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Found 52 results

  1. I'm not sure if anyone is aware of this, but there's Minecraft minifigure head decals in LEGO Digital Designer! Here are examples. I discovered this when I uninstalled LDD and reinstalled it earlier today.
  2. This strange, pixelated-looking ship with the cow-shaped figurehead has sailed the digital seas and plundered many a helpless Minecraft village. The NPC life was good for the three man crew of the "Seacow", but a chance encounter with a User Exit Portal (think like TRON) sent the pirate ship Seacow into the real world, albeit still in it's 8-bit form. Now, stuck in an unfamiliar world with strange logic, (Round surfaces? What is this deviltry!?!) the crew of the Seacow with it's Captain and nameless crew will have to navigate a way back to their computer paradise from the Pacific Ocean using "digitalized" mariner techniques. This ship was inspired by set 21152 (Pirate Ship) from Minecraft theme, (and the Seacow steampunk pirate ship from TLM) this pirate ship is finally done in real life! The ship's name (Seacow) is proudly placed on the stern railing. The ship breaks into three parts for storage (or for sinking scenes!), and comes with a plank for walking people into a watery grave that slides left and right that is located in the middle section. Here we see Minecraft pirate Captain Steve (also known as Peg-Leg Stevie, to differentiate himself from the famous original Steve) of the pixelated ship "Seacow". The crew are nameless and dimwitted, a curse of being former digital NPCs. They go by various nicknames the Captain gives them, but are most commonly known by the label seen above their heads: Pirate One (in middle with sash) and Pirate Two (on right in dark blue jacket). Comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints welcome! (Also, as an aside to the Moderator's, I put this is "Pirate MOCs" to hopefully get more comments on it... I don't think the "Licensed theme" is right for it, as it IS a pirate ship, after all!)
  3. Hi everyone, Just wanted to share a small Minecraft set I designed for my own display. It represents the player finding his bearings in a newly spawned world. It's basically a simple terrain build, with 2 mineable ores (coal and iron) and a crafting table that was built on elevated terrain. Tree design is based on the one from Crafting Box 3.0 (without transparant green bricks).
  4. This strange, pixelated-looking ship has sailed the digital seas and plundered many a helpless Minecraft village. Life was good for it's three man crew, but a chance encounter with a User Exit Portal (think like TRON) sent the pirate ship Inferno into the real world, albeit still in it's 8-bit form. Now, stuck in an unfamiliar world with strange logic, (Round surfaces? What is this deviltry!?!) the crew of the Inferno with it's Captain will have to navigate a way back to their computer paradise from the modern Pacific Ocean using 18th-century techniques. You may have noticed that some parts are missing decorations, including the cubed skeleton heads at the rear of the ship and the black pirate emblems on the sails. Also missing is the four dark bluish gray connectors between the masts and ship base. (two pieces per mast) I have removed the flick-fire missile / cannons as designed in set 21152, as I detest those parts. Let's just say the cannon's are just too small to see at this scale. The ship breaks into three parts for storage, and comes with a plank for walking people into a watery grave that slides left and right. (It is located in the middle section.) The ship also breaks up for use on the skull island part I did not use from the original set, as the ship can look like it's wrecked there. Does this sound familiar? It should, as the Pirates of Barracuda Bay (set 21332) uses the same principle about one year later! If you don't believe me, check out this Brickset link to the set, under more images. It will show you the alternate way to display the set. This is the Captain of the ship, One-Eyed Willy. He also does doctoring and is good at it. (most of the time) This is the first mate / cook, a mister Barbarossa. (this is from before the Black Pearl caught his eye and he deserts Willy to join a certain Captain Sparrows' crew.) ...and then we have the gunner / navigator, Long John Silver. (His navigating is what get's Willy trapped in a cave where the some children find the Inferno 200 years later. As for Mr. Silver, he slips away before the battle starts in a rowboat to the shore.) NOTE: the last three pictures (the figure ones) are taken from Bricklink! Any questions or comments? I plan on building this very soon, as I can't afford the big pirate set coming out April 1st, so this will have to do...
  5. Hi all, I would like to present to you my latest moc: Minecraft Layout (V 2.0). Maybe you remember my old one: http://www.eurobrick...29&hl=minecraft I took that one apart and started building a new one with the new sets. The right "hill part" is modular: the plates with terrain can be taken off to get easier acces to the mines underneath. The mines feature a zombie spawner, end portal, minecart tracks, water and lava pools and some platforms. There are two ways to acces the mine; on the top of the hill there is a minecart track which leads down and on the side of the hill I made a working piston door, which can be controlled by a lever. Without further ado, here are the pics. More, like a video of the piston door and WIP's, can be found here:
  6. What’s in store for Steve and Alex next year? Let’s build discuss below. Sets based off of the latest update - Update Aquatic have been rumoured. What could these entail?
  7. Hi. I'm a Lego Technic MOC builder but when I got into Lego years ago I have got a lot of sets and made some... interesting MOCs. I'm considering to change up my display setup to make it look better, and I thought asking for advice and suggestions would be a great idea. Here's the collection as of now: The left shelf has my MOCs and the right shelf has sets and space MOCs. (The posters above are going to be removed) Left Shelf On the top of the left shelf are cars I made over 3 years ago. They're not pretty, and I probably won't be taking them apart for new builds since I'm giving my full time to Technic. On the middle of the shelf is some custom Bionicle figures I made as part of a weird story I made on the now defunct gallery. On the bottom of the shelf is a... quirky house with a living room, kitchen, closet, bathroom, and bedroom that I made probably four years ago, broke, and rebuilt. It serves no use and its use as a display piece is kind of worthless, but it's one of the biggest things I built at the time. The playground on the middle shelf used to be connected to the right of the house. It hurts to remember having it on my dresser not playing with it because the house wasn't pretty. I should rebuild the house into something new but I'm keeping it as a memory and since all the pieces are a different color and I have no idea what to build. MineCraft Display A ton of MineCraft sets I got to connect to each other and make a cool display. Unfortunately I ignore it often and never got to my plans to put a MineCraft wallpaper up to make it look like a set box, but I'd like to. Right Shelf Just built sets and space MOCs I made forever ago. Top Shelf I expanded the shelf above by placing two poster frames and holding them up with a bar mounted in the wall, making it easy for removal and since I don't want to use a permanent structure. I like it but it's impossible to see items placed all the way back, so I don't know if I want to keep it or not. Here's the bar it was on... And here's the shelf I put the boards on top of. A lot of the items on the shelves are builds I don't have as much interest in as the large Creator cars I want to display here so I'm open for ideas. If this was your space to display your Lego collection, what would you do? How would you display creations you like and the ones that are not as interesting?
  8. There will be 7 sets to be released next January
  9. JackJonespaw

    Review: 21127-1 The Fortress

    This recent Lego Minecraft theme has always been an enigma to me. Sure, way back when Minecraft was first starting to become big, you had people citing it as “Lego, if everything in the world was already made of Lego”. So, to counter that challenge, in 2012, Lego released the rather brilliant Minecraft Micro line, it made sense to me, and those sets look damn solid. But, of course, what is good can’t stay forever, and in 2014 Lego introduced the larger Minecraft playsets, starting with The Cave, a set belonging to this Minecraft playset theme, a theme that never particularly piqued my interest. In fact, I’ve always considered this entire line underwhelming, compared to both Lego themes as a whole and the older Minecraft Micro Line. Maybe that opinion has changed. Brickset Link A bit of a tangent, but this set and three others on Brickset are tagged under “sugarcane”. I don’t know about any of you, but whenever I decide what set to get, my criteria is as follows: Big enough box to double as a litter box? ⃞ YES ⃞ NO Do the pieces at least look edible? ⃞ YES ⃞ NO Sugarcane? ⃞ YES ⃞ NO I know what you’re thinking - “Oh, that JackJonespaw, what a clever goof he wrote up! But there’s no way he actually does that!” Checkmate, Mazdakites!* *Apologies for any Mazdakites out there, it’s just a joke. On a more serious note, I’d love to discuss the systematic oppression of Mazdakism and the sociological effects of a small religious such as yours. I can’t thank the Lego Group enough for allow me the opportunity to review this set, nor the Reviewer’s Academy admins, especially WhiteFang, for actually letting me review it ~2 years after it was actually sent to me. You guys are the best, and I want you to know that I know.* *If any of you are Mazdakites, again, I apologize. See footnote #1. It’s right above this one. In fact, you probably already read it. Well, where to we start? I. THE BORING STUFF Yea. Let’s just get it out of the way. Box, booklets, bags. So, yes, these are the official images of the box. Some of the reviewers on this site can take absolutely incredible pictures of boxes. I am not one of them. Feast your eyes on the yellowed, blurry, flat pictures that I take! Clean up that vomit around your mouth, folks, because we’ve still got a lot more review to digest. So these Minecraft sets channel the Creator line a bit with their “multiple models per set!” schtick. The first instruction manual (it’s tricky, but it’s the one with the “1” on the cover) is in standard Lego instruction format. These pages focus on building what I’ve taken to calling the “assets” of the set (please, save your inappropriate butt-related jokes for the end). Instruction booklets 2-5, yea 5, detail the different models you can build with said assets (stop giggling). Here’s three, four, and five. An interesting thing about these booklets: they’re made from a different paper, a thinner, less crisp and sexy paper. I’d equate it to thin magazine paper. It feel pretty flimsy to the touch, and very easy to tear (I speak from experience). So there’s 6 bags inside this baby, each one designated to a few specialized assets (Jesus, stop) or, in the case of bag one, a bunch of copies. And with all these pieces, what do we get? 8 of these, and…, 8 of these. That’s it for bag one, aside from the minifigs, which I’ll get into later. Bag 2 has four simple platforms, the most interesting of which contains four swords and a training dummy. Bag 3 gets more into the structure of the walls, with a “waterfall” (or leak in the structural integrity of the fortress), two walls with windows (in the game, these are iron bars) and, oh, look, sugarcane! 5 stalks of it, that’s the most out of all that Brickset tagged under “sugarcane”! We also get a wall with a “play feature” of flick-fires (just wait, I’ll get into that in a bit). Bag 4 has the largest build in the set, of the double doors (which I guess would be a pressure plate and two wooden doors? Some of this stuff doesn’t exactly translate perfectly to the game). It also contains two of these bannered platforms. I wonder why Steve (protagonist of the game and star of the set) would have banners of creepers’ heads adorning his fortress. I equate that to lining the walls with the heads of your enemies, which works as a fear tactics, but when your enemy is a suicidal exploding fanatic (the creeper), would that really stave him off? You can catch more of this genius analysis in my upcoming book titled “Minecraft: The Politics and the Underlying Rule of the Kratocracy”. Check it out on Amazon! Bag 5 has a few more of those tower platforms and the crenellations (what a brilliant word!), which have fires on top. If you consider the way this structure is built, there’s no way to really get on top and extinguish or light the fire. Once it’s on, however you get it on, it’s on. Maybe it’s like that Return of the King scene where Pippin lights the beacon. All you’ve got to do is climb unsafely and risk your life. No problem! I know you know the scene I’m talking about. Go watch it; it’s been too long. I’m not going anywhere. In fact, I’m watching it, too. And to wrap things up, with Bag 6 we get a nice little stable, a less nice tree, and a roof that seems like a five-year old built it. Hey, at least the tree has an apple. II. FIGURES So there’s six figures in this set, four of them unique. Steve is first. I believe this was before they added female Steve (Alex, I think? She was added after my exit from Minecraft), so you’d get Steve in nearly every set. Luckily, to spice things up, he comes with gold armor. In the game, no one wears gold armor, as it’s not great for defense and, like all gold items, has a pretty low durability. See, guys? I’ve played Minecraft before! Yet, for whatever reason, perhaps because Steve wanted to look just so damn right, he’s donning the full gold set and a gold sword (which will most likely break before the night is out). I never particularly liked the design of these minifigs. They’re not bad, it’s more of an issue with the source material - the Minecraft model for Steve isn’t winning any beauty contests. Something which I think is a good move is giving us this collection of weapons and items. I can’t explain why, but there’s a certain satisfaction in having all these weapons. Seriously, it’s the whole collection: wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond. Maybe if you have a shortage of these skeleton parts this is exciting for you. If not, well, sorry. At least the armor (iron, I believe) breaks up the monotony. These guys each have bows and a gung-ho attitude. And then these two unfortunate creatures - “hinge-neck” and “dead-eyes”, as I call them. I never liked the animal models in Minecraft, especially the sheep, and I’m glad to see that it translated just as badly to Lego. Having misplaced that sheep headpiece, I often have fever dreams of discovering it in the back of my car, watching me, or perhaps surveying me on my first date with the woman who is to become my wife. He doesn’t want to harm me, just to observe. And I will never know that he was watching me. Or maybe I misplaced that sheep headpiece right into the fireplace. I don’t think I can legally say. III. “PLAY FEATURES” Man, I accidentally put those in quotes. Oh, wait, according to my editor, he put those in to continue this snarky tone that I’ve established. Honestly, at this point, I may just rename this section to “things that move when you do something”, calling them play features puts a five dollar word on a one dollar feature. I haven’t forgotten the “tree” play feature from the Battle of Takodana. Check it out if you’re considering calling them play features still. We’ll start with the best feature - this double door that opens. It’s slick and feel great to use. Maybe this would have been too bulky to add, but a feature where if you weren’t pressing the plate down the doors close? No? Too picky? Alright. The intrigue of the double doors are pretty much removed as we get a rehash of it, but with one door and a less smooth opening. I mean, come on, don’t do a repeat feature when you’ve only got 3 total! Because, of course, it wouldn’t be a Lego set without flickfires. I think my dislike of these as a feature is well-documented by now. They’re easy to tack on (see examples ALL OF THEM) and don’t really provide anything fun, per se. Now, those spring-loaded missiles that are in a couple of sets? Those are awesome. I still sometimes fly my Imperial Shuttle around and shoot the missiles. It’s really fun. Besides, Minecraft doesn’t have flickfires. It could be a dispenser with an arrow, but, then, why are the arrowheads black? Minecraft doesn’t have different colored arrows when I last checked. Ah well, it’s been, like, ten years since flickfires first came out. I think we’re stuck with them. Moving on - IV. PAINS IN THE ASSETS See? I can be immature if I want as well. Here are the platforms that you get in total once you build the set. There’s roughly 30 in total, and this seriously leads to a big problem with the rest of the set. Compare this to a set like, say, Emily and Noctura’s Showdown, it really doesn’t matter for the sake of argument. The goal of building the set is to build the set. The builds are generally various and interesting, especially with this set full of curves and bright colors. Once you finish the booklet, that’s it, you see the set in completion, and get a satisfied feeling about you. “I built it!”, you might say. Not here, all you get is a bunch of assets. As we’ll look at in Section V, this leads to four models that, quite frankly, feel uninspired and like nothing more than filling a quota. In a twisted way, it’s like building with a tiny amount of Legos. If I gave you 30 blocks, most of them 2x4s or 1x2 plates, hardly anything capable of using in interesting ways, and told you to build me four completely different models, you might have a tough time. However, this isn’t a problem with Creator sets (not to this extent, though there is always one model of the three than you can tell is the main model). So why is it such a problem with the Minecraft sets, or at least this set? I think it has to do with the “Minecraft” part. Sure, Minecraft inherently is about building different things out of the same selection of blocks, but for whatever reason this set decides to split things, not into individual pieces, as is seen with the Creator sets, or even this Minecraft Crafting Box, but into blocky assets that result in four similarly blocky models. But don’t take my word for it, look at Section V below! V - THE ACTUAL SET Honest to God, I don’t hate this first model. Like I said, there’s always a main model, a model that gets the most space on the box. And it could be a lot worse. It’s well-put together, nicely filled so it’s not boring flat areas (oh, those are coming), and actually feels like something I could see someone building in Minecraft. Out of the four models here, this one has the clearest vision, and you can tell that this is what the designer thought of when she came up with “The Fortress”, not whatever comes next. I can’t really think of anything particularly bad about this model - it conveys a Minecraft building and forms a really solid fortress. Ah, but why can’t things ever be perfect? If Model 1 were the only model, I would think this set, while perhaps lacking in interesting building techniques or piece usage, has a clear vision and executes it. This one, which I’ve taken to calling the “tall monstrosity”, and which is very difficult to photograph, is where everything falls apart. Let’s compare: in Model 1, everything has a place. The crenellations are at the top of the parapets, the bases of the towers fit nicely together, it has a wholeness about it. Model 2, on the other hand, and Models 3 and 4, while having decent sections, kind of fray off at the edges, trying to fit everything into the model. Why are the tower bases now just hanging out on the sides? What is the weird shape of the floor? Model 1 was a nice rectangle. Model 2 is a jankey mess. It honestly feels like it was put together because the designer was told to make 3 more models using the same assets. They just get worse. At least there’s a symmetry to it, and the water collects in a rather pleasant corner, but it no longer feels like a Fortress. It feels like a wall, but not a particularly solidone. Again, just look at the placement of the assets when compared to Model 1. They are nonsensical here! The tower bases are there just because they had to be, as is that odd block of stone walls and torches. Not to mention strange things like this. A building that’s supposed to be a fortress should make some kind of architectural sagacity to it. I get that Minecraft is a kids’ game, but a floating door for no reason? Come on, guys. VI - A SIGH When building this set, after completing the first model and moving on to the second, I didn’t have the excitement of “I can’t wait to build this out of nothing!”, instead I had “okay, so it’s just the first model but tall / long / weirdly arranged.” Most Lego sets, on some scale, at least, contain a clear sense of vision, and you can sense that the designers or designer really wanted to make the set. There’s a feeling of fun about it. Seriously, look at the new Harry Potter or Classic sets and say that they don’t look like a blast to play with and build. That’s what Lego is about, it’s what it’s always been about for me. Lego’s vision statement says they want to “inspire and develop children to think creatively”, and, I say this completely seriously, I don’t think they succeeded with this set. It’s not bad, per se, and from a certain perspective any Lego set fosters creativity in that it contains bricks that can be arranged in infinite ways to build incredible things. I would describe is as...mediocre, a word that has always been more impactful to me than “bad” or “awful”. Mediocre is when people get too comfortable and begin to slack on what once brought them so much joy. Office work, for instance, is a perfect example of mediocrity - one starts full of inspiration and excitement for their job, and within a few years are operating at the bare minimum to succeed and fulfill the quota. That isn’t to say that Lego is working at their absolutely laziest - no, and like I mentioned, some of these upcoming 2018 sets look absolutely incredible and may make me buy my first set in years. Maybe the Fortress is just an exception, a cockroach that slipped through the cracks. So my rating? I know I said when I started on this kind of revival of reviews that I wouldn’t grade things, but maybe I’ve matured. Maybe. After a lot of thought, the best I can give it is a 3/10. The rest is just...there. It didn’t blow me away, and as Lego doesn’t really make bad sets, this set is just an absolutely mediocre set, and mediocrity doesn’t deserve average. Maybe my once joke-a-minute attitude is changing, but I’d really like to encourage discussion. Let me know what you think about this set, the Minecraft theme, and Lego in general. I’d love to hear it. Once again, a hundred thanks to Lego and the Reviewer’s Academy for this opportunity.
  10. Brick 101 did an excellent Minecraft Iron Golem. My son originally wanted it for the mini build for his birthday party. It was too expensive and he changed his mind to a Nexo Knights theme. I thought this was great. Since Monstrox has gone digital, I figured you could have the knights looking for old magic to defeat him. They run across an old golem guardian a site and convince him to join them. My son requested moving legs. The part count is reduced. A spot for a Nexo Power is added to the chest. (I included a blank blue piece and a random Nexo Power in the party favors.) Instructions are provided here.
  11. Great Ball Pit

    [MOC] Small Minecraft GBC

    Hey guys, Here is a small Minecraft GBC Module I made based on the GBCRamps module. Normally I would post my GBC in the Technic forum, but since this is a Minecraft module I thought I would post it here. I've been a Minecraft fan for many years and have played on both PC, Mac, and Console. I plan on making some larger Minecraft GBC modules in the future! Please enjoy the video.
  12. When I told my son about this year's Christmas raffle on Eurobricks, he wanted to build a Minecraft-themed Christmas tree as my/his submission. He didn't finish it in time for the Christmas raffle, so I'm going to post it here instead. Merry Christmas, Eurobricks!
  13. Hi to all! I'm Sergi, from Barcelona and I'm a 3D student. I was make a fake advertisement about Lego Minecraft The Village. Enjoy it ? Lego Minecraft The Village
  14. I know I normally post stuff on the forums about Lego Technic, but I also enjoy building Lego MineCraft sets as well and connecting them together. Today, I looked at my The First Night set and noticed something very odd. I got the set on Christmas Eve 2015, and I never noticed this problem the entire time I had it. This is Lego's official picture for the set. Focus on the green 2x2 plate with knob above the brown 2x2 brick with the rose on the right of the pig. When you build the set, the instructions show that there is no green plate below the rose. I don't think there is even a spare piece for it. I checked the internet and I believe nobody ever noticed this before. I'm perfectly fine with it though, since everyone occasionally makes mistakes. What do you think? Has anyone here saw this mistake before?
  15. There’s another celebration again! Today is Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice). It is the second of two Muslim holidays celebrated worldwide each year. It honors the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ishmael, as an act of obedience to Allah’s (God’s) command. Before he sacrificed his son, God intervened by sending his angel Jibrīl who then put a ram in his son’s place. In commemoration of this, an animal is sacrificed (know more in Wikipedia). As a Muslim, I celebrate it too in real life and in LEGO. The model I’m gonna show to celebrate this occasion is a Minecraft scene with a pen, some animals, a house, and completed with Minecraft style background. Happy Eid al-Adha 2017! by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr I’m not a Minecraft gamer. The model is done by searching for a reference on the internet, so I’m sorry if I made some inaccuracies in the render. Anyway, it always fun to create a model in a selected theme that you haven’t make or know about it.
  16. This model was based on set 21132 from the Minecraft theme, which was expanded and modified to be quite a bit larger with surrounding rock features, dangerous rope bridge, a second room and cave for the man-tiger creature. The first half of the map (the one the pirate had) described in the text is this one here while the one half Johnny had is in this link. Early summer, 1926, somewhere in the jungles of a forgotten island off the coast of South America... This is it: the Temple of the Unknown Question. Inside this structure is the other-worldly Guardian which will grant you either fantastic riches, immortality, or infinite knowledge... your choice is one of those three. (If you answer it's question correctly of course!) To reach the secluded temple, Johnny Thunder had to follow a certain map: the only problem was a 17th century pirate had the other half of said map on his ship. To find the temple, he had to find pirate, who had already answered the question and become immortal. Upon finding him, the pirate gave the map (and some advice) to Johnny, who then had it stolen by Lord Sam Sinister. After following Sam to the hidden island and the temple therein, Johnny and company have to think fast to stop Sam from getting to the ancient guardian first! Just your average rickety / unstable rope bridge, placed right before the temple entrance. ...It even collapses on the pull of a Technic pin! Three switches are inside the first room. The two outer ones will unlock the the mechanism to reveal a treasure chest, while the middle one is a dummy lever. With the two outer levers flipped down, the chest is revealed. However, inside this chest is a Pandora's box of sorts: opening it will let out a bright light for 30 seconds or so, as it sucks those unfortunate enough to see the light into the infinitely larger space in the chest and then slams shut on itself. (kinda like the Ark of the Covenant from "Raiders of the Lost Ark") In universe, this box will be taken by Sam Sinister as he thinks it contains the treasure he seeks. Meanwhile the good guys notice the door to a second room and crawl through it as soon as the bad guys leave with the false treasure. This secret second room holds the treasure guardian statue, and a back exit from the temple via a damaged wall. Just be careful not to wake the mighty tiger-man on your way out! In-universe description: The real treasure is inside the second room: after seeing the notched arrows placed by the pirate many years ago on the first room's walls, Johnny finds the small secret door and enters this room to find the guardian and five jewels. (four on walls, one on the staff in guardian's hand) The statue awakens, and asks for a member of the party to come forward to receive the question. Heeding the pirate's advice, he sends Miss Pippin Reed to do the honors, as she alone can answer what no man can answer. (she is no man, after all) After relaying the answer via whisper, her mind is wiped of the question and answer, and is given the choice of immeasurable wealth, eternal life or infinite knowledge. She chooses not to choose, saying the gifts are too large for one person (or group of people) to share. Thus, the adventurers walk back outside and plant dynamite to blow the temple sky-high, thus destroying any chance of anyone, good or evil ever getting the question right again. The man-tiger guards his cave under the temple. Be careful Johnny and company, or you'll be a mid-afternoon snack for this hungry fellow! BUILDER'S NOTES: This is the original LDD build of the temple... quite a change to now! EDIT 8/3/17: Added more recent real life pictures and modified the text!
  17. Clive Newton

    Lego Song

    Dear all I hope you enjoy this little composition Clive
  18. thecrea1or

    Micro Minecraft the Village Moc

    My largest project to date. There are 10,192 bricks used in the model and it is 64x64 studs. The roof of all the buildings can be removed for playability and access to the interior. There is also an abandoned mineshaft that is accessible by removing two chunks of the ground. It took me approximately 37 hours to design and build.
  19. Captain Nemo

    21137: The Mountain Cave

    21137: The Mountain Cave Available July 1st, 2017
  20. astig

    [MOC] -My Custom Big Figs

    Edit: Darkseid added :) MARVEL Thanos THANOS - Lego Big Fig MOC 1 by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Rhino Rhino by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Venom Venom Big Fig MOC by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Lizard Amazing Spider-Man's The Lizard Big Fig MOC by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Hulk Age of Ultron Hulk Big fig MOC by Ja 3ni, on Flickr DC Darkseid Darkseid Lego Big Fig MOC by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Bane BANE bigfig MOC (lego batman movie) by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Minecraft Mutant Zombie LEGO Minecraft MOC: Mutant Zombie by Ja 3ni, on Flickr Thanks for Looking! :)
  21. Uchewber

    LEGO Builds on Youtube

    Hi there, I just want to introduce myself. My name is Uchewber and I am passionate about my LEGO builds. So much so, I have created a Youtube channel and have all my LEGO builds included on it. Please check out some of my videos and like and subscribe if this is your thing too. Belwo is one of my latest videos. It is a sawn off double barrel shotgun. I would welcome any comments and suggestions and I am excited to be a part of this community. Best regards Uchewber!!
  22. crazymotion


    Hello everyone! Hope you have a great Friday evening! )) I've a made a first part of my "Minecraft the movie" film... Big adventures begins! Hope you will like it )
  23. Hello! I've made episode 2 of my Lego Minecraft Movie! Check out how Steave survives the night and then fight his worst nightmare in the middle of the day! ))
  24. Minecraft. Doing a past Minecraft review here, I was shocked at how little interest there was in the theme. I'm 40, so no, I don't care about it the way I do Star Wars or Superheroes themes. I was also surprised at how retro the series felt, using brick-built everything, rather than use loads of specialised pieces. Overall, it was a pleasant surprise. I had a chance to review the star set of theme, will it compare favourably? Thanks to the LEGO Group for providing the set. Set#: 21128 Name: The Village Theme: Minecraft Year: 2016 Pieces: 1600 Minifigs: Steve, Alex, Villager x 2, Zombie, Zombie Villager, Iron Golem, Enderman, Pig, Baby Pig, Creeper MSP: U.S.$199.99, £169.99 , 199.99€ Brickset Bricklink The box: So, my kid loves Minecraft. She won't stop talking about it, going on a year now. Often we try to take photos, and she does the most horrible, fake smile, but when she gets a massive Minecraft box? She can't stop smiling. The box is about as big as any LEGO box that has passed through my hands. The cover is what it is, a showcase of the different parts of the Village. The size of this set pushed the limits of my 'studio,' so you're going to see some not perfectly white backgrounds. Note how fat this box is. It's probably 50% bigger than regular boxes. The back showcases both the set and the insides of the set's buildings. The booklets There is one large square-bound book for the main build, and a thinner, traditional stapled one for the alternate build. The Pieces The set has eleven medium size bags, plus some of the plates that have become the norm in contemporary LEGO. The Build BAG ONE I'm going to show the pieces, but there aren't any stand outs. As I wrote in the intro, the series is retro in feel, and uses very few modern elements, beyond the colours. There are a few translucent green 2x2 bricks. The mini-figs are spaced out through the bags, the first having a villager. From what I know of Minecraft, the villagers are kind of useless, and likewise, this mini-fig has no moving arms or legs! Try playing with that, kids! I suppose this is a store? This is not a triumph of design, though I like the leaves dangling off of the tree. The first bag also builds these mystery blocks. What are they for? We'll have to wait till later to find out. This part of the build contains two of the very few printed blocks in the set, and as apple, which is a decidedly modern element. BAG TWO The bags are, on the whole, underwhelming. I think the target age for Minecraft is about 12. For my seven-year old daughter, this was actually a really comfortable build, as an adult, I felt it was somewhat slight. The bag builds have a building, my daughter informs me it's a crafting room, where you can upgrade weapons and stuff. There is a nice Technic technique here which will be utilised in the next bag. But note it now to see how it works. Down. Up. BAG THREE Here is the star of Minecraft, Steve. Now, LEGO has made a totally accurate representation of this totally bland leading character. I suppose to my daughter, Steve is as exotic a name as Luke or Han was to me. Anyway, that's a Minecraft thing, not a LEGO thing. I like the pixelated effect on the sword! This is a very fun part. So, I thought this was neat. A wall is made, and settled on the SNOT section. From there, a roof is added, and thanks to that Technic hinge... An opening building! This is a great little technique to use on small scale buildings. After the unexciting first build, this is a lot more interesting. BAG FOUR This is another half-build. It makes the base of a house, which opens with a side-hinge. The brick-built door is fantastic. This is precisely the sort of detail which receives high praise in MOCs, but I don't think is appreciated in these sets because of the AFOL bias against Minecraft. The inside is is sparsely decorated. Here is another of the printed bricks; a crate. While the furniture is nice enough, it isn't really functional with the Minecraft mini-figs. BAG FIVE Now this is a weird piece. I would be curious to see if LEGO finds any other purpose for a piece like this. The piece is the base of the poorly-balancing Enderman. Considering the aesthetic of Minecraft, this is actually kind of creepy looking! The bag builds the roof with some beautiful tan blocks. I don't know what the wheel is for, but the bookshelf is a nice touch. The SNOT on the roof is nice as well. It's not a fantastic building, but it's nice enough. BAG SIX This was a slight build among slight builds! It has a kind of rocky greeble to it. The translucent blue water is always welcome. BAG SEVEN This is probably the star of the set, a brick built monster by the name of Iron Golem. The mossy, pixelated printed tiles are sweet! It's as thin as it can be while still being posable. The bag builds a tower to place on the previous build. Now, this seems to be a half-measure. It's a very small castle element that is dropped into a village. Note the base of this is different than the grass of the previous builds, so this feels like it doesn't belong in the set. I'm guessing it's a necessary environment to justify the Golem. BAG EIGHT This bag comes with a second villager, with a different torso. Not all that much to say that the picture doesn't say itself. This build is a small garden, and animal pen and a pond of sorts. A few other sets have this sort of detail. The first set I got was a farm, so this is familiar to me. Remember those mystery blocks from the first bag? Now they come into play. Those blocks are added to put this thing together. The set is really modular. The garden is simple, but well-designed. This also contains the pig, a nice brick built animal. BAG NINE Three more figs, Alex, the female protagonist; Creeper, the mascot monster; and a baby pig. Creeper and Alex are pretty much as they were in my last review, while the pig is just a slightly smaller version of what we've seen. Again, I like the pixelated quality of her weapon. The build is a desert scene, a well and a cactus. Like the Iron Golem build, this is quite disconnected to the main grassy village. BAG TEN This is the first half of the final building. Much like the first house, it opens on a hinge. The structure is different, with double doors. BAG ELEVEN Contained are the final two figures, the zombie and zombie villager. I like the villager one slightly more, just because the face is amusing. Overall, they're not special, even if they are accurate to the property. The finished house is, from the outside, very similar to the previous one, which is again, accurate to Minecraft. The inside is sparser than the first house, and less exciting. I do like the pumpkin faces though. The whole set is then assembled using the remaining blocks to attach them. Again, the finished set is bigger than my makeshift studio can handle, sorry. In the photo, perhaps it appears smaller, but it is an impressive effect overall. Some LEGO sets seem so big, but then the finished product isn't that grand, and I think this suffers the reverse. It takes up a lot of space. You can see the way the two houses fit. For some reason, the pig goes in a tree. Steve goes shopping. Alex is going to do some mining. Underman apparently carries blocks around. And a recently zombified villager sneaks around. Alternate Build One of the big features of the set is the alternative build. Pieces are broken off and remixed. The first build takes the swamp and second house. The top of the instructions show which parts not to break apart, and the other pieces to be used. The build is a fairly nice gate, with double doors. There's a nice depth to it, it's more than just a wall. I like this more than the second house (mainly for how it attaches to the main build). The back of the gate is somewhat bland. Yeah, it looks better from the front. The shape fits up perfectly against the main build: slide it in and... snap! it's fastened with the same blocks as before. The second build removes the desert and shop. And again tells you what to keep as is. The new build is what looks like a dungeon entrance. I like parts of this, but I don't know why the treasure is out in the open. It would have looked nicer in that entrance. The other side looks a little better. I enjoy the Minecraft foliage. And it snaps in perfectly as well. I understand why they put the second house in the main build, it makes the village look more like a village. That said, I like the alternative build better. on the original build, the shop and desert were the weakest designs, so it's not heartbreaking to take them apart. It's a busy village. The Final Verdict Design: 6/10 I'm going to place a lot of the weaknesses here on the basic design of the Minecraft game itself. I think the game is well designed, but there are a limited number of elements in it. So, the torches are cool, but they're the same as in the other sets. Same as the pillars. Same as the gardens. It feels like the designers are cannibalising their own design. Is there a way to innovate with a property that needs a blocky, simple aesthetic? Build: 7/10 The best build is the house, but then it's mostly repeated. The gate would be the next best. Other than a few places noted (the crafting room, the doors), most of it is similar to the other two sets I've done. It gains some points for the alternate build, but to be honest. for a set this price, like any of the modular houses, it is a big letdown. Playability: 10/10 That's the big one on here. It's modular, so you can shift it around, it can join other Minecraft sets easily, and there is a narrative built in. My daughter was acting out battles the moment I released this to her. Even my intro photo shows some of the action available. Minifigures: 8/10 The number of them is great, the variety of them is great, but these are mostly repeats from other sets. Possibly they all are. As with the design, LEGO is limited to what is in Minecraft. I'm surprised LEGO doesn't make ones using the large amount of skins in the game. Price: 3/10 Can I give it zero? 12.5 cents per piece is fair, but there are a lot of 2x4 plates and 1x1 pieces. There aren't loads of new moulds or figures in this. I really feel like you're paying for a license and the LEGO group's robust sense of inflation. There is zero chance I would buy this at the suggested price. Overall: 6/10 I wish I could give it a higher score, but I just can't. I like the brick built style, and the figures are good. But the repetition of this series is setting in. Because it's a collection of small builds assembled together, I feel like I could have bought two or three smaller sets and had a similar building experience. Half the builds were underwhelming, and even the good builds weren't great. After my many years of buying and reviewing LEGO sets, I'm of the mind that there are no bad LEGO sets, but there are ones that are a bad value. I think this is only for the true LEGO Minecraft fans... like my daughter. She'd give this a 10/10, but then again, she's not the one who pays for this stuff.
  25. Mosse1997

    LEGO Minecraft display

    I bought 21128 The Village and have now the set assembled on my desk. Now am I wondering how I could build it together with other Lego Minecraft sets (I already got the Cave, the Dungeon and The End Portal). The idea is to build the village atop of the others to get 2 levels; The Village on the top with underground structure beneath. In the future I can complement with the Mine, which also is a model of the underground in the overworld and a crafting box too. Have you guys seen or build any kind of Minecraft display like this?