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  1. Thanks. I agree with those points, just don't see that as a major issue. But - that is a personal opinion. Especially considering I like stickers, as I can cut pieces of them for my own projects. So for example my x-wing has parts of (normal) razor crest stickers for its engine details, and I cut two little triangles to fix shape of the nose. That said I can live with stickers on smaller sets and wouldn't see a problem with them gone from UCS.
  2. Genuinely asking - what's the problem with stickers? Unless they try to mimic some detail like lights on a car, which never works because it is broken up to multiple stickers, RC seems to have large stickers adding necessary details to the stripes. What's the problem with that?
  3. I send parts list to anyone who wants them for free. I just don't want them to be fully public to not make it too easy for chinese thieves. DM me with an email.
  4. Thanks! ^^ Though personally I don't mind the stickers ;)
  5. I am not saying no, maybe as a side project. But only if nobody else started it at BV.
  6. Well the UCS one is bigger - so it has a better interior. I still claim better scale and smoothness though ^^ Overall though? I am positively surprised. I am glad to see this ship got such a nice treatment!
  7. Jerac

    Angelic Inquisitor

    I plan to make instructions, and in fact I have ordered few pieces I need to solve some of the stability issues. Eventuallyâ„¢
  8. Just a warning: The wedge belt wheel is thicker than a plate. Not by much, but it is. This means, those bar-clip pieces used there can get permanently damaged. So perhaps this one change inside I'd omit. Just a note, this won't be any time soon. Currently I am working on another SW model, and it is a big one, and I also want to make instructions for the angel. Next year the earliest. That said if the UCS RC ends up being silver... this might be very, very useful ;]
  9. Ohohoh, what a fantastic mod! I love what you did, most notably the subltle weathering everywhere, doors and most notably engine fronts. Can you show how is it done? This might be a good good reason for an update!
  10. Jerac

    [MOC] Play-Scale B-Wing Fighter

    Huh. So this "banned outlaws" is literal :D Sorry!
  11. Jerac

    [MOC] Play-Scale B-Wing Fighter

    I like the design and it seems quite solid. What are those dots on 2x2 curved slopes?
  12. Jerac

    Lego Ideas becoming bland and dull

    There is: LEGO is fundamentally making what people want.
  13. Jerac

    Lego Ideas becoming bland and dull

    People vote stuff they already know. That's why it is like that.
  14. Jerac

    [MOC] "Gold 5" BTL-A4 Y-Wing

    That's how you make super strong structures without technic pieces. Maybe my Y-Wing doesn't look like that too much, but if you take away the greebling you'll see the same idea used over and over again, most notably in the wings/engine area. This deceptively thin wing can easily support any amount of weight, as long as physical piece integrity holds. Since you don't have to use 1x12 bricks, you can go with pair of 1x12 plates, you can make the wing a plate thicker for even more rigidity. Want even more strength and also to ensure the brackets won't pop? Just add more layers! You can go on and go on adding layers of strength, eventually making loops out of them so there is no legal way of detaching the pieces. Brackets are magic. They allow for much more compact bracing and rigidity than technic pieces.