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  1. grohl

    Grohl's Space Alternate Builds

    Starbug is my first alternate build of the 6981 Aerial Intruder. The ship features detachable front section that works as a small scout ship. Both the front and the main cockpit open, the rear section has a deployable 8-wheeled rover that can drive up and down the lowering ramp. The ship has a spinning radar and a storage space for the jetpack. Happy Building!
  2. Mobile Uplink 30682 This model utilizes most of the parts of the donor set. The model features front axle steering, independent rear suspension bogies and worm gear operated raising antenna.
  3. The circle of life has been completed :) It definitely was not a concidence.
  4. Happy Friday everyone. MACK Container Side Loader is my first alternate build of the 42167 MACK LR Electric Garbage Truck The Truck features working steering and opening doors. The trailer has working landing legs, self-locking arms to lift a container and the whole assembly tips to the side to offload the container. The Container has plenty of storage space inside and has opening doors on both sides. Happy Building!
  5. So far I keep running out of sets... not ideas luckily.
  6. Pelican is my 31st alternate build of the 42117 Race Plane. The pelican flaps the wings by pulling the head backwards so it can swallow fish. The wing angle can be changed and the tail and legs posed. Happy Building!
  7. grohl

    Grohl's Space Alternate Builds

    Thank you all very much for your kind words! SPECTRE is my first alternate build of the amazing LEGO 60430 Interstellar spaceship. The magical function got a rebuild to have a bigger nozzle and I added the wing sections to the mechanism to create even more dramatic effect. By pressing the battery pack, the ship not only spreads the thruster sections, but changes the geometry of the wings as well. The cockpit section stayed very similar to the original model. The engine flaps and the battery pack function as in the official model. Happy Building!
  8. grohl

    Grohl's Space Alternate Builds

    Happy New Year, allow me to introduce you THE INVESTIGATOR This alternate build of the SP2 6957 Solar Snooper contains 3 separate vehicles. The main dropship carries a 6-wheeled rover and a small flyer, features changing wing geomentry and opening cockpits, The rover has an opening cockpit with a space for one minifigure and so does the small flyer with foldable wings. Have fun building!
  9. I bought the Control Center II just for the dinosaur and added a sound brick.
  10. I still believe the Technic animals have their audience. Maybe not as many as the vehicles but there is a lot more variety in nature than in car industry.
  11. That quote cannot be about anything else than LEGO Parts :) Apologies, my friends. By mistake I showed you another alternate model as the 30th one instead of this. The Rhino Family consists of two models. The main one moves head up and down by moving its tail and the head swivels from side to side on the neck. The baby rhino does not have any functions except for looking cute. Happy Building!
  12. 42117 Plane with Retractable Landing Gear This might be not the most beautiful plane that I created from the 42117, but it boasts having three functions - Retractable landing gear, spinning propeller and working elevators. And it is the alternate build No. 30 that I created from the set. Happy Building!
  13. grohl

    Grohl's Space Alternate Builds

    Thank you very much. More are on the way.
  14. grohl

    Grohl's Space Alternate Builds

    Hello there, here is another submersible from the Space Police set. I took the Galactic Peace Keeper 6886 and turned it into this Anglerfish using most of its parts. It can open its big mouth, move the pectoral and tail fins. The opening cockpit can fit comfortably both the minifigures.