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  1. Jerac

    ( MOC ) Tribute to "K-2SO"

    Star Wars meets DooM in unique, creepy way. This is where his soul went, to fight never ending hordes of demons. It would be even better if all the little grey wheels were replaced by skulls...
  2. Jerac

    [MOC]First Order TIE-SF Heavy Bomber

    Great looking ship! I like the new shape of panels, very fitting the new FO aesthetics, and the hole in rear part is super cool! I bet the hole is there so it doesn't tip to the rear? Clever! One question though: How did ship from pre-Yavin ear meet a ship from post-Yavin era? :D
  3. Jerac

    Death Star motorized with Boost

    Am I the only one who, after reading the title, hoped for a MOC whose ground-shattering epicness would eclipse anything known to afol and the motorized function would be superlaser? :D Jokes aside, this is a very interesting and well-working addon!
  4. Sadly auto-buy is getting ruined by greedy sellers who have realized the BL auto-buy algorithm is favoring stores which have huge stock of parts in a bid to reduce total amount of shops to buy from, even if final price is WAY higher than it should be. These sellers often even do not have the parts in stock and order parts for their orders from other stores once they get one. For example one of my models costs over 300$ if you use auto-buy, but if you add few of the most expensive shops to blacklist, poof - with 2 stores instead of 1, you get 140$ total price... I think instructions should come with a shop blacklist to eliminate these high-stock-extreme-priecs ones.
  5. I *really* recommend using "fading" steps in such builds. Might not be as nice as classic instructions, but is much easier to see. Otherwise you'd need to do what LEGO does: random colors inside of the build, which altough nasty looking, make navigating through it during construction much easier.
  6. Jerac

    A wing of A-Wings

    One of these? Is anybody living off making instructions? I can't be an official LEGO designer after I, uh, slightly messed up the interview and made myself some enemies there, ah the joys of being young and stupid :D
  7. Jerac

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    The hot-dogs are piping detail in the cockpit. You can ignore them, they do not contribute to the structure at all. Gears can be of any color, they are not visible from outside. 2x2 round tiles are visible from outside only in three places: on top behind the cockpit, in a similar location on the bottom and in the rear. The rear one can be substituted with whatever round 2x2 round piece you wish, it is a detail. The top and bottom won't break the ship if they are off colour, but at least the top one should match greebling. All others are inside the ship and can be any colour.
  8. Jerac

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    Since there is almost no canon source for its looks, one can adapt it pretty much whatever way he wants as long as some common points stay true to the descriptions. Look at this one for example: Isn't it absolutely beautiful? I will definitely try this one in LEGO one day!
  9. Jerac

    A wing of A-Wings

    No, but I was considering this. Seriously. For now I want to release one more model in 2018 to wrap it up nicely and it seems it is possible! Thanks everyone for support!
  10. Jerac

    [MOC] Midi SF-17 Star Fortress

    I think with the smaller 2x2 printed cone it would be perfect. This bomber looks bulky and heavy, and so should the model. Smaller windows contribute to this style. You can also print your own sticker on transparent foil sticker, you need a laser printer for this but the effect will be great, and unless you wish to make instructions for it, this is what I would do. The model itself is pretty much perfect, nothing to be added here.
  11. Jerac

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    I believe 90% of it is perfect and the rest is not. Thankfully, that "rest" area is only the nose cone, which looks bulky and heavy. I know this might be caused by the nose generally not sloping towards the front, but it still should be fixable, maybe by adding this piece in front of the 2x4 curve would help? (and obiviously making rest of the nose cone match this). Aside from this? Fantastic design. What not to like. The nicely sloping nose on multiple planes. Interesting wing colour pattern. Very well done engines which totally won't be shamelessly stolen for a design which totally is not upcoming one day. And you picked one of better looking z-95 variants!
  12. Eeey! This one is even better! It is because it doesn't have all-white colour scheme and really looks interesting! Good usage of studs on the sides, I always believed studs are a nice details when not overused. Keep them coming! Maybe a bigger fleet with some similar-styled ships? If so, go for the red one, it is just more interesting.
  13. Jerac

    A wing of A-Wings

    And I missed that? Hm, in the parts list I supplied BV with the clips are reddish brown, as are 1x3 inverted slopes. Could you please check if you have these two pieces in reddish brown? We might have a deployment issues, thanks for catching it! Obviously I am happy that you are happy with the design, too!
  14. It looks pretty good! I like how it is similar to the classic blockade runner, yet different enough to be a separate design on its own. Two minimal changes I would recommend is removing the 1-wide cones at the sides of front module, they look out of place, and a bit further down the ship, on the sides, there are 1x2 jumper plates with 1x1 round plates on top - which are recessed a bit. This could look better if they were not recessed, or were just 1x2 plates with a pair of 1x1 rounds, to make the "flow" of the ship's body a bit smoother.
  15. Jerac

    A wing of A-Wings

    Thanks! Because BV guys insisted on the rebels' ones and I insisted on making them true to the show, not just a recolor of rz-1. It was much bigger change than I anticipated and took a while, even though I took a shortcut and just rendered few of them instead of actually building.