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  1. Gumbinger

    A wing of A-Wings

    First off, excellent model designed by Jerac. Thanks for the instructions, as it was a really fun (and sturdy!) build. I've always enjoyed tinkering with lego models, adding my own take on proven designs - this one has been my favorite by far. I wanted to color match a model that I found (LINK), which I think I did a pretty good job. I think I was able to make the nose of the ship a bit more accurate, as with the rear wings. I redesigned the guns and the back of the ship, but nothing major. DSCF5678 by M G, on Flickr DSCF5674 by M G, on Flickr DSCF5672 by M G, on Flickr DSCF5671 by M G, on Flickr DSCF5670 by M G, on Flickr DSCF5669 by M G, on Flickr DSCF5667 by M G, on Flickr DSCF5660 by M G, on Flickr DSCF5686 by M G, on Flickr DSCF5684 by M G, on Flickr DSCF5683 by M G, on Flickr
  2. Gumbinger

    [MOC] Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

    Aw man, I didn't realize I had a few replies! Not on here very often. Thanks! I love your version and I referred to yours and Khatmorg's (and some photos) quite a bit! Mine is very sturdy - even the engines, and the only spot that is slightly weak is the underside, back of the wings. The only thing that is 'illegal' is a connection on the inside - The cockpit is a half brick higher than the rest of the ship, if that makes sense.
  3. Gumbinger

    [MOC] Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

    Thats exactly how I did it. They hold on very well.
  4. Gumbinger

    [MOC] Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

    Thanks! The ship is quite swoosh-able and sturdy. The engines are attached via the stud at the tip with a bar going through it for added support. There are definitely more stable designs out there, but I wanted to go with the round look like the actual ship. I'm sure it can be modified for the booster ring! I am not very good with LDD, so I wasn't planning on making instructions. But I could take some parts off to show the inside. Thanks! I played around with that idea, and was on the fence about it. I liked it, but the cheese slopes stuck out just a bit about the wing, and its a slightly different angle than the nose/wing, so I decided to leave them off. I chose not to use red 2x3 wedge plates right after the 3x6 bley wedge plates because in the model there is a little gap there close to where the gun fires (I hope that makes sense). Thanks for the suggestion though!
  5. Gumbinger

    [MOC] Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

    After this years (underwhelming) release of one of my favorite ships, I thought I'd give it a go and make my own. I was inspired by khatmorg's & atlas_er's versions, and I borrowed some ideas from them and also did some things that make mine unique. I actually built khatmorg's version and really enjoyed it, but I thought it should be a bit larger and a bit more detailed. I also wanted to have retractable landing gear and a realistic underbelly. Enjoy! - Gumbinger fullsizeoutput_6f8 by M G, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_6e7 by M G, on Flickr D728 by M G, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_6ea by M G, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_6fd by M G, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_6ef by M G, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_6e4 by M G, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_6ee by M G, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_6ec by M G, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_6e1 by M G, on Flickr D716 by M G, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_6f1 by M G, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_6e8 by M G, on Flickr
  6. Gumbinger

    [MOD] A-Wing 75175

    Finally figured out how to add more pics!
  7. Gumbinger

    [MOD] A-Wing 75175

    Love the new Lego A-Wing, but I thought it was a little too narrow and wanted to fix a couple of things that bugged me. Mainly the overall shape and the engine angle.. I made it 2 studs wider, added some details to the front end, and adjusted the engine angles (also made them stationary). I'm not a big fan of the missiles, so I took them out and added some better landing gear. Overall, Im real happy the way it turned out! IMG_5810 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5814 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5815 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5811 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5808 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5809 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5812 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5813 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5807 by M G, on Flickr