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Found 5 results

  1. NOTE: For those who don't know, I'm creating a little futuristic dystopia with my Space Police IV setup as seen in the Sci-Fi section of Eurobricks. Recently, I rediscovered my modified version of the 2014 SDCC "1966 Batmobile" model and decided that my futuristic SPIV dystopia needs a cosmic caped crusader hero. I then added hover pods to the car which feature this print on the bottom of the model. Batman is supposed to be this version, while Robin is here. The front of the Batmobile is something no criminal wants in there rear view mirror! Since this is the far-future, this Batmobile features a on-board Wi-Fi connection to the Bat-computer back home under stately Wayne Manor. The Dynamic Duo are supposed to wear re-breathers, as the car is not air-tight. They would not fit on the figs in LDD, but they do in real life, even with the cape and cowl on Batman. The LDD file is available here, if anyone wants to build this in real bricks as I will (eventually) be doing. Any comments, questions, and / or complaints are always welcome!
  2. This is Part 3 of my project. After rebuilding the LEGO official products of 10196 and 4597, I start to build a true MOC. It is a CUUSOO project and it awaits your support: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/48013 The girls of LEGO Friends need more excitement and here they go to the Gyro Drop (or Falling Machine). It is a 10-seater gyro drop powered by a motor and remote control (optional). Yet it does not merely operate with electricity – it operates with the magic of magnet!!! Safety to the girls is always the utmost concern!!! The carriage may fall at an alarming speed but the girls won’t feel any shock when they come to the lowest point. The carriage cannot reach the floor – the magnets underneath helps to float the carriage!!! At the same time (when they come to the lowest point), the girls won’t feel any vibration as the magnets sideway help to stable the carriage. The girls' feet are exposed to feel the breeze when they feel the excitement. The carriage only has minimal contact with the stand, so that it can fall very smoothly. Movie clip of this Gyro Drop -- Former works: (I) Friends' Grand Carousel 10196: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=87068 (II) Friends' Ferris Wheel 4957: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=87882
  3. Captain Nemo

    MOC: The Dynamic Duo vs. Two-Face

    The Dynamic Duo vs. Two-Face Our heroic Dynamic Duo, Batman & Robin, may have foiled Two-Face’s bank robbery, but that villain still has one or two guns up his sleeves! While not originally intended as such, this creation ended up being almost an extreme version of the Two-Face chase set. I was going for a more classic look overall, and the new brightly colored Batman and Robin from the Juniors line helped greatly in that regards. The Bat-Boot will stop any getaway! Gotham Bank: ---- Batmobile: I thought it would be cool to include a small Batmobile for this creation, and so here is the bi-product of that idea. It’s basically a highly modified version of the Junior’s line Batmobile. While it looks great, unfortunately it cannot fit Batman. Two-Face’s tow truck was a hard one for me to make. Being at a University, I don’t have all of my pieces with me, which meant I unfortunately left behind almost all of my orange pieces! I was able to construct this however, and I think Two-Face would approve (Assuming it lands heads!) Enjoy! ~Nemo
  4. skcheung

    Winter Ferris Wheel

    Merry Christmas to all!!! My minifigs like this winter ferris wheel very much! Want to see it in motion?
  5. skcheung

    Free Falling Gyro Drop

    This is appalling to my minifigs... ^^" The carriage falls at top speed due completely to gravity. Basically speaking, bricks will be loosed a little bit after 3-4 falls but the machine can still function properly. No bricks will be detached or torn apart, except that a little hand of one of the minifigs fall out after perhaps 40 falls (ref: the following picture) ^^" The following pictures show how it functions: Want to see it in motion?