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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I want to introduce you my latest model. It is a technological equipment intended for shale gas extraction: PERCHERON This unique solution, called ONE-ENGINE-TRUCK, is the result of the American-Czech cooperation of the following companies: * M.G.BRYAN Equipment (USA) - Percheron superstructure * TATRA TRUCKS (CZ) - chassis * GARDNER DENVER (USA) - pump * TALOSA (CZ) - auxiliary gearbox The basis of the PERCHERON system is a TATRA T815-7 10×10 truck and a GD-2500 Quintiplex Well pump from the American company Gardner Denver. The 2500-horsepower pump blows a mixture of water, sand and chemicals into the well. Behind the Tatra cabin is a 12-cylinder diesel engine, model 1163 from the German company MTU. It is used to drive the pump and the vehicle. Engine power is 5954 hp. However, this power only serves to drive the pump. Only about 700 horses are intended to drive the Tatra with some cylinders on the engine switched off. The Czech company TALOSA designed a special additional gearbox for the transmission of torque for the drive of the mining equipment and also for the drive of the vehicle. Shale gas extraction: Shale gas is found in shale formations hidden hundreds of meters or units of miles underground. Due to the low permeability of the shale, the gas bearing cannot be pulled out in one borehole, as is the case with conventional gas pocket bearings. Here, a mining technology called hydraulic fracturing /fracking/ is used. The drilling rig first drills a vertical well. A horizontal borehole is then drilled through the shale gas deposit. The shale gas layer is then broken with small charges. Subsequently, a special device starts pumping a mixture of water, sand and chemicals into the well. The water expands and branches the cracks in the slate and the sand prevents the cracks from closing. Finally, a device for extracting the released gas enters. Schematically represented well in comparison with conventional mining: Good video with animation of how the mining process works: Lego model features: - chassis 10x10: central axle, swivel axles, 9 differentials, wheel displacement on one side relative to the wheels on the other side - turning eight wheels: first, second, fourth and fifth axle / second and fourth at a smaller angle / 1x PF-L Engine + 4x LA - opening the door, opening the cover on the central control panel - piston movement of a 12-cylinder engine - PF-Led lighting: a total of 8 pairs (16 LEDs), with only the front and rear being permanently installed in the vehicle. LEDs in the light bar on the roof and on the lighting on the superstructure were mounted only temporarily to take pictures in the dark. Dimensions: - length: 100 cm - height: 31 cm - width: 24 cm - weight: ~ 8 KG My FLICKR album with photos is here. Daily shots: Suspension: Steering: Night shots:
  2. I got this idea a while ago, when I first got Sbricks. Why not make modular, expendable system of axles and chassis pieces in order to create a system for offroad truck construction. Here is what I sketched up in LDD. First we have a basic axle. It uses 2 XL motors for drive, independet suspension and steering with servo Because we need a minimum of 2 axles, I designed a double chassis holder with two battery boxes: If we combine 2 axles with the double battery holder, we get the most basic configuration, a 4x4x4: In order to expand on the system I designed a single battery chassis extension: Finally we can combine the three basic modules into a 6x6x6: Or even a 10x10x10: In theory there is no limit how far you can go, but I think anything over 12x12 might cause too much strain on the chassis. Important details: - Axles are designed for Claas wheels, which are not in LDD, hence the wheels above may look small - Each axle can use any kind of a combiantion of number of springs and hardnesses for best flexibility and weight support - Each axle is meant to also house and S brick, which allows you fine steering angle control in order to support any kind of configuration or steering mode (only front, only rear, all wheel steering, crab mode) - For now this is still a concept, so I will relase the LDD file once I build, test and polish the concept
  3. Here's what I've been working on in the past few weeks... Features: 10x10x8 wheel drive 6L motors for driving 2 Independent dual gear tranmsissions 2 Steerings motors Very long travel torque sensitive double wishbone portal independent suspension on all wheels Working hook arm with a total of 8 pneumatic cylinders Two newly designed autopumps Interrior with 3 seats For more info please check the video: Now all I need is to get the money to build this 3500+ parts monster... Anyone willing do donate?
  4. I was inspired by this model, which was originally inspired by my old mini tatra from 2011. The major difference is that my model uses 9L links as leaf springs which allows is greater flexibility and much more less sideways tilting when steering. Download LXF: