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  1. Happy Star Wars day everyone! My name is Alex Kobbs, (aka Kooberz) and I have been brickfilming for some time now. Recently, I became a full time animator at Atomic Kid Studios, and I worked on this project:
  2. Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, and Happy Holidays from Kooberz Studios! I'd like to share my latest animation with all of you on this fine Dec. 25th. Introducing the LEGO Yule Log. I recommend throwing this up on the big screen for your families to enjoy while they're eating, but that's just me. ;)
  3. Kooberz

    Batman: Arkham Origins

    Can't wait. Calendar Man is still the best Villain lol.
  4. Kooberz

    USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

    Awesome job mate!
  5. Thanks! I try really hard, but Im not the only one who has done an interview. Check out C3Brix...you've probably seen his excellent Starship Enterprise MOC before. We did this not too long ago.
  6. Hello everyone! Kooberz here. Recently, I was asked to create an interview/tour interview for the Red vs Blue Uk event held on August 2-4 in Leicester. They provided the questions, and I did my best to answer them in the best way, and present some of my best and previously unseen work. I hope you like it! Also just released, is a full tutorial on how to make my version of GLaDOS from Lego Portal 2 Part 1.
  7. Kooberz

    Brick Flicks: Lego next-gen Consoles

    No problem! I try to make these entertaining. And yea, those controllers were ifficult to make. I kindof rushed thru them
  8. Kooberz

    Comic: The Big Red Button

    I thought it was gonna be the History Eraser Button from Ren&Stimpy lol
  9. Hi everyone! I'm Kooberz and I've been doing Lego animation/videos for a long time, but these are a bit different. I recently finished short films highlighting all of the next-gen consoles...Trying to represent them all in a unique way. I loved watching their reveals at E3. Which one would you buy? If you enjoy, please Subscribe and share the vids around because I've got tutorials every Monday, and more animations + Brickfilming behind the scenes all the time. I'll be posting here more often! Lego PS4 Lego Xbox One Lego Wii U
  10. Kooberz

    DC Comics Cinematic Universe

    Saw it twice....its sooo great!
  11. Thanks! I made that a while ago, hoping that the set would get the 10,000 supporters. I'd like to imagine I helped in some small way. I just finished making all 3 next-gen consoles in Lego too, so maybe I'll help sell those systems lol.
  12. Kooberz

    The Golden Era of LEGO spare parts packs...

    I didn't know they did this?!
  13. Can my parody commercial be the official TV spot?
  14. Kooberz

    Ideas for New Action Themes

    Rock Raiders 2. Instead of this grossly-colored Power Miners, they should continue the story of the LMS Explorer adrift in the galaxy, trying to find its way home. All of the characters would return with new skins and updated storylines. Maybe they've been adrift so long that they've aged considerably...maybe Axel and Jet had a kid on the journey, and this new child is a computer wiz. New Rock Monsters, Slimy Slugs, and definetly a new videogame! Give it to me Lego!!!