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  1. Jerac

    [MOC] The Tarnished

    I have returned to this build about ten times and I never knew what to write. So as a whole I like it. But I also don't understand it. Is the face made to look like a face? Or is it a huge mouth with teeth? Like entire head is the jaws? Is the bionicle piece on top the skull? Or part of an armor or something? This does not mean this is a bad build at all, and ambiguity is interesting on its own!
  2. I was not able to refine it to a state where it is durable and easy to make without damaging the LMB components. Like, I get some complaints from time to time how standard TF is difficult to assemble - and I get it, some areas are tricky. But if TF is like 5/10 difficulty build, TF with light system is a true 11/10. Harder than whatever you do with lego. So... no. Plus, LMB pieces are super expensive...
  3. Jerac

    The Sun

    Alright, I am not sure what to think about that... in a good way! I mean, technically it is a great build. And definitely provokes some thinking. I just can't fully understand, much like with the guy with the nuclear explosion. It makes so much no sense at all and it is great this way!
  4. Jerac

    Countess of Dis

    Sausages are far too long. Fingers are about as long as the rest of your palm. This maybe... I am not super fond of them being permamently bent, but at least they are bent with natural angle. Different color of the hose (sort of darker dark bluish gray?) is also not helping, HOWEVER, this helps greatly with gripping stuff. Hmmm. Exo force robot arms are good and I am using them in the Slayer model, but he has huge male hands, not filigree slender fingers of a lady. MCM gets driven often - I am actually servicing it about every time I visit the guy ^^ Though not on concrete - this destroys the wheels quickly!
  5. Jerac

    Countess of Dis

    I am truly honored! You're the undisputed king of poseable figures in my eyes! Also I never found your account on eurobricks before... mystery solved, finally! Yes, I fully agree about the fingers, so far I didn't find anything better but this only means I need to search more. I tried using this approach: but those look a bit too short to me? Not to mention they also feel "robotic"? hmm... As for horns, this is a classic, however I think it does not work here. First, she's generally not that type of a spikey demon and those look too long. HP wands are even more spikey. Second, and the actual dealbreaker for me regarding this idea is that such fingers cannot be bent. Which means you can't hold anything with such a hand, because you can't wrap it around the item. I'll go through stuff with clip, maybe I'll find something better. Scepter, yeah. I didn't tinker much with it; it just felt right-ish and I stopped there. Will work on my accessories more next time ^^ That MCM you mention still lives, btw! I gifted it to my friend who loves classic space and it is displayed there like a grand prize!
  6. Jerac

    [MOC] Gundam Barbatos

    Those shoulders are genius, and I like the chest and calf (...?) angled areas. For the build itself, I don't know Gundam world too well, but I like this variant far more than the classic one. Looks more dynamic and believable, like a high-speed exosuit. Classic gundam always felt to me like it was toy adapted for screen usage. I envy how you can not worry about covering the joints. Normally when you build figures of "live" creatures you can't have exposed joints, but on a mecha/exosuit those are perfectly understandable. Which in turn gives you poseability... awesome!
  7. Jerac


    Does he carry a sculpture of a nuclear explosion? :D I so much don't get it. Awesome!
  8. Jerac

    Countess of Dis

    Thanks! I appreciate such detailed comments so much. They allow me to understand what works best and what doesn't. She's completely bald btw, I intentionally didn't add hair because this would either be a new colour, or would mix with existing ones and cause confusion. I have few more ideas, but I'd like to stay away from the archetypical hot Hell with horned devils. Or mix them somehow.
  9. Jerac

    Countess of Dis

    Thanks! i don't know if I can use it into far more than capes and skirts, since those are intended to be used as capes and skirts but... I'll try with some more figures!
  10. I specifically wanted to stop using those hatches in the newer TIEs to allow more of them being used on the advanced (which cannot be adapted to use 4-wide dish). That said, it can be included as a separate, non-advertised variant for people who already have V1.
  11. Jerac

    Countess of Dis

    Aristocrat right from the capital of Hell, the City of Dis. Inspired - obviously - by Eero Okkonen's work, though initially started as a spaceship. That spaceship however sprouted a tentacley wing, then I thought the wing would look better on a demon of sorts, then the demon got more elegant in form. Add some fitting clothes, get a thrall from a dungeon and there you have - a (slightly) demonic countess from the more civilized parts of Hell. I rarely build in this scale, but I have to say, it is a fantastic exercise, and surprisingly affordable. This probably doesn't exceed 500 parts and even if you have just one or two of some cool elements, they can still be used. Figuring out proportions of a human body is a dificult yet fascinating work, and at that scale you really have to put some thought into that. Technically there's nothing really complex. I use standard large ball joints and exo-force click joints, hide narrow pieces behind tyres and there are no additional external supports. Countess' poseability is quite high, though I didn't explore it fully yet, and the thrall due to kneeling position is more purpose-built, as having his legs poseable for example would make rear part of the legs open and ugly. All in all, I am pleased, especially considering how this started as a spaceship and was assembled quickly over a course of few scattered evenings.
  12. Yeah, this is definitely something I need to fix one day, as it is possible but hard to get right. I recommend investigating whether front ball joints on the triangle sections hold properly. If you can't get it right PM on instagram, we'll figure it out! You have amazing collection of old technic pins! "new" technic pins - tho the change was like 20 years ago - are allowing for bar passthrough, and old ones do not.
  13. Thanks! Yeah, v84 is final and will stay final for a while. I have a plan for a major update in the future, but I want ideas and reports of issues to pile in before I do that. That's quite unusual, hm. I'll look in to that. Could you please take a photo of the stand near the 1x2 bracket in front of it? Ideally both normal and upside down orientation?
  14. Transformation parts list - yes, conversion instructions - no, sorry. Way too much work to do such an instructions, especially considering how no software supports disassembly. It is better to build new stuff!
  15. Yeah but definitely not this year. Nor early 2022. There are too many other cool things to build first!