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Found 6 results

  1. Gumbinger


    I LOVED building Jerac's A-wing so much that decided to give a go at the Resistance RZ-2 A-Wing. I chose dark blue, because a few crucial pieces were not made in the regular blue color, and I still feel it works. I tried to be as accurate as possible, while sticking to mini-fig scale, without using stickers. No real play features, as I was going for accuracy, but it's durable and swooshable. I'm really pleased with how the "humps" on the hood, and the red lines, or "call-sign" on the wing turned out. As you can see in the pictures you can change the number of red lines to your liking - and they fit snuggly and wont fall out. Let me know what you think! RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr
  2. r4canine

    [MOC] Mini Scale Rebel Ships

    Hey guys, built these mini scale rebel ships to fit with my mini scale fleet I'm building. They're roughly the same size as the standard 1:250 scale which means they should also fit with Mortesv's builds as well! In fact, I'm so happy with these MOCs, I decided to make a how to!
  3. So I built this MOC of the A-Wing inspired by its snazzy blue colour scheme in Star Wars Rebels a while ago and it's sat on my shelf for a few weeks. I finally got around to finishing the back area of it although I'm not too pleased with how the engines turned out. Most of this was built from memory without comparing it constantly to reference pictures so I took a few "creative liberties" with the ship like with the guns on the sides. Also, I don't have any tiles in blue and didn't want to make any bricklink orders so I used bricks instead, hence why it doesn't feature the pointed tip the actual ship does (let's just say the rebels modified it). A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr This is my first post so if anything is wrong with formatting or something else please say! I've been browsing this forum for a few months now but never posted.
  4. Gumbinger

    [MOD] A-Wing 75175

    Love the new Lego A-Wing, but I thought it was a little too narrow and wanted to fix a couple of things that bugged me. Mainly the overall shape and the engine angle.. I made it 2 studs wider, added some details to the front end, and adjusted the engine angles (also made them stationary). I'm not a big fan of the missiles, so I took them out and added some better landing gear. Overall, Im real happy the way it turned out! IMG_5810 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5814 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5815 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5811 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5808 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5809 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5812 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5813 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5807 by M G, on Flickr
  5. Hi. Here's some photos of my work in progress at the moment, the RZ-1 A-wing. This is drawing deeply from the models of Jerac and others. I'll add more to this post shortly. flickr album link: First stage Optimised stabiliser design, completed greebles on the rear, cannon added, experimenting with solutions for the front taper, other minor changes Let me know what you think below or on the flickr comments ! (:
  6. I know I don't post a lot, but I saw this contest, and I thought I might as well try, you know? Anyway, here is my entry. Enjoy: "12 years after the fall of the Empire, Han Solo marries Princess Leia. 8 years later, on an unidentified planet, Han Solo and his young son are enjoying a game of catch in a field. When Han overthrows his son, the ball rolls into the forest behind them. They both chase after, but suddenly freeze once they catch up to it. There is something up ahead. Is it an A-Wing? Han's son hops on top of it to look around. He yells: "Dad, what is this stuff?" But Han is already deep in though, examining the helmet in front of him......." An overview shot Han Solo examining the helmet Han Solo's son examining the A-Wing The remains of the engines. Another shot of the A-Wing. I'm currently having a lot of trouble with the pictures, I'm aware. I just wanted to put this out and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please look at my Brickshelf folder for my images: