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  1. Thanks! Yeah, v84 is final and will stay final for a while. I have a plan for a major update in the future, but I want ideas and reports of issues to pile in before I do that. That's quite unusual, hm. I'll look in to that. Could you please take a photo of the stand near the 1x2 bracket in front of it? Ideally both normal and upside down orientation?
  2. Transformation parts list - yes, conversion instructions - no, sorry. Way too much work to do such an instructions, especially considering how no software supports disassembly. It is better to build new stuff!
  3. Yeah but definitely not this year. Nor early 2022. There are too many other cool things to build first!
  4. Man, this on a proper black background would be epicness to the six hundred sixty sixth! I've seen this photo before but it never ceases to amaze me. I wonder who will be the first crazy brave soul to try tape the windscreen and spray only the grey parts :D
  5. Yes, eventually - though I am still not convinced about some details yet. I'll let it live as is for a while and gather ideas and then make a bigger update with some other potential changes too.
  6. Jerac

    TIE Agressor MOC/MOC (WIP)

    Oooor I won't, because I got quite stuck on it :D I see you removed the engines - where are they now?
  7. Well, if you own the game, you have all its files, including the 3d models, hint hint ;) You can just google for them too.
  8. Very slightly, yes. But we're really talking about 1mm difference there at most.
  9. That's because I made some tiny mistake. Altough not with this particular area! :D So the top and bottom are what I intended to be, and, in a way, the front and back parts of the wings also are. But I noticed they clamp together not quite perfectly, because the central grey horizontal spoke was getting into way. So I moved one brick one plate back towards the core, so it would be easier to assemble, and now everything was working smooth and all. But I didn't notice this also made the wing front/back sections to be a tiny but crucial bit less pointy and thus everything is now a bit too rectangular. We don't want to push an update right after an update at Brickvault, but I can solve this geometry issue with a relatively tiny fix involving rearranging just few pieces and getting 4 additional jumper plates. Then the distance between front and back tips of the wing will lengthen by about 1 stud and that's about what it has to be. Yes... totally. I did not really plan getting them so new and shiny, simply I didn't have almost any and so I bought all 1x1x5 and 1x1x3s at one store which has very good pieces. To be honest the gaps between bricks are so noticeable and let so much light between them, that the horizontal lines are not really visible. They did not bother me the slightiest.
  10. 2021 remake! Initially it started as a minor update to fix few issues, most notably weak guns/windshield attachment, but over time scope of the changes grew and grew and grew. Changes: - Cockpit now can has space for the pilot in any type of the helmet, including the grossly oversized one; - Cockpit interior now features new controls layout and few more details; the "bowtie" detail taken almost 1:1 from 20feet's variant, with a slight modificiation to make it match the intended "flow' of the cockpit a bit more to my liking. Big thanks here! - gun and windscreen attachment is redone to be much more solid; though this particular change was already implemented in First Order TIEs; - top dish was replaced to use 4x4 one. This is a bit controversional, but bricklink prices for the 6x6 one are extreme, because they appeared on only one set some time ago. 4x4 is much more popular and so this is a better option for a model which is supposed to be built by other people too. - side struts were redone to resemble original ones a bit more. I had great help here from 20feet who helped me to go through few ideas and find one which is a nice compromise between screen accuracy and fitting rest of the ship's styling. Thanks again! - side struts were made longer, as I made a slight scaling mistake in the original TF. - wing/panels are basically an entirely new build. The shape, which has proven to be a little bit controversional due to being much more rectangular, is more similar to what movie and Rogue Squadrons game TIEs are using. I know it is not 100% perfect and a bit too rectangular, but this particular layout enabled me to use most of 1x2 grille bricks, aside from the slopes. I believe it is a good trade-off and the angle is definitely closer to the original, even if wrong in the other direction now. - I also tried 20feet's vertical stacked bricks idea and it looks great - on black background. It is included in the instructions pack, and is probably the best choice for people who will display the ship against black background. Otherwise, gaps between bricks are quite noticeable. Still - a super interesting idea and one which got implemented! - New wing cores: Hexagonal, finally! Again thanks for 20feet's insistence on making them better! I thought my original idea was good enough but it was worth pushing a bit more! - New color variant! This was Charlie's idea (one of Brickvault leads) and I was skeptical even after building it. Thankfully, he insisted and so, over time, this variant grew on me to the point that I now believe it is the best looking one. It is a bit assymetrical but overall a compromise worth doing! - New universal stand debiuts here, and I intend to use it - in various similar versions - for all future ships in this size. So, yeah. Quite a remake. I apologize for delaying it this much, especially after repeatedly telling people the update is "soon". Sorry. This is the first time since 2019 where I finally was able to get everything right. Since T/F shares almost entire core with the T/I, I redid it too: Interceptor shares most of the changes with the Fighter. Initially I did not want to redo the panels - I thought they were perfect, but, well, yeah. They were not. Having Rogue Squadrons 3d models as the sources enabled me to get proper dimensions finally. Ultimately, the panels simply required lenghtening the back part and making those weird offset guns at the tips. I still believe it is an odd choice, but nonetheless, I tried to replicate it. The red one is a Royal Guard TIE Interceptor and aside from the obvious new racey paint scheme, it also features smaller additions to the wings. I tried to keep the angles same as on the main panels, which was quite a challenge, but eventually it ended up being perfectly possible. At this rate, 3.0 is scheduled for release around 2024. Let's place bets on what will change, and please tell me what's the weakest part of those designs, so I can focus on them in the future! I want to ditch 3x3 dome pieces as they clog up the interior, and this probably will be the focus of 3.0 - if I get some good ideas to try. And who knows, maybe I'll be able to make a perfect T/F wing panel this time?
  11. Sadly I am a bit drowned with internal-LUG-affairs. I'll get to that post, I promise!
  12. Jerac

    Brick Stacking Method Explanation?

    Literally all you need to do is to have a direct link to the image file - like: Then paste it with just ctrl+v into the post editor here. Note: this has to have a .jpg or .png extension at the end. I just paste it down and it will magically appear as image... Abracadabra... Tada! Alright, I still don't get the problem. So this here is a plate-built wing. And you wish to make it brick-built, right? So you either build upward or front-ward: And that's really what there is about it. You need to figure out how to make the frames, which slopes to use to get correct angle, but ultimately you pick one of these methods as the idea and work with it. Experiment!
  13. Jerac

    Brick Stacking Method Explanation?

    Alright, so: - first, please upload this to imgur, so we can actually see it. As of now, the link does not work. - second, please describe the exact issue you have. I know this may sound a bit rude or something, but regarding technical issues, the better the problem is described, the better can it be fixed.
  14. Papaglop had way less sources, basically no good quality top and back shots. He had close to no way of doing it right.