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  1. Legoboy1999

    Super Fly-car 3000

    Here is my Transforming car, I made it in about 10 minutes so its just a bit of fun Car mode- Flying mode- "Roads? Where we're going, we dont need roads" Hope you like it, Comments and constructive criticism appreciated
  2. Legoboy1999

    Chima Crocodile Clan Missile Tank.

    This is the first Chima MOC I have seen on E.B. And it is awesome! :grin:
  3. Legoboy1999

    Future Legends Of Chima Sets Ideas.

    Leonidas' Lion Mech 250-400 pieces. Minifigs: Leonidas and Razcal Includes a giant robot lion (controlled by Leonidas) and a mini mech suit for Razcal.
  4. Legoboy1999

    Sci-Fi your Avatar Contest!

    I have a Jetpack and golden laser gun!
  5. Legoboy1999

    Sci-Fi your Avatar Contest!

    Can my entry be my first sigfig?
  6. When I saw Chima I thought "hey Egyptian gods" way before i thought "hey thundercats"
  7. Legoboy1999

    Oxygen :)

    You should make H2o next!
  8. Legoboy1999

    Review: 70102 Speedorz Leonidas

    This seems more fun than the NinjaGo spinner game as looks easier to control the bikes than the spinners. A cool thing I found out was that 'Chi' is the Chinese word that means "Natural energy of the universe"
  9. Legoboy1999

    42011 Race Car - Pictorial Review

    This is a very cute and simple Technic set which I think i will definitely be getting! Thanks for the great review!
  10. Legoboy1999

    Classic Space Restoration Project

    I never had any of the classic space sets but I always admired the simplicity and the fact there was no conflict, just happy exploring. Good luck with the project!
  11. Legoboy1999

    Super Hero Avatar Contest

    Nice! my first eurobricks contest! definitely entering this! Does the avatar need to be an actual lego figure or can it be something else like a drawing?
  12. Legoboy1999

    Super Hero Caption Contest! Week One

    "it seems that Shrek and harry potter had a child..."
  13. Its the kimono suits in next years sets
  14. Legoboy1999

    2013 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I love the magician set and now girls will realize that football is not just for boys!
  15. Legoboy1999

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    I am definitely getting the batman vs. bane set! ...but i dont understand why batman has a white suit instead of a black one in the Mr. Freeze set? :S