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  1. Unvote: The Joker / Asphalt Vote: Eleventh Doctor / Lady K I do believe I'm satisfied.
  2. I’m going to Vote: The Joker / Aspalt because of my previous suspicions.
  3. This is true. And like I said I would've done it again today. Doctor Who did indeed vote for Ellie Sattler very late in the day after the lynch had already been confirmed. Came out against me for voting for Sattler when I provided "no evidence" even though I've said earlier in the day that I thought the last remaining scum were Sattler, the Joker, and Barbossa. It seems I was correct on one of them and wrong on the other. I said that I'd reassess the situation. It's possible that since I was wrong about Barbossa, I'm wrong on the Joker. No idea if I should stick to my previous thoughts, though. For me it's between the Joker and Doctor Who. I'll be thinking about which one until voting opens and make a decision then.
  4. To be honest, the scum should've kept Barbossa alive. I would have definitely moved to lynch him today. I wouldn't say I'm confirmed town just because I pushed for Sattler's lynch hard. I also wanted Barbossa gone and he turned out to be town. Ultimately I'd say I'm fine getting rid of the Joker today. Perhaps our vigilante is gone and that's why there was only one night kill last night. It's highly unlikely that the vigilante and blocker are still alive, considering there's likely three townies left out of all of us and I'm vanilla. However the kill on Barbossa doesn't seem like a smart scum move, unless he was rolecop'd and had a power role. Anyway, I'm confident voting for the Joker.
  5. I've got no problem voting for Sattler. Unvote: Barbossa / Khscarymovie4 Vote: Ellie Sattler / LegoMonorailFan Interesting that you're coming out against Sattler. Perhaps in a hope to look innocent tomorrow when she flips scum. We'll see.
  6. We're not going to get anywhere with us splitting the vote between Barbossa and Sattler.
  7. And there it is, if it wasn't already transparent enough. What a petty revenge vote. Oroku flipped town after Barbossa went so hard against him. I voted for Oroku because I wanted to see which one was scum between the two. I have been suspicious of Barbossa for days due to fluffy posts and other various issues like joining bandwagons with little explanation. The revenge vote above is further evidence and proof. Don't take my defense of you being absent as proof that you're 100% town. I believe you lean town, not that you're confirmed in any way. I'm willing to change my vote to Sattler to vote her off. I believe she, the Joker, and Barbossa are all scum. With 7 of us we need a majority of 4. Expect the scum to vote for me (like Barbossa already has) to try and get rid of me. That leaves potentially three votes on me, which means the remaining town need to coalesce together and vote out one of the three I listed.
  8. Doctor Who has been flying under the radar too much. Most scum like to fly under the radar while still appearing active. This leads me to believe she's likely a power role and now you're trying to kill him off after presumably rolecopping last night. Barbossa supported the lynch for Oroku yesterday and was confident she was scum. Sattler and Joker supported this lynch. Yesterday I said it was one or the other. There's clearly a town vigilante out there unless for some strange and bizarre reason the scum get two kills, which would be utterly ridiculous. Calling out a night kill for the vigilante on someone that you think is scum is not a "scum move". Vote for Barbossa. He's scum. I'm town. We're called town, not "loyal cosplayers". Anybody that is actually town knows that. Saying "loyal cosplayers" is just a different way of him saying town perhaps. I call the innocents town in every single game I play, even when they're called things like "loyalists", "innocents", whatever. I call the scum "scum" every game as well no matter what they're called in the game. Everyone's alignment the next day has come out as "town" so there's no reason for Doctor Who to assume that our roles are "loyal cosplayers" since they've all come back as "town". This is a flimsy suspicion thinking that Doctor Who is scum because he's calling people loyal cosplayers. Perhaps you're using that miller claim as scum or you're just severely misguided. Not sure which. I could be totally wrong on some of these suspicions, but I believe I'm correct on at least a few.
  9. I know who I'm voting for: Vote: Barbossa / Khscarymovie4 Yesterday I said that if one was town the other must be scum. Next on my list is the Joker. New or not, sometimes new players are thrown into the deep end and made scum in their first game. Finally is Ellie Sattler. Interesting that the vigilante finally made a move or perhaps has already been active and the scum killer was blocked at one point. I'm satisfied with this vote. All three of the people I listed voted for Oroku yesterday, myself included because I wanted to test the theory of which of the two was scum. (Barbossa or Oroku) Don't know about Hera, she could legitimately be a miller. Willing to trust Doctor Who I suppose even though he voted for Oroku. Vote for Barbossa for a better and safer future. Night kill Sattler or the Joker. If both come back as scum then kill the other. If one comes back as scum and I'm wrong on the other, I'll reassess.
  10. I'm not sure I see it that way. He hardly cast suspicion upon me by claiming that I was the person blocked. Saying that he blocked me on Night One doesn't exactly incriminate me considering there was an assumed scum kill that night. Even if his intention was to try to make me look suspicious, it's typical Mafia 101 that whenever the scum tries to implicate another innocent player in their dying gasp, it's usually an attempt to try to get the town to lynch the innocent after the scum player flips as scum the next day. Moody is a very experienced mafia player, he'd know this. As for the lynches against Doc Brown, I suppose it does fit in that he's a bandwagoner. However, the last two days have been near unanimous for the lynched person. When Finn said he was scum, almost everyone voted for him. When Moody was outed as scum, everyone voted for him. That leaves primarily the Day One votes as what we should really look at, as well as the mid-Day Two votes that Chell listed above. For the Wonder Woman vote, it seems that Doc Brown and Oroku voted for him, two people that have been voted for today, in addition to Moody that we know is scum. That leaves Barbossa and Ellie Sattler. Barbossa is the one casting the initial vote for Oroku and has been out for her all day today, so it's not likely that they would be on the same team unless they're trying a power play. This leads me to believe that either Barbossa or Oroku are scum, but likely not both. As for Doc Brown, who has been a middle ground person the whole game, the people, or rather person, accusing him has also been a middle of the road player. For me, at least today, it's a choice between four players. Ellie Sattler, Barbossa, Oroku, or Doc Brown. Hidden in that list is most likely at least one scum member. At this point I'm conflicted as to who to go with. As I said, at least one of those four is probably scum, but I'm struggling who to go with. For now, I think I'll: Vote: Oroku Karai / KotZ Based on my theory, if Oroku flips town, I'm inclined to believe that Barbossa is scum. If Oroku flips scum, I'm about 75% sure that Barbossa is town, but not completely as it could be some kind of a next level play. Beyond that, out of the remaining players, it's possible that the Joker is scum. Since this is his first game, I don't know his play style. He and Chell did vote for Moody on Day Two before Chell switched her vote and apparently the Joker didn't. Batgirl is the only one that I can't get a full read on yet. Doctor Who has been noticeably absent, but I'm not sure if he's trying to fly under the radar or not. If something changes or a revelation is made, I'll switch my vote.
  11. Believing what I'm saying to be scummy isn't metagaming. I'm admitting that what I said yesterday was scummy because I didn't fully trust an investigator. Unknown why Moody was trying to cast suspicion on me yesterday. I don't have a power role if that's what the scum are concerned about.
  12. Hmmm. Well I obviously know how this looks for me with what I said yesterday in regards to Wonder Woman and others. Even though I voted for Moody, I still was extremely suspicious of Wonder Woman and her claims. I'm presuming that the scum went after her last night, presumably to try and silence the conduit between the investigator and the rest of the town. I'm sincerely hoping it wasn't the vigilante, despite how they might have felt about her. The one night kill means that someone didn't go out killing last night. It's possible that with 14 of us, a vigilante wasn't included as it might've made the game go faster if two people died every night. Then again, it's equally possible that Legolas was our vigilante and the scum got lucky on Night One. I'm hoping that Finn wasn't the vigilante and allowed himself to be lynched. There's ten of us left now. One scum is down. With fourteen players it's likely that there were at least three scum, probably four. Out of us ten, three are likely scum with seven of us town left, provided there isn't a neutral, but I doubt there is one in such a small game. I still have Barbossa on my list and Batgirl's suggestion that KotZ is scummy as well is equally viable.
  13. I trust Wonder Woman about as far as I can throw her -- wait, that's very far. She's been up for the vote for the past two days, which makes me suspicious that anyone would come out and trust her. Yesterday she hinted yesterday that she was part of the town block which had magically formed. There's always a chance she was investigated on Night One as town and the investigator reached out to her. In addition, it's likely that the real investigator, if Wonder Woman's contact is not, would reach out to a surrogate that was investigated positive over the last two nights, and counter the claim. Unless Legolas was the investigator and the scum got very lucky on Night One. As for Moody, the last minute claim of a role is always expected before being lynched is always expected. Trying to target me two nights in a row is suspect in itself, and shows that you're trying to now cast suspicion upon me before you die. I'm not sure why you'd try to block me twice even though the kill on Night One was likely scum (unless we have a very inexperienced vigilante) If you do turn out to be town, at the same time I'm not immediately going to throw Wonder Woman under the bus. It's entirely possible that she's being misled by someone. The scum wouldn't sacrifice one of their own in thread to try and get rid of a role like the blocker if they managed to rolecop or track Moody on Night One or Two, that's just illogical when they could simply kill them the next night. All the same, I'll Vote: Mad-Eye Moody / Mostlytechnic even though I'm uneasy about it because I just don't completely trust where the accusation is coming from. Consider my suspicious all you'd like tomorrow if Moody turns out to be scum. It's just my opinions and vibes.
  14. I give up. Hopefully Finn reveals some much needed information in the conclusion. No scum kill last night could've meant a conversion. Potentially bad news for us considering we haven't even found a member of the scum team yet but something to keep in mind. I agree, however, that the scum killer could've been blocked last night or the target protected, but for the vigilante to not kill two nights in a row? Perhaps they're a pacifist.