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  1. Tariq j was supposed to host a game, but he's not gotten back to me in a few months, so unless I heard from him, there is a spot open for a mafia game.
  2. So, the next game will probably be 96 hours and will definitely be an anonymous game. Probably in about a month, so if anyone wants to try their hand at hosting in the meantime feel free to ask!
  3. You were fine. Something else I was thinking of doing next game is maybe raising the day from 72 hours to 96 hours, but I haven’t fully decided yet. The reason we instituted the “no voting before 24 hours” rule is from Noir Mafia when someone was lynched within the first few hours of the day. A pattern I’m noticing is people waiting until the last possible minute to do a lynch, leaving people with no time to defend themselves. If I increase the day time, maybe a rule could be added that mandates you vote before the 72 hour mark and then the extra 24 hours is for unvoting and revoting while people try to defend themselves? It seems a bit heavy handed though. Some scum thrive on the last minute vote on a townie, which I suppose could still happen. What do people think?
  4. Name: Excalibur Mafia 4 Host: Bob Dates: May 2022 - June 2022 Survivors: Zepher and Rumble Strike Game Information: It has been about one hundred years since the events of the previous game. In that time, the United Nations of Earth has expanded deep into the galaxy.Still, that doesn't mean the galaxy they're exploring is safe... Characters and Players (8): Commander Te'voka - DarkdragonLt. Commander Dustin Pherson - DuvorsLt. Commander Hiveon Cheseelo - ZepherLt. Commander Dr. Hailey Macdougal - Tariq jLieutenant James Riley - Rumble StrikeLieutenant Christine Arnold - EmersonDAniteLieutenant Reechsavo Heecan - Jimmynick Lieutenant Gabriel Fenton - KotZ Game Threads: Day One: Disaster Day Two: Shattered Day Three: Good News and Bad News Day Four: Using Your Imagination Conclusion Other Threads: Sign-Up Thread Confirmation and Discussion
  5. Name: Main Street Mafia 2 Host: Bob Dates: October 2021 - November 2021 Survivors: Jack Sassy, Tariq j Game Information: Main Street is in serious trouble! The local mafia is moving in and is trying to seize Main Street from the local business owners. With the police powerless to stop them, it's up to the good people of Maintown to fight back! Characters and Players (8): Geoff - Owner of the Cafe Corner (KotZ) Cheryl - Owner of the Hotel (Hinckley) Susan - Owner of the Green Grocer (Jack Sassy) Fred - Owner of the Pet Shop (Rumble Strike) Ron - Owner of Chez Albert (Zepher) Al - Owner of Al's Barber Shop (Kaanere) Joyce - Owner of The Highlander Pub (Jimmynick) Ash - Landlord (Tariq j) Game Threads: Day One: Trouble in the Neighborhood Day Two: Call the Police! Day Three: Night Moves Day Four: Down on Main Street Conclusion Other Threads: Sign-Up Thread Confirmation and Discussion
  6. There's a lot to discuss when talking about the "future of mafia" and I don't want it to sound grandiose or anything like that. I'd definitely like other people's feedback on it, even if you didn't play in this game. Mafia on Eurobricks used to be a lot more popular - that goes without saying. Zepher's Eurodina (now twelve years ago ) had over 40 players in it with still some people in reserves. In more recent years, we've barely gotten into double digits, let alone anywhere near that. I went back in time as well through the Index to the first Excalibur game (23 players). Throughout the years, there's been a few assumptions and issues about mafia on this forum that still persist today: 1) Mafia is complicated: This assumption perhaps comes from people that have seen some of the more...complex setups that have been on the boards and thought that mafia might not be for them. This is why we used to have a mafia school requirement, however with I doubt we could get enough new players in a mafia school. It's why I've tried to make the more recent mafia games that I've hosted very simple and easy to understand. I'm certainly very guilty of making complicated and complex mafia games. I think we started making mafia games complex because we'd played so many standard ones and we needed more spice and variety. Eventually I suppose it got too spicy. 2) Mafia requires commitment: This assumption probably comes from times where players would PM constantly, make spreadsheets, create townblocks, post very regularly, and players could sometimes be flamed if they didn't show up every single day to respond to every single thing. So, as time went on, people got burnt out from playing mafia. What was supposed to be a fun forum game became very competitive for some people. This can be a good thing and it usually was because it would encourage people to show up for the next game, but I suppose there has been definite fatigue. There's also a noticeable disappearance of the "regulars" that would always play. This issue is more to do with the passage of time. The first mafia game on Eurobricks was in 2008. That's almost fourteen years ago. A lot of people have played mafia on Eurobricks - some have played one game, some have played in dozens of games. 3) Mafia Metagaming: This is an issue that always exists no matter what. You're going to want to get rid of the "good" and "veteran" players first in any game. Metagaming used to be less of an issue because the same people would always sign-up for mafia, but eventually as more and more people started to play mafia and some of the "veteran regulars" or whatever you want to call them fell off playing, the older and more skilled players were often the first to be lynched or night killed and so mafia became less fun for them. If Shadows or Hinckley or Dragonator were still alive by Day Five, there was something fishy going on. That's why anonymous mafia was introduced and I think it was extremely effective. It's time consuming and a bitch to set up, but it's a more fun experience for the older players because they can blend in and not be immediately killed off. I think of the remaining people that still have mafia'd recently, Zepher and I are some of the oldest still going. Zepher started in Mystery Castle if I remember right (the third ever game) and I started in Baritones (the fourth ever game). In a game with so few people, it's difficult to determine if metagaming is still around. I guess DD dying first might be metagaming, she's been playing mafia nearly as long as Zepher and I. Duvors will have to comment on why he chose her to kill. Anonymous mafia honestly might be the future to bring people back into the game while still getting new people to play. That way people can sign up in a thread or through a PM for total anonymity. Anonymous mafia, while a pain to host, has always been very fun and I think for the next game I host that's how I'll do it. In the meantime, I'm pretty sure I've hosted the last three or four games (I've lost track) so if anyone else wants to host feel free. If not, you'll have to wait a month for the next game. As I said, please feel free to comment yourselves even if you didn't play this game or you haven't played mafia in ages. This could really be its own topic, but I think it's fine in here.
  7. Excalibur Mafia 4 Conclusion "Well, you've got me fair and square!" Dustin says. Dustin Pherson (Duvors) was Corruped! Congratulations to the Survivors, Hiveon (Zepher) and James (Rumble Strike) as well as the rest of the Town! --- Survivors (2): Lt. Commander Hiveon Cheseelo - Zepher (Town)  Lieutenant James Riley - Rumble Strike (Town) Dead (6): Commander Te'voka - Darkdragon (Town) Lieutenant Reechsavo Heecan - Jimmynick (Corrupted) Lt. Commander Dr. Hailey Macdougal - Tariq j (Town) Lieutenant Christine Arnold - EmersonDAnite (Town) Lieutenant Gabriel Fenton - KotZ (Town) Lt. Commander Dustin Pherson - Duvors (Corrupted) There's quite a bit that I'd like to say and am going to say about mafia on Eurobricks but it'll take me some more time to plan it out, but to keep everyone from waiting, here's the conclusion! Here's the night actions:
  8. Yes, a storm knocked out my power but this day is over with Dustin Pherson / Duvors being lynched.
  9. Vote Count: Dustin (Duvors) - 2 (Zepher, Rumble Strike) With 3 players, 2 votes are required to lynch. About 25 hours remains in this day.
  10. Voting is now open! With 3 players remaining, it takes 2 to lynch.
  11. Excalibur Mafia 4 Day Four: Using Your Imagination It's late at night, and Gabriel Fenton (KotZ) has died! "Where's the pictures?" someone asks. Sorry, I'm away from the sets at the moment "Then why not put the game on hiatus?" someone else asks. After Roman Mafia we're not allowed to put games on hiatus. The show must go on. Both Christine Arnold (EmersonDAnite) and Gabriel Fenton (KotZ) were Town! --- Players (3): Lt. Commander Dustin Pherson - Duvors Lt. Commander Hiveon Cheseelo - Zepher Lieutenant James Riley - Rumble Strike Dead (5): Commander Te'voka - Darkdragon (Town) Lieutenant Reechsavo Heecan - Jimmynick (Corrupted) Lt. Commander Dr. Hailey Macdougal - Tariq j (Town) Lieutenant Christine Arnold - EmersonDAnite (Town) Lieutenant Gabriel Fenton - KotZ (Town) Rules:1) You are either Town or Corrupted. The town need to eliminate the mafia and the mafia need to outnumber the town. In the hopefully unlikely event of a parity, the mafia will win. There are no third parties.2) A game day will last 72 hours. You may vote after 24 hours. Even if a majority vote is achieved, the day will not end early. Nights will last at most 48 hours, during which you can send in your night actions. 3a) Do not talk about the game outside of the threads.3) Each day you can vote to lynch a player. Voting is mandatory. It should be done in this fashion: Vote: Character (Player) Unvote: Character (Player) Ensure your vote is in bold so I don't miss it please!4) The alignment of players who have been lynched, as well as those who may have died during the night, will be revealed at the beginning of the next day. 5) You may not quote or pretend to quote anything sent to you by the game host via PM. This includes the details of your character and role, as well as any night actions results. Role claims and reporting of results are acceptable, but in your own words only.6) If you die, you may not post in thread or discuss the game with any players. Any information you had is not allowed to be passed on under any circumstances. 7) Don't edit your posts, please! 8) Please try to post every day!
  12. Day Four will be up sometime tomorrow!
  13. With a day that went on a bit too long... Vote Count: Hiveon (Zepher) - 2 (Rumble Strike, EmersonDAnite) Christine (EmersonDAnite) - 3 (Zepher, KotZ, Duvors) With 5 players remaining, a majority of 3 is required! Therefore, Christine Arnold (EmersonDAnite) has been lynched! Make sure you get your night actions in!
  14. Vote Count: Hiveon (Zepher) - 1 (Rumble Strike) Christine (EmersonDAnite) - 2 (Zepher, KotZ) With 5 players remaining, a majority of 3 is required! About 4 hours remain in this day.
  15. You may now vote! With 5 players remaining, a majority of 3 is required to lynch. 48 hours remain in this day.