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  1. Try PMing one of the other Moderators that's mafia friendly. Dragonator is extremely busy these past few days with work.
  2. Bob

    [Review] 21047 Las Vegas

    Very interesting! That’s what I get for not doing any background research, though. Would’ve been interesting to have seen Mandalay Bay replaced with another hotel instead of apparently shortening it. MGM would’ve been nice! I’d be very interested to see a mini-scale MOC of the Vegas Strip, except this time with the boulevard included and the hotels on their appropriate side of the road. It’s a challenge for sure and not one that I think I have the skills for!
  3. Bob

    [Review] 21047 Las Vegas

    Very nice! Did the set originally have Mandalay Bay? Was it revised? I didn’t know that. If I wanted to change it around I’d add Excalibur. New York, New York might be very good with a tiny Statue of Liberty. So many opportunities!
  4. Viva Las Vegas! I haven't bought a LEGO set in quite awhile, so I went into the NYC LEGO Store while I was home just for a look around to see the new sets. I haven't really been paying attention to the news coming out, besides the beautiful Cloud City that was on display. But I digress, I was attracted to the Architecture Line wall where some sets were on display. I couldn't help but buy the new Las Vegas set even though I went into the store not intending on buying anything. I guess I just have a fondness for Vegas and all the colorful and interesting buildings that are there. I haven't been to Vegas for a couple years, but I'd always like to go back. Theme: Architecture Year: 2018 Pieces: 501 Prices: £34.99, $39.99, €39.99 Here's the front of the box. Vegas is very flashy and this set picks some pretty good landmarks of Vegas, following in the tradition of other Skyline sets. The back of the box shows what each landmark is. I've personally never heard of the Fremont Street Experience. All the others I've been to or seen. Here's the first page of the instruction book. It's a really nicely bound book like the other Architecture sets. Each page gives a really nice description of each of the landmarks included in the set. It's absolutely important to include the LLC after the Bellagio. I'll reference that again at the end in regards to something else. Every page of the book has a quote about Las Vegas from someone. I'm not sure who Jeff Maguire is, personally. Google says he's a screenwriter. Isn't this true? There's a couple other quotes as well. The booklet also includes French and Spanish translations for what was in English at the start. Thankfully this is printed piece. It's great! Perhaps it's on a clear tile to make it seem like the sign is free standing? I've never seen this piece before. I'm not sure if it's new because I've been out of the loop on new sets for awhile, but it's still an interesting piece. Not sure what else it would be used for beyond its use which you'll see later. The full piece layout. I know you're not supposed to build LEGO sets on the carpet, but doing so brought the child out in me for only a moment. There's a lot of clear and darker-clear tiles included. Now it's time to begin construction! Here's the base of Las Vegas. I bet you didn't know that Vegas was built on blue and yellow! Every once in awhile there will be a fun little blurb about something you're building. At the moment, you're supposed to be building the Freemont Casino and Street Experience. Here's the Freemont Experience completed. It's apparently a mall from what I can understand from the instruction booklet, and like everywhere in Vegas (even the airport) there's a casino in it. Now it's time to build the Luxor... The other half of the Luxor pyramid doesn't exist. I understand why - it would make the set stick out further in the back. It already sticks out because of the front of the pyramid and the back of the Bellagio. Here's the pyramid on the base. When you add more buildings to the base, it'll become less obvious that the pyramid is cut in half behind. I really like the use of the Pharaoh's headpiece for the Luxor Sphinx. Could it have been improved by a printed face on the head? I'm not sure, if they printed an ugly sphinx face it would have made it an eyesore. I think they did the right thing with a blank head. Now it's time to build the Stratosphere Observation Tower. While to me this isn't the most notable Vegas landmark, I believe it's the tallest structure in Vegas and it's the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States. Therefore, it's understandable why it made it into the set as a part of Vegas' skyline. The way that the Stratosphere fits into the base is really clever, and it's not the last time we'll see it. The yellow pole bit goes through the propeller bit and goes into the yellow. Here's how it looks when it's placed down. You continuously improve the area around the Wynn with foliage pieces. You think you're about to start on the Wynn several times and then all of a sudden you're doing some other landmark. True to its size in real life, the Stratosphere is tall. It's clever that they use those bendy Technic looking parts for the curves of the tower. It seems that the Stratosphere has turned to the dark side as well. Luckily as we'll see later, the Bellagio is on the light side of the Force. After several false starts on the Wynn Hotel, it's now finally time to build it. Interesting that it goes at a curve. The rest of the hotel is built on a curve too. Building this was a bit of a slough. The entire thing is built of one piece bits and three piece bits so it can end up curving when you put it on the base. It's worth it though once it's placed on the base piece. The curve is a very nice touch. I don't know what this is supposed to be for the life of me. A sign for the hotel maybe? Maybe a little tree would've been better as a nod to the palm trees that line Las Vegas Boulevard? Even the page for the Wynn in the booklet where it includes its description has a palm tree in front of it. Personally when I went to Vegas I never went to the Wynn either, so if someone who frequents Vegas is reading, please leave a comment on what you think this is supposed to be. Here's the start of the penultimate landmark on the Vegas Strip - The Bellagio Hotel. If you thought that the Wynn was an ache using small pieces, you haven't seen anything yet. Once again, the designers used a clever way to put one side of the Bellagio in. Like the Stratosphere, the Bellagio's white pole goes into the one by two open piece that you see. Here's the first wing put in. As I said, now that more buildings have been added to the base, it's very tough to tell that the Luxor Pyramid is halved. The rear and center of the hotel are in, last up is another build of the wing. Make sure you note all the tiny 1x1 pieces. And that's the Bellagio done, with the Las Vegas tile in front of it. Once again, very appreciated that it's a printed tile. I've noticed that the other word tiles that I've seen in other Architecture lines are printed too. Not sure if this is the case for all of them, but it's much appreciated because for the life of me I cannot handle stickers. Thank the Gambling Gods that there's no sticker sheet! Here's the completed set all done! The final monument is the Las Vegas sign that you can see all the way at the end next to the Bellagio. Unless you're really looking up close the sign isn't that emphasized. Nevertheless, the whole set looks very nice! Those clear pieces with a bit on it that I highlighted earlier are used for the Bellagio's fountains along with some lightsaber blades. The Bellagio's fountains are beautiful. When I visited, it really stuck out to me. It's also very famously seen at the end of the film Ocean's Eleven. I might have made fun of building the set being a slough when using all those 1x1 pieces to built that you could see in the piece layout above and in the close up pictures, but this was an enjoyable build altogether especially for my first LEGO purchase in several years. So, what do I think of the set? It's just my opinion but I really like it. Some of the buildings used might not be the most iconic, at least to me. I think instead of the Wynn Hotel and Freemont Center, they could've included maybe Excalibur (the castle one), New York, New York, Caesar's Palace, the Venetian, Treasure Island or Mandalay Bay. Even the Paris hotel. Obviously all of those couldn't have been included, because Skylines sets can only be so large. I can understand the Venetian being excluded because of the Venice Skyline set and the Paris hotel because there's an Eiffel Tower Architecture set, as well as New York, New York because that's a Skylines set too. I think Excalibur with it's multiple and colorful castles, Treasure Island or Mandalay Bay with the pirate ship and volcano out front could have been good additions instead of the Wynn and Freemont. The inclusion of the Luxor and the Bellagio were smart ideas though. Perhaps though they couldn't get the rights somehow to include some of those hotels that I mentioned? Back earlier I mentioned that they call the Bellagio, "Bellagio Hotel LLC". These buildings are of course privately owned and most are not "landmarks" in the same way that other buildings in the Skylines sets are. Nevertheless, I think the set itself is pretty good. Most architecture sets are a bit overpriced, yes, but for $40 it's pretty good. I said that some of the buildings used weren't the most iconic, but all the buildings look really nice and portray a great skyline. The Bellagio's fountain is really nicely done as well, I'm glad they were able to get the shooting water effect. I think I'd buy a Bellagio only Architecture set. Even with the Stratosphere and Wynn, that are much larger, the Bellagio catches your eye. Poor Luxor looks like it's shoved in, but it's a great inclusion because that's an iconic part of the Vegas Strip as well. Altogether, I give the set an 8.5/10! I highly recommend it. It was between Vegas and the other latest Skylines set Shanghai, which does look very nice, but I think I made the right decision. This is only my second review of a LEGO set. Hopefully I did a good job and hopefully there's no review of the set waiting to be made public.If you'd like more pictures of this beautiful set, just ask!
  5. Don't worry, I don't think I've ever passed a game of Mafia School either.
  6. An update on Imperial Officers Mafia 2. 1) It won't be called Imperial Officers Mafia 2, even though it will be its spiritual successor, it will be... REBEL OFFICERS MAFIA 2) I am planning it after Sandy's Elves Mafia, for the simple fact that I've not returned to my full collection and won't for at least a month. I'm looking forward to Elves Mafia, and I'm going to begin starting work on the sequel mafia shortly.
  7. Thinking about it, I believe I’m going to hold off on the sequel for right now. I’ll plan on hosting it in the coming months, I believe.
  8. I know I promised to host a new game if nobody hosted within the next couple of weeks. If anyone has any plans to host immediately, please let me know. If not, I can put the signups up in the next week or so, if there’s enough interest. (And I get permission!) I plan on ordering a few more Imperial officer uniforms and I’ll have to order some new faces. Hoping that everyone reprises their character, provided that they didn’t die.
  9. He’s the guy in ESB that gets choked by Vader for losing the Aluminum Falcon, so your character doesn’t have the brightest future.
  10. Hilariously any sequel would feature the same sets/locations. In the future when I’m reunited with my collection I’ll try my hand at a mystery again I think, even though it’s been years since I’ve hosted one.
  11. Feedback Time: Grand Moff Tarkin - Played by: LegoMonorailFan Feedback: You gave up a bit too early while you were defending yourself. You were a vanilla town in the early game, so I suppose it’s not much of a loss particularly when you reveal a scum. It’s a shame the investigator didn’t come to your aid, but more on that later. Sign up for the sequel! Tarkin survived, technically. Reprise your role! Grand Admiral Thrawn - Played by: mediumsnowman Feedback: You played very well on Day Four, never giving up. It was a very tough position to be put in, the entire scum team wiped out by day four. You had the investigator on your side for awhile, but that didn’t change anything. Great job! Come back for the sequel! You just can’t be Thrawn! Director Isard - Played by: Kintobor Feedback: Unfortunately you were metagamed, but I hope you signup for the sequel whenever that may be! You just can’t be Isard, as she’s dead. Admiral Piett - Played by: Sandy Feedback: Welcome back to mafia! I’m glad you weren’t metagamed on Night One, but I suppose it’s because most of the players never played with you. You did an excellent job bringing the town together. Come back and play Piett in the sequel! Admiral Motti - Played by: mostlytechnic Feedback: You were very solidly town this time. If I were in the game I would’ve called you out on it. Well done though! Motti needs to be in the sequel, so make sure you sign up! Admiral Daala - Played by: Rider Raider Feedback: I’m glad Tarkin/LMF wasn’t killed at night, because then you would’ve killed yourself the next morning as you were the lover character. I hope you sign up for the sequel so you can reprise the role of Daala! Admiral Ozzel - Played by: Actor Builder Feedback: I’m really sorry I screwed you over Day Two again. Claiming vig was a really ballsy move at the end of the day. I don’t know if fhomess would’ve killed you that night or not. If he said earlier in the thread I missed it, but perhaps he can say so/repeat it. If I let you live it would’ve been brilliant if you were targeted by fhomess and Lady K tracked you. Good on you for keeping up a defense all Day Two but sadly you were a bit metagamed I think. Unfortunately Ozzel can’t be in the sequel, but I hope you will be! Admiral Yularen - Played by: KotZ Feedback: You played solidly town most of the game, I’d say. Unfortunately since I haven’t played in like a year and a half or more I can’t remember your town game, but you were very middle of the road, which is good for vanilla. Hope you come back to reprise your character! General Veers - Played by: fhomess Feedback: One of the best vigilantes in recent history I’d say. I think you were a huge factor in winning this for the town. I don’t remember which of my games you referred to in which you said you were a bad vig, but I’d say you’ve made up for it! Definitely come back and be Veers again. Admiral Shelby - Played by: Forresto Feedback: I think you might’ve been the fifth member of the scum team! I’m only kidding, but the entire game, at least the early part a lot of the town suspected you heavily, and if I remember right you didn’t vote for mediumsnowman on the last day, but that could just be my bad memory. Must’ve been because you turned up late, but I hope you come back and be Shelby again! Admiral Greer - Played by: Tariq j Feedback: Excellent work surviving until the end as Mace Windu! You were investigated on Night Two but the investigator elected to do nothing with that information until Day Four. Glad people didn’t suspect anything considering you had his light-up head from the 2005 CTT! Unfortunately Greer won’t be in the sequel, but you’ll have to come back and play a disguised Yoda. Just kidding, but please come back for the sequel! Colonel Dellus - Played by: LegoRacer1 Feedback: Oh no...I think this was your first time as investigator. I was very disappointed that you let LMF get lynched on Day Three even though you investigated him as town. I know it’s difficult for an investigator to reach out to a townie to start a block, but usually the investigator doesn’t stumble on The Godfather. You did with mediumsnowman, and defended him at first, but reversed course. All in all, good for your second game (I believe) but your investigator skills need some work. But please come back and reprise Dellus in the sequel! Captain Needa - Played by: Khscarymovie4 Feedback: Great job as the blocker! Solid town work as well. Glad you connected up with Sandy to work up a plan with her. Come back to play Needa before he gets choked by Vader in ESB! Captain Komec - Played by: jluck Feedback: I was genuinely surprised when fhomess targeted you. You were doing a really good job flying under the radar, appearing as an apathetic townie. If I was in the game, I wouldn’t have suspected anything, but as you know from Party Lines Mafia and others, my scumdar needs serious work. You can’t be Komec again, but you can definitely be someone else in the sequel! Captain Fenton - Played by: Peanuts Feedback: Great job as the watcher! I don’t think I’ve included a watcher in my games for awhile. I’ve included some fun roles in previous games, like the “puncher” that def played in Main Street Mafia and the Tree Stump that someone played in Excalibur 2 Mafia (I forget who, I think Scouts) Play Fenton again in the sequel! Captain Jellico - Played by: Lady K Feedback: Solid scum work! A little surprised that you were killed Night Two, but only slightly surprised. I know you were suspected even as far back as Day One, but I thought you had cleared it up. Unfortunately fhomess’ scumdar was excellent this game. Come back for the sequel! Fun fact: Shelby and Jellico are both Star Trek TNG characters. Shelby is the commander from The Best of Both Worlds, and Jellico is the Captain that takes over the Enterprise when Picard is captured by Cardassians. Not sure where Komec, Fenton, Dellus, and Greer came from. The sequel will come if nobody hosts a game in the next couple of weeks or so. Or after someone hosts a game!
  12. I figured that jluck was targeted as dead by that point, so the action would've failed already doubly, but perhaps that is an oversight by me. In Peanuts' result message I put that he saw Sandy target herself only.
  13. Sandy protected herself that night.
  14. Mediumsnowman was indeed the Godfather, which returned a town result. To my foggy belief, I believed I had seen it happen before in games, at least older ones. To my knowledge I’d never used that ruling in any games that I’ve hosted in the past, but that’s because I’d always either closed on time or never experienced the last minute changing of a vote. The, quite frankly, unsure belief that I’d seen it in the past fueled my decision. I’m glad Actor Builder said he didn’t hold it against me. It made me feel a little bit better. I felt really bad about it and believed that it almost ruined the game. Also, this is the deadboard: Password is: youredead!
  15. Conclusion: May the Dark Side Be With You "As I was saying..." the Grand Admiral said. "I am innocent. I swear." "No you are not." the Emperor said, entering suddenly. "I have finally foreseen it." He approached the Chiss Admiral, and electrocuted him with his Force Lightning. "Oh no! I seriously should have seen this coming! I'm supposed to be very intelligent and calculating." And then he was dead. "Yay!" someone said. "We can have a party! The scum are defeated!" "Not quite..." Admiral Greer / Tariq j said, reaching for his hair and pulling something out of his pocket. "This party's over!" he declared. Admiral Greer was none other than former Jedi Master Mace Windu. He was a Neutral. Darth Vader was equally quick to pull out his lightsaber. The two clashed swords. "My Emperor!" an officer cried. "Where is your lightsaber?!" "It flew out the window somewhere over Coruscant and I never got a new one." he said. "Where did Mace Windu get a new hand?" someone else asked. "I know a good hand guy." he said. But the Jedi Master was outnumbered by Darth Vader, the Emperor, the two Royal Guards fast approaching, and the many Stormtroopers. He fled. ~~~ Congratulations to the Winners of Imperial Officers Mafia: The Loyalists! and to the Neutral, Admiral Greer / Tariq j! ~~~ Bonus: "I thought I was the only one in the Star Wars universe with a purple lightsaber." Mace Windu said. "Well, I don't officially exist anymore in canon, so I guess you are." Mara Jade said. ~~~ Night Actions: Important Note: None of the night actions from night four counted, as the game was already over. I just wanted to see what the town was planning. I decided to end the game though before fhomess and LegoRacer1 submitted their night actions. There was a lot of confusion as to why the scum kill on Night Two on Tariq j didn't go through. He was bulletproof. Feedback will come later. I welcome feedback to me as to my hosting. This is, I believe, the 8th Mafia I've hosted, in addition to 2 Mysteries (We don't have mysteries on Eurobricks anymore, that's really sad ) I think that's the most hosting out of everyone on EB, so you'd think I'd be the most experienced. However, I have to apologize to Actor Builder straight away. As soon as I ruled ending the day strictly at the 72 hour mark despite ending it two hours later, I knew I made a mistake, but by then it was too late. The pictures had already been taken before I ruled. I hadn't seen Peanuts' vote either. I mean, claiming vigilante, he would've been killed by fhomess that night, but I imagine the scum would've tracked Actor Builder and found out who the vigilante is, which could've been a game changer. I imagine the game might've gone very differently if this had happened, despite the fact that the town had identified the scum very quickly. Unfortunately, I've been out of the mafia game for awhile, so I don't know people's scum tells anymore, which means I couldn't really identify who was acting strangely or not. I imagine Sandy had the same problem as I did at first, but she seemed to adapt quickly. So, with all that said, if you are willing to suffer through another Bob game I am willing to host Imperial Officers Mafia 2, a direct sequel, if nobody wants to host a game after this. It will take a week or two as I've got to order some things off of Bricklink if there's enough interest and nobody else is planning a game (I know Sandy expressed interest in hosting Elves Mafia finally) As I said, my collection is in America, and I'm in England, otherwise I'd host a completely different game that a sequel, (which will remain a secret!) but that will wait for another day. Thank you all for playing! I'm glad that mafia is still going, over ten years strong since I started playing it on here. I've seen a lot of players come and go, and some remain the same. I'll post some more later on.