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  1. Hope that I can wrap up my project by tomorrow. I'm trying to add a wacky function and that's all I need. Good luck everyone!
  2. Congrats to the winners! This was a fun and unique competition that I enjoyed a lot. Thanks Jim and Milan for making every detail pop! As this was my first entry into a competition, I was surprised to get 1 vote (so what I got a little self doubt). I wish I didn't build my first model too tall, I was able to go with my other idea but in 2 days that was intense! Well once again congrats the winners and cant wait to see what the next technic competition is!
  3. I choose these bots due to technics, main attack, and durability mostly. 3:10 10: 6 23: 4 31: 3 30: 2 15: 1 Good look you all!
  4. Ok the discussion back but where it says "size" in that sentence that's were "word" is randomly placed. Unless that fixes to.....
  5. Hello everybody does anyone know why my entry is all jacked up? It was perfect this morning and is now all jacked up. Like the discussion is now a movie and there's just "word" randomly typed in l the sentence where I was explaining the main weapon. @Milan think you can help me plz?
  6. The Vooduist


    This is a super late entry I kind of ran out of time so I guessing its gonna be disqualified :( Introducing the Claw-Crawler! A big game defense bot that will tear you apart or drag you into some battleground weapons (such as the hammer, saws, and etc just like in the real battleground). Has 2 xl motors for steering and propulsion and a buggy motor for the claw to be super quick! Speed it ok its more like crawler pace but can drive over other bots if needed! 9/10 for defense, it could've been better but its still quite a tough cookie or bot. Good luck everybody! Drill and spoiler are NOT part of the final model If you don't know what I'm talking about the battleground "weapons" here's an example: Look behind that picture at the actual bots and do you see the extra little death accessories (like the hammer behind the hammer bot)?
  7. 32. My first entry Claw-Crawler CAT A: sbrick plus (not using sensors) Signature move- Quick claw (propelled by buggy motor for quick grabbing or tearing apart bots) Size: L45 studs W29 studs (drill and spoiler were taken off for the final model due to length) Propulsion: 2xl motors for driving/steering and 1 buggy motor for the claw Description: This is my Claw-Crawler, a slow but very powerful battle bot tank built to grab its enemies. Then, if in a related battleground area (just like on the real deal) were they have the hammer, drills grinders, and etc it would destroy them by using the weapons on the battleground by driving them into the death sentence traps! Also due to its massive torque it can crawler over other bots and squish them. This was designed for powerful side or top impacts. If you design your battle bot correctly and can take 3-6 whacks were the battery box is and detach it, it mite do something but the crawler will still run just not as fast (it is unlikely that it would knockout the robot). The drill and spoiler are NOT in the final bot. Inside size to 45 studs (Barely) Good luck everybody! Discussion:
  8. Wished I posted this sooner......... When I was originally had the model normal it couldn't go over an half inch actual brick tile :(. Due to that I spent a long time modifying it to barely go through grass about as tall as the pretend sticker grill. This thing can go over an emaxx tire with its 2 not one xl motors and it had an l motor for steering (only do if your not using 3rd party tires) if using 3rd party tire use an xl motor for steering (I only had 2). I'm now building a a25E tanker to spray weed killer for me so I don't need to sweat to death. Since its super easy to detach the bed I could be able to switch the tanker and soon changed bed be swappable maybe? Picture from very first successful time. Version 1.0 instructions: Video as just a quick demo of some average grass: This is what I'm building while doing Ingmar Spijkhoven 6x6 truck and stay tuned!
  9. Thanks for the help! Here's the photos are Hopefully the correct size.
  10. My iPhone can do 3:2 that's the smallest I can go still won't work..... guess I'll try the computer next. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. I got this set today for my birthday and I didn't really care for the model so I made an C-model very familiar to that belly tank vehicle. First time attempting to put photos on here so mite be big. Was suppose to be a hot rod but I didn't have the right parts so it looks a little funny. It looks like a front of a weird car and the back of a hot rod. I'll make instructions and post them on rebrickable if any of you want. To bad the set doesn't have any trans red lights it really needs them :(.
  12. Almost there with 11% more to go! Cant wait to start on my attachment I'm gonna use a egg nog container (half gallon) and make a water pump system to go on top. Then the attachment where the water or in this case weed killer will flow threw some pipe I bought from ace hardware 6ft of it for $3.18 way much cheaper than silicone piping. It s a weed spray attachment that really works! or hopefully works.....
  13. Hello everybody Efferman do you think you can make a movie explaining the motorized functions of the saddle trac or you can just tell me also would be nice plz. I'm asking because I'm putting or trying to put a ev3 in it and make it self driving to spray weeds on my parents pool deck but not spray in the pool.
  14. I liked the mower attachment but I doesn't actually work so that's what I wanted to it in aluminum beams like some that are ebay. Then I can put a motor (non-Lego) that can handle cutting grass and the heavy blade but wont melt the beams holding it. To bad I'm not like all of you adults were you can buy a set when ever you want (I'm almost there) I ether asked for it for Christmas or just earn up my money to get it. So I'm still waiting but have 1 idea attachment for this set that nobody would think of yet and I'm think of making a (MOC) Class Axos 330 cl with the lawn mower attachment.