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  1. Very nice work on these edits. As Kal said, you've really cleaned up the designs while keeping them recognizable as the 2016 versions.
  2. Chro

    Teneu of the Iron Thorns

    Thanks Cat!
  3. Chro

    Star Wars:TFA Theories

    For one thing, Rey thought Luke and the Jedi were legends and not real, so unless there was maybe some force-based mind tampering, I doubt she could have fit into events as you theorized.
  4. Chro

    Teneu of the Iron Thorns

    Thanks! The mask is custom-painted by my friends over at Modalt.
  5. Chro

    [MOC]Astrid the Vanquisher

    On top of the amazing parts usage, the color scheme works so well together - the face, weapons, and dress tie in together just enough to offset the complementary red and blue accents. And you managed to make a more-silver-than-not MOC without making it look like a texture cluster. This is just really ridiculously cool.
  6. Chro

    Teneu of the Iron Thorns

    Thanks Djok. Means a lot <3
  7. Chro

    Bionicle 2015 Attack on Titan Figure. (i was bored))

    Shingeki no Kulta? This is pretty neat, feels like a mod of Tahu rather than a full-on MOC, but that's not a bad thing.
  8. Chro

    Teneu of the Iron Thorns

    It's certainly easier to get a nice organic flow with CCBS than with old Bionicle; I think a fusion of the two lends itself really well to a cohesive and unique figure, as with this MOC. Thank you so much!
  9. Not entirely wrong. In my experience, how a build conveys character is just as important as the build itself. And if clashing textures support the characterization somehow, all the better. :P
  10. Chro

    Teneu of the Iron Thorns

    I agree, although with the pieces I had available there wasn't much I could do to the sides of the torso without entirely redoing the chest and shoulder arrangement. Thank you!
  11. Chro

    Teneu of the Iron Thorns

    He's an aggressive warrior type, of course, from the Iron Thorns, which is some sort of mercenary group. All of that could probably be gleaned from the original post though... honestly not much story to speak of yet. XD I'm considering making some more Iron Thorns MOCs in which case the group and Teneu himself would be fleshed out a little more. Edit: I will say that Teneu is definitely not a Toa, or at least wouldn't think of himself as one even if that were to be his technical classification. No elemental powers either, whether that's because he innately has none or because he exclusively uses weaponry and never developed his other abilities. I guess that the same would apply in-story: he doesn't know what he is and he doesn't care because the only thing that matters to him is doing his job. Breaking people with extreme prejudice.
  12. Chro

    Teneu of the Iron Thorns

    Thank you both!
  13. Chro

    Teneu of the Iron Thorns

    The build has been disassembled, but the sword is simple enough: it is technically an illegal connection, and the space in the crook of the angled connector is slightly too small for the other connector to fit into. As a result it creates its own friction without needing a fancy connection. Thank you!
  14. Brash, brazen, brutal.
  15. Chro

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Oh man. Now I really want Onua and LOSS to try something like that. C'mon, wallet...