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  1. Since a recent update I've been unable to use the Buffer Exchange feature effectively. The problem I'm having is that the part selection functionality (activated by hovering over the assembly image) is allowing me to select parts that will only be added later in the build, and these presently invisible parts are getting in the way, completely preventing me from selecting the newly added parts that I am trying to move via buffer exchange. Does anyone know of a solution here, or am I going to have to wait for future updates to fix this problem?
  2. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    MOC instructions being sold without permission

    Unfortunately this happens quite often, and beyond reporting the seller there's not much that can be done about it. My Technical Pick-Up on Ebay by unknown seller Free instructions for the same model on my website
  3. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    What happened to Bricks & Pieces?

    Having the same problem from NZ. Set order plus B&P wouldn't go through, and had to complete the order by phone. Interestingly, the customer service rep said they had been internally notified that the problem with B&P had been fixed.
  4. I received and built the Apollo Lander today. A very nice set, and the geometry in the base is quite satisfying to build. There are two minor modifications I would consider to be essential, and I made two further modifications so as to avoid having to apply stickers. The essential mods are: (i) removing the click hinge extension arms for the reaction control thrusters and just connecting these directly to the click hinge bricks in the hull; and (ii) swapping the 1x2 plates with bars in the base (where the ascent module clips attach) from 48336 to 2540 (this keeps the ascent module centered when attached). To avoid stickers, I used a 2x2 printed tile for the main interior console above the exit hatch, and made a brick-built US flag.
  5. BrickMonkeyMOCs Noob Questions

    The exported PDF page size issue seems to have been fixed in the latest update.
  6. BrickMonkeyMOCs Noob Questions

    Thank you. I realize it is possible to use third-party software to adjust things afterwards. But final layout and cover etc is done for me by someone else, so I was just looking to confirm that the fixed (and incorrect) resolution in is a limitation of the software rather than a setting I am somewhere missing. The biggest problem I'm having is that keeps crashing after each 50 pages or so of a project, but I think that just means I need a new and more powerful laptop.
  7. BrickMonkeyMOCs Noob Questions

    I find that splits the BOM across multiple pages automatically. You can change how many pages are used by adjusting the scale of the BOM images. One problem I'm still having is that the x1 A4 settings for exporting to PDF still produce a PDF at double-A4 size. (Setting to x2 output produces x4-A4 size.) I can only get actual A4 output by setting the page size to half-A4 size, which then results in low resolution. The issue seems to be the lack of any way to adjust resolution (pixels per cm), and that the default setting is incorrect, producing a page size twice what it should be for the number of pixels on the page. Is anyone else finding the same thing? Am I missing something, or is this a flaw for future updates to fix?
  8. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Counterexample: Look at the recent Creator Expert Ford Mustang set. There they got it exactly right, so there's really no excuse for what they've done here.
  9. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Again, I'd ask what collectors are meant to do once the stickers age and fail. The model will look ridiculous with no cockpit and a plain white front. No-one is suggesting that all stickers should be abandoned in favour of prints. But stickers don't last, so they really shouldn't be used for essential details where the model would look terrible without them. Yes, the last Tantive IV tried printing opaque colours onto transparent cones, and while passable (and much better than stickers IMO) it didn't work particularly well. Still, I think Lego have really messed this one up by using stickers instead of prints. For NZ$400 I would expect a set that can outlast its perishable stickers.
  10. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    The problem is the stickers. They should really be used only for non-essential details. I don't think anyone would recommend a brick-built cockpit solution at this scale, but the cockpit detailing really needed to be printed. What are we meant to do when the stickers inevitably age, go brittle, and peel off? Just use our imagination?
  11. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Well, that's ruined the set for me. What a pity. This year's creator Mustang suggested they'd learnt their lesson about what to print and what not to print, but apparently not. I don't know how many AFOL collectors are going to want to part with UCS-level dollars for a model so completely reliant on stickers that will just go brittle and peel off after a year or two. That's a real shame, as the shaping in general is a big step up from previous versions.
  12. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    Here you go. The file includes each modified add-on as a sub-model - front splitter, supercharger, side exhausts, NOS tank, and rear spoiler. LDRAW FILE: Free Download
  13. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    I could make you an .ldr version that you could then import to LDD. But I won't be able to get to it until the weekend.
  14. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    Thanks, and yes, I used additional parts after removing the arch piece (47755) in the original and lowering the height. The needed parts should mostly be visible from the pictures. Parts not so obvious are perhaps the modified 1x1 plates (4081b) and DBG quarter-round tiles (25269) to which the LBG taps are attached. At the back are two 26601 modified 2x2 plates and a 51739 wing plate in DBG.
  15. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    Here are some pictures. I've made the rear wing two studs wider as well as a stud less deep, and I've also redesigned the supercharger's appearance. The reduced height of the front splitter means you can add this without the side pipes and it will still look good. Pictured are the base model with only aero mods, i.e. modified front splitter and rear spoiler; and then with all modified mods attached, including lowered and redesigned supercharger.