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Found 55 results

  1. This is the prototype Streetdeck double decker bus for KMB, Hong Kong. It also is the first Streetdeck in Hong Kong. Wrightbus Gemini All buses
  2. MOC New York City Transit Bus

    My model is a city bus with New York City MTA livery. I have put more detail on this model comparing to the lego buses in current or past city sets. The reason to build this bus is to provide Lego fans specially to kids to have a Lego bus with the more realistic look. Bus is a popular vehicle type among children. I remember when I was a child, I always wanted to own a great looking lego bus. I believe I am not the only one who has same wish. I submit the project to LEGO Ideas. More pictures can be seen in the Lego Ideas link. I also uploaded the tutorial video to Youtube. I hope you like it and support my project. Thanks you :) Lego Ideas Link Youtube tutorial link
  3. A scene from one of the greatest comedy movies of all time Who's Singin' Over There? (Ko to tamo peva). The film tells a story about a group of passengers traveling by bus to Belgrade but on their way there they come across many problems, such as this shaky bridge the bus should drive over. I've also made the Moc into a project over at Lego Ideas, so if anyone would like to support it you can do that here: Thanks in advance! 1 by legomanijak, on Flickr 2 by legomanijak, on Flickr 3 by legomanijak, on Flickr 4 by legomanijak, on Flickr 5 by legomanijak, on Flickr 6 by legomanijak, on Flickr 7 by legomanijak, on Flickr 8 by legomanijak, on Flickr 9 by legomanijak, on Flickr 11 by legomanijak, on Flickr
  4. Advanced build from 60154 - Bus

    So... I finished my modification of the bus from 60154. I'm really happy with it. It's based off of an Optare Versa which is a really common type of bus in the north of England. It's 8-studs wide which is a little bigger than I wanted it to be, but given the parts usage was unavoidable. The entire front is built upside down and held in with friction, but seeing as this is a static display model I'm okay with that. I tried a few different ways to change the direction of the studs and connect it but none of them worked out with the space and alignment that I have. It's got a full, though simplistic, interior. The original set basically had nothing inside of it, so this is a huge step up in my mind. It seats 11 mini-figs and one driver. Would love some thoughts and any suggestions for improvements that people might have.
  5. When I was in high school, we had a little bus; we called it "The Toaster." We had big buses for the large football team and various student "schlepping," but the Toaster was the perfect size for a cross country or soccer team. But, boy was it hot; the short wheelbase and many windows fused shut allowed for virtually no air movement in travel, and it would spend all day baking in the hot Arizona desert. Hence the name. But this bus holds a special place in my heart, and this contest is a great way to visualize my fantasies of the ultimate racing bus. What would it be like to give the bus a stupid big engine, and some sport tires, and make it visually hot? So here we go, a project to idealize my perfect Toaster with some fun features to gain an advantage in a wacky race. Features, all manual HOG Steering Rear Wheel Drive V-12 Fake Engine (Power!) Attacking Side Skirt Bench Seat thrower (because you can't throw children) Emergency Exit Side Door Stop Sign (because sometimes diplomacy is the best option) More to follow...
  6. This model was part of a recreation of the not-yet-released set 10259 (Winter Village Train Station) by user @JopieK (many thanks to him for the file!) over on this post seen here. I added some of my own touches, including a second level with spiral staircase and a change from yellow to blue for the color scheme. The rear of the bus features a slightly hidden spare tire behind the stairs. The model has a opening entry / exit door at the front of the bus and each level comes off individually. The staircase is attached at two points: a four-stud connection to the second level, and a single stud to the lower level. The staircase comes off easily when needed, but is sturdy enough not to fall off at the wrong time. As usual, Comments, Questions and Complaints are always welcome!
  7. Custom LEGO City Bus Stop

    Hello. Today I decided to build custom LEGO Bus Stop. I like the result! This LEGO MOC is easy to make and it took near 1.5 hour to create it. I used only 65 bricks. I needed yellow, gray and black LEGO parts. I will put it to my custom LEGO city. You can built this bus stop, too. Just watch instruction and all needed bricks in the video. Do you like my new MOC?
  8. 8-Wide City Bus

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted on EB in a while and this is my first time posting in the Town Forum. So a few months back, I decided I wanted to design a city bus based on a bus I saw in a Youtube video quite a long time ago: My final model definitely looks a lot like my inspiration, but I'd like to think I put a bit of my own spin on it as well. I tried to squeeze in detail in the front, which turned out alright, I think. The bus has seating for 16 people and a few small places for baggage. The doors can open as well, but for them to work in LDD, two parts need to be removed first. I'm not completely satisfied with the design, as I think it needs more detail and the door mechanism improved. However, I don't have too many ideas at the moment on how to solve those problems. If anyone wants the LXF file, let me know and I can send it to you. Thanks for reading!
  9. New LEGO/ Lego MOC, VW T1 BUS (VW Camper Van) Is still 10 grain width, the new version is not based on the past version of the upgrade, I refer to a large number of original drawings and objects, re design details, body length, internal structure, and customized manual spraying (silver effect) parts. The new version of the T1 will be a series of my design, I will be based on this chassis for a variety of T1 modified car design (such as: pickups, SUVs, racing cars, trailers and so on, of course, will also consider the static model). T1 is a classic, multi-purpose models, it is worth pondering, I hope there will be more based on the design of the personal style of the modified car appears, I will always maintain this series of drawings sharing. The current version is 1.1, the design will be updated at any time, with the design of the trailer will be released, welcome to communicate with me through MocPages, Sina (Weibo) and other social platforms.
  10. [MOC] Neoplan Skyliner FlixBus

    Hello all In Germany and in most of Europe, these green buses connect Cities on international lines. For me the most interesting thing was the colour, since normally long distance buses tend to be white or a not so eye-catching colour. The prototype is a Neoplan Skyliner, because I like the shape of those buses. There are only a handfull of this type operating for FlixBus since Neoplan buses are generally more comfortable than other buses and used for charter service. To build my model I used blueprints to macht the shape, especially of the dark stripe with the windows. You also may spot some bricks which I coverd with coloured paper since some bricks don't exist (yet) in lime. My bus also has a passive steering, so that you could play with it. But now for the pictures, can you spot the driver and the red mug? Side3 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Front by StefanEris, auf Flickr Side1 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Side2 by StefanEris, auf Flickr Feel free to comment. Stefan
  11. Inspired by the Speed Champions cars. Last year I built a car showroom to show them off. Al's Autos is built on 3 large baseplates. On the left baseplate the blue and white sign has doubled sided brick plate writing and rotates on a Technic turntable. The showroom has a roller door entry behind the office on the left. It is fully tiled inside and lit with PF LEDs. On the right baseplate the brown turntable also rotates on a Technic turntable. The footpath is designed to match up to the Modular footpaths. My own creation cars are a Pick Up truck with removable Camper. A Ford GT40 reverse engineered from a LEGO YouTube movie. The black Pontiac is a KITT replica and has a working red LED scanner in the front. Next was a service centre / workshop for the showroom.The back section is a parts department. On the right are two service bays. The front one has a working Technic pneumatic hoist. Also PF LED lighting. The shipping containers can fit a Speed Champions car or spare parts. To keep the cars clean I next built a car wash. This has a working Technic based linear actuator to move the brushes back and forward over the car. So after a long day. It's off to the Drive In movies. The diner has a projection room, kitchen, counter, seating and toilet. My own creation cars are two NYPD police cars with working light bars. A yellow NY taxi. The two Porsche 911's are modified with brick headlights and door handles. The ambulance has working LED light bars, headlights and taillights One day I will get around to doing close up and interior photos.
  12. Lego 2017 summer sets

    ayy mates what do you guys think about the new summer 2017 city lego sets like whats your favorite theme from this wave and whats your favorite set and what do you think in general?
  13. So, some photos attached make this obvious - it's based on the WrightBus New Bus for London. It's currently on the Lego Idea's site at - I'd be grateful of support to get this to the next stages. Comments and thoughts always appreciated, too :) Key features: Opening front and centre doors An open rear platform for minifigs to jump on and off A removable roof to access the top deck to place minifigs inside A removable portion top deck to allow access to the bottom deck Blank destination panels for customisation within the end pack Two staircases for top deck access "Push Bell" and grab poles on the lower deck for minifigs to stop the bus has some images: NBFL-01-2000px NBFL-02-2000px NBFL-03-2000px[/url NBFL-04-2000px NBFL-05-2000px NBFL-06-2000px NBFL-07-2000px NBFL-08-2000px NBFL-09-2000px NBFL-10-2000px NBFL-12-2000px NBFL-13-2000px NBFL-14-2000px NBFL-15-2000px NBFL-16-2000px
  14. [moc] Hippie Bus

    After the T3, i had to go further back in the models origin - to the more popular "T1", also known as "hippie bus" or "Bulli" (called in germany) Enjoy, feel the vibes and peace! The front HIPPEEEY BUS! by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr the back end - in this case the one of the T3, but its practically the same, just that i put round headlights on the T1 where as in here there are the cheese slopes. VW T3 update by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  15. [moc] VW T3 "Westfalia"

    Hello fellow City friends, I've just finished a Volkswagen T3 camping edition "Westfalia", "Caravelle CL" and a standard. The scale used is 1/42 and regarded by myself as minifig/city scale, for it uses 1,70m for a minifig being 5 vertical studs high (including head pin). It frankly wont fit any minifigs properly, since its 5,6 studs wide (1,80m) and i needed a lot of interiour structure for the roof and windows to stay in place In some renders i used non-transparts windows to give better contrast (bluerender aint good with trans! ). Critique and feedback always welcome, feel free to enjoy the pics Cheers, Ron. New lands.... by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr T3 Westfalia side view by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr T3 Westfalia back view by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr T3 Standard by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr T3 Caravelle Cl by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  16. A Lego Bus.

    Hello Guys. I need some help. As I am beginning to plan for my Lego city, I have realised I need public transport for my minifigures. So naturally I went onto brickset and searched up possible public transport sets. The only one was 200$! So I am now trying to build an moc bus based on the ones in the public transport set. As a inexperienced moc builder I came to the forums to seek knowledge. Does anyone know any tips? I am using LDD and LDD Manager. If anyone has an moc bus like it we might be able to strike a deal... Looking forward to hearing from you! Many thanks, Hip
  17. My new creation is a school bus: Opening doors with M-Motor Drive with L-Motor Steering with Servo LiPo, 2x IR
  18. You might have seen the new shop@home promotion in the newest store calendar of this month. Although you would think that this will mean the whole world can get this promotion, it seems only Canada and the States can get it... Is this a part of the store errors maybe? Even the UK cant get this promotion. Instead, there is a weird small set with a piece of cardboard And if this is the intention, when will Europe get the promotion?
  19. [MOC] Simple Bus Station (LDD 4.3.9)

    Simple Bus Station A Product of LDD 4.3.9 Download it now at my BrickSafe account!
  20. Hey, It is time to present you my next MOC: Trolleybus, based on ZiU-9 (ZiU-682). Hope you enjoy! Features & Functions • XL-Motor for propulsion • M-Motor for steering • L-Motor + 5 mini linear actuators for opening doors • Working steering wheel • Movable trolley poles • 2x IR Receiver • 1x LED lights • LiPo battery for power And the video:
  21. So my friend Eric built a 24 Hours of LeMons race van from a 91 VW Vanagon and a 2.5 subaru legacy motor. I helped out with making the Polizei decals but overall it was a sweet deal for me because all I really had to do was show up and drive. It was my first LeMons race and my first time on a track in an actual road race, and it was FUN. If you haven't heard of the series, check it out here... Our van even got some great press on Anyway, my friend spent a lot of money and hours building this awesome van so I wanted to do something nice to thank him for his hard work so I made him a LEGO version of our van to say thanks. Obviously this box is just a mock up, but I did make these designs into an actual box using a LEGO box I turned inside out and covered with some large photo prints from my 13x19 printer...I just forgot to take a picture of it before giving it to him. Since I knew he'd appreciate building it, I made the van into a kit with instructions made from photos since making actual quality instructions is a huge pain in the megablocks... I really like the minifig fez as an aircleaner... Overall I'm super happy with how it came out, it was my first attempt at a larger vehicle and I think it worked out well. I did cheat a bit with the black decals to make a wider grill, but I figured if TLG can use a sticker for the middle divider on the split window of their VW bus, then I can get away with that. Here's some pics of the real van in action...
  22. Welcome, I'd like to present a bus Solaris Urbino 12 IV. Specifications Scale 1:15 Length 103s / width 23s / height 27s (83/18/22 cm) Weight: 5,4 kg Front suspension: Independent, double-wishbone Rear suspension: Live axle Suspension with kneeling system RWD 2-speed gearbox AA+AAA Battery Boxes 7 motors Functions Driving - 2XLs Steering - L Opening doors - M Kneeling system - L + Servo Changing gears - M LED headlights Working steering wheel History Some time ago I decided to build a bus. I chose Solaris, beacuse it's a polish concern, which is producing buses and trams. I started building in mid-Febraury, and I finished it few days ago. Chassis The biggest challenge was to construct a strong chassis. We need to remember that it's a low-floor bus. The drive motors and the gearbox are (like the real one) located veritically on the left, behind the rear axle. It's causing big stress and I had to overcome it by the chassis. It consist of 3 parts: at the bottom there is a floor 2s thick, built from panels 5x11 and frames; at the top there are beams 3x3s on each side of the bus, they are built from liftarms. These two elements are combined by 7 rungs. The construction of the chassis is similar to the hulls of ships and planes. Drivetrain The bus is driven by 2 XLs. Gearbox ratio: I - 12,6:1 II - 4,2:1 The gearbox is built from frames, using 2 gear 24, 1 gear 12 and 1 gear 36. The gears are changed by M motor and mini linear actuator. The biggest problem was to lead the drive from gearbox to the axle. It is the weakest point of the bus - 2 universal joints, connected to the gearbox and to the axle, under a load break. Steering For steering I used L motor with reduction 14,4:1. It propels the gear rack 1x13 and also the steering wheel. Suspension Front suspension is independent with 2 yellow 6.5L absorbers per wheel. Rear is live axle. It has 1 grey and 5 yellow 6.5L absorbers (1 grey and 2 yellow for the right side and 3 yellow for the left side). Opening doors + kneeling system The doors are opened by M motor, reducted by 40:1. The drive is transmitted by liftarms used as links. The kneeling system is realised by 2 medium pneumatic cylinders. The pneumatic wires are connected only from one side, so the bus can rise using the absorbers. L motor drives the compressor and servo opens the valve with reduction 3:1. These 3 motors are electrically coupled, so in each door there is a gear with clucth. Thanks to that, the compressor doesn't stop at any time. The most wanted photos :) From the top From the bottom Some photos Gallery
  23. [MOC] iveco 480.12 bus

    Hi everyone ! Here is my first MOC, not built yet bust just made with LDD. It is taken from this real bus that has worked all around Milan in 80's years. Well, it is quite a big model but thanks to the big size I could make the opening doors and the steering wheel. It has 4 seats at the back, 3 on the right side (where there are doors), 6 seats on the left side and one driver seat. Before building it I wanted to make the roof opening. Every suggestion is welcomed !
  24. Hi! This is my first (maybe second) post on this forum, but I've been following it for quite a long time now. I started building with Lego Technic about five years ago and now I would like to share with you the video of my latest creation which is this Motorized Bus. This model features: Drive, powered by two L-motors Steering, powered by a Servo Motor Opening front and back doors powered by two M-motors It also has a very detailed fake V6 engine in the back. I started building this model about a year ago. My spare time is rather limited since I'm a student, and I've been working on other projects as well, but there's still a lot of work behind this creation. The doors were the most challenging things to build and it took a very long time to get them right, I've rebuilt that mechanism at least five times. It was also very hard to make a mechanism that would fit under the roof of the bus and not be visible through the windows. Well, now it's finally finished and I'm quite happy with the end result so I hope you like it too and enjoy watching my video!