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Found 9 results

  1. For the Summer Joust team category this year, the challenge was "Just Another 'Normal' Day." My team decided to go with Leonardo da Vinci! The scenes we covered were inventing, sculpting, painting, and, of courses, sleep. All four of us built fully immersive scenes, with some fantastic editing from Jonah to finish them off. Here's my part. I did a street corner of a Tuscan-inspired village. Now, I understand the scene isn't historically accurate. Leonardo never really finished any of his sculptures (at least that we know of), but liberties were taken for the sake of the collab :) Here's an overview of the four parts: Check out all the other parts! I was honored to be able to work with Joe, Jon, and Jonah, three fantastic builders. Part I: Invention by Jon Part II: Sculpture by Kevin Part III: Fresco by Joe Part IV: Relaxation by Jonah
  2. Hello, this is my new creation. I submitted it to LEGO ideas, and I really appreciate your support if you like it! Support me here and help me reaching 10 000 supporters. I'd be really grateful to you :) Thanks a lot Nikola Tesla (my favorite): Leonardo da Vinci: Albert Einstein: Please support me to make it an official LEGO set. Thank you:)
  3. Who does not know Leonardo da Vinci? Probably the greatest genius of all time. Passionate about everything from astrology to painting, writing to weapons, invented and built the most diverse machines. He was responsible for the most incredible inventions and genius of history. I present these are the summary of the passions that characterized Leonardo: the technological innovations in the military and civilian spheres The Hammer, the Tank and the Ornithopter The hammer was created as an aid to the blacksmiths of the time, thanks to a rotating mechanism, he was able to deliver powerful blows with the hammer that rose and fell on the workpiece The tank is on top of my preferences regarding Leonardo's machines... together the helicopter ... Pushed (manually) from 4 independent wheels positioned inside that allowed to rotate on its axis, was equipped with cannons on 360 °, was equipped also have an observation tower and accessible by stairs. As regards the model the wheels are functioning and are equipped with handles for easy rotation. Protection is totally removable to find out what is hidden inside. In the Ornithoper model you can move the wings up and down as you want. Here you can find the complete album:
  4. Top of the morning to y'all... New published project in for you to support should you want to :) Leave feedback and considerations regarding this MOC. Thanks! Cheers.
  5. It's Day 2 of 8 films in 8 days and we're happy to release this LEGO TMNT film starring party dude Michelangelo. Check it out and tell us what you think. Anyone who subscribes and comments on our YouTube page is entered in a drawing to win some cool LEGO prizes.
  6. The worlds most fearsome fighting team face of against Krang in his android body! This MOC is inspired by the 1987 animated series and the toys released in the late eighties and early nineties. It has been submitted to LEGO Ideas. LEGO Ideas submission: More pictures of the MOC on Flickr:
  7. LegoJalex

    [MOC] TMNT - Leo's Slimobile

    After having recreated several TMNT 80s toys in LEGO, I wanted to try and take the colorful and a bit wacky style of those toys and make up my own design. So here is Leos Slimobile! Its primary weapon is the orange canon that fires slime. But there are also other weapons, such as the yellow cannons. And Leonardo's katanas of course! Comments are welcomed! Cowabunga!
  8. No introduction is needed. *Torsos and heads were printed by Penzora *Headbands by Minifigcat and colored by me with added eyes *Sais are BrickForge *Nunchucks are BrickArms Enjoy -Omi
  9. Hey! For the MocOlympics i build Legonardos workshop. Enjoy all the details and buildingtechniques on MOCpages. With this entry i reached Round 3. Feel free to post your feedback! Jonas