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  1. Why aren't you on time? When is the next day? Why hasn't everyone confirmed or got their night actions in??
  2. I'll play please!
  3. Also, I tried not to guess as to who people "actually" were until close to the end. After hosting the last anonymous game, I thought I'd be able to identify some people a bit easily, but I wasn't able to. To be fair, I had to frequently check back at the list of players in my own game during the first few days because I didn't even remember who was who without it at first. At the end of this game, though, I was able to identify Hinckley and Shadows only. I figured Hinckley was Omrom because he sent me five PM's in a row on Night Three. I figured Shadows was Fazit as well at the end when talking with him. Somehow I always get played by Shadows whenever he's scum. I see now why there was a Day Four - all the other killers had to be dead. I never would have guessed that, even in my most wildest of theories. I even thought that Fazit and Omrom were scum and that Fazit killed his teammate at night to appear beyond suspicion or some power play like that. There were several more I had that I didn't even post. I haven't come up with this many crazy theories in my head since Party Lines Mafia. I think the roleplay award is something that I'll adopt as well, I quite liked it. I think it's perfect that it doesn't impact the game in any way. (i.e., no special action or immunity or whatever) Massive hats off to you for not breaking character, even in PM's.
  4. I was Martin. I’ve been bamboozled by the original silver-tongued serpent once again as vigilante. It’s Noir Mafia all over again. So, I took a random shot on night one and it backfired miserably for the town. I’m so so sorry whoever Ruben is. I almost don’t want to read the deadboard. On Day Two my criticism of the vigilante is legitimate. I really enjoyed this though! Thank you for hosting!
  5. Bob

    Blood In The Grass: Sign-up

    Finally, a game I'm not hosting. What is the temperament of a Dragon? - 98.6 degrees. Who rules the forest? - Is anyone around to hear it? Roll for initiative. !roll
  6. I'm not going to reply to all the comments here, just a quick reply. We play the games here for fun, mostly, and we have our own meta. I don't think anyone on here fully understands the meta of these games. Some of the plays you describe as amateurish are that because they're people that can't devote full time to the game and/or people are just trying to have fun. In regard to the roles, every host does something a little bit different depending on their preferences. I understand that you're not new to mafia games in general, and I appreciate that, but you are very new to mafia games on these forums. Mafia is played a little bit differently everywhere, and because of that you're considered new even if you've played a ton of games elsewhere. I think something that would help all players - past, present, and future - would be making a mafia encyclopedia similar to mafia-wiki but on our own forums with our own descriptions and whatnot that can be stickied up at the top like our indexes. I'll see what I can try to come up with. I was thinking: "hmm, Hinckley is playing the pirate and Redbeard has to escape. I know! I'll give him a ridiculous night action."
  7. I’ll leave that to you. I’d like to majorly echo what Shadows said about a lack of roleplaying. In all my games I always include a rule in which I encourage RP. I even include personality traits and quirks in the bios for people to expand upon. For some reason nowadays, people seem to see RP as scummy and that’s one hundred percent not okay. I’m looking forward to hosting a mystery game, probably this summer, which is all about role play. Mystery games are radically different to mafia games and it’s a shame that they’ve disappeared. I do agree that people seem more focused in the destination rather than the journey. I’d like to see some more RP in mafia rather than trying to get to the end as quickly as possible. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next game that’s upcoming. It’ll give me time to finish the sets, clues, characters, etc. and for the mystery.
  8. As for a veterans mafia culture, I don’t know. I posted in the deadboard that I think there should be another mafia school hosted at one point in the near future. A long time ago you used to have to pass a mafia school to play mafia with the older kids. Since interest in EB mafia has waned, that’s obviously been gotten rid of. I’ll say this much, though. I’ve been playing mafia on Eurobricks for over a decade now and I still make many mistakes, don’t understand all the metas, and oftentimes am bad at the game. I remember that YG49 is the reason we have the 24 hour vote delay. That players used to “come in late” in the morning if they used an action. That you needed to survive until the end to properly “win” a game, etc. The meta has evolved over the years and will continue to evolve. Playing mafia here is tough the first few games, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fun. Reading old games is good practice and it’s what I tell new players to do, rereading is only half the experience. Even if you had a bad game or a bad time, I’d suggest sticking with it. I remember being so salty in my first game because a ghost came back and revealed I was scum. And in my second game Hinckley organized my lynch because I wanted to cook fish tacos of something. You just have to roll with it and eventually you’ll get better, or in my case, you’ll stagnate and stay the same.
  9. You’d mentioned to me between games that it would be a good idea to switch things up. You even mentioned that you’d told me this in one of the days. A neutral is a great way to spice up the game. As for you being neutral, well, who better than the person who suggested a switch up?
  10. Player Feedback/Comments: Remi Blaise - Kristel: You died on Night One, meaning you didn't have much impact on the game. Trenton tried to pretend to be your Mason friend. The town lost their protector very early, for better or for worse. There's not a whole lot to say unfortunately. Perhaps the scum can explain why they took you out on Night One. Jean Pelley - jimmynick: I know I talked to you about this on the deadboard, but I think you came out way too early as investigator. I guess you thought getting rid of a scum right away was better than keeping the investigator in the long term. You would have had to have waited until Day Four to reveal Joshua being scum if you'd kept it to yourself and shared the information with a townie that you cleared the next night (in this case it would have been Fred) but I think you were much too obvious. Luckily the town ended up winning. Fred Dumont - KotZ: I don't know why everyone thought you were so scummy the entire game. I think it's because the scum did such a good job blending in and flying under the radar. It's a shame that the investigator died on Night Two, it could have been a very different game if you were cleared as town by the investigator. Peter Lyon - fhomess: A valiant effort on the last day. I can understand if you're frustrated that the neutral decided to go with the town instead of helping the scum win. I'll talk more about why he probably did that when I get to him. I mentioned how I thought that killing Fred was a misstep on the final night. I think if he was left alive, it would've a bit closer. For some reason, everyone seemed to think that Fred was scum, so it might have evened it out a bit more. Fun fact, I nearly included a psychiatrist into the game along with a neutral poisoner. If I'd gotten more people, that is. The psychiatrist would have to try to pacify the poisoner by trying to target them at night. Michael Lavoie - nobody: No comments since nobody played him. Daniel Lucas - Medzomorak: I'm not entirely sure where to begin. I know this was your first game on Eurobricks, but I don't know if you understand entirely how we play here. I don't know why your playstyle changed so seemingly from Pirates II to Pirates III. A lot of people are going to have some things to say about your behavior. I know that you're not used to the way we play. Every place and format does it differently, I've found. We have our own unique meta here. I recently played IRL mafia on Zoom and it's completely different. I feel that we threw you right into the deep end with this game. Most new players have to play a mafia school first which is a very basic game and format. Just because somebody doesn't agree with your viewpoints and issues a rebuttal doesn't mean you need to get abrasive. When I attempted to calm everyone down, you went after me, claiming that I stacked the scum team with veterans so they'd win. This bothered me. If you've got a problem with the game, wait until the end to air them. I don't know what else to say that's not already been said in the deadboard. I still don't know what happened on Day One and Two. One day I'm going to have to reread them. I'm just disappointed that you took out your frustrations with the game on not only other players, but me. Trenton Monette - Tariq j: You did a good job flying under the radar until the town started to thin down and you couldn't anymore. Your mason play was smart, going for someone long dead, but it's much harder now to fake PM's than it used to be. Your downfall was that Trekkie was perceptive. I think if I'd had the "no copying PMs" rule in place, your position might've been stronger. There was some confusion when I told you that you couldn't share screenshots, but that was quickly fixed. Justin Reynaud - MKJoshA: Another new player, which is good. You died on the first day last game, so I'm glad you managed to stay alive a bit longer. I don't know why you appeared so scummy to other people. Until the very late game it was the scum that appeared to be extremely town and all the town looked scummy in the eyes of a few people. Emmett Ware - Shadows: Welcome back to mafia! I'm glad you joined again and you ended up winning, so well done. You did some excellent tracking and managed to stay on top the entire game. You're fortunate that the town didn't think you could have been scum as a tracker. I know you were a bit frustrated early on in the game. I thought it was a bit funny that you used shortcuts to find your name during those early days. Hopefully you stick around for more games. Andrew Laurent - mostlytechnic: An excellent game! It was a brilliant move to claim "Vanillizer" or whatever the role was called. It certatinly sounds like the type of silly role that I would include in one of my games, especially considering I included a Knight and I almost included a fruit vendor. You've said it already, but the scum's game started to fall apart when the game evened off to 3:3:1. It was very close for the scum until the neutral decided that he wanted to win with the town instead of the scum. Aiden Leon - Trekkie99: This is three games that I've included a governor and nobody has used the action. In the future, I think I'll have it so the governor cannot self-target to un-lynch themselves, which could encourage them to use the action. You did a good job blending in on Day One until your inner-Trekkie started to come out. Joshua Levitt - Darkdragon: You were the unfortunate target of an investigator. Take solace in knowing that the investigator coming out to get rid of you caused his death that night, so essentially the scum sacrified one of their own to get rid of the investigator. A fair amount of people seemed to suspect you regardless, so you might've been hurt by that. Alex Howe - Dragonator: Welcome back to mafia as well. I'm so sorry that I made you the only vanilla in a game of power roles, but I wanted to switch things up a bit. Unfortunately that led to your death. The town couldn't comprehend that I might switch things up a bit, which is something I'm going to talk about when I get to Fugazi. I suppose in a game of people claiming all sorts of ridiculous roles, you claiming vanilla looked suspicious since most everyone else had a night action. Your death didn't seem to convince the town that I might've switched things up between games, as evidenced with: Fabien Bellamy - Fugazi: You were the first "vigilante" that I've included in one of my games in awhile. I haven't included vigilantes in my games and I decided to do so this game, but with limited shots and restrictions. Unfortunately, as with Dragonator, the town couldn't seem to think that I'd switch things up between games. Vincent Denis - Hinckley: There's a lot to say about the person with the biggest post count. You were going for the standard undercover neutral survivor win and were blending in well up until Daniel started to call you out heavily. Then you turned back into Hinckley and decided to use your bulletproof-ness to win with the town, presumably to spite Daniel who was so adamant that you were scum. The scum are presumably upset that you opted not to win with them. If you had, the game would've been over a lot sooner with a scum victory. Regardless, good work surviving until the end and winning for the pirates. Robin Tremblay - Escape The Fate: Welcome back to mafia as well! You decided to Knight someone that was bulletproof regardless, so I suppose it's a good thing that you failed that night and were able to Knight Emmett instead, which arguably contributed to the win. The scum seemed to misunderstand the Knight role. If you die, that means that you no longer protect your target. I think the scum might have thought that you protect Emmett for the rest of the game, even if you're dead. I might have more to say beyond what I've said on the deadboard later, but for now that's all I can think of.
  11. Here's the deadboard as well: password: tellnotales Night Actions: Night One Comments: The investigator gets very lucky and targets a scum. The assassin stays home, the knight declines to protect someoene, and the scum kill the protector. Night Two Comments: The scum kill the investigator. I'll have comments shortly about the investigator's Day Two when I talk about individual players. Scum find the blocker. They're in a strong position here. Night Three Comments: A quiet night. The scum try to kill Vincent, but he's bulletproof and he's also been jailed by Daniel. Night Four Comments: This starts the nights where Peter keeps targeting Trenton with his rolecop, and is unsuccessful each time. Trenton declines to kill as Emmett tracks him. It's this point that the scum have obviously infected the townblock. Night Five Comments: Fred blocks Peter again. The scum are still in a good position Night Six Comments: Nothing of note. The scum get rid of the Knight protecting Emmett. Unfortunately they don't seem to realize that with Robin dead, Emmett is no longer protected. This is the moment where the scum advantage starts to fall apart. Night Seven Comments: This is where the scum game really goes off the rails. They lost Trenton due to falsified PM's. I said this in the deadboard, but any future game I host I'm banning sharing PMs. I should have done it for this game, but I didn't. Big mistake. The scum decide to block Emmett and kill Aiden. This was a big mistake. I assume the scum wanted to get rid of the Governor and they must have thought Emmett was still protected. I would've gone for killing Emmett instead. Even if Aiden pardoned someone, the scum could have won with their night kill. Night Eight Comments: This is the last night. Peter decides to kill Fred instead of Emmett. I would've again gone for killing Emmett since Fred was the scummier between the two. The two blocks cancelled out allowing the kill to go through. Emmett decides to track Vincent. Some analysis and player feedback will be coming shortly. I've got a fair amount to say.
  12. Anyone can post here in your regular Eurobricks accounts! Conclusion: Did We Win? "So, is that it?" Emmett asked. "Did we win?" "Yes, Peter seemed to be an Imperial Guard. So, I'd say you've both won." Governor Broadside replied. "Well, not yet." Vincent said. Vincent gently put his tuba down and pointed a pistol at the Governor. "Sorry, Gov, but this is something I've got to do." BANG "Vincent! What are you doing?!" Emmett asked. "Don't worry." Vincent replied. "I'm not going to shoot you." "I just wanted to kill him. There are way too many NPCs in this game. I am a Neutral after all. The pirate survivor." "A neutral pirate?! That's crazy!" "Not really. There's only been like, three factions in these games. Obviously if I was neutral I'm working for the pirates. Anyway..." "My ride is here. See you around, Emmett! Good luck defending this fort when the Guards get here!" "Arrr, hurry up Vincent!" Redbeard shouted. "And leave that infernal tuba behind!" "Never!" "Well shit." Emmett said. "What do I do now?" "Ahoy, soldier!" someone shouted from off camera. "Now what?" Emmett asked himself, heading down to the docks. "Surrender your base or die! You're hopelessly outnumbered!" the Guards Captain shouted. "Never!" "Very well, prepare to fire cannons!" "Yikes!" Emmett shouted, starting to run for cover. Suddenly... "Fire all cannons!" Patrick ordered. "Take them out!" BLAM! "We're outgunned!" the crewmember said. "Plus all our cannons are on one side. We'd have to move them all to the other if we wanted to fire!" "Prepare for a tactical retreat! We'll get them next time!" With that, the Redcoat ship sailed off, nursing its wounds. "Excellent work, Emmett." Patrick said. "Shame about Vincent being a pirate and all, but at least he helped us out in the end." "Yay!" Liam shouted. "We did it!" "I mean, we sort of lost the entire garrison in the process." Emmett said. "Don't worry. If all the pirate NPCs from the first game can come back to life mysteriously, I'm sure these guys will eventually." --- Congrats to: Emmett Ware (Shadows), a Loyal Soldier, as well as... Vincent Denis (Hinckley) the pirate Neutral! As well as the rest of the town! An excellent game by the scum as well! Players (16):Remi Blaise - KristelJean Pelley - jimmynickFred Dumont - KotZPeter Lyon - fhomessMichael Lavoie - nobody Daniel Lucas - MedzomorakTrenton Monette - Tariq jJustin Reynaud - MKJoshAEmmett Ware - ShadowsAndrew Laurent - mostlytechnicAiden Leon - Trekkie99Joshua Levitt - DarkdragonAlex Howe - DragonatorFabien Bellamy - FugaziVincent Denis - HinckleyRobin Tremblay - Escape The Fate I'll have some more commentary later on today, as well as the night actions spreadsheet and more stuff like that. In the meantime, I'm a bit burnt out after hosting three games in a row. I'm looking forward to someone else finally hosting.
  13. Peter Lyon faced down the firing line this time. In order to avoid a repeat of yesterday, Emmett got in very close for the kill. "Well, Peter. You've been a dear friend, but these two have decided that your end is here." "Alright, but I just want it to be known that I disagree entirely with the choice of lynch today." Peter replied. "So noted. Vincent, play him off." "HE'S ON THE HIGHWAY TO HELL." FWOOM FWOOOOM "HIGHWAY TO HELL." ... BANG ] With that, Peter Lyon was dead. Governor Broadside stabbed him just to make sure. Meanwhile... "News from Fort Eldorado, Captain." Henry said. "Turns out the entire garrison is nearly dead." "Arrr, now is the time to exact my revenge." "Change course, my son! Let's go pay the dear governor a visit." Meanwhile... "News from Fort Eldorado, Captain." A crewman said. "Turns out the garrison is nearly dead." "Ah." the captain replied. "It's our time to strike then. Let us pay a visit to our bluecoat friends." --- Stay tuned for an action packed conclusion!
  14. You'll have to wait and find out! Exciting! About 20 minutes are left in Day Nine. The vote count hasn't changed.
  15. Vote Count: Peter Lyon - 2 (Emmett Ware, Vincent Denis) Emmett Ware - 1 (Peter Lyon) With 3 players left, 2 votes are required to lynch. About 2 hours are left.