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Found 29 results

  1. Hello everyone, My new creation is a big Tatra. It is my first 8x8. All problems of size, weight, friction and powertrain were the most challenging for me. Total weight: 2790g 2 hard coupled XL motors for 8 wheel drive without differentials. They are connected to each output of V2 receiver #2, powered by 8878 battery of left side. (Motors of the rest are connected to V2 #1, powered by 8878 of right side) 1st and 2nd axle are steered in different angles by 2 L motors. M motor for 2 speed heavy duty gearbox. 9:1 (high) 25:1 (low) Working steering wheel and V12 engine. Openable hood and doors. External roll cage and LED lights are easily removable. This is my suspension setup. The central axle is free from the friction by the force of suspension movement. Each 6.5L springs limit the angle of swinging half-axles. In these limited angles, bevel gears smoothly engage. Since the building process was complicated, I haven't made instructions yet. Hopefully it will be available in a few weeks. I drove it in high gear in most part of the video. Despite heavy weight, not a single gear was damaged. In low gear, it is surprisingly powerful. Video: Building instructions and more pictures: I hope you will like it!
  2. Hi, I would like to show you my attempt at improving @Teo LEGO Technic's Tatra front axle. You can find it's WIP topic here: Well, back to my MOC ( ). Scale - 1:20 Performance: Indoor terrain - satisfying Outdoor - not measured yet (will be tested on 4th race of LTTT (Czech Lego truck trial championship) at 21.7.2018) electronics installed (now): propulsion: XL motor (I also planned to try double PF Ls, but I need them in another MOC right now.) steering: M motor (can you find it? it is almost hidden) powersource: Li-po BB, controlled by: PF IR. INSTRUCTIONS: VIDEO: Tatra T815 1:20 - TruckTrial T815 chassis by Horcik Designs, on Flickr EDIT: In near future, I plan to rebuild this truck to firetruck Tatra T815 CAS32 (or similar) which will be semi-RC (with manual functions (watergun movement, and some other) and with RC drive - I need other IR reciever in other MOCs, and building a gearbox seems like fun). (this truck (Truck Trial) is fully RC))
  3. LEGO Tatra trucks are dime a dozen, but whenever I see them, they are either very large, complex and sluggish, or they are small but don't really have the unique Tatra suspension, nor drivetrain, nor steering. So I set out with a simple goal: make the smallest Tatra model I can that has it all: the suspension, drivetrain and steering just like in the real Tatra truck. This is the result:
  4. Teo LEGO Technic

    [WIP] Tatra 6x6 midscale

    Hey guys! I'm going to try something I haven't so far - a WIP thread for my new tatra 6x6 truck. I'd love to hear all the advice you guys have along the way! The idea is to make a pretty small truck with servo steering and two L-motors, one powering each side to eliminate the need for differentials. Each half axle will be suspended by its own spring. I've already come up with a front axle that I'm happy with. It's solid, good ground clearance, good steering precision despite smaller steering radius, and it's just the right side. If it's not too tall, which I'll have to figure out, the plan is to stick the servo motor vertically right onto the 8-tooth gear, which will give it excellent precision. Another gearing, if I put the servo on its side, would multiply play in the steering system. What do you guys think? IMG_6551 by Teo's Technic, on Flickr tatra-t815-7m0r39-29-306-6x6-2014 by Teo's Technic, on Flickr e4aae418a365981d46bcd6c97723a542 by Teo's Technic, on Flickr 1998_Tatra_T815_7_6x6_military_truck_trucks_q_1600x1200 by Teo's Technic, on Flickr Here are what it will scale like. The 8x8 blueprint I will use for the front view scaling, which I couldn't find for a 6x6
  5. HorcikDesigns

    [MOC] Tatra T2-603

    Hi, This is my latest finished MOC - The Tatra T2-603 (1962). (Have somebody build this car in this scale so far? (I know that there is one much smaller) I do not believe that I am the first one ) I started to build this car in the end of December 2016 and after two weeks of building I decided to aim it to exhibition in Prague. So this car is mostly a "show version", without needed attention to all functions that there should have been. Tatra T2-603 Tatra T2-603 Tatra T2-603 T2-603 T2-603 Here are photos to illustrate features of the model. Not all are showing current assembly. WIP2 T603 T2-603 Suspension Front: Macpherson suspension strut T2-603 Steering: HOGless, working steering wheel, connected with axle via two U-joints and chain. T2-603 - internal structure WIP2 1:11.1 Suspension Rear: Tatra's signature swinging half-axle (Ledwinka's conception) T2-603 Engine: fake and red air-cooled 90° V8 [WIP] WIP T2-603 T2-603 Gearbox: missing due to lack of space Opening: all doors, hood, trunk WIP T2-603 T2-603 Interior: detailed, but not overloaded and luxurious. Pure luxury I plan to make more photos of this MOC, so stay tuned. Enjoy, in case you like it.
  6. lapsanszkitamas

    Tatra 813 Trial Truck

    This is my biggest technic creation (so far). It's trying to be a Tatra 813 8x8 truck, with a shorter cab. 2 XL motors provide traction for all wheels and an M motor steers the 2 front axles. For now it will remain like this, as it will enter the Rolug Winter Trial Truck contest and needs to be as light as possible, but after the contest I'd like to continue working on it. I think it would be a good off-road tow truck/mobile crane or a drill rig carrier 20180123_190938 by tamas lapsanszki, on Flickr 20180103_090528 by tamas lapsanszki, on Flickr 20180101_003044 by tamas lapsanszki, on Flickr 20180101_002001 by tamas lapsanszki, on Flickr
  7. jorgeopesi

    Tatra 4x4

    4 years since my last tatra and a few months since I don´t build for myself so I started with something simple, a 4x4 tatra. My goals are simple, fun, easy to build and robust. The steering in tatras is the funny part to do because is almost impossible to make it perfect, mine it was... but with inverted ackerman steering , I can do three things to solve it, leave it this way because it will work, turn the steering but the chassis will be less simple or use the steering I used in my old tatras. The suspension uses rubber bricks and I don´t know yet what motor I will use and neither the look, tatra dakar or t815?.
  8. After taking apart my class tractor I was looking at the new hubs, and got a great idea. Why not create a proper tatra concept with the 62.4 mm wheels. Fiddling around in LDD I created a 10x10 concept model: The main features I wanted to have are as following: Seperated drive axle from the weight bearing axle - this way the friction is greatly reduced and efficiency improved Linked steering - realistic, simple and relaible solution for which steering angle is almost unaffected by suspension travel Leaf suspension - a simple leaf sprung suspension which allows smooth travel over bumps without weight transfer First the drive, as you can see the pivot axles are a stud off center of the cenetr drive axle, therebye carrying all the weight. You can also see the 9L link resting on the brown 3.2mm bar acting as a reinforced leaf spring. Notice the half a stud offset between left and right side wheels. Looking at the whole chassis you can see front and rear suspension are pretty much the same, the only difference bing the front steers and has one wheel per axle, while the rear has dual wheels for maximum traction Steering uses small linear actuators and links in order to steer the axles. The steering angles can be adjusted by steering lever length and position of the linkage on the red steering swing. This way the first axle steers at a higher angle than the second. And finally here is the whole truck. I know it does not look very Tatra-ish, but I couldn't resist the bright color (vomit) Rear view: I finished up the truck with a working steering wheel and a fake V8 engine. Here are the final stats: Length: 37 cm Width: 16 cm Height: 15,5 cm Weight: 1200 grams Gear ratio: 1:2,78 powered by a single 1 XL motor Expect a video of the truck soon P.S. I really hope this model will inspire more people to build models at such scale.
  9. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [MOC] Tatra 815 UDS 114 (RC)

    Tatra 815 UDS 114! This is probably the most interesting type of excavator-truck I've ever seen, so I decided to build it on my existing 815 chassis! Here's the video for the chassis, but with a dumper: Thanks for watching! BrickbyBrick
  10. Hello everyone. I would like to introduce my truck with excavator. It is loosely based on Tatra 815 with UDS 114 (universal finishing machine). The real thing looks like this: I really like this type of excavator, its main advantage is high mobility because it can even go on highway. It is mainly used on road building and terrain shaping. My goal was to make pneumaticly operated truck, preferably playable by kids. I started with some blueprints and decided to use 49,5mm wheels that set my scale to roughly 21,5:1. I wanted it to look like an older truck, with low cabin and boxy design. The model features: - HOG steering by spare wheel at the back of cabin - Openable doors with decent details in interier - Fake V4 engine that is connected to rear axles, each with differential and with shock absorbers (~1 stud travel distance) - Pendular unsprung front axle with ackerman steering (~3 studs travel distance) - Pneumatic stabilizers that are able to lift the whole truck - Pneumatic jib with manual extension from ~40 to 68 studs - Manually operated bucket with 360° rotation The above is a result of many compromises - like V4 engine instead of inline 6 etc. It is not possible to fit larger engine into this scale, I tried mini fake engine but I didn't liked how it looks. What is most satisfying for me is the front axle with ackerman steering and pivot point nearly in center of the wheel. That allowed me to build very nice fenders close to wheel. The wheel doesn't touch it even in full turn radius and fully compressed. The rear axles are by Efferman, he used this design in his Kenworth crane. I really like it. Enough talk, some pictures: IMGP4963 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4964 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4965 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4966 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4968 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4969 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4970 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4971 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4973 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr IMGP4974 by Ivan Moc, on Flickr The weight of the fully extended jib is pushing the thin pneumatic cylinders to their limit. I wanted to keep thin ones at all cost because they look much better. I have redid the jib like 15 times, ending with studded one that prooved the best abilities in terms of rigidity, weight and looks. The battery box is there as counterweigh only. I had several versions with PF - to run compressor (not enough pressure to lift fully extended jib), motorized jib extension (took too much space from the extension),.. so in the end I threw PF out, leaving all functions as manual. The stabilizers were also quite challanging due to the angle and size, at least they have no problem lifting whole truck. I hope you like it.
  11. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [MOC] 1:20 Tatra 815, RC

    Presenting my latest MOC, a 1:20 Tatra 815! It has 7 functions, 3 of which are RC. The drive can be switched from 4x6 to 6x6, to allow the model to drive (it has no diffs, so when steering the motors burn out when it's in 6x6 mode). The doors open and have locks, the seats are suspended, and the front axle has what I think is the smallest scale Tatra suspension ever with drive, suspension, and steering. All 6 wheels have Tatra suspension, and it works real well. Thanks, C&C please! Brickbybrick
  12. It's lime, mean and fast. It can also go 12 km/h which corresponds to 234 km/h in a full-size truck (scale is 19.5:1). Description and more:
  13. Ashi Valkoinen

    MOC - BKV Tatra T5C5 tram

    Hi all MOCers, I finished this MOC of Budapest tramway approx a year ago but I never had time to take some photos and show it to the community. So, here it is. The original tram was manufactured by CKD in Czechoslovakia for Budapest Transport company. A total of 322 cars were delivered between 1979 and 1984 (and all of them still running). In the first times they were used to go single (they have driver's cab only on one end so they needed loops on end stations), then with the growth of the number of passangers they started to operate them coupling two or three cars together. Now these trams run in line 1 and 14 with three cars and line 12,17,28,37,41,56,56A,59,59B,61 with two cars. The LEGO-tram runs using its 2 9V train motors, each car has one motor. Other bogie is dummy, however it uses train wheels, because the standard wheel holder part is simply two high for this application. I'm proud on the pantograph design, but I know, some of the purist won't like the cut and curved 3 mm diameter hose. Unfortunately the clip with bar holder doesn't exist in red colour - a red pantograph could be autenthic, however due to weathering and coal-dust from upper part they are only red a couple of days after painting, then they become black. Hope, you like it. Please leave your comments and critics here. :)
  14. Ryn Labrie

    MOC: Midnight Riders Technical

    I usually stay within the Town forum, however this truck that I am presenting to you today belongs in Sci-Fi. I used the Lego City 7213 Off-Road Firetruck and Fireboat as a base, and based it off of a Tatra T815 8x8 truck. 18 days after incident: Our gas was running low and we were nearly out of options. If we didn't find a new set of wheels or some fuel soon, we would never make it through the Sierra Nevadas safely. Chet suggested that we hit up a logging camp not to far away. The sun was just rising over the landscape when we arrived. In the far back of the camp, surrounded by looming cranes and harvesting equipment sat our salvation: a partially rusted 8x8 semi; it still had all of its wheels, and we were able to siphon enough diesel fuel from the nearby tractors to fill six jerrycans. Having reacquired transportation, we left our homes behind and headed towards the East Coast, or what was left of it. Finding the Technical by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr That was three months ago. So much has been going on that I haven't had time write up a proper report. Our small band of marauders has made good use of the truck we found in those mountains. We've armored it, weaponized it, and turned it in to a fighting vehicle that spits bullets like they're going out of style. Other survivors and bandits have smartly kept away from us as we roam about, looking for supplies and staying alive. Midnight Riders Technical Front Quarter by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr When we came across the smoking ruins of the largest survivor compound in the New Mexico Badlands, we gained the bulldozer blade from their barricade, and the stereo speaker. Johnny had the great idea of mounting the speaker to the roof, so we could "play some Wagner and freak the heck out of the locals." (a cookie to the person who names this reference) Midnight Riders Technical Front by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr The current armament of our ramshackle fighting truck consists of a pair of Browning M2A2 machine guns, a MK19 grenade launcher, an M1919 with Cobray 37mm flare launcher, a M60, a M134D minigun, a triple M16 turret, and last but not least, a Common Remotely Operated Weapons System (CROWS) fitted with another M2 machine gun. The .50 cals and the Mk19 came from a National Guard convoy, the minigun was found on a helicopter crash, and the other weapons were found on the road. Midnight Riders Technical Back Quarter by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Also worth noting are the Hiab/Palfinger folding crane with manbasket and all of the spotlights that we've attached to our truck; we don't want any sneaky buggers tying to sabotage us at night. To keep the lights working, we have 10 car batteries mounted beneath the cargo area. Midnight Riders Technical Palfinger Crane by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr I am including a "family picture" with this message. From left to right: Frank, Jaeger, Pops, Johnny, Ross, Archer (me), and Chet. A pair of local yokels took it for us before we left the Idaho territory. I will send out another message when I have time. This is 1st Sargent Archer, signing off. Midnight Riders Family Photo by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr C&C Greatly appreciated and as always, thanks for viewing!
  15. Hi folks, Just found this cool crations on Levi Movie channel. Looks like chassis and axles are based on 9398 model, may be i am wrong... And those bodies are detailed copies of real cars
  16. Zerobricks

    Mini Tatra 10x10

    I was inspired by this model, which was originally inspired by my old mini tatra from 2011. The major difference is that my model uses 9L links as leaf springs which allows is greater flexibility and much more less sideways tilting when steering. Download LXF:
  17. KalvisRautseps

    Tatra t813 kolos WIP

    Hi! This is my first post. I am building a tatra t813 kolos, it has leaf spring suspension, planetary wheels. Some pics
  18. Hello everyone, I just finally got done building Madoca1977 Tatra 813. What a build! I learned a lot while building this and so much went into this. This is probably my favorite of his MOCs. So I decided to do a different color and went with blue. It wasn't hard to do and instructions are easy to follow as well. I might be adding extension cab and making it 4 door but not sure yet. And or add something to the bed of the Tatra. So for the door I had to improvise on the panel fairing. Lego doesn't make it in blue for the long one. So I just 2 added 3 stud liftarms. Then for the perpendicular 3L 2 pin holes I had to do black sense Lego doesn't make blue so black seemed better. Rollcage Overall this is A+ MOC. It was very fun to build and seen the hard work that Madoca1977 put into this.
  19. LeocornoProductions

    Madoca's Tatra VS Zblj's Fox

    Hello All I am pleased to anounce, that in 2015, OSUHARDING1 will be doing a double review of both these Tatra's in question. There could possibly be an offroad duel between both, which I am very excited for; this will be the ultimate duel. Both mocs are amazingly built, I couldn't take one over the other, nor the builders either. Madoca is famous for his attention to detail (he is the pagani of technic), and Zblj is famous for fufilling and utilising functions to the best of their ability (though it doesn't mean that madoca's use of functions are useless, nor does it mean that Zblj builds ugly mocs). Madoca's Tatra has the best attention to detail, and is extremely precise for every of its functions. The Fox may not be too pretty, but it goes like a train though terrain. The Fox has been proven to survive all terrains, it can drive on any terrain including snow, ice, foresty areas, sand and can tow a car. You can literally say that the Fox has been around the world. Zblj also quotes his Fox as the most powerful tatra EVER, but then it would be because it has 1 XL motor per wheel. It has 2 winches capable of pulling itself up, not to mention its 8 wheel steering which can vary from rear steering, front steering, crab steering and opposite motion steering. It can climb up a hill but starts to loose traction due to the combination of torque and high revs, its either one or the other in technic. Madoca's tatra, aaahhh its a joy to look at, and to play with. It is very technical, but more stable than the fox when climbing objects (the fox is a bit skiddy when tackling objects). Madoca's Tatra's stablity also means it can climb higher than the fox on steep hills; it doesn't slip its wheels when climbing. Madoca's mocs are also known for there effective suspension and he always shows each moc, climbing over a few bumps. Not to mention that the Tatra has the offroad pedigree of the SUV MKII and the Offroad pickup truck, which are also made by madoca. Performancewise we know that all of Madoca's offroad based mocs can go offroad, but we don't know what extreme offroad conditions his Tatra can survive. Like I said its difficult to pick between them. This is equal to the battle of the 918 spyder and p1, one is a no-compromise and the other one is. Zblj's Fox is the ultimate expression of what a technic tatra can perform upto, and Madoca's tatra is the expression of what a technic tatra should compromise. The fox is a no compromise all terrain vehicle, stripped of things Zblj thought it didn't need: no fake engine, no rear cover, no based looks, its like the p1. Whereas the tatra is compromised, it was designed to replicate a real tatra, his tatra was built like the 918 spyder. But turns out lighter than the Fox but slightly slower Zblj believes because of the gear ratio. Zblj's Fox is also indestructable and was designed to cope with just about anything, like a saab. This willl be a great duel. Here are some pictures of the 2 Tatra's in question. Madoca's Tatra: Zblj's Fox: Note that both are 8x8 and are powered by multiple XL motors, instructions are available for both mocs, I think both are for free. Let me know what you think about both mocs, both builders are amazing and you must subscribe to their youtube channels for updates of their recent mocs. Also I'll leave a link to the video of the Fox and tatra, and also OSUHARDING1's review of Madoca's Tatra. Zblj's Fox: Madoca's Tatra: OSUHARDING1's review of Madoca's Tatra: Thank you for reading this topic! LeocornoProductions
  20. Technic156

    WIP 8x8

    Hey Everyone, Before I begin, I just want to let you guys know that the chassis is someone else's, but I did make it my own and added in improvements and such. This is where I found it and credit goes to WOUTER31.So, now that's out of the way, let talk about the truck. This is my first 8x8 truck and have built a 4x4 rock crawler which I am making a Jeep body for it right now. The one thing I don't like about this 8x8 that it doesn't have a 2 speed gearbox. I want to make one, but don't know where to start and where I would install it for this chassis. If you guys have any tips, pros or cons on the truck let me know. I know it isn't perfect being that I haven't built in at least 4 years so I am a little rusty. 8x8 Specs: 2 XL motors drive 1 M motor steering 4WS 1 AA battery box 1 IR Receiver LED lights Independent suspension 1:3 gear ratio Length: 76 studs Width: 9 studs(not including suspension) Height: 21 studs I am probably 95% done with this and wanted to see what you guys thought of it. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  21. This is a moc I've created. I sort of just threw it together, so it's not based off of any vehicle in particular. It's got the Tatra suspension, and crawls over uneven terrain just wonderfully. When I finished the front I noticed it sort of looks like an older range rover, didn't do that on purpose though. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Hopefully I can put together a video in the next week or so.....
  22. Hello everyone, Thought I would share my quick build Tatra to test my asymmetrical half axle setup. Turned out to be quite good surprisingly. The body work was very quickly built, inspired more by the shape of the Tatra T813. Specs: 20cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 38cm (L) Weight 1.910kg 2 x XL for Drive 1x Servo for Steering I also wanted to make it blue, and colourful just like the trial trucks.
  23. The Ghost Racer

    Metal Gears

    I have a small question to ask yourself: do you know sites that sell lego technic metal gears? I've had enough need since my Tatra truck has already broken two in half .. the problem is that I do not notice when they break because it happens suddenly. I realize after several minutes that lacks a gear since my truck is powerful enough to continue to advance with little difficulty. I hope that has not already been made ​​any discussion of this topic.
  24. Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4 The famous Tatra T813 in Lego remote controlled version, versatile and durable as the original. Modular Design The scale model, made ​​by me after several months of work, contains most of the features found in the real version, to significantly affect its performance are the axle shafts, transmission, suspensions, chassis structure and weight distribution. Specifics -weight: 2Kg -height: 225,0mm, 22,50cm -lenght: 400,0mm, 40,00cm -width: 215,0mm, 21,50cm -3 XL Motors (2 for drive, 1 for sterring), 2 IR Receviers, 2 Battery Boxes Motor For Lego Tatra T813 I opted for the use of two XL Motors, which provide a high torque with an average consumption of energy, but low number of revolutions per minute. There are two transmission shafts (the real Tatra T813 uses one), each connected to a single engine, split the load energy, strengthen the chassis, but also to divide the stress that every engine needs to support. In the gear shaft there are numerous gear reductions with anti-snapping patented by me (final gear ratio 9:1). Suspensions Independent half-axles suspensions for each wheel, all-wheel drive and anti-snapping system between gears for maximum traction, unlike the original model, Lego Tatra T813 does not use differential: between Lego bricks there is no type of limited-slip differential, then, by inserting a differential whatever, at the first hurdle would stop the vehicle, and this should not happen. Axle shafts New axle shafts very strong, with anti-snapping system patented by me, gear reductions, increased torque transmitted to the wheels (final gear ratio 9:1), and steering (in the front). Wheels Individual tactical tires on each axle (94.3 x 38R). Comparison with the real model The Lego model made ​​by me is very similar to the real one, in particular, the design of the cabin faithfully reproduced it based on original designs. Youtube's Video The video is of the V1 version, I will soon be making a new video. My blog's page For more information and news about this incredible model, please visit my web page dedicated to it,, http://gtathecomplet...trial-truck-v4/
  25. New Half-axles for Lego Trial Trucks - Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4 I accidentally reversed the gears of the portal hubs of this pic. For Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4 I decided to make new half-axles, more resistant than they already were the previous ones, so as to transmit the maximum torque ratio possible from wheels to ground. The photo of the axle shafts made ​​with Lego bricks will be available by early next week. Project Starting from my previous axles, which had little resistance in the attack for wheels, I added the portal hubs from Lego set 8110 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400, made ​​specifically for this use. In the portal hubs I put gear reductions for a total gear ratio of, together with other gear reductions in the transmission, 9:1, then, nine complete revolutions of the pinion of the motor, the wheel it will perform a complete one. Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4 My new axles shafts will be used by Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4; thanks to them will greatly improve its performance and by the end of July will publish a new article and a new video dedicated to Lego Tatra T813 V4.