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Found 52 results

  1. I haven't posted anything here in a while. So here's a short I created, but as the Nexo Knights brand has been canceled, the video remained unreleased for a while as well. I was eventually allowed to share it so... enjoy, and feel free to give some feedback ! There's also another episode about to be released (with a Lego Friends theme).
  2. And lo, another wave come-eth. Yes, it is @x105Black's nightmares come true. (All meant in good jest and humour) As it seems there will be more Nexo Knights. 72001 Lance's Hiver Jouster 72002 Twinfector 72003 Berserker Bomber 72004 Tech Wizard Showdown 72005 Aaron's X-Bow 72006 Axl's Rolling Arsenal
  3. I really liked Nexo Knights, and I really liked all the little nods towards older castle themes without established locations potentially taking place in its world. So, I decided to try and create a Nexo Knights-refurbished version of two classic sets from the Fright Knights using LDD: Witch's Magic Manor & Night Lord's Castle, albeit combined into one, so that the Magic Manor serves as a sort of hideout/base under the Night Lord's Castle. The bit that I am currently stuck on is a suitable castle gate. The simple wooden doors of the official Knighton Castle set looked a bit weird, and as such I am trying to create a more sci-fi looking portcullis structure or portcullis alternative, in tr. neon orange of course. So far, I have tried using a bunch of 30064 stud/stick pieces (difficult to create a suitably sized structure without running into difficulty connecting the two sets of bars into a structure that can move as a single piece), the large sword pieces from Clay's mechsuit (as with the original use, strange-looking due to the lack of depth combined with the pattern and width) and finally the 4218 rolling gate pieces (serviceable, except the only source of these in tr. neon orange is over two decades old, and I'd like to actually be able to build this thing in real life at some point). If anyone has any recommendations, I'd be glad to hear them.
  4. Hey guys, Some of you may remember the time a few years ago when the first rumours about the Lego Nexo Knights theme began to surface. Some sources claimed to know, that the theme would be Castle combined with Steampunk elements. Some said, the set that we today know as 70317 The Fortrex was actually going to be a giant walking Steampunk fortress. I was really fascinated by those descriptions. Of course, as we all know today, the actually Nexo Knights theme had nothing to do with Steampunk, which really disappointed me. But the picture of a big Steampunk Castle still was floating in my head and so I decided to just build one. What you can see here is the result of that decision: A Steampunk version of the "Fortrex" indeed. It has got everything a proper Lego Castle needs: Drawbridge, Cranes, 2 towers at the front, 1 in the back... and it can walk on four feet powered by a steam engine with giant smokestack! It's pretty cool, isn't it? It took me a long time to build this model but I'm really satisfied with the overall outcome. The biggest challenge for me was designing the legs because I wanted them to be kind of posable but still had to allow them to hold the high weight of the castle above. I also had a lot of fun finding ways to use interesting looking parts and colours in strange "steampunky" ways. For more pictures and information you can visit the Lego Ideas page of this model: And if you're already there I of course would be very thankful if you could support the project. ;-) I'm also interested in your opinion regarding Nexo Knights: Would you have had preferred a Steampunk version of the theme or were you happy with what it turned out to be? I'm looking forward to reading you're comments!
  5. Peppermint_M

    Fantasy Index

    Visit the lands of fantasy where dragons fly and treasures are to be found. But look out for the creatures of fire, shadow and stone. Tags Prize Tags and awards for LEGO Elves themed builds A reward for Nexo Knights Reviews - Chima Reviews - Chima Speedorz Reviews - - Elves Reviews - -Nexo Knights Fire Army Reviews - Nexo Knights Stone Army Reviews - Nexo Knights Tech Infection Reviews - Nexo Knights Extras and Polybag Reviews - MOCs - Chima MOCs - Elves MOCs - Nexo Knights MOCs -
  6. If I wanted to demo my Jet Dragon attaching to a battle suit, I had to borrow one from my son. Since I bought the Lego Batman Movie Mr Freeze set, I had some of the new pieces used for the battle suits. I decided to make a suit for Lavaria and wanted it to have four legs like he ultimate set. (Wings can be an attachment.) Obviously the larger body may make some attachments not work. --- Macy smashed another stone monster with her battle suit. "Is it just me or is it getting too easy with these battle suits?" "Don't be too confident," declared Merlock 2.0 over the communication system. "We still don't know the purpose of the cloud of monsters attack this village." Macy heard something behind her but before she could turn around something covered her head. The mech started moving on it's own. "What is happening?" yelled the princess. Aaron jumped out of the way of the giant mace. "Hey! You nearly hit me." "It's not me," said Macy. "I can't controlled my battle suit." A laugh floated over the heroes. "Don't you like my new creation. You see I noticed your ability to combine the mechs with other attachments. I created my own accessory. It takes control over your mech," explained the Cloud of Monstrox. Axl blocked the giant mace from flattening Aaron. "What do we do? We can't hurt Macy." Ava piped in. "According to my scans they are sending commands to the large receiver on her back. If you could smash it, it might free Macy." Axl tried to maneuver around with Aaron but there were too many stone monsters. Macy's suit managed a direct blow on the right arm of Axl's mech. The arm no longer responded to commands. Reluctantly Aaron called out to the controlled mech. "Macy, we're taking too much damage. We need to retreat. We'll find a away to free you." "No worries guys," replied Macy smashing at the controls. "I'll figure out a way to break free and meet you at the Fortrex." Aaron smiled at her determination. But it was short lived. At the Fortrex he pressed Ava, Robin an Merlock 2.0 for a solution. Spinning around in her chair, Ava repeated the same thing she had been saying the whole time. "We need to smash the receiver on the back of the device." Axl gnawed on a chicken leg. He spat food as he spoke. "Impossible with the number of monster." Inspiration hit Aaron. "What we need is an expert at stealth," suggested the current leader. Everyone stared blankly at him. "Lavaria." "You can't be serious," responded Axl. "She worked for the Book of Monsters." Ava didn't think it would work for practical reasons. "Even if she agreed to help, it's doubtful that she could do enough damage to the dish before being discovered and caught." Robin suggested, "We could build her a special stealth battle suit." "This is sounding worse than the original suggestion," groaned Axl. --- Lavaria pondered the request of the Nexo Knights. She walked around Axl's battle suit. "You'll need to build it to my specification," she said. "This thing is far to clunky." Aaron turned to the little mechanic. "Robin can build whatever you need." Lavaria looked at Aaron. "Alright. I'll help." It took the rest of the day for Robin to build the new suit with Lavaria's requests. The mech had four spider like legs and wielded a thin blade. It was time to get Macy back.
  7. Brick 101 did an excellent Minecraft Iron Golem. My son originally wanted it for the mini build for his birthday party. It was too expensive and he changed his mind to a Nexo Knights theme. I thought this was great. Since Monstrox has gone digital, I figured you could have the knights looking for old magic to defeat him. They run across an old golem guardian a site and convince him to join them. My son requested moving legs. The part count is reduced. A spot for a Nexo Power is added to the chest. (I included a blank blue piece and a random Nexo Power in the party favors.) Instructions are provided here.
  8. My LUG did a BrickHeadz challenge for a meeting. I had thought about doing Ultimate Lavaria but decided on Mer-Man instead. About an hour before the meeting I quickly created Ultimate Lavaria as a BrickHeadz. I feel like I cheated a little on the wings, weapon, and legs by using the pieces from Ultimate Lavaria set.
  9. Things fall apart and the centre cannot hold in Knighton (in the wake of the cancellation of Nexo Knights' third year sets), forcing ambitious commoners such as Ava and bold knights such as Lance to scramble for power. Lance may be the richest knight in the kingdom, but he needs more resources and allies if he hopes to play kingmaker -- leading him to forge a risky alliance with the lava monsters to operate an illegal lava mine. Here Lance arrives for his latest visit to speak with General Magmar -- now General Manager Magmar. Lance is only accompanied by his loyal bots on these missions, who are programmed for utmost discretion. If word were to leak out that Lance is employing lava monsters, the scandal would be disastrous. There used to be bad blood between Magmar and Lance's family, but now the two are on the best of terms and toast their business arrangement. "The quality of money is not strained," as Shakespeare put it. Magmar escorts Lance to the mine, walking past a shrine dedicated to the lava monsters' former leader, Jestro. An honor guard maintains the shrine, although both Lance and Magmar know that Jestro has become a fierce loyalist to King Halbert and will never return to the lava monsters. (In fact, Jestro has found that though he may be a terrible jester, he has a real talent for middle management, and King Halbert has been entrusting more and more authority to his forgiven subject.) Magmar finds it useful to maintain the illusion of Jestro's memory to motivate the troops, and Lavaria spends many a sad hour in meditation on her lost Jestro. Magmar shows off the latest haul from the lava mine. These lava crystals are vital to rebuilding Lance's bank account and rearming the lava monster army. This pile of gold will help Lance bribe supporters in the palace and buy the loyalty of the army. The mine is powered partly by this ramshackle, dangerous device... ...and partly by raw physical labor. Alas, it seems that Lance is turning a blind eye to the use of child labor in the mine. Magmar has increasingly been pushing Lance for more high explosives to facilitate the mine expansion -- and, incidentally, to rearm his troops. Such weapons proliferation is highly illegal, but the bots are completely trustworthy and would never reveal the truth to the Knighton authorities. Yes, the secret is completely safe with the bots. Nothing could possibly go wrong with Lance's plan, so long as the bots... ...uh, wait a minute... Episodes: #1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy #2 -- Lance's Lava Mine #3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel #4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate #5 -- Axl's Spider Foundry #6 -- King Halbert's Last Stand #7 -- Aaron's Club Absinthe #8 -- Robin's Vampirate Ship #9 -- Clay's Chapterhouse Vigil 
  10. It seems it was yesterday when we first heard about a new castle theme that was supposed to be a spiritual successor of Fantasy Era (2007) That theme turned out to be Nexo Knights Now, the theme has ended after 5 waves in 3 years. So, I thought it would be nice to share our thoughts on the theme as a whole and its cancellation
  11. Ava was pretty miffed about getting left out of the third-year sets, so she left Knighton and took up with the rocky remnants of Jestro's stone army. Desperate for leadership, the surviving stone monsters threw in their lot with Ava. Styling herself the Ambassador, she has holed up in a waterlogged fortress she calls the Stone Embassy, where she now leads and protects what few stone monsters remain. A flooded Embassy complex provides great security advantages, but there are some inherent risks, too. Ambassador Ava is trying to present a friendlier image, but the approach to the Embassy, accessible only by boat, is still a little intimidating. Today, Ambassador Ava has received Clay in the hope of arranging a formal treaty with Knighton. First, the Ambassador escorts Clay past the barracks, stopping only long enough to chat with a couple of chess players. Next she takes him to the lecture hall, where the Ambassador has engaged her troops in a crash course on literacy. The results are promising! Clay seems taken aback by the bell tower and its faceless occupant. The Ambassador assures him that everything is all right and quickly hurries the tour along. Clay is curious to know what is in the infinity room guarded by Ava's personal heligoyle transport. Ava invites him to see for himself... ...but at the sight of Ruina, Clay decides to skip that part of the tour. (All he missed was Krakenskull crackin' away at the piano.) Ava is quite happy to show off her luxurious accommodations, constructed to her exacting specifications -- a greenhouse, living room, and bathroom. Her most prized possession is this big-screen TV... ...and her collection of videogames and portable consoles. The Ambassador invites Clay to take a drink, but he wisely declines, preferring to start the treaty negotiations right away. He has reason for haste; it seems that the vampirates are lurking outside at this very moment. Episodes: #1 -- Ava's Stone Embassy #2 -- Lance's Lava Mine #3 -- Macy's Fortified Chapel #4 -- Jestro's Pandora Gate #5 -- Axl's Spider Foundry #6 -- King Halbert's Last Stand #7 -- Aaron's Club Absinthe #8 -- Robin's Vampirate Ship #9 -- Clay's Chapterhouse Vigil
  12. Welcome to legozebra's pictorial review of 72004 Tech Wizard Showdown! Retailing for $39.99, 72004 is one of the 2018 Nexo Knights sets, although it, like many other 2018 sets, will be released officially on November 29th, most likely to capture the holiday spirit of frantic gift-buying. I was swinging by my local Toys R Us for something completely different (My branch for some reason has four Lego-related giveaways all around the $30-$50 price range - Geoffrey the Giraffe, Kai's Dojo Pod, Friends Ski Pod, and R3-M2) and happened to see this - the only 2018 set on the shelves. They seem to be appearing out in the wild at greater frequency and earlier than they've ever been, so stop by your local TRU - chances are at least one or two 2018 sets will be on shelves. But you didn't come here to read about how I got the set - so without further ado, let's jump into the box art! Packaging/Box Art (First of all, apologies for the slightly blurry pictures of the box - I noticed my camera lens was smudged after I had already thrown out the box) Emblazoned on the box art for 72004 is Clay's Tech Wizard Mech, facing off against the much smaller crawler mech that Monstrux boasts. The Infecto Byter appears to be attempting to block stud shooter bullets with his scythe (not a good plan), while the Cyberbyter is doing his best to impede the mech's progress by whacking it with his tiny axe. Neither seem like they are going to accomplish anything here. On the other hand, Monstrux is firing infecting bugs at the mech - which may seem small at first, but who knows if they'll manage to take over the mech's systems... The back of the box boasts seven golden Merlok Powers, each corresponding to a knight plus Merlok himself - a Claymore for Clay, Bow for Aaron, Lance for, well, Lance, Mace for Macy, Hammer for Robin (I guess he's a full-fledged knight now), an Axe for Axl, and a Wizard's staff for Merlok. On an aside, typing out each of these weapons and their corresponding knight really hammers in the pun names. Enough of the box though - let's get into the minifigures! Minifigures, Named Characters, and Accessories Starting off the minifigures we have Clay Moorington, the only knight not to boast golden armor due to the mech suit he fits in. I expect some sort of retailer exclusive or other set we haven't seen yet to include him with full armor, presumably the only unrevealed set containing the Merlok Staff Power. But for now, this is all we get. Here's a shot of the figure's back printing to get a good look at the sweet blue and gold printing. Everything about this figure is pretty superb save one detail - the Tech Wizard arm. Spoilers for Season Four of the TV show follow, as well as comparison photos to how it should look. As you may or may not have seen in the spoiler box, Clay's arm look pretty drastically different in the show than it does in the set - in the show, without giving away spoilers, it is part trans orange and part blue, with technology lines receding from it. Pretty cool, right? In the set, however, it's just... orange. Yeah, that's right. Just a plain orange arm. This feels like a missed opportunity here - In Ninjago, for example, when Cole unlocked his Elemental Fists, his arms gained an effect in the TV show not unlike Clay's arm here, except the set version was trans-black with orange rock highlights. That arm looked amazing, whereas this plain orange arm is a bit of a let-down. I don't know anything about how well Nexo Knights is performing financially, but presume that this lack of detail could have arisen from budgetary constraints, not technical difficulties in making it look good. Here's a look at all variants of Clay we've gotten so far - it's more than I realized at first! From left to right: 2016 Knight Clay, 2016 Ultimate Clay, 2017 Knight Clay, 2017 Battle Suit Pilot Clay, 2017 Cursed Transformation Clay, 2017 Gray Knight Stone Clay, and finally 2018 Battle Suit Pilot/Tech Wizard Clay. Note how the sword molding has changed over the years to reflect shifts in color scheme - silver, gray, and gold. Anyways, with Clay done, let's take a closer look at the other character on the side of good: Merlok. The Merlok we get in this set is indeed a printed part - thank goodness he wasn't a sticker, or there would be fingerprints all over him. Here's a lineup of all Merlok variants we've gotten so far, from left to right: 2016 Fortrex Merlok, 2016 (Sticker) GWP Training Pack w/Shield Merlok, 2017 Merlok Mech Suit, and 2018 Tech Wizard Merlok. Of all of them, the worst is by far the obscure promo version, which makes sense, as he's a sticker and way too small as well. As for the 2018 vs 2016 hologram variants, it's not obvious as first but the 2016 variant is printed in silver on the piece whereas the 2018 variant is in warm gold. It's a really nice way to emphasize the change in color scheme between the years (more on that later) but especially the change from silver highlights in 2016, orange highlights in 2017, and gold highlights in 2018. It's a cool detail I didn't notice at first glance, but am really liking how the Merlok holograms evoke that year's secondary color scheme. But now, we must move onto a more... monstrous side of the figures, starting with the CyberByter. This cute little fellow seems to be a Squirebot who has been infected with Monstrux's tech virus. A closer loom at his face shows he is trying very hard to appear as menacing as possible, to somewhat comedic effect. His alt-face is a bit more grumpy - but evil nonetheless. Now if only this virus will improve their lackluster fighting abilities as well as their facial prints... but we'll have to wait and see for Season Five of the show. Next up is the Infecto Byter, sporting a brand new vampiric helmet. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of this figure than I was of other generic baddie types in the past, like the magma and stone/lightning monsters, but I appear to be in the minority in that regards. Perhaps it's because I've never been that big of a castle fan and more of a space fan, but I really welcome these new, high-tech designs. With the helmet removed, we get a better look at that creepy face - I absolutely love this vampire-esque mask and suspect it will prove very useful in custom Space characters in the future. Turning the figure around, however, and we see one of the major flaws in the helmet - much like the masks of the 2011 Hero Factory Fire Villains (anyone remember these?), it is double sided, serving as a different helmet from the back. The only problem with this unique design, however, is the inclusion of an alternate face, which sticks out more prominently than Han Solo's scowl underneath his old hair element. Now, these may be elements of the story - perhaps these villainous fiends do indeed have eyes on the backs of their heads (props to Tommy Andreasen if he's worked this element of the sets into the show) - but until that's confirmed, this is an unfortunate side effect of having both a dual sided helmet and an alternate expression. Speaking of that alt expression, here's a look underneath the helmet, as well as a side shot for a close-up of the new mold. Next up is Monstrox and his creepy crawler platform. The hologram element is indeed printed, which came as a nice surprise. Here's a look at all iterations of Monstrox over the years, from the diminutive Book of Monsters, to the Cloud of Monstrox, and finally the Hologram (?) of Monstrox. I've obviously excluded the Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction, another form of Monstrox, because of his, well, colossal size. The crawler alone sports three new molds as well - a tiny tech bug (I'm sure the official name is in some set description somewhere, but it's a tiny tech bug) and a cool new wing/claw element in trans green with hexagonal patterns, a bit like a tiny version of Galaxy Squad's Insect Wings. Here's the element in question: And here's the most exciting element of all - the new shield. It's both insectoid and techy, with what appear to be coiled wires streaming down the sides of the element. It's much more visually appealing than the rock shield, and is my favorite new mold from this set. Also, here's some shots of the new tech bug element, in case you were curious. It's a neat amount of detail for such a small piece, down to the legs at different angles. I dig it! Before we move on, I just wanted to highlight the new Merlok Power: It's cast in some sort of gold, although the shine is a bit different from the other warm gold parts. It may be just me, but it looks really great and feels like a high quality collectible item. I really like this element! With all the figures and and characters covered, let's move on the the main build! Build/Model We're a bit ahead of ourselves - let's backtrack to a nice surprise inside of the larger mech suit... A baby mech suit! It's a standard build, nothing too exciting - but it's to be expected with builds piloting other builds (see 8943, 8942, 70810, the list goes on). Here's a comparison to another rather standard build: Clay's original Battle Suit. (Excuse the lack of Nexo Powers - they're all part of a large wall display) The Battle Suit features the cockpit in element in warm gold, the first time it's ever been in that color, but otherwise features no other exciting recolors or molds. The weapons can be held in a back jetpack attachment, also featured on the main mech. This attachment, while looking alright from the front and back (save the awkward giant sword placement) really does not look good at all from the side: As you can see, it juts out with the thickness of almost another Battle Suit entirely. It does this too, but to a much lesser extent, in the larger mech, and I feel that it could have been executed a bit better and way slimmer than it is. Let's take a look at the battle suit fitting inside the larger Tech Wizard suit: There's an orange click-hinge attachment point to the suit that fits the Battle Suit nicely. The box art and instructions show the legs and arms hanging out rather haphazardly; I prefer folding the legs back and squeezing the arms together as you can see in the photo. The legs especially are unwieldy as they hang out - they hamper the already extremely limited leg articulation if you pose it like it is on the cover, and can cause the mech to dislodge from the already fragile connection. Once it's in there, close up the front plate (yes - that is a Nexo Combo Power shield in glorious light blue/aqua) and fold down the shoulder pads and helmet to secure it. It reminds me a lot of 8557 Exo-Toa, a set I loved as a kid because I could remove and add a large scale figure to it, and I expect this set will be just as well-loved by children as well, as this is a really neat play feature. Once situated, here's a look at the overall suit with the helmet, shoulder pads, and chest element closed. It really brings it all together, don't you think? The Battle Suit is remarkably well-concealed, and I didn't even notice it in early images of the set. Compared to the two other mechs we've gotten, it stands about as tall as King's Mech (without its amazing 21109 Exo Suit-esque knee articulation) and is dwarfed by the Black Knight Mech. This shot especially highlights some of my issues with the mech's legs - the upper torso and arms feel like they belong to a mech the size of the Black Knight Mech, but the legs are way too stubby for it - it's almost like they took upper legs/thighs and attached feet to the bottom, foregoing lower legs completely. It's a less extreme version of the legs on 70904 Clayface Splat Attack, if you know what I mean. Because of this stubbiness and lack of articulation, you can't do much with posing in terms of the legs, as you can see: The last photo here really shows the extent to which you can pose it - and this isn't a unique issue. For better or for worse, Lego mechs in recent years have swung on thew opposite end of, say, Exo Force mechs, with lots of articulation but not much stability. Recently, they've gone with extreme stability - just take a look at 70615 Fire Mech, for example - its legs are pretty much just thick, long stalks, with no knees or feet articulation at all. Personally, I'd like a better engineered mix of two extremes - articulation and stability at the same time. I will concede, however, that this is quite difficult to accomplish. Moving upwards, I wanted to pause and highlight this bit of neat shaping - the SNOT connections with the half arches really mesh well together - props to the designer (probably Mark Stafford, he does pretty much all the mechs) to making this work out really well! Moving to the sword arm, here's another look: The cylinder hilt is stickered all the way around with an attractive gold pair of stickers - they're a pain to put on, but look so good when applied. moving along the sword you'll notice a clever resting spot for Clay's dual molded minifigure-scale sword. It also may not seem like it at first glance, but there's a solid amount of articulation here - the sword can be slashed from left to right and right to left diagonally (as well as up and down), making it good enough for play to me. Too bad the vertical placement is a little awkward to pose. Moving onto the other arm, here's a look at the gun shield: It offers a neat place to store Clay's new warm gold Nexo Shield, but the placement of said shield is a tad awkward, and it leaves an exposed clip on the other side. I do, however, love the shaping of the build - it's simple, yet visually attractive - the slight angles of the wing elements along with the circular stud shooter make it the best large-scale Nexo Shield, in my humble opinion. Moving to the back of the mech: You'll see its decently armored-up, complete with a jetpack that is much better scaled to this than it is to the Battle Suit, although it still juts out a tad. The natural shaping of the mech's back, while attractive, doesn't help this lopsided side view. And there you have it - 72004 Tech Wizard Showdown! It's a solid set for $39.99. $29.99 would have been really nice (Like the King's Mech), but I understand the pricing due to the extra Battle Suit inclusion. Does it have its problems? Certainly. The sizing is the one major problem, making it look like a dwarf with its large torso and short legs. Is it a solid parts pack? Most definitely. Would I pick it up again? For sure. Despite the problems, it's a solid mech, and the Battle Suit really blends in well (the helmet that covers it is a sweet build as well). I'd recommend picking this up if you see it on store shelves. That's it for now - hope you enjoyed the review! I'm a relatively new reviewer experimenting with different techniques (I don't think any of my reviews have shared the same background, as I'm playing around with my setup), so any feedback, good or bad, will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!
  13. I really like this Year´s Nexo Knights Power Suit Sets. These Sets have quite some Potential for Modifications of all Sorts. A few Days ago a good Friend brought me the yellow Nexo Suit and after i build it the first Time,i instantly had some Ideas on how to modify and improve it. Despite being an armored Exo Suit for one of the NEXO Knights,i always thought it looks more like some sort of futuristic Construction or Cargo Apparatus. Maybe instead of an Axe and a Shield,how about a Claw to handle heavy Stuff and a Drill for Mining?And a Forklift Rollcage wouldn´t look too bad on it either. I added a few more Bits,modified the Arms and Legs a bit and now we have a bulky little Mining Mech. The Claw and the Drill can be moved into pretty much every Position thanks to the Mixels Ball Joints. IMG_20171031_122634 IMG_20171031_122644 IMG_20171031_122807 IMG_20171031_122818 IMG_20171031_123019 IMG_20171031_123040 IMG_20171031_123126 IMG_20171031_123257 IMG_20171031_123341 Hope you like my newest MOC.
  14. Nexo Power! This post will be updated with the confirmed information and pictures as they become available. 70347: King's Guard Artillery 70348: Lance's Twin Jouster 70349: Ruina's Lock & Roller 70350: The Three Brothers 70351: Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster 70352: Jestro's Headquarters 70359: Lance vs. Lightning 70362: Battle Suit Clay 70363: Battle Suit Macy 70364: Battle Suit Aaron 70365: Battle Suit Axl 70366: Battle Suit Lance
  15. (Picture links to Flickr) A concept for a Nexo Knights pack for Lego Dimensions. It includes Clay Moorington and a Rumble Blade that can be rebuilt into two other vehicles. I've done a fair number of Dimensions concepts largely because I adore the little microscale builds, but I'm still learning! This is the first model I've successfully designed two alt-builds for, and a big part of that was figuring out what sorts of parts are conducive to that. In this case, lots of SNOT parts were a must, 3x1 plates were preferred over even-numbered lengths due to the odd-numbered width of all three models, and I ended up using the CMF weightlifter's weights as wheels due to needing them to be bounded on both sides (for the bikes) and wanting to be able to use them as building elements themselves. I wasn't really conceptualizing this from a gameplay perspective. Presumably, the first two would be ground-based vehicles (possibly with flight capabilities as well) while the third would be purely a flying vehicle. The second vehicle could probably use tow bars as well. Beyond that, I'm not sure how their capabilities would differ specifically. Clay, for his part, could probably reflect lasers with his sword and maybe could have some tech-related skills as well (such as using techno-panels like Benny or maybe even using his Squirebot as a drone like Doc Brown or Cybermen). In future models, it might be worth my while to consider adding parts to the base which can be used for elemental effects, like the 1x1 "electric" studs in the Delorean model from the Back to the Future level pack. As I said earlier, I'm still learning! Obviously, there are some parts that could not be placed due to the limitations of LDD. The minifigure is almost entirely bare, but would include Clay's normal helmet, armor, sword, and shield in an actual product. I'm not actually sure what Nexo Power the shield would have—maybe a blue one with Clay's falcon emblem (possibly functional in the app, possibly just ornamental). If all the parts were included, the pack as a whole would be 47 parts, which is a fairly typical piece count for a Dimensions pack. Comments? Questions? Feedback is much appreciated!
  16. For this year's party favor for my oldest he asked for a Nexo Knight vehicle which could attach to the new Battle Armors. I decided to create a Jet Dragon kinda like the Jet Horse. Here is it on Clay's suit: I always include an alternate build without any instructions. Since my son really like Batman I decided to make a jetpack for Batman out of the pieces. Full instructions and digital files can be found here.
  17. I decided The Nexo Knights Volcano Lair playset needed a little something extra... I added a Skull tower with a throne and a platform for adding ingredients into a cauldron for mixing up magical mischief... Work in progress image... Best picture I could get of the throne
  18. Takanuinuva

    Want Lord Krakenskull

    With some people being able to find the Summer 2017 Nexo Knight sets. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to part with there Lord Krakenskull Minifigure from Aaron's Rock Climber Seeing as the set hasn't been inventoried on Bricklink yet As I really don't want to buy the set just for one Minifigure If you do wish to sell him to me. I'd like his with his helmet and cape. Weapon is optional but I'd don't need it.
  19. So months back I made a fan concept of Nexo Knights, because after seeing that LEGO Dimensions have like 20 licensed theme, while there are only 4 of LEGO's original theme. My idea with Nexo Knight Exclusive ability would be an updated version of the Chi ability (the ability can be used on Chima's altar sense the Knights would be having the same thing). But the update part is depending on the Nexo Knight you have, will unlock 1 out of *insert number of how many packs of NK would have here* Nexo Power from either taking out a large group of enemies, invulnerability, turning the enemies into chickens, etc. Besides just the super strength ability. The concept isn't fully done, I'm trying to think of how Axl would fit in, because his big torso doesn't make it easy. For Clay I don't know if he would be in a level, fun or team pack with Jestro. But here what I have so far: Nexo Dimensions Gateway I wanted the gateway to have 5 of the Knights shield, along with ministatue Merlok next to one of the shield. I was thinking of having all 5 of the knights weapons as well, but I decided to go with the two swords on the side. Maybe there would be a few books and weapons next to the gateway like with the stuff on The A-Team and Gremlins Gateway. Robin Fun Pack The minifigure for the first pack was a choice between Robin, Ava, some random bot, or King Halbert. For giving the pack more ability, I went with Robin of having the ability to transform into Ultimate mode of having target and blowing up silver bricks. As for the model, I thought Merlok having a robotic body rather then a minifigure would be a good idea and fitting. Obviously the first model would be a playable character, with using the Nexo Power and could be the 3nd character to have the Relic Detector (along with that he would act the same as with the books from the TV show). With the 2nd model I though of instead of just the Nexo Power being solely to Nexo Knight characters, the 2nd model could have the ability to give none-Nexo Knights character a sword and shield for the Nexo Power ability. As for the 3rd model I didn't know what it could be, besides from it being a flying vehicle, sadly it isn't the best. I'm mostly disappointed with the front that look like a face. Robin Ability - Fix-It, Mini Access, Transformer (into Ultimate), Blowup Silver Bricks (in his Ultimate), Target (in his Ultimate) Merlok's Robot (treated as a character) - Laser Deflector, Relic Detector, X-Ray Vision, Nexo Power. Weapons Storage (gadget) - Nexo Power (give none Nexo Character the ability to use Nexo Power) Robin's Drone - Flight, Cargo Hook, Flight Dock, Laser Lace Fun Pack I pretty much threw Lance into a fun pack, thinking of having Clay and Axle into different packs, I picked Illumination as the ability that he has from the other Knights, with using his phone of pretty much taking selfies to light the place up. For the models were a pain after making the 1st model that is based off Excalibur Batman's model, Bionic Steed. Lance Ability - Acrobat, Laser Deflector, Illumination (using his phone) Mecha House - Super Jump, Special Attack (Model 2 not named yet) - Flight, Cargo Hook, Flight Dock, Tow Bar The Handsome Man Flying Thing - Flight, Cargo Hook, Flight Dock, Laser Macy and Arron Team Pack I just thought that Macy and Aaron fits together in a team pack out of the other knights. But for the models, I am happy with Arron models with trying my best to have the 2nd model somewhat like the 2017 Arron's Rock Climber while the 1st model is based on the Aero Striker. However beside from the 1st model, I am not happy with the chains, that are just very odd looking. As for Macy model, only the first model is based on the set, Thunder Mace. While the other 2 models aren't my best and I may make a new version of these three models. Macy Ability - Acrobat, Laser Deflector, (maybe Stealth with wearing a dress) Aaron Ability - Flight, Laser Deflector, Target, Grind Rails Thunder Mace - Speed, Laser. Mace Assault - Tow Bar, Laser Macy's Jet - Flight, Cargo Hook, Flight Dock, Speed Aero Striker - Flight, Target Rock Climber - Tow Bar Flying Pod- Flight, Cargo Hook, Flight Dock
  20. Have you ever wonder what it would be like to fuse Legend of Chima and Nexo Knights? (What do you mean NO? Well I did it anyway.) Now I took three sets to make this little guy: 70310 Knighton Battle Blaster, 70335 Ultimate Lavaria and 30256 Ice Bear Mech. Here are some others angles of the Mech.
  21. Agent Kallus

    [Brains] Cat B - Nexo frontier

    The cowardly knights of nexo are now fleeing the reanimated corpses of the castle and space themes that they slew. IMG_2179 A captured prisoner serves as bait for their zombie trap. IMG_2190 The breathing apparatus is there to keep the zombie's snack fresh. IMG_2183 An aperture science core watches the fight from his management rail. IMG_2207 Figs removed.
  22. Hey All, With the advent of the Nexo Powers Blind Bags, I was wondering if anyone else is a completionist like me and would like to trade shield elements to have complete sets. Please PM me if interested and below is a picture of my collection. I'm willing to trade any doubles you can see. Thanks and I look forward to trading!
  23. My oldest is currently interested in playing Nexo Knights. But he won't let me use any lava monsters because he has moved onto the new stone monsters. I was looking at the free Toys R Us Nexo Knight monster we got. I thought I had most of the pieces to make a stone monster version. I named the original Hammerhorn due to the prominent horns and the hammer he carried. I've named mine Hornmace even thought the horns are not very prominent. Unfortunately you can't flick the weapon as easily due to the shorter handle but I couldn't find the right piece except in white and I didn't think that would look as good.
  24. Review: 70316 Jestro’s Evil Mobile Introduction I wonder when the last time you caught sight of a siege tower with flaming wheels and a jester's hat rolling towards you... that's right, it must have been in your nightmares after a late night over a LEGO catalogue! Jestro's Evil Mobile is aptly named - a fearsome vehicle that screams things like, "bad guy!" and "RUN!" First of all, here's an "official" picture of the set... Jestro’s Evil Mobile Set Number: 70316 Theme: Nexo Knights Minifigures: 2, plus one large monster and one book with a big mouth Piece Count: 658 Price: USD $59.99 Box & Instructions The Nexo Knight color scheme of blue, silver, and orange has translated over to the box art for this set, giving it quite a high-tech appearance, in fact. At the same time, the rolling green hills with a castle and skyline in the background are reminiscent of previous, more traditional Castle themes. The back of the box illustrates a few of the play possibilities the set offers, and it also dedicates a corner to the Nexo Knights game. Next step is to despoil the box of its lovely contents… five bags numbered one through four (there are two threes), two instruction booklets, a sticker sheet, and a couple of wheels. The instruction booklets follow the box’s design on the front. There are nine stickers printed on a white background, all of them pretty essential for the final design and none too hard to apply. And now! On to… The Minifigures The set includes two standard minifigures: Lance and Jestro. Both have excellently detailed torsos and legs, and Lance’s chrome arms are great. So is his mask, and Jestro’s cape is really nice too. Jestro and Lance both have double sided heads… and they both have cheesy grins, too… Speaking of cheesy grins, the Book of Monsters has got a monster-sized one for you. If books had ears, its face would be split right across. Looks to me like the cover is a pre-applied sticker, but the inside tile is printed. Lastly, we have the large monster in charge of hauling the mobile – we’ll have more to say about him later on but for now, he has a minifigure scaled head with one gargantum eye, and quite an interesting horned helmet perched on top. He also has a pair of wings… which I guess put him in the category of flightless birds… I could totally see this dude in the zoo across from the ostriches, couldn’t you? Construction Process We jump right into the building with the first bag! This builds Lance’s “horse” and the monster. Bag two starts out on the Mobile. It provides the groundwork for the chomping mechanism of the bottom teeth. Bag three is actually two bags. Jestro is evidently a bit fragile physically as well as emotionally… at any rate, he’s been handled with care and is all wrapped up. Lastly comes bag four, and along with it we’ll use the flame orange wheels. And the Mobile is complete! As always, there are a handful of extra pieces… including one that I somehow missed during the building process. Whoopsie. The time spent building was enjoyable – or would have been if it hadn’t been blowing a gale (practically). The grand outdoors is my photo studio, so that complicates matters a bit. There were a few “aha!” moments as things came together, and I especially admired the tires around those flame orange wheels! The Final Set The final set is of a satisfying size, and there are quite a few neat functions packed in there. First of all, let’s take a look at Lance’s horse speeder. The shape of the head has really been nailed here, and the vehicle is instantly recognizable. And I just can’t get over the ingenuity of using a motorcycle covering backwards! Moving on to the Mobile and the monster, the attachment points there are pretty clever. The monster clips on with a clip hinge, and then two chains stretch from the Mobile to his arms. The end result is easy to pull around. The Mobile has a fearsome face, with the narrowest slits of eyes. Speaking of eyes, I’ve noticed that good guy Nexo Knight vehicles use the more neon color of trans-orange, while the villains use the less glaring shade – something I was glad of in this instance, as I far prefer the villains’ color. The bottom teeth grind up and down as the Mobile is wheeled back and forth. At the back of the mobile, the back flap opens to reveal something of a dungeon inside. The skeleton head is a nice touch. On top, there’s also a treasure chest with a few 1x1 round tiles in warm gold. Jestro’s chair has another intriguing function – it can be moved back and forth for a concealed or exposed position. The concealed position just matches the slit in the large black piece facing forwards. What evil vehicle would be complete without catapults? Not this one, that’s for sure. Dual flanking catapults are more than ready to launch flame balls at any decent minifigure who dares show his face! I said that we would talk a bit more about the large monster, and so we shall. He’s chockfull of black jumpers and the new spiky 1x1 slopes in trans-orange, which is fantastic. He also comes with an interesting printed breastplate piece. Conclusion Before Jestro rolls off in his flashy new mobile to show those Nexo Knights a thing or two, let's share a few concluding thoughts on this set. It's fun, whimsical, and has plenty of functions. The alternating red and black color scheme is visually striking and the bulk of the final machine is satisfying and definitely leaves you with the impression that there isn't much this monster can't roll over. And let's not forget Lance's clever futuristic horse - an instantly recognizable design and lots of fun! Playability: 9/10 – What more could you ask for than an opening ramp out back, a detachable monster, chomping teeth, catapults and a movable seat? In a nutshell: this set just begs to be played with! Design: 5/10 – The playable part of the design is spot on, but the overall impression is a confusing one. The large mouth and tiny eyes make the head hard to really understand, and the extra colors such as gold and orange and grey are a little distracting. Also, the vehicle is wide and short for a siege engine, which seems to have been the inspiration. With such massive wheels, it really deserved a second story. Minifigures: 8/10 – There are only two actual minifigures, which for a set this size isn't many, but they're both wonderfully printed and look fantastic. And then there's also the monster, which is very posable and makes use of a great combination of minifigure sized pieces and larger parts. Lastly there's the Book of Monsters, with a great new book mold and a very unique printed tile. Price: 7/10 – This would unquestionably make a great set for any youngster interested in big bad machines. It's much more of a play set than a display piece, which is to be expected. On the other hand, it has some great pieces - lots of 1x1 round plates with holes, for instance! Overall: 7.25/10 – I could certainly recommend this set for children - my siblings had a blast pulling it around for an hour or so (not to say pulling it to pieces...). For me, it's value lies more in the parts - and there's plenty to like there. But if you're looking for a set to display, honestly, this isn't it. The colors and shapes make it too confusing visually, as you have probably noticed in the above pictures (allow me to take the time to assure that it was not the orange background that messed with your eyes... the set really is like that!). So to sum it up: a great set to play with, a fair parts pack, but in my opinion not something that would look good on a shelf. Questions and comments welcome!
  25. I'd like to start this review with an apology. I promised to write this review a few weeks ago, but thanks to some Real Life stuff, I had to delay it. But now I've got some time, and I'll make good use of it. Similiar to the Mini Fortrex we got in Nexo Knight's first year as a freebie, LEGO offers currently a miniature version of the Headquarters (or Jestro's Monstrous Monster Mobile, to literally translate the German name which I frankly adore because it gets shortened as "MoMoMo"), the biggest set of the current Nexo Knight wave. But how well does this set fare compared to its monstrous inspiration? Let's find out! Set number & name: 30378 Shrunken Headquarters Price: This set is currently free, but can only be obtained along with another Nexo Knights set Parts: 44 parts and 1 minifig (according to BrickLink) Release: Late 2016/Early 2017 The bag The front of the bag shows us the set and its pilot, a regular Stone Stomper. I'd like to mention that I generally like the visuals of the background used for this wave. All these blueish ruins give off a very eery and spooky vibe, which fits nicely with the bad guys (while the heroic knights provide some nice contrast). The bag is naturally nowhere as interesting. Well anyway, let's open the bag! The parts Here's the parts overview of the set. Since I'm not really willing to count the parts myself (which I used to do in my reviews of the constraction sets), I cheated and checked BrickLink. According to them, the Shrunken Headquarter contains a total of 44 parts. It's kinda surprising to me that the amount of purple and dark stone grey (the two colours which make most of the color scheme of the baddies) is so short in this set. The building instructions are a folded poster, which is quite common for small sets like this one. Pieces of interest The supposed action feature of the Shrunken Headquarters is a catapult. I'm not sure how old this piece is (EDIT: It debuted in 2010's Kingdoms line), but here's a picture of it for the little catapult enthusiast in all of us. This little TECHNIC-esque piece on the other hand is familiar to me, as it was also used in various G2 Bionicle sets (it might even have debuted in them?). It's a pretty cool-looking part, and I'm happy to get it now in black too. Another nice bonus: The Shrunken Headquarters comes with a total of three of these, but one of them is a spare part, so even if you kept the set built, you'll get one of these connectors for your parts collection. This brick is part of the catapult, and it's a rather exotic piece (at least for me...). Oh hey, a Mixel Ball joint! Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but could the Shrunken Headquartes be the first set to use one of those in a vehicle, just like how the older plates with balls were already used for decades? Either way, it's a pleasant surprise, considering that I actively collect these joints, what with being a constraction nerd. I generally like 1x2 plates in this style, I think the first time I spotted this variant was in the Mini Snowspeeder. The Shrunken Headquarters uses two of these to connect to steam roller-like front section. The Minifig Instead of featuring a specific character like Jestro (similiar to how the Mini Fortrex was piloted by Robin), the Shrunken Headquarters is piloted by a Stone Stomper, which are apparently the lowest-ranking mooks of Jestro's new army. As this picture shows, Stone Stompers are Gargoyle-like humanoids. A front and back view of the figure itself. As you can see, the Stone Stomper got overall some nice printing. He also comes with an alternative facial expression, so it's up to you if the Stone Stomper sports a evil grin or a more aggressive expression. Here's a comparison with one of the mooks of the past wave (my apologies for not knowing his title though). Given the versatility of the color black, the Stone Stomper looks good if you swap the gear around, while the combination of bright red and purple is kinda odd. Building the set The build of the Shrunken Headquarters is rather simple and straight-forward, starting with the front section, followed by the back section, and once both sections are completed, they get united. I think I can let the pictures speak for the most part here. This picture shows you how the roller in the front is assembled. The instructions themselves of course expect you to first assemble the roller completely before you attach it to the vehicle, so I kinda cheated the instructions here to give you a better insight of how it is built. The front section, completed! Now we also got the back section done, so once we've combined both, we get... The finished set Behold, the evil Miniature Monster Mobile (MiMoMo)! Oh right, spare parts. Design and playability As the name implies, the Shrunken Headquarters is based on Jestro's Headquarters, the larges set of this wave. It comes probably to nobody's surprise that a polybag set doesn't emulate every play feature of it's bigger brother, but I think the set does manage to evoke the shape of the MoMoMo. One feature I like about it is how you can alter the height of the front roller. Since I don't own Jestro's Headquarters, I'm not certain if this feature is inspired by a similiar trick of it or not, but it's still a cute little feature. The set's other play feature, the catapult, leaves something to be desired though. Not only is the Stone Stomper in the way of the catapult, the bricks you can fling with it also fly in a rather low arc, and thus, not very far. So good luck hitting anything besides a miniature town with it. Of course, as a miniature set, the Shrunken Headquarters may not be really up to challenge the Nexo Knights - or at least not their Action Suits... ...except for other polybags I guess. While I would have loved to show the Shrunken Headquarters next to the Mini Fortrex, I unfortunately don't own this set, so I went with another polybag instead. Final thoughts Truth be told, I was initially not really interested in this set, mostly because another polybag which popped up around the same time in the Nexo Knights 2017 thread, looked far more appealing to me. However, once I opened the bag and built the set, the Shrunken Headquarters managed to win me over, as the set still has a rather neat design and comes with plenty of unique parts that will be very great for my parts collection. So if you want buy some Nexo Knights in the foreseeable future, make sure to also get this polybag with it. It's a neat little set that I can recommend.