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Found 3 results

  1. Hey eurobricks! I have my modifications to my slave one to show you guys. first added some more color. And I made the seat rotate with gravity(not my own) Very simple mod and I’ll share it! this is all the parts you will need(yes I realize that a brick didn’t want it’s pic taken!) 2: 1x2 half axle pin loose 6: 2x2 round brick with axle hole(color doesn’t matter) and 1: 7 stud long axle this how to build. stack the 6 2x2 rounds and insert the 7 axle then put it under the seat like so. then swap out the 2 blue 1x2 half axle pin with the tan ones. and place it back on! ( you will need to mess with the 1x2 liftarm connected to the 1x6 Technic brick to work, but it’s not too hard) Anyways what do you guys think? Thanks for looking!
  2. Nikolas

    [MOC] [LDD] Midi Slave 1

    Hello Eurobricks community, Since I bought the LEGO Star Wars Slave 1 Set 75060 UCS I started looking around for midi scale MOC's of this ship and I found the now 6 years (!) old topic of 'Eichhorn', who build this very same midi scale model. Unfortunalety the LDD link run out, so I had to copy it from the pictures and finally I build my own, new version of it with new bricks that weren't available at that time. It still looks quite similar, but I gave it some curvy shapes and made it look more dynamic. So here it is, the Slave 1 version 2.0: For any questions or details don't hesitate to ask me! Eichhorn's original Slave 1: http://www.eurobrick...opic=45581&st=0
  3. Masked Builder

    Review: 75060 Slave I

    Thank you to Eurobricks for allowing me to review this set, sorry about taking forever. When I first saw this set, I though it looked pretty decent, but didn't plan on getting it. I was curious to see if it would be strong enough to swoosh around. ZCeberus has written a wonderful comparison review here. Set Information: Name: Slave I Set Number: 75060 Pieces: 1996 Price: $199 Ages: 14+ Minifigures: 4 Theme: Star Wars Year of Release: 2015 Bricklink Brickset S@H My Flickr Set of the photos from this review. Box: Overall the box is very clean looking, the gold outlines fit very well. The background shows Bespin, which is the main setting for this set, as well as a flying shot. The back shows a landing shot as well as some nice shots of the functions. As the box is so large, there's a 1:1 image of all of the minifigures in the set. Continuing from the image of the minifigures is this shot of the set in a blueprint from; it shows the length, height, and width. This was on the side of the box, I love what LEGO did with this. It fades out from the set image to an almost schematic picture. Contents: I thought these two parts were interesting, they're new to me and I can see quite a few uses for them. There is a myriad of extra parts in this set. I was rather surprised to see so many, but with a set that has close to 20 different bags in it, it shouldn't be too surprising. There are 23 stickers in this set, but I think LEGO did a pretty good job of deciding what needed stickers. Manual: The front of the manual is virtually the same as the box, but it has some information about the manual languages on it. As this is a large UCS set, LEGO has done some research on the model used in the movie and spends several pages talking about the design and other things at the beginning of the manual. Seeing the animators from Ep. V, is pretty cool. I suspect this shot is some concept art from the designing of the ship. There are two pages that show what bags build what. The art and colors inside the manual are set out nicely, it's easy to see what parts go where, and I found no color issues. A whole page at the end of the manual is on a nice shot of the UCS Sandcrawler. Minifigures: While anyone buying this set is most likely not interested in the minifigures as much but I think LEGO did a great job providing a good selection of figures that fit well with the set. The Stormy and Han are the only ones not new in this set. This Boba is just such an upgrade from the 2012 one, with his arm printing. The Bespin Guard, while simple, is definitely one of the better figures in the set. LEGO did a great job keeping him simple while still capturing his look perfectly. I must say that I much prefer the print on the back of the Bespin Guard more than anyone else's. You can just see Han's alternate print sticking out from under his hair. Only Han has an alternate head print. Boba looks fairly close to the trooper. LEGO has once again brought back arm printing for Boba. I must say that it adds another high level of detail to him. Not much on his back, just a printing of a metal plate and a belt. There is SO much detail on his helmet, the paint is chipped in several places, and he's got some markings on his helmet. I know this piece has been out for several years now, but it's my first one. I must say that LEGO did a really good job translating it to a usable LEGO piece. And finally a quick comparison of the Boba from this set with the only other Boba Fett I have; White Boba. I must say that this helmet is much nicer than the old way. The Build: The first bag starts the construction of the main base of the ship. Bag two starts adding some shape. By the end of bag three, you've finished one sub-assembly. Bag four builds the front section of the Slave I. At the end of bag five, the base of the ship is completed. Bag six starts building up. Bag seven adds the side wings. At the end of bag eight, you've started on the cockpit. Bag nine adds one small sub-assembly. Nearly done! Finished! Finished Model: As usual with a UCS set, there's a 8-by-16 tile with some rather interesting facts on the Slave I. Two stickers in the cockpit, and there are spots in the cockpit for both of Boba's guns. Boba fits into the cockpit with his jet-pack on, I think they did a great job with the control area. This is the only sticker on the green curved slope, oddly enough. But I do think this area looks very much like the real ship. There are six stickers on this end, only two of them are rather small. But I do like what they add to the look of the set. The end is rather open, just a result of the angles. It's a bit bothersome, but you don't usually see this area. It has a great stand presence. It's most of the height of my Orthanc tower. (Makes Orthanc look kinda small too) Boba looks great in the cockpit, this is as far back as the chair rotates in the cockpit. Functions: The hatch on the left side. Opens to show some laser guns. However this side should be another missile launcher as opposed to guns. Then over on the right side. To show a missile launcher. Which is in the right spot. The main entrance to the ship opens. It can be a little hard to get your hand in there to open it. To reveal Carbonite Han. Finally the guns are adjustable, LEGO has it set on another gear so that it doesn't move unless you want it to. Conclusion: So I really do think this set is great; even with its few inaccuracies. LEGO did a great job capturing the overall shape of the ship, just a few of the functions don't agree with the actual ship. Oddly enough the ship is easily swooshed, but it can be rather interesting to get it on the stand; there's not really a good spot to hold it from. The minifigures are fantastic; Boba can't get any better. One thing I would have liked to have seen was the mines from Attack of the Clones; though I know they weren't in Ep. V. Ratings: Playability: 6/10 There aren't a whole lot of play features, but I don't really expect them for this set. Design: 10/10 LEGO has nailed the likeness of the ship at this scale. Price: 8/10 $200 is a fair price, and it has great shelf presence. Minifigures: 9/10 Boba is the best minifigure in this set. The Bespin guard is a bit plain for me. Parts: 10/10 I absolutely love all the selection of parts in dark red and dark green. Total: 43/50 Don't forget ZCeberus' comparison review here. Like this review? Want to learn how to make good reviews? Then join the Reviewers Academy!