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  1. krispy

    [MOC LDD] A-Wing (with LDD file)

    Great idea! Also, I've restored the dropbox link.
  2. At the threat of community scorn for necroing this thread: Yeah.. I've noticed the files no longer work. Thanks Dropbox for changing all the public links to private! It is now fixed.
  3. krispy

    [MOC] Banana

    For some reason, this creation makes me smile loads. Good job
  4. Collecting shuttle parts ... tedious business

  5. krispy

    UCS LEGO C-3PO Bust

    9000 parts... yeah.. that would be expensive in gold bricks! It is a lovely bust though, so I think we can forgive you for painting bricks
  6. krispy

    McDonnell Douglas/BAE AV-8B Harrier II Plus

    Another excellent rendition. If you'd build all the aircraft you've posted here, you'd have serious kick-megablocks shelve to show of! Question: what is with the green front of the windshield?
  7. krispy

    LED renderings of Star Wars sets

    That's an impressive render, Nachapon! It must've taken ages to parse, let alone render...
  8. krispy

    1930's style Wolfpack Military vehicles

    I concur with Eurotrash: I'm really digging the sub; it's as smooth as it should be. Would look great on a desk as well
  9. krispy

    McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II MOCs

    Lovely Phantoms! Easily my favorite Cold War fighter and I think you've done it justice. Slight point of critique: maybe include some pictures in the topic you've started rather than just a hyperlink? Then we know what to expect.
  10. I haven't seen the Hasbro model, but does the original even have landing gear? I've been googling a bit, but there's no reference or hint of the B-Wing having any landing gear other than resting on it's S-foils. There's no mention of it in the Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels (= my bible) either.
  11. I'm a little gutted... like 2 weeks ago a local toystore had two for the price of one on selected Star Wars lego sets. And this one was among them...
  12. That's a clever idea! It would seem that the newer part (no. 10312) has the square cut-outs (at least according to Bricklink) It seems I'm gonna have a pretty long list of modifications to do on my model!
  13. These look awesome indeed. We can start a B-Wing club if this keeps up! Sharing is caring! Post away. I'm curious to see what modifications you did
  14. krispy

    Chibi T-47 Snow Speeder

    I love this... it made me giggle and that's a good thing.