claesen Speirdyke. --- Build will be licensed in Wullham by @Bricksbypidy. Property type: Large Art and Culture Dimensions: 98 x 98 studs Total parts: ~10,275 Credits: - Used some elements and techniques from Lego set 10326 The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell. --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 3 licensed builds in Wullham (7% of all my builds) - a total of 7 Art and Culture buildings (17% of all my builds) - a total of 20 Large buildings (49% of all my builds)
  3. Name: New Haven Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Western shore, Northeast Cape, Alicentia, Sea of Storms Map: DRAFT ONLY - Final map to follow. Mayor: Giovanni Lorenzini (NPC) Trade Value: See account spreadsheet Town Bank: See account spreadsheet Who can own property in New Haven: Anyone Who can freebuild in New Haven: Anyone Description: After Eslandola and Garvey's decisive victory over Mardier on the Isla de Victoria, all Mardierian forces withdrew from the island and with them fled most of the settlers of wealth and status. Before leaving, Mardierian troops conducted a scorched earth policy, determined to leave nothing of value behind for the victorious Eslandolans. Left behind however, were the poorer Mardierian settlers and those without the means to flee, or with nowhere to go. Fearing reprisals from their new Eslandolan overlords, but more so from the natives who the Mardierian forces are said to have savagely repressed, these refugees, their homes and crops burned, gathered in the ruins of the former settlement of Malto on the north of the Island. Former Mardierian army Captain Giovanni Lorenzini turned to the Empire of Corrington for help. Corlander colonial authorities, fearing a humanitarian disaster on the war torn island, authorised armed support for Lorenzini's proposal of a "free and neutral" settlement and temporarily recognised Nova Malto as a separate entity from the Eslandolan colony of the Isla de Victoria. This sparked a diplomatic crisis, with Eslandolans refusing to recognise the peaceful humanitarian intent of the free settlement and an armed stand-off followed. After intense diplomatic negotiations, Corlander forces agreed to withdraw from the island, and Eslandola agreed that any former Mardierian settlers who wished to leave could do so with the Corlanders. Eslandola also agreed to assist in the funding of a new settlement for the refugees. New Haven is the result of this agreement. Located on the western shore of the Northeast cape of Alicentia, the settlement is primarily populated with former Mardierian refugees and Corlander colonial authorities have confirmed Giovanni Lorenzini as mayor. Original Information: Builds in New Haven Please help us out by posting your a link to your New Haven builds in this thread. Properties: 17/31 Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town' Required for Level 4 'Large Town' TBA. Key Name, size and type of property, builder (licensee)(settlement points) Residences: 3 New Haven Housing Projects, medium residence, Bregir (New Haven) (+2 settlement size) New Haven Housing, small residence, Legostone (New Haven) (+1 settlement size) Factories: 3 New Haven Mill, small factory, Capt Wolf (New Haven) (+1 settlement size) Gin Distillery, medium factory, Sir Stig (New Haven) (+2 settlement size) Artisans: 6 The Blues Inn, small artisan, Maxim I (New Haven) (+1 settlement size) Greenway Resturant, medium artisan, Bregir (via Mesabi) (+2 settlement size) - not licensed yet Lenia's Laundry, large artisan, New Haven (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Commerce: 4 Warehouse and Pier, small commerce, Brickwolf (+1 settlement size) Whiffo Dock, small commerce, Garmadon (Corrington) (+1 settlement size) ETTC Offices, medium commerce, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Art and Culture: 3 Brethren of the Golden Triangle Monastery, large art and culture, Corrington (via BricksbyPidy) (+3 settlement size) Educational: 1 New Haven School, small education, Maxim I (Corrington) (+1 settlement size) Plantations: Mines: Forts: 1 Medium Fort Montoya, medium fort, Lord Buckethead (New Haven) (+2 settlement size) Troops:
  4. As Queenston's two Royal Plantations quickly let the world know that Queenston was to become a prominent figure in the sugar business. Both small and large investors have come to the settlement, wishing to get a piece of the land while they still can. Here you see the small plantation of a retired sailor, he had spent his whole life working on various merchant vessels, until he eventually gained enough trust and experience to be made captain of a his own fluyte. He earned a decent living as a merchant, but realised that he would need a quicker way to earn doubloons, if he were to become a land owner before he got to old. So when Corrington declared war on the Lotus, he decided now was the time and he sold his fluyte back to the company and bought himself a small sloop. He had managed to secure a "Letter of Marque" allowing him to harass Loti trade while keeping a large portion of the profits. He convinced some of his old crew to join him on his sloop and together they left for the New Heaven Sea as Privateers. For months they attacked the loti, capturing several merchant Junks and in one occasion even recapturing a previously lost Corrie brig. He eventually met up with Scarver and served in his squadron for a little while. As the allied invasion of El Oleonda took place, Loti shipping in the area drastically reduced, but his time as a privateer had been profitable. So he decided it was time to use his earnings as intended and purchase some land. When he returned to Corrie territory, he heard news that Scarver now served as Mayor of Corringtons first settlement on Arlintina, without a second thought he packed his belongings and brought his family to Queenston. He used his savings to buy a large patch of land and got to work on his soon to be sugar plantation. Now, fully in business, he rides through his fields of sugar cane every morning at sunrise, greeting his workers on their way to work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Built this small plantation for the GoC task 14, Bastion of the East. However I severely underestimated how many tan spyglasses I'd need for the sugar cane, so I compensated with a ton of different palm trees to fill the space I spent well over an hour editing a white background behind the moc, but the file was too big to be posted on flickr so it was all for nothing Will be licenced as a small plantation for Queenston
  5. On the outskirts of Jamestown, lies 'Lagoon Lockup'. This colorful little 'settlement' is located on a tropical lagoon with birds, flowers and crystal clear water. The small 'settlement' consists of a 'lockup' with a few number of supporting buildings. The cannons defend this small suburb of Jamestown. Leader of this 'Lagoon Lockup' is Sebastián Enrique. He's the left man on the roof on the left. Recently his men captured the infamous pirate Francis Drake. If you look closely you can see him behind the prison gate on the right. Rumors are circulating that all his loyal friends will gather and attempt to free him from this plight. The guns are loaded, the Corrish men are on alert, scanning the lagoon for intruders. In the distance a small rowing boat approaches... it reaches the lagoon through a narrow passage between two small, overgrown islets. Could this be the start of the liberation operation? --- Build will be licensed in Jamestown by @Bricksbypidy. Property type: Large Art and Culture Dimensions: 98 x 82 studs Total parts: ~10,150 Credits: - Design buildings: @sleepless_night_bricks (digital build by @Bricksbypidy) --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 4 licensed builds in Jamestown (Jamestown has 151 licensed builds) - a total of 2 Large and 2 Royal builds in Jamestown (Jamestown has 19 Large and 4 Royal builds) - completing Art & Culture category for Jamestown to reach settlement level ''Capital City' (it needs some Artisan (30), Commerce (20) and Factory (27) buildings).
  6. Name: Jameston Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Celestia, East Prio Sea Map: Mayor: Trade Value: see accounts spreedsheet Town Bank: see accounts spreedsheet Town Income per turn/Town Expenses per turn: 230DB/150DB Who can own property in Jameston: Anyone Who can freebuild in Jameston: Anyone Description: Corrington's jewel of the Prio Seas, Jameston is a melting pot of cultures and powerhouse of commerce. Established on the 15th January 617, the first Corlanders landed in a large sheltered bay located on the western shores of Celestia. Rich with natural resources, Jameston was the first Corlander settlement in the Prio Sea, named after Queen Annetta's Grandfather, King James IV of Corrington. Located on the southern shore of Vanilla Bay, Jameston swiftly became one of the quickest growing settlements in the Empire and developed it's own unique style. Early buildings tended to have sturdy lower floors built out of locally produced stone, while colourful timber framed upper stories add a rainbow of colours not normally associated with Corrish settlements. As the settlement developed, the trend has been for more brick buildings rendered in citrus colours of greens, yellows and oranges. The small Alfred River empties into Vanilla bay at the site of the settlement, and upstream large tracts of fertile land have been cleared for sugar cane plantations. Jameston is one of the leading producers of sugar in the new world, and is the site of a Royal Sugar plantation. To the east of the settlement, think verdant jungle covers the land and here vanilla plants can be found growing naturally throughout the jungles. Corrish settlers were quick to exploit this valuable spice, the second most expensive spice known to man second only to saffron. Businesses taking advantage of the islands abundant vanilla plants are known to give investors a bonus in profits. Celestia holds perhaps the largest diversity of orchids yet seen in the world and the jungles are splashed with their bright and vibrant colours. Towards the end of 617, a rush of settlers flocked to Jameston in search of the rumoured 'Superb Orchid'. Hundreds of new species of flora and fauna were discovered and several species in particular have been labelled as the 'Superb Orchid'. It was during these expeditions that several sites were found with ruins of a long forgotten civilisation, thought to be related to the Myzec on the neighbouring island of Cascadia. A hub for the East Terran Trading Company (ETTC), Jameston hosts the majority of company military forces. ETTC troops mainly consist of mercenaries hired from the southern Nizami satrapies of the Molokoi Empire. These men are mostly drawn from the Nizam ethnic group and sign into the ETTC military for 15 years with the promise of immediate Corlander citizenship and a parcel of land in the colonies on retirement. In addition they are allowed to bring up to 5 family members with them to the new world. As such, Jameston hosts a large ethnic Nizami group who tend to live together in the south eastern section of the settlement which has become known as the Nizami Quarter. ETTC forces are mainly comprised of infantry; known as sepoys, but a small unit of lancers also compliments the force. Original Information: Builds in Jameston Please help us out by posting your a link to your Jameston builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. Properties: 246/300 Size for EGS purposes - Level 32 'Grand City' Required for Level 64 Capital City: TBA Artisans: 33 Tailor's Shop, small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Barbershop, small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) The Lavender Inn, medium artisan, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) The Garnet Inn, medium artisan, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Basement House, small artisan, Elostirion (+1 settlement size) Captain's Daughter Inn, medium artisan, Jameston (via Blackdeathgr) (+2 settlement size) The Gilded Cup, large artisan, Gideon (+3 settlement size) The Captain's Daughter Inn, medium artisan, Mike S (+2 settlement size) The Colonist Inn, medium artisan, Faladrin (+2 settlement size) Jameston Haberdasher, small artisan, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) WTC Stand, small artisan, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Wainwright, large artisan, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Alehouse, medium artisan, Jameston (+2 settlement size) Merrynight Tavern, large artisan, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Small Tavern, small artisan, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) The Sergeant's Arms, small artisan, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Sepoy Armoury, medium artisan, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Spice Merchant's Workshop, medium artisan, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Commerce: 44 Office of the Allcock Trading Company, small commerce, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Lighthouse and Pilot's Station, medium commerce, Jameston (+2 settlement size) WTC Warehouse, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) 'Soldiers' Wharf, small commerce, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Chocolate Shop, medium commerce, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) MAESTRO Office, small commerce, MAESTRO (via Maxim I), (+1 settlement size) Autumn Trading House, large commerce, Jameston (+3 settlement size) Post Office, small commerce, Jameston (+1 settlement size) Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery Headquarters, large commerce, RSND (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Warehouse of the RSND, medium commerce, RSND (via Drunknok) (+2 settlement size) Local Harbour Administration, medium commerce, LM71 Blackbird (+2 settlement size) Stores Detail, small commerce, RSND (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Dockyard, large commerce, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Spud's wharf, small commerce, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Dock scene, small commerce, undisclosed owner (+1 settlement size) Spice Market, small commerce, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Customs Post, medium commerce, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Bakery, small commerce, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Altonian Colonial Company, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Dockside Customs Office, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Royal Rum Transport Company, Royal Commerce, ETTC (Via BricksbyPidy/DeathCap) (+10 settlement size) Factories: 37 Sugar Factory, medium factory, Drunknok (+2 settlement size) Bottle Factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Jameston Distillery, large factory, Professor Thaum (+3 settlement size) WTC Musket Factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) WTC Gunpowder Factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Fish Drying Factory, large factory, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Sugar Press, medium factory, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Vanilla Sorting Plant, large factory, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Domesticated Elephants, medium factory, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) ETTC Sugar Mill, large factory, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Rum Distillery, large factory, BricksbyPidy (+3 settlement size) Royal Barrels and Crate Factory, Royal Factory, Jameston (via BricksbyPidy) (+10 settlement size) Residences: 89 Governor's temporary office, small residence, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) CSC Plantation House, royal residence, Corrington (+10 settlement size) ETTC Sepoy Barracks, small residence, Jameston (+1 settlement size) Pied-à-terre, small residence, Professor Thaum (+1 settlement size) Temporary Diplomatic Office, small residence, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Converted Warehouse, small residence, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Residential Wing, Montoya House, medium residence, Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Bregir) (+2 settlement size) Uncle's Tree House, small residence, Kai NRG (+1 settlement size) Stone residence, small residence, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Wooden residence, small residence, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Lapis Lazuli House, medium residence, Evancelt (+2 settlement size) Residence of Abdul Nazir, small residence, Brickwolf (+1 settlement size) Art and Culture: 8 Temple of Poseidon, small art and culture, Jameston (+1 settlement size) Oleon Consulate, medium art and culture, KotZ (+2 settlement size) White Glove Order (WGO) Lodge, small art and culture, Sir Stig (+1 settlement size) Grand Entrance Arch, Montoya House, small art and culture, Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Bregir) (+1 settlement size) Cascadian Temple Ruins, large art and culture, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Educational: 17 The Academy for the Science of Sugar, large education, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Schoolhouse, medium education, Brickwolf (+2 settlement size) Montoya House, large education Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (via Bregir) (+3 settlement size) Museum of Natural Sciences, large education, Drunknok (+3 settlement size) Botanical Gardens, large education, Elostirion, (+3 settlement size) Spud's Home of Indigenous Antiquities, small education, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Plantations: 18 Vanilla plantation, medium plantation, ETTC, (+2 settlement size) Sugar plantation, royal plantation, Corrington, (+10 settlement size) Sugar plantation, small plantation, Ayrlego, (+1 settlement size) Bees and Honey, medium plantation, Elostirion, (+2 settlement size) Cotton Plantation, large plantation, Elostirion, (+3 settlement size) Mines: Forts: 3 Queen's Head Battery, small fort, Jameston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Fort Totie, medium fort, Jameston (via Spud the Viking) (+2 settlement size) Troops: see account sheet Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Other related builds: Surveying Celestia, Freebuild, Ayrlego
  7. For the Glory of Corrington! (GoC) - A Faction Enduring Challenge Sometimes it can be difficult to find inspiration for a build or choose a direction for a storyline. Well, fear not fellow Corlanders, here is some direction for those times when you need it! The following are a set of faction endorsed cooperative building tasks to inspire and guide you on your journeys through Corrish territories in Nova Terra. GoC General Rules Builds for GoC tasks should be posted in their own thread with the tag [GoC]. You must also provide a link to your build in this thread. A progress list will be maintained in the second post of this thread. Quality - This should also be an opportunity for you to improve your building skills, so take your time and focus on quality. When presenting your build, designated members of Corrington will award you a if they feel it passes quality standards. Don't worry, we will of course take into account collection size and experience. If some minor adjustments are required, these will be suggested. Two from the reviewers are required for the build to officially count towards the challenge. It is recommended you do not de-construct your build until you receive the required from reviewers in case it requires some adjustments to pass these requirements. - By submitting an entry you agree to receive feedback from the reviewers and will accept their judgement on the matter. - All tasks have a minimum size requirement of a 20x20 (400) stud footprint (or equivalent - irregular bases are permitted as long as they meet the minimum 400 stud footprint). - Other individual requirements will be listed in each task description. Builds that do not meet the task requirements will be rejected. - Only builds posted after 1 January 2019 may count towards the GoC challenge. - Current reviewers @Ayrlego @Captain Dee @Bregir @SilentWolf @LM71Blackbird @evancelt Rewards - Complete any of the below tasks to earn the corresponding IC title for that task for one of your characters. All tasks consist of a minimum of three separate builds (entries). Some tasks will stipulate the subject of each of the three builds and may require them to be posted in a specific order. Others only require three separate builds that meet the requirements. Please read the requirements for each task carefully and ask any questions in this thread. - Each subsequent entry in a task must be significantly different from the last and should attempt to show some kind of improvement from the last, for instance using different techniques or changing the subject matter. NB: In some tasks, there might be specific requirements for the three builds defined. The idea is to glorify our faction, so you should strive to do the best within your own limitations and be proud of every GoC build. Clone builds rushed to complete tasks will not be accepted. - Complete three tasks (total of nine builds) for your main character to become a Knight in the Order of Corrington (OC) and the right to style themselves 'Sir' and use the post nominals OC. eg Sir Fredrick Mercury OC. - Complete six tasks (total of 18 builds) for your main character to receive a honorary Baronetcy within the Corlander nobility. Your new title will be announced by Royal decree when you complete the requirements. An example may be something like: Sir Fredrick Mercury OC, Baron of Feltham - Complete nine tasks (total of 27 builds) for your main character to receive a honorary Earldom within the Corlander nobility. Your new title will be announced by Royal decree when you complete the requirements. An example may be something like: Sir Fredrick Mercury OC, Earl of Finnsbrough - Complete twelve tasks (total of 36 builds) for your main character to receive a honorary Dukedom within the Corlander nobility. Your new title will be announced by Royal decree when you complete the requirements. An example may be something like: Sir Fredrick Mercury OC, Duke of Rhyeshire - Nobility titles will only be awarded to Corlanders. Foreigners are welcome to participate in any of GoC tasks and will be awarded the corresponding title if they complete an individual task; however, they will not be eligible for ennoblement. - A list of tasks is provided below. They do not have to be completed in any order and new tasks may be added from time to time as faction priorities change. GoC Task List 1. Redcoats Rule! Background: The mighty Empire of Corrington is built on several foundations, but perhaps one of the most iconic is the bright scarlet coats worn by her soldiers. With dogged stoicism, Corlander redcoats face the harshest of conditions, are unmoveable in defence and relentless in advance. The sight of the redcoats of Corrington will always strike terror in her enemies! Goals: Show us your redcoats! Requirements: Build three scenes showing soldiers of the crown going about their business in the colonies. Your build must showcase faction troops, preferably redcoats. They could be training, parading, maintaining weapons, guarding supplies, fighting dastardly pirates or treacherous natives (and winning of course!). Alternatively you may choose to build a military building (fort, barracks, armoury etc. Just remember to include plenty of redcoats!). There is no EGS requirement for this task. Your combined builds should display at least two different branches of the army; for example, infantry, cavalry, artillery, engineers etc. Title Awarded: Patron of the Army 2. The Oaken Shield Background: The backbone of Corlander power in Terra Nova is the Royal Navy. Royal Navy warships hunt pirates, raid enemy hideouts and settlements and keep trade routes open. Goal: Ensure Corlander Naval supremacy in Terra Nova. Requirements: Build three warships for commissioning in the Royal Navy, one for each of the three naval armament schemes, Gunboats for the Colonies, Sloops for the Royal Navy, and Cruisers of Terra Nova. A requirement of this task is that the completed build is handed over to the faction for licensing and deployment. Title Awarded: Master Naval Shipwright 3. The Merchant Marine Background: While the Royal Navy has been prominent in keeping the sea lanes of Terra Nova safe, the Corlander Merchant Marine has seen a slow but persistent demise. We cannot allow this decline to continue. Goal: Build up a significant fleet of merchant vessels to bring home the riches of Terra Nova. Requirements: Build three merchant vessels, one if which is offered to the Crown. These vessels should be licensable in the EGS, and must meet the following requirements. In total, your builds must make up a minimum of 12 shiplevels. One ship must be small (class 1-2), another medium (class 3-5) and one large (6+). Additionally, one build should be a historical or exotic rigging type (eg. xebec, longboat, felucca, junk, cog, carrrack, proa, polacre, etc.), one should be a fore-and-aft rig (eg. schooner, sloop, cutter, lugger, etc.), and one should be a square rigged vessel (eg. brig, snow, ship-rigged, galleon, etc.). (The predominant rigging type on a vessel determines the category) Rigging types and sizes can be combined freely. Title Awarded: Shipping Nabob 4. Purser's Network Background: The 'Oaken Shield', or ships of the Royal Navy need shore based support to be able to function and carry out their roles or defending and expanding the Empire. The fleet operates several major Naval bases in Terra Nova and these require constant expansion. Major fleet bases include Arlinsport, King's Harbour, and Port Woodhouse. Goal: Build an extensive naval support and logistics network for the Royal Navy in Terra Nova Requirements: Build a series of three scenes showing how the fleet is supported from ashore. Your scene must be in one of the settlements listed above and must be licensable in the EGS. Ownership must be transferred to the faction. Each of your scenes must be a different EGS licence type. eg. Artisan, Commerce, Factory, Education etc. Some examples could include: Naval hospital, quays and cranes, armoury, ropeyard, sail maker, powder mill, cannon foundry, tavern, cartographers, various industries for provisioning, powder depot, recruitment office, training facilities, storehouses, etc. Title Awarded: Master Purser 5. Higher Education Background: Corrington is known as a bastion of knowledge and learning. Science, mathematics and literature all flourish under Corlander patronage and Corlander schools and universities are world renowned. Thus it is only natural that this passion for education is transferred with Corlander settlers in Terra Nova. Goal: Display Corlander supremacy in the field of education and knowledge in Terra Nova. Requirements: Build a series of three scenes showcasing Corrington's commitment to knowledge and science in Terra Nova. You can complete the following three subtasks in any order. There are no set locations for these tasks. 1. Build a scene showing some aspect of education for children of the colonies. The build must be licensable as an educational property under the EGS rules. 2. Build a scene showing some kind of vocational training in a specific industry or field. For example, a college for engineers or cartographers, an academy for military officers etc. The build must be licensable as an educational property under the EGS rules. 3. Build a scene showing a place for research or higher learning. Examples could include an agricultural research institute, a university college for theoretical mathematics, a chemistry or botany laboratory etc. The build must be licensable as an educational property under the EGS rules. Title Awarded: Patron of Knowledge 6. Sweet, Sweet Corrington! Background: One of the major premises for Corrington settling the new world was access to areas suitable for the growth and harvesting of sugar cane. The settlements of Stormhaven, Port Raleigh and Jameston all have burgeoning sugar cane industries, but the demand in the old world for sugar is insatiable. Alternative sources to cane sugar have even been investigated in Mesabi Landing. Our sugar industry must be expanded! Goal: Expand Corrington’s grip on the sugar industry in the new world. Requirements: Build a series of three scenes in any of the three main ‘sugar’ settlements (Stormhaven, Port Raleigh or Jameston) showing some aspect of the industry. Your three scenes may be in the same settlement, or can be spread across all or some of them. Alternatively one of your scenes may be exploring other sources for sugar (Agave or Stevia) in Mesabi Landing. Your scene could be anything from a plantation, to the storage and processing of the raw product, or any of the products derived from sugar (eg. Rum!). Your scene must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. Title Awarded: Sugar Kingpin 7. Chocolate and Coffee on Cocovia Background: One of the first islands settled by Corlanders in Terra Nova, Cocovia was so named for the abundance of Cacao plants that grow naturally on the island. Indeed the chocolate industry on the island now has a solid foundation and the demand for chocolate in the old world requires extensive expansion. The island is also thought ideal for the cultivation of coffee, although coffee plantations and industry have yet to be established. Goal: To establish monopolies on both chocolate and coffee for Corrington. Requirements: Build a series of three scenes showing the either the chocolate or coffee industries in Quinnsville or King's Harbour. Your scenes must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. Your scenes must be built in the following order and the properties must be constructed in either the settlement of Quinnsville of King's Harbour. 1. Your first scene should show the growing of the raw product (coffee beans or cocoa beans) and must be licensable as a plantation under the EGS rules. 2. Your second scene should show some aspect of processing the raw product. It must be EGS licensable as a factory. 3. Your final scene should show the production or sale of the final product eg. A coffee shop or chocolatier. It must be EGS licensable as either a commercial property or artisan. Title Awarded: Colonial Cafe King 8. The Lotii Connection Background: Port Raleigh hosts a sizable Lotii community – the largest of any of Corrington’s settlements in the Brick Seas so far. These industrious arrivals have quickly adapted to live in the colonies; however, they have also transported much of their home culture with them. Many of their buildings are built in the style of their ancestral home and they have bought with them their traditional artwork, crafts and festivals. NB. The Lotii are based on a generic East Asian culture and previous depictions have displayed both Japanese and Chinese characteristics. Goal: Display Lotii culture in Port Raleigh Requirements: Build three scenes showing inhabitants of Port Raleigh with Lotii background. Your build should display some aspect of traditional Lotii culture which has been transplanted into the settlement. Examples could include teahouses, Japanese style gardens, porcelain production, Oriental style buildings or restaurants, fireworks production/sellers, street festivals etc. There is no EGS requirement for this task (although licensable builds are encouraged). Title Awarded: Honorary Lotii 9. Equines for Elizabethville Background: The rolling plains of the island of Lacryma are ideal for the breeding of horses, indeed some of the finest horses in the new world are from Elizabethville! Goal: Expand the equine industry in Elizabethville Requirements: Build three scenes showing some aspect of the breading, keeping or export of horses in Elizabethville. Examples could include a ranch, stables, racetrack, blacksmith specialising in shoeing horses, saddler, wainwright etc. Your scenes must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. Title Awarded: Purveyor of Thoroughbreds 10. Daily life of the Myzec Background: The Myzec are loosely based on the Aztec civilisation and inhabit the city of Myzectlan, located in a hidden valley on Cascadia. They primarily farm maize, sweet potato and beans in 'floating island' plots or chinampas on Lake Myzec. The meat in their diet includes fish and water fowl/turkeys and dugout canoes are used to transverse the lake. Very few mammals are farmed in the Myzec valley although there are some pigs and goats. They weave cloth from goat wool and produce leather from animal hides hunted outside the valley. A basket ball type game is a very popular recreational activity. They ferment an alcoholic ale from maize. Goal: To expand the lore of the native people in the lost city of Myzectlan on Cascadia. Requirements: Build a three small scenes showing the Myzec people conducting activities from their day to day life. Some examples may include: Farming a chinampa lot, milling maize grain, making tortillas, fermenting ale, fishing, trapping ducks, repairing fishing nets, making canoes, warriors training, producing mud bricks for construction, weaving cloth, tanning hides, hunting in the jungle, making jewellery/pottery, ball games, etc There is no EGS requirement for this task (although licensable builds are encouraged). Title Awarded: Friend of the Myzec 11. Strategic Outposts Background: Some of Corrington's settlements in Terra Nova occupy vital strategic positions for the defence and expansion of the Empire but have little commercial value - they exist primarily to protect Corrington's interests. Hence these settlements tend to be smaller and more military focused. To maximise their strategic importance, they require extensive naval bases, army barracks, fortifications and logistics hubs. Currently, these include Hussar's Isle and Port Woodhouse. Until such time as more purely military outposts are created, the commercial hubs of Spudkirk and Port Raleigh, together with the developing settlements of Wullham and Brickford Landing; which all also occupy strategic locations, will be included in this task. Goal: To build up the network of Corlander strategic defences in Terra Nova. Requirements: Build a scene showing a building of strategic value in each of these important locations. Your building should be military in nature and examples could include: fortifications, quays and cranes, naval storehouses, army barracks, munitions stores and factories, etc. Your build must be licensable under the EGS rules and the ownership must be transferred to the faction. To complete this task you must build one scene in both Hussar's Isle and Port Woodhouse and a third scene in either Spudkirk or Port Raleigh. Title Awarded: Strategic Mastermind 12. Mangrove Madness Background: The settlement of Stormhaven was founded on the Isle of Serentia in the only safe port for over 400 miles. Unfortunately, despite the excellent shelter provided for ships, the location is not ideal for a settlement. Stormhaven cove is covered in mangroves which are almost impenetrable in many places. Properties within the settlement limits are build on stilts above the mangroves and raised wooden walkways provide access between properties. Further inland building is possible on land and some plantations and other properties have been established. Goal: To expand the settlement of Stormhaven Requirements: Build a series of scenes showing the unique aspects of life in Stormhaven. 1. Build two scenes showing buildings within the settlement limits. Your buildings must be in the style of the settlement ie. they must be constructed on wooden stilts above mangroves. Examples (one, two, three). Your scenes must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license them yourself, you may sell them or the faction will purchase them. 2. Build a scene showing a rural property outside the settlement limits. Your scene should in some way support the settlement, for example it may be a plantation or farm, a lumber yard etc. Your scene must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. Title Awarded: Swamp Magnate 13. A New Haven Success Story Background: The Eslandolan and Garvian invasion of the Isle de Medio left thousands of Mardierian settlers homeless and facing starvation. Corlander efforts to assist were met with fierce resistance from Eslandola and the resulting Nova Malto crisis was resolved by shipping large numbers of Mardierian refugees to the Corlander island of Alicentia for resettlement. Thus the settlement of New Haven was established, populated primarily with Mardierian refugees from the Mardierian-Eslandolan/Garvey conflict. Goal: Assist Mardierian resettlement in New Haven Requirements: Build a series of three scenes showing Marderian refugees settling down to life as Corlander citizens in New Haven. Your scenes must be build in the following order and the properties must be constructed in the settlement of New Haven. 1. Your first scene should show a Marderian family arriving in New Haven, show their initial lodgings and introduce their backstory (where did they come from, what did they do? Did any of their possessions survive? etc. Your build must be licensable as a residence or artisan under EGS rules. 2. Your second scene should show your Marderian Family starting work or establishing a business in New Haven. Maybe they establish a plantation (the Isle de Medio was famous for citrus plantations), or are they a master artisan who opens a workshop? Your scene must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. 3. Your third scene should show your Marderian family celebrating or expressing their culture in their new settlement. Marderian culture is loosely based on Mediterranean cultures such as Italy, Greece or Spain. Perhaps they are celebrating a Marderian holiday, or preparing a traditional Marderian meal. The choice is yours! There is no requirement for this scene to be licensable under the EGS rules. Title Awarded: Humanitarian Hero Additional Temporary Tasks 14. Bastion of the East Valid until 1 Jul 23 or Queenston achieves City Status - whichever comes first Background: Corrington has long coveted the large island known as Arlintina at the far east of the known map. Finally, a small colony has been established on the southern coast of Arlintina. With vast open floodlands perfectly suited for sugar cane cultivation, rumoured mercury deposits and a bay large enough for ships of all sizes, Queenston is full of potential! Goal: Grow Queenston into a self sustainable city from which to project the glory of Corrington! Requirements: Build 3 properties that show Queenston as a growing settlement (must be licensable under EGS rules). Of the 3 builds, you may keep 1 as a personal investment, but 2 must be sold to Corrington : 1 to Queenston; and 1 to the Crown. There are no property size limits, Corrington will pay ×2 the licensing fee for the purchase of your builds. All builds must respect Queenston's aesthetic (see settlement page for examples/inspiration). Tag @Ayrlego in builds to be donated to the crown. 1. As a new settlement on promising land, people from all corners of the Empire have moved to Queenston in hopes of a better life on the new frontier. Build a property that shows what the daily life of these pioneers may look like. 2. Queenston's location offers great access to open floodlands perfect for sugar cultivation. Build a sugar cane plantation to exploit this resource. 3. Queenston is the most easterly settlement of the great Empire of Corrington. What lays beyond the eastern horizon, no one knows. To the south, war with the Lotii rages. Build a scene showing some aspect of the military defences of Queenston. Examples of suitable builds could be a barracks, supply depot, training facility, foundry, military docks etc. You build should include the glorious redcoats of Corrington's military as a major feature. Title Awarded: Queenston Pioneer
  8. Name: Wullham (pronounced Wool-um) Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Panarium, New Haven Sea Map: Mayor: Major Sir Jonathan Brickleton (@evancelt) Trade Value: See account summary Town Bank: See account summary Town Income per turn/Town Expenses per turn: TBD Who can own property in Wullham: Anyone Who can freebuild in Wullham: Anyone Description: Wullham is a settlement located on the small but strategically important island of Panarium. Panarium is the most northerly of the New Haven Sea islands at this longitude. The island is exposed to harsh northerly winds that have left most of the island devoid of trees. Instead, the hilly landscape is dominated by lush grassland and low shrubs. The winds bring plenty of rain but also lower the temperature significantly compared to the more tropical climate of neighboring islands. Rocky outcrops dot the grassy hillsides and add pops of color with bright lichen growth. A unique lavender-colored mineral appears in the lighter grey rocks found nearby. The small sheltered valleys that surround the coastal location chosen for the settlement are quite fertile and are ideal for grain crops. Sheep thrive in the hilly grasslands. Original Information: Builds in Wullham Please help us out by posting your a link to your Wullham builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of license. Properties: 49/60 Size for EGS purposes - Large Town Artisans: 5 Cartwright Shop Microbuild, small artisan, Bregir Inn, medium artisan, evancelt Shipyard and Drydock, medium artisan, Corrington via Wellesley Commerce: 6 Pier and Warehouse Microbuild, small commerce, Brickwolf Dockmaster's Office Microbuild, medium commerce, evancelt Supply Dock at Fort Stockton, large commerce, Corrington via evancelt Factories: 4 Wool Factory Microbuild, small factory, Mesabi Whiskey Distillery, large factory, BricksByPidy Residences: 6 Hamlet Cottage Microbuild, small residence, evancelt Mayor's House, medium residence, evancelt Kate Wilson's Residence, small residence, Brickwolf Macarthur Residence, medium residence, Ayrlego Art and Culture: 1 Rock of Cashel, small cultural attraction, evancelt Educational: 9 Museum of Antiquities, small educational, evancelt Sea Bird Viewing Point, medium educational, evancelt Sheep Shearing School, large educational, evancelt Military Academy at Fort Stockton, large educational, evancelt Plantations: 13 Produce Farm in Wullham, medium vegetable plantation, Wullham (via evancelt) Traffic Jam in Wullham, small wheat plantation, evancelt Mushroom Grown House, Wullham, medium mushroom plantation, evancelt Sheep Farm, Wullham, medium sheep plantation, evancelt Sheep Flock, medium sheep plantation, evancelt Goat Farm, large goat plantation, Corrington (via evancelt) Dairy Farm, small dairy plantation, Corrington (via evancelt) Mines: 2 Wullham Quarry, rock quarry, Corrington (via Ayrlego) Forts: 3 Fort Stockton, large fort, Corrington (via evancelt) Troops: Company of 26th Foot and 18th Hussars Other Buildings: Vessels stationed here: Gunboats, Wullham Bay, evancelt Other related builds: Establishment of Wullham Settlement by Captain Brickleton, evancelt A Survey of Panarium is Conducted by Land & Sea, evancelt Prospecting in Wullham, evancelt Cavalry Drills in Wullham, evancelt New Recruits at Fort Stockton, evancelt Mushrooms for Dinner, Wullham, evancelt A Hard First Day, evancelt An Owl Accompanies, evancelt Attempted Jailbreak, Fort Stockton, evancelt
  9. Name : Queenston Ownership : The Crown of Corrington Location : Arlintina, New Haven Sea Map : Coming soon Mayor : Edward Scarver (@Justsomebrix) Trade value : account summary Town Bank : account summary Town Income per turn / Town Expenses per turn : 184dbs / - Who can own property in Queenston : Anyone Who can freebuild in Queenston : Anyone Description : Coming Soon Official Information : Builds in Queenston Please help us out by posting the link to your Queenston builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of Licence. Properties : 63/31 Size for EGS purposes - 'Large Town' Required for 'City' : x4 commerce, x3 residence Required for 'Large City' : x12 commerce, x6 factory, x11 residence, x4 educational, x1 cultural Required for 'Grand City' : x15 artisan, x28 commerce, x22 factory, x27 residence, x7 educational, x3 cultural Required for 'Capital City' : x47 artisan, x60 commerce, x52 factory, x59 residence, x12 educational, x6 cultural, 4 royal Planned Builds : - Large Fort, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) Artisans : 17 Blueberry Manor, Corrington (via Evancelt) (+2 settlement size) Tavern, Corrington (via Lmcpictures) (+10 settlement size) Armory, Corrington (via Evancelt) (+2 settlement size) Supply depot with military docks, Corrington (via Bricksbypidy) (+3 settlement size) Commerces : 4 Mayor's Office, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) ETTC Office, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Factories : 10 Logging Camp, Justsomebrix (+2 settlement size) Sawmill, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) (+2 settlement size) Sugar Windmill, Queenston (via lmcpicture) (+3 settlement size) Boiling House, Queenston (via lmcpicture) (+3 settlement size) Residences : 5 Grenadier Barracks, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Corner Townhouse, Queenston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Corner Townhouse, Corrington (via Justsomebrix) (+1 settlement size) Educational : 3 Primary School, Queenston (via Bricksbypidy) (+3 settlement size) Art and Culture : 4 Town Hall, Corrington (via Evancelt) (+2 settlement size) Guillotine, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) (+2 settlement size) Plantations : 21 Royal Sugar Cane Plantation, Corrington (via Bricksbypidy) (+10 settlement size) Royal Sugar Plantation, Queenston (via Lmcpictures) (+10 settlement size) Sugar Plantation, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) (+1 settlement size) Mines : 2 Clay Pit, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Forts : Troops : Company of ETTC sepoys, Justsomebrix Vessels stationed here : Other buildings : Other related builds : Arrival on Arlintina, Evancelt Edward Scarver's arrival on Arlintina, Justsomebrix The Reds and the Royals, Bricksbypidy The Parvus, Lmcpictures The Ranger, Justsomebrix
  10. A snapshot of a Lotii Garden in Port Raleigh. It shows some Lotii inhabitants enjoying the peaceful vibe of a colorful, green environment. It's based on the traditional Eastern Asia Lotii culture. --- Edit: licensed on 2023 Aug, 21st by @Bricksbypidy. Completing GoC task 8.1 The Lotii Connection with this build. Property type: Large Art and Culture Dimensions: 98 x 82 studs Total parts: ~12,700 Credits: - Path technique by Toltomeja (Flickr) ( @Toltomeja )
  11. The Adventures of Edmund Cooke | S01E05 'The Challenge' We ended our story at William Parker's Shipyard: "I'll get this big vessel ready for you, come back soon." The story now continues... Click here for previous episodes: Click here for more info about the characters: A few weeks later, Edmund, Alexandre, Bernard and Jim returned to William Parker's shipyard. Immediately they noticed a mighty two-masted cannon sloop lying in the water. This ship looked very suitable to continue the adventure! Meanwhile, William was already coming towards them. "And..., do you like this vessel?", he asked. Edmund replied with a resounding: "Yes, definitely!" "Have you thought about a name for this vessel yet?", asked William. Edmund looked startled at Alexandre, who nodded reassuringly. "We have an extremely suitable name. We call her 'HMS Challenger". May she be with us over many challenges!". After a three-yard huzzah and a number of ceremonies, the men boarded. In the meantime, Bernard had found a number of willing sailors who were willing to join them. These experienced hands knew the dangers of the ocean, and were ready for a new adventure. The departure went smoothly and the HMS Challenger headed south. Before the expedition was started, a test run was first arranged. They sailed across the Drolitic Ocean. The sailors were able to get used to the ship and their new boss, Captain Edmund Cooke. Navigator Alexandre Bar-de-Fer steered the ship past beautiful atolls where natives lived. Sometimes they passed a lone pirate looking for a treasure, or they were welcomed by a colony of flamingos. After a successful test run, the course was changed to the north, into the direction of Arlinsport. The adventure could begin! The sea route to the Kingdoms of the Great Raider could be deployed. Finally, Captain Cooke gave the crew some words of encouragement, then he looked at his personal adviser, Alexandre, and asked, "Okay, so where are we going now?" To be continued... --- Collab build with @boeing_787_8_dreamliner. Vessel HMS Challenger will be licensed by @Bricksbypidy as a class 5. @Ayrlego, I would like to receive input from a game master for my next step in this adventure. Maybe you can give me some options to choose from (as an answer from 'Navigator Alexandre'? Property type: Ship Dimensions: 140 x 114 studs Total parts: ~15,900 Credits: - Design vessel: @boeing_787_8_dreamliner - Used some elements of Lego set 6262 King's Kahuka's Throne --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of licensed 6 vessels - a total of 4 collab builds with @boeing_787_8_dreamliner
  12. A while ago we were introduced to Jim Corbett. The hunter from the A-MRCA The Adventures of Edmund Cooke storyline. Jim is from Wullham. We see him here in his natural habitat, his hunter's cabin in one of the few woods in Wullham. Baron Peter Nash had met him at 'The Drunken Fish' tavern in Arlinsport. And they agreed to meet later in Wullham. Jim's cabin was simple and consisted mainly of woodwork, the cabin was equipped with a stone plinth and a comfortable porch with rocking chair where Jim contemplated new adventures. Jim had his own hunting tower where he spent hours searching the lavender fields for wild. --- Build will be licensed in Wullham by Bricksbypidy. Property type: Large Artisan Dimensions: 98 x 82 studs Total parts: ~9,750 Credits: - Design bonfire: @ Marinbrickdesign (Instagram) - Design tanning racks: @ Marinbrickdesign (Instragram) - Design skinning place: based on @ Bricks_fan_uy (instagram) --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 2 licensed builds in Wullham (5% of all my builds) - a total of 7 Artisan buildings (18% of all my builds) - a total of 19 Large buildings (48% of all my builds | 15% of all Large Corrington builds) - 1,005th licensed build of Corrington
  13. As piracy in the New World threatens both our shipping and settlements, Edward Scarver and Killian Goodwill has formed a squadron of privateers. The small squadron will be sent out to hunt Black Flaged vessels and any remnants of the Lotii that still dear roam our seas. The urge to take the helm, go back to sea and lead this squadron against the enemies of Corrington almost overtook Scarver. But he knew his duties as Mayor demanded his presence in Queenston. After all the young settlement has yet to complete it's Fortress. And if something were to happen to the settlement while he was away cruising the brick seas hunting pirates... well... let's just say his career as Mayor would be cut short... Instead he promoted his loyal friend and quartermaster, Sinbad, to captain of the Ranger. Sinbad was born in the Mokolei Empire as the son of a Corrie farmer. His father had worked as a sailor on a merchant ship that would regularly sail between the two Empires. One day he fell in love with the daughter of one of their Mokolei clients and they ran away together. They settled down in a small farm deep in Mokolei country, where they worked for years. Until they eventually had amassed enough money to buy their own fields and start their own little farm. Shortly after they had their first son, Sinbad. However, as he grew up it was clear the life of a modest farmer wouldn't be enough for the young Sinbad, and at 16 he left for the sea. After working on merchant ships and a few mokolei corsairs, he heard rumours of an up and coming Corrie privateer who was looking for new recruits to fill the ranks of his newly captured ship, The Muharib. Sinbad got the job and with his cunning charisma, he quickly grew popular with both the crew and his captain, Edward Scarver. He was eventually voted Quartmaster by the crew and has stayed loyal to his captain and his brothers in arms ever since. Even when Edward Scarver was made Mayor of the newly founded frontier settlement of Queenston, Sinbad stayed and helped out in the settlement, both by gathering supplies and building new structures. But also by keeping crime off the streets before the first troops were stationed. Here you can see Sinbad arriving with the rest of his crew. Here the Ranger's Quartermaster is seen waiting on deck. The Boatswain takes a last hit of his pipe before setting sail. The ship has been prepared and lays docked in the harbour, together with the rest of the squadron, the Andromache, The Parvus and the Delphinus Orca. And with that, the fleet is ready for a hunt. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well with about 35 minutes to spare I managed to finish and post the last ship for @lmcpicture and I's squadron of Queenston Privateers! I am sorry about the bad pictures, I didn't manage to find a good setup for a scene this big. However I intend to take some new photos one day with rigging and unfurled sails. This will be both of us first time trying out the Tmrca, so let's hope e get some first timers luck this turn She will be licenced as a class 3 sloop
  14. Only hours after the arrival in Westface of the HMS Nimble, another vessel pulls into view. This time, however, the gunners are more confident, laying their guns with great care, as certainly, this must be a corsair. After the recent disappointment, perhaps now their thirst for action can be sated? The gunners are only to some degree to be disappointed, as the vessel, although not a target, is indeed a former (and by name present) corsair. The HMS Corsair is a xebec-frigate taken from corsairs off Guelph by Corlander cruisers. Her sailing qualities were such that she was purchased into the service. She carries 14 9-pounders, and while that armament is light for a frigate, she makes up for it in maneuverability. The large lateen combined with square sails (known as a polacre-rig) makes her an excellent sea boat, particularly close to the wind, allowing her to eat the wind out of any square rigger. In a calm, her light construction allows the effective use of sweeps, long oars deployed through ports designed for the specific purpose. She too is to join the squadron under Captain Cooke, to combat the pirates that has scoured the seas and attacked Corlander interests in the Brick Seas. ' A class 5 polacre-xebec for the Royal Navy.
  15. Despite being the swiftest of the three, the HMS Camilla was the last to arrive in Westface, hours after the HMS Nimble and the HMS Corsair. As the squadron was spread out to sweep the seas on their way to Westface, the HMS Camilla, being commanded by only a lieutenant, was relegated to the most leeward position of the line. As they neared port, the square rigged, and thus least weatherly, Camilla had to make up the most distance, beating up from leeward. The HMS Camilla is an 18-gun post ship of the Royal Navy, newly built in Northern Corrington. Her long 12 pounders offer her a good weight of metal, but what is most notable about her is her tall rig, being built for speed. She is well-suited for traditional anti-piracy duty, although the size of the most notorious Brick Seas pirate flotilla might make the Camilla's career short. She arrives commanded only by her first lieutenant, with orders for Captain Cooke to join and take command. The orders did allude to the fact that an 18 gun post ship is somewhat below the station of a senior post-captain, that it was only temporary, and that Captain Cooke would certainly jump at any opportunity to serve his country. And while Cooke had expected a more substantial command, the command of a squadron did somewhat make up for it, as did the beautiful, well-handled post-ship. If the crew of the Camilla had expected a long-awaited shore-leave in Westface, they must certainly take some resentment towards their new captain, as only hours after arrival, Captain Cooke had them afloat again on gunnery exercise with the rest of his new squadron. Another ship from my yards. Years in the making. If @Garmadon remembers, he challenged me (probably not directly ) to build a ship with gun-ports of 1,5 stud width. This is the fruits of that labour. And I think she turned out pretty nice. The biggest challenge was really making her sturdy, as the off stud widths make for less stable connections. I have learned much since I built her, and there are obviously things I would redo, but I am overall quite happy with her. She will be licensed as a class 5.
  16. Sitting on his favorite chair, smoking from his favorite pipe, the old Richard Haddock was enjoying the sunset from his small castle home on his land outside of Belson. Just like he has done every evening for the past several years since retiring from the Royal Navy. Once a highly decorated Rear-Admiral of Corrington, Haddock now spent his days walking across his land and entertaining his grandchildren with tales from his past. But one late evening, just as he had lit his pipe : "Sir, a letter from the capitol" "A letter ? At this hour? " Haddock answered after turning around to see his butler handing him the letter. "Yes sir, the messenger just left. He said it was quite urgent. Based on his uniform, I believe it might be from the Admiralty" "The Admiralty? What could they possibly want from me?" It had been years since he had retired from the Admiralty Board, and even longer since he had last commanded a ship. "Well, only one way to find out", he thought to himself as he ripped open the seal. ' Retired Rear-Admiral Richard Haddock, We hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. We write you to humbly request your invaluable assistance in a matter of great importance to the defence of our colonies and to regain control of the Brick Seas. As You are well aware, Rear Admiral Fletcher has been leading a noble and effective war against our enemies fleets in the New World, but despite his courageous efforts, the notorious Dominance has yet to be subdued. Following the sacking of Mooreton Bay and the decimation of the ETTC Treasure Fleet by the ever growing Pirate Armadas, we fear that Fletcher's forces might be spread to thin if he were to fight on all fronts. And with our armies deep inside the jungles of Oleonda, we cannot risk the loss of our Terra Nova'n Fleet. For this reason, we have commissioned a Squadron of Man o Wars, with the task of once and for all capturing or sinking the Dominance, finally ridding the seas of the Lotii. We understand that you have retired from active service, and your time is precious. However the gravity of the threat posed by the Dominance and Sea Rat fleets, necessitates an extraordinary response. We hope you give this matter careful consideration, should you find it within your heart to heed this call, we would forever be in your debt. With upmost respect and admiration, we remain hopeful for your support in this noble cause. The Admiralty Board ' "They wan't me back on the sea" Haddock said... contemplating what he had just read. "What will you do sir?" His Butler answered "Well I'll be dammed If I ever let my country down! Prepare my carriage, we'll ride for Belson at Dawn!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After having met up with the Admiralty Board, Richard Haddock was given a detailed briefing on his mission and current position of the Royal Navy. The Terra Nova'n fleet has been in constant battle since the start of the War against the Lotii, with little support from the mainland. The Pirate war lord Kane "the Magnificent" took advantage of this when he raided the settlement of Mooreton Bay. In addition, the loss of the ETTC treasure fleet has also further weakened our control of the seas while further growing the pirate fleets as our frigates and Terramen undoubtedly will be used against us. If such acts go unpunished, we would invite even more chaos and savagery to our settlements. Letters of Marque have been handed out to privateers in order to increase our patrols and deal with some of the pirate threats in Terra Nova, but the presence of the Dominance still means the Lotii has the potential to inflict a devastating blow to our already weakened Navy. Richard Haddock is to serve as Rear-Admiral of the blue squadron, nicknamed the "Retribution" fleet, alongside Rear-Admiral Fletcher as his Advisor until the task is done. His primary objective is eliminating the Dominance along side the last remnants of the Lotii navy. Once the Dominance is no longer a threat, he is to rejoin the Terra Nova'n fleet and help them deal with any Pirates that might still be left. After his meetings with the admiralty, Richard Haddock was sent to the Parker Dockyards, where he was to meet his second in command, Commodore of the Acheron, alongside William Parker, the one who had been commissioned to prepare this squadron. Once he arrived Parker went through all the ship plans and described the characteristics of each ship in detail. First we have the Flagship, the HMS Leopard : (Class 9) She is a state of the art Portland Class, 4th rate ship of the line. With a crew of 400 and a top speed of 10 knots, her armament consists of 52 guns, which includes : 22 twenty four pounders, 22 eighteen pounders, 8 nine pounders and 2 twelve pound carronade. She started her construction along with the heavy frigate Acheron, in late February following the February raid of Mooreton Bay in 623. Despite the unrivalled productivity of the Parker Dockyard, we failed to predict the second raid of Mooreton Bay in March, and the ships were not finished in time to stop this tragedy from happening. But the time for Retribution has come, and with that, I present to you, The HMS Acheron : (Class 7) The Acheron is the second ship built and designed, in answer of the recent events in the New World. She is the smallest of the fleet, but that by no means make her less intimidating. With it's innovating hull and sleek design, this heavy frigate has been reported to sail at a speed up to 14 knots, all while carrying a whopping 42 guns! She has a standard crew of 320men and her 42 guns includes : 28 eighteen pounder cannons, 14 nine pounders and 6 twelve pounder carronades. Once the Dominance lays at the bottom of the ocean, all enemies of Corrington will learn how the Acheron gained her name, as once she's got you in her sight, no-one will escape her wrath. The two last ships are former ship of the lines, that have been modified into to heavy frigates, known as Razee Frigates. Our older ship of the lines have proven too slow and sluggish with time. So William Parker made the brilliant decision of cutting them down, reducing their gun decks, transforming outdated slow ship of the lines into fast and versatile heavy frigates. The HMS Immortalité : (class 8) The HMS Immortalité, better known as the Immortality for the Corries, was an Oleon built warship of the 49 years war. Under Oleon colours she had sunk a dusin corlander vessels and captured another twice as many. She was finally captured by the Royal Navy in 589 AE. She was repared and fought Oleon on a couple minor sea skirmishes until the war ended with the "Arlin's pact" the year later. She was active during the 49 year wars but was left ceveraly damaged. After the war, as the New World had become everyones primary objective, her slow and bulky stature made her ineffective for the naval warfare of Terra Nova, which demanded versatility more than fire power. She was left for years docked in Belson's harbour, serving as a relic of the past for who would see her. Until one day she was handed over to William Parker, who saw great potential in this so called "Immortal" ship, and he new exactly what to do. The former 62 gun 3rd rate ship of the line was cut down to 44 gun Razee Frigate. She is armed with 28 twenty four pounders, 12 nine pounders and 6 thirty two pounder carronades. With a crew of 350 men, the heavy frigate Indefatigable now has a speed of 11 knots, almost 4 knots more then she did as a ship of the line. The fourth and last ship of the squadron is the HMS Reliant : (Class 8) The Reliant, a former 4th rate ship of the line, now carries 26 twenty-four pounders, 16 nine pounders and 4 twelve pounder carronades, giving her a total of 42 guns with a broadside of 20 cannons. Her crew lays at 330men and she averages at a speed of 10 knots. The Razee frigates will hoepfully prove effective against the large pirate fleets, having a perfect combination of speed, bulk and fire power. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rear-Admiral Haddock of the Leopard and Commodore Ledger of the Acheron, while waiting for the last preparations to be finished, spent the next few days planning their move once they arrive in Terra Nova. Rear-Admiral Fletcher had supplied letters containing every known move and detail of the Dominance and the ships that accompany her. In addition several companies of Royal Marines had been prepared to accompany the ships on their mission. If the opportunity to board showed herself, our Royal Marines will do quick work of any man who dare raise his sword at them. With the ships ready to sail, 400 Royal Marines marched down from the Fort and boarded the ships. Sunday July 30th 623, the Blue Squadron, nicknamed the "Retribution fleet", set sail from Belson under the command of Rear-Admiral Richard Haddock of the HMS Leopard, and Commodore William Ledger of the HMS Acheron. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, sorry for the long post guys @boeing_787_8_dreamliner and I started this collab in the end of June, right after reading the Kings Port Advertisement vol 8. We originally planned on posting several chapters, building up the story little by little. But life got in the way and the mocs took longer than expected. We originally planned to have 6 ships in the squadron, but if we were to add the additional Heavy frigate and Corvette, we never would have finished the post in time for the next tmcra. Massive round of applause to @boeing_787_8_dreamliner who managed to prepare this amazing fleet in time! I'll leave it to @Bregir and @Ayrlego to licence the 4 ships and fill out the Tmcra forms. The Leopard is of class 9, the Reliant and Indefatigable are class 8, the Acheron is class 7 (The two pictures that are not hidden, with english flags will be replaced asap. The hidden images will remain with english flags as even though the ships were made with this project in mind, Boeing posted them on instagram first and rendered the images with english flags)
  17. After visiting the graves of his father and grandfather, Killian Goodwill discovers a Bermuda sloop left behind by his grandfather. The gift was never completed before his grandfather's death, so it was left to rot in a forgotten shipyard. The sloop was in rough shape, with rusted metal and damaged sails, but Killian was determined to bring it back to life. He spent many months restoring the boat, repairing the sails, and replacing the rigging. Finally, The Parvus was ready to set sail. Now in the harbor of Queenston, she is made ready for war as she prepares for her maiden voyage: pirate hunting in the New Haven Sea. Finally using the Class 3 license I won in the mini challenge back in September 2021 .
  18. The Empire of Corrington Nickname: The Scientific Kingdom Colors: Red and Black Flag: Quick Glance Compared to the other nations, Corrington is a highly scientific empire characteristic for order, consensus and firm principles. The Corlander Navy is relatively large and the empire boasts extensive, but sparsely populated, colonial possessions. Historically, most wealth have been generated through shipping, although property investment has been helped along by the large wealth brought in by its traders. During the first era, the legendary Corlander convoys were incredibly successful, and its escorts scoured the waters for any privateer daring to cross their paths. Corlanders typically make their carreer as scientists or inventors, naval or army officers, or civil servants, although several significant Corlanders have made their fortune in trade. All vocations are welcome, although staying on the right side of the law (and our beloved Queen's orders) makes for the most harmony amongst our ranks. As a Corlander, there are many ways to advance in Society! (See "The Government of Corrington" below") Signing up All Corlander citizens are welcomed to join Corrington's colonial efforts. To join, sign up in this thread with an introduction post that shows your sigfig. We encourage you to present your sig fig with a back story, but a few sentences are sufficient. (Check out this quick start guide) The Government of Corrington Three generations ago the monarchy instituted a new reform – representative government. Although the Queen is popular, she does not rule over the kingdom with absolute power. She shares it with the House of Representatives, the Noble Parliament, and the Parliament of Science. To ensure the safety of the Monarchy, the fourth branch of government, the Queen's Executive House commands the Royal Guard. Corlanders can pursue careers in all four branches of government, although it requires unquestionable loyalty and ability to reach the highest position of power. During the first era of colonial ventures, most positions have been filled by the old world elite (NPC's), but with the growing importance of the colonial possessions, this is like to change. Noble Parliament The Noble Parliament consists of the nobility of Corrington and is led by the Prime Minister. It directly commands the Royal Navy and the Royal Armed Forces, and controls all diplomatic relations, as well as upholds the law. House of Representatives The House of Representatives ensures broad representation in government, as all tax paying citizens are eligible for election. It controls the finances, taxes, industry, and commerce of the nation, as well as the colonial posessions. Parliament of Science The Parliament of Science consists of the most prominent scientists of Corrington and acts as an advisory institution for the Queen and the other branches of government. Queen's Executive House The Queen's Executive House ensures the safety of the Monarchy, and thus commands the Royal Guards. Further, the constabulary, Belson's famous patrolling policeforce, is under direct control of the Queen. (For more on the four branches of Government and how to advance, follow the links. All Corlanders are invited to pursue a career in government, either for their sig fig or another character. It will take both efforts and loyalty to advance, and progressively more so the higher the position, and positions may hold actual in game responsibility, but most active players will be able to advance to lower positions quite easily. If you are interested but in doubt how to advance, ask in this thread.) Leadership Queen Annetta (NPC) Queen Annetta Queen Annetta - Every Corlander would die for Queen Annetta, the heart of the empire. Because she has yet to find an equal mate, the Queen is the most popular person in the realm by far – suitors come from around the world to attempt to woo her. At 25, she is rich from the taxation on trade throughout the empire, and she is loved enough to have her own personal army – The Queen’s Guard. This unit is considered to be the crack troops of the empire, and all important campaigns include at least a company of these soldiers. Rumours in era I had her pregnant with someone's love child, but no baby was ever seen, and every loyal Corlander will tell you that it is nothing but vile slander by the enemies of the Crown. Admiral Woodbrose (SkaForHire, Co-Leader) As minister of the Colonies, he oversees the administrative aspects of expansion. A hard-nosed old sea buzzard who looks to please his niece (the Queen) by expanding trading policies in the New World. Although he sometimes wishes he was still a naval commander, he often turns to diplomacy to avoid major conflict. This is not to say that he doesn’t crush a rebellion or two, every once in a while. Technically, the Minister of the Colonies is the overseer of the Conquered Isles as well. However, the administrative duties as minister of the colonies have kept the good admiral from partaking as actively in the colonial ventures as he had hoped. Rear-Admiral Fletcher (Bregir, Co-Leader), Commander of the Terra Novan Fleet Commanding the Terra Novan Fleet, Rear-admiral Fletcher has had the responsibility for keeping the colonial possessions safe in close cooperation with the army ressources stationed there. He has functioned as chief military commander for all Corlander assets in Terra Nova during most of the first era, but now has a counterpart in Colonel Howe to take over command of all army assets. Under his, and his predecessors, rule, the Terra Novan fleet has been massively successful in keeping Corlander merchant shipping safe, taking prize after prize filling up the dockyards of Terra Nova. Middle-aged and unremarkable, Fletcher is an effective but discreet commander. Brigadier Howe (Ayrlego, Co-Leader), Commander of the Colonial Army Headquarters Brigadier Sir Andrew Howe and Captain Bertram Rickard Wolf inspect troops in Arlinsport. Commanding the Corlander Colonial Army, Brigadier Sir Andrew Howe is responsible for the land component of Corlander defences in Terra Nova and works in close cooperation with his Naval superior, Rear Admiral Fletcher. Brigadier Howe has over 30 years service in the Corlander Army, most with the elite Queen's Own Foot Guard Regiment, whose uniform he still wears. As a Colonel he gained a reputation as the Queen's hatchet man in the Terra Nova, executing important missions directly on behalf of Her Majesties Government. Notably he commanded the first Corlander expedition to Isla de Victoria at the time of the Eslandolan Operation KMA. A master strategist and excellent tactician, Howe is known as a somewhat distant and stern commander who nevertheless inspires great confidence in the men under his command. Assisting Brigadier Sir Andrew Howe is Aide de Camp Captain Bertram Rickard Wolf. Captain Wolf is a descendant of the Wolf Clan, one of the Clans of northern Corrington. Previously he served in the Queen´s Rifles Regiment, a unit known for its unorthodox tactics. With his Rifles platoon he became the hero of the Battle of Golden Bay on Serentia, which secured Serentia for the Crown. His accomplishnents were noted by the High Command and he was chosen to serve as Brigadier Howe´s aide. Landscape Corrington has two administrative sections. The Mainland The mainland is mostly rolling hills with a small mountain chain running down the middle of the country. It is the northernmost country in Eastern Halos, and the winters in the North are often unbearable to many outsiders. Most of the freeholders grow potatoes, wheat, or cabbage, and raise livestock. Cows and pigs are plentiful, and the countryside is dotted with many small hamlets. However, the cities are bustling places that never sleep. The cities are well planned, kept clean, and order is maintained at all times. The largest city, and capital of the empire is Belson. Belson is home to one of the world’s foremost universities: Archeon College, the premier navigation school of the known world. Many other science fraternities and explorers clubs call the capital home. The public buildings within Bellson are immense in size, and command respect from even the greatest architect. Careful study of city planning, public function, and defense is second nature to a Corlander bureaucrat, noble, or adventurer. The Colonies The Colonies Administrative division oversees both The Conquered Isles, Tiberia, and any future colonies. The Conquered Isles The Conquered Isles were once four different countries, three of which were island nations; Belondia, Peppin, Myrph, and the Isle of Tam. However, all of these countries sided with Oleon in a series of conflicts over the last 200 years. The final territory was gained in the 49 Years War, the last major uprising and war with Oleon. Upon defeating Oleon, the last of the isles were taken to safeguard navigation routes into the Great Northern Ocean. Although now integrated into the culture of Corriginton, the Isles were once a rebellious people, and the source of many civil wars. Still separatists attempt to raise trouble so far away from the capital. Nova Terra A typical townhouse of Arlinsport - by @Mike S Corrington’s first colony in the Sea of Storms is Tiberia. Its provincial capital is Arlinsport, named after Queen Annetta’s father, King Arlin II. Arlinsport is known for its robust defenses and deep harbor, but it is the only such port on all of Tiberia. The city is the most developed colony of the nation, characterised by pretty townhouses placed in perfect order. The majority of the island is still not tamed by Corlanders, but the island is already home to a makeshift rum industry, thanks to sugar smuggling from LeBellan to the south. The national drink of Corrington has become rum quite quickly. Some traces of gold have been found on Tiberia, but not enough to be a fully functional mining economy. Because it is one of the only Sea of Storms islands that lie outside of the warm temperate zone, it cannot grow cash crops. This means that Arlinsport is mostly a trading post between the old world of Halos and the richer, foreign and colonial ports to the south and east. Arlinsport resembles a typical, orderly Corlander city. Corlanders tend to build in British or Scandinavian styles. They are diversified in their interests, but science and order governs all work. As such, Corlander cities are orderly and relatively clean. Many science fraternities are interested in what the New World has to offer, so new expeditions with a scientific premise are leaving for Terraversa, and Terra Nova, often. Corlanders have generally taken an anthropological interest towards natives, which has resulted in amiable relations to the new people encountered. History and Culture: Brief: Life is dominated by the concept of order. Science is valued, and has led to the best sea charts (also secret) in the world. The Queen is the most important person - she has a private army. There are four branches of government, and Corrington has claimed the largest landmasses during era I. Detailed: The Corlanders are a people who pride themselves on civilization and class above anything else. They look to further their lot in life through trade, and believe that order is more important than might, although they are not shy about utilizing might to establish order. The Royal Army wears red, but auxiliary units and private armies of this nation have been known to wear all sorts of different uniforms. Their building style tends to be mostly British and Scandinavian, and the capital is considered one of the most orderly and planned cities in the world (in fact they tore down the original capital 300 years ago to install a new grid system that the city followed.) Department of Time in King's Harbour by @Captain Dee Corlanders like to stick to a schedule, and this translates to their lives both on sea and land. As excellent navigators, they have charted and timed most of the sea routes, calculating averages for every point of the year. Corrington’s merchant marine is one of the best organized in the world, and it is said that their secret charts keep them always “on time” when trading. Beyond charts, Corlanders believe that science will help them establish further order, so there are many universities and “science fraternities” throughout Corrington. Corrington holds the largest colonial territories, but they are sparsely populated. Many islands are home to nothing but a small trading post, and some are as of yet unsettled. All colonial territories were claimed during the first era of colonial expansion, so they are still in their infancy. The most developed region is the Southern Isles, home to a thriving industry and culture. The Northern Reaches is mainly known for its horses, although the island of Serentia may hold many unsolved mysteries. In the far east, the Paradise Isles are of great scientific interest harbouring some of the most fascinating flora and fauna of the Brick Seas, as well as the remnants of an ancient civilisation. Corrington and Oleon have constantly fought wars since their founding in 106AE. Some were as long as a century, others were a few months. The constant warfare has militarized both societies. The last major war was the 49 Years War. Ending in 590AE, that war was won by Corrington. (Although it lost to Oleon in the 8 month Juniper War just seven years ago). The 49 Years War secured the Isle of Tam, the last of the rebellious Conquered Isles, but cost the kingdom much of its treasure. For this reason, the people of Corrington have been taxed heavily over the last 25 years. Finally, as a present to her people on her 25th birthday, Queen Annetta has lowered the tax rate back to the traditional level. For some time now, however, Oleon and Corrington has been neutral. Corrington in the first era In Era I, Corrington quickly mastered the seas and perfected her methods of managing trade routes. The legendary convoys brought in exceptional profits to all who cooperated, and swiftly dealt with all who threatened its success, sweeping national and independent privateers and pirates from before them. With minimal losses, her convoys and escorts captured pirate ships at such an extraordinary rate that the shipyards are still working to repair all the ships. As a result, there are so many ships in drydock that the queen offers those who helps the Crown build ships full rights to the first prize captured. The explorers of the empire fanned out across the newly discovered areas in search of land and scientific discoveries. They traveled more extensively than all the other empires, and added massive numbers of new islands to the empire. Corrington claimed more islands than any other nation in both the Sea of Thieves and the Prio Seas. The government of Corrington was stable throughout the first era which is more than can be said of all the other nations in the region. There were periods of slowness in government decisions being made, but that is rumoured to be due to the fact that the empire was expanding faster than the information could be kept current. The expansion also prevented the scientists and cartographers from keeping up with the new discoveries which left some confusion for new settlers attempting to join the new colonies to the east. This slowed down the growth of the towns, which proved detrimental as shipping slowed down in the second half of Era I. However, due to the great profits of the first half of the Era, Corrington's citizens invested deeply in properties and business ventures in other nations and the slowed income from the lacklustre shipping acitivity was not detrimental to the citizens who stayed active in colonial ventures. In short, Corrington outpaced all her neighbors on the seas and in discoveries. Her shipyards are still humming away furthering her power on the seas, and it will take another era before any nation can rival the landmasses acquired by Corrington in the first era. Operation Pax Corlandia At the end of the first era, Eslandola declared war on Mardier and ousted them from Isla de Medio. This left uncertainty amongst inhabitants of the formerly Mardierien settlements, particularly in Matlo in the north, where fear of Eslandian prosecution and criminal plunder was widespread. To protect the rights of these citizens, Corrington magnanimously launched Operation Pax Corlandia. This lead to a diplomatic incident with Eslandola, who proved to be dead-set on securing the whole island in an aggressive expansion of their empire. The tension rose to new limits, and at one point, was was threatening. After tough negotiations, Corrington agreed to evacuate the city and its inhabitants to safeguard their rights on Corlander territory. This evacuation is currently in progress, marking a change in relations with Eslandola... For more on Corrington’s history, and that of its rivals, please see the History and Background thread. By Garmadon
  19. Brethren of the Golden Triangle The Eslandolan and Garvian invasion of the Isle de Medio left thousands of Mardierian settlers homeless and facing starvation. Even so the Brethren of the Golden Triangle, a religious brotherhood. The brotherhood was headed by friar Louis Bertrand. We've seen them before take up residence in a monastery in New Haven. The Marderian brotherhood also resumed their daily activities. With the construction of the Marderian chapel, the beloved worship services could take place again. The Corrish were happy with this place for rest, meeting and reflection in New Haven. --- Large Art & Culturewill be licensed by @Bricksbypidy in New Haven. Completing GoC task 13.2 A New Haven Success Story with this build. Property type: Large Art and Culture Dimensions: 92 x 80 studs Total parts: ~8,500 Credits: Source of Inspiration: Chapel from Anno 1800 ( --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 3 builds in New Haven (8% of all my builds) - a total of 6 Art and Culture builds (17% of all my builds) - a total of 17 Large builds (47% of all my builds) - a total of 27 licensed builds (66% of all my builds)
  20. With the arrival of HMS Melampus in Port Woodhouse, Willem van Baarle's fleet will be expanded with a third vessel. The HMS Melampus is another masterpiece designed by William Parker @boeing_787_8_dreamliner. It is a frigate with 48 guns, 26x 18 lb longguns; 12x 9lb longguns and 8x 12lb carronades. It is the third higher class vessel under the command of Willem van Baarle. The HMS Melampus docks in the outer harbor of Port Woodhouse, near Eldopidy Fortress. In this fort, equipped with a number of cannons, several marines have a break, who sail the raging oceans hunting for brutal pirates. The necessary supplies are hoisted on board with the cranes to provide the marines with sufficient rum for their sea missions. --- Collab build with @boeing_787_8_dreamliner. The ship just arrived in Port Woodhouse. Class 7 Vessel "HMS Melampus" is bought by Bricksbypidy from @boeing_787_8_dreamliner, and will be licensed by @Bricksbypidy Property type: Ship Property type: Royal Fortress ( @Ayrlego, Is the crown interested in buying this royal fortress?) Dimensions: 162 x 82 studs Total parts: ~26,700 Credits: - Design vessel: @boeing_787_8_dreamliner - Design fortress: LEGO set 10320 Eldorado Fortress, at some points modified by @Bricksbypidy
  21. The Adventures of Edmund Cooke | S01E04 'Parker's Shipyard' We ended our story at Alexandre's basement: "Edmund looked at Alexandre: "What do you think, are all these costs (ship level upgrade) worth this expedition? A new vessel is already costing us a lot of money, and we haven't even left the harbor yet!". Alexandre shrugged: "I don't know, my friend, but sometimes an experience makes you happier than money..." Edmund nodded: "Okey, let's go! Arrange the extra contribution for our new vessel! We're going to Parker's Shipyard!" The story now continues... Click here for previous episodes: Click here for more info about the characters: A few days later, Edmund, Alexandre, Bernard and Jim went to Parker's Shipyard in Arlinsport. Parker's Shipyard was owned by the very talented shipbuilder William Parker (@boeing_787_8_dreamliner) Many vessels in Corrington's current fleet came from one of his shipyards. The foursome had arranged an appointment with the famous William himself. He was already present at the shipyard and gave instructions to his employees during the construction of a number of ships. There were a number of small vessels under construction, but they were also working on a larger vessel. It was build on a rail so it was easier to launch the finished vessel into the water. "Good morning, you must be William...", Alexandre called out. "We've heard a lot about you!". "Correct...", replied William, "the one and only!" "Welcome to my shipyard in Arlinsport, what can I do for you?" "We are looking for a large vessel that can take us across The Great Northern Ocean safety," Alexandre replied. "We want to go on an expedition to the Kingdoms of the Great Raider!" Edmund added enthusiastically. William frowned at the foursome. "To the Kingdoms of the Great Raider?" "No one has ever come back from that alive..." Jim got a smile on his face: "I love the smell of adventures in the morning". "I have to disappoint you guys," William continued the conversation. "At the moment I have no possibilities to build a ship. I am working on a large vessel for the Royal Fleet." Edmund looked at Alexandre: "What do we do now?" Alexandre beckoned Bernard closer, who was carrying a sack. "How much does the Royal Fleet offer you for this vessel?" Alexandre asked William, pointing to the vessel under construction. "Not that much," admitted William. Alexandre took Bernard's sack and shook it. "Ka-ching, ka-ching". It sounded like a well-filled sack of golden doubloons. "But... maybe I can sell that little boat there..." and he pointed to a dark blue rowing boat, "to the Royal Fleet. I'll get this big vessel ready for you, come back soon." To be continued... --- Will be licensed by @Ayrlego as a Royal Factory in Arlinsport. No GM input needed at this time to continue the journey... @Ayrlego After my next episode I would like to get some input (3 choices) from a gamemaster. Property type: Royal Factory Dimensions: 140 x 98 studs Total parts: ~28,800 Credits: None --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 4 A-MRCA builds (all from 'The Adventures of Edmund Cooke) - a total of 11 Royal sized builds (55% of all Corries Royal builds) - a total of 6 Factory builds (16% of all my builds) - a total of 4 builds in Arlinsport (9% of all my builds) - a total of 1,000+ db’s yield per MRCA for the Crown/settlements (1,083 of a total of 1,264 db)
  22. This thread encompasses all builds within Arlinsport and on the island of Tiberia (unless in another settlement) Name: Arlinsport Ownership: Crown Location: Tiberia (Sea of Storms) Mayor: NPC Mason Denear [income goes to the treasury] Trade Value: see accounts spreadsheet Who can own property in Arlinsport: Anyone. Who can freebuild in Arlinsport: Anyone. Map: Corrington’s only colony in the Sea of Storms is Tiberia. Its provincial capital is Arlinsport, named after Queen Annetta’s father, King Arlin II. Arlinsport is known for its robust defenses and deep harbor, but it is the only such port on all of Tiberia. The majority of the island is still not tamed by Corlanders, but the island is already home to a makeshift rum industry, thanks to sugar smuggling from LeBellan to the south. The national drink of Corrington has become rum quite quickly. Some traces of gold have been found on Tiberia, but not enough to be a fully functional mining economy. Because it is one of the only Sea of Storms islands that lie outside of the warm temperate zone, it cannot grow cash crops. This means that Arlinsport is mostly a stopover for merchants going to the richer, foreign ports to the south. Although Arlinsport resembles a normal, orderly Corlander city, most of the settlements on the island are makeshift in their permanency, and thus come in all different shapes and sizes. Properties: 97 Size for EGS purposes – Level 8 ‘City’ Required for Level 16 'Large City': x3 artisans, x8 factories, x1 art and culture. Artisans: 16 Woodworker’s Shop, small artisan, Mike S (+1 Settlement Size) Amelia Street Bakery, small artisan, Mike S (+1 Settlement Size) The Scribe of Arlinsport, small artisan, Puvel (+1 Settlement Size) Boat yard, small artisan, Brickwolf (+1 Settlement Size) The Captain’s Daughter Tavern, small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) The Crossed Swords Tavern, small artisan, BrickOn (+1 Settlement Size) Arlinsport Blacksmith Shop, small artisan, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size) The Captain's Daughter (2) Tavern, small artisan, Mesabi, (+1 settlement size) The Juniper's Inn, medium artisan, Wellesley (+2 settlement size) Guest House, small artisan, Arlinsport (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) New Quay, medium artisan, Brickwolf (+2 settlement size) The Drunken Fish, large artisan, Corrington (via BricksbyPidy) (+3 settlement size) Commerce: 19 Coyle Shipping Company, small commerce, Mike S (+1 Settlement Size) Bounty Office, small commerce, Skaforhire (+1 Settlement Size) Bank of Arlinsport, small commerce, Scarst (+1 Settlement Size) Counting House, small commerce, Scarst (+1 Settlement Size) Horse Merchants Office, small commerce, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size) Livery, medium commerce, Silentwolf (+2 Settlement Size) Headquarters, medium commerce, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Seawolf shipping company and offices, Brickwolf (+2 settlement size) ETTC Headquarters, medium commerce ETTC (+2 settlement size) Bank of Corrington Office, small commerce, Arlinsport (+1 Settlement Size) Arlinsport City Gate, medium culture, Arlinsport (+2 settlement size) Bank of Corrington, small commerce, Bank of Corrington (+1 settlement size) not licensed Seawolf Sipping Company Main Office, small commerce, Brickwolf (+1 settlement size) Fortified Factory, large commerce, Corrington (via Spud The Viking) (+3 settlement size) Factories: 8 Miscellaneous goods factory, large factory, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Small factory, small factory, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Shako Shanty, medium factory, Arlinsport (+2 settlement size) Glue factory, medium factory, Mesabi (+2 settlement size) Residences: 28 (21 NPC) Elizabeth’s parent’s home, Small residence, Silentwolf (+1 Settlement Size) The Montoya Residence, small residence, Bregir (+1 Settlement Size) Micah’s Residence, small residence, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size) Allcock Residence, small residence, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Griffin's Residence, small residence, Silentwolf (+1 Settlement Size) Griffin's Residence (2), medium residence, Silentwolf (+2 Settlement Size) Art and Culture: 5 The Department of Time, small culture, Bregir (+1 Settlement Size) The Gardens of Arlinsport, medium culture, Silentwolf (+2 Settlement Size) Admiralty Office, small culture, Corrington (+1 Settlement Size) Arlinsport Botanical Garden, small culture, Brickwolf (+1 Settlement Size) Educational: 7 The cartographer, small education, Phred (+1 Settlement Size) Cartography Academy, small education, Kai NRG (+1 Settlement Size) Lecture Room, small education, Drunknok (+1 settlement size) Naval Academy, small education, Arlinsport (+1 settlement size) Lieutenant Joshua's presentation, small education, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Plantations: 5 Sugar Cane Plantation, small plantation, (Arlinsport via Simon_S) (+1 Settlement Size) Little Spices Plantation, small plantation, Puvel (+1 Settlement Size) Lavender Patch and Apiary, small plantation, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Horse Ranch, small plantation, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size) Potato Plantation, small plantation, Spud the Viking (+1 settlement size) Mines: 2 Prospecting on Tiberia, prospecting build, Mike S (+1 to settlement size) Silver Mine, mine, Mike S (+1 Settlement Size) Forts: 9 Fort Arlin, Large Fort, Mike S (on behalf of the Crown) (+3 to settlement size) x2 NPC Large Forts (+6 to settlement size) Other builds: 2 A visit to Arlinsport, unlicensed, BrickOn (+1 to settlement size) Leaving Tiberia, unlicensed, Lord Vladivus (+1 to settlement size) ETTC hires sailors, unlicensed, SilentWolf Reviewing the Guard, unlicensed, Ayrlego A letter, and fish, unlicensed, Drunknok Current Major Projects in Arlinsport: The Royal University of Tiberia
  23. We have seen the arrival of the Brethren of the Golden Triangle on Alicentia. After their flight from Isle de Medio, they moved into a monastery in New Haven. The brotherhood was led by friar Louis Bertrand. After a period of relative calm, the brotherhood has resumed their day-to-day activities. For example, education is given to the youngest Corrish in primary school. In addition, with the construction of the chapel there is again room for worship. The Marderian brotherhood has become more and more integrated into the Corrington society. A famous celebration of the Marderien Brethren is the 'Semana Santa', or the 'Holy Week'. During this week, various festivities and parades take place, with which the community propagates their religion. --- This build has no link with the Ku Klux Klan, it's based on the Spanish Semana Santa. Build will not be licensed. Completing GoC task 13.3 A New Haven Success Story with this build. Property type: Large other Dimensions: 66 x 42 studs Total parts: ~4,300 Credits: None --- With this build I've achieved: - a total of 5 builds in the category 'Other' (14% of all my builds) - a total of 37 Free Builds - the title 'Humanitarian Hero' for completing GoC task 13 'New Haven Success Story' (total of 3 builds) - completing 9 GoC tasks (total of 27 builds); hopefully the Crown (@Ayrlego) sees my effort and will honor me with a new honorary rank in the Corlander nobility!
  24. To raise the settlement level of Port Woodhouse, this (currently) Large Town needs a Royal Factory. Baron Nash (architect) is of course the right person to contribute to this! To also provide the naval support and logistics network for the Royal Navy in Terra Nova it has become a Guarded Cannon Foundry. This is where the guns for Corrington's fleet are made. At this moment a few more guns are being loaded on board of corvette "Sémilliante". A class 6 vessel with 24 guns (24 x 8lb longgun). The ship can accommodate 140 crew members. The ship was made in William Parker's shipyard. One of the greatest ship designers of Corrington! --- Collab build with @boeing_787_8_dreamliner. Factory will be licensed to the Crown/settlement by @Ayrlego in Port Woodhouse. Class 6 Vessel "Sémilliante" is bought by Bricksbypidy from @boeing_787_8_dreamliner, and will be licensed by @Bricksbypidy Completing GoC task 4.2 Purser's Network with this build. Property type: Royal Factory Dimensions: 226 x 130 studs Total parts: ~48,000 Credits: - Architecture style: Sleepless Night (Flickr), Andreas Lenander (Flickr), @evancelt - Design crane: Rydan (Bricklink), modified by @Bricksbypidy - Design vessel: @boeing_787_8_dreamliner
  25. Bricksbypidy

    [COR - SHIP] HMS Phama

    I want to introduce you to a new guy in Terra Nova. His name is Willem van Baarle. He is the captain of the beautiful vessel HMS Phama. This vessel is a masterpiece by William Parker (@boeing_787_8_dreamliner). The HMS Phama is a class 7 vessel with 48 guns, 26x 24lb longguns and 22x 18lb carronades. The frigate can accommodate approximately 300 crew members. William van Baarle will use this frigate as the flagship of his private fleet, currently based at Port Woodhouse in the East Prio Sea. Willem now has two higher class vessels under his command, but a third will be added soon! --- Collab build with @boeing_787_8_dreamliner. He did a major part of this build. The ship just arrived in Port Woodhouse. Class 7 Vessel "HMS Phama" is bought by Bricksbypidy from @boeing_787_8_dreamliner, and will be licensed by @Bricksbypidy Property type: Ship Dimensions: 122 x 72 studs Total parts: ~21,300 Credits: - Design vessel: @boeing_787_8_dreamliner - Design killer whale: BrickSmart Workshop (YouTube), slightly modified by @Bricksbypidy; - Wave technique with nets: Tips & Bricks Technique # 647 - Design minifigure Willem van Baarle: Brickmaniatoys (Instagram) & Theminifigco (Instagram).