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Found 3 results

  1. The Search begins... I must find master Skywalker before the Empire does... Huh?...Whatever... Maybe he's still on took me a while to get away from those irresistibly cute creatures I really hope he didn't fall in the snow......again... Maybe he traveled back in time to Kamino to avenge Han Solo's carbonation? The chance of this droid successfully leading me out of here is 3514 to 1 MASTER LUKE! I finally found you!!! I'm so glad I found you before the empire did! Luke Skywalker: "um...ok...thanks 3po...?" THE END please leave your comments and suggestions for more of these posts :)
  2. Most of the parts of the Makuta build are pretty easy to see in the images we were shown, but there are some things that are unclear, and some things that could perhaps be improved. I had the idea to start this discussion because I didn't see anyone else talking about it. One of the hardest things for me to notice was how they attached the 3M axle with the stud on the end, but after studying the image of the back of the neck, I realized they used this piece to do it, pushing the axle through from the back, so that's what I'm doing now. One of the alterations I made to the model was because of potential stress on parts. The images called for this piece to be placed both behind and in front of the heels of the silver feet, but the one behind would cause stress on the connectors used because of the placement of other parts right up against it, so I changed that one to this piece, which causes no stress on neighboring or connecting parts. The part is invisible on the completed model, and is not called for anywhere else, as well. I replaced the regular 4M axles connecting the small feet to the big feet with 4M axles with a stopper, because at one point I thought that the black Bohrok eye pieces had fallen off of the regular axles (I later found them in the bin of parts from all the sets I used to make my Makuta model), so I wanted to prevent that from happening, and those pieces are now going nowhere. I also placed one of these on the inside end of the connector used inside the drill, to prevent that drill piece from sliding up the axle in the same way the half bushes, gear, and connector piece stop it from sliding down. I hope you've found these helpful, and I hope you'll share any observations or alterations you've made concerning the model as well.
  3. A Plastic Infinity

    The Journey Continued

    Here are some more installments of my series "The Journey." A full set is available on my photostream. This world is changing around us. There are small islands of solid ground in this mire, and great tentacled growths reaching for the sky. What was once a fathomless liquid wasteland seems now even more alien to me than before. But perhaps now we have more chances for survival, no longer limited to this mysterious path. The worms have been growing larger, feasting on the tentacles, which on close inspection appear to be made of some sort of spongy fungi. Many of the worms are twice as big as they used to be. We only had to kill one tonight to feed the two of us. Quane thought she saw something on a passing island, so we decided to sleep on the path again tonight. It was really uncomfortable. My world has ended. That which I treasure most has been ripped from me, and I am dying. I can only relive the awful circumstances that conspired to stab me in the back... Quane and I are walking on the path, with the ever-growing worms accompanying us on our way. I see something big on the horizon, and after a couple hours, it reveals itself as an island- but far bigger than the others we've seen and apparently fixed in place... Quane runs forward, excited to explore this new land, but I hang back... Like the coward that I am! As she runs around on the island, free from the constraining path, a monstrous shape looms out of her sight. I cry out, but it grabs her with its mantis claws in the blink of my eyes and gazes hungrily on her with its eyestalks. Her stick flies from her hands and into the mire nearby, sinking impossibly slowly as I leap over it and give the disgusting beast a blow on the head, but its head is like steel, unlike my hand as its stinging tail pierces my flesh. It must be poisoned... it was a small wound... I sink onto the stones of the path and lay there, helpless, as I watch the creature slither away, with Quane struggling in it's arms. The last thing I see is my own staff sinking into the mud, and then everything winks out of existence... I came to feeling much better after a couple hours, and started to search the island for Quane and that monster. I guess the venom wasn't deadly after all! As I was walking through a field of strange ferns this ladder suddenly fell out of the sky, and this guy dressed like a king with a flaming crown climbed down. He was levitating a few feet off the ground, but before I could ask him who he was he whips out this magic wand and yells something in a weird language. Blue sparks shot out of it and suddenly Quane appeared out of nowhere, dressed in a beautiful purple gown with a golden ring in her hair! I was so shocked and happy that I didn't notice the king start dancing around in the air, or the strange pink triangles that started to rain out of the sky, but I did notice something even stranger. I was starting to... "Wake up!" "Wake up!" "Wake up!" What...? Quane... "Is that you?" "Thank Näuurm you're alive... here, hold out your arm. I'm going to give you another injection." What's going on...who is this? Aaaargghh! "There you go...sorry if that hurt, but you need all three injections to fully counteract the venom. I already gave you the first two while you were unconscious." "Who?..." "Oh, I just found you lying on the Path about a mile away... is your skin supposed to be that pale, or was that just because of your wound?" "Ugh...who are you?" "My name is Djiimi...who are you?" Hope you all enjoy, there will be more. :)