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Found 29 results

  1. Hello :) I bought myself a set 77012, this one with an airplane and a car. In general, the airplane is not bad, but we’re not talking about it now :) The car is really cool. Initially, I thought that it would be smaller and would have to be “sawing” and made wider to replenish the speedchampions collection, but, as it turned out, it itself is 8 cm wide :) As you probably already guessed, I couldn’t resist and instead of expanding the track I decided to subject it to other modifications :) I started with nicer (exclusively in my opinion) wheels, these were from the factory At the same time, instead of a dummy spare tire, I attached a spare tire - this way they will be a little calmer :) Of course, it was possible to attach a full-size one, but it stuck out too much. Next on the list is the roof, although in the desert there is not much precipitation, but in our turbulent times, everything can be expected :) I decided not to touch the locker and the space for the suitcase, because the second row wouldn’t fit there anyway, so let it be. Well, besides some insignificant little things, the finishing touch was a powerful air intake sticking out of the hood (to suck in more dust at full speed) - simply because there are such parts and I want to attach them somewhere :) And also a mirror, otherwise looking over your shoulder is not so productive) I still have thoughts about replacing the wheels (at least the front ones) with ones like those in the “digital” versions below... With modifications to this sample of the French automobile industry that passed through the hands of Lego designers (and this, by the way, was Citroen 11), the ideas have run out for now, but this is not the end :) ... I switched to my favorite studio and started recklessly damaging the car) The "factory model" is taken as a basis. Here the “spacer” has already found its place and the machine began to accommodate a little more figures (albeit without the proper comfort), but at least with easier access to the interior)) There are already two mirrors here, but the chest had to be thrown away) I don’t know where people stuffed the spare tire, but I want to believe that it’s there) Well, further along the beaten path If you seal all the cracks in the body, then the food will not spoil) Probably we still need to make such a mini-truck with an open platform, but later. For now I think these will be enough. Thank you all for your attention :) All the best and lots of details for creativity!
  2. April -77012:Fighter Plane Chase -$34,99* -387 Pieces -Indiana Jones,Herny Jones sr and a pilot. -77013:Escape from the Lost Tomb -$39,99* -600 Pieces -Indiana Jones,Marion Ravenwood,Sallah and a mummy. -77014:The Temple of Doom -$79,99* -801 Pieces -Indiana Jones,Willie Scott,Short Round,Mola Ram,the Maharaja and a guard. -77015:Temple Escape (18+ Diorama) -$149,99* -1545 Pieces -Indiana Jones,Satipo,Belloq and a Hovito. Summer -77016 -77017 -77018 -77019 *Prices are subject to change.
  3. The RogueBricks Summer Contest is currently open for entries and this year's topic is "Steven Spielberg": I recreated scenes from three Spielberg movies as 16 x 16 studs vignettes, starting with Jurassic Park: Continuing with Jaws: And of couse there has to be an Indiana Jones scene: I hope you enjoy these little MOCs!
  4. You haven't heard this? What, are you living under a rock? So a fifth Indiana Jones movie has been announced. Steven Spielberg will be returning as director, and Harrison Ford will be returning as the titular archeologist. Discuss!
  5. Back in the day, whilst flying you could get a real turkey carved right in front of you, stretch your legs without bothering your neighbor in front of you, and take whatever you wanted on board with you... peanut butter, toothpaste, shampoo, you name it! Need the smoking section? The whole freaking plane was the smoking section! Of course, tower radar wasn't really a thing (cockpit radar was a long way off too), flight instruments were crude, and inflight entertainment was either out your window, napping, or reading whatever book you brought with you. Crashes were also common with survivability rates poor, and there was no GPS to guide your pilot on his way.... but they did have paper maps, gut instinct, a lot of know-how and nerves of steel. (a quick silent prayer couldn't hurt either) So, buckle those seatbelts (if your plane has any!) and steady those pre-flight jitters - we're taking off! This 1936-designed Douglas Aircraft Company DC-3 was very heavily modified from limited edition Indiana Jones set 7628 (Peril in Peru, from the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull film) and my own imagination. I redesigned the passenger cabin of the DC-3 to not have any pesky stickers as in the 2008 set. Sadly, the airplane's opening door has been removed as a consequence of redesigning the airframe. The colors are based off Trans-World Airlines (otherwise known as TWA) back in the immediately post-WWII period. It's not a perfect match for the paint scheme, but it doesn't use stickers, so I'm happy. The rear of the plane. Originally I wanted to build this airplane in green for Ozark Air Lines, but limited green wedge part availability killed that idea. (Ozark was headquartered at my local major airfield - St. Louis' Lambert Airport, from the early '50's until when they merged with TWA in 1986) The two front landing gear fold up. The roof of both cabin and cockpit come off to seat six passengers and one pilot figure. Thoughts? EDIT 7/14/23: Main post updated, model finished!
  6. Here is my review on 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol: THE GOOD: Stunning looking set. A rare display set with excellent play features. The boulder action is incredible. Brick built statues and the faces are very well done. THE NOT SO GOOD: Plaque not printed. If you follow the instruction, some parts can be frustrating to build because of the tight spaces in some areas. A steep price tag without discount. This is one great display piece. On top of that it's packed with play features which is not that common on a 18+ set. First, each section really capture the vibes of what you see in the movie. Then the play features are sensational. The brick built boulder works extremely well, the fact that it spins quite quickly is incredible. The next best action is the golden idol trap, great use of the light brick. You don't get the swing and closing gates which both are good but hard to those the first two mentioned. Also in order to have these features also lead to some quite advanced building experience as well. The are also tons of details through out the build, it's surprising how well those brick built statues and faces work. An updated Indiana Jones minifigure is always welcome. Other minifigures may have less impact but still good overall. It's not without it criticism thou, the lego and dialogue plaque are stickers which is disappointing especially there are other new parts with lovely prints. There are also some areas quite difficult to access which at some point, it's little frustrating while building this set. Pricing also lean towards the higher end which means this is pretty pricey even though at the end I'm very satisfied with the completed build. This is definitely a great lego set I would recommend to everyone despite some of the flaws. I wish LEGO continues to do more dioramas like this =)
  7. Hello there everybody, a quick little project I wanted to share: Inspired by Adventurers, Indiana Jones and even Pharao's Quest, I built a little expedition truck... hope you enjoy it!
  8. Dear adventurer, this is the tale around the Temple of the Black Panther, follow the map and you will probably find it´s secrets... Deep in the south american jungle a shadow strikes through the thicket - the black Panther. It is worshipped by the native people and therefore they build a temple in his honour. To honour the god of the panther, they worship him with gifts of gold and blood... The adventures Part1: Clash of cultures After the landing of the spanish armada, they set forth into the jungle, seeking for the gold around the myths of el dorado. They made contact with the people and shared knowledge and goods so they could make a deal to get a map to the famous sectret temple in the jungle. With this help they managed to reach the tempel and made conttact with the prist of the panther. They have been welcomed friendly but it did not take long before the obsession for gold took over their minds... Part2: The black panther Years later, the ruins of the temple still resist the nature. A native strives through the jungle and came across already forgotten tempel. Suddenly the panther himselfs shows up and the native fled back into the jungle. Part3: Indiana Jones Getaway A shot bursts through the jungle! In the last second Indy jumps out of the way of the bullet across the big ants with the help of his whip. The russian agent has the choice, let him escape or confront herself to the dangers of the jungle? Part4: From Dusk Till Dawn - final szene (only open if you already know the movie) Extra: Nighmode and view from above Treasure hunt In the MOC is a hidden set, can you spot it? More pictures and a short video at flickr Album by Stoertebricker So now I finished my recap of my last builds, I hope you enjoy them! Adrian aka Störtebricker
  9. Just something fun I whipped up today. I'd had the notion for a while, I was just waiting for the right head to come along. Thank you HP CMF Series 2 Dumbledore! :) The maestro... And posing with some of his most famous musical inspirations... One could perhaps wish for a better black tuxedo jacket with black bow tie. (If I weren't hoping to keep it "purist," Citizen Brick makes a decent one.) But this fits the bill!
  10. thenightman89

    [LEGO Ideas] Indiana Jones Trilogy

    ** 10,000 supporters could make this project a real LEGO set! Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Indiana Jones by clicking here and then click the “Support” button! ** This microscale build is constructed in the style of the LEGO Architecture Skyline series and features the iconic locations where famous archeologist, Indiana Jones, recovered priceless historical artifacts: The Temple of Doom (Sankara Stones) [1935, The Temple of Doom] The Well of Souls (The Ark of the Covenant) [1936, Raiders of the Lost Ark] Temple of the Sun (The Holy Grail) [1938, The Last Crusade] Unlike the historical artifacts (which belong in a museum!), this set belongs on your desk! This compact 650-piece set (9.4" L x 3.2" W x 3.7" H) makes for the perfect display piece for every fan of Indiana Jones. The set is also paired with a stand that includes three desirable minifigures from the popular films: Indiana Jones Marion Ravenwood Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Sr. The backside of the set also includes additional references to the films with a microscale mine car chase and the interior of the Grail Temple. Lego fans young and old will delight in creating these iconic locations and discovering their hidden secrets. If you love Indiana Jones and LEGO, I would be forever thankful for your support!
  11. Captain Braunsfeld

    Daleks find the/a Doctor

    A strange encounter somewhere in Egypt: DOCTOR! Yes, that's me. WE HAVE FOUND THE DOCTOR! Yes, Dr. Henry Jones Junior. DR. JONES? NOT DR. WHO? Dr. Who? WE HAVE FOUND THE DOCTOR! EXTERMINATE! Hang on. Which person are you looking for? THE DOCTOR Which doctor? NOT A WITCH DOCTOR. DOCTOR WHO! Are you a bit daft? EXTERMINATE! .... Some more and larger pictures can be found in my flickr account. Best regards CB
  12. Hello to the Eurobricks community, my name is Roberto Samuel Oliveira, and I am 44 years old. I am a former school teacher and writer, I retired from school teaching in 2003. I developed a interest in LEGO in late 2004. My favorite movie is Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. I was born in Brazil and travelled to England in 2005 after Lego Star Wars: The Video Game success. What I am going to post here is a thing that I believe that was a injustice that happened to me, but I have no intention to sue anyone, but i will break the silence. For 15 years, I was been a creative writer, and my writer's soul increased when I discovered LEGO. LEGO games were my favorite. After the huge success Lego Star Wars: The Video Game made in 2005, I moved to England. I contacted Traveller's Tales in a phone call to a executive, suggesting a LEGO game like "Indiana Jones". I said in the phone call creative suggestions for a LEGO Indiana Jones game, saying this would be a "huge success, just as Lego Star Wars was" If I remember, the call lasted for at least thirty minutes. I said my writer's experiences, but it looked like it was in vain. After like twenty minutes, Traveller's Tales denied any of my suggestions. After a little some time, I contacted TT Fusion, saying the same suggestions, but got declined as well. After seeing that I got no success at all, I decided to abandon my idea of suggesting Traveller's Tales and TT Fusion a LEGO Indiana Jones game. But I got a big surprise in 2008, when Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures was released. In December 2008 I contacted Traveller's Tales again in a phone call, asking if they made the game in out of my idea, but they didn't answered any of my questions, leaving me confused. I contacted TT Fusion as well, asking the same thing. The only thing I got on that phone call I made to TT Fusion was that "they began making the game after some ideas" and I don't know if this was in fact, my idea. I enjoy Traveller's Tales and TT Fusion's games as everyone else, but I decided to publish in this forum what happened to me. I don't know if they considered my idea years later, or just made it on their own. If you have a question, just ask me. Sincerely, Roberto
  13. Undoubtedly in my mind the climax of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the opening of the Ark of the Covenant provides viewers with quite a unique take on the wrath of God as well as some exploration with fancy special effects. While I wanted to attempt to capture some of these special effects in this MOC, I thought it best to leave the scene as a "just before things get really bad" scenario. I am sure some eyebrows will be raised in response to the inclusion of the R2-D2 and C-3PO heads... The explanation is that the pole to which Indy and Marion are tied to is shown in the movie as having some mysterious sphere on top (speculated by many to be R2's dome head). C-3PO's head made a good substitution for the ram's head that should reside on Belloq's staff. And since in the movie there is a brief Easter egg showing the droid dynamic duo in the Well of Souls (which I absent-mindedly forgot), it seemed only right that they be included in the final scene of Raiders. As always, a big thanks to all the HP builders for giving me the idea to make my own series of vignettes.
  14. BrickBuilder7622

    Shanghai Shenanigans

    The second wave of Indiana Jones vignettes has begun! I present to you the first scene of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," where Indy attempts to make an even of the remains of Nurhachi for a diamond with crime boss Lao Che. Things are soon to go south due to Indy's being poisoned and his trusty sidekick Wu Han biting the dust. This build surprisingly took quite a while to construct due to my having to obtain just the right parts for the minifigures. There were also some delaying factors such as heavy storms and work that further delayed building time. Nonetheless, I forged on! :P As usual, big thanks to the original geniuses of the HP collab for inspiration. Cheers!
  15. Captain Braunsfeld

    Don't Blink, Dr. Jones

    Indy soon realized that those statue like creatures started to move when he was not looking... "This is going to be a long night", he thought. (Larger versions on flickr)
  16. Somewhere in a far-away dungeon in Peru: WE HAVE FOUND THE DOCTOR! Yes, I am Dr. Jones. You may not call me Indy. YOU WILL BE UPGRADED I will become professor? Great! You might consider this a sequel to his meeting with the Daleks. Larger pictures on my flickr account. Thanks for watching!
  17. The 5th vignette! This MOC took an extra bit of time due to my having to catch up on some sleep. Nonetheless, I'm forging on! Perhaps one of the creepiest scenes from Raiders, this scene depicts Indiana Jones and close friend Sallah retrieving the Ark of the Covenant from the Well of Souls in Tanis, Egypt. Little does Indy know that he will soon have to find a way out the snake-infested (asps to be precise) pit. Thanks to all the builders from the Harry Potter vignette story collaboration for inspiring this series.)
  18. Matt3101

    Indiana Jones River Chase Set

    Hey Guys I have a pretty rare set that I'd be willing to sell! It's the Indiana Jones River Chase set!! It's fully sealed!! If any of you are interested you can make an offer!!
  19. The Lost Tomb, is one of my latest creations. Our adventurer, Indiana Jones, descovers the lost tomb of the Islanders' King. I hope you like my creation, and I am open for your comments! Take a close look at the video that follows; by George Patelis, on Flickr The Lost Tomb is Revealed by George Patelis, on Flickr You can find more photos at my Flickr Account
  20. Hey Guys, Currently purchasing parts for my first project (more on that later), but starting plan the next one. I am looking to build a narrow gauge steam locomotive and railway with the Indiana Jones track. I am looking at a classic 4-6-0 ten-wheeler, similar to the Lone Ranger Constitution but scaled more to narrow gauge. Ala Walter E. Disney: or more like Tweetsie No. 12: To scale to narrow gauge on the 3-wide IJ track I wanted to use 50254 for the leading truck wheels and three sets of 55423 for the drivers. My issue is gearing the drivers while still making it look like a steamer on the outside. I am aware of Space2310's bogie, but was trying to keep the outside a little less clunky and just having a driver rod with something like 32065 or custom Zephyr rods. So I am asking for your help to design a 3 axle narrow gauge PF bogie, hopefully internally framed. The center axle probably has to be floating to contend with the 3-wide sharp curved IJ track... Any bogie gurus out there?!
  21. This thread is to put for anybody to put their Adventurers, / Pharaoh's Quest / Monster Fighters figures, and generic people of the same time-frame. (1920's / 1930's) They can put any figures of that era, or from books or movies set in that era. The Great Gatsby meets Johnny Thunder at a cafe or maybe Sam Sinister wants to steal the Maltese Falcon, but Beloq (from Indiana Jones) gets it first. Either way, the era between the World Wars works for me. Here is the first bit, which combines all three themes under one banner. (please remember that my cell phone photography skills are near zero, so most of these are off in one way or another.) In the early 1920's, inquisitive minds and hardy souls, both good and evil, scour the corners of the Earth looking for lost civilizations and vast treasures. Some search for their own personal gain, or limitless power, others search for knowledge in a quest to preserve the past for the future. Good or evil they are known as... THE ADVENTURERS From left to right: THE BAD GUYS Senor Palomar Old friend of the Sinister family. He runs a vast South American artifact smuggling ring, as Sam Sinister's second in command. Alexis Sinister Sister of Lord Sam Sinister, evil, loves traps and weapons, secretly wants to turn Johnny Thunder evil. Lord Sam Sinister Arch enemy of Johnny Thunder, thief of lost treasures and great fortunes, plus is a mastermind of evil THE GOOD GUYS Johnny Thunder Australian explorer with a all- around can-do attitude. Always looking forward towards the future, but an eye on preserving the past. Miss Pippin Reed Former journalist, expert pilot, and a great friend to all in need. Jake Raines Hotheaded former pupil of Johnny Thunder's late friend, Dr. Charles Kilroy. Student of almost all sciences, but a firm believer in the supernatural. Major Quentin Steele English army officer turned monster hunter, tracker extraordinaire, and is a crack shot with any gun. CITIZENS OF THE 1920's These figures are not named, and so are located here. Their is one other figure not under any classification, and that is the signature figure of me as a railroad engineer. I am not in the group because I am named, but am not with the Adventurers because I am not in the story-lines of any of the themes listed above. First Imperial Bank employees Left to right: bank manager - teller number 1 - teller number 2 Law Enforcement & City of Ironwood officials Left to right: Sheriff - Mayor - Silver mine owner - town doctor Railroad Workers Left to right: local railroad official - station master - passenger train conductor - steam locomotive fireman Shop Keepers & etc. Left to right: General Store owner - post office master - bar maid OTHER PEOPLE This is where armies and named non - Adventurers go. Army of the Crossed Sabers (The evil country of Ogel's land forces, known as the Army of the Crossed Sabers, which is temporarily commanded by Lord Sam Sinister on board the Battle-cruiser HMS Vladeck.) Left to right: Captain of the HMS Vladeck, Ogel soldiers (x6) Named non-Adventurers Left to right: Madame Blue (the dog), Captain Karloff (owner of Madame Blue and the tramp steamer "Great West"), Murdoch (engineer for Brick Railway Systems on their steam trains) END (SO FAR) I hope everyone liked my list, and feel free to add your own too. Happy Adventuring / Questing / Fighting Monsters!
  22. Darkrattyop

    X-Men Team up [Moc]

    Something I threw together with my Sentinel It had to be snakes For those interested, here is a video on how to make my Sentinel
  23. Hello, I wanted to upload my 15+ vehicles from the 1940's to today in a way that was quick and efficient, thus this thread is about getting the pictures out with side notes structured like this: (picture goes here) 19## yellow semi truck Built 20## Inspired by set ####, known as "Insert set name" LDD file: (if available) LDD missing parts / prints You are free to comment, but please note: the remaining 10 or so vehicles are (going to be) in another topic, because they are more Adventurer's / 1920's themed. I would also appreciate a mod indexing these MOCs in their respective topics. Also, please note these were taken by me and a family member with a cellphone camera, so please take that into consideration with the picture quality / cropping. I also only took one picture per vehicle. First up: 1950's Double deck bus - 7 wide Built 2014 Modified from Scotnick's UK Bridgemaster bus LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1420233991m.lxf LDD notes: Wrong wheels in the LDD file, but the ones in the picture are correct. 1960's Volkswagen Microbus Built 2012 Modified from a LEGO Rockband promotional build LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1416926983m.lxf LDD notes: LDD file missing rear view mirrors Money transport truck Built 2015 Built from set 76105 (Doc Ock's truck Heist) LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1411148366m.lxf LDD notes: There are some cosmetic changes from the LDD file to real life, but it's functionally the same. Classic Space themed car (Benny's ride) Built 2014 MOC model LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1408629670m.lxf LDD notes: his car has had one change to it since I took this picture! The wheel wells have been changed to the longer style because the short style does NOT exist. Sorry for any confusion on the matter. Also, the rear features the (printed!) classic space logo from Benny Spaceship, plus a license plate of your choice. 1950's Ford Anglia Built 2011 Inspired by set 4728 (Escape from Privet Drive) LDD file: Nexus Force themed car (Bob's ride) Built 2014 Inspired by AdamtheLEGOfanrutland's LEGO City Undercover cars LDD file: 1950's Fire Truck Built 2012 Built from set 9484, (Red's Water Rescue) LDD file: LDD Notes: 1x1 round print missing from file. Plumbing Van Built 2014 Stock set B model 70811, (Flying Flusher) LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1420233794m.lxf 1950's Ice Cream truck Built 2014 Built from set 70804, from a MOD by Rick C. LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1416424243m.lxf Garbage truck Built 2014 stock set B model 70805, Trash Chomper LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1420233627m.lxf Police patrol car Built 2015 Almost stock model of set 70819, Bad Cop's Car Chase LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1420233428m.lxf 1950's Gasoline tanker Built 2012 Modified from set 10184, Town Plan LDD file: (none available) World War II American Jeep Built 2009 Inspired by set 6628, Peril in Peru LDD file: (none available) Modern Limo Built 2010 Inspired by set 3222, Helicopter and Limousine LDD file: (none available) 1980's Junk car Built 2012 Based off of set 9484, Red's Water Rescue LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1412897086m.lxf Bucket-lift truck Built 2010 Based off set 3179, Repair Truck LDD file: (none available) Front End loader Built 2009 Based off set 7630, Front-End loader LDD file: (none available) Dump truck Built 2010 Based off set 7789, Lotso's Dump Truck LDD file: (none available) Crane vehicle Built 2010 Based off set 7936, Level crossing LDD file: (none available) This concludes the post. I hope you enjoyed it, and comments are always welcome!
  24. Hello! Due to unfortunate circumstances, I am having to sell my entire Lego collection. I ship to the United States. All shipping will go out with USPS priority and should arrive in 2-3 days. I have right around 50 lego sets that I will be selling, including various minifigures and pieces. I have many older and rarer pieces as well.These lego sets come from a pet-free, smoke-free home of an AFOL and are in great condition. The sets are all listed on eBay and starting at $0.99 each! Here is the link to my eBay seller profile: Thank you! Also, I have feedback on eBay and have done 13 trades on Eurobricks and am part of the straight shooters list!
  25. To honor the Brickworld 2014 theme: "Candy, Sweet Escapes" is this icon of 1950's American childhood: the Good Humor ice-creme truck and mannequin of the Good Humor man. This model is a minifig scale version of the prototype used in the Doomtown sequence of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Its presence in the film contrasted the horror atomic testing with the innocence of suburban life. The "Bomb Pop" is a Friends lipstick with two small stickers :-)