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Found 158 results

  1. TheDoctor

    [Upgrade] Owl Post 76422

    I was very excited to see Lego's new 'modular' Diagon Alley set and in particular the new Owl Post building. I wanted to integrate this model into the existing 75978 Diagon Alley, but it is a very tiny rendition of the building; see below! Here's my improved version... I wanted to try and stick to the spirit and design of the original build as closely as possible.
  2. Here is my review on 2024 LEGO Harry Potter 76430 Hogwarts Castle Owlery: THE GOOD: 5 owls plus 2 hidden owls hidden in the build design. Very details on the exterior and surrounding terrain. No stickers. THE NOT SO GOOD: The price without discount is a bit too high. First I will call this the Owl Battle pack, given you get 5 different owls in this plus a few hidden, more abstract ones which I think it brilliant design of building experience. The Owlery itself is quite tall, in fact taller than I originally expected. And both the exterior and surrounding terrains are nicely designed. The 3 minifigures are great with very nice torsos, although the head pieces are still using variants from previous year. This set also has no stickers which is nice surprise. However, this set is not cheap without any discount. I only bought this set because Amazon AU was doing a time sale at 30% off which makes the price very competitive in today's standard. It's a recommendation from me but only when you can get a decent discount!
  3. Here is my review on LEGO Harry Potter 76428 Hagrid's Hut: An Unexpected Visit: THE GOOD: Fully enclosed hut with excellent details both exterior and interior. Great couches. Excellent minifigures and animal selection. THE NOT SO GOOD: New collectible portraits again! (Not that the piece is not good, it just very difficult to complete the set of 14) WOW, never would have thought a normal retail set from Harry Potter would release a fully enclosed hut. And this is great. It has a fun building experience with smart use of stickers to optimise the interior space. It's a good looking model with some nice touches on the exterior, the roof is interesting but not too complex, plus easily removable just like a modular building. You can also open the hut to better interior access. In terms of the interior, I really like the couches. Apart from the main build you also get to build the dog house which is also a great build. The minifigures and animals included are excellent. With new variant of Hagrid, and the 3 main characters, plus a new dog mould for Fang. And Fang is really one of my main reason that I bought this because I'm a fan of collecting LEGO animals. This set proves it doesn't have to be modular series to have a fully enclosed/complete house. At $150NZD without discount, it's a bit pricey but I bought this with 30% from amazon AU, which made this a very good deal. It's definitely a set I would recommend and now I wonder if I should open and build my 2019 Hagrid's Hut =).
  4. This thread is a Harry Potter Version of the excellent thread on the Star Wars forum started by Kingslayer. It's a place to share ways of making the Harry Potter figures look even better, sharing custom items for sale you might find elsewhere and showing off characters created from your own parts. A lot of these get posted in the yearly discussion threads, but the posts get lost amongst price discussions and piece count debates :D First up, I've tried out a few hairpieces for McGonagall. The braided piece is in Light Grey and Dark Tan, the bun piece is Light Grey, but Dark Grey is also available. I think the bun hairpiece looks better for her appearance the first few films, and the braided piece in the later films where she wears her hat less. The hairpieces also covers up her alternate expression better. I think this piece is too light, but the shape is good. Unfortunately this piece isn't available any darker at the moment. I thought Cho's skin tone was too dark in her CMS figure, so changed from Flesh to Light Flesh. I used Paige Tico's head from the Star Wars Resistance Bomber set, as both actors are of South East Asian heritage and the face suited the character. Rose Tico's face didn't suit her as well. I used the original Cho face for the Patil twins. I got four Cho minifigures so I used two for Padma and Pavati. I'm not sure which ponytail piece best suits them out of the three I have, so I've shown them all. I used Boggart Snape, the bird piece from the lone ranger sets and General Leia's face to make Augusta Longbottom. If only the bird piece came in Tan/Dark Tan... I swapped Malfoy's Bright Light Yellow hair for Tan. I think it makes him look a little less friendly! Anyway, hope these are of some help or interest and I'd love to see what others have done too :)
  5. gilderoy_blockhart

    [MOC] Castle and Griffin Stairwell

    Please to share with you a castle MOC I made that is draws some inspiration from Hogwarts. The build started with a technic mechanism to make the griffin topped stairwell appear and rise (see animated gif). The height of the castle was a result of trying to hide the mechanism which ended up being far larger than I had first thought it would be. The raised gallery on the side was added to balance asymmetry of the Headmaster's towers on the right. This is my largest build to date, but I think I'll stick to more manageable sized builds that can fit on my desk in the future. Finally, I've included my IG profile that has more videos/photos Front view by Alex Lam, on Flickr Side View by Alex Lam, on Flickr Arcade by Alex Lam, on Flickr Technic stairwell mechanism by Alex Lam, on Flickr Griffin stairwell animated gif by Alex Lam, on Flickr Dumbledore's fold out office by Alex Lam, on Flickr
  6. gilderoy_blockhart

    [MOC] - HP Battle of Seven Potters

    Though not in the original books, I really loved this most memorable scene from the Deathly Hallows Pt1 film. Hagrid and Harry do the "loop-d-loop" to avoid head on traffic while evading Death Eaters during the Battle of Seven Potters. It was supposed to be a small build, but like many things it quickly grew in scope and became a much bigger project. Here it is ! This is only a small sample of pictures... there's a lot more on my IG. Link provided below. Enjoy !! IG: gilderoy_blockhart tunnel1 by Alex Lam, on Flickr tunnel2 by Alex Lam, on Flickr tunnel3 by Alex Lam, on Flickr tunnel4 by Alex Lam, on Flickr tunnel5 by Alex Lam, on Flickr
  7. I am happy to present my MOD (actually two MODs) to Lego set 76423, Hogwarts Express with Hogsmead Station. As you likely know, last month Lego released their 91st version of the Hogwarts Express. I think this one is the nicest standard gauge version Lego has released so far. Yeah, that is not saying much, but I think the engine is very well proportioned at 6 wide. That means it feels even smaller scale than the city trains, but if you ignore the fact that it is tiny next to a minifig, it has good proportions and I like how they hid the flanges on the drivers. I've now made two MODs to the locomotive that retain the general appearance but enhance it in various ways. The first MOD is simply cosmetic, adding side rods to the locomotive. I really wanted to also add connecting rods but the locomotive is just so tight at 6 wide that anything to add connecting rods has too much of a trade-off. Either going over 8 wide on such a short engine or adding a few studs between the driver wheels and the cylinders. The latter is definitely doable, but it would be a much larger reworking than what I was aiming for. The second MOD is more ambitious... ... I know, doesn't look much different in pictures, but that's because pictures don't move. A Circuit Cubes motor fits nicely in among the drive wheels And the Bluetooth controller/battery fits within the space of the existing tender The power cube easily pops out for access to the power switch and charging port The spacing works with the stock Circuit Cube wire I did make one purely mechanical mod to the tender, removing the center axle to facilitate rounding R40 curves while retaining the wheel holder to maintain appearances. Access to full instructions for both MODs can be found here for free Enjoy!
  8. Welcome to Harry potter custom builds and moc's. I'm loving the new Harry Potter range of sets but there is always room for improvement. Interested to see how people have altered, added to the existing sets or just gone crazy and built something themselves. Looking forward to seeing your magical creations.
  9. Here is my review on Harry Potter 76420 Triwizard Tournament: The Black Lake: THE GOOD: Great minifigures selection. The design of Ron and Hermione suspended underwater is great. THE NOT SO GOOD: Nothing specific to be honest... I was originally drawn into this set with the variation of the minifigure parts, after seeing a 20% discount on Amazon AU, decided to go for it and I actually enjoyed the set more than I would expect. First there aren't any negatives I particularly want to point out as in my opinion there are none expect for the RRP. The overall building experience isn't complex at all but still offer some cool details and interesting ways of building. It's good the top part and the bottom are connected like modular buildings for easy removal. The highlight for is the way Ron and Hermione appear to be suspended underwater, this gives me a lot of ideas on how to utilise this techniques in other builds. There is also an action feature allowing Harry to dive into the lake. This set also comes with some very good minifigure variants. I especially like some of the secondary expressions. At RRP this set can somewhat feel expensive, but it's not hard to find a place discounting this. I will totally recommend this to all HP fans and casual lego fans.
  10. hoiharry

    [MOC] Hogwarts Entrance Hall

    Hi everyone, I present to you my newest version of the entrance hall at Hogwarts. It took me quite a while to make it look how I wanted and I hope you all like it. (I also made a simpel video to showcase it) .
  11. gilderoy_blockhart

    [MOC] - HP Dueling Club / Chamber of Secrets

    Dueling Club MOC from Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets - finished ! This started out as a simple mosaic build to see if I could recreate the wonderful table design used in the film. Then it became and XXL rebuild of the original set 4733 from 2002. You'll see some of the pieces reused like the banner, lion's heads as well as Harry and Draco's old school torso and hair. More pictures on my IG if you're interested. dueling_club 1 by Alex Lam, on Flickr dueling_club 3 by Alex Lam, on Flickr dueling_club 4 by Alex Lam, on Flickr dueling_club 7 by Alex Lam, on Flickr dueling_club 8 by Alex Lam, on Flickr
  12. Quandale Dingle

    Lego Lore

    Hey guys, I want to know lore or hidden secrets in Lego sets from any theme (city, creator, dots, disney, duplo, friends, harry potter, icons, ideas, marvel, dc, minecraft, minifigures, monkie kid, ninjago, trains, xtra, star wars, sonic the hedgehog, studios, toy story, indiana jones, overwatch, lord of the rings, architecture, juniors, batman, cars, lego movie, lego batman movie, clikits, 4+, classic space, castle, modular buildings, dacta, dimensions, factory, discovery, exo force, elves, frozen, fabuland, fusion, galidor, ghostbusters, hidden side, hero factory, technic, island extreme stunts, jack stone, jurassic park, atlantis, juniors, chima, ninjago movie, mixels, monster fighters, nexo nights, powerpuff girls, pirates, roboriders, racers, scooby-doo, simpsons, brickheadz, spongebob, sports, stranger things, teenage mutant ninja turtles, thomas and friends, bob the builder, town, unikitty, vidiyo, trolls world tour, ultra agents, wild west, vikings, winnie the pooh, world city, world racers, bionicle, and znap)
  13. The last few hours had been quite eventful. Harry was fighting a losing battle against the Basilisk until he received unexpected help from Fawkes (who brought with him the Sorting Hat). Harry reached into it and pulled out the fabled Sword of Gryffindor, which he proceeded to plunge into the serpent’s mouth. With Fawkes and the sword returned to their owner (and a certain house elf in need of freeing) Harry left Dumbledore’s office. The old wizard, now alone, examined the sword, which now seemed to be imbued with a unique power…
  14. "as high as a church and full of nothing but towering shelves covered in small, dusty, glass orbs. They glimmered dully... their flames burning blue." - The Order of the Phoenix Hall of Prophecy MOC, a chamber on level 9 of the British Ministry of Magic. With some creative license, I built a ministry-inspired enclosure around the shelves of orbs so I could frame and hide the forced perspective illusion. Also some pictures of the "orbs" that I made while I was impatient for my PAB order of Mysterio's helmet piece to arrive. Hope you like it. More photos on my IG account. prophecy_2 by Alex Lam, on Flickr prophecy_1 by Alex Lam, on Flickr orbs by Alex Lam, on Flickr
  15. gilderoy_blockhart

    [MOC/MOD] - Harry Potter: Movie in a Box

    Pleased to share with you my Harry Potter themed "Question Block"! It's a summary of a the third HP movie, The Goblet of Fire in a block.It features the important scenes including the three tasks from the Triwizard Challenge, the Yule Ball as well as the climax between Harry and Voldemort in Little Hangleton. I'm not a Super Mario fan, but was very interested in the mechanism behind Lego's question block set. Too cheap to buy the set and not wanting a bunch of yellow parts... so I built the mechanism with my own collection and then gave it a new look and theme. It's sort of like how people often remodel the Death Star model along different themes. It'd be neat to see the original N64 cube set have variations along other themes too... Star Trek version - Borg Cube, anyone ?!?! Can't post video but if you want to see it in action or more images, here's my IG if you're interested: cube_9 by Alex Lam, on Flickr cube_10 by Alex Lam, on Flickr cube_8 by Alex Lam, on Flickr cube_4g by Alex Lam, on Flickr
  16. It's not everyday you find a USD $20 set with an identity crisis. These days, that price point will barely give you one thing let alone multiple things that don't get along. But an identity crisis is exactly what we get in: SET INFORMATIONNumber: 76400Name: Hogwarts Carriage and ThestralsTheme: Wizarding WorldReleased: 2022Part Count: 121 Minifigures: 2Set Price (RRP): 19.99 EUR / 17.99 GBP / 32.99 AUD / 19.99 USD / 24.99 CADLinks: Brickset, Bricklink INTRODUCTIONWe're going to get right into this. No box pics. No fluff. It's a small set and it is what it is. But what it is is two different things from two different scenes. We have the Thestral-borne carriage that takes 2+ Years to Hogwarts on one hand, and a representation of that weird scene where Luna is feeding a baby Thestral for some reason on the other. Do the two make for a natural pairing? Possibly. Does the pairing work? Let's find out. Thank you to LEGO for providing this set at Eurobricks' request. THE MINIFIGURESAs always I appreciate the Harry Potter team's dedication to providing ultra-specific, scene accurate Minifigures. Harry with added blue jacket and Luna in her lavender cardigan with shoulder bag perfectly match the scene where she feeds the baby Thestral (film colour-grading notwithstanding). We certainly didn't need these two variants, but they are nice. Something extra for a contingent of Gryffindors, and a multi-purpose torso from Luna. Apart from the torsos, everything else has been seen before. They include all of the accessories necessary for the scene: the shoulder bag recoloured into dark blue, an apple that the baby Thestral doesn't want, a dark red 1x1 to be the piece of meat that the baby Thestral does want, wands because every Wizard always needs a wand, and the Quibbler thrown in for Luna's introduction on the carriage (though of course her outfit doesn't match that scene). THE THESTRALSMama Thestral remains unchanged from 75951 Grindelwald's Escape, where it was introduced, while baby Thestral is brand new. The big one has a good creepy look and imposing stature, though it is a shame that it has zero articulation for the mould itself. Yes you can flap the added on wings, but that's it. The baby Thestral looks cute with its weeny little wings moulded right on. I have no complaints with the piece LEGO has created, but my nagging question is: did anyone really want this? Did anyone find the Harry Potter line sorely lacking one? It is cool to get, the mould is well done, but out of all the things this line still needs, this one feels like an odd choice. Even a new Grim within this very wave would have been a better use of a creature mould. THE TREE SCENELEGO loves little trees when they can't think of anything else. It's nothing new. Way back in my review of 4865 The Forbidden Forest eleven years ago, I deemed 2011 to be the year of the tree. At least that set went with dark shades for a spooky look. This set goes for brighter shades that don't convey the look of the forest in the slightest. It's also so darn small that the lowest branch only barely clears Harry's head, unlike all of the extremely tall trees in the film. While the attention to screen accuracy in the figures, accessories and Thestral gives the sense that real care went into recreating this scene, the tree fails. THE CARRIAGE SCENE Finally we come to the carriage, and it succeeds! Of course it's a tad too large as LEGO's renditions of small vehicles tend to be, but it has good detail all around and scales with the Thestral well enough. The carriage has plenty of space to seat four characters like it does in the film, plus has pleasant details like an opening door at the rear and a nod towards a staircase down to the ground. It works from all angles. In fact, with the carriage hitched up to the Thestral and two figures atop it, this looks like a complete $10-$15 set. THE (ACTUAL) COMPLETE SET Unfortunately, the set had to go ahead and include the tree scene. Not only does the tree not look great by itself - it looks ludicrous next to the carriage, which absolutely dwarfs it. Maybe the real purpose of the tree is to stage the scene where Harry (and co, mostly not included) flies off to the Ministry, but that's a tongue-in-cheek stretch. CONCLUSION If it wasn't already clear, 76400 Hogwarts Carriage and Thestrals is a half-good set that gets mired with its lousy half. The adult Thestral is good (though sadly lacking articulation) and the carriage is good. The baby Thestral is cute but didn't need to exist, especially before other stuff like a proper Grim or Fang. The tree sucks. Honestly if the set simply lost the tree and baby Thestral and went for USD $15, I'd call it a great set. If it had to stick to $20, throw in another adult Thestral (people can use more than one anyway), and another minifigure, and you've got a better package than this set. There's still ok value with what you DO get here, but a lackluster overall experience. SCOREHow do I rate this set? 8 MINIFIGURES They have good attention to detail and provide a couple of new prints. Nothing amazing or super desirable though. 7 PIECES There's nothing spectacular about the pieces included, besides the Thestrals themselves and a couple of small accessories. The totally static nature of the adult Thestral lets it down a bit though. 6 DESIGN I really have to go harsh on this one. The points it earns for design are all for the carriage, and the points it loses are for the tree, which is disinteresting and doesn't match the source material or the rest of the set. 9 PLAYABILITY To be fair to the set, there's plenty to do with what's included and plenty to play around with. 7 PRICE The price of $20 is to be expected of a set with the two moulded creatures, but it feels a tad high especially because the tree is such a throwaway build. For a slight discount, it would be ok. 7.4 OVERALL - A set with some good aspects, but that has been padded to meet its price point and winds up including two scenes and builds that don't go together at all. GIFT GUIDEWith the holiday gift-giving season coming up, does 76400 make a good gift compared to other sets at its price point? Looking through the 20 USD/EUR and below sets on, $20 in many other themes will get you at least one more minifigure and/or a more substantial build. Within the Harry Potter line, 76386 Polyjuice Potion Mistake is vastly superior. For a kid... the play value here is ok, but not stupendous. If they like Harry Potter and don't yet have a Thestral, it's a worthwhile thing to get, and they might not mind the silly size of the tree as much as I do. That said, kids are discerning too. For an AFOL... the minifigures have a couple of new prints, the bag is new in dark blue though available on Pick a Brick, and the baby Thestral is new. Apart from those things, there isn't much of a draw that would make this a surefire gift. For a casual LEGO fan... I wouldn't recommend this set. The scenes aren't memorable enough and there's nothing inherently charming about the set. For a Harry Potter superfan... Even to a Harry Potter superfan I wouldn't say the scenes are memorable enough to matter. Nobody would display this set to show off their love of Harry Potter and the the characters' outfits are inconsequential, so you would have to assess if this HP fan wants the Thestrals to add to their collection. If you have a friend who you just know likes Harry Potter, I wouldn't gravitate towards this set. Next Monday, it's all about family...
  17. Here is my review on 76403 The Ministry of Magic: THE GOOD: looks good from the front. Excellent telephone box build. Excellent selection of minifigures. Ability to rearrange the set in a modular way. THE NOT SO GOOD: Flimsy ... breaks apart very easily. Interior on some sections have lots of details but not enough depth to allow more variation of play/display. $$$$$$$ It is a good set for Harry Potter fan with an excellent selection of minifigures and lots of cool reference through out the build. However, as a general lego set, the flimsiness and lack of depth really set this set back. While I appreciate the details in a few sections, it just lack the space to allow more fun. And the flimsiness makes it hard to move/relocate this set. However, the telephone box put a smile on my face. I really like the telephone box and I think is excellently done. Having said that the price tag of this set is really high. I probably wouldn't have bought this if there was no discounts nor cool GWP.
  18. Here is my review on 76408 12 Grimmauld Place: THE GOOD: The reveal of no.12 works surprisingly well. Looks good in front. lots of minifigures with exclusive designs included new cat exclusive to this set new broom sticks (not limited to his set I guess since it's new for this wave) Some cool small builds and tons of cool graphics designs for HP fans THE NOT SO GOOD: Hermione should have been included. The triangular shape for no.11 and no.13 are needed to make the feature work but sacrifice the look from the back. The Modular style to remove to level for no.11 and no.13 doesn't seem to be necessary. $$$$$$ Overall, it's a great play set. The transition from no.12 being hidden to revealing at the centre works great and visually impressive. This set has great exterior details but because of this I think the interior and the design of no.11 and no.13 have been sacrificed. The triangular design doesn't work for me. Despite some cool small builds and lots of Harry Potter references with excellent graphics design. I like the minifigures but Hermione should have been included. I think this set is a great for Harry Potter fan but if you are not into Harry Potter, this set can be very pricey. Fortunately I bought this with a discount so it doesn't hurt the wallet as much.
  19. BrickMatit

    [MOC] Hogwarts Library

    IMG_3896 by Brick Matit, su Flickr Waiting for the arriving of the official Madam Pince, from 76402_Dumbledore's Office set that I've not bought yet, my custom Madam Pince is pleased to welcome you into her own kingdom: the Hogwarts Library. This project is my own tribute to the Hogwarts Library. As for the appearance, rooms built and scenes depicted I got clues here and there, but my main references come from the Philosopher Stone and Chamber of Secrets movies and from Philosopher Stone PC game. All the rest is up to my imagination! What I wanted to achieve was created something that could evoke the magical atmosphere of the first Harry Potter sets from 2001 and 2002, but that could match well with the modern sets. I must say I'm really satisfied. This MOC has more than 3.000 pieces and every section is fully removable. IMG_3909 by Brick Matit, su Flickr Tell me what you think and if you manage to recognise every reference! On my Flickr page you can find much more images.
  20. Here is my review on latest LEGO Harry Potter GWP 40577 Hogwarts Grand Staircase: THE GOOD: Interesting building exp. Great desktop display sets. Very well done on the rotating stairs. THE NOT SO GOOD: Wish some improvements in terms of design the the roof/top surface. Need specific sets from the Hogwarts Castle series to make this set looks nice. Very hard to get this. Overall, I like it and I do think it is a very good GWP. Looks good, interesting build experience and fairly good volume. It's great the stair can change orientation. While not a fan of sticker, I also did find the stickers make sense in this set. Could be better if including one more minifigs. Having said that, the roof/top of this build are the weakest in my opinion. Also this set only connects well if you have a 2 storeys set from the Hogwarts Castle series. but then the most important improvement I wish Lego did , was to have this more widely available, with supply chain delay, sometimes it is hard to find items to buy to reach the high threshold for this kind of rewards. And more importantly the Harry Portter GWP I missed last year are now at ridiculous price after market =(
  21. gilderoy_blockhart

    [MOC] - Harry Potter Vignettes

    Happy to share with you some vignettes that I built from the Harry Potter movies. Here are two scenes from Dumbledore's office featuring his Pensieve and Memory Cabinet. Hope you enjoy ! There are more HP builds on my instagram Pensieve 1 by Alex Lam, on Flickr "What you are looking at are memories. In this case containing to one individual. This is perhaps the most important memory I've collected. I'd like you to see it." Pensieve 3 by Alex Lam, on Flickr Pensieve 2 by Alex Lam, on Flickr “I sometimes find, and I am sure you know the feeling, that I simply have too many thoughts and memories crammed into my mind. At these times, I use the Pensieve." Pensieve 4 by Alex Lam, on Flickr Pensieve 5 by Alex Lam, on Flickr
  22. Here is my review on 76399 Hogwarts Magical Trunk: THE GOOD: The trunk is great and surprisingly cool locking mechanism. Awesome selection of both old and new minifigure parts! Lots of cool small builds too, I love the chessboard under the sofa even though it's a sticker. Interesting build and tons of fun. THE NOT SO GOOD: The bottom of the trunk is definitely not for display. This is a great set, both in terms of display and playability. The whole build & customise concept has been executed perfectly. The ideas on having the ability to customise your own Hogwarts student is great and it is very generous LEGO included a variety of minifigure parts. It reminds me on some big lego town minifigure pack back in the late 80s/90s. There are also lots of small details and builds integrated into the trunk which allows you to recreate different scenes. The trunk is great and the locking mechanism works surprisingly, although I must admin the bottom side of the trunk is a bit lacking but then I doubt they can make it happen with this size and price if they make a perfect trunk. Since I bought this with a discount, the price ain't that bad but full price can be a bit pricey, but anyway this is a set I will recommend to anyone given its level of execution in the whole build and customise concept. Now I wish they do similar sets for other themes too.
  23. Here is my review on 76398 Hogwarts Hospital Wing: THE GOOD: Awesome Clock Tower mechanism. Lovely looking hospital beds. Excellence minifigures (especially the head gear for Madam Pomfrey, I wish Lego do one with black and white =P ) BABY SKULL!!!! THE NOT SO GOOD: Looks empty by itself. I personally not liking the hollow flooring. Overall, it's a fairly good set if you just started collecting Harry Potter sets. However, I can't help but it really looks empty by itself. You really need a few of the modular extension for this one. But the clock tower build and play feature is awesome. I also like the genuine hospital beds design. The minifigures are excellent, you pretty much get all 3 main characters in this one set, but the new headgear for Madam Pomfrey is nicely done. It could easily moulded to be a Lego Nun head piece but of course LEGO won't do it =P. I personally bought just because of the baby lego skull, it does not disappoint. The new chest lid is also nice. I will probably only recommend this set if you have specific piece you want here or you just started collecting Harry Potter sets.
  24. 2lazeetomakeaname

    Future Harry Potter Set Ideas/Speculation

    I dunno I just thought this should be a thing Leave your ideas/wishlists for future HP sets
  25. Hello! Today I have for you another Hogwarts extension based on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PC game – Tower with a hidden chest. Since my previous build was quite extensive this time I challenged myself to make another one based on only one 8x8 plate and tried to include enough references that anyone who played the game can still easily recognize from where I got my inspiration. The main feature is moving bookcase (Alohomora!) which reveals Flipendo plate that’s “activating” sliding floor. The opening takes you to the dungeons where you first need to defeat a Cornish Pixie (Rictusempra!) and then you can claim your reward (Wizard Card) from the chest by casting Alohomora at it. As an easter egg I have added a chocolate frog chilling safely by the water in an inaccessible area. To come back you need to cast Spongify on the carpet and you’re ready for further exploration. On the roof you will find a cauldron with Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans waiting to be knocked over with Flipendo. The most challenging part of the build was a bookcase which had to fit in 2x4 space and also needed to be movable. I was able to achieve that by using few brackets and 1x2 plates with clip. I played a little with the flask design and I think the outcome is satisfyingly close to the in-game model. If needed you can change it to combination of trans-red minifig head + trans-red jewel which also works very nicely. The build is fully compatible with 2021 Hogwarts design and the roof is easily detachable if you would like to place a different segment on the top. Since as for today Cornish Pixie model is not available in I had to improvise with the bat but the part list contains the proper one. You can buy it together with the building instruction, file and the stickers sheet on rebrickable (Wizard Card is not included). Cheers!