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  1. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Don't know if this was already mentioned before, but this part introduced in a Ninjago Movie Set could be the UCS MF Cockpit: WALL, CONE 5X10X6 EDIT: Soooorry, too many pages to look through :D But the edited image of the wrapped box seems to confirm this. Definitely looks like this part.
  2. Palacio de La Magdalena

    Wow! Really impressive - not only because of the enormous size but also all the fantastic details and techniques! I also like the interior so far and I'm looking forward to see more
  3. Event countdown 2017

    LEGO Belle? Really? I almost thought it's Playmobil :D
  4. Event countdown 2017

    Brickheadz DISNEY 41595 Belle :P
  5. I also don't think that's worth it.
  6. Just ordered some parts for a BrickHeadz representation of someone from my hometown :)
  7. Also one ticket for me, please. I don't have an annual pass this year.
  8. Eurobricks Event 2017 trading post

    I could get each one of these sets (new / misb): 75005 Rancor Pit for 95,- € 76028 Darkseid Invasion for 60,- € And I'm looking for these Polybags: - Dr. Wu (Jurassic World) - Plastic Man (DC Comics) - Finn FN-2187 (Star Wars)
  9. [MOC] Heavy Imperial Troop Transport

    Many thanks to all of you! The file could be found under the pics of my second answer. Here's the link again ;)
  10. Eurobricks: A Visual User Guide

    Due to the new version of our forum software IPB4 it would be great, if this guide could be updated and adapted to the new design. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, here's another one of my recent MOCs. It's a Liberator-class starfighter from Star Wars: The Old Republic in UCS size. The Galactic Republic used it against the Sith Empire, which also knew it as Talon Fighter. The wings can be folded to two positions (similar to the U-Wing from Rogue One). This design allows it to be used like an interceptor with the speed of an A-Wing or a starfighter with the firepower of an X-Wing. Hope you like it :) Liberator-class Starfighter UCS by Vaionaut, on Flickr
  12. [MOC] Helmfire III

    Hi, here's a small starfighter I built some months ago. There are nearly all sand blue pices I own used. Don't know how I came to the idea of the two helmets, but I think they give it a special touch :) Hope you like it ;) Helmfire III by Vaionaut, on Flickr
  13. Hi, here's an older MOC that I haven't posted on EB so far. Maybe the one or the other had seen it on flickr, but I wanted to share it with you also here now. It's a Junkers G23, an airplane from the 1920s manufractured in Germany. It was the predecessor model of the more popular Ju 52. Wasn't too easy to get all the parts, especially some rare ones like all the pearl light gray bricks with grille (from the Santa Fe Wagons) or the black motor grilles (from the first Knight Bus). Hope you like it :) Junkers G.23 by Vaionaut, on Flickr PS: Posted it in the Adventures forum because I thought it fits quite good here (Junkers airplanes also appeared in Indiana Jones for example).
  14. [MOC] Hot Rod at the fuel station

    Hi, I wanted to share this hot rod with you that I made a few weeks ago. To put the vehicle a bit in scene I added a small refueling station. Hope you like it :) Refuel, please! by Vaionaut, on Flickr
  15. [MOC] Cuban Classic Car

    Thanks for all your nice feedback! Makes me really happy :) :D Well, at least it's not nailed to the bricks :P