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  1. Over halfway done on the exterior now! 50 57 59 61
  2. cheers! Some more completed: 41 45
  3. Cheers. Yeah so much bigger than I anticipated! It is definitely tricky to get square pieces sitting at angles not offered by single slope pieces but that's the fun of this. Attaching each individual piece is like a maths problem in itself. It's not all impossible though as I think I'll have generous amounts of room inside to connect them. Made some more progress: 25 35 39
  4. I've decided to try and recreate this wonderful ship in lego. It seems to be the ugly duckling, everyone appears to be all about the Ranger from this movie. But I think the lander is a much more inspired design. However I can now see why evidently only one person has finished a model of it. It's extremely complicated. At least twice as much as you might think at first glance. So I have spent quite a while collecting as much reference as possible to have even a rough idea of how the shapes go together. Fortunately I've been able to slowly crack each piece but it's quite challenging, which is actually a nice experience. I couldn't find any accurate details or images on the dimensions of it but I came around to calling it 20 metres long, 5 metres tall, 15 metres across. It's actually enormous and so is the Ranger. But the practical lifesize models that were built and are what's mostly shown in each craft's screentime aren't actually 1:1. It's hidden well but cracks a bit when you realize 5'4" anne hathaway has to crouch to get through the airlock. Anyway I have really had to eyeball a lot of things but gradually established some anchors of proportion, and so far all the lines and seams lie with in a very small margin of error which is pleasing. A lot of them actually flatten the whole craft very slightly which makes it a bit sleeker, but still positively truck-ulent which I like. Here are some progress photos I've added to my flickr throughout the build so far. I also post on instagram with mostly the same stuff but quite frequently add some extra windows onto the process in my stories. My account there is Chur 0 1 4 6 9 12 14 19 more to come!
  5. Thanks, orginally I was making both in both colours but quickly dropped that. I think the current build would look better in black because it would be more of a silhouette than a canvas like here, where the main couple of flaws are fully exposed. Mission is to get rid of those flaws and I think I'll do it, pretty soon too
  6. atlas

    [WIP][MOC] T-70 X-wing starfighter

    Hello again, just posted a thread of the basically complete second edition of this model. Here it is :
  7. Hello, recently I picked this up again and made some further changes to it. I got it to the point where it is as refined as it's been yet, however there are still some things about it that I will revisit in the future. Namely the fuselage construction forward of the cockpit. It's a little too wide. Not by much, but enough that it's noticeable and detracts from the rest of the build due to the proportions being off by a little. Otherwise I am very happy with it. This was one of the first models that I built myself from scratch without using someone else's work as a starting point. There are small details that I borrowed from other builders (all in the reflexes flex tube front engine concept is all I can recall atm), but the rest is mine. The wings open, there is a retractable front leg behind the nosecone and the cockpit opens and shuts. Also can fit a pilot comfortably in the cockpit. It's also one of the stronger builds I've done, it's basically swooshable, which is unusual for something of mine, as I normally sacrifice structure for surface. On this there is at least some strength to the structure. So overall I'm mostly pleased. Most of all, since it's been over 3.5 years since I started, you can actually see how I have evolved over the course of the build. Now I think I have a much broader skillset and more refined approach so achieving various things in lego bricks. And I'm looking forward to sharing with you other projects I have coming that will show that development that this build has given me. My second version of the T-65 is almost done so that will be firsst cab off the rank in that regard! I think i did a better job on that craft than I did here. For example I am really happy with the T-70 wings and rear section but the front is a little lacking. But as I said, there will be a third version of this that will bring that section up to speed, so look out. If you made it through this long blurb, here are some links and photos to enjoy. Thanks Flickr album featuring most of the public WIP: v2: v2 backside: dusty style pre-photoshoot pic, wings open: And 3-page thread on here, cataloguing the WIP since 2015: cheers. Thanks to anyone who provided feedback along the way, consider your words inbetween the bricks on this ship. Also, you're welcome to visit my instagram, I sometimes post there teaser stuff on my story and different looks of the same things I post on here and flickr.
  8. Spot on. I noticed that with a lot of your builds. You almost always stay in system, keep it simple and as you said, clean. Which i respect. I differ, sometimes I get tunnel vision with regard to focussing on accuracy. Often it can detract from ones work when forgetting about other things. I learnt this the hard way with a few projects and I'm coming back around from that sort of focus
  9. With respect, imo that nosecone is less blocky than the one you attached to your t-70. Maybe it's a difference of language - Bigtonka's x-wing nose is sharper, but the individual pieces on yours are put together in a more 'traditional' way, meaning the various wedges stack cleanly with no jagged edges. So it does flow better but it has a blunt edge. My suggestion would be to blend them together (not specifically these two, but the intentions behind the different shapes). T-70 nose is much slimmer than the already slim x wing, so you can change the edge to be 2 wide, replace slope bricks with cutout slopes, then the curved slopes come into the 45 bricks much better. Only real negative would be a couple of exposed studs but that would be worth it to have maximum 1 plate thickness seam anywhere on it, compared to 4 plates. Anio i know you like to do your own thing so i'm not suggesting changes to what you already buildt, just sharing my opinion on this matter as i dealt with the same issues at a smaller scale
  10. Fair enough. I'm glad you considered it. As I said it looks fantastic, it's only that it looks a tiny bit uncanny because of the angle. That might just be me though.
  11. i would definitely do the staggered curved slopes in steps of 2 (like in the outer red ring) instead of 3. For me the cockpit shape is very distinctive and having a steeper angle would make it really shine. The rings would still be the same size but instead of 3 side by side on each level you'd have groups of 2, so it reaches higher points in the middle of the two truncated cones. Just looking at it i'm pretty confident the steeper silhouette would bring attract more attention than a couple extra edges created by the groups of 2 instead of 3. They would still go up one plate per 'step' so it would look very similar, just taller. It would also be possible to bypass this issue and instead make each of the four main surfaces of each cone one row of curved slopes angled down together, instead of placed in steps at right angles. You could fill in the gaps with a similar technique which is used in jerac;s tie bomber cockpit with 1x2 cheese grate slopes between curved slopes. However the 'steps' are a not a problem at all for me aesthetically because they maintain the silhouette well with only minor 'pixelation' effect, and the same technique is used elsewhere is the model to good effect so it flows well too. Basically I would just make the cockpit section taller by doing steps of slopes in twos rather than threes. It could make a noticeable difference for minimal effort, would be cool to see in bricks. Im only harping on this because it's the only part of the model that distracts me because everything else is so well done that it appearing a little off draws the eye away from all that excellent work. I know kit has already released instructions so I get that it's not practical to implement this change, it's just an idea I had looking at it again
  12. Very impressive, the only thing that jumps out at me that could really improve the look without much work is making the slopes on each side of the hammerhead front section a little steeper.
  13. Interesting that you brought up the special edition. I hadn't noticed this specifically until you posted this photo but it's worth pointing out. When I was doing my research I tried to ignore later models made year after the original miniatures, because they're basically secondary sources, so by their nature there are higher chances of mistakes, missing details, etc. My main reference was images of the miniatures from the theatrical release. Looking at that photo, it seems that the guys who translated the models into digital ones for the special edition 'simplified' some of the geometry for some reason. I'm guessing so that it would be easier to render. But you can see that they've basically changed the rear fuselage from being 9 sided to 7 sided. So you're right, you have modelled it very well, the only 'problem' is that it's the wrong reference to use for your purpose. I believe for rogue one and other digital representations made since the disney purchase that they corrected this and built new digital models.Hopefully this ms paint collage can show my point better.
  14. Very nicely done. I like that you are not afraid to present your opinion of your own work and its relation to others. For sure this build is one to add to the mini pantheon of great models built recently, I’d say since around when Maciej introduced panels for the fuselage, there have been several great works. With each one shared, I think it’s fascinating that while various guys have been able to present amazing takes on different sections of the same ship, no one has really been able to nail the entire thing. Of course that’s not taking anything away from anybody, they are all beautifully crafted. But the X-wing is deceivingly complex after the first glance as I’m sure you are all aware, and I’m not sure that with the current part palette that it’s possibly to completely nail it everywhere. And I think that’s a good thing – I can pick out from each one highlights, and also shortcomings, often one necessitated by the other. So for your effort, I’d say that the front fuselage, crucially from the side and above, is the best yet. It’s true that the choice taken to stick to structure and form versus surface details gives you more freedom to achieve this, but that’s how it’s done, and it looks fantastic. Again with (your) nose is where I find the dilemmas the X-wing presents you as you try to re-construct the model come to the surface. You have a beautiful silhouette, possibly the best there is, but it comes at the cost of a blunt leading edge. Do you see where I’m coming from? It’s an absolute puzzle. I also like the window for the cockpit. I am not sure if you have seen mine but we have a similar method but different result. For sure both fit the rest of each ship very well. I’m not sure how much the decision to avoid cutting hoses affecting the way you built yours. Honestly I feel that building yours in white has hidden a bit of its beauty, I found personally looking first at Maciej’s ship that grey really makes the edges pop, I think yours would benefit from it too, but that’s just my view. I’m not a huge fan of your cannons but the wings overall are very slick. The only serious drawback for me with your effort is the rear fuselage section. I’d say about from the cockpit rear all the way to the ‘butt’ is just a little less elegant than all the rest of it. I am not sure how much of that is a result of structural requirements, space, style – I don’t know. That’s my main criticism of an otherwise gorgeous model. It goes both ways too. I obsessed over including every face of the rear nonagon (and heptagon) along the fuselage and as a result, it is a little bit fat, and I’d bet more fragile as well. So there you go. Extremely well done.
  15. beautifully done as always. You definitely did it justice.