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  1. Very nice looking set. The more I see and learn about the Daytona SP3, the more I like it.
  2. Yuck. Not a fan of the SP3 at all. There are so many beautiful Ferrari models to choose from!
  3. There may be delays but 2022 is the 75th anniversary of Ferrari, so the LaFerrari successor will definitely be unveiled this year.
  4. There have been improvements, but some parts still do not match.
  5. I was able to find one review without stickers, over at Techlug. It doesn't look great. Still a pretty cool set for sure, but it loses shelf presence without the stickers. It ends up looking like a half-baked MOC.
  6. Are there any photos of the finished model without stickers? I'm curious what it looks like, as I absolutely despise them.
  7. I'm beyond excited to see this set! I just hope it captures the look and includes a good amount of detail. Maybe even a stand?
  8. It looks miles better than the Porsche, at least to me. Great job!
  9. Wow! Instant buy for me if this set is done well. I can appreciate a set like the 42107 Ducati but always hoped for more detail and part count from a Technic motorcycle. Great choice for a subject model as well.
  10. It also needs a working steering wheel. That omission really bothers me in Technic.
  11. No, not taboo at all! I was about to post my Defender V8 mod as well, and I decided to use the same scale as the I6 as I just prefer it. There are dozens of sets out there that use the traditional cylinder pieces but nothing in my collection uses this kind of technique except for the Defender. I love your bull bars, and the exhaust is a neat idea too! Definitely something the stock set should have included. Initially the plan was to go straight to Pimp My Defender v1.3, but I experienced rubbing on the inner part of the rim when turning, so I now have v1.3 with v1.2 steering.
  12. I like it even more after seeing the video! I'll definitely be rebuilding the front end with parts in place of the stickers, but I think it this set will be a hit. I see this as a 42111 companion and not the 42110 replacement some said it was.
  13. I actually like it, but then I again I love the Ford Raptor. It has potential and I'm sure there are many areas to mod.
  14. Very cool! Please submit to LEGO Ideas! I own Curiosity, and this would be a nice set to have alongside her.
  15. I purchased the Defender last month and the color variation has been mostly nonexistent. That is, until I got to the power dome on the hood. It looks even worse in person, and the LEGO rep on the phone was a bit snarky about it. For such a visible area I expect better quality.