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  1. Thank you very much Jim. The model I spent several months redesigning until its final form did not catch much attention. How about something that I put together in less than a minute?
  2. Thank you very much @astyanax In the meantime this monster is finally done. The Dropship measures: Length 52.5 cm, Width 54 cm, Height 17cm. The Features include: Independently moving rotors by means of a control stick 2-function gearbox that switches between 1) Spinning rotors linked to a 3-cylinder in-line engine 2) Retractable landing gear Spinning tail rotor Opening cargo ramp Detachable detailed cockpit that works as an escape module Turbines in the air intakes Easy motorization and LED lights The AA gun features: Shooting mechanism with a trigger Rotating turret Opening detailed cockpit
  3. Mosquito Plane is my 22nd alternate model of the 42117 Race Plane and features synchronized rotation on both the propellers. Rolls well and is very swooshable.
  4. Thank you for all the positive feedback on the truck. May the Fourth be with you. Another Star Wars inspired alternate build of the 42117 Race plane is here. The IMPERIAL SHUTTLE is my 26th alternate build of the 42117 LEGO Technic Race Plane I designed. The Shuttle features synchronised folding wing movement. You can build a display stand similar to the one shown in the video.
  5. The Offroad Tipper Truck with Diesel Generator is my very first alternate build of the 42126 Ford Raptor F-150. The model features: - Live axle suspension on both axles - Front axle steering - V6 mid engine with moving pistons driven by rear axle with differential - Opening doors and adjustable steering column in the cab - 2-way tipping bed with self locking linkage - Locking bed rear - Folding bed sides with lock that can be easily removed if needed - Diesel generator
  6. Dinosaur Driving Go-Kart What can be crazier than a huge extinct lizard sitting on a go-kart? This model is an alternate build of the LEGO Technic 42138 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and features two pullback motors with ratcheting mechanism and launcher (tail) for extreme speeds and fun. The mouth of the dinosaur can be opened, the front paws are poseable and the tail has two positions - up (ratcheting mechanism engaged), down (release or just a regular pullback vehicle mode).
  7. BUTTERFLY WITH FLOWER is my 21st alternate model of the LEGO Technic 42117 Race Plane. The Butterfly features a synchronized wing flapping mechanism and is attached to the base of the model together with a flower that completes the scene. The butterfly wings can be locked in an open position in case the friction in the pins is not high enough to hold them.
  8. FROG is my 20th alternate model of the LEGO Technic 42117 Race Plane. The Frog has opening mouth moved by pushing the gearwheel at the back. You can extend the hind legs of the frog. The front ones are locked for stable pose.
  9. REINDEER is my 25th alternate model of the LEGO Technic 42117 Race Plane. The Reindeer has poseable hind legs and antlers and its head can be rotated by rotating its tail. The drivetrain does not need synchronization since the head is attached on a friction pin.
  10. GUY WITH RC PLANE is my 19th alternate model of the 42117 LEGO Technic Race Plane. The model moves both its arms while rotating the head. The elbows and hands can be moved, the head tilted from side to side.The RC Plane and the transmitter can be removed from the hands. This model is my first attempt at humanoid from this set.
  11. HYDROPLANE is my 18th alternate build of the LEGO Technic 42117 Race Plane. The Hydroplane has a spinning propeller in the back powered by the rear wheels, angled cockpit section and oversized engine with side exhausts.
  12. 42129 Mercedes Benz G-Wagen The model is an alternate of the LEGO Technic 42129 Mercedes Benz Zetros Trial Truck. This G-Wagen is 42cm long, 20.5 cm wide and 20 cm high and is loosely inspired by the Mansory Startrooper Pickup Mercedes G-Class. The model features: permanent All Wheel Drive with 3 open differentials powered by 2 hard coupled L motors 3 possible gearing options for high torque, all around performance or high speed front axle steering with improved turning radius powered by 1 L motor 2-speed RC gearbox using 1M motor live axle suspension with improved travel fake inline 4-cylinder engine opening bonnet with support opening doors with locks opening tailgate and sunroof detailed engine bay, interior, exhaust system, side air vents, iconic G-Klasse grill easy to replace batteries