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  1. Still waiting for people to submit their answers.
  2. It would likely have been the stab wound with the teapot fragment. "Yes, however they can only be activated with two members of the command staff giving approval or the ship's computer recognizing a catastrophic disaster."
  3. Grace uses her Space Police training and is able to successfully disarm the Captain.
  4. Technically, the Captain does have a concealed pistol, however the weapon is set to stun. Since one player can't kill another player, after all.
  5. As a note, it is not a team win, but an individual win.
  6. Mystery on the Excelsior Chapter Six - The Final Chapter After several days at high speed pushing safety limits, the Excelsior was finally nearing Alpha Centauri. The group had been nervously with each other attempting to enjoy the last moments of a vacation that had turned into a nightmare. Meanwhile, the ship that had been shadowing them had vanished as the Excelsior neared Alpha Centauri, clearly not receiving what they had intended. Final Questions: To win the game, you must answer the following questions, correctly or semi-correctly. 1) The motive - why was Alfie murdered? 2) The murderer - who murdered Alfie? 3) Did the murderer have any assistance, and if so, from who? Please send these answers in your role PM. If you have any questions, feel free to ask there or here. This will not be a normal chapter, however you can still ask questions of other players, converse with NPCs, and do general searching of the immediate lounge if you wish. Players: Crew: Captain Amelia Bennett - Played by Shadows Noah Baker, chef - Played by Kristel Arthur Allan, steward - Played by Waterbrick Down Gabriella Palmer, engineer - Played by Hinckley Passengers: George Dawson, businessman - Played by Lind Whisperer Emily Dawson, lawyer - Played by jimmynick Jack Mallory, author - Played by KotZ Dr. Logan Frost, psychiatrist - Played by Fugazi Charlotte Sawyer, regional politician - Played by Pandora Sophie Young, lecturer - Played by Darkdragon Charlie Seymour, zoologist - Played by Tariq j Oliver Hudson, artist - Played by Trekkie99 Space Police: Grace Jones, Space Police - Played by Lord Duvors NPCs: Jason Falcon, helmsman Pierce Foster, navigator Alfie Peck, passenger (deceased) Ezra Parry, passenger (incapacitated) Rules 1) Every player has received a character with a backstory and information that may be exclusive to them knowing. You can feel free to roleplay the character and flesh them out more. Mystery games are often primarily role-playing games, don’t forget that. There is no such thing as a “fluff post” or anything to the like. Throw out any conceptions you have used in mafia games. Feel free to make the character yours beyond what I've given. 2) There is no voting of players in this game. Providing something extreme, all twelve characters will last until the end of the game, at which time they must attempt to “solve” the mystery. You win if you are able to correctly solve the mystery, or if you get close enough to do so. This will happen in the final chapter of the game. You’ll receive several questions and then you have to answer them and explain. If you get it right, you win. If not, well… 3) A chapter will last as long as necessary for the story with no given or set end time. This is, of course, different to mafia games where days last about 72 hours. Keep in mind that mystery games often run longer than mafia games. If you commit to signing up and playing, make sure you can participate for at least a few months. 4) There is no PMing in the game without my permission. For example, you can say “I wish to speak to this person privately” and I may give you approval to do so. 5) You must search for clues. The room that you enter will be described to you and will also usually have a photo to accompany the description. This means that clues typically won’t be out in the open for you to see. If you want to search a room or area for clues, you cannot type: “I want to look for suspicious or hidden objects in this room." Rather, you must specify what you want to do. For example: “I want to open the drawers of the cabinet.” You can only submit one action at a time until I reply to it, but anyone can request a search of something at the same time as you. For example, if you ask for a search of a closet, you must wait until I reply to it to submit another action. However other players can request searches of other parts of the room. 6) Please don’t edit your posts. There’s no real penalty to it, but it might make you look more suspicious and I would appreciate not doing so. If you’re worried about a typo, double check your post. 7) Do not talk about the game outside of the threads! 8) This is still a game of deception. Players have things that they wish to hide. If you have any questions about your character, feel free to ask via PM! 9) Make sure any actions that you take are in italics and on a separate line so I can see them. If I miss it for some reason, just quote it and yell at me in another post. 10) When it’s time to end the chapter, you can decide where you’d like to go next in the form of a vote. Voting will last 24 hours strictly. The location with the most votes will win. You’ll be given a map/layout of the ship as well as some choices that you can explore. You can always return to a previous location if you wish. 11) I know we'll all be good rule-followers, but I'll ask everyone to adhere to these rules. Breaking them too frequently could see you removed from the game Room Key:1a: Jack Mallory1b: Sophie Young1c: Charlie Seymour1d: Oliver Hudson1e: Alfie Peck1f: Logan Frost1g: Ezra Parry1h: vacant2a: Charlotte Sawyer2b: George and Emily Dawson
  7. This chapter is now over! The final chapter will be up tomorrow evening.
  8. If there's nothing else, we can end this Chapter and move on to the final one!
  9. The console appears to have been hacked by someone who would know what they are doing with the intention to turn off main power. There's no fingerprints that are easily identified besides the ones found of Gabriella and the Captain.
  10. The party returns to Engineering...
  11. It's mostly personal correspondence of various recollections from their childhoods. There's nothing really relevant to the ship or anything like that.
  12. Yes, I'll give you a few revisits. The final chapter will see you in the lounge anyway. You can do final searches there while you submit the end questions to try to win the game. Also what exactly are you looking for? The personal computer is mostly full of engineering schematics and personal e-letters with Gabriella's cousin who lives on the Lunar colony. "Hey! That's my favorite space-watch!"
  13. Gabriella takes a shower, because why not? Noah tries to watch but - Is dragged away by Grace. The pockets have a variety of items from various passenger cabins throughout the ship and throughout the many trips that Gabriella has been engineer on. They range from simple stationary to expensive jewels. The personal papers are mostly just Gabriella's honorable discharge papers from the United Earth Navy and some certificates of sorts.
  14. The trinkets are various pieces of jewelry and other assorted items like that. The cabinet has a bunch of clothes in it, including several engineers overalls that are mostly clean. The desk has a personal computer on it as well as a few momentos. There's also a few personal papers inside the drawers. Emily investigates the devices. They're mostly engine components that are attempts to boost engine efficiency.
  15. Gabriella's quarters are of a similar size to Arthur's. There's the same layout with the desk and computer console as well as a dresser and set of cabinets. There's a full length mirror and a small box of trinkets. Various electrical devices are around the room in various states of repair and disrepair.