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  1. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    With Porsche having pulled out of the LMP1 class I'd be surprised to see another 919 released. Of course, if anyone wants the 2017 919 Hybrid you can always build this version:
  2. [Question] Selling MOC Instructions

    Your best option for distributing instructions is to make your own website (which is what I've done after giving instructions away free for several years through Flickr Mail). There are plenty of services available online for doing this either at no cost, or at a reasonable yearly subscription that gives you a bit more functionality. There's a bit of work involved initially with designing and creating a website, but once it is up and running it makes things a whole lot easier. Pricing is something you have to judge for yourself, based on the size of your models and the level of interest from buyers. There's not much you can do to prevent illicit distribution of downloaded files, but on the whole the AFOL community is pretty good in this respect and I've not had any problems yet. The system I use is to sell the access code(s) to a download page for each model, and I change these access codes on a regular basis. I've also found commissioned work to be more lucrative than instructions, though this kind of work involves much more time and effort and can be harder to come by.
  3. Part absent from BOM and PLI in LPub3D

    Yeah, that explains things. Thanks. The refresh function didn't fix things, but adding the part manually to the additional zipped library worked. But that does leave me wondering which other parts may not have been drawn. The unofficial parts that I would have thought might not turn up, like half- and quarter-round tiles and 1x2 wing plates, are all there - though I noticed 26604 was not in the zip either (when I added 26603). Should I just add and replace all parts in the LPub3D zip from my LDraw parts folder to be safe?
  4. I've just discovered an issue with instructions I have been making. I use LDraw/MLCad to design models, and then LPub4/3D to produce instructions, but have found that one specific part (26603 Tile 2x3) is not showing up in the BOM or PLI in LPub3D. The part shows up normally in LPub4, while in LPub3D (which I need in order to split BOM across pages) it is showing only in assembly images and is absent from PLI and BOM. Can anyone shed light on this issue for me? Is anyone else having the same problem with this part?
  5. [MOC] City-Scale Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1

    Thanks. OP now updated with finalized model.
  6. Hobbies

    Same here. Karate since 1998, though I now train jiu jitsu as well. Other than that I read a lot and have been known to dabble in Lego building from time to time.
  7. LPub4 Minifig Parse Error

    Ah, thanks. That was it. I removed the space and it solved the problem. Initially I had named the submodel 'Driver (front)' and the first solution I tried was removing the parentheses, so I should have thought of removing the space as well! Thanks for the LPub3D tip - I'll have to give that a try too at some point.
  8. LPub4 Minifig Parse Error

    Thanks for your reply. The question concerns LPub4. I have LPub3D as well, but I only use it for split-page BOMs, as on my system at least it tends to run a whole lot slower than LPub4. Don't know why that is. Anyway, here's the code from the main model where the minifigure submodels are added... STEP !LPUB MULTI_STEP END !LPUB MULTI_STEP BEGIN !LPUB PLI BEGIN SUB driver front.ldr 19 !LPUB PART BEGIN IGN PART Driver front !LPUB PLI END !LPUB PART END !LPUB PLI BEGIN SUB commander.ldr 19 !LPUB PART BEGIN IGN PART Commander !LPUB PLI END !LPUB PART END !LPUB PLI BEGIN SUB driver rear.ldr 19 !LPUB PART BEGIN IGN PART Driver rear !LPUB PLI END !LPUB PART END STEP In this instance the second figure (commander) is shown in the PLI and BOM but the other two (drivers front and rear) are not. The error message shown from within LPub reads: Parse failed [name of model]:397 0 !LPUB PLI BEGIN SUB driver rear.ldr 19
  9. When producing instructions from LDraw files using LPub4 I usually use the 'Treat as Part' function for minifigures, contained as submodels within the LDraw MPD file, so that they show up as single parts in the PLI and BOM. However, I sometimes get a parse error in LPub4 when doing this, with the result that the minifigure does not get drawn in the PLI or BOM. Does anyone know what causes this error, or how to fix or avoid it?
  10. [MOC] Kaneda's bike from Akira (with instructions)

    You're welcome. I guess either colour for the windshield would look good. I prefer the trans black. To be clear, this is Hachiroku's creation - I've just made a copy and added a few tweaks. From the OP video it looks like he's used a custom torso decal. I just used this guy with swapped head and hair.
  11. [MOC] Kaneda's bike from Akira (with instructions)

    The software is correct, but it isn't a problem for the build. You just end up with a slight outwards angle on the front forks.
  12. [MOC] City-Scale Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1

    Watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans race last weekend motivated me to upgrade my 2016 model to this year's design and livery. The 6-wide design fits a minifigure comfortably, and features a detailed engine as well as a modular design allowing easy removal of the nose section, cockpit, engine cover, rear wing, and rear section. 2017 Model: 2016 Model: Instructions available at (click link in signature).
  13. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Received and built mine today. It was ordered on day one, but shipping to NZ isn't the fastest. I really can't overstate how impressive this set is, from building techniques to its impressive sturdiness, and great value. My only complaint is that once it's built it really wants to have a second LEM and command module, so that you can display both mini-dioramas while still having a LEM inside the rocket. Or display the docked CM and LEM in addition to the rocket and mini-dioramas. Someone mentioned that the landing and splashdown dioramas would make a great additional set on their own, and it would be really great if Lego were to consider producing this, as the additional parts would really increase the display value of the current model.
  14. Mystery MOC

    Just shoot me a PM. Here's the LDraw file for anyone with the set who'd like to use this stand. It's very stable, even if it doesn't look like it should be, and the model isn't connected in any way so it lifts out cleanly from the stand.
  15. Mystery MOC

    We have a winner folks... Smitty500 takes the win with the correct guess of a B-Wing display stand.