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Found 17 results

  1. CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW FLICKR GALLERY This Toa of Fire hails from a primitive and peaceful tribe of Matoran living in the wilderness. His bone-adorned armor and fang-fingered gauntlets may appear sinister, but Baruka is actually a naive and valiant warrior with a pure heart. The custom-painted Kakama was made by MrCod of Modalt Masks. Feedback is appreciated.
  2. Chro

    MOC: Zistiam

    ^ Click the image above to view the gallery ^ Feedback is appreciated.
  3. Chro

    MOC: Ierro

    ^ Click the image above to view the MOCpages gallery for Ierro. ^ Feedback is appreciated.
  4. Chro


    A powerful AI enforcer created after the fall of Toa Oxell at the hands of his at-the-time psychotic partner Toa Ramnux. Blindvolt wants to prove he's more than a machine. His first emotionless action once put online was to put Ramnux out of his misery, which (now that he has developed a personality) is a decision that Blindvolt has come to completely regret. His name stems from the fact that justice is blind- and from his electric weaponry as well- though this title is merely poetic and Blindvolt himself is far from sightless. ^ CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW THE MOCPAGES GALLERY . ^ This MOC was made in March 2013. Feedback is appreciated.
  5. Chro

    Tabimir V2

    ^ CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW MOCPAGES GALLERY ^ A new take on one of my old characters. Tabimir was initially built for the Periodic Bio Contest, a MOCing tournament focused around periodic elements instead of the standard canon ones. While I think it's an interesting concept, changing Tabimir to a normal Toa of Gravity might be more convenient... but I have some cool storyline ideas, so we'll have to see. The armor robots are just add-ons, the main focus here is Tabimir himself. Feedback is appreciated!
  6. Chro


  7. Chro

    Kalmah / Ehlek

    ^ CLICK THE PHOTO ABOVE TO VIEW THE GALLERY ON MOCPAGES. ^ I personally think that Kalmah is better, but I think Ehlek is alright too. After building Kalmah I wanted another, and Ehlek is my favorite Barraki, so I just had to build him. I'm considering revamping the other four (and Nocturn) later, but for now it's just the Squid and the Eel. Feedback is appreciated.
  8. ^ CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW THE FLICKR GALLERY ^ Rurmuax was a Makuta who watched over one of the Southern Islands long before the Great Cataclysm. At a certain point a while before Teridax's takeover of the Brotherhood, Rurmuax was hunted down by a group of Toa. One of the Toa spotted the Makuta and wildly activated his Zatth, but unluckily for all involved, the nearest Rahi were a large troop of Visorak, which the summoning Toa could not control. The Toa were all killed by the Visorak, but Rurmuax was stunned before he could use any of his powers, and subsequently captured. He was mutated and unable to shapeshift, and although he did retain many of his original powers, they were greatly limited. Additionally, Rurmuax's sanity degraded quite rapidly. He was last known to be aimlessly roaming the Southern Islands. This is, in my opinion, one of my best MOCs. Feedback is most certainly appreciated.
  9. Chro


    ^ CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW THE GALLERY ON FLICKR. ^ Built in February 2013. Feedback is appreciated. (Yes, the name is irrelevant.)
  10. A cruel Toa of Ice, whose soul is colder than his homeland, and whose weapon of choice tends to be the only thing sharper than his own wit. ^CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW THE MOCPAGES GALLERY.^ Feedback is appreciated.
  11. Chro


    [The picture above links to the MOCpages gallery.] Akeja is a female Toa of Magnetism. She uses her power to control a generator, which allows her to move extremely quickly. Akeja is also very skilled at hand-to-hand unarmed combat. Feedback is appreciated.
  12. Chro

    Catapult Scorpion

    Somewhere off in the stony wastes, something is hungry. ^ Click this photo to view the MOCpages gallery. ^ Something different from my usual MOCs... this is my first complete non-humanoid build in months. I'm quite satisfied with it. Sorry for the relatively small amount of photos, but there's really not a large variety of poses I can put a giant scorpion in. Feedback is appreciated.
  13. Click the image above to view the photo set on flickr. Here's another MOC, built in January of this year. This is Taxir, a flying warrior. Again, no real backstory, though I think of him as an Iron Tribe Glatorian (with experimental flightpack tech, of course). Feedback is appreciated.
  14. Chro


    ^ Click the photo above to view the flickr photo set. ^ This is Vander, Toa of the Green. A week or so ago, I built a generic silver and black MOC, then decided to use a color for accents that I wouldn't be able to use as the main color of a MOC. Sand green was the color that I chose, as you can see. Vander is maybe some sort of ninja or ranger character, I'm not really sure what he is exactly. He wields an axe, but also fights hand-to-hand when necessary. His Kanohi, though Tryna-shaped, is actually a Huna. Feedback on the MOC is appreciated.
  15. Chro


    Click the image above to view the gallery on MOCpages. Here's another MOC of mine, Gavram. No backstory or anything, just a guy with a pair of chainsaw arm shields. Then again, does anyone really need anything else if they have chainsaw arm shields? This MOC is pretty recent- it was made in March of this year. C&CC appreciated.
  16. Probably my best titan build to date: Karda. Built in March 2013. [ Click the image above to view the flickr gallery. ] Weapons include a mace, sword, and shield (as you can hopefully see from the gallery). Feedback is appreciated. :)
  17. Chro

    Hordika Dragon

    I'd always liked the idea of the official Dark Hunter characters known as Hordika Dragons. However, I was really disappointed with the canonized MOC form. So I decided to make my own, and if I do say so myself, it did turn out pretty well. The MOC was made in mid-March of this year. [Click the photo for a link to the flickr gallery.] Feedback is appreciated. Although this is my first MOC post here, it is by no means my best or last, so stay tuned for more creations. :D