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Found 9 results

  1. darththeling

    [MOC] Levels of Coruscant

    Welcome to Coruscant. It's a build of playsets that stack on top of each other for practical, space-sharing reasons. We will be going from the tip of the penthouse down to the base of the megastructure, far underneath the surface where the seedy Underworld lies. This vertical build has been tinkered with since 2015. It started with Padme's apartment which was meant to sit alongside Palpatine's Arrest - but then I made an Outlander club and felt it might be worthy to have both builds combined in some way, since those scenes flow together in AOTC. The Federal district (Jedi Temple, Sheev's office and the Senate Building) could be a part of this, but to the side. This area is for civilian life. The recent TCW episodes which took place in the Coruscant Underworld gave us more of a sense of what life down there is like for the poorer Coruscanti residents. It compelled me to complete the vertical build, celebrating the glory that is this ancient urban city-planet at the heart of the Star Wars galaxy. Ordinarily I'm not into using too much rainbow color, but this is supposed to be a cyberpunk city, allowing for lots of light and billboard images where possible. I have a couple of light bricks but unsure where to place them to best effect. There's a few trans pieces in place that need Aurebesh, although I am unsure how to get them in transparent sticker format. Anyone have suggestions for printing onto transparency? Let's look closer at each of the sections. At the top of the tower we have the elite tier, political-class lodgings. Padme's balcony is a place she and senator Jar-Jar can gaze out and enjoy the perpetual sky traffic. This build was originally bigger with another room for the bed and an action feature to blow the window out (so Obi-Wan can chase the worm-droid) but action features seems unrealistic as the tower isn't probably sturdy enough for that kind of play. I don't see many Senator Padme MOCs and I think it's amusing to recreate the scene where she packs to go back to Naboo in a huff. Anakin is missing from this build - his speeder would be parked at Sheev's office. I did have CW era Anakin+Padme posing, maybe that looks better? Here's how it was before: Below this penthouse is the parking area, as well as another lodging area for wealthy or connected Coruscanti. A couple of space dudes wait for a bus or a taxi. This is the practical part of the build, the one that allows Bounty Hunter Pursuit a place to sit on the shelf. I realize that the Aurebesh is inverted, it's an old PSD file I can't locate but I am in the process now of creating new artwork for billboards to include in this build later on. Is TLG ever going to give us another AOTC speeder chase? If so, a little part of the scene (like below) would be such a welcome addition. This red block is meant to represent the Uscru entertainment district of Coruscant. This nightclub is inspired by the Outlander Club of AOTC. The space above the bar is an area for private dancing (CW face Secura standing in for a pole dancer. Need some Oolas for this room). Outside we see a shady character selling death sticks quite fearlessly. Bane looks to be waiting to meet up with some roughs for a job. The back panel pops off for access to the bar and club area. Tried to maintain the light fixtures look from the CW series along the handrails. We're going down below the surface now to the Underworld. Here we'll see a number of lower-income apartments, there's a tunnel/sewer type passage between the buildings with some rats. This prevents space to build any interior areas, but it allows for a hand to reach in a grab the whole tower (minus the base) for moving. There's a holophone around the corner. Around the back there are colored signs waiting for Aurebesh, billboards etc. and an improved Bith face advertisement. This also makes a good location to stage Ahsoka/Ventress duels. The lowest level wasn't something I'd planned to build, but the Blacktron baseplate screamed Cyberpunk to me so I had to. I had a big bin of parts from taking apart an old Slave-1 and a few other kits that I didn't have display space for, and started assembling what ended up being the 'base level' of low-rent vendors, who live a hardscrabble life among criminal gangs, rust and destitution. There's a Hutt down here, not Jabba or Ziro, just a commoner of the depths who loves deals on creap fruit. There are four businesses and one private residence, and I strongly suspect at least one is a criminal front. I did pull apart my Police Gunship for part of this build, but the plan is to make a Coruscant police speeder at some point. For now, police cam droids will have to do for law enforcement. Check out the conduit worm under the rusted panel! Gross. Once again, front and back together without the speeders from the classic set 7133-1 parked in place. Coruscant is a tricky location to try and reproduce. I've been coming back to Eurobricks for years getting ideas and inspirations from builds around here... there are some fantastic creations, and although I'm missing some, I just want to shout out to some members who have provided inspiration with these terrific builds. [MOC] CORUSCANTBy EtelEnzos. I doubt TLG would try and make a Betrayal at Bespin like attempt at Courscant, but this in an incredible interior/exterior playset. The tall foyers really capture the atmosphere. [MOC] Coruscant Pursuit By o0ger This entry proves how important it is to place the Bounty Hunter Pursuit at the Outlander club location - it helps to give a context to the build instead of just 2 speeders. Coruscant By Gerechtigkeitsliga The amount of detail and the sheer size of this monster is staggering! Look at the gap in the building for the air traffic to flow through - it's incredible. [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise, by Finnmoses. This one stretches beyond the imagination. It is so incredibly huge and tall it is simply mind-boggling the level of detail and content in every scene. Truly this is a Coruscanti masterpiece to behold. I hope it's still being proudly displayed by Finnmoses.
  2. Nal Hutta was a hot, swampy planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories that was the homeworld of the Hutt species. The planet was a haven for the criminal elements of the galaxy. We can find here also Bounty Hunter Enclaves, such as this one here. My build to celebrate May 4th. This is my first Star Wars MOC, wanted to build something with my new Mandos. C&C welcome! Sorry for the background, I took them in my store.
  3. JamesArts2172

    LEGO Geonosian Arena MOC

    This is my rendition of the Geonosian Arena from STAR WARS Attack Of The Clones. This has always been one of LEGO's most glaring omissions from the Star Wars line, hence why I decided to test out this MOC. OK, it's not excessively massive or complicated, but I just think it makes a neat little playset. Comment your opinions. Also don't forget to check out my LEGO IDEAS page for more information on this, and please support! :) from there you can read all about the design plan, the history, and also see any other photos of the MOC.
  4. Nikolas

    [MOC] [LDD] Midi Slave 1

    Hello Eurobricks community, Since I bought the LEGO Star Wars Slave 1 Set 75060 UCS I started looking around for midi scale MOC's of this ship and I found the now 6 years (!) old topic of 'Eichhorn', who build this very same midi scale model. Unfortunalety the LDD link run out, so I had to copy it from the pictures and finally I build my own, new version of it with new bricks that weren't available at that time. It still looks quite similar, but I gave it some curvy shapes and made it look more dynamic. So here it is, the Slave 1 version 2.0: For any questions or details don't hesitate to ask me! Eichhorn's original Slave 1: http://www.eurobrick...opic=45581&st=0
  5. I planned on posting this last week, but, got side tracked by life: work, family stuff, and LDD RCB. Sorry for the delay. Up next in my series of Kenner Mini-Rigs from the 80's is the AST-5. The vehicle featured two blaster cannons, each capable of swiveling 360 degrees. The vehicle had a "sentry" mode, an "attack" mode wherein the engine section would rotate to a 90-degree angle with the pilot section, and a "pursuit" mode where the engine section would rotate to a parallel position with the pilot section. It could also at least temporarily enter space. Here is a shot of the pilot. Lots of SNOT! There's studs going every way possible in this model. Plus, it does rotate like the Kenner model and also, a Mini-Fig does fit in the cockpit. The only thing, I may, have to do to it, is try to incorporate some controls somehow. The cockpit is empty, maybe on the door?? Attack Mode I nicknamed this model "the flying coffin". Shot it down, cover with sand, done! This model has 161 pieces in it and I did attach the file for this, too. Someone suggested it in another thread for one of my Mini-Rigs. Thanks, Jamie 8 - EU - Mini-Rig - AST-5 - Armored Sentinel Transport.lxf
  6. I've Been seeing people making great MOCs based Action figures from years gone by, and it cot me thinking about one from my yonger days (grew up in the 90s so not it's not as old as some of the one's i've been seeing but its a personal favorite. Deluxe Boba Fett: With Wing-Blast Rocket Pack and Overhead Cannon! yikes what a mouth full! well with out further ado here is my Minifig ready version of that wordy Rocket Pack: Retracted Wings: Wings Readied For Combat: Free standing Rocket pack: and reference pic of the Lego and Hasbro models: Hope you enjoyed that! next one i will be building is the Imperial CruiseMissile Trooper!
  7. Legopard

    [MOC] Slave 1885

    Hello Seriously, i wasn't sure where to post this. On the one side it's a Star Wars spaceship, on the other side it's build steampunky. (I hope it's ok to post it here. If not a Mod can change that hopefully :D ) The guys of FBTB making their MOC Madness 2014 and the theme it's: SteamWars My entry is the interpretation of the iconic Slave 1 in the victorian style. I hope you like it. More pictures can be found here. May the steam be with you Jonas
  8. [MOC] Slave I - flyby by Bert.VR, on Flickr Well, that Slave I has some weird colors! Not exactly minifig scale, is it? And that isn't even Boba Fett in the cockpit... What is going on here? Yes, I can read minds . But don't the colors and the parts remind you of a certain LEGO set? The A-wing (75003) perhaps? Indeed, this Slave I is an alternate build of that set. Do you remember that good old days, when Star Wars sets came with alternate models (like the y-wing and tie advanced: you could build tons of things, ranging from a battering ram to a lightsaber! But I'm digressing.) That's right, all 99 pieces come from the A-wing set. It was quite a hard build. I used up every single plate in the process, and getting some good SNOT done for the 'nose'-area was quite tricky without any real SNOT bricks. But hey, I think I managed quite well. I was even able to include some play features. Besides details like the guns, some details on the wings and featured motors, the cockpit opens, a minifig can be fitted inside (and rejoice: even Boba can fit in with his helmet and jetpack! ), and the wings can be tilted for flight and landing. It lays perfectly flat and stable once landed, and it swooshes quite well, I suppose. Not too bad for just an alternate build, I would say... [MOC] Slave I - landing position by Bert.VR, on Flickr. This model was built for the December alternate build contest at Rebrickable. Sign up and have some fun with alternate builds for yourself. It's genuine Lego. You buy a set, build it within half an hour, destroy it after fiftheen minutes of playing, and start building something completely different with just those few bricks. It's delightful . I certainly got hooked. Lots of ideas are boiling in my head. How about a tiny republic gunship...? Thanks for watching. I hope you've enjoyed it. One more picture of the back can be found at my Flickr account. And in the unlikely case you're interested in building this model, instructions (in the form of the digital model) are available at Rebrickable. If you don't have the A-wing, you'll find a handy part-list as well. And if you aren't into digital models, here's a pdf with the generated building instructions. Read them very carefully, cause they're quite obscure at some points. I leave you with a final picture: [MOC] Slave I - Give me back my coffee! by Bert.VR, on Flickr So that's why Boba Fett chases Han Solo... For the people into SoNE: When we rode away in the highjacked Sandcrawler, I finally got some rest. I wandered around the vessel, and found myself intrigued with all those parts of junk. What wonderful things could be built with those parts! My pilot's heart began imagining all kinds of different ships. I don't remember if I really saw it, or if I just imagined it. But I have a clear memory of what looked like a Slave I. I got a little scared, but very soon saw it was not Fett's ship. One of those rebels had built it with the remains of his A-wing! Some people can do great things with part piles, I thought to myself, even rebels... I don't want this to be judged however, since it's already an entry in the Rebrickable contest. But I found it funny to build with even fewer parts this time, so I thought I'd share this with you as an aside.
  9. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... The escape from Nar Shaddaa begins! The back of the diorama and the Valkyrie... From a captured speeder, Jacen Solo launches himself at the Imperial forces wielding lightsaber and The Force pushing stromtroopers into the polluted clouds below. He doesn't know what's going to hit him! With Luke in tow the Valkyire powers into the sky. THE PLAYERS Jacen Solo ambushes an unwary stormtrooper. Deflecting blaster-fire, Jaina Solo secures Luke's tether to the Valkyrie. Luke Skywalker, older, but ever as strong with The Force. The deadly Boba Fett makes a shocking appearance where the galaxy had once thought him dead! Trooper TK-2407 in pursuit of the enemy. Mynocks abound on Nar Shaddaa. The polluted skies have little effect on these vermin of the skies! The Valkyrie's pilot. My entry to the main section of The Future of Star Wars contest sees an older Luke Skywalker escaping the Imperial Remnant with the help of Jacen and Jaina Solo and the New Republic ship Valkyrie. It's been a hard slog getting this finished, dabbling in lots of different contruction techniques and a lot of trial and error over the course of several late nights. I've even been refering to my wife as the 'LEGO Widow' (thank you so much for your patience). I wanted to encapsualte everything I feel is quintessentially Star Wars: Spaceships! Speeder chases! Adventure! Daring rescues! Imperial entanglements! Wild creatures! Faces old and new! I hope I've managed to capture the spirit of Star Wars - and hope you think so too! Thanks for looking and best of luck with the contest everyone. Tonight, I'm having an early night... Brickshelf folder and all pictures live here when moderated.