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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there - don't post much but the new xwing windscreen being available in trans-yellow inspired me to update one of my MOCs that I was never quite satisfied with until now. Backstory: In order to combat the increased incursions from the Blacktron forces and protect against their raids on commerce lanes, the Legoland Space Forces commissioned the development of a new scout and patrol craft. A decided departure from earlier, lightly armed, exploration craft, the LL919 is a high-endurance, single seat combat vessel designed to fill commerce escort, interception and interdiction roles. The Galaxy corporation developed a series of prototype craft from the successful LL901 light scout vessel. The basic spaceframe was stretched to accommodate an advanced high-power compact fusion reactor, a FTL jump drive, high performance sublight drives, additional armaments and an advanced AI system to assist with target tracking and identification and navigation on long patrols. The wing area was increased to accommodate additional radiator capacity to dissipate the heat generated by the advanced combat systems as well as improve trans-atmospheric performance. Armament features dual high rate blasters on each wingtip to engage smaller craft. Dual forward particle cannons and 6 under-wing hard-points carrying auto-seeking anti-matter torpedoes allow the LL919 to effectively engage heavy vessels. The FTL jump drive capabilities are classified but experts estimate that a jump drive in a craft this size would be capable of around 6 intersellar jumps before requiring maintenance and refueling. However, the craft does appear to have dorsal Bussard scoop which might allow the LL919 to extend its maximum endurance by travelling through dense clouds of interstellar hydrogen gas to replenish its fusion reactor. The craft features retractable nose gear and the ventral fins pivot to serve as the rear landing supports. The LL919 has had nothing but praise from the initial test pilots and it is now being rolled out to the LLSF's elite units. The photo below shows an LL919 wearing the famed "Scarlet Vipers" squadron colors. It is expected that the LL919 will be sent to equip all of the LLSF's patrol squadrons, replacing the current issue X-1 patrol craft, Cosmic Cruiser, FX-Starpatroller and other units, once Galaxy Corp. completes the initial Low-Rate-Initial-Production models and is authorized to begin full scale production. Link to brickshelf gallery Builders Notes: This MOC is proof that a build is never done. I have had different variations of this build in LDD for several years and I was never quite satisfied with the look. The new T70 xwing canopy struck me as perfect for this build so I recently re-designed the canopy section to include it. There is a "design progression" picture in the brickshelf gallery that captures many of the iterations of this design over the years. The nearly studless exterior features significant SNOT construction techniques. Total piece count is 343 bricks including the pilot minifig. The design is obviously inspired by the Buck-Rogers Earth Directorate "Thunder fighter" with the tail section somewhat inspired by the A-wing. For now, this MOC will likely remain a virtual creation as acquiring some of the pieces in the colors needed will be difficult. This is my first attempt a using "Bluerender" and I just want to say a big thank you to those who developed it. I found it very easy to use on my first go-around and can have the satisfaction of a more realistic visualization of this creation until I can find a color scheme I like that where all the elements are commonly available. One of the next things I need to try is to figure out how to include the classic-space logos in the render. Anyways - thanks for looking drc
  2. Lego Dino 500

    Lego Dino's Classic Space Compilation

    Classic Space Star Fighter This is my Classic Space Star Fighter. It holds two pilots, which sit in the cockpit with one on controls, with the other one as a backup. Given the nostalgia of Classic Space (Space, Futuron, Blacktron, etc.), which has only been fueled by Benny from the Lego Movie and the Exosuit, I thought I'd try to make a spaceship. It's got eight engines, a cargo hold, and secondary flaps for atmospheric flight. It's capable of holding gear (or extra Turtles!) in it's four auxiliary cargo holds, located behind the observation panels on 4 of the eight sides of the craft. Closeups: Maximum Velocity: 45,000 MPH Classification: Light Freighter/Transportation Classic Space Jet Fighter Unlike my other model, the Classic Space Starfighter, this one is designed specifically for HALO (High Atmosphere, Low Orbit) applications. For maneuverability, it foregoes the standard engines and directional thrusters for a series of Ion Pulse drives. These are powered directly by electricity, eliminating the need for pesky fuel! Given it's application as a espionage or small freight vehicle, it also gets rid of the standard cockpit and replaces it with a forcefield. In the event that there is equipment failure, there's a mechanically operated life support system connected to the Pilot from the seat. Also, it has lift generating wings, a parachute, and a Ramjet engine in the event of having total power loss or for atmospheric travel. Alternate View: Maximum Velocity: 25,000 MPH Classification: Light Freighter/Atmospheric Transportation Thanks for viewing my models! I'm going to work on some more, but it'll take a bit of time since I dual post them to Lego Ideas and Eurobricks. If you'd like to vote for one of these click the link: Classic Space Star Fighter: Classic Space Jet Fighter:
  3. tchuk-norst

    MOC: The Unlikely Flying Machine

    Taking a break from mechs, I present the Unlikely Flying Vessel! This beauty has long-spanning origins. I originally built the pilot (Alfred Thruster) when I was going through a "figbarf" stage. Two years after having this guy staring at me from my shelf I decided it was high-time that he needed a ship to surround his character. There is something just magical for me in the dark-red/ yellow combo (I also like dark-blue/yellow which might be my next ship.) I've been looking for a use for many of the big hulking dark-red pieces found in 8097 Slave I, and this is what I ended up with! Here's what I consider to be some ingenious cockpit techniques. I was so proud when I saw that all the shapes fit together! And here is the gallant pilot himself, Alfred Thruster! For more pictures check out my Brickshelf Gallery. Please, I would love comments or criticism.