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  1. So... after building Lego's 2021 UCS R2-D2 (set #75308) and realising that it is a better model (details, display presence, accuracy, etc.) than the older 2012 version (set #10225). I was thinking about disassembling my older set when I remembered that I'd seen some images somewhere of a conversion of the 2012 R2 into an R5-D4. And I found it here on Eurobricks, Miro's conversion! (https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/41226-key-topic-official-lego-sets-made-in-ldd/&page=98&tab=comments#comment-1279886) Miro kindly published his LDD file for download, but there are no instructions or a list of extra parts that you need for the conversion. So I put together a video not only showcasing the conversion but including step-by-step info on 'how to' do the conversion if you want to convert your own droid. Enjoy ...and thank you @Miro78 for this superb MOC!
  2. Beautifully done Phillip. It is good to see this classic re-crafted using modern Technic parts and motors. I have an original set and it's one of my favourites (after the Shuttle!). + the outdoor scenes of your build in your video are superb!
  3. lenzie

    SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    Hi Sine qua non - when I built this model (2 years ago) I fitted lighting strips from Light My Bricks instead of buying Lygod's kit. At the time shipping for his kit to me in Australia cost more than the kit itself! From Light Myy Bricks you will need 4x of the white led strips for the engines + 1 for the cockpit + supporting expansion boards to connect them all together and one of the small flat battery packs. DIY Range, LEGO® lighting components | Light My Bricks – Light My Bricks USA I also had to expand the recess (with a Dremel) of the rail parts that the light strips fit into to accommodate the Light My Bricks strips as they are wider than what I assume Lygod's are, but once everything is fitted off it is all hidden so can't be seen. For what it's worth I'm not sure that fitting lighting to the model after you have already built it is really worth the cost and time. I have my TS on display in a display case and pretty much never switch the LEDS on. Cheers, Simon
  4. Nice work these mods! I just finished building this so I may look into the head-mod you did to close the gap between the head and body of the model. The leg detailing swap is an interesting one. When I built this and compared it to the 2010 model I thought oh no I've made a mistake and put the legs on backwards! But no it seems to be how the Lego designers intended the model to be for the new iteration. Looking at photos online of R2 there are examples of the legs in both the 2010 and 2021 configuration. What are your thoughts on which way the new model should be?
  5. lenzie

    Donnuttar Castle

    As someone who is working on a large Castle MOC at the moment to, I can appreciate just how much work and thought went into this spaceman76! Thank you for sharing! A couple of details things that I'm very impressed with for your build: - You got the angled facets of the main towers to seam-up so perfectly, well done! + I also like the detailing of your parapets, crenulations and windows for those main towers. - Lovely use of SNOT building in so many places for example the patterning on the gatehouse, and for your detailed walkways. - Very outside the box thinking to use sprue parts for your gate hinges and detailing above the gate. A nice touch and good to see something new. - And finally your rock-work/greenery is on point!! Particularly with how well you've integrated it with the rear walls. I'm wresting with the base for my build at the moment, it's not easy to get Lego parts to look random and yet flow and seem organic.
  6. Hi Celeri, having just built JB70's modified version of the Bugatti I can safely say that's almost impossible to easily implement all of his changes without having to fully disassemble the set and start-over following his alternate version of the instructions. You can, with a bit of careful study of his instructions and some disassembly: do the door locks, HOG lever for the rear air-brake and possibly the HOG steering. But the remaining mods are all deep in the structure of the model and relate to the drive-train, suspension and gearing. I've published a video on my build of JB70's version of the Bugatti; and I also fitted-off a lighting kit to the model. In my opinion I feel like the mods were more 'subtle' for this time and only improve it slightly over the standard design of the model. In comparison, JB70 did an AMAZING job with his modified version of the Porsche GT3 RS. The mods he included in his instructions for that set dramatically improved that model! I created a second follow-up video to the one above, which is a showcase video of the model (no talking), shot in 4k with details of the mods and model features highlighted:
  7. lenzie

    UCS A-wing Upgrade / Modifications

    Thanks LDitial, I really appreciate that. I'm certainly working on hard it, and I have several videos planned over the next few weeks that I think will do well. Like building & showcasing JB70's modified Bugatti Chiron and a 'Custom vs Lego' video on the recent Probe Droid. Sounds good, I hope you and your son enjoy modifying your set!
  8. lenzie

    Rick's Ship from Rick & Morty

    Rick & Morty is my favourite animated series of all time, so much weird goodness. I'm looking forward to the next season! In terms of this model, I highly recommend it, it looks great in person.
  9. lenzie

    UCS A-wing Upgrade / Modifications

    Because my original video was terrible! ...I made on update type video on these mods (still using some of the footage from the original video). It may be of interest to anyone who's still interested in modifying their A-wing with these changes. Cheers, Simon!
  10. I know this MOC has been out for a while, but I had a lot of fun building this model recently so I thought I'd share the video I made on it + a few pictures. This MOC was designed by Jack from BrickVault and instructions are available from his webstore. There is an issue one key step in the instructions/build to be aware of. I talk how about how to fix the issue in my video. It's an easy fix! Enjoy! Photos of the completed model are available here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/160655025@N08/albums/72157719038400947
  11. lenzie

    SFS TIE/x1 Advanced

    Hi Neroart - I've not been on Eurobricks for a while and I just saw your post. How did you go with the Tie Advanced Build? ...like you I am a big fan of Jerac's work. I recently built his Claptrap and Rick's ship models, and love them! I also have the parts for his: Y-wing, Tie fighter and A-wing models but finding the time to get them built is tough. I've built his Tie Bomber which is superb, I'll feature that on my channel at some point! All the best to you with your builds, especially for the Razor Crest!
  12. lenzie

    SFS TIE/x1 Advanced

    This model is superb! One of my favourites build from the BrickVault collection. I did a video showcase of the model on my channel and also talk about several things I'd recommend you do when building this model to make the build easier and to get a better finished model.
  13. It's been good to read this thread and to see this MOC built with official Lego parts. I recently built CaDa's version of this MOC, which was endorsed by Eric / released in collaboration with him. I can say that the quality of CaDa's parts is not on par with Lego parts so the end result of the CaDa kit feels slightly sub-par (to me). But it was a good build, the end model is highly functional and I enjoyed the experience of trying out a 'non-Lego' product for the first time. I've published a video about the model that you can watch if you like: Photos of my finished model are available here:
  14. If anyone is interested in seeing a video that showcases not only these stickers but also several other modifications to this set, see here:
  15. lenzie

    UCS A-wing Upgrade / Modifications

    I'm using one of the WickedBrick clear acrylic stands for my modified model. The stand has a flat 4x4 top plate which is sitting 1 stud back with reference to/from the centre of the hole that the standard Lego stand seats into. Dragunov2 may be able to comment on what he did with his modified model using the standard Lego stand.