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  1. Bricklink Prices

    A free market true, unfortunately the places where they "try to screw you" are more frequently in the last months. At least here in europe. If they overdo it, this could be dangerous for the whole bricklink platform.
  2. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Thank you @EKae and @krisandkris12 for the tough barge! i made a tiny mod in the front using a 2x2 wedge plate instead of a 2x3. finally the parts arrived. Still waiting for a few parts to complete my 2nd Corvette.
  3. Zenith - Old Republic escort cruiser

    wow https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-elHyyQTXQ88/Wqx9QS_X1kI/AAAAAAAAo8s/6qEfjgIROls7aDgv6LI-9K0-Oye6QdKFgCK4BGAYYCw/s640/Lepin%2B05079%2Ba.jpg
  4. Bricklink Prices

    True, i have this store on my "disliked" list, it does not show up on my [easybuy] list. But i discovered a few others which charge 2-3times the price from Bricks & Pieces for some "common" parts which are still in production.
  5. [LDD/MOC] Ugly imperial cruiser

    It was just a small step to convert the IGV-55 to a Gozanti light cruiser. Nearly all of the work was done here: The Tie-Fighters are not my creation. Will add new pictures when the rendering is done.
  6. (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    they are available at "Bricks & Pieces" 10cent per piece.
  7. Bricklink Prices

    We use the same techniques for buying bricks, so that´s not the problem. I´m ordering round about 3000pieces per month - there are shops with good prices sure, unfortunately their stocks shrink for the types of bricks/plates i use the most. Often when i see the prices in the US i just have tears in my eyes. The thing over the last half year is, if i order parts which are cheaper in a shop than from Bricks&Pieces the orders get smaller and smaller, not really worth ordering from a Bricklink shop because of the postage disadvantage (to austria) you already mentioned. Dare i ask, where do you come from?
  8. Bricklink Prices

    Good evening, is it just me, or are the Bricklink prices in Europe ridiculous? I think pricing was much better in the past. Not only new parts, also many (common) used parts seems to be more expensive on bricklink sometimes up to 2 or 3 times higher, than new parts directly from Lego. I fear we will see this messange more often in the near future: did you make a similar observation? regards mc
  9. [WIP/LDD] Another 1:250 Scale ship. IGV-55 Surveillance

    - Engines Mod - 2nd cannon on the underside - Overall high is 1plate less. I think it´s time to order some parts. (Part count: 547)
  10. [WIP/LDD] Another 1:250 Scale ship. IGV-55 Surveillance

    indeed it looks goofy. :) did roof and tail again, which reduced the part count, and make the model more accurate. I also changed some uncommon parts to common ones.
  11. [WIP/LDD] Another 1:250 Scale ship. IGV-55 Surveillance

    Not sure about the nose, tried some different versions. Sides are more accurate now.
  12. MOC / WIP A-Wing mid size

    Finished the A-wing a few days ago. I´m really satisfied with the result.
  13. [WIP/LDD] Another 1:250 Scale ship. IGV-55 Surveillance

    Part count 527Bricks estimated part prices 60€ The wings are thinner now, rebuilt the engines a bit. And the light gray wedges behind the cockpit.
  14. The IGV-55 is a intel modification of the gozanti class. Pictures are rare on this one, i found different Versions of the ship. The wings are too thick right now - 3 plates high should be mor than enough. Need to make a different greebling. Overall the ship has plenty of different angles. Not sure how far i go with the angles, because of the stability. Partcount is 469 right now.
  15. [WIP/LDD] Star destroyer 1:250

    Thank you, there are plenty of different drawings, i picked the one which looks most reasonable to me. Unfortunately there are many illegal connections for the LDD. Don´t know how to do the greebling in LDD yet - will make this step by step and look where it takes me. very true - as you can see on the hull plate the angel isn´t straight, i decided to go for correct dimensions instead of perfect hull gaps. Never the less there can be many improvements on the hull plates to make these gaps smaller and look more uniform. BTW: we are talking about "this area"