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  1. Tuskano

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Thank you! Yes, I think that the 7 studs at least maximizes almost the whole area. Yes, Chewie fits. Although for a secure fit, I would replace the brown seat with a 2x2 flat piece that I normally have stored on the bottom of the whole cockpit attachment. And he has room not to bump his head. I've been thinking of changing mine to use 2x2 modified plates for the rear seating as I instead use the 1x2 modified. When I modded mine to include lights I recently found that the rear people would bump their heads on the place that I built to help dim the light more to not turn the cockpit into a huge lightbulb. I am still messing around with the controls on this one I think. No matter what I do I am never satisfied. Although it seems like with the smaller Falcons, modding those seemed a lot easier.
  2. Tuskano

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    It can be done. I do like your seats better than my regular ones... I can see how those would be problematic for the rear seating.
  3. Tuskano

    YT-1300 LMS Finder

    Still working on the cargo container but.... the YT itself has leds now with an onboard battery! The only thing I need to find though is lights that fit on the front mandibles and the floodlights near the forward airlock. The ones that come with the kit were all red and blinked.
  4. Nice on the interior! Really liking how clean she looks.
  5. Tuskano

    Kessel Run Millennium Falcon mod

    Thank you! I try to make it as livable as possible haha
  6. Tuskano

    Kessel Run Millennium Falcon mod

    Thank you! Yes it took awhile on thinking how I was going to do the interior... it was hollow for a good month or two. I am fairly proud of the cockpit too. I got the idea from another builder somewhere on flickr I think. Then I did a few more changes to it so it wouldn't be just straight copy. I also ended up extending out the seating space so my minifigs are now sitting directly behind each other. Because of that, she can fit a family of wookies! This was a same design that I first had on another YT-1300... and that had less seating room between the figures.
  7. Hello! So Along with my one Rock Raider YT I had built, I have modded the Kessel Falcon up with a similar styled exterior and interior. I think she has turned out very well! First bought. Extended the mandibles to be as long as the previous Falcons... this is next to when I had my Rock Raider YT as just a mirrored version. Working on the exterior. The mod was heavily assisted with a youtube video on bettering the stock set by decreasing the amount of holes. Also had made a very roomy cockpit that was similar to the other YT-1300 as well. Once that was done, I copied the inside of my other YT-1300 while referring as close I can to standard blueprints with the amount of room I had. As completed interior as I can get. Can't have Lando's ship without Vuffi Raa! No need for that other Solo movie robot thing! Passenger room Cargo hold #1 Cargo hold #2, Bar/kitchen, and lounge. Walk-in cape room. I know, I need more than just black Darth Vader capes in it! Lando's quarters. 4 person cockpit with a more real "fake" passageway to the rest of the ship. The lovely exterior shots. The underside with foldable landing gear. Hope you guys liked it!!
  8. Tuskano

    YT-1300 LMS Finder

    Thank you... it'll keep me busy.
  9. Tuskano

    moc [MOC] Home One Briefing Room

    Awesome... I've almost wanted to make something like this with the Home 1 hanger set that has the green A-wing. The guy in the back row... he almost reminded me of the lead singer of Saclonic, Roscoe Thunderpants. That is, until I went to the flickr link, zoomed in, and noticed that what I am seeing is a open mouth and not a mighty moustache lol!
  10. Tuskano

    YT-1300 LMS Finder

    So this idea is turning the Rock Raider YT into more of a connectible cockpit for the cargo container I have in mind. Very big and very slow but she'll be a true freighter. There could be engines near the aft and sides built in to allow for somewhat atmosphere flight? But at the same time, I am wanting the front to have the ability to attach more similar containers for like a space train setup. Not that I would ever build more. The container would have a ramp somewhere on the bottom for large vehicles to access. Maybe at fore and aft. The RR Tunnel Transport could maybe have a space in the upper container through a part that can maybe open on the roof to fly out of? But other then that, both top and bottom would be similar like they were simply stacked and connected in the middle. The middle can be mobile living stations/labs/ect which the YT would be able to directly connect to via its forward airlock. Then would be stairs up and leading down. Right now, like before, I am just focusing on the frame and build a very... very good base. Hopefully to pickup, I really don't know lol.
  11. Tuskano

    YT-1300 LMS Finder

    Alrighty... so I have done the unthinkable and tore down the current cargo container my modded YT-1300. It might have been posting this thread, adding teal to the ship, and cleaning the Lander up. I have lots of ideas that might work to hold the full Rock Raider vehicles and crew. Plus be able to house a rock processing system, extra crew quarters, maybe even a landing pad that could open up for the Tunnel Transport to launch from (when in atmosphere or landed). Obviously, with all these ideas and size, visual flying won't be as easy and would have to utilize cameras. Planning to focus on building a frame first that I could maybe build around. Oh... and have added foldable landing gear. But might wait for later to post unless requested.
  12. Tuskano

    YT-1300 LMS Finder

    Thank you! My only regret is not enough teal colored brick variants.
  13. Tuskano

    YT-1300 LMS Finder

    Thank you! This is my love of Rock Raiders and putting the question of "how would they put a YT to better use if they landed in the SW universe?" Yes, she has nothing fancy for weapons for fighting back unless you count using a mining gun which I guess could be used for salvage work. The front of the cargo container is bulky enough for ramming (but maybe not the best of ideas..) but, while both halves are together she requires the extra engines for maneuvering or launching/landing. With that said, paperwork is a yes haha. She has a sizeable crew although I still need to have more crew quarters as the YT itself only has 2 beds. That's another thing maybe needed in the cargo container...
  14. Tuskano

    YT-1300 LMS Finder

    Hello there! So it has been a long time since my last post I believe. But I have still been busy. For one of my latest custom ongoing builds has been a 7965 Millennium Falcon. At first, I just did a reversed setup and reinstalled the cockpit on the port side of the ship. Then I gave her to my Rock Raiders. Because, what are space exploration miners without a ship to carry their stuff. A few months later, I bought the Chrome Crusher... and the goal to make a YT-1300 into a true cargo carrier to carry something that size started. Someday it will all become UCS size, but I am happy with the scale for now. A few of some early pictures. Newly updated look. Interior is roughly the same. Now to finish the cargo container for the new cargo locks. Maybe even give it its own mining lasers so it can mine on it's own like a portable station if left in a asteroid field. Wanting to also build a ore processing system within it as well. Hope you guys enjoyed it all!
  15. Tuskano

    The Havoc [MOC]

    Sexy as always... I think we were recently talking about SWG on facebook too haha. Nice to see it on here now.