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  1. Yeah it looks nothing like the Ford GT. Still a nice looking set and model on the shelf, but not a GT. They should have done the classic GT40 as I feel the shape could have more easily been replicated. That, or make it a proper 1:10 scale car.
  2. This would have been so much cooler in 1:10 scale. It looks nice, but it doesn't look like a Ford GT.
  3. Wow, speechless! Nice work! It looks like a die-cast model!
  4. That looks great! For such an expensive and adult-focused set, this is how it should look. The color vomit is atrocious.
  5. I would gladly buy a masterpiece like this over anything LEGO releases, and I prefer 1:10 scale as well. The shaping is spot on, and it really does come across as a scale model. As someone with many spare red parts, if you ever did release instructions it would be an instant purchase from me. This is just superb!
  6. Yes! Looks pretty good, I think. I know Sao Paolo Yellow is more yellowish, but Lime is the best we can do with the available parts. I don't even mind the all white livery either, but some color is always nice.
  7. I noticed the price a few days ago and nearly spit out my drink. It's crazy, but this printed parts pack costs more than I paid for the set! I think I'll just go in and play around with color schemes until I find one I like. A nice blend of the M colors. Also, BMW just released the 50th Anniversary Edition of the M 1000 RR in Sao Paolo yellow. I'm thinking LEGO lime green looks closest? Could be nice.
  8. The book situation is irritating to say the least and LEGO needs to do better. Immediately. Forget the whole numbered nonsense and make more. Making the accompanying book to such a popular set a limited release is a terrible idea, and it only promotes scalping.
  9. After fighting for a year to buy a graphics card because of scalpers, I'm pretty sure the limited edition book was snatched up by them too. They have checkout bots that can order several at a time.
  10. My first thought as well. The set looks pretty nice actually, but a different livery would have made a big difference. Heck, just keep the red and white color scheme.
  11. I'm still looking for solutions. I don't own the set yet, but I've been fiddling around with the digital version as I wait for a discount on the real thing. The front fairing seems to be about one stud too low as well. Not sure how to correct that yet.
  12. I'm feeling conflicted! I really like it, but it makes me appreciate(and want) the Lamborghini even more now. It costs less than this and has more features of interest.
  13. Very nice looking set. The more I see and learn about the Daytona SP3, the more I like it.