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  1. Really beautiful plane, Vaionaut! Love the use of Agent Kallus head as the pilot, suits the time period oddly enough! How long did it take to build??
  2. Axle

    [MOC] Quackshot Starring Donald Duck

    Looks great! Would the jacketless Indiana torso suit better, though? Or maybe the CMF Zookeeper or Explorer?
  3. I recently got the new AT-AT, got a free TC-4 minifigure with it. And then accidentally went back in and bought the new V-Wing and Deathstar Troopers Battlepack, with a free TC-4 Minifigure with each of those, so i'm wondering, is the TC-4 figure worth much? I have one still sealed in the packet, while the other two are buddies in the back of the AT-AT.
  4. So I've moved away for college and in a local Toymaster, I found a box full of old Bionicle and Slizer 'disc ammo', like this: and some Bionicle Visorak spinners. There was about 7 of each in the box, each costed about €1.50 I think. I was wondering if they'd be worth anything more if I was to buy them and sell them on?? My guess is no, because they've been sitting in the shop for about 7 years or more, but it's worth asking,... Axle
  5. Is there any MOC that you think of and get an ache-y feeling in your heart wishing it was still around? Maybe you took one piece from it one day, and over time the MOC just disappeared into your box of bricks and was gone? For me it's this one: I apologise for the big picture and bad quality, but I can't seem to get it to go into 800 x 600 size Anyways, it was a tank that was in the original Lego Indiana Jones game, and I was so proud of this thing, I brought it everywhere, and then my dark ages happened and it got busted somehow . I remember spending many an hour in 2008 staring at the model in the game on the PlayStation 2 figuring out how to create it. Fond memories I might re-make this soon, though, depending on if I can find all those threads! There were 3 pairs, 3 on each side. Have you any regrets over MOCs you took apart? I apologize if there's a similar topic already made, but I couldn't find one.
  6. Axle

    Steampunk Captains of Industry

    What head did you use for Mr Latrine? They all look very good! How did you do the collars on Araminta Sedgwick's hands?
  7. Axle

    Is this an ancient Lego town mini bus?

    I'll take a picture of the bottom when i'm home this weekend, but i'm now doubting it's Lego cos the wheels aren't metal, they're rubber :( Any ideas if it'd still be worth anything?
  8. Axle

    Official Lego Movie

    WOWEE! I am so excited! Look, they even have Johnny Thunder at 0:41! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS, I'm TYPING IN ALL CAPS TO SHOW MY EXTREME EXCITEMENT! I'm glad that, like others have said already, that it's not just a film for kids like those other ones Lego recently released in the last few years, but it seems to have in-jokes and all that stuff that AFOLs would get!
  9. Hello there! So I've had this mini bus pop up in my Lego boxes a few times and began wondering: is this one of those mini buses that came withsome of those early town Lego sets? Perhaps someone can shed some light on this for me... If it was one, how much would it be worth?
  10. It's summer and that means I have time to do Brick films in between my thousand other projects! So I've done this short test film to warm myself up, I'm wondering what to do next, a 2 minute long short film methinks! Anywhoo, here's the film! Please gimme constructive criticism! Thank you! I'm aware the lighting is awful, by the way Axle
  11. Recently after my dark ages, something that happened to me before them keeps happening again. I've searched the forums, and I don't think there's a topic on this, but please correct me if i'm wrong! My problem is that I have trouble sticking to one theme! Originally after the dark ages, I was into pirates, but that soon turned into making a city and trains, but then I started doing some Star Wars things, and now I'm onto Adventurers after having seen a few Adventurers-styled MOCs on here! It seems to me that whenever I see a set from a theme that I have some interest in, that theme takes over and everything I do goes towards it instead of the previous thing! It's usually every two weeks that a "Theme-change" takes place. The only real problem with this is having enough space for each theme. At the moment I do somewhat have the right amount of space, my Pirate stuff on a display on the floor, the City on the table, Adventurers on a shelf just above it and then Star Wars above that, but it's all compact and doesn't leave much room for expansion for Star Wars and Adventurers. Has anyone else ever had this problem of theme hopping? I find that if I even just look at another theme that I like, I'll switch over to just focusing on it . It's odd.
  12. Last week I got the TIE fighter and a free cloud car planet series set with it. Today I got the Clone Troopers versus Droidekas set, I wish it was more clones instead of Droidekas, or more regular Droids, but I'm still happy with it anyways. :) hope to get some more sets mid summer!
  13. I'm glad to see the adventures of Johnny Thunder haven't ended I'm looking forward to the next parts to this! Who is the man that's after Johnny? Maybe is it the Mahrajaja from the Scorpion Palace (It looks a bit like him but maybe that's just the turban ) Any ideas when the next one will be? Adventurers was always my favourite theme!
  14. Hello good peoples of the Minifig Customisation Workshop Taking a break from studying for my exams which are currently going on, I decided to create some decals based off characters from my films/graphic novel. Here's one of them, a German Major General called Angelo Vogel. Please lemme know what you think of the decal! His face: The face is based off the Collectable Minifig Series' Pilot ( Series 2 I think? ), but younger. I might re-make it with thicker Eyebrows and a deeper colour for the "wrinkles" and what not.. I'll throw in two reference pictures here, so people have an idea what the 'real' Vogel looks like. Here's the film one: And here's the Graphic Novel drawn version (In the center): The character to his right is the one who's decal I shall be making next, tomorrow night possibly. What is any decal worth if it's not applied to a minifig? I'm not sure, but I applied it to one of my minifigs, i've yet to get a proper camera, so here's a bad quality picture, sorry I might try making a bright-grey coloured "skirt" for him, some point in the future. I might make the tie on the torso darker too, it seems too bright. Anyways! Please let me know what you think, or what I could do more to capture the likeness? Axle
  15. Axle


    As I said, it's a fictional version of Paderborn, that was just the town I happened to pick for the story. I have very little knowledge of the real place, other than that there's a castle Wewelsburg there. If you had any other appropriate information on the town, it'd be much appreciated. The places aren't real places, but the pictures are taken from my film. It's not a serious film at all, it's a comedy film, in short The characters are original, but I was trying to go for the 60's/70's typical WWII film Germans, speaking English with spots of German here and there. I can link you to the film if you like, if it helps to understand this. As for this MOC, I'm just making it to get a good idea how the town would be laid out, where buildings would be in relation to each other, which will help in the Graphic Novel. I suppose it would be military, but i'm trying to focus on making a WWII town, not on the army itself, but if the moderators feel it's more for a more appropriate forum, i'd have no problem