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Found 14 results

  1. Here is my review on LEGO Star Wars 75362 Ahsoka Tano's T-6 Jedi Shuttle: THE GOOD: The ship looks great with an excellent action feature allow you to rotate 360 degrees. 4 excellent minifigures exclusive to this set. THE NOT SO GOOD: None. I'm surprised how well this set is once I finished building it. As a LEGO fan does not have in depth knowledge of Star Wars lore and not collecting many spaceships, this has been a refreshing build. And I was blown away on how well the 360 degrees movement is executed. It is also great with most of the details are done with different elements and colours rather than rely on stickers. I can't comment on how accurate the ship is in terms of scale and look given I have yet watched the show, but just judging by the end product, I think it looks great. The 4 minifigures are excellent, I like the updated look of Ahsoka and the use of no colours transparent piece to create a more accurate lightsaber for her. Also great Sabine Wren with great details. The remaining minifigures are great too. More over these are currently exclusive to this set which makes it a really good deal with a pricing that is reasonable in comparison to other Star Wars sets released at the same time. And it's not hard to get a discount on this now. Definitely a recommendation from me.
  2. Hi all, here's a quick modification I did to the new 75357 Ghost & Phantom set. I really love this new set, it's a very well proportioned build and fairly faithful to the ship we all love, but as with most big ships it's lacking detail. As usual with Lego the underside was ignored and sadly the Phantom 2 was kindof badly proportioned and odd looking, so I had a go at improving things. As always Instructions for the modified Phantom are on Rebrickable and the 566 extra pieces will only cost about £45, plus another £15 to build the first Phantom. And here's some photos. The original structure is still in there, the mods involve removing exterior parts which only takes around 15 minutes, then almost everything I've added is surface detail or rebuilt sections. Several of the sections are completely new, like the docking rings and roof, and some like the main top panels just need some tiles and wedge plates to be added or rearranged. The underside of the ship has a lot of parts added, partly disguising the Technic Brick structure but mostly adding some simple slopes as well as the signature lower-body shape. I'm really pleased that I was able to eliminate some of the gaps around the roof area, as well as reposition the docking rings to be centered rather than high up. I think the angled stand also helps The Ghost look it's absolute best when on display. Anyway, thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the mods!
  3. New project is ready! This time something from Ahsoka series: Shin Hati's RP82 Fiend Fighter The build took about 3 weeks, and it was great fun There are 561 pieces here, and one stickers sheet from set 75364 Instructions is available on Rebrickable! OF BRICKS/shin-hatis-rp82-fiend-fighter/#details more about this MOC on my YouTube channel - Edge of Bricks How do you like it?
  4. INTRODUCTION Star Wars is known for being home to many grayscale ships. So when you see this set next to all the other gray Star Wars sets it really pops. But is color enough to sell a set? Yes. Yes it is. But we get so much more than that with this two-for-one ship kit. I'm going to preface this review by saying I'm a huge fan of the EU. And while I enjoyed the Ahsoka show it wasn't my favorite. But when I saw the Ahsoka trailers showing off the E-Wing (an EU staple) and dark Jedi who weren't Sith (another EU staple) I was pretty excited to see them in Lego form. Since the show ended awhile ago I'm also going to have spoilers for the show in the review. SET INFORMATION Number: 75364 Title: New Republic E-Wing vs Shin Hati's Starfighter Theme: Star Wars Released: 2023 Part Count: 1056 Box Dimensions: 54 x 28.2 x 5.9 cm Weight: 1426g Set Price (RRP): £94.99/$109.99/€104.99 Price per Part: 9.0p/10.4c/9.9c Links: Brickset, Bricklink THE BOX On the front we get a dynamic battle scene between the two ships, a battle which never happened in the show. This bugs some people but not me. The ships were in the show. Lego put them both in one set. It just works for me. I know some have compared this to the Fang Fighter vs Interceptor set we got for Mando season 3. But that set had two grayscale ships. And most people just wanted the Interceptor to build a fleet. This set doesn't suffer from either of those issues. It's likely the E-Wing is more mass-able, but Shin's fighter is also great for generic pirate fleets and has useful colors for building other Star Wars MOCs. The back shows another scene that never took place in the show. But it does a good job of showing off play features. CONTENTS OF THE BOX Inside are 10 bags, the instructions and a small sticker sheet. I'm really glad the canopies are both printed. But I wish some of the other parts were printed too. Stickers just don't last long enough. THE BUILD I'll start with the E-Wing. Having built an E-Wing MOC years ago I was interested to know how Lego would handle the shaping and dimensions. Because of the way the wings hang so low the nose sits pretty high off the ground. So it's hard to get it to look natural. But Lego did a great job! The angles all match up so nicely. Here's a behind the scenes view. And the underside shows the Technic used to get the wings and landing gear just right. And the pilot's seat comes out revealing a good sized storage area. But what about Shin's ship? Fantastic colors, fantastic shaping, and a style that screams "P51 Mustang" make this ship really stand out. With no landing gear it doesn't sit as high as the E-Wing so you'll need to build a custom stand if you want to display these together. But since the ships never meet in the show maybe that won't be an issue for you. This ships also has a lot of storage including a hidden compartment not even shown on the box! And if you really wanted you could smuggle a person inside the first compartment. The rounded nose section is built using tri-technic pieces. It works with great effect. Though there are some gaps between the nose and the wings that can be a little unsightly at certain angles. But most of the time you hardly notice the gaps. There are a few notable parts included in the set including a brand new slope piece I had never seen before. I'm no New Elementary contributor, but I thought I'd show some of the similarities and differences with this piece. At 6 studs long it's got a lower profile than the new wedge slope introduced for Speed Champions as well as the standard 1x4 slope. But turns out it's the same length as the large 6x8 roof piece. But what about the figures? In my opinion these looks great. The astromech is a loud yellow and blue which is just fun. All figures have new and exclusive prints and parts. Morgan Elsbeth could have had printing on her skirt. But I don't think it's necessary. It only stands out because everyone else is so detailed with their leg prints. The backsides continue the printing wins... except for the astromech! Seriously Lego, we know you can print on the backside now that you've done it with R2. Stop making us wait for it to become the standard for all future astromechs! And one more shot for good measure. Could the figures have been better? Maybe slightly. Giving Ray (I mean Baylan) shoulder pads would have helped give him just a tiny bit more height. And of course having orange instead of red sabers is a must. But for me, part of the fun of Lego is getting to make those changes myself. My son doesn't care that Baylan has a red lightsaber. He just wants to play with them. And the orange blades are easy to obtain from Bricklink right now. OVERALL This may be the best Lego set I've built since the Lion Knight's Castle. It's a great build experience, has fun and new techniques, good figures, and a color scheme that really pops! I have a few tiny quibbles, but I would recommend this set to any Star Wars fan in a heart beat. SCORE How do I rate this set? DESIGN 10 Great techniques used to build the ships and a fantastic color scheme. BUILDING EXPERIENCE 10 I had to fight my son to be able to build this. We both enjoyed it so much. FEATURES 10 These ships have been swooshed a lot in my house. PLAYABILITY 10 Totally playable. But also very versatile if you want it for parts. PARTS 10 New parts, new colors, and new figures; what more could you ask for? VALUE FOR MONEY 10 Coming in just over $100 you want to make sure you're getting a good value for your money when you buy it, and indeed you are! FINAL SCORE: 10 Almost perfection in a Lego set. I can't recommend this highly enough. Plus, I've seen it on sale at both Costco and on Amazon. What are you waiting for? Go buy it already!
  5. darththeling

    [MOC] Levels of Coruscant

    Welcome to Coruscant. It's a build of playsets that stack on top of each other for practical, space-sharing reasons. We will be going from the tip of the penthouse down to the base of the megastructure, far underneath the surface where the seedy Underworld lies. This vertical build has been tinkered with since 2015. It started with Padme's apartment which was meant to sit alongside Palpatine's Arrest - but then I made an Outlander club and felt it might be worthy to have both builds combined in some way, since those scenes flow together in AOTC. The Federal district (Jedi Temple, Sheev's office and the Senate Building) could be a part of this, but to the side. This area is for civilian life. The recent TCW episodes which took place in the Coruscant Underworld gave us more of a sense of what life down there is like for the poorer Coruscanti residents. It compelled me to complete the vertical build, celebrating the glory that is this ancient urban city-planet at the heart of the Star Wars galaxy. Ordinarily I'm not into using too much rainbow color, but this is supposed to be a cyberpunk city, allowing for lots of light and billboard images where possible. I have a couple of light bricks but unsure where to place them to best effect. There's a few trans pieces in place that need Aurebesh, although I am unsure how to get them in transparent sticker format. Anyone have suggestions for printing onto transparency? Let's look closer at each of the sections. At the top of the tower we have the elite tier, political-class lodgings. Padme's balcony is a place she and senator Jar-Jar can gaze out and enjoy the perpetual sky traffic. This build was originally bigger with another room for the bed and an action feature to blow the window out (so Obi-Wan can chase the worm-droid) but action features seems unrealistic as the tower isn't probably sturdy enough for that kind of play. I don't see many Senator Padme MOCs and I think it's amusing to recreate the scene where she packs to go back to Naboo in a huff. Anakin is missing from this build - his speeder would be parked at Sheev's office. I did have CW era Anakin+Padme posing, maybe that looks better? Here's how it was before: Below this penthouse is the parking area, as well as another lodging area for wealthy or connected Coruscanti. A couple of space dudes wait for a bus or a taxi. This is the practical part of the build, the one that allows Bounty Hunter Pursuit a place to sit on the shelf. I realize that the Aurebesh is inverted, it's an old PSD file I can't locate but I am in the process now of creating new artwork for billboards to include in this build later on. Is TLG ever going to give us another AOTC speeder chase? If so, a little part of the scene (like below) would be such a welcome addition. This red block is meant to represent the Uscru entertainment district of Coruscant. This nightclub is inspired by the Outlander Club of AOTC. The space above the bar is an area for private dancing (CW face Secura standing in for a pole dancer. Need some Oolas for this room). Outside we see a shady character selling death sticks quite fearlessly. Bane looks to be waiting to meet up with some roughs for a job. The back panel pops off for access to the bar and club area. Tried to maintain the light fixtures look from the CW series along the handrails. We're going down below the surface now to the Underworld. Here we'll see a number of lower-income apartments, there's a tunnel/sewer type passage between the buildings with some rats. This prevents space to build any interior areas, but it allows for a hand to reach in a grab the whole tower (minus the base) for moving. There's a holophone around the corner. Around the back there are colored signs waiting for Aurebesh, billboards etc. and an improved Bith face advertisement. This also makes a good location to stage Ahsoka/Ventress duels. The lowest level wasn't something I'd planned to build, but the Blacktron baseplate screamed Cyberpunk to me so I had to. I had a big bin of parts from taking apart an old Slave-1 and a few other kits that I didn't have display space for, and started assembling what ended up being the 'base level' of low-rent vendors, who live a hardscrabble life among criminal gangs, rust and destitution. There's a Hutt down here, not Jabba or Ziro, just a commoner of the depths who loves deals on creap fruit. There are four businesses and one private residence, and I strongly suspect at least one is a criminal front. I did pull apart my Police Gunship for part of this build, but the plan is to make a Coruscant police speeder at some point. For now, police cam droids will have to do for law enforcement. Check out the conduit worm under the rusted panel! Gross. Once again, front and back together without the speeders from the classic set 7133-1 parked in place. Coruscant is a tricky location to try and reproduce. I've been coming back to Eurobricks for years getting ideas and inspirations from builds around here... there are some fantastic creations, and although I'm missing some, I just want to shout out to some members who have provided inspiration with these terrific builds. [MOC] CORUSCANTBy EtelEnzos. I doubt TLG would try and make a Betrayal at Bespin like attempt at Courscant, but this in an incredible interior/exterior playset. The tall foyers really capture the atmosphere. [MOC] Coruscant Pursuit By o0ger This entry proves how important it is to place the Bounty Hunter Pursuit at the Outlander club location - it helps to give a context to the build instead of just 2 speeders. Coruscant By Gerechtigkeitsliga The amount of detail and the sheer size of this monster is staggering! Look at the gap in the building for the air traffic to flow through - it's incredible. [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise, by Finnmoses. This one stretches beyond the imagination. It is so incredibly huge and tall it is simply mind-boggling the level of detail and content in every scene. Truly this is a Coruscanti masterpiece to behold. I hope it's still being proudly displayed by Finnmoses.
  6. Hi everyone! I have been building up to tackling a 'Blockade Runner' CR90 Corvette for over a year, MOCs this size are definitely not my strong point so my thanks go to community members Bruxxy and MasterBrickSeparator for their help. First things first, here's a render of both the Tantive IV and Liberator colour schemes, there are more on my Flickr page and should any of you be interested the instructions for both colour schemes are available on Rebrickable. I can hear a lot of you screaming at your screens "Its not micro!" and I admit you're probably right, the build is 59cm long and weighs 1.6kg which is similar to the Tantive IV set 75244 from 2019. It is however the same scale (1:250) as the rest of my little fleet of ships so I feel like I couldn't not slip micro into the title. I've tried my best to make the exterior as accurate as possible, I began by dividing and measuring the obvious sections and designing them seperately in Studio, then connecting them to a Technic frame. I started with the cockpit and worked backwards, although I nearly gave up there as getting the shape right whilst leaving space for an bridge was a nightmare, the modular nature of the ship made building the rest much easier though. The central fins also proved difficult, they are the most fragile part of the ship and can be easily knocked out of position, but very luckily they fit around the cylindrical core well enough to look pretty accurate. The fins also make the ship harder to pick up, two hands are required to lift the ship off a surface until you can hold the stand in one hand. I'll keep working on his aspect in case a stronger solution is possible, I would really love it if I could make the ship one-handedly swooshable. Fininishing with the engines I came across a new challenge, how to build the 11 thrusters with enough detail but not so much that they would cost a fortune in small pieces. The structural frame is very strong, its probably overengineered but I'm pleased with how solid the build feels as the strength was a complete unknown to me whilst designing in Studio. Best of all the frame allows for a tiny interior, sadly its not 1:250 scale (Lego pieces only go so small!) but it does give the MOC some extra playability and character. The roof can be removed in two sections to expose the cockpit, the upper deck and top gunner position, a central corridor running the length of the ship and the docking areas near the rear side pods. The upper deck can also be removed to reveal the main deck's conference room, side engineering corridors and micro escape pods, which are also all removable. At the end of the project I especially enjoyed adding a little 4-stud tall crew, each little stack of round plates is probably unreconisable individually but I think that when they're seen together with the ship they really come to life! Whilst putting together the instructions for both colours I decided that I wanted to build the Liberator from Star Wars Rebels. I've been rewatching the show and I have to admit that after seeing the ship in action repeatedly in season 2 I feel that its far more exciting than the Tantive IV! I'd love to take more photos of the Liberator with my other micro ships but at the moment I don't have the equipment, skill or enough micro A-Wings to do a decent job, but I'm working on it. Here's a few photos showing the Liberator along with my micro Ghost and X-Wing, plus the interior. You can see more in my Flickr album. I've tried to balance detail and cost, so apart from a few rare colours for the Rebels crew the 1900ish parts are all common and each of the ship colour schemes will cost roughly £/€/$150 to build. I know that the Blockade Runner has been recreated in Lego many times, both by Lego themselves and the community, but I've tried to make something with a few unique features that is hopefully a worthwhile addition to the roster. Thanks for taking the time to look :)
  7. darththeling

    (MOC) Malachor Sith Temple Duel

    From Twilight of the Apprentice: Here's a *mini* playset inspired by the climatic duel at the Sith Temple on Malachor - only Vader and Ahsoka's part of the duel for this one. No Inquisitors or moving platforms. I only used spare bits and scraps from my depleted brick stock, so that's why the build is kinda small and not really accurate with the real exterior form of the temple. If I get more black slopes for the base I can probably finish it someday. For now, it gets a great Star Wars location represented on the shelf. The SW Rebels shelf: sadly lacking in location playsets. Sorry for the quality of these snaps, my lightbox is in the shop. ;) So we've got part of the base of the temple leading to the tip of the top where there is a bit of Tron-style redness. A couple of ground features: a rectangular slab and one of those petrified black figures. Would look nice with three or four more similar features surrounding the temple. The tip of the temple lifts off revealing a very small play area, only enough to fit (cram) Vader and Ahsoka in there. There's a little Sith holocron attached to a 2x2 plate with stud in the very middle. It's a free build. I wanted to keep the color scheme limited to match the temple from the episode. Just black, dark red and red with trans-red. I used a bit of purple for the ceiling of the top of the temple... in the episode there's this awesome purple glow that coats the room when the obelisk starts sparking up during the duel. However I'm not satisfied with the application of the trans-red features here and will be trying to re-jig those over time. Maybe there should be more grills and they should be placed in rows for maximum Sith-Tron effect. Maybe someday we will see a really intricate and huge MOC based on this temple with all the trap and stuff with Maul, moving platforms, etc. For now I just wanted a space to display Vader and Ahsoka together from (A-Wing vs Vader's TIE) together. I also really wanted to place the obelisk (which speaks to Ezra and Kanan) but it just wouldn't fit at this reduced scale. I did manage to get the Sith holocron in there, something for Ezra to take. TLG has poisoned me into adding the obligatory play features! Feedback of any kind for this little build is encouraged, but I've even more stoked to see someone else take a stab at this scene/playset. Since Rebels is ending Monday, now is a great time to pay tribute to a series that gave us some great new Star Wars builds to play with.
  8. MKJoshA

    [MOC] Ahsoka Tano

    After seeing that Lego had finally made the 4L bar in trans-yellow, I knew I had to update my Ahsoka minifigure with the correct lightsaber colors. Let me know which version you like better.
  9. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    Ahsoka's Starfighter MOC

    I've started collecting legos and building a few sets first, and then mocs early this year after a very long break. Since I'm a fan of Star Wars - the original trilogy and the clone wars 3d series - I naturally gravitated towards the Star Wars license of LEGO. The first MOC I build was a re-build of Mike Psiaki's X-Wing, since I love the X-Wing and his MOC really convinced me, so I brick-linked the bricks I didn't have and built the beauty using his instructions. I'm generally a fan of the Star Wars spacecraft, especially the starfighters and other small to mediumsized varieties. I find it challenging to build something relatively small in Minifig scale and still get the proportions, angles and shapes as right as possible with lego bricks. My first MOC project I'd like to share here is nothing special, but something that's fun and challenging to me and has been done by lego and some other MOCers, like KielDaMan here on this forum, before: Ahsoka's Jedi Starfighter. I set out to do the following: Get the shape and proportions as right as possible while still allowing for important features like a complete removable astromech (not just the head), retractable landing gear, an 'airtight' cockpit roomy enough to comfortably house the Ahsoka Minifig, and a brick-built colour scheme that's not too blocky (so no stickers or spray-painting), and avoid blockyness generally as much as possible. I've build the model over and over again, until I arrived at something I dare to share here. Also note that the astromech is not the correct one - I've already ordered Ahsoka's from a minifig shop here in Germany, though. This is a WIP (no MOC is ever finished, isn't it?), and I'm a relative newbie, so be kind, please . Edit: Updated this OP with an image of the finished build. More images of the updated build a few posts below!
  10. Taking a few critical looks at my original A-wing MOC, I decided that a few important improvements were in order to get the shapes and proportions right. So I spent a few hours during the past few weeks to revisit the built, and a lot has changed - quite a lot, especially with the internal frame and the way this model is built. The changes were neccessary to accomodate the more correct outer shape, and to retain the sturdiness of the original MOC. Now Ahsoka's ride was finally finished, and after a few intelligence missions into imperial territory and a daring escape, Ahsoka asked Chopper to check her A-wing for imperial transmitters in an abandoned facility from the Clone Wars before returning to Phoenix Squadron. "What have you done, Chopper?! When I told you to take this thing apart to check for transmitters, I meant it figuratively, not literally!" "Badoop, ba ba. Arrrrrh!" "Ach, okay. Now let's check these sub-assemblies, and then help me put this thing back together, understood?" "Woop, woop!" If anyone would like to create an lxf-file - be my guest! Enjoy and have fun!
  11. marathon_productions

    [MOC] The Battle Of Concordia

    Hey there everyone. This is a short video of A MOC depicting the days of the battle for Mandalore. Today we have the first part of a short 3 part series loosely based of the Ahsoka Novel. Hope you enjoy. Dont forget to like, comment and subscribe for more.
  12. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    [MOC] Ahsoka's A-wing

    It's been a while. Recently, when I re-watched REBELS season 2, it occured to me that a) the A-wing has always been my favourite starfighter back in the days of X-wing vs TIE fighter, b) Ahsoka has been my favourite Star Wars character for some years now, and c) in season 2 my favourite Star Wars character is shown to fly my favourite Star Wars starfighter! What better excuse is there to have a go at a MOC of the REBELS-version of the A-wing, and to build it with the livery of the particular ship Ahsoka is flying in the episode which culminates in her kicking two Inquisitor-butts? This little model initially started as a MOD of the A-wing from set 75150, but as I went along, I started to ditch everything regarding the build of the fuselage and built it from scratch. The clever shooting-mechanism of the original model from the set went first in favour of mirroring the upper half of the front section of the fuselage to the bottom half, and including a retractable front landing gear. The goal was the flat and sleek profile from the show while retaining stability and using legal building technigues, as I prefer with all my MOCs. Also, using detailed renders from the finished show concepts, I set out to brick-build the livery as accurately as possible instead of resorting to stickers. In accordance with the final concept renders, I also fixed the rear part of the fuselage, especially closing the gaps between the engines and the fuselage, thereby incorporting the engines partially into the rear fuselage, as with the model from the show. Last but not least, the cockpit-interior has received much needed detail, and even more importantly, has been build with enough headroom and space behind the pilot to allow for the upcoming adult minifig-version of REBELS' Ahsoka to fit into the cockpit. Nothing fancy, but sturdy, sleek, with much less exposed studs and brick-built livery. Here's the finished, improved, completely SNOTted model:
  13. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    Minifig Review: Ahsoka from set 75158

    Set 75158 (Rebels Combat Frigate) is available at Toys R Us since yesterday, and here in Germany, I even got roughly 15% off the standard retail price of 119 EUR. So I bought two for roundabout 200 EUR, which is a fair price in my opinion. But let's get right to the meat of this topic - the long awaited REBELS-version of Ahsoka in minifig form. I'm a fan of REBELS, Ahsoka has long since become my favorite Star Wars character, and I'm a fan of Lego, so what's not to love? For starters, one of the two Ahsoka minifigs I got has perfect printing - crisp, no smear, only the smost minimal hint of offset, if at all. That makes me happy. The headpiece is made from the slightly flexible, rubbery material, but it has no flash and no visible mould line. That's good. So, how well does the headpiece look as a representation of the character from the show? Much, much better than I initially suspected. The shape of the montrals (the horns) is near perfect for Ahsoka, bending back and outwards. The wavy blue stripe-pattern is done very well in my eyes, and contributes a lot to the headpiece looking right. The black outline around the red and gold print representing the tiara could be a bit more thin, but it doesn't ruin the headpiece. All in all, yes, a custom headpiece specifically for Ahsoka would be the most preferred solution, but what we get here represents the character very well in Lego-form. I wished the lightsaber handles would be metallic silver. Do these parts exist in chrome or metallic silver? If yes, I should get two! As for the lightsaber blades, these are blue, but the blue is more pastel, or crystaline than the blue lightsaber blades we know from Lego. They are pretty much the same as the lightsaber blades in the Ahsoka/Vader action figure set from Hasbro, but the plastic used is much better. So I give them a pass. The graphic designers at Lego did an excellent job at capturing Ahsoka's face and her expressions. I also like the blue eyes (as with Hera's green eyes), because they are pretty vibrant in the show, so the standard black eyes with white highlight would have looked a bit bland. Notice how crisp and white the markings in her face are, even though they are printed on a fairly dark surface. This has been accomplished by two layers of printing, as can bee seen on the angry face of the second minifigure I got where the two layers are a bit offset. In closing, this minifigure-version of Ahsoka is a very good representation of the character in Lego form. It could be better, yes, but that being said, it is a very beautiful minifig, and the complaints I have are nitpicky at best and overall I'm very happy with it. What do you say - feel free to comment, agree or disagree.
  14. pittpenguin123

    Non-Anime TCW eyes

    Im hate mixing those anime eyes with normal lego eyes and I know others do, Ahsoka Tano Hondo Ohnaka Aayla Secura Ki-Adi-Mundi Shaak-Ti more to come