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  1. You can't make that sort of distinction, since you're an author. To my knowledge, those cabins did not have safes in them. It seems a safe can be put inside cabins as a special request by the passenger and this one wasn't removed since the cabin was empty this voyage. As far as I understand, we didn't move Ezra to the exercise room and he's been lying in the lounge unconscious since we moved him there last night from storage handcuffed to a piece of furniture. The chapter ended before we had a general consensus.
  2. The pad has no impressions or anything like that. The bathroom seems to have not been used since the last passengers were aboard. Ezra is still alive, but still unconscious. He's not gone anywhere. The Space Bible has no loose pieces of paper in it, though. It appears to not have been used much and is identical to the one that's in most of the other guest cabins.
  3. There's nobody in the closet to scare, and the rest of it seems empty as well. There's some empty hangers, but that's about it. The safe is open, as well. The bathroom appears to have been cleaned and not used since the previous passenger occupied the room on the last voyage. Such a device could, in theory, exist. "Yes! We made sure to tell everyone this as well." The bicorder doesn't reveal any significant evidence in the room, perhaps being more specific about what you're scanning? The desk is empty of personal items. All that's inside is a blank notepad with the Blue Star heading, a few standard pens, and a magazine titled "Easy Living on Alpha Centauri" The badge does indeed look official. The drawers of the nightstand are empty as well, except for a Space Bible.
  4. The party arrives at room 1H. It's not locked, since it's not occupied. The room is similar to the other cabins on the ship - it's got a bed with a nightstand, a desk with a lamp and a small little statue, and a tall lamp. There's also the standard bathroom and closet on opposite sides of the room.
  5. "What kind of ship do you think we're on? This is a luxury liner, not a military vessel."
  6. "Hello! It seems someone is jamming our communications. Raspberry flavor, I'm afraid."
  7. It is indeed a Space Police Interceptor-class emergency response ship.
  8. Back to the bridge, most likely.
  9. It seems there is something or someone blocking communications from this ship.
  10. Around eleven o'clock in the evening, standard ship time. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Grace's messages are going through.
  11. "All we said is what we knew at the time - that there had been a power loss."
  12. You would assume correctly, unless otherwise stated.
  13. Using his vast knowledge of cooking, Noah determines the badge is genuine.
  14. (I'm currently a bit ill, which considering my job isn't the best, but this gave me a must needed laugh.)