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  1. Seeing it in the flesh, that brown colour does suit it! Wonderful loco! That car is gorgeous too. As a suggestion which might interest you, there was an armoured train in the 1920s called the Zaamurets that fought across Europe and Asia, very Adventurers-esque, here's one of the turret cars: Could serve as inspiration to upgrade that gatling gun car so Johnny and friends have a bigger foe to fight? Either way, I really like this and look forward to seeing it on the rails I hope!
  2. Another great addition to your Adventurer's themed MOCs! Looks great and I love the engine, but I can't help feel it should be a different colour for Sam? Most of his vehicles in the OE line seem to have a black/gray colour scheme with a splash of yellow here and there, though I know black isn't an exciting colour for an engine, but maybe that paired with some yellow ribs on the engine and yellow lines on the tender could look good? Then again its your design so whatever you think is best!
  3. Hello! Recently i've been stuck away from home with only a small amount of Lego with me so I've been doing alternate builds of official sets to keep my mind occupied, and for the fun challenge of using only the pieces included in a set. This build was made just using the speeder from the Lego Star Wars 75195 Ski Speeder vs First Order Walker Microfighters. Here's the original build for reference And here's the plane! Based off those early WWII/mid 1930s fighter planes. All it's missing is a prop cos I couldn't find the right pieces from the set for it, but I think it looks fine despite that! And a view of the rear. Building with a small supply is a fun challenge and helps get the brain thinking during these times. Thanks for reading!
  4. Axle

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Recently got the Pirates of Barracuda Bay and I love it! Built it first as the island then switched to the ship and I think it'll stay that way haha. But I'm wondering does anyone here have ideas for how to use just the island pieces alone to make an alternate hideout? I'd be very interested to see!
  5. I've done a few Lego Pirates inspired arts on my Instagram, here's a couple: Captain Redbeard's Racer The Black Seas Barracuda v.s a U-Boat (This one's a video if you click here) The BSB and Sabre Island And the last one (for now) A Parrot Vibing (Based on the one perched in Barracuda Bay) Hope ye like!
  6. Really beautiful plane, Vaionaut! Love the use of Agent Kallus head as the pilot, suits the time period oddly enough! How long did it take to build??
  7. Axle

    [MOC] Quackshot Starring Donald Duck

    Looks great! Would the jacketless Indiana torso suit better, though? Or maybe the CMF Zookeeper or Explorer?
  8. I recently got the new AT-AT, got a free TC-4 minifigure with it. And then accidentally went back in and bought the new V-Wing and Deathstar Troopers Battlepack, with a free TC-4 Minifigure with each of those, so i'm wondering, is the TC-4 figure worth much? I have one still sealed in the packet, while the other two are buddies in the back of the AT-AT.
  9. So I've moved away for college and in a local Toymaster, I found a box full of old Bionicle and Slizer 'disc ammo', like this: and some Bionicle Visorak spinners. There was about 7 of each in the box, each costed about €1.50 I think. I was wondering if they'd be worth anything more if I was to buy them and sell them on?? My guess is no, because they've been sitting in the shop for about 7 years or more, but it's worth asking,... Axle
  10. Is there any MOC that you think of and get an ache-y feeling in your heart wishing it was still around? Maybe you took one piece from it one day, and over time the MOC just disappeared into your box of bricks and was gone? For me it's this one: I apologise for the big picture and bad quality, but I can't seem to get it to go into 800 x 600 size Anyways, it was a tank that was in the original Lego Indiana Jones game, and I was so proud of this thing, I brought it everywhere, and then my dark ages happened and it got busted somehow . I remember spending many an hour in 2008 staring at the model in the game on the PlayStation 2 figuring out how to create it. Fond memories I might re-make this soon, though, depending on if I can find all those threads! There were 3 pairs, 3 on each side. Have you any regrets over MOCs you took apart? I apologize if there's a similar topic already made, but I couldn't find one.
  11. Axle

    Steampunk Captains of Industry

    What head did you use for Mr Latrine? They all look very good! How did you do the collars on Araminta Sedgwick's hands?
  12. Axle

    Is this an ancient Lego town mini bus?

    I'll take a picture of the bottom when i'm home this weekend, but i'm now doubting it's Lego cos the wheels aren't metal, they're rubber :( Any ideas if it'd still be worth anything?
  13. Axle

    Official Lego Movie

    WOWEE! I am so excited! Look, they even have Johnny Thunder at 0:41! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS, I'm TYPING IN ALL CAPS TO SHOW MY EXTREME EXCITEMENT! I'm glad that, like others have said already, that it's not just a film for kids like those other ones Lego recently released in the last few years, but it seems to have in-jokes and all that stuff that AFOLs would get!
  14. Hello there! So I've had this mini bus pop up in my Lego boxes a few times and began wondering: is this one of those mini buses that came withsome of those early town Lego sets? Perhaps someone can shed some light on this for me... If it was one, how much would it be worth?
  15. It's summer and that means I have time to do Brick films in between my thousand other projects! So I've done this short test film to warm myself up, I'm wondering what to do next, a 2 minute long short film methinks! Anywhoo, here's the film! Please gimme constructive criticism! Thank you! I'm aware the lighting is awful, by the way Axle