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  1. Check out this awesome MOC from EB MOC Expert and Brickworld aficionado Pepa Quin: Click the picture or here to take a closer look in the Special Themes Forum!
  2. Rufus

    Eddie Riggs from Brütal Legend

    I love it, Matt! I'm not familiar with the game, but that's an awesome figure and love the poses you've put him in. The guitars are gorgeous, and the pile of skulls is a nice touch. Hope you enjoy Brickworld! It's going on the frontpage.
  3. Rufus

    LDD MOC - Philadelphia Museum of Art [WIP]

    A photo of the original might help people to make suggestions.
  4. Rufus

    Hello from Bangladesh!

    Welcome, J and J. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone from Bangladesh on EB before! I like your K9 avatar
  5. Thanks for taking the time to do this lovely review of this lovely EB event set Fangy! It's nice to record these sets for posterity. I love that CopMike always puts rare parts inside where you can't see them I haven't built mine yet
  6. The LEGO Movie 2 trailer has been released! Click the picture to watch it in the thread: To speculate on LEGO sets from the Movie, click the picture above to read the thread in the Special Themes Forum. To discuss the movie itself, click here for the Media and Gaming Forum.
  7. I have renamed this thread LEGO Movie 2 ... Set Speculation for until we get anything concrete. Wish away! Ideas of which features may be made into sets and which figures you'd like to see are welcome. I've embedded the movie trailer into the first post. Please use the thread in Media and Gaming for discussion of the movie itself.
  8. I agree, it's a great looking display; those tanks are lovely. I'd like to see a closer look at the missile carriers toward the back (in photos). Some more figures would be good too. Any idea how many bricks in the wall? And yes, military belongs in Special.
  9. Rufus

    MOC: Minilandscape - Castle in Edo

    I agree, this is lovely - I like how you've made the SNOT base, and I love how you've done the trees. The use of juxtaposed slopes on the castle walls is something we don't see often. I think I also prefer the daytime version, though I do like the moon. It is based on a real castle?
  10. Rufus

    Architecture numbered bags

    You have to ignore the numbers and pour them all onto the carpet.
  11. Rufus

    REVIEW: 75181 UCS Y-Wing Starfighter

    Thanks Jim - hope it was worth the wait . Glad you liked it Fangy! Thank you roadstermatt!
  12. Rufus

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Sincere apologies for the delay. Access granted: welcome to the RA!
  13. Rufus

    REVIEW: 75181 UCS Y-Wing Starfighter

    Thanks LucyCol. That's good to hear - the Y-Wing usually plays second fiddle to the X-Wing and it needs a little love! Thanks essel. I have about an hour a night after the kids have gone to bed so it took me an age in between all the photos!. It definitely looks better on the stand but I like the landing gear feature. I would love to see another UCS ISD, which is conspicuously missing from the current cycle of remakes.
  14. Rufus

    REVIEW: 75181 UCS Y-Wing Starfighter

    Thank you makoy! I should have mentioned that the colour scheme matches the System version. Hope to be around a bit more now! You're welcome. What did you think of the set? Thank you for pointing out the mistake! Well spotted. Did you like the set? Thank you! I agree that the nacelle fronts are better on the old one (though personally I think it's the only way the oldie is better). Thank you! 10c per piece has been the standard for SW for years - at least on US pricing. Allowing for inflation, this one is much better value than the previous one - but it will never compare to non-licensed sets.