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Found 40 results

  1. Hello! Here is my new MOC - a recreation of a legendary Bitish 3-wheeler! It has plenty of features: driving by XL motor, steering by Servo motor, 2-speed gearbox with a M motor for switching gears (actually, there is no big difference in speed), working front and rear suspension (independent in front and live axle in the rear just like in the real car), working headlights and tailights, openable bonnet with a working fake I4 engine under it, doors with rubber band loaded locks, openable trunk with a lock (there is a lot of space for different types of luggage), detailed interior and a working steering wheel. It also has custom number plates from the TopGear show. :) The model weighs around 2 kg, so it can't do a roll, but it still performs pretty good for its weight. I hope you will like it! :D Video link: Some photoes: Thank you!
  2. Duncan Young

    [MOC] The Joker's Home Turf

    First introduced in Detective Comics #168 (Feb. 1951) ("Mystery of the Red Hood"), ACE Chemicals is well renowned as the place the Red Hood died, and in his place the Joker was born. After falling into a vat of toxic waste trying to escape from Batman, the Red Hood discovers that the chemicals bleached his skin and dyed his hair permanently green. This disfigurement caused a psychotic break and he became The Joker. Over the years, the Joker has revisited Ace Chemicals several times, using it as a temporary hideout, as in this case. In a scenario not dissimilar to the Lego Batman Game, where the Joker sent Jervis Tetch to retrieve deadly chemicals from the facility, The dynamic duo have tracked the Joker and the Mad Hatter to the old plant. For more images, follow the link below-
  3. PublicPlaytime

    Bat-cave Blitz with the Dynamic Duo!

    Got another brick-flick brewing: The Bat-cave Blitz! Hoping to get a video posted within the next couple months as a follow-up to my last Batman short, Cinema Crusader
  4. danstraindepot

    Batcave MOC

    Here is our LEGO Batcave. I realize there have been many amazing Batcave MOCS, but I wanted to give it a go anyhow. This is about 2 months of my LEGO building time. Lights are from Brickstuff. The biggest building challenge, besides the pure size, was to try to have decent rock work, and lots of different angles going on. Not sure the photos do that justice, but I was pretty happy with the overall result. I drew inspiration from some other MOC's I a have seen, and various incarnations of the Batcave in the comics. Also I have some minor homages to the previous LEGO Batcaves worked in, the Sewer from the first one, some of the details from the new Classic Batcave, and ..... very little I suppose from the 6860 set. I tried to go for a 'working' Batcave. Something with labs, work-spaces, etc. The wood section is supposed to be a leftover from the original foundation which was simply built up around. And I thought it was nice to add a little different color visually. There is a working elevator to an updated Wayne Manor that sits directly above the Batcave, I'll be adding photos of that soon. BCwlights by Dan Glasure, on Flickr BCBats by Dan Glasure, on Flickr BCNightwing by Dan Glasure, on Flickr BCWorkArea by Dan Glasure, on Flickr BCBatcomputer2 by Dan Glasure, on Flickr <p>If you want to see more photos, please check out my FLICKR album:
  5. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Robin

    Hello, I built a seasonal MOC. A lifesize robin in the snow. Merry Christmas! P.S.: The robin is available as a set at MOCHUB! The Red Sneaker is also available as a set!
  6. NOTE: For those who don't know, I'm creating a little futuristic dystopia with my Space Police IV setup as seen in the Sci-Fi section of Eurobricks. Recently, I rediscovered my modified version of the 2014 SDCC "1966 Batmobile" model and decided that my futuristic SPIV dystopia needs a cosmic caped crusader hero. I then added hover pods to the car which feature this print on the bottom of the model. Batman is supposed to be this version, while Robin is here. The front of the Batmobile is something no criminal wants in there rear view mirror! Since this is the far-future, this Batmobile features a on-board Wi-Fi connection to the Bat-computer back home under stately Wayne Manor. The Dynamic Duo are supposed to wear re-breathers, as the car is not air-tight. They would not fit on the figs in LDD, but they do in real life, even with the cape and cowl on Batman. The LDD file is available here, if anyone wants to build this in real bricks as I will (eventually) be doing. Any comments, questions, and / or complaints are always welcome!
  7. SamGras

    1966 Lego Batmobile

    MOC Presentation I am huge Batman fan and have passed that love to my 4 year old daughter. I have been building LEGO sets with her for some time now her favorite sets are TMNT, Friends & Batman. She was upset that the store bought Batmobiles did not allow Robin to sit in the Batmobile along side Batman. Therefore i made her the most iconic Batmobile, the 1966 version. This era Batman is fun and campy perfect for a four year old. I collected pieces for my build over a month. I dug through my childhood collection, picked bricks from "Classic Plastic Bricks in Ellicott City, pulled some pieces off my other Batmobiles and ordered parts off brick link to complete the build. The construction took about a week with many revisions specifically to the length of the vehicle. It was all guess and check I did not have any plans other than what was in my head Please support my 1966 Adam West LEGO Batmobile on the 'LEGOIdeas' Website. We have nearly 5,000 votes but need your help to reach our goal of 10K. Thank you for your consideration! Sam
  8. The author of the review wishes to thank The LEGO Group for providing of a set for the review! The author of the review wishes to thank VerSen for the Wonderful Photos and for an invitation to write the text for them! ;) The author of the review wishes to thank BaraSH for explanation of the differences between the Two Purple Ladies enlightment of I'm-not-a-comic-fan about the Batman universe! :) This review was written for Russian Fan Forum Lego (aka RFFL, aka by me and translated into English for Eurobrick. The Lego Batman Movie 70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase Review Set Number: 70902 Set Name: Catwoman Catcycle Chase Year Released: 2017 Pieces Count: 139 Minifigures Count: 3 Description: Brickset; BrickLink; Bricker;. RRP: $19.99 Price Per Piece: 14.4c This set is based on "The LEGO Batman Movie", which was released in theaters at 8 February 2017. According to the description of the plot of the film, Gotham City once again in danger, so Batman (alter ego of billionaire Bruce Wayne) is going to protect it, but on the advice of his butler Alfred he has to take Robin (Dick Grayson) as his companion, because the superhero adopted him on one of the secular reception. Together they will fight Joker and Harley Quinn, who escaped from the psychiatric hospital. There also will be many other heroes and villains the DC, and it is rumored that there is a chance to see the characters of other popular franchises (such as the Daleks from Doctor Who) in the film. The box and instruction On the box, according to the laws of Hollywood action-scene is depicted: Catwoman makes a U-turn on Catcycle, Batgirl tries to stop her using Bat-a-Rang, and Robin jumps from the roof of a jewelry store on the lamppost, trying to overturn it. However, if you look at the path of Catcycle it's become clear that Catwoman will be able to dodge both) Designers didn't forget to boast that a new type capes are able to fly an epic! Batman dashing smiles at us in the top right corner. The image on the instructions, as always, repeats the image from the box, but the instruction itself looks pretty well-fed for such a small set. Building in the process and random page of instruction. By the way, pay attention to the image on the upper side of the box - Robin jumps so that Batgirl could throw Bat-a-Rang at Catwoman who didn't expect such a dirty trick. I see that they have a great team! Or, perhaps, Robin simply slipped on the peel Bat-a-Rang. :) Unfortunately the set includes stickers - personally I don't like stickers, but there's nothing I can do.. But these stickers are are interesting ones! Firstly, an advertisement of the missing of a cat, which for some reason was photographed meows on the tree. I know who will save it) And secondly, a jewelry store sign is clearly reminiscent of the cat's head, and I somehow have the feeling that Catwoman decided to rob her own store. xD The minifigures In this small set there are three beautiful, very well-detailed figures. I can not help but notice that Robin deprived of utility belt with pockets... Apparently, he doesn't need the pockets, but the girls find these pockets very useful) On the other side the figures look great too. What a spine of Catwoman! If this torso wear shoulder pads, which hide a recognizable zipper tab in the form of a cat's head, you get a suit for cool superheroine of the future or a computer game, so this figure may be used in MOCs as well. Boots on the legsof the characters painted with back side too, not just the front and right and left, as before, that the obvious plus. This is because there are two layers of plastic. And about Batgirl I'll say that she have typical problems of many fem-cosplayers - it's when a ponytail sticks under the mask or helmet (that can ruin the impression of a stern armored robot). It looks funny) Robin (Dick Grayson) is the first Robin, who was taken into care by Batman after the death of his parents who was an acrobats. According to the comics, he has long helped Batman, then became an independent superhero named Nightwing, then became Batman, temporarily replacing Bruce Wayne when Bane broke his spine, then he helping Batman again, met with Barbara Gordon, at that time already Oracle rather than Batgirl, and in the most recent events he becomes Batman in Gotham, while Bruce Wayne becomes Batman worldwide. Robin, as well as Batman, doesn't have superpowers, but have the skills of martial arts, detective skills, and he is a perfect gymnast and a very good athlete. Robin minifigure is funny, especially the glasses. We immediately can see that the comical character is waiting for us in the film! By the way, he has two facial expressions - the smile is on both. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) is the first Batgirl (except Betty Kane who was excluded from the canon), she was adopted by Commissioner Gordon, after her parents were killed in a car accident. According to the comics, she became a fan of Batman, and even built up a female version of his costume (decided to become a cosplayer xD), then saved Bruce Wayne at the ball masquerade, and later Batman invited her to join the team, ans so she has successfully fought against crime until while the bullet of Joker is damaged her spine, after that she became a hacker nicknamed the Oracle, and helps Batman and Robin by the radio, and the suit of Batgirl later passed to Cassandra Cain. Batgirl minifigure is beautiful from all sides, and now you will understand why. Just look at these shoes! Finally, the Lego starts to not just paint the legs on the side, but to apply the pattern on the side. These straps are perfect! Pattern on hands is less accurate, but also looks cool. Smile and wave! (c) Penguins from a film "The Madagascar" Batgirl has an additional face, it is angry. Catwoman (Selina Kyle) is a professional thief, originally an anti-heroine, and later a good character. According to the comics, she had a difficult childhood, and then she found herself in a orphans' home where cruel headmistress was a peculator, so Selina brought her to clean water, freed the other captives of orphans' home, and rushed to the thieves' life. She got her nickname from a jealous student of Sensei, which she shifted from a position of best student, then she inspired by Batman's example and built herself a suit. In later comics, and even in Nolan's film a romantic relationship shown between Catwoman and Batman. The combination of dark purple with silver - very good color scheme! Pattern on the hands of Catwoman - it's by far the best pattern on the hands in the set, and in general, IMHO, the best pattern on the hands that I have ever seen. However, it's a pity that it is impossible to remove the glasses in any way, as the second face (smiling) is also printed with the mask. Catcycle Catcycle is pretty stable, which is a definite plus for Lego bike, as they tend to fall on its side. Personally, I think he looks very stylish. By the way, if not the name of the set, then it would be unclear that it is CATcycle because there are no markings in the form of cat on it. This means that you can easely put Batgirl on bike, as according to the old films, she also liked to ride motorcycles. And note that she is also in purple suit! ;) Above view allows you to see the curved slope with a pattern showing a speedometer, which shows that the motorcycle has not gain speed yet) However, the speedometer still have cat ears... But this part is easy to replace, and then it will be just a purple bike, suitable for any minifigure. Main view and set functions So once upon a time, of the yellow-yellow dark-dark night Catwoman went to "work". On the way to the jewellery store she found an advertisement of the missing of a cat written by its desperate owners and the rare green trash container that appears in this color only in nine sets. So she walked around the store, the base of which is shown by masonry bricks 1x4, which is great, because it is a rare and useful piece, and because such a masonry at the base of the building can often be seen in reality. And Catwoman opens the door of the shop, which, unfortunately, is always closed, because the sticker "Open" is not included in the set. Maybe that's why she decided to rob it? :) Suspiciously glancing toward VerSen's camera surveillance cameras, Catwoman reaches for ruby, ignoring the diamond. Then she sits down on the Catcycle, which definitetly have not parked there before, so I am still inclined to believe that bike could belong to Batgirl. Cause the bike could not go by itself, isn't it? ;P And then on the roof and on the ground our valiant heroes appear! Robin cheerfully spoil the city property, overturning flimsy lamppost and Batgirl stay on the roof, as if hovering over it (I can not in any way understand how she stand, but it she is clearly stand higher than should, it's some cinema magic, not otherwise!), and watching him with delight! Catwoman's eyesight says "Again they are!". And now - a general view of a set, or "smiles at the camera!". :D Now even Catwoman is happy) Conclusion Pros + beautiful minifigures with detailed patterns, even on all sides of ths legs + rare and useful pieces, like a transparent door, green container and masonry bricks 1x4 + stylish bike that suitable not only for Catwoman + new type of soft capes are able to epic fly in the wind - what else is need for a superhero? xD Cons - stickers, which most AFOLs do not like to stick - no "Open" sticker, so the store will be closed constantly - no faces without masks, that means that the characters can't remove them This set is very, very cool, and will look great on a shelf of a collector! And finally, a little bonus shots) Bonus During the time we discussed the pros and cons, Batgirl flew somewhere) Apparently, she decided that Robin can cope on his own! Just look at this happy guy! xD In my opinion, he is not going to catch anyone, just having fun with a lamppost) Thanks for watching and any comments are very welcomed!
  9. TheLegoExperience

    superhero Need Help with Odd Robin Head

    This Robin head is not within any databases on Lego, BL, or anywhere else; and it really has me perplexed. I bought this one off this site not too long ago. It definitely is legitimate, it has the Lego stamp and doesn't show obvious signs of being a bootleg, and the one I own came straight from Lego. Though I thought it originally to be unique, through some research though I've found two other instances of it; one was even found in a set. I need to know if anyone else has found it by any off chance? I really want to know if this is some test/variant head Lego used, and just how uncommon it is.
  10. durazno33

    Upgrade to the Arkham Asylum

    Over the past month, I dedicated a lot of time and effort in up-scaling and improving Lego's Arkham Asylum set 10937. After several Bricklink orders and trips to my local used Lego store, it is much larger and with some real grounds and hopefully enjoyable. Here is a video of its assembly from parts. I hope you enjoy!
  11. Hi Guys, Just wanted share my Classic TV Series Batcave MOD. After buying the set I felt it lacked a few finishing touches. These have been well documented in various reviews of the set. The main thing i wanted to to was make the outside feel like a complete Wayne Manor and the inside more 'cave' like I went on ebay and bought the 'Wayne Manor' section that was on sale split from the set. There are lots of these for sale, i picked mine up for about £25.00 and this had the majority of parts needed to cover the middle section. Plus i now have a second Wayne Manor study to use as a mini vignette. anyway let me know what you think, my plan is to change the hinges holding the middle roof section on to dark bluish grey and build up more cave to improve the aesthetics above the atomic pile.
  12. BrickMartin

    [MOC/MOD] Joker's Funhouse

    Hi all, when the Joker Land set was announced last year i was hoping for a great accompaniment to the dynamic duo set from 2012. unfortunately i thought some elements were a bit weak and I didn't like that all of the parts/sections were separated. I decided to take elements and parts from both sets and combine them on one 32x32 base plate, i also wanted to make it look as chaotic as possible and avoid areas looking too neat and tidy... this was also so that it would fit inside my detolf glass display case. anyway here is the current state of the MOD/MOC, i may make further changes to add more elements but its pretty crammed. let me know what you think or any changes you would make :)
  13. NevertooOld

    Movie Night!

    Sneek peek from my next movie
  14. vstat05

    New Robin Head?

    EDIT: FIXED! Images are now up on imgur! So I have a bit of a story: I have the Damian Wayne Robin minifigure and I thought it'd be nice if he smiled for once, so I decide to buy the Juniors Batcave set for parts, the bright blue Batman, and Robin's face that has a similar design to Damian's, except it has two new expressions. Of course, with my luck, the set I bought just so happened to be missing that Robin head, so I used the replacement parts service on LEGO's website, and within a few days, it arrived. However, I think I have a whole new face print. Normal face currently available to everyone Its unique alternate expression Comparison with other expressions, very bottom head is the unique expression. I like it. It reminds me of a scared Emmet, and It's very different to what I should have received. Here's a result from a quick search on Google, for those who either don't have the set or don't know what I'm talking about. I've heard of misprints such as designs on wrong colored pieces and designs printed with wrong colored inks, but not anything like this, as well as the fact that LEGO sent me this "misprint" through its replacement service So what do you guys think? A new print for next year accidentally released early? A rejected print? Has anyone else ran into something similar?
  15. This is my fourth and final MOC revolving around Robin Hood, featuring Will Scarlet and Gamble Gold at an outpost, along with one of Prince John's soldiers. This outpost features a fake rock wall in the back which can be raised up to reveal two crates of treasure and two small barrels of food. These merry men can also raise the ladder to prevent any intruders. As with my other three Robin Hood MOCs, any feedback is much appreciated. If there is enough interest in this and my other Robin Hood MOCs, there is one more set I am considering making. This MOC is also a project on Lego Ideas. Feel free to support it here if you like it: You can also see these and additional pictures in higher res on Flickr at
  16. Defending Northwall was not very difficult. The Desert King's mummy forces swarmed toward the walls carelessly, not using teamwork or tactics. This made them easy to take out from afar with the bolts of Ulandus' crossbows... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Figless: This was my first try making something as large as a castle wall, I really like how it turned out . C&C very much appreciated As for UoP, I would like to claim credits for: -battle scene -wall technique #1
  17. Robin Creations

    [WZ4: H9 Ulandus] A Cruel Game

    Fiether was a simple elf from Avalonia. They chose him because he was a good fighter; weren't all elves? He hated this, he hated that rich Kalphlinian. Just like all the others, all he cared about was money. Not the well being of others. Of course not. He regretted killing others. It was too easy to do. But he had to do it... ------------------------------------------------------------------- Figless: This was a really fun, yet simple build. As always, C&C welcome And if I win, I choose L9.
  18. Robin Creations

    [CG: K19 U v. DK] Waking the Town

    Umbra-Manis's Build A fisherman saw a strange boat on the horizon. He gathered others to fend off the boat, and eventually the succeeded... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I hope that this was within the deadline. And sorry for the not great picture (time was of the essence ). And no, that's not Mpoh98 on the docks
  19. Robin Creations

    [REVIEW]: 70205 CHI Razar

    Set name: CHI Razar Set number: 70205 Pieces: 68 Price: $14.99 Release date: 2013 Packaging and Instructions Bag Front On the front of the bag, we see that Razar now uses his Chi to fight forest fires… Bag Back And on the back, Razar is staring of into the sunset as Gorzan sneaks up behind him. We also see a size comparison of his head, the combo model of Razar+Gorzan, and a comic of Razar using Chi to power up. Instructions Nothing special here. As usual, the same picture as on the front of the bag. Random Page No transparent Eris heads this time, just the standard light blue background. Advertisements Ooh, an ad for all the 2013 Chima ultrabuilds. After that, a display of some of the normal Chima sets. Then there’s an ad for Hero Factory sets. Parts Dumped Out The big parts in the big bag, small parts in the small bag, head in it’s own bag. I wonder why they leave the torso skeleton out of the bag. Interesting Parts First off, the black clawed foot, which I suppose isn’t that interesting, considering that it’s in 17 other sets. The new head mold, of course. A lovely “CHIed” up chest piece, which is printed. I would consider the 5M shell in silver fairly rare, appearing in 6 sets. The lovely 3M shell in a nice purple (medium lilac, according to Brickset), that only appears in this and the Constraction Joker set. That odd weapon piece is only in red in this set, and is in the CHI Eris set as well. And finally, the wing pieces from some of the Mixel and Chima sets, in both black and purple. Head The head is pretty cool, but I really think it would have looked better if there was dark red around the eyes. It has some rivets and cracks in it, which looks good. Building Action Frame Besides the wings, it’s pretty standard. They plug this piece into the back of the skeleton to attach the wings. Finished Build Front The black and purple color scheme here does look good. What would really make it look good would be if there were some dark red pieces in there. I actually like those spike pieces on Razar, they give him a nice look. They kind of remind me of talons. Profile I like how the head is slightly hunched over, contributing to his sly, sinister look. His wings don’t stick too far back. Back Wouldn’t it have been nice if they had included an extra shell back here? It looks sort of bare, but the wings do a decent job of bulking up the shoulders. Posing Like most CCBS sets, it has quite a few points of articulation. As one would expect, the wings can move around pretty well, just like extra limbs. Weapons I’m not really sure about those red pieces. On the Lego Shop description it says that they are supposed to be scythes. And those blue pins look pretty bad up close. I think it would look better if these were dark red though. Overall Razar looks pretty neat; He’s rocking a nice color scheme, and if they wanted him to look sinister, they succeeded. But reviewing him made me appreciate Bionicle 2015 so much more. This set is lacking the complexity and uniqueness of Bionicle, as well as the battle in a box idea (the Skull Spiders). Overall, it’s definitely not the best set Lego has ever made, but it is pretty good. I would suggest picking it up if you can.
  20. Truth, Justice, and Pizza are all at stake when the Suicide Squad infiltrate Titans Tower. With his team captured, Nightwing must confront Slade Wilson (aka Deathstroke) in a deadly showdown which could be his last. Directed, Written, Animated, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Bret Newton as Nightwing David Browne as Bronze Tiger, Cyborg, and Deadshot Sean Polite as Lex Luthor and Lexcorp Gaurd Neon Icy wings as Deathstroke Joshua Sims as Batman Julian Smith as Cyrus Gold Scott Glazer as Captain Boomerang Harleyquinnalinlin as Harley Quinn Like and Follow the Facebook page for the latest updates! Subscribe for new videos and watch the series unfold! Thanks for looking!
  21. Robin Creations

    MOC: The Stress of Leadership

    "The stress of leadership was getting to Robin. But he had to persist. It was his duty..." The Stress of Leadership by Chance Reed, on Flickr The Stress of Leadership by Chance Reed, on Flickr --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wanted to expirement with lighting, so I tried photographing it in the morning (I take my pictures outside). Sometimes it looks good for certain builds, but I'm not sure about this one. I haven't been able to get the light to look like in my Minifigure series here: . If you guys have any tips, I would greatly appreciate them By the way, the mosaic is supposed to be a carpet with the four guilds and Cedrica in the middle. (Cedrica is blue and gold right?) I would like to claim UoP DoH for: - Mosaics - Interior Design Thanks!
  22. This was my entry for the Merry Band category of the CCC XII. This is a scene from Walt Disney's version of Robin Hood. Robin Hood and Little John dress up as"fortune tellers", and make away with Prince John's gold and royal robes: All C&C appreciated
  23. DustyBricks

    [MOC] Batwing

    This my latest MOC: Batman's Batwing! 1. Batwing by [DustyBricks], on Flickr 2. Side by [DustyBricks], on Flickr 3. Top by [DustyBricks], on Flickr 4. Back by [DustyBricks], on Flickr 5. Doors and Cable by [DustyBricks], on Flickr Landing Gear Retracted by [DustyBricks], on Flickr It has opening doors in the back, a cable, retractable landing gear and a comfortable cockpit that can fit one Batman, cape and all! I also tried to build it so that the plane resembles the batsignal from a bird's-eye-view. Enjoy!
  24. FinalFeature

    Teen Titans Tower (Microscale)

    My latest film called for a Lego model of the Titans Tower so I made a microscale version of the tower. You can check out the Teen Titans film .The towers simple but so is the one from the comic, when I was trying to figure out the positioning of the shot I went with the iconic scene from the show with the Seagull in close perspective. Thanks for looking!