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  1. For the best result you need to check lot by lot. Often very common parts are overpriced at BL. But i made the same observation as @Kristof, if you have a "smaller" model (~800parts) easy-buy may give also good results. I have dual screen system at home - as soon as i open the wanted list the other screen is at bricks n pieces to compare the prices. If a shop asks consistenly for the double of the "bricks n pieces" price per part i tag it as least favorite.
  2. It just changes the ranking for the "Buy All" option, but there is no impact on the "Easy Buy" option unfortunately. After 4days, i finally made it through my stockpile. I dissembled the UCS Venator and got ~3500pieces. 6144 Parts missing, i don´t build the droids and the tie fighters (yet). Started ordering today. 2823 parts to go, mostly parts which are in general cheaper at "bricks n pieces" than on BL, like tiles and small plates.
  3. Agree, and auto-buy also ignores the "Max. Price" setting.
  4. Perfect, thank you!
  5. just bought the instructions, and did a fast scroll through them but could not find part: 50950 58pieces. is it possible to use 24309 as substitute for a few of them?
  6. 3. 3710 Transclear is used as windowglass for the bridge. But as far as i remember you could also use 2x 3023plates which are quite common.
  7. I like the minifigs and the design, but overall way too much visible studs on the floors.
  8. Midlife-crisis

    MoC landing platform

    A non Lego support would be more sturdy (depending on what you want to put up there) and most likely cheaper.
  9. Midlife-crisis

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Some reinforcements joined the battle scene The newest ones are GR-75 and my own creation a IGV-55 Gozanti class surveillance light cruiser (Star Wars Rebels) Will pause this project for the meantime, as i have plenty of work outside. Looking forward to your new creation @mortesv! Yes, i also find my LAN cable is looking disturbing below the Star Destroyer.
  10. Midlife-crisis

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Nice Mods!
  11. Midlife-crisis

    [WIP/LDD] Star destroyer 1:250

    thanks, there will be a background, but i think it will be just a nebula or something, a star destroyer will look cool for sure, but that might look very overloaded in my small area. just my personal note for this build, there where never a 1:250 scale before - even if the imperial fleet is like new, i think there are some small areas with dirt or rust. @ecmo47 would like to see the hull plated with tiles, i think this would look very cool - it´s just a great area. Sure, there will be a release of the LDD, but this won´t be a perfect moc, and i´m not sure if i can do the whole greebling in LDD. But i´ll try.
  12. Midlife-crisis

    [LDD MOC]Zenith - Old Republic escort cruiser

    I´m very tempted and will probably build it next winter. Bob, it would safe me a lot of work if you have a LDD File of the different building groups. As it is a pain in the a** to work with such a big LDD file like yours on my PC. best regards and congrats on this moc.
  13. Midlife-crisis

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Almost finished, still waiting for a few parts ordered Bricks & pieces 4weeks ago, for a 2nd GR-75 Transport looks like they are really busy. Definitely running out of space. Finised the LED for the scene this evening, will make a better shot with natural light in the next days.
  14. Midlife-crisis

    [MOC] UCS First Order Heavy Assault Walker AT-M6

    Thank you! Checked the list - which color for 16pieces part: 3622 ?
  15. Instructions are good and easy.