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  1. Gray_Mouser

    Help with Inthert's X-wings

    You mean a LDD file for Inthert's second version ? Wow, that must have been tricky. If anyone finds the link, I'm interested too.
  2. Gray_Mouser

    [MOC] Tim Goddard's midi Y-wing

    This time I'm done. The engines were too big so I designed smaller replacements. I used steerings wheels instead of parabolic ring as the basis for the cylinders. It made the gaps more difficult to fill, and the holders won't clip properly on the wheels, because their cross section is slightly smaller than for the bars. In the end, the engines hold together surprisingly well, but the assembly is tricky. I had already made asymmetric greebling for my earlier version, but I had got it backward... The parts connecting the main body to the cylinders should be symmetrical, but the body shouldn't be. I think it's better now, but it was difficult to make asymmetrical greebling in the limited space at the center. It's probably not visible, but I totally changed the internal structure of the y-wing. Much simpler and sturdier now. I had other ideas for the greebling, but the parts I needed do not exist in medium stone gray yet. Maybe (much) later.
  3. Gray_Mouser

    [MOC] BTL-S3-ish Y-Wing x 2

    That's different. Selling someone else's instructions is theft, plain and simple. But reverse engineering requires a lot of work, and the end product may be different even if it looks the same.
  4. Gray_Mouser

    [MOC] BTL-S3-ish Y-Wing x 2

    Just out of curiosity... Has there ever been a thread about what is ok to sell and what is not? For instance, one could argue that selling instructions to build star wars MOCs infringes on Disney's intellectual property. What about reverse engineering someone else's MOC, and selling the instructions? The original MOCer does not own the intellectual property, so if he doesn't share/sell instructions, could he rightfully complain? Note to Jerac; I have no intention whatsoever to reverse engineer your MOCs, I'm not insane.
  5. Gray_Mouser

    [MOC] Rebel midi squad

    Funny thing, sometimes you spend hours swapping parts with nothing to show for it, and sometimes you solve major problems in half an hour without even trying. Maybe. I like the y-wing a lot, but the cylinders are off scale. Yesterday I came up with this. I'm not sure it is the right scale, but at least it's smaller. Also, the engines were probably all that were left from Tim's model. Here is a render : However, I'm not 100% sure it works though... Could someone with the parts tell me if this is possible please? Obviously, there is a problem, but I think it's because the digitial models are made of a limited number of polygons... Anyway, help would be appreciated.
  6. Gray_Mouser

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC

    If a thread is started about this subject, please post a link. I wonder... If Midlife-crisis did plan to share the LDD files, would it be all right? What if he planned to sell them?
  7. Gray_Mouser

    [MOC] mid-scale Millennium Falcon (WIP)

    I meant the lines made of tiles that originate from the center of the ship. In other words, the tiles between the wedges. The wedges have studs, the tiles don't, so it seems to me they stand out more. But again, your MOC is great anyway.
  8. Gray_Mouser

    [MOC] mid-scale Millennium Falcon (WIP)

    Have you considered adding studs on the "rays"? It seems to me that they stand out more because the wedge have studs, and the rays don't. Did you design it with LDD or Studio only? If so, I'm very impressed, the structure looks like a nightmare. And needless to say, this is a wonderful MOC but you have to know that already.
  9. Gray_Mouser

    [MOC] Rebel midi squad

    Here is a picture showing the relative sizes of the a-wing and y-wing
  10. Gray_Mouser

    [MOC] Rebel midi squad

    I like to think I have improved them all, but you may disagree. But I have made changes, that's for sure. The a-wing is definitely too small. Also, I shot wide angle, and the a-wing is in the background, so it didn't help either. I could argue that I've been faithful to the original trilogy by not caring too much about the scale. ?
  11. Gray_Mouser

    [MOC] Rebel midi squad

    I spent some time designing midi versions of the rebel fighters (OT). As is usual for me, I didn't start from scratch, and ripped off borrowed ideas from other people: x-wing: based on Pasq67's MOC y-wing: based on Tim Goddard's MOC b-wing and a-wing: based on SPARKART!'s MOCs I had already posted renders for the x-wing and the y-wing, but I finally could build them with real bricks. And now they are accompanied by the b-wing and a-wing. I'm glad to have them out of my system (and on my shelves); I wasted far too much time on these.
  12. Gray_Mouser

    REVIEW: Death Star 75159

    I like your Falcon very much.
  13. Gray_Mouser

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    When they cancel parts, do they give us a chance to order replacements? I need parts for fairly small MOCs. If a couple of key bricks are missing, it will defeat the whole purpose of ordering in the first place...
  14. Gray_Mouser

    [MOC] Tim Goddard's midi Y-wing

    I think I could live with medium blue but I'm colour blind. I would have prefered to post pictures of the actual thing, but oh well... This is the medium blue version, and I have made different choices for the cockpit (less gaps, sleeker especially from the side but the slant and the nice thin blue "stripes" are gone). The structures of the main body is also completely different (although there is nothing to write home about), and I changed the greebling. And obviously, I completely ripped off the engines. What do you guys think?
  15. Gray_Mouser

    [MOC] Tim Goddard's midi Y-wing

    Thanks. I was hoping to get all my bricks from Lego, that's a problem. Maybe I can find another colour scheme. My design has changed significantly; I'll post pictures when it's built.