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  1. Vyngard

    (MOC) A-Wing fighter

    Yeah, you saw correctly. I'm accually trying to build the hangar inside Phoenix Home and a couple of fighters. You can also see the hangar in progress in my first pictures.
  2. Vyngard

    (MOC) A-Wing fighter

    It IS an original lego part, NOT mega bloks. You guys got me doubting first, so I just checked when I got home from work. I got it from bricklink, so it could be possible.. I'm not satisfied with the overall looks so changes will be made, but the comments are very nice and supportive. Thanks!
  3. Vyngard

    (MOC) A-Wing fighter

    When I was young I spended whole days on playing with my lego's. I had boxes full of them: town, star wars, technic, adventurers,... One year ago I rolled back into the hobby and buyed Some sets and started collecting. I focus on the LEGO Star Wars now. I love the Star Wars Rebels series and I started building my own A-wing Starfighter. Found some inspiration on this forum and the web. Here it is, but keep in mind, it isn't done yet.