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  1. tchuk-norst

    [MOC] Steampunk High Wheeler

    Wow, I really like the style of his build! Excellent all around! Colors and shapes match perfectly!
  2. tchuk-norst

    [MOC] Steampunk Chicken Scout

    Wow! Incredible! And excellent photography as well!
  3. tchuk-norst

    [MOC] Steampunk Emerald Knight

    Thank you all for the comments and positive feedback. This really is one of my best MOCs to date. I hope to be able to produce more now that I'm back in the game!
  4. tchuk-norst

    [MOC] Steampunk Emerald Knight

    After a several year hiatus I am back. I'm not sure if any of you will remember me but I used to post on here fairly frequently two years ago. This is my first real build since being back in the game and I am very proud of it. Presenting, THE EMERALD KNIGHT A fusion of magic and machinery, this walker is manned by a commissioned magician and fueled by a summoned demon. It's the golem of the steam age. More pictures available on my flickr. Comments and criticism appreciated.
  5. tchuk-norst

    [LDD MOC] Space ninjas - Dragon Rider

    Cool render! What rendering options did you use?
  6. tchuk-norst

    Valhalla Research & Technology

    The first two have a sense of heftiness that I like. The third's color scheme is not my favorite; it reminds me of some City sets.
  7. tchuk-norst

    XK-427 Firefly Ma.K raider

    A very classy MOC. The color, of course, is great, but the shape is unique and totally fits into the Ma.K style!
  8. Behold! My first microscale model. It took a lot out of me. C/C appreciated.
  9. tchuk-norst

    [MOC] "Ktulhu"

    Such realistic colors and amazing shaping. Good job!
  10. tchuk-norst

    Port Royal • Modular version

    I'd love to get the .lxf file for this! Really cool stuff!
  11. I am working on a multi-MOC diorama in LDD and I was wondering if anyone has found a piece that could be used as a bullet or a missle (obviously something small and for mid-air stuff). I can't seem to find any that have easy-to-use connection points.
  12. tchuk-norst

    [MOC] LEGO 'Future' City: Copter

    Cool idea, I also like the 'copter. Nice and bulky.
  13. tchuk-norst

    [MoC] Fletxa_Z (starfighter)

    This is a really stellar design. Your high-quality photos make the colors pop (usually I see browns melding together into an ugly mess in MOCs.) Very impressive work!
  14. I am mildly interested in the Space, are they recent or old space?
  15. tchuk-norst

    [MOC] ETNA

    I feel that, maybe, the odd color scheme works against you.