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Found 145 results

  1. Welcome to Harry potter custom builds and moc's. I'm loving the new Harry Potter range of sets but there is always room for improvement. Interested to see how people have altered, added to the existing sets or just gone crazy and built something themselves. Looking forward to seeing your magical creations.
  2. Here is my review on 76403 The Ministry of Magic: THE GOOD: looks good from the front. Excellent telephone box build. Excellent selection of minifigures. Ability to rearrange the set in a modular way. THE NOT SO GOOD: Flimsy ... breaks apart very easily. Interior on some sections have lots of details but not enough depth to allow more variation of play/display. $$$$$$$ It is a good set for Harry Potter fan with an excellent selection of minifigures and lots of cool reference through out the build. However, as a general lego set, the flimsiness and lack of depth really set this set back. While I appreciate the details in a few sections, it just lack the space to allow more fun. And the flimsiness makes it hard to move/relocate this set. However, the telephone box put a smile on my face. I really like the telephone box and I think is excellently done. Having said that the price tag of this set is really high. I probably wouldn't have bought this if there was no discounts nor cool GWP.
  3. gilderoy_blockhart

    [MOC] - HP Battle of Seven Potters

    Though not in the original books, I really loved this most memorable scene from the Deathly Hallows Pt1 film. Hagrid and Harry do the "loop-d-loop" to avoid head on traffic while evading Death Eaters during the Battle of Seven Potters. It was supposed to be a small build, but like many things it quickly grew in scope and became a much bigger project. Here it is ! This is only a small sample of pictures... there's a lot more on my IG. Link provided below. Enjoy !! IG: gilderoy_blockhart tunnel1 by Alex Lam, on Flickr tunnel2 by Alex Lam, on Flickr tunnel3 by Alex Lam, on Flickr tunnel4 by Alex Lam, on Flickr tunnel5 by Alex Lam, on Flickr
  4. Here is my review on 76408 12 Grimmauld Place: THE GOOD: The reveal of no.12 works surprisingly well. Looks good in front. lots of minifigures with exclusive designs included new cat exclusive to this set new broom sticks (not limited to his set I guess since it's new for this wave) Some cool small builds and tons of cool graphics designs for HP fans THE NOT SO GOOD: Hermione should have been included. The triangular shape for no.11 and no.13 are needed to make the feature work but sacrifice the look from the back. The Modular style to remove to level for no.11 and no.13 doesn't seem to be necessary. $$$$$$ Overall, it's a great play set. The transition from no.12 being hidden to revealing at the centre works great and visually impressive. This set has great exterior details but because of this I think the interior and the design of no.11 and no.13 have been sacrificed. The triangular design doesn't work for me. Despite some cool small builds and lots of Harry Potter references with excellent graphics design. I like the minifigures but Hermione should have been included. I think this set is a great for Harry Potter fan but if you are not into Harry Potter, this set can be very pricey. Fortunately I bought this with a discount so it doesn't hurt the wallet as much.
  5. BrickMatit

    [MOC] Hogwarts Library

    IMG_3896 by Brick Matit, su Flickr Waiting for the arriving of the official Madam Pince, from 76402_Dumbledore's Office set that I've not bought yet, my custom Madam Pince is pleased to welcome you into her own kingdom: the Hogwarts Library. This project is my own tribute to the Hogwarts Library. As for the appearance, rooms built and scenes depicted I got clues here and there, but my main references come from the Philosopher Stone and Chamber of Secrets movies and from Philosopher Stone PC game. All the rest is up to my imagination! What I wanted to achieve was created something that could evoke the magical atmosphere of the first Harry Potter sets from 2001 and 2002, but that could match well with the modern sets. I must say I'm really satisfied. This MOC has more than 3.000 pieces and every section is fully removable. IMG_3909 by Brick Matit, su Flickr Tell me what you think and if you manage to recognise every reference! On my Flickr page you can find much more images.
  6. Here is my review on latest LEGO Harry Potter GWP 40577 Hogwarts Grand Staircase: THE GOOD: Interesting building exp. Great desktop display sets. Very well done on the rotating stairs. THE NOT SO GOOD: Wish some improvements in terms of design the the roof/top surface. Need specific sets from the Hogwarts Castle series to make this set looks nice. Very hard to get this. Overall, I like it and I do think it is a very good GWP. Looks good, interesting build experience and fairly good volume. It's great the stair can change orientation. While not a fan of sticker, I also did find the stickers make sense in this set. Could be better if including one more minifigs. Having said that, the roof/top of this build are the weakest in my opinion. Also this set only connects well if you have a 2 storeys set from the Hogwarts Castle series. but then the most important improvement I wish Lego did , was to have this more widely available, with supply chain delay, sometimes it is hard to find items to buy to reach the high threshold for this kind of rewards. And more importantly the Harry Portter GWP I missed last year are now at ridiculous price after market =(
  7. gilderoy_blockhart

    [MOC] - Harry Potter Vignettes

    Happy to share with you some vignettes that I built from the Harry Potter movies. Here are two scenes from Dumbledore's office featuring his Pensieve and Memory Cabinet. Hope you enjoy ! There are more HP builds on my instagram Pensieve 1 by Alex Lam, on Flickr "What you are looking at are memories. In this case containing to one individual. This is perhaps the most important memory I've collected. I'd like you to see it." Pensieve 3 by Alex Lam, on Flickr Pensieve 2 by Alex Lam, on Flickr “I sometimes find, and I am sure you know the feeling, that I simply have too many thoughts and memories crammed into my mind. At these times, I use the Pensieve." Pensieve 4 by Alex Lam, on Flickr Pensieve 5 by Alex Lam, on Flickr
  8. This thread is a Harry Potter Version of the excellent thread on the Star Wars forum started by Kingslayer. It's a place to share ways of making the Harry Potter figures look even better, sharing custom items for sale you might find elsewhere and showing off characters created from your own parts. A lot of these get posted in the yearly discussion threads, but the posts get lost amongst price discussions and piece count debates :D First up, I've tried out a few hairpieces for McGonagall. The braided piece is in Light Grey and Dark Tan, the bun piece is Light Grey, but Dark Grey is also available. I think the bun hairpiece looks better for her appearance the first few films, and the braided piece in the later films where she wears her hat less. The hairpieces also covers up her alternate expression better. I think this piece is too light, but the shape is good. Unfortunately this piece isn't available any darker at the moment. I thought Cho's skin tone was too dark in her CMS figure, so changed from Flesh to Light Flesh. I used Paige Tico's head from the Star Wars Resistance Bomber set, as both actors are of South East Asian heritage and the face suited the character. Rose Tico's face didn't suit her as well. I used the original Cho face for the Patil twins. I got four Cho minifigures so I used two for Padma and Pavati. I'm not sure which ponytail piece best suits them out of the three I have, so I've shown them all. I used Boggart Snape, the bird piece from the lone ranger sets and General Leia's face to make Augusta Longbottom. If only the bird piece came in Tan/Dark Tan... I swapped Malfoy's Bright Light Yellow hair for Tan. I think it makes him look a little less friendly! Anyway, hope these are of some help or interest and I'd love to see what others have done too :)
  9. Here is my review on 76399 Hogwarts Magical Trunk: THE GOOD: The trunk is great and surprisingly cool locking mechanism. Awesome selection of both old and new minifigure parts! Lots of cool small builds too, I love the chessboard under the sofa even though it's a sticker. Interesting build and tons of fun. THE NOT SO GOOD: The bottom of the trunk is definitely not for display. This is a great set, both in terms of display and playability. The whole build & customise concept has been executed perfectly. The ideas on having the ability to customise your own Hogwarts student is great and it is very generous LEGO included a variety of minifigure parts. It reminds me on some big lego town minifigure pack back in the late 80s/90s. There are also lots of small details and builds integrated into the trunk which allows you to recreate different scenes. The trunk is great and the locking mechanism works surprisingly, although I must admin the bottom side of the trunk is a bit lacking but then I doubt they can make it happen with this size and price if they make a perfect trunk. Since I bought this with a discount, the price ain't that bad but full price can be a bit pricey, but anyway this is a set I will recommend to anyone given its level of execution in the whole build and customise concept. Now I wish they do similar sets for other themes too.
  10. Here is my review on 76398 Hogwarts Hospital Wing: THE GOOD: Awesome Clock Tower mechanism. Lovely looking hospital beds. Excellence minifigures (especially the head gear for Madam Pomfrey, I wish Lego do one with black and white =P ) BABY SKULL!!!! THE NOT SO GOOD: Looks empty by itself. I personally not liking the hollow flooring. Overall, it's a fairly good set if you just started collecting Harry Potter sets. However, I can't help but it really looks empty by itself. You really need a few of the modular extension for this one. But the clock tower build and play feature is awesome. I also like the genuine hospital beds design. The minifigures are excellent, you pretty much get all 3 main characters in this one set, but the new headgear for Madam Pomfrey is nicely done. It could easily moulded to be a Lego Nun head piece but of course LEGO won't do it =P. I personally bought just because of the baby lego skull, it does not disappoint. The new chest lid is also nice. I will probably only recommend this set if you have specific piece you want here or you just started collecting Harry Potter sets.
  11. 2lazeetomakeaname

    Future Harry Potter Set Ideas/Speculation

    I dunno I just thought this should be a thing Leave your ideas/wishlists for future HP sets
  12. Hello! Today I have for you another Hogwarts extension based on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PC game – Tower with a hidden chest. Since my previous build was quite extensive this time I challenged myself to make another one based on only one 8x8 plate and tried to include enough references that anyone who played the game can still easily recognize from where I got my inspiration. The main feature is moving bookcase (Alohomora!) which reveals Flipendo plate that’s “activating” sliding floor. The opening takes you to the dungeons where you first need to defeat a Cornish Pixie (Rictusempra!) and then you can claim your reward (Wizard Card) from the chest by casting Alohomora at it. As an easter egg I have added a chocolate frog chilling safely by the water in an inaccessible area. To come back you need to cast Spongify on the carpet and you’re ready for further exploration. On the roof you will find a cauldron with Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans waiting to be knocked over with Flipendo. The most challenging part of the build was a bookcase which had to fit in 2x4 space and also needed to be movable. I was able to achieve that by using few brackets and 1x2 plates with clip. I played a little with the flask design and I think the outcome is satisfyingly close to the in-game model. If needed you can change it to combination of trans-red minifig head + trans-red jewel which also works very nicely. The build is fully compatible with 2021 Hogwarts design and the roof is easily detachable if you would like to place a different segment on the top. Since as for today Cornish Pixie model is not available in I had to improvise with the bat but the part list contains the proper one. You can buy it together with the building instruction, file and the stickers sheet on rebrickable (Wizard Card is not included). Cheers!
  13. “Now, Hogwarts is full of secrets, Harry, so search behind every door. But keep in mind, not all secrets are rewarding.” Join me in celebration of the Harry Potter PC games 20th Anniversary! Nostalgic journey awaits! Let’s experience together the most memorable aspects of Harry Potter games once more. • Cast Flipendo, Alohomora, Lumos, Rictusempra, Diffindo, Skurge and Spongify to unravel hidden secrets and collect all four Hogwarts Founders Wizard Cards. • Face well-known magical creatures: Giant Orange Snails, Fire Crab, Acromantula, Gnome and Pixie. • Knock over cauldrons and shake standing armours to collect Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. • Brew Wiggenweld potion or catch some Chocolate frogs and replenish your stamina. Expand your Hogwarts castle: • Combine this 2140pcs set with LEGO Harry Potter 20th Anniversary line from June 2021 to make your Hogwarts even bigger! • Display your Wizard Cards collection in the Gallery Corridor. PC games were a huge part of my Harry Potter experience and even as an adult I’m coming back to them from time to time. Since LEGO has restarted Harry Potter Theme in 2018 I was very excited about it but I also felt like something is missing. It took me some time but finally I’ve realized it – there are no platform elements, spell activated objects or secrets included, which we know so well from Harry Potter games. It is understandable since the sets are based mainly on the movies but the wave from 2001 had some secretes implemented. From the day I saw first leaks about 20th Anniversary wave and LEGO Wizard Cards I had this this small spark of hope in the back of my mind that not only will we be getting awesome looking designs and amazing Minifigures but also that magic is coming back to the theme. Unfortunately that was not the case. So I bought all the new sets, bricklinked missing Wizard Cards and slowly started to look for an idea how to display them properly. I saw some very good builds but none of them felt right (16x16 plate from the GWP set disappointed me greatly). And one evening it clicked – angled corridor with cards displayed on the wall as in the Gold Wizard Card Challenge from the second Harry Potter PC game. But the corridor itself was not enough for me. Ideas started rolling in my head and by the next morning I had this complex vision which took me 9 weeks to materialize. When the build was ready I decided to prepare a part list and an instruction (another 3 weeks) because I’m sure there are more people who are feeling that something is missing in their collection the same way I did. And that’s how we got here Below you can find a little more detailed description of different parts of the build. First off all – my creation is heavily based on the Chamber of Secrets PC game. Even though the first one takes this special place in my heart (hence the quote from the begging of the Philosopher’s Stone) the second game is more complex. It has open exploration, more mechanics, spells, magical creatures, Wizard Cards and secrets and it felt like the right direction to go with. I really wanted to stick to the footprint dictated by the Gallery Corridor so the build is somehow squeezed but I believe I was able to include all the most important parts of the game. Besides corridor there are also roofs, dungeons and tower levels each with its own building style. Let’s talk spells, you’ll find here: • movable Flipendo plates, cauldrons to knock over and standing armours to shake (beans!), • bouncing Spongify carpet hidden under moving floor, • magical creatures to cast Rictusempra at, • removable vines and spider’s web to cut through with Diffindo, • removable ectoplasm spots to get rid of with Skurge, • Gargoyle to activate Lumos which illuminates enchanted, removable wall and reveals a hidden room, • and last but not least a chest and stone door to open with Alohomora. There are also few non-spells related mechanics: • flying stone blocks which take you to the dungeons hidden entrance, • Gnome hole with jars containing Flobberworm mucous and Wggentree bark on the top which will be knocked over when the Gnome is thrown to the hole, • lift in dungeons that goes all the way up to the tower top, • trap door under the last Wizard Card to come back to the roof level. From the magical creatures I believe the two most interesting ones are brick built Giant Orange Snails which leave slime trails and Fire Crab that shoots hot flames out of, well… at you ;) I’m super proud of them both – it was quite a challenge to keep proper scale and not lose to many details. You will also have to deal with Acromantula, Gnome and Pixie. I was not able to brick build Gnome which would look good and fit into a Gnome hole without making them both Minifigure size so I decided to go with the Sewer Baby. It’s face expression is full of mischief and after one look at it I had no doubt it’s after my beans! I think it works perfectly :D In the dungeons you will stumble upon a cauldron which you can use to brew Wiggenweld potion using ingredients obtained after defeating the Gnome. If you look hard enough you will also find some Chocolate frogs ;) There are twelve Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans to collect: six from the cauldrons and six to shake out from standing armours. There are two hidden rock blocks that can be easily removed and behind them you will find holes through which you can drop beans in front the standing armours. From the design perspective I think it is worth to mention few things. • Overall bulkiness of the build – I wanted to achieve this early 2000s 3D games look so there is not much curved lines here. • Stained glass windows – they represent colours of each house and combined Hogwarts crest colours. I included them to highlight the main motive, the Hogwarts Founders. • Candelabras and torches – they are very simple builds but I feel that they nicely represent the in-game models. • Gargoyle – was tricky to build and it is not easy to angle its wings properly to fit in 3 by 5 space but I think I did a good job there. • The floor patterns – the one in the dungeons is inspired by in-game floors. Also the rug in Gallery Corridor looks very similar to the one from the corridor in the game. • Stickers – to create them I used assets from the game and adjusted their sizes. The one on the rock which is blocking the lift it’s not easy to see but it’s visible through window in the lift which I think is a nice touch because you need to find it and activate it for the lift to go up. There are two things I had to compromise on. Since this build is directed more to adult builders than children I decided to prioritize slim design over playability. Due to tight build on the top of the tower you’ll need to use some extra force to make the lift go all the way up. This means it will not go down by itself and you’ll need to stick your finger in few different places before you will be able to put it back in place. The flying stone blocks are aligning themselves very nicely when spinning but if you put a Minifigure on the top they will roll over. Even expanding the blocks build to 2 by 4 and using a lot small pieces below the connection point to improve the weight distribution didn’t help so I went with proportions that in my opinion look best. So that’s it Here you'll find excel and bricklink part lists for price check, stickers sheet, sample of the building instruction and few more photos. If you would like to purchase full building instruction you can do it here. Cheers!
  14. Fun with Modular Hogwarts __________________________ Thanks once again to LEGO for providing sets 76386 through 76389 to Eurobricks for review. Stay tuned for my review of Hogsmeade after this article. Now that I've covered 76386 Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake, 76387 Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter, and 76389 Hogwarts: Chamber of Secrets in separate reviews, it's time to play around with combining them together. They're designed to be swapped, stacked, and re-arranged after all! Therefore I wanted to push the new modular system to its limits and share the results with you. __________________________ THE MODULES Broken down into their modular parts, these three Hogwarts sets contain a total of 15 modules: 2 8x24 modules, 4 8x16 modules, 3 8x8 modules, and 5 8x8 roof modules, and 1 8x16 roof module. 76395 Hogwarts: First Flying Lesson, which wasn't provided for review, will add an additional 2 8x8 modules and 2 8x8 roof modules, plus a 10x4 connector module which is less usable in the system so can be discounted. Now, looking at all of these modules, there are logical ways to combine them and less logical ways - I will show you some of each! They do provide a good amount of variety to start with, as all of them have different exteriors and even the conical roof bits have slightly different builds. __________________________ A STANDARD CONFIGURATION Here's a configuration similar to what's suggested on the box. The play feature sections are aligned so that they work: namely, the trapdoor from the Forbidden Corridor is placed over the Devil's Snare, and the bathroom from Polyjuice Potion is placed over the Chamber of Secrets slide. The Great Hall is kept as it comes in its set, and there's a reasonable amount of verticality without going overboard. Personally, the DADA classroom with all the windows being on the same level as the rocky parts looks a bit strange and not ideal, but it's necessary in this configuration to make the play features align. The inside will always make a bit less sense, as there are no doors provided between rooms and things like bathrooms, classrooms, and corridors will abut indiscriminately. I don't think this will bother most children terribly much, though it might have bothered me as a child since I liked things to somewhat mirror real-world situations. There's a good variety of spaces in which to play and stage scenes in these three sets alone: a bathroom, a place for eating, a place for learning, a blank-slate hallway for confrontations or whatever else you'd like, an office, and a few others. Indeed the components of 76387 Fluffy Encounter are elevated by being combined with the other sets, though that doesn't excuse the fact that they're of so little use in their own set. Populated with figures as I've done here, Hogwarts becomes quite lively quite quickly. But enough of the standard configuration. __________________________ THE TWO TOWERS Many people want to know if they can combine the Great Hall with previous Hogwarts sets and forget that it's the Great Hall. You not only can, but you can quite easily. The Great Hall is designed with the same modularity as all the other modules, and once you've shaken up the arrangement, it looks like just another Hogwarts segment. Now I have kept only the rocky bits on ground level. (Note I had two roof bits leftover in this configuration.) On the interior this configuration makes a bit more logical sense. If I swapped the towers around, there'd be a classroom and a bathroom with a corridor in between, and the eating area off on its own level with some balconies adjoining. The play feature sections are also still where they need to be. __________________________ THE THREE TOWERS This configuration doesn't look so good with all the 8x16 modules all stacked up, but hey, it's a thing you can do. It also demonstrates different possibilities with the Great Hall's roof to make it less Great Hall like. The interior is a jumble now. __________________________ THE VERTICAL DOLL'S HOUSE Howabout smushing it all together for one solid slab of Hogwarts? It's a look but I wouldn't say it's a vibe. This configuration begins to demonstrate that the rocky modules don't have to be on ground level, but more of that to come. This one also actually reverts to keeping the play feature sections where they need to be to function, but once again the room placement makes little sense overall. Looks like McGonagall has some explaining to do down in the dungeon. __________________________ FARTHER AFIELD Time to throw inhibitions out the window and mix it up. Here's one I'm calling "The 39 Steps": And if you didn't believe me yet that the Chamber of Secrets modules function just like all the rest, now you will: __________________________ ASTRONOMY TIME If you have 2020's 75969 Hogwarts Astronomy Tower, did you ever notice that the tower itself is a semi-removal 8x8 module? It certainly struck me as odd when building it, because none of the previous Hogwarts sets did that. It doesn't work seamlessly in this system because the upper half has overhanging pieces, but it can be placed on top of an 8x8 module just fine with nothing to either side. The lower half doesn't share the same type of base or orientation of pin holes, but it can receive 8x8 modules. Now there's even more varied space in which to play. __________________________ CONCLUSIONS Playing around with the new modular Hogwarts system has been enormously fun and satisfying. While a little care is needed, the modules disconnect from each other and reconnect to each other smoothly and easily, and once connected they feel very stable. You can be confident moving them around without a resulting floor littered with bricks and tears. There are perhaps not an abundance of configurations that look great from the outside, but it's not too limited either. Playing around for an hour for this article, I came up with several passable solutions. My particular favourite would be what I called "The Two Towers", as it looks nice from the outside and has a logical layout inside, in my opinion. I'd be remiss not to briefly mention the comparison between this system and the original modular system found across the 2001 and 2002 Hogwarts sets. I have plenty of those (including two copies of the Dueling Club for some reason), and let me tell you, you certainly would NOT want to move that Hogwarts around without detaching all of the modules. Also, most of those besides arguably 4709 Hogwarts Castle itself only had one favourable side, while these sets work from the exterior and interior. This revamped system is a true elevation of the concept: lots of varied spaces and details, strong modular connections, and all in all a host of possibilities. Looking at these three sets together does not change my opinion of each one by itself. Sets should always provide a self-contained experience, that can be heightened by combining with other sets to be sure, but not take for granted that that combination will happen. 76386 Polyjuice Potion Mistake and 76389 Chamber of Secrets are both good in their own right, while 76387 really exists only for Fluffy and to lie in wait to be combined with the others. That said, all together, they do make a rewarding experience. __________________________ What do you think? How are you planning to arrange these sets? Do you have another arrangement you'd like me to try? Let me know in the comments!
  15. Greetings, Here's a second addition to our modular Hogsmeade MOC. It's an interpretation of Zonko's Joke shop based on theme park photos and my imagination. The downstairs is the joke shop while they've expanded into Cosplay outfits on the second floor. The tall building next door is a take on what an Owlery might look like.. that will be covered in a different post. Apologies about the overexposure in some of the photos. Having difficulty learning how to photograph interiors at that time. Enjoy ! IG @gilderoy_blockhart A quiet morning at Zonko's Joke Shop and Owl Post by Gilderoy Blockhart, on Flickr Evening falls on Zonko's Joke Shop and Owl Post by Gilderoy Blockhart, on Flickr "Why is it always me?" says Neville Longbottom by Gilderoy Blockhart, on Flickr zonkos-06 by Gilderoy Blockhart, on Flickr zonkos-05a by Gilderoy Blockhart, on Flickr zonkos-08 by Gilderoy Blockhart, on Flickr Modular Interior by Gilderoy Blockhart, on Flickr Ground floor sells jokes, tricks, pranks and balloons. by Gilderoy Blockhart, on Flickr Zonko has expanded his business to include costumes on the second floor. by Gilderoy Blockhart, on Flickr
  16. Greetings Muggles! As you may know, one of my all-time favorite themes is Harry Potter and this year marks the 20th anniversary of the theme! What I love about LEGO Harry Potter is all the many adventures you can create/recreate with Harry & friends, especially inside the iconic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So to celebrate 20 years of magic as part of the LEGO Ideas contest, I built a Hogwarts castle in the shape of a big number 20 comprised of 20 vignettes of the most memorable scenes from across the series with several extra creatures and characters flying around it! From the back, it just looks like a big, oddly shaped castle. I put as much detail into every room as possible. In some cases, this is hard to see because of all the figs in the scenes, so here is a shot of the interior without the characters so that you can see all the background details better. In the middle between the two "numbers" is a plaque that reads "20 Years of LEGO Harry Potter" and a boat with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Hagrid arriving at Hogwarts for the first time, featuring the appearance that they had back when the theme premiered all those years ago. It's a very nostalgic image for me. Let's take a closer look at all the vignettes in chronological order of the events. The Great Hall at the lower end of the 2 represents the Sorting Hat scene after Harry first arrived at Hogwarts. Wingardium Leviosa! Here we have the trio's first charms class where Hermione shows the others how to perform the levitation spell correctly to Harry's amazement and Ron's frustration. Meanwhile, Nearly-headless Nick phases through a bookcase nearby and Crookshanks chases Scabbers around. This is where Hermione gets attacked by a troll in the bathroom during Halloween where she went to cry after Ron's hurtful words, but is saved by the two boys. Next is Harry's first Christmas at Hogwarts where he gets his invisibility cloak when opening his presents in the Gryffindor common room. Ron watches on in delight while munching on some every flavor beans and chocolate frogs. Here is the trio's encounter with Fluffy on their way to prevent the Philosopher's Stone from getting stolen. Qhirrell's harp stands in the back where it was just playing until a moment ago. Harry makes it to the Mirror of Erised to confront Quirrell who reveals the dark lord hiding under his turban. One of the things flying around the castle is Mr. Weasley's flying Ford Anglia which Harry and Ron used to get to the school in their second year. The design of the car is mix of all the official designs that have been released over the years. It has the tail lights, hood and wheels of the latest version, but the headlights and grill of the first one with a few minor modifications. Another extra scene is part of a Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin where Harry snatches the snitch from in front of Draco Malfoy. The first Chamber of Secrets vignette shows Hermione brewing the plolyjuice potion in the girls bathroom, much to Moaning Myrtle's dismay. Having taken the potion and turned into Crabbe and Goyle, Harry and Ron go to the Slytherin common room to find out if it was Malfoy who opened the Chamber of Secrets. Here is the Chamber of Secrets itself where Harry tries to save Ginny from Tom Riddle and the basilisk using the sword of Gryffindor. "Master has given Dobby a sock! Dobby is free!" In Harry's third year, he starts taking divination class with Prof. Trelawney. Ron tries to make sense of his tea leaves while Trelawney comes over to read Harry's. A tarot card of the lightning-struck tower ominously lays on the table before him. He also takes Defense Against the Dark Arts class with Prof. Lupin this year. Here, Lupin shows Neville how to defeat a boggart by turning it into Snape wearing his grandmother's clothes. I also included a secret bonus scene hidden in the base of the castle. If you remove one of the rocks, you can see Harry walking down the secret passageway under the school leading to Hogsmeade using the Marauders Map. In Harry's fourth year, they get visitors from other schools for the Triwizard Tournament and have a yule ball. Harry is dancing with Parvati while Ron is jealously watching Hermione "fraternizing with the enemy". If you look above the castle, you can see Harry during his first Triwizard challenge where he has to steal an egg from a dragon. After the tournament ends in tragedy, Alastair Moody reveals his true self to Harry in the privacy of his office. In Harry's fifth year, Dolores Umbridge takes over the school and forces Harry to write "I must not tell lies" using a special, cruel quill during detention in her office. In response to the ministry's meddling, Harry forms Dumbledore's Army and teaches the other students defense against the dark arts, including how to produce a patronus. Here is Harry trying to brew a potion in potions class under the watchful eye of the self-proclaimed Half-Blood Prince himself, Prof. Snape. In Harry's sixth year, Dumbledore finally clues Harry in on his plans to defeat Lord Voldemort and shows him his memories of a young Tom Riddle. Harry attends Prof. Slughorn's Slug Club meetings along with Hermione, Neville, and Ginny in order to retrieve a crucial memory from the potions teacher. Finally, here we see Harry facing off against Voldemort for the last time in what would have been Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts. There are paintings of witches and wizards lining the walls of the staircase including Newt Scamander, Seraphina Picquery, and James & Lily Potter. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the stairs, Mrs. Weasley fights Bellatrix Lestrange. "Not my daughter, you brick!" Thanks for looking through this lengthy thread. What do you think and which scene is your favorite?
  17. A list (with links) of all the Harry Potter lego content that's been active on eurobricks within the last two years. Premise: there's a lot of Harry Potter content strewn about the "licensed themes" forum, but too much of it goes unseen by too many who'd probably be interested in the material. Far from everyone uses tags on their posts, those tags aren't normed, and many of the titles of the posts don't necessarily lead to them being found in your typical forum search for HP material. Further premises: we'd have even more material here if there were more "reward" (positive feedback) for posting here; too often those posts languish, largely uncommented, and there's no system for otherwise liking or upvoting the contribution, which in combination can be demoralising. We'd also have happier users if they had an easier time finding the content they like. It sounds almost like a match made in heaven... What I'm trying to do about that... Well, in the absence of subforums, I'm attempting to create a somewhat sorted and curated list of the HP content. I've worked my way through over an eighth of the forum scouring for HP material, indexing whatever was last commented on within the past two years, and I think I got most of what was there. (If I missed something, please let me know. If this is an acceptable format (fingers crossed it's allowed as it was a *lot* of work... lol), I'll eventually work my way through the rest and then start tidying this entry. (The quality of the curation will improve as I add more content to link to.) Ideally I'll also add a listing of the MOCs from the MOC Megapost, otherwise folks like our @Micmac and a few others will go seriously underrepresented, which won't do at all. Table Of Contents of the Categories Below Very active Harry Potter threads (comparatively, lots of replies, particularly recent ones) Older / Inactive / Locked (but possibly of interest due to volume) [placeholder] Recent Additions things added in the last month (Coming Soon) MOCs / SECs / MODs The Wizarding World - Hogsmeade The Wizarding World - Diagon Alley Hogwarts 2018/20 Hogwarts System Scale Set Arrangements Specific Scenes Misc Items / Locations Art Nanoscale Misc Minifigs Things / Creatures Brickheadz - official, MOCs / SECs / MODs Reviews News Misc HP lego stuff Prolific Eurobricks' Designers' MOCs and MODs from the MOC Mega-thread: Bugbot20082 Metanoios Micmac part 1 - Hogwarts Locations, Diagon Alley Micmac part 2 - other locations, creatures and minifigs Seaber Whovastron
  18. These are based on their appearance in the WB Studio Tour London. The rooflines are based on the Wrebbit 3D Puzzles for some variety. ______________________________ IG: @Wildcards.Toyroom
  19. Hello everyone, it's my first post here, here is a MOC I built, representing the scene in the end of Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone. It separates in two parts, and can be opened up in the middle, just like in a playset. It stops at a fixed angle. Here are some pictures You can find more on my newly created flickr page Do not hesitate to give me some feedback/constructive comments ! Victor
  20. Hi, my name is Charlie. I'm the member of KLIKK Hungarian LEGO Fan Community. In summer, I had the chance to move to a new house, where I have a lot of space to build own LEGO creations. So, although I'm an AFOL years ago, this is the first time I have a large MOC. Please let me introduce my new Harry Potter creation. My LEGO creation includes more than 35000 LEGO pieces and it took approximately 600 hours to make it ready. It's 115 x 153 cm large (3x4 large LBG baseplates). If you didn't recognize yet, this is the epic battle from the last episode of the franchise. Voldemort's army is attacking the Hogwarts and a battle is beginning between the death eaters, freaky creatures, students, teachers and the members of The Order of Phoenix. I've built the two towers with the cloister and the entrance of the Great Hall. In the courtyard, you can discover many of the characters. For the best result, I've built all of the great moments of the battle. To ensure a great view, the cloister isn't built at the front. The right corner on the front isn't complete, because originally, there should be a giant tower, so I've left the space of it. Movie scene #1: Movie scene #2: I know there are some difference between the MOC and the movie's courtyard. Some of them are intentional. What's missing? - small columns of the arcades (I haven't find the best way to build them yet.) - proper torso for Hermione Granger (I've just find one from a TMNT set) What's wrong? - Layout should be deeper, but I had to consider that this is regularly an exhibition part, so small children should see the whole building. - Paving is different, because if I built this entirely from 1x2 tiles, it would be too bright. You can see some details, minifigures and action in this blog post: One of my dreams is to build the Great Hall behind its entrance, half destroyed. It would be really a great hit. I hope you'll like my creation. Please tell your opinion and leave a comment below. Thank you!
  21. Feuer Zug

    Platform 9 and 3 quarters

    The Platform 9 and 3 quarters that comes with 75955 Hogwarts Express is rather small and limited. It pales in comparison to the real King's Cross terminal. I have extended the length of the platforms, raised the bridge enough to enable most locomotives and rolling stock to pass under it (double stack intermodal and auto rack don't fit.) The pièce de résistance is the overhead covering. I know it doesn't fully capture the look of the station, but I feel that within the size constrains of my layout and budget, it gives a far better feel. With the top removed. [/url] Gandalf blocks the bridge over track nine, crying, "You shall NOT pass!" Rolling his eyes, Dumbledore sighs. "That joke gets older every time you do it." "I know, but it's my best line," protests Gandalf, allowing Dumbledore to cross.
  22. I am proud to finally present my moc System scale Hogwarts castle! This is a project I’ve wanted to undertake since the first wave of sets back in 2018. But with the release of the astronomy tower this summer there was finally enough pieces to get to work. The pieces from the set comprise almost entirely from 2x every Hogwarts expansion set since 2018, along with one broken down D2C Hogwarts. I estimate roughly 10,000 pieces in the thing. The set is comprised of 5 sections: the great hall/staircase tower, the West wing, the clocktower, the astronomy tower and the owlery. The first three of those combining into one connected piece. The great hall and grand staircase tower section comprises of a relatively unchanged great hall, the main differences being the added courtyard, along with connected viaduct, completed roof, and some removed rocks. The interior is pretty much identical to the original set. The staircase tower takes inspiration from the original set, however I’ve added extra height and wider section near the roof for accuracy. And the roof is directly lifted from the D2C tower. Connected to this are an entirely new courtyard entrance section, and Griffindor tower, which is a ‘shrunken’ version of that from the Whomping willow set, it looks similar, but it’s structure is almost entirely different to that of the original build. There is also an added extra tower and the higher viaduct is attached via a walkway. The interior of this section of a bit sparse until I acquire more parts, but for now has elements from different sets thrown in there, such as snapes office, the Mirror of Erised, the magical decrees and the Griffindor common room. This section connects to the west wing via two studs on the viaduct, so they can be easily removed. The west wing entrance building has been rebuilt with extra height and depth added, along with a new roof. Along from the entrance building are the greenhouses, which are unchanged, but have been attached to a facade of the west wing building, making it one solid wall piece. This leads to the bell towers, fully custom with interior in the style of the other sets. (I imagine next years flagship set will be a rendition of these) The interior of this section is a bit sparse right now, but currently contains the positions classroom and Slughorns party. I intend to put in a library there in the future. The bell towers contain the DADA classroom (taken from the clocktower set, along with Snapes cupboard. The Astromy tower is a floating piece. I couldn’t really find a good way to connect it without blocking the interior to the west wing. There has been a lot of extra height added, and the connecting wall removed from the bottom, along with some colour changes on the roof. But apart from this there is little to differentiate it from the original set. The clocktower is also a floating piece. It was originally going to connect to the high viaduct, but instead the viaduct rests on tiles on the rocky landscape base. I changed a lot of colours in this section from the original set, along with combining the sections, getting rid of the technic connectors. I also attached the clocktower courtyard, which doesn’t yet have the fountain, but I do plan to put it there. The interior of the tower here remains the same as the original set, however I have added extra floor space to Dumbledore office, something I’ve also done in the clocktower entrance hall. Also in the clocktower I have added the pendulum. The hospital wing has been moved to the middle floor, with a removable rear wall so as to not show the interior when the castle is viewed from the front. The roof has also been moved and rebuilt to complete it on both sides. Finally there is the Owlery. This is again a fully custom piece, sitting higher on rock than the other buildings. The interior here features a lot of bird droppings, and owl holes. I made sure to include the letter writing stand and owl stand from the whomping willow set, as that was a miniature representation of the owlery in a way. Outside the building I have added the staircase that leads to the rest of the castle, allowing Harry and cho to bump into eachother. And that’s the whole castle! On the face of it the whole thing looks very similar to the original sets, but I reality almost every building has had fundamental build changes, the least of which on the astronomy tower and great hall, with the most being on the west wing and grand staircase tower/griffindor tower. I hope you all like it!
  23. BritishBrickBuilder

    Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Tiles

    Hey, I'm pretty new and have recently made a few purchases of the new Harry Potter sets. I got 10 of the new Chocolate Frog Tiles but unfortunately got doubles of Newt Scamander and Gold Dumbledore, I was just wondering what people are thinking of doing with their doubles; Keep them? MOCs? Sell them on another site like Brick Link? Nice to meet you all btw :)
  24. A while ago i bought the Whomping Willow set as an effort to complete my Hogwarts Collection. A lot can be done better and more detailed on this set, but for now i decided to just give the car a little rework. I know the car was designed by Lego for durability and playability but i really didn´t like that odd roof. So i decided to take matters (and bricks) into my own hands and redesign the car: 20210228_172918 20210228_172819 20210228_172853 As you can see, i incorporated a lot of slightly mismatching colors into the car since the one in the movie isn´t exactly brand describe it politely. The car has dings, dents, and spotty paint. I also tried to detail the interior a bit. It still might not fit 4 minifigs, but at least 2 can be seated and some luggage can be put behind the seats...and yes, the back rests can be adjusted. 20210228_163455 As you know, the car gets quite a beating from the Whomping Willow after it crashes into the tree, so i decided to "demolish" it. 20210228_163132 20210228_163005 20210228_162937 I hope you guys like my version. Comments are apprechiated.
  25. Thanks to LEGO, we have four of the new for June 2021 Harry Potter sets, and I have the pleasure of reviewing them. Without further ado, let's kick off with the biggest and most intriguing... 76389 Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets | 2021 | 1176 Pieces | 10 + 1 Minifigures USD $130 | GBP 130 | EUR 140 (variable) | CAD 170 | AUS$ 230 __________________________ LEGO has departed from the style of Hogwarts sets it produced from 2018 through 2020, which prioritised reproducing recognisable sections of Hogwarts from the film. The new June 2021 Hogwarts represents a soft reboot, prioritising modularity and interior spaces, while the exterior harkens back to the very first type of Hogwarts sets released for the first two films in 2001 and 2002. Fan chatter has certainly been mixed, but I'm going in with an open mind. Will this set succeed? And, will it still combine with the older ones if you have them? Join me to find out. __________________________ THE BUILD & PARTS Bag 1 Bag 1 kicks off with one of the best minifigures in a set of good minifigures, as well as the new and exciting Basilisk. The actual Hogwarts section is nothing to write home about. The Basilisk looks fantastic, making great use of the already-existing lower jaw with a brand new head. While it feels a touch small, the shaping and mean-ness are there - an improvement on the fun original one, and the "one" from the 2018 Great Hall doesn't even bear mentioning. It's also great to get the CMF Sword of Gryffindor. Bag 2 Bag 2 includes yet more new goodies, in the form of the Cornish Pixies and the new candlesticks piece which will be used for Beauty and the Beast's Lumiere later. Note the first of many, many frogs included in this set. Though it's not visible in this pic, Bag 2 also contains a brick 1x2 with two studs on the side in light flesh/nougat. That colour is starting to be used more outside of minifigures, but still a surprise, and the only one of them in the set. I had to whip out the macro lens for a glam shot of those Pixies. The shine down the middle and go translucent at the edges - glorious! Bag 3 Bag 3 contains those lovely rounded bay windows that fit the old square grills. I didn't mention yet that the random chocolate frog card (tiles) are sprinkled throughout the build rather than being in a single bag. Bag 4 Bag 4 builds up the Great Hall. Nothing extraordinary here, though the spread-wing owl in pearl gold is a fun part. This Dumbledore represents another example of recent CMF prints being reused in sets, as the face is the same one that was previously exclusive to the CMF2 Dumbledore. Bag 5 In addition to glow-in-the-dark Nearly Headless Nick in Bag 5, there's also an unprinted glow-in-the-dark head that goes under the newish fishbowl helmet piece (used for Mysterio, for example). There's also the printed trans head containing some sort of potion ingredient, but the writing on it is unreadable even in person. Nick's prints are nearly an identical colour-swap of the version included in the 2018 Great Hall, besides his reverse, considerably more shocked face - he's been petrified! He glows quite nicely, though the fact that his hands to not glow becomes quite noticeable. (We haven't gotten to the g-i-t-d 1x1 round tiles yet.) Bag 6 Bag 6 takes us down to the Chamber of Secrets level at last and changes up the colour palette considerably. Tom Riddle's diary comes in Bag 6, though it's unfortunately a sticker. Oddly, they have you put the sticker on in such a way that it puts the gold edges on a different side to the printed one. I've looked it up, and the stickered way is more correct, I think because his name is actually written on the back of the diary. So, the printed one has the gold correctly in relation to the name, but incorrectly in relation to the spine. Bag 7 Bag 7 builds the wonderful Chamber Entrance, and includes the fantastic new owl print/colour. This is where the g-i-t-d 1x1 round tiles appear, as owl droppings I suppose? More on that later. Bag 8 Bag 8 contains more of the dark colour scheme from Bag 6, primarily building up the Salazar Slytherin statue. Bag 8 is the first bag of the entire set that does not make a self-contained build. All previous bags make a whole section or module within each bag. Bag 9 Finally we come to the final bag, which completes the Chamber of Secrets... and the Great Hall, with an extra table. I was wondering where those cereal boxes had gone! The most exciting thing would have to be the recoloured Ninjago snake heads a spooky statues. __________________________ THE MINIFIGURES I wouldn't go so far as saying that Minifigures can make or break a set, but they certainly play an important role, and for a franchise that's all about the characters, it's important to have a full complement of them in the big sets especially. Thankfully, much like the 2018 Great Hall, this set delivers the goods. It also feels like the Minifigure choices were deliberately made to work with what had come before without too much overlap. If you have previous Hogwarts sets, you're not going to get too many character repeats, and most of the ones that are repeats have new and very reusable robes. The Kids For students we have, from left to right, Luna, Ginny, Harry, Colin Creevey, and Justin Finch-Fletchley (token Hufflepuff with a little screen time). These new robes look fantastic and beautifully complement the previous jumper ones, and it's fantastic to get three out of four houses. It might've been even more fantastic to get all four, but three Slytherin ones come in the smallest (and very good) set of the wave, so they're easily obtainable. The only new head here, though, is Colin's and there have been grumblings both about Luna and Ginny sharing the same face and Luna being in this set at all. I agree with the former - Ginny is important in this film and merited a unique set of prints I feel, with appropriate eyebrow colouring. As for the latter, canonically Luna would've been at Hogwarts during the events of CoS, and her hairpiece is still unique to her and rarer, so I'm fine with it. Swap her hair and/or face if you mind. They all have very slightly different prints for the way their hoods fall. The Adults The adults in this set also look fantastic, with heaps of new prints throughout. 20th Anniversary Goldemort looks fun as a memento, and it's cool LEGO is doing both golden figures and collectible chocolate frog cards in these. While Dumbledore's bright outfit draws the eye, the standout for me is Professor Sinistra - a truly left-field inclusion, but a tremendously good minifigure with her detailed outfit, reuse of McGonagall's hat-hair, and a reddish brown head with two excellent prints including Dumbledore-stlye glasses. I'm embarrassed to say that I can't quite put my finger on the colour of Lockhart's body and legs. I'm a lifelong LEGO devotee but they finally make too many colours for me to keep up! Since Diagon Alley, I've not been a huge fan of the hair choice for him, but it's ok. I tried his original one and didn't love that with this face print. The one outlier as having something really wrong is Tom Riddle. The choice to have light grey legs with black printing looks so 2010. If they're going to go this colour route, they needed dual-moulded legs, or black legs like the version in a recent book would have been preferable. __________________________ THE GRAND TOUR Here's the exterior all put together as per the instructions (of course the modules can be re-arranged, but that's for another article). It looks LEGO Hogwarts-y in the way that all LEGO Hogwartses did pre-2018 - not actually replicating anything from the films (besides the Great Hall sort of), but sticking to an aesthetic that they created in 2001 and pretty much stuck to for a decade culminating in 2011. This set specifically matches the outline of the very first complete Hogwarts, 4709 (click for my scathing review of that one!). In a vacuum, it looks good; the colour scheme works as a whole, what details there are are created with bricks and not stickers, and overall it has significant bulk to it. Now let's go through in detail from top to bottom. The Astronomy Lookout I chose not to use the word "tower" just so we wouldn't confuse ourselves here. The best detail here is the sticker, showing a constelation that looks like Toa Tahu's original mask - a great easter egg. The roof removes somewhat easily so would-be astronomers can astronomise. This feature also appeared exactly in the original 4709. Lockhart's Office The next level down is comprised of two 8x8 modules, one that simply creates a balcony with a broom and clear stand to pose a flying figure (though I've put Nick there), and Lockhart's sticker room, I mean, office. All of the graphics look lovely, and small stickers like these that aren't absolutely integral to the look of a set don't bother me too much. Am I making a pointed reference to the new Hogsmeade set? Stay tuned. A key test of LEGO interiors involves the amount of space left available to pose and play with minifigures. Offices in both the 2019 Clock Tower and 2020 Astronomy Tower failed this sets abysmally; this office does a bit better. There's not a ton of space, but enough that it doesn't feel ridiculous. Can someone else explain the extra set of hair to me, though? Is it something I missed in the film? Also note the chocolate frog hiding behind Lockhart. Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom The next stop down is the DADA classroom, which contains plentiful details: the Pixies, the new candlesticks, the lovely sticker painting, and more. This classroom really exhibits the strength of the new modular system: at 16x across and 8x deep, that's a total usable space of 14x7, which leaves plenty of room for details and lots of figures without it feeling cramped. 8x tall for a classroom also conveys the grand scale and high ceilings of Hogwarts, and makes the room accessible for fingers. The Clock Tower also had a DADA classroom, which I personally liked, but while that one had 16x across of usable space, it only had 5x deep, and 4 in some places, making it much less playable. It's simple maths really. The Great Hall I wanted to touch on the exterior here for a couple of reasons. First, how Great Hall-like is this really. It's certainly not very "great" in scale, being so short. It kind of captures the look of the Great Hall, but not that obviously, which is why it actually could work with the previous one, which had proportion issues but felt much more recognisable. Second, the way the designer has tried to transition between round bricks and the window in the centre tower is ugly. That's all. Where the module system really shined for the DADA classroom, it backfires somewhat for the Great Hall. Confined to this limited space, it doesn't feel very great at all. What details there are are nice, including the owl podium and some stuff in the rafters (also harking back to 4709), but it certainly doesn't convey the large, magical feeling of the place. It's better than the pitiful Great Hall interior in 4709 no doubt, but falls far short of 2018's Great Hall and even 2010's 4842 (another one I reviewed, what a coincidence!). One of very few "play features" in the set is the hidden Sorting Hat, which comically rests on a poop piece. Lift the flag and reveal the sorting hat - yay! I think this is the only Great Hall without the flag-swapping between houses gimmick. Populated with minifigures, you can see how comparatively cramped it is. There are two tables, but only one bench, so figures on the outer side have to stand on the ground. Just two spaces for teachers is also pretty sad - Ginny is sad about it anyway. Of course, this particular Great Hall doubles as the setup for the Dueling Club match, and in that scenario that space is less noticeable. The function works well - it's a simple lever, what is there to go wrong? Here they have Harry wipe the sneer right off of Justin's face. The Chamber of Secrets Entrance This might just be the most accurate-looking part of the entire set - simple, but what a good door! There's room for a minifigure to stand within. The back has those glow-in-the-dark parts, which, given their placement, I assume are owl droppings? Odd, but glowy parts are always nice. The Chamber of Secrets Slide Here we have half a play feature. Half because, while you can drop figures down the slide, it really works in tandem with the Polyjuice Potion Mistake set. Good sales tactic! Note the white skele-frog, which is behind and underneath the slide. Despite the slide taking up room, this segment still passes the "room for minifigures" test. Even Colin is getting in on the action. The Chamber of Secrets Slytherin Statue And now the final part of the set to explore: the iconic gigantic statue of Salazar Slytherin's head! It looks really, really good. Applying the stickers was nerve-racking, because if they were misaligned it would've really thrown off the look. Fortunately I did ok, but this is a case where prints would've been far preferable because these could make or break it. All of the rounded shaping is excellently done with parts, though. A drawback of this section is that, as built, the snake statues on either side get in the way of using any of the interior space. The space is there, but the build locks it away. Of course, you can remove the snake statues, which is just fine, but given that the action happens in front of the Slytherin head in the scene, ultimately your "Chamber of Secrets" will be your own floor/surface, with the LEGO parts set up as the backdrop. To my taste, that's a shame. I prefer when LEGO scenes can be re-enacted on the actual LEGO, and not on in front/to the side of it. This section also has a play feature of sorts: the lower jaw of the mouth slides out, allowing you to then slide the Basilisk through. It's all very manual, and the interior of the mouth serves no purpose, which I think is a bit of a shame. Would have been nice to see something hidden in there, like an old textbook or set of tattered robes or something. Voldemort is about to say "looks like that young lad is in trouble... but that's none of my business" (if you get the meme, good on you). __________________________ A WORD ON PLAYABILITY Throughout the review I indirectly touched on the fact that there's not much in the way of "play features". In that regard this set shares a choice with the previous ones from 2018-2020, emphasizing doll-house style playability over LEGO action playability. There's plenty of space to play out scenarios with the minifigures, but besides the hidden Sorting Hat, the Dueling Club table and the mouth the manually slide out of Slytherin, there's nothing in the way of functions. Gone are the days of trap doors aplenty, yanking chains, spinning furnaces. Now, I derided most of these for various reasons in my review of 4709, but what I did say is that they felt magical. The wonder and whimsy of the Harry Potter stories is all about the magic, and in the films you certainly feel that when things are floating by themselves through the air, or someone flicks their wand and causes something to happen. LEGO has the ability to capture that through action features, and given that these new sets prioritise interior play over exterior look, these would have been a good place to reintroduce some of that LEGO Harry Potter magic. __________________________ DISPLAYING HOGWARTS Many people want to know: how does this new, green-roofed Hogwarts look with the ones from previous years? Unfortunately my new display cabinet is a bit cramped, but in my assessment, they display together just fine. My displaying ethos is one of "mushing it all together", and I did these two setups quick and dirty; lots of clever people here on Eurobricks have come up with more elegant solutions in the Harry Potter discussion thread. However, if you don't care about the accurate placement of buildings and simply want to know if the aesthetics work, this is for you: __________________________ FINAL THOUGHTS & RATING It's difficult to talk about value until the end. As a whole, this set has a lot of different parts to it, hitting many of the key memorable scenes at Hogwarts from Chamber of Secrets: Lockhart's manic classes, the Dueling Club, and of course the Chamber of Secrets itself. The spaces have lots of details, and mostly enough room for play, though the Great Hall feels a bit sad in scale for meal scenes, and the Chamber leaves a bit to be desired. The overall scale feels large; the modular system uses good economy of larger parts to build up a large castle, while not feeling under-detailed from the outside. It's simpler than the 2018-2020 sets, but still more detailed than the ones from 2011 and before. The tower part is as tall as the Astronomy Tower, with more room inside, while the Great Hall section feels comparable to the Clock Tower in size, being shorter but deeper. 2010's 4842 was the same price as this, with more parts, but less good playable space. The minifigures, bar Tom Riddle, are fantastic, and pair well with previous ones, if you have them. Looking at this set alone, there are enough figures to play out lots of scenarios, and the most important figures for the Chamber of Secrets itself. Of course, some are missing if we're going for accuracy - you need Draco for the Dueling Club and Neville for the Pixie scene - conveniently both available in the upcoming Quidditch practice set!! On the parts side, in the majority of parts there's nothing revolutionary, but the new creatures are amazing and I doubt they're going to be cheap on Bricklink. All in all, by itself this set offers quite the package, at what feels like a tolerable (US) price. I personally still prefer the look of the 2018-20 sets that went for exterior accuracy, and those are the ones I will continue to display, while I might create a second display with these new ones. However, as Hogwarts LEGO set its appeal is undeniable, and for collectors it offers enough that you probably don't want to miss. Dare I say it's the best "complete" standalone Hogwarts set yet? Minifigures: 9/10 - a point docked for bad Riddle legs and duplicate little girl faces. Pieces: 9/10 - there's a lot of them, and some good new and glow-in-the-dark stuff. If you like the colour scheme it could be a worthwhile parts pack, as there aren't a ton of large parts besides the flooring and a few LURPs. Design: 7/10 - The exterior is consistently fine (besides the ugly central Great Hall tower) though not wow, and the interior has some truly great spaces and some slight let downs. Playability: 5/10 - Again hard to rate. The fact that there's usable space makes this play-able, but it's a missed opportunity for some real play features. Price: 10/10 - I think it's right, what can I say? For the volume of it, the size of the finished model, and the new stuff and minifigures, expecting a lower RRP would be naive. Inflation hasn't even gotten the better of it, because the 2010 one was the same price and this one feels larger. Overall: 8/10 - Where I come from that's a solid B - a not perfect but still very solid score. That sums it up. I expected to like this set a lot less, but in actuality it has a lot to offer. Next up, a very good boy?